How to Ride the New Year’s Resolution Wave…

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Happy New Year, Spirit Junkies! I hope you had an amazing holiday season filled with grace. I want to give you a lot of support right now — because while it’s exciting to show up for your resolution and everything and feels fresh and full of possibilities, let’s be real: It’s also overwhelming!

Making new commitments can be a little scary. But whatever resolution you’ve made, you made it for a reason. You’re ready to show up for something that’s important to you. So I’m here to be your spiritual cheerleader. You don’t have to go for two weeks and then fall away from your new pattern. You can have a true shift and experience a miracle!

Watch the video below to learn how to stick with your commitment and let the miracles roll in. (I also share MY resolution and how I’m showing up for it!) I’m here for you, so please leave comments and let me know what you want in 2016! I hope this video serves you.

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This is a very powerful time because people are coming together to commit to new behavior. There’s a sense of camaraderie and support. And I want you to ride that resolution wave far beyond January, which is why I’m super thrilled that Crazy Sexy Miracles is happening again! Kris Carr and I are once again teaming up to set you up to WIN all year long! You can get access to all The Crazy Sexy Miracles Lecture Collection of all previous events.

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  1. Gabby, I am doing 100 days of yoga in 100 days, while also quitting drinking. I have started this the day after Christmas, and the effects already of the two combined is making the light of my spirit start to shine through. You have helped me come to start this after reading spirit junkie and listening to your talks and meditations while I go to sleep. Thanks for the inspiration, support, and your continuous positive light. Eric

  2. First, I just want to tell you Gabby that you changed my life. Your books, your blog, your commitment to happiness inspired me to become willing to release he fears that hold me back every day. I am 20 years old and I never thought I would make it this far. My resolution is to restore my faith in love. I’ve reached a point where I can say that despite my anxieties and blocks, I have truly made drastic, wonderful miracles happen in my life through my practices of yoga, meditation, and self reflection. Despite this, I still have my blocks that won’t budge, as everyone does. I spend a lot of time worrying about things that could go wrong, worrying about how I’m perceived, worrying that I’m making a mistake by trusting the most important people in my life and letting that get in the way of finding true happiness. I feel like I am so close to releasing the fears that hold me back, but I still have one toe in the water of doubt. How do I break through that block? Everytime I choose love in a situation I reap the benefits and restore my faith in miracles, but I still struggle daily with deeply ingrained fears that everything I care about will slip between my fingers and disappear.

  3. My only resolution for this year is to be the light. I started practising meditation with my 6 year old. I can’t wait to see you here in Toronto in May. Counting the days. My 6 year old daughter loves you and I love you! Satnam!

  4. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for all your videos!They are amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂
    My resolutions for this new year would be to practice yoga, to start learning how to play guitar and to finish a Gestalt course. I commit to myself to be everyday more real and more grateful. Accept my emotions and let them go. Accept my situation and keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that someday the pain I’m now going through will be useful to me. I want to thank the universe for the lessons he is trying to teach me, although there are still some I don’t get. I wish to keep growing my sense of freedom and to find happiness in every aspect of my life.

    Lots of love to everyone!!
    Satnam XXX

  5. thank you for all you do for others, sharing your journey and shining the light for others. i hope this year to finally release fear and blocks that hold me from finding a mate in my life that i yearn for so dearly. i will strive towards better health and food choices, try give more to others in any ways that i can, read more from course of miracles, and pray for peace for our planet.
    thank you for your videos! you style is inspiring. can you tell us where you find your leggings? xo kaya

  6. Thank you so much for this video, Gabby!
    My resolutions for this year… get back to practicing yoga and meditation 🙂
    I’m having back and pelvis issues and it’s hard to go back to practice, but I’m trying… starting with at least 10 minutes per day… Wish me luck and perseverance!
    And when in need of guidance I pick a card from my Miracles Now Deck so thank you for that as well!
    Lots of love your way in the New Year!

