How to Pray: The Secret to Prayer Is to Forget What You Think You Need

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I’ve noticed a common theme among many of my readers and audience members. People often email me, stand up to ask questions at my events or approach me at book signings to say that they struggle with prayer.

They tell me that they pray for something to happen in a certain way or in a certain amount of time and it just doesn’t happen. Or they pray for a certain outcome, and the outcome is different. They wonder what they’re doing wrong.

Can you relate? If so, I know this lesson will serve you greatly. I’m going to share the secret to prayer.

Watch the video below and then keep reading:

The secret to prayer is to forget what you think you need

When we pray for a specific outcome, we’re assuming that we know what’s right for us and that we have the plan. We’re denying our capacity to have a power greater than ourselves to step in and guide us. We’re denying our connection to the Universe when we pray for what we think we need.

Therefore, the secret is to turn it over. Instead of praying for what you think you need, pray for the highest good for all. Get into alignment with the energy of the Universe and let the Universe show you what is the highest good for you and for all.

key to prayer is to forget what i think i need gabby bernstein card deckThe second I say this prayer to myself, it releases me. It allows me to relax and just surrender the plans, ideas, projections and expectations I have for myself.

In that relaxed state, we are back in alignment with the Universe. This simple shift reorganizes everything. You can simply allow and receive miracles.

Start this prayer practice today

You can start this right now and practice it every day. When you catch yourself trying to control an outcome, obsessing over a timeline or future-tripping about a goal, stop and pray for the highest good for all. You can simply say:

Universe, thank you for supporting me. I surrender my desires and expectations, and I pray for the highest good for all.

Leave me your comments below and let me know how this feels for you! As you make it a practice, pay attention to the inner shifts you experience. Trust that this is exactly what prayer is meant to be — it aligns your energy and thoughts back with the love of the Universe.

When you are in alignment with the Universe, you can trust that whatever comes to you, in whatever order and form it comes, is exactly how it needs to be.

Stay consistent and connected on your spiritual path

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Praying regularly is a powerful way to stay in communication with the Universe and receive regular guidance. If you want to make it fun and easy to stay consistent on your spiritual path, join my Miracle Membership!

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  1. Hi Gabby! I just launched my own business this weekend and found myself struggling with my insecurities about people – friends & family mostly, that are not showing interest! I have been getting so caught up in people not supporting me and realized I am blocking with these negative thoughts! I do believe I can do this, I will for myself.
    I found this prayer and read, wrote it and re-read it! “I surrender”. I am grateful for for all you give to support in times I need a reminder to get out of my own way! Love & appreciate you ♥️ Deirdre

  2. Gabby,
    When I pray in this surrendered way, I do feel a deeper connection to the Creator and the peace within. Despite knowing this, I keep finding myself falling back into old ritualistic ways of praying.. my intentions feel pure, as these prayers often are genuine desires for my loved ones and the world but it also feels forced and often makes me feel anxious even before I start praying in that way! I want to connect to the Beloved through silence and simple prayers such as this but I guess I fear being complacent or not doing my role to lift others. I know I was led to you at the right time and have been learning so much from your teachings. As they say, “the teacher comes when the student is ready”. Dear teacher, do you have any guidance you can offer me as I am ready and willing to work through/ beyond this? Sending love and light.

      1. Thank you so much for your guidance! I have been bingeing podcasts with Gabby and was wondering what I would listen to next.. You Are The Guru sounds perfect! With gratitude,

  3. Thank you Gabby. What you are telling here regarding forgetting what I need, is that also about what I need to do? For a while I know I get stuck in rules I apply to myself. I should do this (clean the windows, organize information in the computer). Alle kinds of to do’s piling up in my head.
    It seems impossible to undo these ‘I should’s…’ To chose not to do them any more? Second, I find out that I also have difficulty to let go of old things (papers for my work, things I created or wrote).
    Anxious to throw things away I may need in a later moment (regretting). So I want to hold on to habits and things which do not suit me any more, and find it difficult to release myself from this burden. What perspective could help me… Is it the trusting in that not we, know what is good for us, but the Universe?

    1. Great questions, Hetty. In this blog post, Gabby is suggesting that rather than pray for a specific outcome, (like a certain job, a certain amount of money, a certain romantic partner)– we instead pray for the highest good. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have desires. It’s about having faith that the universe knows the desires that we hold in our heart and is already working on a plan that is far greater than our own.
      Here are some additional posts that you might find helpful:

  4. So I am trying to pray for the highest good for all but I feel a little resistance everytime I do because I so badly want what I want. How do I let go of the resistance or do I just alow it to be there when I am praying?

