How to Heal Yourself Through Meditation

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Note: This post was updated in 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

For most of my life I’ve had a meditation practice. Through meditation I’ve healed addiction, physical illness and emotional distress.

Stillness is a powerful practice. In an interview I did with Dr. Lissa Rankin about her book Mind Over Medicine, we talked about what Dr. Herbert Benson calls the relaxation response. The relaxation response is the experience that we have when we slow down.

How to heal yourself through meditation

When we slow down, such as by meditating, we reorganize our nervous system and allow our body to heal itself naturally. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn how you can heal yourself through meditation. (For more on this topic check out Dr. Lissa Rankin’s book Mind Over Medicine.)

Accept that meditation can heal you

So many people want meditation. They want to use meditation to manifest what they want, or to calm down, or just feel better overall. Meditation will give you all those benefits, as long as you practice it regularly. (This is something I help my Miracle Members do by sharing a guided meditation every month.) But we can go even further!

One of the greatest things we can accept in life is that meditation is the true source of genuine healing. Whether you are going through a physical health condition right now or you just want to feel less anxious, you can use a meditation practice daily to give yourself the gift of stillness and let your body heal naturally.

Allow whatever comes up during your meditation

I’ve heard many people tell me that they have a hard time meditating because they can’t feel that stillness. They sit down to meditate and they think they’re doing something wrong because they don’t immediately drop into quietness. But here’s what surprises people: All of that “non-quiet” stuff is GOOD.

meditation slow down inner guidance gabby bernstein judgment detox|heal yourself through meditationYou’ll begin to see when you sit in meditation you might feel twitching a little bit. If you have a knee problem you might start to feel the knee aching a bit. I hold a lot of tension in my forehead, so when I meditate I get a little twitch in my eye for the first three minutes of the meditation. I welcome this little twitch, because it’s a sign that I’m healing.

During meditation you might also start to have lots of chaotic thoughts. Many people start to think, “Where are all these thoughts coming from? I need to push them away. I need to silence my mind!”

It’s actually quite the opposite. Those thoughts coming up are your mind’s way of healing. Maybe there’s an old story or fear that needs to come up so you can clear it. Don’t push down those thoughts. Let them come through and then gently take your focus back to your breath or back to your mantra. But let the feelings and the thoughts come forward.

Our work isn’t to push away or ignore those thoughts or physical sensations. Our work is to let them come up so they can be healed. Trust that when you’re meditating and your body’s twitching or the thoughts are coming in, that that is healing. It’s what is known as an active meditation with an active healing experience.

Yes, it’s absolutely divine to have those really Zenned-out, deep meditations that we all love. And there is great healing there, too. But trust that these more active meditations are really, really powerful. You are experiencing real physical and emotional healing.

Rest after meditating

When you come out of your meditation it’s important to rest for a few minutes. I learned this as a student of Transcendental Meditation. When you practice Transcendental Meditation, you meditate for 20 minutes, silently repeating a mantra. At the end, you rest for two or three minutes, no longer repeating your mantra but just letting thoughts naturally come into your mind.

After your meditation, rest for a few minutes. You might want to lie down or you can just sit comfortably with your eyes closed, letting your mind and body transition out of meditation mode. This is much better for you than coming right out of a meditation and immediately checking your phone, starting up a conversation, going back to work, etc.

When you don’t give yourself that brief rest period, you lose the effects of your meditation and you often interfere with your healing. So no matter what kind of meditation you’re doing, give yourself that short rest afterward and welcome the healing!

Heal yourself with my free meditations

Feel healthy and vibrant | Gabby Bernstein's free Body Love Meditation

I created a FREE 4-track album of guided meditations to help you enhance every area of your life! One of the meditations is my Body Love Meditation, which helps you heal your physical body. Click here: Download my free meditations.

