How to Know the Difference Between Ego and Intuition

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The most common question I get in my workshops and lectures is, “How can I tell the difference between my ego and my intuition?”

My immediate response is to reassure everyone that you always have access to the voice of your intuition. You might think you don’t. Maybe you have grown to doubt yourself as a rule. That’s because you have learned to listen to your ego.

The ego is rooted in fear. It likes to keep us “safe” by putting limitations on us. It tries to control, manipulate and force. The ego wants things done a certain way.

On the other hand, our intuition is a kind, loving inner voice that guides us toward positive actions and peaceful outcomes. Often inspiration shows up as a strong knowing or gut feeling. Sometimes intuitive guidance comes through as a powerful sense of inspiration or even a tingly physical sensation.

We all have powerful intuition working through us at all times. Tweet it!

We all have this groovy inner guidance system, but many of us disconnect from it. Watch the video below to learn how to know the difference between ego and intuition.

Strengthen your connection to your intuition

add more ing to your life book gabby bernsteinIf you want to strengthen your connection to your intuition, a great resource is my first book, Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness.

In this book I show you how to make happiness a habit by learning to listen to the voice of your inner guide, aka your ~ing!

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  1. Hi

    I wake up some mornings with a ‘bad’ or negative feeling about a partner. Which contradicts a natural bubbly feeling I get about him and the situation. This has also happened in the past!

    Its so confusing because they say how you feel when you first wake up is genuine and even some say your truest intuition.

    But then from what has been said here -intuition inst suppose to feel awful? – in fact that does sound like the work of the ego ( fear even?)

    So glad I found this!
    Thanks x

  2. Hi Gaby, I suposse that is the same when you want to know the difference between fear and intuition. But what happen when you can not find an anwer that makes you feel in peace? I’m trying to make a decision but all that come to my head makes me feel anguish and anxious. I do not know if it’s my intuition or my fear. My intuition may manifest as a negative feeling?

  3. Hi Gabby, you say that if we have a bad gut feeling and feel anxious, nauseus, etc, that this was the ego. How do we know when that’s our ego trying to keep us in its grasp vs. our ~ing telling us we shouldn’t do something? Thanks! <3

  4. Hi Gabby,

    I am currently in University doing my bachelor’s of commerce. While attending school throughout my life, which has never been easy, I have always let my thoughts turn to negativity, and allowed my fears and anxiety.

    I was introduced to your videos last October, but I was not ready for this new journey and continued in my old ways. After a year of working as a secretary and having stopped attending university, I listened to my intuition and went back to university (which I am attending for free because my partner works for the school), and turned down a job offer to work full time as a secretary with the government. Last week, out of no where I knew I was ready to do the work to change my bad habits and live a great life. I was brought back to your videos, and ready to become a student of a Course in Miracles.

    I would like guidance in a question that has remained unclear for a long time. I’ve been questioning if I am following my path by doing a bachelor’s degree in commerce, or if it is my ego talking. I know I am in the right path to continue my education, but the question that has been arising is, am I in the right program? University (& high school) has been a very difficult journey, and I wonder if it’s been difficult because I am not listening to my intuition and studying in the right program, or if it’s my ego talking that is making me want to run away when faced with challenges.

    After allowing myself to associate anxiety, fear and negativity towards University, I am having difficulty distinguishing between my ego and intuition. I would love and appreciate your guidance to help me remain true to myself and allow my inner guide to lead the way.

    Thank you for teaching, I am grateful to be your student

    With love,

  5. Hey Gabby, I listen to your podcast meditations all the time. The “releasing romantic illusions” one is phenomenal. It actually has helped me not only in the romantic arena, but with all people I encounter or hold anything for.
    Anywho, the music u use in that one really touches me. Can you direct me to a place to buy it or listen to the full version??

  6. If im feeling scared of losing someone, can i some sort of meditation to “heal” and let go of that anxiety? It all began after we had a break, eventhough were at a great place right now, i have a really hard time to just relax and enjoy..

  7. Thanks for this one, Gabby! So true- when something is from ego, I feel it’s fear based and my stomach tightens and my thoughts race- not a good feeling. When it’s coming from intuition, feels peaceful and ‘right’ and calming- a solution is at hand. certain situations bring up the fear, and I’ve taught myself to calm myself and soothe myself down like a child coming from a place of love and understanding and fell sooo much better :)!

  8. Gabby,
    I am new in my Spirit Junkie practice but I am able to tell the difference between my ING and the Ego. My ING is an amazing rush that spreads from my toes all the way through my body. (Like a cold chill but deeper) BUT I usually only feel her during my prayers and meditations (when I am directly speaking to her). I am currently doing MCM and when I do my daily affirmations I invite her into every area of my life. I am trying to be more specific and ask for guidance more often.
    I do a good job at witnessing my ego and laughing it off but I cant feel my -Ing take over and lead the way. I have controlled my life for a long time and I still feel like no matter what I accomplish it’s never enough. To think that I could give up control and be guided is a freedom statement in itself. Any ideas on what I can do to deepen the connection to my -Ing so I feel the guidance all day? Will this deepen my understanding as to WHO I am as a person instead of WHAT I do for a living? (Or am I stretching with this idea?)

  9. So what you are saying is that with your ego it is almost as if your mind is tricking you because it’s your first feeling? But isn’t that your gut feeling then ? I’m confused on gut feeling intuition and ego I guess.

  10. Beautiful Gabby, and I love how easy you make prayer. I always tend to fumble over my words not knowing what to say. It is something I am constantly striving to clear as I clean my messy canvas.

    By the way while I was waiting for the video to load I noticed that we can pre-order your next book, so I did. I’ll have an entire Gabby bookshelf they way you’re going! Well done and congratulations. x

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