How to Meditate with a Mantra: A Simple Technique You Can Use Anywhere

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Even in the best of times, it’s easy to get knocked out of alignment with the energy of peace. Thankfully, we have lots of tools that can help us reconnect to stillness and joy.

One of my favorite tools is to meditate with a mantra. In the video below, I show you a simple technique you can practice almost anywhere, anytime, with your eyes open or closed.

How to meditate with a mantra

In just one minute, this beautiful practice can bring you back to a place of peace. I demonstrate it in the short video below, which is from my free Anxiety Relief Workshop.

Even if you have just one minute to spare, this easy practice will help you. The next time you feel like you’ve been shaken from a place of peace and happiness, turn to this simple technique.

How this mantra meditation works

You can practice this technique anywhere. You can be sitting, standing, walking or lying down. You can have your eyes open or closed. It’s extremely versatile!

For this practice, you combine a mantra and a mudra.

The mantra: “Peace begins with me”

A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat silently or out loud while meditating. It’s a single, pointed focus that calms your mind and shifts your vibrational frequency.

In this meditation, the mantra is: “Peace begins with me.”

The mudra for “Peace begins with me”

You repeat the mantra while using the mudra, or hand position. For this meditation, you touch your thumb to a different fingertip on each hand while repeating the words of the mantra.

  • Thumb to index finger: Peace
  • Thumb to middle finger: Begins
  • Thumb to ring finger: With
  • Thumb to pinkie finger: Me

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Repeat the mantra-mudra combination for about one minute or longer.

You can use this practice anywhere, anytime. Use it while taking a walk, to relax in the midst of a stressful workday or to stop a spiral of negative thoughts.

Teach it to your kids, too! They’ll pick it up easily and will then have a lifelong tool they can use to self-regulate.

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