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  1. hi gabby! this is an older video so I’m not sure if youll even see this. my question after watching this is…what meditations or techniques would you recommend for dealing with anorexia? ive finally accepted that I am battling this disease and I am determined to overcome it. my spirituality and meditations have become a huge part of my daily life, and now my healing process. you and dr wayne dyer are my mentors. if you have any wisdom to share, it will be greatly appreciated! Namaste.

    1. Jada, I honor your willingness to see and do things differently and I am blown away by your honesty. Many miracles await you. I encourage you to seek professional help as you start on your path to recovering from anorexia. (Try NEDA Helpline for assistance finding treatment options, support, etc. You can also try Help from a qualified professional is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves when we are healing, especially in our early stages. The support will be everything. You may also want to check out my online course called Finally Full, though I recommend this in conjunction with help from a therapist/doctor. It is not meant to replace medical help. Sending you love and light on your path, my friend. Namaste.

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  33. Gabby, what would be your advise be when you feel so much pain in your back while trying to sit up straight and meditate, as well being able to stay focused and not get completely distracted with this and your mind to get up? Thank you, any word of advise would be helpful. I really want to be able to work through this and sit and heal in mediation in many ways. kristy

  34. Hi Gabby
    I just cried for the first time ever during your witness your fears guided meditation…I was just wondering if that was normal and a good or bad thing ? I have done many guided meditations through audio listening but this was the first time I got so sad.

  35. Hey Gabby,
    I watched this video just before my morning meditation practice. This morning in my practice I felt a huge amount of tightness through my thoracic spine, followed with this overwhelming sense that I was being twisted to my right. I tried just sitting with the feeling and breathing through it, but I couldn’t re-align myself and find balance with my mind and body. Have you ever had this feeling, or do you have any advice on what I should do if this feeling comes up again?

      1. Gabby, I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for getting back to me. I can’t tell you how much that added to my day. Nic

  36. Hi,
    3yrs ago I was diagnosed with agoraphobia, adult ADHD, & panic disorder. I cannot afford therapy and I don’t have family. Am hoping you might have a suggestion for me. I used to be so outgoing, and now I have become pretty much a recluse with no friends. As embarrassing and difficult as it is to tell this to people I don’t even know about these things, and that if I am to believe in the universal law, that I am responsible for where I am in my life, then that makes me a pretty awful person. I saw your information online, and thought I’ve got to at least reach out!
    Thank you,

  37. Hi Gabby

    I really love this. I noticed on a mediation course in Chang Mai that my skin psoriasis really cleared up. Even though i was really bored and my mind was actually quite active still because there was nothing to do all day, no reading no talking, no phones etc, my body really started to work better. Digestion was amazing. I wanted to know how to heal my psoriasis so going to do try this properly now. How long should I be meditating for now I’m back at home do you think? Also I have just bought your god is my publicist DVD from hay house. Please could you send me all the meditations I need to complete it? I cant find them on you tube.
    Much love xx

  38. thankd for the tip on resting after I am doing the Deepac and Oprah 21 meditation right now, it is the third one I have done and he always says to rest as well but I usully think I don’t need to got to go an see what unfolds for me. So now I get why. πŸ™‚ Today however I let some thoughts come up that had me burst in to a few minutes of crying, so that was probably healing it was sadness about a friend who stop being my friend, because of stuff, and I miss her. I wish her well regularly.
    thanks again,

  39. Hi Gabby thanks for this great vlog. I think meditation is so important, it has really changed my life, making me feel happier and healthier and everything in my life going that bit smoother. It’s also helped me remember to check in with my self throughout the day, see how I am feeling and change something if necessary.

  40. I’m in a new season in life an empty nester and trying to see where I fit in and what direction to go. Plus, I’m a cutter and suffer from depression an dmy thoughts are all over the place. What steps to get to mindful peaceful meditation? Please, Help.

  41. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this vlog because i’ve been putting meditation aside but you just reminded me of how much healed and peaceful I feel when i sit and quiet πŸ˜‰ Just a little question : What’s the best moment to meditate ? After waking up, before a nap, before bed ?