    Much love,


    1. This is super insightful, Jane. Great work. One thing you can do is let the universe know that you are experiencing this resistance, and if you’re willing, ask for a shift in perception. Here are some additional posts and practices that I think you’ll find helpful:

  5. I struggle a bit with this one. I understand your perspective on letting the universe guide you and not to pray for a specific outcome. How would you then go about wanting/hoping your best friend back? Cleary I want the specific outcome. And not sure how there is a better plan then us not being friends. It is my fault she is mad and not talking to me, I have apologized, verbal and heart felt letter and now daily praying one day she will be my friend again. (sounds school girl ish). It has been 8 months (and it really is nothing major, she just holds her “grudges”). Can you guide me.

    1. Great question, Jen. The way to let the universe guide you is to commit to your daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. Prayer is the medium for asking and meditation is the medium for receiving. Through prayer, you can prayer for both your friend’s healing and happiness as well as your own. Through meditation, you can create space to receive guidance. This guidance leads to inspired action, so rather than taking action from a place of fear and lack to get your friend back, you can take action based on joy and faith. Here are some practices that you might find helpful:

  6. Hi Gabby a while back I bought your book , the universe has your back . I was starting out on the Spirtual path but by the time the book came I gone spiraling downhill to depression once again , so your book sat in my closet for a good 6 months. Last week I took a day off work because I felt so overwhelmed and exhausted and I had a migraine . So I packed up a small bag, for some reason I grabbed your book and went to the lake cabin where there is no power and I laid on the couch with a blanket a started reading your book. It’s beautifully done. I’m still reading it right now As the warmth of the blanket kept making me fall asleep which is what I needed. Lol anyways i love your book so far I do have questions but not sure how I would go about asking you . Is it here ?? I’m currently on chapter 5.
    Thank you . I’m getting more and more interested in what you do and who you are and how I can turn this depression I’ve felt with for about 35 years to finding my peace and happiness and being able to trust in the universe instead of the constant fear in my head .

    1. Wonderful that The Universe Has Your Back is resonating with you. You will find many helpful tools to help you create an energetic shift in this book as well as in Super Attractor, however, if you’re not already doing so, we would recommend seeing a therapist. This is a wonderful action in self-care. Gabby shares that she would not be where she’s at right now if it weren’t for her therapist. For additional resources, check out this blog post: xoxo

  7. Gabby,
    Just discovering you and your teachings. Something brought me to your page so I am going to have faith in that I was meant to read your teachings and be open to the simplicity of praying in the way you offered. I will admit that I see myself and my fears of letting go of being exact and specific in prayer as others have mentioned below. My prayer intentions are for my loved ones suffering from anxiety and depression and I struggle with letting go of that exact prayer intention. But I have faith that my angel guides brought me here today and I am going to “with faith” say your prayer and believe. Thank you!

    1. Amazing, Char. The universe knows what’s in your heart and is always working towards the highest good for all– including you! xoxo

  8. Thank you!! I am going to begin praying this way! Everyday I learn more and more! I am grateful and I appreciate my journey teachers!

  9. I do love the message behind this and will utilize it. After finishing Super Attractor, connecting with spirit and handing the burden of making things happen over to the universe, definitely resonated with me. However, I feel in releasing the idea of what you want, when you want it, goes against all the teachings of manifesting. We’re told often, in order to manifest we need to get SUPER clear- down to as many details as possible- to visualize it into reality. And although your manifestation may not be on your timeline, you still get what you wanted. So this feels like giving up a specific desire, cause what you want, may not come to fruition. Kinda feels like giving up on your hopes & dreams and not stepping into the role of creators that we are. Don’t get me wrong, I need badly to learn to surrender, as do many of us, I’m sure. Just feels conflicting.

    1. Hi Elle,
      Yes, manifesting requires us to get specific– but it is not about control. A key component to manifesting is surrendering our desire to the Universe. When we have faith that the universe has our back, we will be guided to what is of the highest good. Even if it doesn’t look the way we expected. I suggest checking out my SuperSoul Sessions talk on spiritual surrender for a deeper dive on this:/new-blog-super-soul-sessions-talk-5-steps-spiritual-surrender/ . xi

  10. Thanks Gabby. I’m conflicted. How do I set goals, do the daily tactics to achieve those goals, and still release the outcome to the universe? How do I trust that my BIG goals for my life will manifest if I don’t put the work in? What do I do when the outcome isn’t what I prayed for? What do I do when my pipeline is empty and I worried about my financial obligations? I truly believe Gabby it’s when life smacks me in the face that I return to I have to control this mode. Will you help me please? I know the universe has my back, but I want to live it. Thank you for all you do. I intend to enroll in the manifest challenge.

    1. Hi John, these are all great questions! I think that the manifesting challenge will be a great tool for you and will answer many of your questions. In the meantime, here is the link to a blog post that I think you will find helpful: Within this post there is a link to a meditation to help you surrender the need to control! I hope this serves you– let me know how it goes!

