How to Handle Negative Comments

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Recently I’ve faced negative comments on my social media feed. While my immediate response was to forgive and delete, in time my ego got the best of me. I found myself stuck in the discomfort of negativity and personal attacks from people I’d never met. I felt sad, hurt, and worst of all, defensive. But rather than lace up my boxing gloves, I chose to find the lesson in the Internet backlash. I called on a message from A Course in Miracles, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” In this video I share my experience and the spiritual solutions I used for handling negative comments.

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      1. Dear Gabby, You are an angel. Your advice and guidance seem to be sourced directly from Spirit, so you really are an Angel. Love your advice on negative comments. When I receive them, I believe that I have unintentionally pushed an emotional button in that person…then think, Oh, No! now what do I do? So thank you for providing that answer and guidance so beautifully. With Love and Light, Carl

      2. Hi Gabby,
        you are amazing, do not let negative people to put you down, your light is strong and bright, and who work for God always can be attacked, on this planet is normal, just know and send love to poor negative people and feel always great how you are. Your work in this planet is so important. Keep strong always dear Goddess.

    1. I luv that…thanking u 4ur vulnerability–truly. You make it look so easy, I think people forget that you have feelings that could still be hurt. When a leader is pedestal strong, the possibility of change can seem “good 4 them” but too fat beyond out reach. Yes, thank you for your uber awesome and open heart!

    2. I luv that…thanking u 4ur vulnerability–truly. You make it look so easy, I think people forget that you have feelings that could still be hurt. When a leader is pedestal strong, the possibility of change can seem “good 4 them” but too far beyond out reach. Yes, thank you for your uber awesome and open heart!

    3. Funny how the Universe works. I ran into an ex this weekend who I dated off and on for over a year. Until last spring when we went to Florida for my graduation. Promptly after the ceremony he got drunk, picked a fight with me and subsequently left me hundreds of miles from home. Yep, you read that right. After, he attempted contact with me through a card, stopped by my house to drop off my key, and then sent an email apologizing. I didn’t respond to any of it. Then I saw him this weekend and his epic smugness. I let it get to me. As a result, I firmly beleive it had affected two things that I was in the middle of manifesting. Either one didn’t work. SO I’m left wondering what about what I percieved during that contact was the gift? Am I smug? Do I give off that energy? Have I completely forgiven him? I thought I did? One thing I know for sure is that there are no romantic feelings left on my part. There is anger left over. Talk about re-opening a sore. I feel like I have to start from scratch.

      Thanks Gabby for all your work you do. I’m also trying to figure out what my calling is in this life.

      1. Guest, Your ex is giving you a gift. We all have all human characteristic traits, including smugness. Own your smugness and send him some open hearted love for being such a brilliant reflection of you. Let me know if you have further questions or need a little assistance in owning your lovely smugness. Hugs!! LisaK

        1. I could not have said it better. Having a peek at our vulnerabilities can be unsettling. Blessing them and ourselves with love and forgiveness isn’t the first thing that pops into our heads. But as I move through this life, I’m finding it to be the most joyful and freeing.

        2. Love your ‘own your smugness’ comment. Whenever I am troubled/ hurt by someone else’s behavior, I tend to hear a voice in my head: “So you haven’t done that yourself Kim? ” It’s as much about forgiving the other person as myself , and hopefully growing my own kindness.

    4. Thank you for your beautiful message and for having the courage to address it. I love your modeling and how you share the deeper meaning behind our experiences.

    5. I can’t believe that anyone would say ugly things about you. You are beautiful, inside and out. I love your videos. They are so uplifting and real. Keep up the good work. You are helping alot of people .
      May God bless you !!

    6. hi GABBY Thank you for lovely message as helping my son age ten and hes girlfriend ,have a good friendship and people said not nice things see forgiveness is key and a lesson here all of us .blessings video really helps me xx chantel with love x

    7. I tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t find anywhere to leave it apart from here.

      I’ve just started following you on Instagram and actually find your page very modest and low key.

      I love your messages and I love listening and reading you at the moment. I jump around a lot listening to lots of positive gurus and go in and out of favour with gurus, which I appreciate.

      What I have a problem with, is that most of you are only successful a what you do and have not had long lasting success in other fields. I also have a problem that you guys become millionaires through providing your service to the vulnerable.

      I feel particularly perplexed that getting on the Oprah Show is an ambition.

      I won’t go any further, because you all touch and get us to recognise the beauty we have within us.

      I will just say, once you put yourself out there in such a powerful way you just have to suck up what anyone has to say and just because, the comment isn’t what you want to hear, it doesn’t always mean that it is negative. It’s another opinion.