    Namaste πŸ™‚

  42. Hey Gabby, beautiful video as always, I do have a niggling question that keeps coming up for me that I’d love help with. When these thoughts come up in meditation, or even in life, its obvious to me what needs healing – like you said. Whether it relates to perfectionism, lack etc – when they come up, how do you “heal” them for good? When something comes up in a meditation and you allow it to be there, how can you “heal” it and fully release it? There are a few themes in my life I want to fully release but I don’t know how…

  43. Gabby, thank you so much, I read your book It may cause miracles and now I am reading Spirit Junkie. I have been meditating since March this year every day. Lately I’ve been using your guided meditations including all the Kundalini ones. My heart is definitely crack open, it has been an extremely emotional process. I want to find inner peace despite what I have or what is going on, and I sense meditation is the path to get there. One dream of my life has been to find my soul mate, however, now with this process I am not sure if I am ready for that or maybe I just haven’t find the one, is confusion a normal thing when you are in this process? I have so many questions and I want to be guided but some times I am not sure if it is my will or my inner voice (my will could be very loud and dangerous), so sometimes I do not know how to proceed…. so, I just meditate more and more…. any suggestions on a particular mantra or meditation that may help me getting clear? Thanks

  44. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for another great vlog, always a highlight of my week. I was just wondering about exercise after meditation. The 3 mins of rest makes sense, but how long after would it be okay to exercise?
    Love, Wendi

  45. Thank you Gabby B once again for sharing your insights and tips. I have to say, one thing that really helped me in this vlog, is that you said to FEEL your feelings and not suppress them. I couldn’t agree more but I’d like to mention for anyone else reading one tool that has helped me to identify and actually feel my feelings? Neuro-Emotional-Technique or NET. I never felt safe to FEEL my feelings – so I would suppress them, and I got so much anxiety from suppressing them, but really I tried to feel them. NET with a practitioner you can trust is priceless – it’s ok to ask for help. This technique has helped me heal blocks at a cellular level, and I no longer feel afraid of my vulnerability, and therefore no longer feel afraid of my feelings.

    Once again, awesome vlog….Sat Nam Gabrielle oxoxo

  46. I was curious if there are any other resources that explain the physical effects of meditation. I have experienced intense, involuntary eye squeezing along with feeling intense energy running through my nasal cavity. I also feel a popping sound in my head when breathing during meditation. I do have the book “Trancendance.” I would be appreciative of any insight regarding the aforementioned physical effects of meditation.
    Thank You!

  47. I started reading your books last April and have been meditating ever since. I began to notice the miraculous effects immediately. Most recently, though, I have been in some stressful situations related to getting my Master’s degree. I have realized how calm and serene my body and mind are during this time. The stress no longer sits in the pit of my stomach and causes my mind to dread what is coming. I truly feel at peace. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to be serene.

  48. Loved this! So helpful to hear that the thoughts and physical things are healing. In fact, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks Gabby!

  49. Hi Gabby,
    This was great. Can you recommend a class of yours that can help teach how to meditate? I always seem to struggle with this one.

  50. Hi Gabby,
    I agree- mediation is my place to retreat and come back to me in the midst of everyday life. Being a visual person,I especially love guided meditations!
    Thanks so much :)!

  51. Loved, loved you perspective on meditation. Have had a start/stop relationship with meditation and mostly throw my hands in the air with a big “I can’t.” Head doesn’t shut up, body bothers me – but I see from your take on it that I shouldn’t try so hard, but rather acknowledge. I always thought this would be a slam dunk for me because of yoga and guided meditations that I’ve done. I know I need this quiet time and will try again to heal.

  52. Hey Gabby,
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a dedicated meditator. I am doing MCM and I love it–I can’t believe how much has shifted in my life. I love your mantras. They remind me of the Louise Hay oracle cards with the affirmations. Are you going to make your own set of cards with affirmations as well? I would love a set of your affirmations that I can shuffle through each morning and let the universe guide my to the perfect affirmation for each day.

