How to Pray: The Secret to Prayer Is to Forget What You Think You Need

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I’ve noticed a common theme among many of my readers and audience members. People often email me, stand up to ask questions at my events or approach me at book signings to say that they struggle with prayer.

They tell me that they pray for something to happen in a certain way or in a certain amount of time and it just doesn’t happen. Or they pray for a certain outcome, and the outcome is different. They wonder what they’re doing wrong.

Can you relate? If so, I know this lesson will serve you greatly. I’m going to share the secret to prayer.

Watch the video below and then keep reading:

The secret to prayer is to forget what you think you need

When we pray for a specific outcome, we’re assuming that we know what’s right for us and that we have the plan. We’re denying our capacity to have a power greater than ourselves to step in and guide us. We’re denying our connection to the Universe when we pray for what we think we need.

Therefore, the secret is to turn it over. Instead of praying for what you think you need, pray for the highest good for all. Get into alignment with the energy of the Universe and let the Universe show you what is the highest good for you and for all.

key to prayer is to forget what i think i need gabby bernstein card deckThe second I say this prayer to myself, it releases me. It allows me to relax and just surrender the plans, ideas, projections and expectations I have for myself.

In that relaxed state, we are back in alignment with the Universe. This simple shift reorganizes everything. You can simply allow and receive miracles.

Start this prayer practice today

You can start this right now and practice it every day. When you catch yourself trying to control an outcome, obsessing over a timeline or future-tripping about a goal, stop and pray for the highest good for all. You can simply say:

Universe, thank you for supporting me. I surrender my desires and expectations, and I pray for the highest good for all.

Leave me your comments below and let me know how this feels for you! As you make it a practice, pay attention to the inner shifts you experience. Trust that this is exactly what prayer is meant to be — it aligns your energy and thoughts back with the love of the Universe.

When you are in alignment with the Universe, you can trust that whatever comes to you, in whatever order and form it comes, is exactly how it needs to be.

Stay consistent and connected on your spiritual path

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