  11. Hi Gabby, I love the information you share. It’s very enlightening and beneficial. It’s just a dose of ‘good’!

    I am curious, when you pray to the ‘universe’ are you praying to God. A Christian God?

    1. Hi Kayla, glad this work is resonating with you. I use terms like the Universe, God, Spirit, Higher Power, love, and inner guidance system interchangeably. The Spirit Junkie approach is non-denominational, and I encourage everyone to use the term that feels right to them and create a spiritual relationship of *their own* understanding. You can use whatever word/words resonate with you. xoxo

  12. The prayer that you have feels right and sounds great to me. I’ll put it on the white board with some affirmations and see what unfolds. Sounds scary and exciting handing things over. Let’s see what happens.

  13. Trying to get a job, didn’t get offered it, how do I know it’s the universe saying no versus me needing to stand up and use my voice to let them know I am reliable, and would appreciate this opportunity for growth?
    Been praying and meditating but I don’t know which way in being guided?

    1. I like to come back to the saying “this or something better”. If this wasn’t the job for you, trust the the Universe has something better in store. You are on the right path. <3

  14. It took me a long time to practice this way of surrending and having faith that this way of pray works. Miracles have happened beyond what I could ever imagined.

    Thank you Gabby for your delicious guidance!!!

  15. This new concept of prayer, the thought alone, makes me release worry about making a literal shopping list of who and what to pray for. I find to be enlightening, enlivening and uplifting. Thank you Gabby!

  16. Hi Gabby,
    I was wondering how do you distinguish between the universe guiding us into another direction or being blocked or held back because of limiting beliefs?
    Thank you!!
    Kind regards,

    1. With this situation you want to check in with yourself to find out whether you feel aligned with the actions you are taking. When you are being guided by loving wisdom you will simply feel GOOD about it, even if it’s somewhat scary or not what you initially expected. If you’re being held back by limiting beliefs you will feel out of alignment — stuck, frustrated, second-guessing, and otherwise like things simply are not flowing. Free-writing can help you connect with your inner guide to uncover your desires, which are not always clear to our logical mind right away.

      Check out these blogs too:

  17. I felt an instant blanket of gratitude wrap me up, I was like “yes” exactly! It’s not going to hurt you to change the perception of thinking and in fact will make prayer more effective, you don’t have it anyway so rather then asking “can you make this happen” shift to “ I trust you know what is good for me, all for good or nothing at all” is what I like to say in prayer. You have nothing to loose and if you don’t have it rather then ask for the specific thing you may as well say it in the right way to really receive.

  18. ***Sigh*** I really needed to hear this! A simple alternative to “prayer” or perhaps begging(?) for what we want an outcome to be… I did just that the other week when I hit ‘send’ on a job application I had been working days on to perfect. What I felt like at the time was this successful manifestation of receiving an email to continue to the next round… I did get the email, and it said “thank you so much, but…” I wrestled with how I felt about this rejection, and I was initially upset that my on-point manifestation did not produce MY wanted outcome. And now I better understand that this career move was not for the greatest good, at least not right now. Thank you for always sharing from the heart. xo

  19. Hi Gabby,

    I love this prayer of surrender. But….I’m still confused about manifesting. Isn’t all this manifesting thing a way to plan our lives and have control over what we want in life? Please help me clarify this.

    Thank you

    1. Manifesting is not about control. It is about being clear about what we desire and then surrendering that desire to the Universe. When we align ourselves with the energy of the Universe, we will be guided to what is of the highest good. Even if it doesn’t look the way we expected. I suggest checking out my SuperSoul Sessions talk on spiritual surrender for a deeper dive on this:

  20. Hi, Gabby! Thanks for this video. I pray constantly, or should I say have general conversions and arguments with God. I often feel that my prayers are rather selfish and self centered at times, and it’s really difficult when you are struggling with certain issues (health, finances, etc) for them to not veer in that direction. I need to work harder on making my prayers be about spending time with God and letting Him be the guide. Thanks again for this reminder.

    1. Say the prayers you like – you don’t need to censor your conversations with God. Simply add this prayer and allow it to come to life for you over time. Trust that eventually it will be the prayer that resonates with you most. xoxo

  21. Feels so simple and so right! Feels freeing!!! Would try to pray to feel at peace with things and actions end up creating more anxiety. Thank you!

    1. This is a beautiful prayer to say every day, on its own or at the end of other prayers. It releases you. xo

    1. They work together. Having a clear vision is beautiful, but we must turn that vision over to the care of the Universe. Ultimately, we must surrender the outcome and pray for the highest good for all. We will be delivered just what we need, though it may not look exactly as we imagined or happen on the timeline we wanted. Check out this blog and video for more. <3

  22. I definitely felt a release of control back to God. But…how do I know when to move forward..or inspired action. As they say, you can pray and pray but God wont deliver on your lap…or can He. ..while surrendering?