    Lots of Love!!


  53. Shavasana has always been my most favorite part of yoga for this very reason. It settles everything in and truly honors the space of healing before we run back to our busy lives. Thanks so much for sharing, Gabby! Much love.

  54. Hi Gabby,

    I have a lot of upper back and neck pain that flares up when I sit in a chair or cross legged on the floor. Muscle spasms, burning in my muscles, etc. and it becomes so painful that I can’t focus on the meditation at all, and just have to lie down. I’m currently in physical therapy to try and remedy this issue.
    Is it ok to meditate lying down (will it be as beneficial)? I don’t have the issue of falling asleep when I lie down, but I don’t want to do it if it isn’t productive for healing… Do you have any advice or thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much!!


    1. Mimi,
      Since you don’t fall asleep when you lie down, there’s nothing wrong with it. You will be able to get relaxed and take your mind off of your discomfort. I heard of meditations where people lay down or walk. If you feel like you’re nodding off, it may just be your brain going from beta(thinking) to theta (more unconscious mind where changes take place).

  55. So true that we heal from the inside out by letting go of any stressors as we meditate. I love teaching people a way to meditate, as there are so many to choose from. Focusing on your breath while being mindful to your thoughts and feelings leads to total acceptance, growth, and grounding. Breathing in peaceful energy to areas that are sore and letting out the pain helps too. Come chime in with me on FB at AUTHENTICALLY U!

  56. Hi Gabby and everyone,
    I’m meditation junkie…:-)… meditation, and my physical responses is legs shaking… I have your MCM album…and I…:-)… xoxo

  57. Hi Gabby,

    I just went to my first ever gong meditation tonight! It was crazy intense! I had a very strong physical reaction with rapid eye movements, electric shocks, tingling, and rapid breathing. My first 10-15 minutes, I was enveloped by blackness, and transported. As I traveled down this tunnel, and eventually ended up floating in this black space. Almost as if I was floating in water, or in a lava lamp! Lol. Some colors of very deep dark blue started to form in the center of this space. It was a dark, very intense place. I never felt fearful of it, but it I was extremely uncomfortable. I also became very cold during this. Well, it kind of freaked me out, even though there were other levels I experienced that we’re much brighter, they were very quick to come and go. My intention I set for this meditation was to release fear. “I release all fear”, was my initial mantra. I felt very out of my body after the meditation was over.

    Any feedback would be helpful. Did you ever experience dark places during your mediation work? I would like to attend another one, but I’m still a bit shaken from this.

    Thank you!


    The instructor suggest that I take a salt bath to re-ground myself. I did, and it did make me feel better. πŸ™‚

    1. yes, grounding yourself is crucial. check out the book transcendence, it will help you understand some of the physical and visual responses that you have to meditation. if you tend to “travel” in your meditations always make sure to ground yourself in some way when it’s over. eat root veggies, take salt baths, sit on rocks, stomp your feet. get grounded.

      1. Thank you Gabby! After the salt bath, and some grounding exercises I googled, I felt much better. I will definitely check out the book. Can’t wait to read all the goodness that is in those pages. Lot’s of salt baths and root veggies in my future. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  58. I started meditating regularly 2 years ago and it has accelerated my growth tremendously. Taking the time to stop and be still has allowed me to decrease my anxiety and I am overall happier πŸ™‚ Meditation rocks!

  59. I started May Cause Miracles today. I did not expect for it to be so life changing my very first day. During meditation, I actually spoke to my “ing”/spirit guide, Something that I have never been able to do before, but have more than often tried to. During meditation the inner voice was so clear. It said that I will have all I desire. I will become the person I want to be, and that I just had to trust my “ing”/guide and surrender…and so I did. And I cried, but it was tears of knowing everything will be ok in my life, tears of letting go, and knowing that this book and my inner guide/’ing” will guide my life and that there is no need to worry or stress because I am exactly where I need to be in life and that my life will and is unfolding perfectly.

