How to Slow Down, Be More Mindful and Feel Calmer

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Note: Updated May 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

I want to talk about how to take things more slowly.

I’ve been in a whirlwind lately. And while it’s extremely exciting to create and wonderful to be busy, we have to have tools to slow down.

How to stop rushing and be more mindful

If you always feel like you’re rushing, you’ll want to check this out. Watch the video below and then keep reading for my guidance on slowing down:

Slowing down doesn’t come naturally to me

Slowing down begins with your conscious choice to go more slowly — to be more simple, more graceful, at ease.

This isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I was born two weeks early. I like to make things happen fast! And I’ve lived in that way for many years, and my fast-paced attitude has gotten me pretty far.

But I’m beginning to notice that if I don’t proactively slow down I can’t sustain all that is around me. That fast-paced energy can help us when we need it, but it’s just not sustainable. If we don’t slow down, we risk burning out.

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That fast-paced energy helps us zero in on a specific goal, but in doing so it blocks everything else. It blocks our connection to the Universe, our feeling of receptivity, our connections. We have to be conscious of knowing when to speed up and slow down.

Consciously choose to go more slowly

It's okay to slow down, relax and let go | Spirit Junkie AppThe first step to consciously choose to go more slowly. Eat more slowly, walk more slowly, read more slowly, breathe more slowly. This is a habit you have to create.

You know where you are on the spectrum of fast vs. slow. You may have no problems slowing down and taking it easy, or you might be like me — moving quickly, controlling situations, trying to be everywhere at one time, taking on too much.

If that’s you, then choosing to slow down will greatly benefit you.

At least three times throughout the day — I like this number because it’s manageable but it’s also enough to create a new pattern — for at least a month, check in about your speed. I do this while I’m eating because I tend to blast through meals. So I pause and think: How fast are my thoughts? How fast is my breath? How fast am I chewing?

You don’t have to check in at meals. You may choose another area. Maybe you tend to move too fast when you’re sending emails so you can get through that task.

It doesn’t matter what three times of day you choose. The point is to witness. The process of slowing down will come naturally when you witness the speed at which you’re moving.

That desire to slow down and witnessing your speed is all you need.

And it’s never too late to slow down. You could be 90% done with your meal and slow down your chewing for that last 10%, and that’s perfection.

What if you don’t know how to slow down?

What if you recognize that you’re moving fast but don’t know how to slow down? Remember, the simplest way to come back is through your breath. Taking a deep, long breath helps you come back to center so you can slow down your energy and reorganize your nervous system. Then you can continue along your day with grace and ease.

I know this isn’t always easy. I’m on my own path with this, so I totally understand. But this practice is definitely serving me. I hope it serves you, too.

The best way to become more mindful every day

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