    1. In your prayer you can ask God to show you the way and deliver guidance. Go about your day and pay attention to guidance as it arises — it may be subtle, perhaps as a form of intuitive knowing. It may come as a Universal sign or in any number of forms. When you receive guidance, follow it. You are always being guided; by asking for that guidance and making it clear that you are ready to receive it, it will be shown to you!

  23. I heard your story on Lewis Howes’ podcast and since then you and all your amazing friends(Lewis, Marie, Kris, Mastin …) have helped me get on the journey to sobriety and spirituality. Your books and videos helped me tremendously during those hard/ugly times.
    I kinda struggle with prayers in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asking the universe for help, and this video hit my inbox like hallelujah! THANK YOU SO MUCH GABBY!
    p.s I’m living my wildest dream at the moment, it took me a couple of months to get clean and manifest it, but totally worth it. I believe much more prosperity to come!

  24. Easy to do when I’m relaxed. But so great to remember in times when we’re stressed out.

    I’m about to go on vacation for a few days so this won’t be a problem but I should print out this prayer & put it on my computer for when I get back home. 😉

    1. Hello Gaby, It scares me, to pray like this because i have to let go the control and trust good things will come my way. My wish is to live a life full of happiness…

      1. Letting go and trusting can be scary, and this prayer can feel uncomfortable at first. But over time it will become the most comforting and beautiful prayer you have uttered. xo

  25. Had a great time with you at Kripalu in September! I can apply this to so many things in my life — but one that will be huge is my son’s college search. I choose to trust he is being guided and we will be guided as we investigate. He will land where he’s supposed to be.

  26. Gabby, often times I feel in awe of you. I read your posts and your books and I’ve seen you speak, and I feel so much gratitude for the lessons of your faith. Your words have allowed me to reconnect to Source in ways I wrote off for decades. This is especially true for prayer. After I read UHYB, I began to pray and meditate again. At first it felt forced to pray for the highest good, but I did it anyway. Now, over a year into my practice, to pray for the highest good is my Truth. Literally, I feel an energetic shift every. single. time. as though a portal opens for Love to flow through me. (ps. this is coming from someone who tried to control shit for 41 years!) Also, to pray for the highest good reaffirms a Course quote I heard Marianne Williamson say in an interview recently: “All of the children of God are special and none of the children of God are special.” Sometimes I catch myself thinking that you, Gabby, with all of your wisdom are more special than me. It’s a thought that wants to keeps me small. But when I pray for the highest good, I remember we are all One with God. We only need to surrender to Love to awaken to our true power and purpose….that is, let go and let God. Sat Nam.

    1. Beautiful. I love this. I love it! I understand the feeling of making teachers special – I have been in awe of my teachers as well. But we are all one. We are not separate. I am so moved by your radical shift with this prayer and so happy the book has served you.

  27. Thank you Gabby, you have been a light in my darkness. Last few years has been a lot of transformation and uncertainty, became 200hr RYT, I graduated IIN, and was still uncertain about my purpose. Your book Universe has your back, helped me tremendously. Little did I know when I started reading it I also went to my first Kundalini yoga class (before I knew what the Sa Ta Na Ma was and it all came together, even my Kundalini teacher was like WOW- you have made so much change in 3 months. I am clear on who I am and why I am here. Thank you for the reminder about the prayer- just yesterday I was feeling mentally hurt over a family disput. I realized when I watched this that I haven’t felt that in a long time- 3 months! I got so caught up in the feeling that I didn’t take the time to trust and let go to let the Universe take it. Keep rocking on and doing what you do! I can’t wait for Spirit Junkie Training to open up- I am on the waitlist, preordered your next book and excited for the workshop. I recommend your book to all of my clients! ❤️

  28. Wow, thanks so much Gabby, I felt complete calmness and will be adding this to my toolkit. Thanks, beautiful XX PS. Just preordered your book, very excited. XX

  29. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I was seriously just sitting down to meditate and remembered that I had seen this email earlier today and had wanted to watch the video. As a family, we have been praying very specifically for our house to sell. Like right now. And it’s not happening. Selling our house would allow us to pay all our bills, be debt free and give us a much better life. However, as I have been meditating over the past few days, I keep getting these hits on opportunities to make more money. So, I’m turning this over and praying for the greatest and highest good for all. Thank you! I’m really, really looking forward to your knew book, as well. It resonnated so much with me in your previous book – I know I sit in judgement quite a bit and I fear that I’m teaching this to my children, too. I know I don’t want to be like this and I’m looking forward to learning how I can change. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!

  30. What’s crazy is that I’ve been anxious about a new relationship all weekend. I’ve been trying to determine if it’s intuition or fear that’s making me feel this way. And, then just a moment ago, it hit me. I need to stop trying to control outcomes and trust that whatever is meant to happen, will. And right after, I saw this on Facebook and it reaffirmed it all. The universe is indeed speaking to me and I need to listen. Thank you!