  60. Hi Gabby,

    I am on the finances week of “a course in miracles.” I am enjoying your book and the process. I have been trying to incorporate meditation into my life for some time now and I struggle to maintain a consistent practice. Do you have any recommendations for adding meditation into your daily routine? I’ve been sitting in stillness for 5-10 minutes after I listen to the “morning reflection.” honestly it still feels like a chore and like I’m not really getting it. Any advice for the wannabe spirit junkie?

    Thank you.

  61. I started really meditating last year when I realized stress was causing majority of my health problems. I do well with guided meditation but I have yet to really do one solo…sometimes I repeat Sat Nam over and over again. I must say, meditation, dance and yoga has made a difference in my health, relationships and life. Thanks for the video. I’m going to pick up that book! Sat Nam!

  62. I have been meditating for a while now. I find sometimes that I get to caught in my thoughts and it makes me feel worse. I think to much. I do like the guided meditations more so I will seek those out. Do you have a real hint to keep that constant recording to stop in your head.

  63. This was right on time! Out of all the research I’ve supposedly done on meditation, this is the first time that I’ve heard “all those chaotic thoughts” are actually healing occurring. This changes everything for me because now I won’t leave my mediation feeling like my 20 minutes was unproductive. Thanks for this!

  64. Thank you for posting this vlog! My experience during meditation has been one I a chaotic mind. Negative thoughts seem to just show up. I was beginning to become frustrated with these thoughts and was not letting them just flow through me. I thought that I was meditating incorrectly. I’m glad I watched this video!

  65. Hi Gabby, great video topic again πŸ™‚ I teach Infinite Meditation as taught by my mentor and Tai Chi Master Jason Chan. We bring the light down through all of our chakras to heal and re balance our energy channels and deep energy centres, then we open the heart and send healing to the world, it is beautiful πŸ™‚ I would love to mediate with you when you are in the UK this Decemeber! Sat Nam xo

  66. Hi Gabby,
    I have read course in miracles and it has had a great impact on my life for the better. I am pursuing my dream and tring out for the Next Food Network Star, thanks to you. I have posted my audition video above in hopes you might watch it. It you like it please feel free to share. Again, thanks for the inspiration and courage.

  67. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks so much for sharing this info about meditation. I have noticed that there is a lot of twitching and uncomfortableness in the first few minutes of my meditation practice and now I know why and that it’s perfectly okay. πŸ™‚ Thanks again! Much love ~Ariel

  68. Hi Gabby
    I am a fresh beginner to meditation in working thru drug/alcohol addiction. I’m finding it all a tad overwhelming as there are SO MANY techniques to choose from. Naturally, I’m searching for a quick fix and really need to dedicate time to meditation to help in the healing process. I seen the healing addiction meditation you recommended to Carly. Would you suggest this as a good 40 day starting point for someone like myself? Also, in recovering from addictions yourself…are there any other specific addiction recovery tools/resources you would suggest along with this meditation? Thanks in advance, I appreciate you :)?

      1. I am starting a 12 step ladies group on Tuesday. Have been to a couple AA beginner meetings. I heard you and many others recommend doing the 12 steps on the Recovery 2.0 conference, thanks for that! I just find that everyone there is there for life. It scares me to think of going to meetings every week forever. But I reckon that shouldn’t be the focus. If I can just narrow down my focus to this 40 day meditation and the 12 step group, that is a good start. Thanks for helping me clarify a direction. ~Blessings~

  69. gabby, this was one of your very best vlogs to date. The stillness of the idea of meditation came through in the stillness of your body in front of the camera. Thank you for all your good guidance.

  70. Thanks for this video Gabby. I have been trying to meditate ever since reading your book May Cause Miracles but I just can’t seem to get it. Nothing seems different for me. Does this mean I am doing something wrong?