  7. Reading this commentary brought tears to my eyes because I felt all this warmth, joy and love is that weird? I keep allowing more and more of these moments since October when I spent a month being guided by Wayne Dwyer which synchronistically led me to you in November! My ING work, your videos and energy have pulled me towards kundalini, a spiritual routine and a mediation practice and I even got certified in Radiant Child Yoga 3 weeks ago which is kundalini yoga and meditation for children! You’ve been a bright light guiding me towards the path I’d blocked the voice inside of me from revealing. My intentions for this year are to plug in to the universe and AllOW its intention for my greater good here. This undoubtedly includes helping others Be the light, especially the youngins! All I asked my mama for Christmas was a ticket to Crazy Sexy Miracles Live. See you there!!! Satnam <3

  8. This year’s resolution, for me, is to make a significant amount of money using my gifts.I am a musician/ artist / writer who has been dedicated for many years.I believe 2016 is the year I see a breakthrough.
    Thanks for the incentive to share this outloud.

  9. Beautiful love! Keep shining! You inspired me to train to teach kundalini after the kripalu masterclass and it’s literally transforming my life before my eyes! Ahhhh! Sat nam and I love and miss you angel xo

  10. Happy Happy New Year Gabby!!! Great vid…as always. LOVED seeing you speak in Victoria. My son was the one that stood up & shared his sober story (inspired by you). BEing in your energetic sphere has given us bith such a lift & high vibe for our new year! Thank You! Wishing you continued wonderful in 2016 Luv Guru! Xo Namaste!

  11. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for your video! I have been driven to self improvement for few years now. My shift really started when I became my Kabbalah studies, since then, i have taken a step back from the center, but have found a lot of support reading your materials and also Abiola Abrams. I have been seeing 2 therapist for past few months, which has been AMAZING.
    My list is pretty long, but the main focus is to be more secure with me, to continue to grow my self-esteem. I’m recovering from people pleasing, doing a million things on my list. I’m learning to prioritize and focus. I really considered joining your annual membership, but I choice to give myself more time to keep walking my self discovery journey. I will continue to read your books, half way done with my first book! i love your guided meditations. I have been someone who discovers something new and jumps on that wave, but yet I keep searching, at the end find myself confused with so much information and confusion with different ideas and believes. Besides my traditional career, I’m developing a network marking business, I have lots of support of books, audios, and friends in that world. My mission is how can I make several worlds work in one! I have found that in organized institutions people are judgmental, i have found that I became a follower, and just wanted to be them. Being part of an online spiritual community allows me the freedom to hear the messages and be me without leaving my family or friends behind who have chosen not to follow the spiritual path yet. I look forward to a year of continued empowerment, self discovery, focus, driven to growth with my husband. cheers to a new year! As my finances permit I will tap into your webinars, I hope to meet you in person some day! thanks for all that you do, and for being a spirit junkie!!!

  12. I have resolved this year to finally quit smoking marijuana but I am already really struggling with whether or not this is necessary. I have tried moderation many times without success and I know that abstinence is my only option, but my mind is playing tricks on me. I have a great life as is; a good job, creative outlets, happy family, friends, etc. that are all great, do I really need to make this change?

      1. No, I am terrified for some reason. I know of a women-only MA meeting that I think I could try, but my family schedule has been getting in the way. I’m not really a group girl, but I know I should try…

  13. I want to give up desserts for 30 days. I went overboard this holiday season and I realized I no longer enjoyed the foods because it was like a post-meal-default. Then once the belly aches started, I stated out loud to my husband that I needed a break from the sweets.

  14. I have been following a dream to start my own business, Maybe i gotta get rid of my fear first? i have achieved many other desires and this one is the next! Hope this year it will be manifestate! I visualize, meditate and believe it!

    Thanks Gabby for your encouragement

  15. Happy New Year Gabby!
    I wish you love, health and all that your heart desires.
    2016 is a biggie as I’m launching my Coaching practice and as I get on the homerun for launch day my ego is going a bit crazy with fear, judgement, you name it, and it actually almost managed to make me ill. One tool I noted my ego uses is a lack of discipline, procrastination, not finishing a task in full, all complete no-nos for a young entrepreneur. So my resolution is to stick to it, even when the task is harduous or boring, no excuses I will finish it!
    Much love from France

  16. Hi Gabby,

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for the video. I’ve never felt fully committed to make a change so this video is so timely for me!

