It’s Not Magic – It’s Manifesting

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“Manifesting” is such a buzzword these days, but what exactly does it mean? Let me demystify it for you. Here’s the deal: We’re all super attractors. We all have the power to co-create our reality. The only problem — often we use our power wrongly. We think we’re playing magic tricks with the Universe when really we just need to be more creative. In this video, I share my favorite tips for artfully co-creating your reality. Want to kick it up a notch?ย  I’m leading a FREE live courseย  on How to Manifest Your Desires in the New Year. Check out the video and if you’re into this conversation sign up for the course by pre-ordering my new book. Order my book May Cause Miracles and get the bonuses for freeย  here.

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  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word. I love this topic. I just re-read a journal of mine from 2008. At the time I already had two miscarriages and my age was not on my side. But i had unshakable faith and knew I would be a mama. The pages of this journal were filled with specific details of my unborn daughter including; her her name, what she looked like, her interests, her spirit and even her sign. One year later, I found out I was pregnant and eventually gave birth my daughter, Lotus. Everything about her is exactly as I wrote it … even her sign (Libra) I have manifested many other amazing things throughout my life but she is my ultimate manifestation!!!
    Big LOVE

  2. Gabby! I just love your energy in this vlog and your call to service! Loooking forward to the December coaching! Thank you for all that you do! You rock!

  3. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for the great video, it makes so much sense & is so much easier to follow that when we ask for help to give the highest good the Uni-verse will help. I can’t really get my head round asking for stuff all the time, it doesn’t seem very spiritual & actually seems selfish. If I ask how I can do good for others then I can understand that the “stuff” I need to do that will come to me. I just want to make the best contribution I can. Have pre ordered the book here in the UK, can’t wait to read it. You are amazing, thanks Gabby.

  4. Hi Gabby. Thank you so much for your vlog!!! Your energy is amazing on your video. I have pre ordered your book with Waterstones UK and hoping I can still do your course? I am so excited about your book and cannot wait to read it. I have read spirit Junkie 4 times and I have a different experience every time I read it. I hear you have suffered from Acne and would love it if one day you could do a vlog on that and any health tips you have? I have suffered with Acne for 20 years and been on all the meds and it is still here. Anyways Love ya xxx

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to send you some love and support today, as I contemplate a conversation that went on this past weekend at my home. I was thrilled to hear you were taking part in Super Soul Sunday with Oprah on 11/18. My father and stepmother happened to be in town staying with us, and if anyone needed some Super added to their Soul’s it would be them :-)! I made sure the t.v. went on at 10:59 and I was THRILLED that my family watched the whole program. Then, I was hit with a comment that I found so insulting, demeaning and sad, yet at the same time a good conversation to start. My stepmother said “I wonder if these people would be as popular if they weren’t so good looking.” My immediate reaction was “Of course, it’s about their message!” Then, I thought of the weight of what was said…it wasn’t a racist or sexist comment, but wasn’t it just as bad?! So, the implication is good looking people shouldn’t be honored and heard for expressing their knowledge? Or worse popularity is ONLY based on looks? As I contemplated this more and more I thought…I am enamored with a southern 60+ year old female minister named Joyce Meyer, I could listen to Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson’s wisdom ALL day, I am entranced by a 40 year old speaker from Rwanda named Immaculee Ilibagiza, there are priests at my church who inspire me more each Sunday. Finally, the 3 of you and Oprah who on Super Soul Sunday and every time I listen to you amaze me with your message and fortitude. I just listed various people of all looks, walks of life and genders who reach millions of people all with the same message…LOVE, FORGIVE, SERVE. Maybe a middle age southerner who follows Joyce Meyer would never take the time the time to put on gabbybtv. or Daily Love, but maybe a 20 year old hottie would…then again maybe it’s visa/versa! It takes all types, looks and life experiences to reach the masses and THANK GOD for that! I would like to think that I am one of many who can look past someone’s looks, good or bad, and see simply the love and the Holy Spirit that is working through them to change lives! Thought I would share that experience with you and get your thoughts, as well as thank you for what you do…keep going we need your voices! God Bless!! Kristin S.

  6. I just really want to say that this video made me feel empowered. I have been feeling “used” by my workplace schedule (even though my workplace is so positive) and “isolated” on my down time. I feel like you have a great idea about teaching manifesting for the coming year. I am feeling jolted out of my sluggish lethargy and thoughts of total self-victimization. I am not a loser and I do not need to act like I’m not strong enough to make personal goals and reach out to people. Thank you again for this video. I do not know how my healing will be accomplished, but I’m assured that it absolutely can if I put my faith to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Gabby~
    This year i became very close to someone who was going through a tramatic time in life… the death of his teenage daughter. I was worried about him and and he was concerned about me as I was having issues of my own. In the midst of this we became very close and confided in one another with open hearts. One day he said he could not be friends with me anymore as he was “too attracted” to me and the next thing I knew was he stopped communication with me and for me…. that was like a death. I didn’t want us to part ways. He became a close friend and vice verse. I am married and I didn’t know how this friend felt about me. I thought we were just very close friends and he even said we came into each others life for a reason. Now I feel I have lost a true friend and I’m hurt. I want to respect his wishes and not contact him but I worry about him and miss him so much. It has been over a month now and my heart isn’t healing. What can I do? I just don’t understand how 2 people can be best friends one day and then one makes the choice we cut ties. I’m very depressed and I’m not sure what to do. I am grateful everyday for the experience of that kind of friendship but questioning if it was as real for him as me. I miss him.
    Also….. I pre-ordered your book from Amazon and loved you on Oprah. You are GREAT! Thank you so much for all you do!! xo