  71. Hi Gabby! Thank you very much for your videos πŸ™‚

    Is there any soundtrack or specific music you recommend when meditating for a long period of time? I have all your audio guided meditation albums which I love πŸ™‚ but each song/record is only 5-7 mins long and most of the time I want to meditate for a longer time (e.g. 20 mins).

    Btw, I love love love the background music on your audio guided meditation albums, any chance that you will come up also with an album with only the background music?

    Last question, when is it better to do a guided meditation and when is it better just to meditate by stillness?

    Thank you in advance!!!

    PS. Look forward to seeing you in London at the workshop πŸ™‚ I bought my ticket and I am very excited!!! πŸ™‚

  72. Thanks for this message Gabby! I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Transcendental Meditation which you mentioned in this video. I’d love to hear your opinion on that method and if you feel the investment is worth it to learn their meditation? Thanks so much!

  73. Hi Gabby! I love your guided mediations. Any chance you will be adding more in the app Omvana? I love how easy the mediations are to purchase and keep in a library though this app. “Growing your light” is one of my very favorites! Thank you for putting it out there!!

  74. I’ve read several of your books (most recently Spirit Junkie) and I must say I have enjoyed them tremendously. The question I have is that much of your work is focused on women as well as your coaching. I was wondering if you know of any men that do life coaching. I feel like your story and mine (especially around relationships) are very similar. I would really like to develop my internal “ing” to help me find peace and move beyond my fears so that I can have the life that you outline in your work. Please let me know of any resources that I might be able to turn to as a man to develop this and move forward.
    Thank you

  75. Hello Gabrielle

    I was guided to your book “Spirit Junkie” a few weeks ago, and feel like I have received a miracle. I can’t stop reading it. I look forward to waking up every morning so I can start reading again. I have never felt a connection to words like this ever before. I believe that after many many years of questions, sadness, addiction, and basically feeling lost in my life, I might have some answers. I have the loving support of my husband through all of the journeys I have tried in my life, to find inner peace. My question is how do I explain to people (that I love and care about) .

  76. Thank you Gabby. I am struggling right now with meditation. It is really interesting. All I want to do is curl up into a ball. I feel defeated. I have been (literally) curling up on my meditation pillow and sometimes I fall asleep there. It’s all the comfort I can seem to find at times. This has happened before so I know I am coming up against my ego big time. It feels like I can’t hold myself up.

    Thank you for the opportunity to out myself. I am ready for a better way.

  77. hi gabby! Thanks for the tips. I am on day 15 of May Cause Miracles. I have been meditating in the morning & night but have found it difficult to do more than a few minutes. I guess I am on the right path ! Any suggestions for back pain during sitting in meditation?

  78. Hi Gabby,
    So I recently have been having times of great anxiety, in which my heart rate is crazy out of control and the norm for me. What meditations or specifics should I focus on in my meditations to help me release this anxiety and to be able to slow down my heart rate to a healthier level??
    Love you and your work sister

  79. Thanks for the scoops. I am glad to hear again about thoughts that come forward and what to do. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t much progress being made. I will definitely start adding the 2-3 minute rest at the end. You mentioned a meditation challenge which would be amazing. I’m just starting a gratitude meditation challenge today that’s free and 15 mins and its great b/c it really gives you a chance to grow, explore and build and keeps focus for many days which is so helpful. Btw, just started reading May Cause Miracles and it’s spectacular! I love again how it builds everyday which is so helpful since dealing with fear is so powerful and necessary for significant change. It’s so hard but important to keep that mental exercise going to free yourself of those old patterns. To be able to choose…..consistently and happily.
    Thanks for the vids! I’m fairly new to your vlog but thanks to the hay house summit replay I found it. I loved last weeks too about being a material girl in a spiritual world! I was relieved when I saw it, the her styler stays! Thanks again! Namaste

  80. Hey Gabby!
    I have found myself very up and down with my meditation practice. Sometimes I’m on it, very consistent and driven, while other times I just don’t feel motivated and convince myself I don’t have the time. I was wondering if you had any insight as how to change this pattern of the ego which allows me to slip off the practice, that in reality encourages me to improve my life. Thanks for all of your dedication!!