    Wishing you a fabulous 2016, Sat nam, Catherine x

  17. LOVE this video Gabby!! Your messages always arrive at just the right time. I’ve set the intention of “cleaning up my side of the street” and commiting myself to the upkeep of its cleanliness from here on out. Thank you for being such a light and a true inspiration <3 Happiest new year to you!

  18. Hi Gabby! As part of my resolution for the new year, I am doing the ego eradicator kriya for three minutes daily. This morning while doing the meditation, I peeked at the timer. It read 1:11, naturally.
    It brought an instant smile to my face and gave me comfort in knowing I am where I need to be.

    I love your message here. I desire change. I am ready for change. And I am excited for change!

  19. Thank you for this video! The decision and desire to change are so important for shifting behavior. We’ve got to let ourselves evolve and that requires dangling in a vast space of possibility, when we don’t know who we are anymore. Allow that space and avoid filling it up with habit, but instead intention!

    Thank you again beautiful light worker! Sat nam.

  20. Hey Gabby! One of my new years resolutions is to master time management, which includes staying present in The Now. (I’m reading Echart Tolle right now) 🙂

    Do you usually try to make more than one resolution or stay focused on just one?

    Talk to you later!

  21. Happy New Year Gabby,

    Thank you for the encouragement! Had big plans to start out strong and got sick. Already feeling a touch behind…but, it’s only the 4th…this is great and not too late. Never too late! =)

    I am making a commitment to organize, simplify, and set boundaries. (Boundries in my work and personal life) I am calling this the year of “reboot” and I need a ton of reminders.

    Thank you for this one this morning!! So much appreciated!!!

    Have a wonderfuld and joyfilled day!!

  22. My intentions for 2016 are to continue on the path to my authentic self, focusing on improving my health, and increasing my finances.

  23. GM Gabby, I joined the Miracle Membership & Dowloaded May Cause Miracles, I’m already Obsessed… On Day 1! My Ressolution this Year is to be a better version of myelf by staying committed to my Ashtanga training & using the tools I recieve from you. I started A Coarse in Miracles last January but got derailed around ch.13, so I think this is a perfect time to start May Cause Miracles to get back on track. Kind Thoughts,

  24. Gaby its always so great to start my new year with your inspiration. so much LOVE to you in this new year!

    My FOCUS this new year is to begin building. I think there is a habitual state of gathering that goes on as woman. (its primal!) but I have been caught in this for so long. (I have tons of yoga trainings, workshops, art supplies, books, cooking equipment, juicers, workout videos…and actually children too(ha!) I have 3 little ones.) Its time. Its time to FOCUS. to use all these gorgeous tools I have within myself (and out) and SIT and meditate, get on the floor and BE in yoga with my children. OPEN the books, WRITE in the journals. BEGIN NOW moving into BEING the person I so much want to BE. (REAL life CAN exist within the SACRED, as i FOCUS i take a (small) step in LIVING.
    thanks for continuing to be a beacon for me and so many others.

  25. I am taking control of my health. I’m radically changing my diet. I resisted this for 20 years. I am ready & willing to change!

  26. Time to commit to raising consciousness through small changes moment to moment, from each successive thought to each next. Thank you for sharing your commitment so selflessly. A poem from –
    Harlequin by Phoebe Hesketh –
    “Beyond the junkshop of the mind
    There lies a secret inner room
    Here the hurt soul, unconfined,
    Can breathe again and touch a bloom
    Unbruised by grasping hands outside.
    Take off your shoes: bring nothing in.
    Fold your costume, Harlequin –
    The masquerading self has died.”
    Apologies for the length of the reply. Blessings and thanks for your light.

  27. Dear Gaby,

    thank you so much for this video!!!Happy new year of 2016!!!!
    i love this video,for a long time i’m thinking to stop smoking…and every day i smoke…I do meditation,i finish every day also in meditation and always thinking that next day will be the day but then…it starts all over again,do you have any tips for me and some one that is passing to the same issue?
    Best regards sunshine!!!

      1. i will look for it,thank you very much golden girl!your light is one of the great gifts that i’ve discovered in 2014!!!thank you so much!
        big kiss from Lisbon

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