    1. these situations are so difficult but thy always offer us the greatest spiritual assignments. my advice is to pray to learn what the lessons are for you. pray for growth and greater self-love.

  8. Hi Gabby,
    I lost my mum to cancer recently and afterwards felt very lost, I re-read both of your books……..and then I found a letter from my mother which she had written whilst she was very ill…… wasn’t too long but it had a similar message to what you talk about here. At a time when I felt so low, I found this letter and it told me all I needed to hear. Since her passing so many positive things have happened or ‘manifested’. Thanks for your brilliant work, I look forward to the new book.

  9. Hi Gabby, thank you for sharing this video. I love the last part of the video about being more open to give and to be of service then to always be focusing on what can I get. That is so powerful.

    I pray that a lot of others see this video and really grasp the concept of giving and being of service. I believe that’s what this world needs more of, people of service. People who truly want to give for the sake of giving and helping.

    Thanks again Gabby. I’m so proud to be on this spiritual journey with you.

    God bless,

  10. Congratulations on your appearance on Oprah. How do I watch it if I missed it?!
    I was particulary touched by your response to Ally’s comment above…your referring to her situation as her “greatest assignment” brought me to tears…also your compassion and generous spirit to add her to your prayer list really moved me.
    I love all the colors and textures you are surrounded by in your loft where you record your vlogs. And you are ulta clear…and beautiful both inside and out. Thanks for continuing to inspire me. in gratitude- tara

  11. Hi Gabby!
    This was an AWESOME video! Thank you so much! THIS is what I’m manifesting right now (I’m speaking it into existence).

    I am so happy, excited and grateful that I am able to greatly contribute to, support and inspire my family, friends, and millions around the world to make positive changes, heal their lives, heal the planet, and live a long life overflowing with happiness, great health, prosperity, gratitude, compassion and kindness so they can fulfill their purpose by being authentic and living their passions. I am so proud of myself for being a part of a health, happiness and prosperity revolution that literally transforms the world. My impact is so awesome and powerful, it will continue it’s positive effect for many generations to come. I am honored and privileged to have such a great mission in this lifetime.

  12. In the past few years, I’ve realized my power of manifesting. Prior to being able to give it a name, I slowly picked up on coincidences and began to realize something more was at play. To me, the key was a separation from what was my tether to an old way of thinking, that which I was taught and adhered because I knew no other, to a more free and floating mind. Once one becomes a distinctly new entity, having shed the old way of thinking, the Universe then wraps you up and guides you. Those coincidences are no longer random, but something you’ve created. They will come quick and ones eyes must be open to see them. When they happen, then you know the next ones will be more grand and so on. Detach from the old tethers and float. It’s an awesome ride.

  13. Gabby you’re AWESOME. I have been totally engulfed in Spirit Junkie all day today.

    I jotted down notes and feelings the entire day – and I can’t tell you how much healing work I was able to accomplish in just one day. I know the journey is never over, but knowing that there are people like you to help us out along the way totally makes it more fun and alive. So thank you! (So far my favorite chapter is on “Special Love Relationships” – good looking out!)

  14. This sounds amazing. I never thought about being “of service” . I was raised in the “Me” generation of the 70s and 80s. That is over. It’s a new world and a change of focus is imperative. Thank you Gabby. I have signed up!

  15. I loved this Vlog, Gabby. Specially the part where you talk about holding the focus of service. In ten years of applying manifesting tools and making my dreams come true, I never consciously thought about that approach. Now that I am in the journey of manifesting my first book, I will hold that vision of being of service at a larger scale. How amazing!
    Thank you!

  16. Thank you for this video and encouraging others to manifest in accordance w/ the Universal Flow and the Highest Healing Good! I do agree Patience is required for these to come True but also Knowing is Critical, and finally after assuming that you are going to get to your Future Manifestations, you should take Concrete Action to Help get you there. W/O Proper Action, there will be no Growth or Movement.
    In the Light, Laura

  17. Hi Gabby- love your books and your message! You were beautiful on Oprah! If I order your new book will I be able to watch the dec lectures on my iPad?… Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I loved Soul Sunday and this video, thanks for sharing your gifts with us. I am preordering the book and really look forward to the two December classes!