  31. Hey Gabby and Spirit Junkies!
    My dearest friend’s 10 year old daughter has leukeamia and is now undergoing Chemo, and is in Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids (The Best!!). The prognosis is good and she through this she is becoming fearless and empowered. She IS her own superhero!! I find this immensely helpful to let go and simply pray for the “highest good of all!” Whomever reads this, can you say that for her (her name is Hailey:)


    1. Lots of prayers for your friend’s little daughter Hailey, my partners husbands wife is also battling leukemia, lots of prayers and I also truly believe prayer helps and that the angel Raphael will help as well 🙂 xx

  32. The problem with praying for a specific outcome is that the energy of our prayer is usually not lined up with what we are asking for. This style of surrendering prayer can help shift the energy and put us into the receptive mode. When there is no doubt within us that our request will be answered we don’t feel the need to pray for a specific outcome because we KNOW it is already ours. Another way to shift is through prayers of appreciation; to get that stuck energy focused away from the thing you want so much but think you don’t have.

  33. Thx Gabby. I tried the prayer. what I have noticed is that my prayers are more holistic, focused on the “bigger picture” and allowing. It becomes less of a “to-do” list for God (God, please fix this, help with that, give me this, etc…). I also feel less anxious, because I’m not asking for things. My prayers are focused on bigger things. Thanks again for the wisdom. Much appreciated

  34. Hi Gabby,
    I fully understand this intention in meditation. However, I find it so difficult to wish and hope for the best for all, when the people involved in the difficult situation have hurt us, disrespected us, dragged in the mud. I’m running out of energy and going back to meditation for answers. Light me up Gabby. You have been so important in my life since the beginning of this change of course in the past year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love xx

    *Sorry for the mistakes I’m french so my english is far from perfect 🙂

    1. My new book will serve you greatly in this way. You have wonderful English!! I suggest you read it and practice the steps of the Judgment Detox. For now, your willingness to see differently is all you need. It comes out January 2nd. Until then you can check out my blogs on relationships. xo

    1. When you pray for the highest good for all, you get into alignment with the energy of the Universe and surrender your desires. Your faith and high vibration invite the Universe to work on your behalf, and you become a magnet for your desires.

  35. Hello gabby,
    what if you are confused ?
    I looking for a job have been confused because I don’t know where/what opportunity to go after since all the ones I see are not making me feel aligned?
    Sometimes I pray but whenyou are not sure then I guess the universe gives the same back?
    I wish to have a job opportunity and feel has happy has you are doing what you are meant to do,
    I wanted to have help and confort aswell as start this job before christmass because I have no money and can’t seem to move with ease and serenity
    thank you
    god bless you angel

    1. That happiness is available to you, and please know I’m holding you in my prayers during this difficult time. Try this simple, 2-step practice to release the story of victim and raise your energetic vibration. Know that you are supported. Pray for the highest good and pay attention to the guidance. You may be guided to a job that isn’t your dream job, but will support you financially as you let your path unfold. Xo

  36. Message to self : let go of Ego. You are NOT in control. Be careful of what you ask for…you may get it. Your SOUL is aligned to the Universe…they are connected at all times xxxx

  37. Like everyone else, I have a lot going on and the undesired outcome could be very terrifying. This gentle reminder brings me peace and reassurance that the Universe is in control…and I’m not it. Thanks Gabby. I feel like I can breathe.

  38. It’s so difficult, Gabby! I desire the things I pray for so deeply that I cannot surrender, how do I know what will happen will be for the best? And if I have a conscious mind and heart that makes me desire then why shouldn’t I hold on to my wishes? Just some conflicting thoughts within me… I love you though, you are such a wonderful blessing! 🙂 :*

    1. It’s great to hold beautiful visions — just turn over your goals to the care of Spirit and know they are being taken care of. Trust that things will unfold just as they should, even if it doesn’t match up with your idea of how it should look or the timeline you have in mind. Watch this Facebook live and be sure to check out the Q&A in the video/blog!

  39. Hi! Your email was so timely. This is exactly what I need to hear no matter how hard it is to fully understand and surrender to it.
    I’m struggling with health challenges for almost 2 years and I keep praying that my symptoms will go away. It hasn’t worked. And then this creates a cascade of negative feelings that exacerbate my symptoms. Praying for the highest good and clarity.

  40. Hi Gabby. I completely agree with you, although in my case it’s extremely difficult. My boyfriend has stage 4 cancer and the operation to remove a tumor didn’t happen because the doctors went in and discovered it had spread. So we were all praying the operation would be a success. It’s hard to think of this as a success. Now we’re praying that he will live, with alternative treatments. I’m sure you can see how in this case it’s hard not to pray for a specific outcome.