  81. I moved recently, changed jobs and went through a couple of life changers that have left me anxious and stressed but I do realize this is a spiritual journey to bring me to a better place. This video has made me feel more relieved about the thoughts that came up during mediation. I often found myself worried even more wondering why they were coming up but now I understand. I am incredibly grateful for the video and appreciate all you do.
    Thank you so much. This has helped me and I hope it helps many others.
    Sending you love & light Gabrielle.. πŸ™‚

  82. Hi Gabby! You look gorgeous! I love that color on you! I’ve been adding more color to my wardrobe as I seem to have so much black! Do you possibly know the brand? And thank you for the meditation tips!!! Will try them out :o) Xo

  83. Thanks Gabby! Your guidance is invaluable.
    I have heard you talk a lot about prayer in conjunction with meditation. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice in a similar vlog on how to pray. My traditional methods of prayer, learnt in childhood, rarely help me feel connected or authentic. Is there another way?
    Have a happy week.

  84. Hi Gabby!
    Once again thank you! It is true that in our lives staying still is almost against nature… I already love meditating on Ek Ong Kar πŸ™‚
    I feel so in touch with everything and I experience mini miracles very often.
    Can’t wait to follow what you just shared.
    See you in Dec in London!
    Keep well

  85. I love your vlog’s. This one is calming just listening to it! I’ve been doing kundalini yoga now since the spring, and I can tell you that it has been one of the factors which has allowed me to continue to function through family trauma these last 17 days. I am so happy about where it is taking me!

  86. Loving doing the 40 day Sadhana before and after my work day at my new job! It helps keep me calm, expanded, and clear on my mission to infuse every person I talk to with love. Thanks for your guidance! You catalyzed my spiritual practice a year and a half ago when I was studying abroad in South Africa. Loving the miracles.

  87. Thanks Gabby for sharing your wisdom. I was always conflicted during my meditation practice when occasionally all these chaotic thoughts would come up and I believed I wasn’t doing a “good job” that day because my mind wasn’t still, yet it was very therapeutic to have all the thoughts. Thanks to this video I now see those days when my mind isn’t still as part of the healing process, and I will allow them to happen instead of trying to push them away. I will also add a few minutes of rest into my meditation practice at the end. I have always jumped straight into work! Thanks for adding a new dimension to my practice. I’ve been manifesting so much since I started your book and videos.
    Sat Nam M

  88. hey gabrielle and everyone
    thank you for the videos but i do have a question on a certain meditation.
    you said you have healed yourself from addictions and i was wondering what kind of meditations you did for that?
    I have been bulimic for 5 years and am almost back to normal but still every so often the urge comes back and i feel the guilt and shame worse than ever. any advice would be amazing

    1. Hi Carly,

      I saw your message and I really want to connect and share with you my personal experience on bulimia. I was a bulimic for almost 10 years and finally I can say I am no longer haunted by this destructive behaviour. I was constantly haunted by the guilt, the shame, the helplessness.

      What helped me through the years of healing has been my regular practice of yoga, meditation, journaling and self acceptance. It was a long and exhausting process, but it was so worth it because only I can heal myself! πŸ™‚

      But most of all, I finally realised that I need to treat myself well, by taking good care of myself, by eating wholesome and nourishing food! When I think about my past binges, I realised I was always eating junk food, which made me feel really lousy and sick! When I started to eat well, my body feels loved and respected! I sincerely pray that you find the strength, courage, forgiveness and love on your healing journey and please know that you are never alone!

      Sending you lots of love and strength!

      p/s: Gabby’s May Cause Miracles also helped me with self forgiveness and self love, so grab a copy if you haven’t!

  89. The sitting and resting after meditation tip was especially helpful! I’m going to watch and see where I notice in my body like your forehead! Great vlog as usual, love you! Always the best way to start my week! xxoo

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