  19. I noticed that I’ve called into my life things that I want and they’ve been bouncing back…..the idea of having your energy in check and ready to hold your dreams is so huge and it is not something I’ve been focusing on! Thank you!

  20. Wow you were amazing on Super soul Sunday! You 3 made me cry! Thank you for your work and ur inspiration, we all need teachers like you in our lives to show us the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you #supergrateful!

  21. Dear Gabby, thank you so much for the positive energy you’re giving us. Each video conveys the exact message I need at a specific moment in my life. I have finally stopped calling it a coincidence! I know I still have much to discover but I’m excited about this journey. You were awesome on Oprah! I live in a place where whenever you mention the word ‘spirituality’ people think you’re a lunatic. If it means happiness and being in harmony with others and helping others, then I’m happy to be a lunatic … My country need more people like you. Thank you again.

  22. As soon as I became open to serving more, giving more & flowing more love into the world, all the most amazing gifts came pouring into that space. New contracts, new clients I can assist to live a life they love & more…
    Blessed & ready to give

  23. Gabby, I have been watching your videos and reading your books for the past year. In July I went through a terrible break up a month before our wedding date…I have been a complete depressed mess for the past 5 months and can’t bring myself out of this even though I know all of these tools, I physically and emotionally can’t bring myself to pick myself back up and it’s becoming an even worse cycle of feeling depressed for not being able to come out of it. It’s effecting my work, my school, my friendships, my relationships with family…Please help. I desperately want happiness and to just be a functioning part of the world again, how do I overcome this? <3

    1. Hi Ally, I think the first step is to accept that this situation will be one of your greatest spiritual assignments. Accepting this will help you get into action. The real work you need right now is to go DEEP into your spiritual practice, whatever that may be for you. I have overcome my greatest life issues through the practice of deepening my inner spirit. It begins with willingness. You may want to review Spirit Junkie for the exercises and do the work in the book. I also look forward to sharing May Cause miracles because it’s a 40-day guide that will literally tell you what to do. sometimes we need that… to be just told. I am going to add you to my daily prayer list. I hope you feel my prayers at 4pm today. love g

      1. Thank you so much Gabby. Definitely feeling the love and prayers. You’re right, I know it’s going to be one of my biggest assignments, and at this point all I want is to just “be told” what to do. I already pre-ordered May Cause Miracles, as hard as I know it will be, I cant wait to start really getting deep and facing the feelings so that I can come through them. Bless you for everything you do Gabby! You truly touch my heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Ally,

      I will be praying for you as well. I’ve known dark times… And endured loss and deep sadness that I didnt think I could bear. I look at those times with compassion and love now, understanding it not as a loss but a gain. I echo Gabby- this might be your greatest assignment- dig deep and see what this time and situation in your life is here to teach you. Know that you are being supported with compassion and prayers.

  24. Thank you Gabby! I just completed my first White Tantra day and this video couldn’t be more appropriate to how I am feeling. Once we take care of ourselves and move to a place of love, our intentions are naturally set to how can we serve the world. As you beautifully emphasize, meditation is key as it allows us to live in our truth, which for us all is as beautifully giving and caring souls. All my love. Sat nam.

  25. I had to resign from my job & today is? my first day out of work. I live w/ my boyfriend who? is now taking care of the household financially.A lot of guilt came up because I can no longer contribute financially.I watched this & realized I need to get myself in order or I will manifest what I fear: losing him. I put on your Service Meditation & heard: “Don’t focus on what you can’t give, focus on what you can give.” I may not able to pay the electric bill, but I can still bring light to our home.

  26. I used to be able to access all the Vlogs but not longer can. You’ve redesigned things. Is there a way to see older Vlogs? There were a few I missed and I’d like to catch up.

    Love Rev. Tony

  27. “The universe is begging to support you.” Love that. I have felt so supported this year as I’ve stepped up to be of the highest service, especially as I’ve surrendered the outcomes I WANT and instead just trusted that the Universe has got this. My own book launch for “She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose” was a huge test in my trust in being fully supported. I just kept surrendering the outcome and saying “Let this book go where it can serve the highest good” and it has been amazing to see the message spread to places I couldn’t have even imagined on my own.

  28. Dearest Gabby ~ This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Lately I feel that I’ve been trying too hard. I also have been looking at my thoughts, my doubts and my negative thought patterns and realize that I truly want to live and be at the energy that allows what I truly desire to come into my life. Meditation, prayer, and checkin in has been super helpful. Thanks for being such an inspiration and I must say…you were ON FIRE during the Oprah interview. You were centered and grounded and your words shot straight to my heart. Much love + appreciation!

      1. I was in awe of you during that interview Gabby – you were totally in the zone. Oprah repeated almost everything you said, because pure wisdom and truth was coming out of you! Thanks for sharing with us.

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