    1. Diane, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through such a painful and difficult time. It’s hard to find just the right words to express the way I feel when reading what you’ve written, so forgive me since it won’t come out perfectly in this format. I want you to know that I am holding you in my prayers. I am holding your boyfriend in my prayers and your families as well. When you pray, simply begin or end each prayer by asking for peace. In life’s most trying times it can be nearly impossible to accept our lack of control over outcomes. Praying for peace and the highest good along with your prayers for your boyfriend’s health and well-being will help you strengthen your faith and show up for him and for yourself with grace. Sending you love and light during this time.

  41. Thank you Gabby! I will start doing that today! I caught myself this weekend meditating to a great audio tract and praying to God for very specific things and I was sooooooooooo tense that I could have broken, so when I let go and said, God, please direct me where you think I should be directed, the tensin faded and I went on for an hour just relaxing into it. I will use this praying for the highest good for all in my prayers from now on. Thanks again!!!

  42. Gabby, you are such an inspiration to me! I truly feel my essence is where you are! When I envision myself being of service and living a great life i see me doing what your doing! I would love to know what I can do action steps or guidance on how to act and take action steps to getting there. Right now I feel frozen and stuck. Thank you so much! All my gratitude and love to you!!!

  43. Hi Gabby!
    This is great, but does it means we don’t need to put any effort to co-create wishes? because the universe knows what is best for us?
    I recently experience my law of attraction (my vision board) didn’t exactly happen the way I wanted and I got different mix messages from that. I don’t know what went wrong?

    I will appreciate if you respond to me

    1. The Universe says yes, but it responds to your energy. This prayer helps you get into alignment with the energy of the highest good so that you vibrate at the frequency of the Universe. As a result of practicing this prayer, you raise your vibration and attract greatness into your life. It is also a turning over — you can be clear about your desires, but then you must turn them over. Accept that whatever comes into your life is what you need. Even difficulties are forms of guidance; obstacles are detours in the right direction. What you received from your vision board can help you clarify your desires, give you an opportunity to learn or be even better for you than what you had in mind. You may want to break out your journal and free-write on the topic to clarify it for yourself.

      My Super Attractor workshop on 11/30 will serve you greatly in this respect!

  44. Hi Gabby! I totally agree with you. As much as I really want something, I have learned to trust God and his plan. I do believe the universe has my back. I ordered your book and I can’t wait to be part of your workshop. Also, my spirit guide, the red cardinal has returned this week. I was literally wondering if and when he would return and he showed up outside my window a few days later. I was looking for guidance and it came. Happy Fall! XO

  45. This is good basic prayer info, but what do you do when you are really working on manifestation and changing beliefs? Especially beliefs you may be healing about your God ideas. Can this affect prayer? It seems to have affected it for me, as I don’t feel heard the same way and maybe because my beliefs are healed?

  46. This video does shift my thinking and reduces any stress I feel over praying for the right thing. I love this Gabby. Thank you so much.

  47. As soon as I said this a few times I felt this instant release and a calmness that took over! It feels wonderful!!

  48. What still confuses me is how is keeping me broke and in debt for the highest good of all? Especially when I see firsthand how much my work & my person and the respect with which I treat others has affected people in such positive ways? I hear it from people all the time and yet there is a disconnect financially. The Universe has to see that if I was thriving rather than in survival mode I’d be able to do even more amazing, positive work for others and take care of myself properly so I’m not trying to give from an empty tank. I have raised the bar so many times with the faith that the Universe would rise up to meet me, and it has not. I just don’t see how this is for anyone’s highest good. Please advise. Thx Gabby.

    1. Can totally relate to this. Most spiritual teachers will suggest practicing gratitude to increase the flow, since you may actually have grown a lot yourself and expecting the universe to react to your old belief system. This can be very challenging, and there is also much survival energy going on in the collective currently. This has been a frustration I can relate too. Working on releasing the expectation might help too. If you figure it out lmk⭐ Been struggling with this for a while. I’m guessing the prayer may be, universe help me release what is no longer serving me so I am in alignment with my present time?

    2. Oh, that is a good question… I’d love to see Gabby’s response. I struggle with a similar situation, no financially, but the the same concept you are talking about…I can relate.

    3. Dear Lisa, I have asked myself that same question so many times. Yet, despite the debt, I have survived and overcome and my Belief has grown stronger. For me it is ….are you really getting it or is there still another lesson to be learnt? We don’t need to answer this question ourselves..but just hand it over to the Universe …and (following Gabby’s Prayer message)…add..For the Greater Good of All. What I hear in your question is how do I get out of debt, I am doing all I can and using my God give talents. Just keep on giving your 150% in everything you do but instead of doing it solely for your own (ultimate) benefit…change the outcome to “for the benefit of all ” and stay open to signals from the Universe. There is still something that needs to be changed before you reap the benefits.

    4. Hi Lisa,
      I can very much relate to this, in my experience it was not quite enough always to pray and keep, thinking postively….. personally I had to dig really deep and heal all that what was still in my subconcious blocking me….(which had a lot to do with transgenerational and past life trauma, that kept replaying in my body, which I had no idea about)
      After addressing the subconciousness things started to shift…. it’s still a journey, but the results are tangible….
      I hope this helps a bit!
      I coach people around this too 🙂

    5. I feel your frustration I have been in the same position. It helped me to learn and practise that money is an energy, a flow like any relationship that needs to be nurtured and respected. I also did a lot of work on releasing core beliefs around money, then I took action, wrote down exactly what my money problems where and actively worked at fixing them.

      These things worked for me, I no longer have anxiety or fear around money, and even though we are not earning more money than before, we are managing to save and pay off debt!

  49. Hi….
    What do we do, when a situation we are struggling in drags on for months? I keep praying and pulling forward compassion, leaning toward love….and more keeps coming at me. Or some other crisis pops up. I often just pray… “Help me with this…” Divine Timing is understood, but….the struggle continues. There are days I want to quit everything.

    1. Having a spiritual practice and having strong faith doesn’t mean we won’t experience difficult times. We all experience suffering, pain, grief, loss, frustration, stress… but when you are on a spiritual path you can show up for those difficult times with more grace and ease.

      Know that you are supported and that this too shall pass. Pray for guidance and pay attention to the ways in which it shows up, and then act on it. My blog on understanding your spiritual assignments may be very helpful for you. You might also want to check out my blog on how to release the story of victim and my SuperSoul Sessions talk on the 5 steps to spiritual surrender. A daily practice of surrender will help you find strength and deepen your faith in the midst of difficulty.

      I honor you for your commitment to the spiritual path and I have full faith that you will emerge from this with new wisdom, knowing you are guided. I’m holding you in my prayers.

  50. How can we ask for what we desire but also ask for the highest good? If we stop praying for what we think we need, then what do we pray for? Or is it like asking for something and then letting the Universe decide if I will get it?

    1. You can clarify your desires and then, with this prayer, turn them over to the Universe. It is an acknowledgement that you are surrendering. It is a strengthening of your faith. Ultimately, we ask for the highest good, understanding that that may not look the way we thought it would or happen on our timeline. When you are struggling, when you don’t know what to say, when you find yourself trying to control outcomes, simply pray for the highest good. This prayer will get you into alignment with that energy and attract what you desire into your life.

  51. I’m learning life isn’t a me thing it’s a we thing and thank you so much for this reminder we do truly need to become the change we want to see in our world bless you Gabby love and light

  52. I learn from the video it would be so selfish of me not to want those who may not have my best interest to have good in their lives. Thank you so much.

  53. Hi Gabby,
    Would you mind clarifying manifesting through positive prayer/emotion/thought vs praying for the greatest good?

    1. This prayer can be done on its own or paired with other prayers in which you ask for guidance on something more specific. No matter what you do, the key is to turn over your desires to the care of the Universe and ask for the highest good for all. Then have faith that your desires are being taken care of. You will be given what you need in the right order, at the right time. This prayer strengthens your faith.

  54. This is the right Version for me. I am totally Confused and I don’t know what‘s The right Thing to do, so I surrender with Relief. Dear Gabby, thanks for this Prayer. I will do it in The Morning and before sleeping and I think this will Be a more relaxing Period for me because I know now everything will be going for my highest good even if it is Not visible at The Moment. Thank you so much!!!

  55. That has become our “go- to” prayer in my household. Pray for the, highest good. My husband and I always remind each other that our prayer is one os surrender and release. Thank you for this concept and lesson!!

    I have been practicing this since the first time I heard you teach this maybe 2010??? It has changed my life. Praying is no longer a tool for manifesting manipulation but a tool for reinforcing my faith.

  56. Gabby- I’ve followed you for years & have had so many moments of inspiration & growth from you but thus simple video was a huge a-ha for me! I’ve been trying to let go more & release my need to want to control outcomes. This simple prayer finally allows me to do that & feel good about it!! Wow- feeling powerful! Thank you

  57. Can you do one of grief? My husband passed away last week and for the first time ever, I’m questioning my faith in God. I feel like a walking corpse and I’m in such deep despair. It feels like I’ll never feel anything again; it feels numb inside.

    1. Nadia, I am deeply sorry to hear that your husband passed. I cannot imagine the rawness of your grief but I sympathize with you and open my heart to you, and I want you to know I am holding you in my prayers.

      I urge you to consider healing your grief and working through your pain with the help of a therapist. Therapies such as EMDR may also be very healing for you. Spend lots of time with your family and friends. Lean on your support systems. You might also want to find a support group for people whose spouses have passed. Here are several.

      In life’s most challenging times I know it seems difficult to believe in a peaceful future, but please know there are many resources and people that can help you move through this period with hope, faith and grace.

      Here are 2 meditations for grief that you may find helpful. If you cannot do them right now, come back to them at a later time, when you have healed a bit. Right now this loss is extremely acute — you may find meditation is too much to handle. Don’t push yourself to meditate because you think you should. If it feels right, here is a meditation from Jack Kornfield and one from Deepak Chopra. Deepak’s site also has a beautiful list of tips for dealing with early stages of grief.

      There are many beautiful books as well. Here is one that may help you.

      Here is a beautiful prayer from a website called You can use this exact prayer or change it so that it resonates with you:

      Prayer for the Loss of My Husband

      Dear God,

      My soul breaks in longing for the one I have lost.

      He was my rock and my foundation

      I feel so desolate, so alone.

      Half of me is missing.

      How can I go on?

      Help me, Lord.

      If it is Your Will, help me survive this.

      Let me not fall in love with sorrow.

      Help me be strong.

      Help me endure.

      Help me honor him by bringing more Light into the world

      As he brought Light into my life.

      I am here for a purpose, Lord.

      Let me embrace that purpose.

      Let it be the transmission of Light

      In gratitude for the great love I have known.

      Help me be that brave and that strong.


      1. I’m keeping you in my prayers as well Nadia. Sending you love and strength. I am very familiar with this kind of grief and the deep feeling of loss. Be sweet, gentle and patient with yourself. Remember he left still loving you. The love never dies. It’s shape transforms. His body left but your love for him and his love for you will always remain. Big massive hug to you. You are loved and not alone.

  58. I love to sit and allow the Presence to be. I ask for peace. Knowing that I am loved and that I AM LOVE, I surrender to the stillness of the moment.
    Thanks, Gabby.. your words of wisdom soothe my soul!

    Hugs, Susie

  59. This card was on my mirror this am and now this! I’m listening and just saying it in my head made an energetic shift- now to say it out loud:)

  60. Hi Gabby,
    It’s complete the truth what you’ve told. Thanks for the video. God is great in mysterous way’s. If we trust on that, it’s gonna be allright (even if we don’t understand it directly).

  61. I know this is the right thing to do and sometimes I can do it. I will be very honest and say I am fearful to give up total control. Something to work on.

  62. Yay,that feels so good ,and as you Said In the video,-releasing compared to how i normally. Pray Thx you are gold hugs from austria❤️

  63. I know you are a huge fan of Wayne Dwyer. I am currently reading his Wishes Fulfilled book. In it, he says to get specific about your wishes and turn off reality and the 5 senses. That is laced with expectation and outcome. How do you marry what you say to what Wayne says?

    1. Holding clear visions is important. And then we must turn over those visions, wishes and desires to the care of the Universe. We must trust we are being guided and things are unfolding as they should. We will receive exactly what we need, though it may not look the way we anticipated or happen on the timeline we wanted. Check out this video for more. 🙂

  64. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. I know that is true but sometimes I get wrapped up in my own stuff thinking I am the one in control or trying to control my life. Surrender to love and serve is definitely the key for me. Then, when I ask for help I get it sometimes in ways I don’t anticipate.

    1. Surrendering and having faith that things will unfold as they should is not easy – and in fact sometimes it’s hard. And we don’t always understand everything; the key is to accept it nonetheless and trust that understanding will come. That’s why I love this prayer. When I don’t understand something fully or struggle with what to do, this releases me. I know it will serve you. xo

  65. This came at the perfect time in my life, thank you! It is hard to let the control go, especially when what is happening in life is so hurtful or painful to go through with so much change.

  66. I used to pray for the highest good for all until the majority of those in my immediate environment weren’t in my favor. I pray for myself first and then foremost likewise, take responsibility to change a situation accordingly I do not always go to the Divine Source for resolve. The Source also dwells within us not in a church pugh nor just out of the mouths of babes or a theologian. We evolved before the text and will continue to do so in accord with divine timing.

  67. I needed this message to shift my focus today. Thank you Gabby! You always offer the guidance I am searching for at the moment I need to receive it. Sat nam. ❤️☀️

  68. Fab thanks Gabby. This was much needed right now. Prayer is a good way to ask for what we need, but also a good way to stay connected with Soul and God/the Universe. Satnam x

  69. Hey Gabbie,

    I’ve been in an argument with my sister all afternoon, she is hating on me real bad. Im feeling super lonely, rejected and hurt. I didn’t know what to say or to whom. I go on fb and this pops up.
    Ah lol.
    Just what I needed.

    Thanks so much ❤️

  70. I felt instantly like I had just gone on holidays when I prayed like this, because I have such a concrete picture of what I want in my mind and this way of praying is another form of letting go and trusting and I loved the way it made me feel in that moment. I don’t believe there is another way now.
    Thank you beautiful x

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