      As I said earlier, thank you and all for making the world a better place…. I think

    8. Gabby!
      You are the one person I’ve found who I connect with on so many levels! in fact, you were the person who inspired me to record the album I always dreamed of recording AND inspired me to enrole in B-School! I said YES to almost every question you asked when helping people decide if B-School is right for them!
      My friends and I saw you in Ridgefield, Ct with Judgement Detox. You are leading the way for me to find my own unique voice and giving me the courage to step out and share what I have to offer with the World!
      PLEASE keep doing what you are doing!!!!
      Angel hugs

      1. I am so psyched for you that you enrolled in B-School!!! It seriously changed my business. Marie is a guru. 🙂 I will be doing what I’m doing forever… thank you for being part of this movement. xo

  1. What a wonderful way to start another hectic week. I will remember this when I’m posting in the social media world. Negative comments can really hurt others.


  2. Thank you for sharing such an amazing vlog today. You are a constant inspiration to me! Your message today was incredible. I often fall victim to taking others’ negative commentary about me to heart – even when it is mostly false. thank you again. Namaste.

  3. Exactly. I live by if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. You are awesome Gabrielle, try not to let them get you down, there will always be haters, they are jealous of your success. Its hard if you’re a sensitive person like you are (and I am) Thanks for putting yourself out there as an inspiration to me.

  4. Beautiful post! You are such a wonderful person and your social media posts life me higher 😉 I put myself out there a lot in social media and sometimes have the same feelings. Today’s mantra “I will look within when I am feeling judged, I believe in myself and god believes in me”
    bless your heart, TIffany

  5. Loved this one! Very positive and inspiring. How I have been trying to shift my feelings of hurt when others attack is to remember that love will always trump over their hate. It happens too often that we let one comment of negativity outweigh 100 positive ones… I make it my mission to not let this happen, and to, as I call it, have a “slippery shoulder” to roll all of the hate off with ease! Thanks Gabby, keep up shining with love <3

  6. Thank you for this post! I just experienced a visit with my mother and have been so triggered by her personal judgments on me. I needed to be reminded of going back to myself and being my own judge of my life. And remember to be forgiving of her. Thank you!

    1. Suzanna,

      I definitely have the same problem with my family. We have to remember that their judgements are really about them, not us.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Gabby! It’s a great reminder that we all deal with negativity. As a sensitive soul I am always struggling to not let them affect me. This will be a vlog that I will always recall when I find myself in those moments.

  8. Thank you for that message. It’s important to understand our triggers and work with and through them in order to understand ourselves better and live that peace we so seek. Easier said than done sometimes, since our conditioning jumps in so fast and our mouths are moving faster than we can catch up to stop it, but it’s a goal worth pursuing. Thank you. Namaste.

  9. My older brother recently faced a similar FB Negativity from a former employee criticizing his newly started lawncare business. He found the power to not respond. Shortly after many of his clients and friend were quick to reply with positive feedback. It is true that someone has always got your back. I am so thankful for how your book #MayCauseMiracles has helped me. the negative comments aren’t who you are or change the impacts you’ve made on the world

  10. Liked to video on how to deal with negative comments; just want I needed today. Sometimes it hard to think positively but this did the trick for me today. “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!”.
    Have a great day!

  11. Gabby,
    You are a precious gift to the world and your messages encourage and uplift me. The haters are just fearful. If they could let down their defenses and be just a little bit vulnerable, they would see an entirely new world and see the beauty in your work. Thank you for being here! Rock on!!!

  12. Gabby:

    I can relate on many levels. Those of us who are daring to be center stage, out there, speaking from the heart, with vulnerability and transparency, run the risk of being scrutinized. Am I walking my talk?- is a question I ask myself every day. Sometimes, sadly, the answer is no): As long as I am being true to my highes values, then I can almost alway shrug off those who might cast a critical eye. I am extremely active on social media sites, so I do put myself out there a great deal. I notice that when I am willing to risk emotionally buck nekkid visibilitiy, people respond positively and it seems that it gives them permission to be fully seen too. Thanks for YOUR willingness. I see you.

    <3 Edie (Bliss Mistress)

  13. Aloha Gabby, what a great vlog! I see and honor your Truth :-). For all you folks out there who resonate with positivity and the way of Kundalini check out my sistah Juniper Claire. Her website is and you can also find her on FB by searching: “Juniper Claire”. Many Bles-Sings all-ways!

  14. Thank you for sharing grace today and an uplifting message of forgiveness and learning. I appreciate the inspiration and hope everyone who watches this week is in a place of receptivity and openness!

  15. Great strategy. I would add that I personally welcome disagreement and questioning and don’t view them as negative. I like it when I get feedback that forces me to sharpen my argument, but admit I don’t know what it feels like to have strangers feel the right to comment on my appearance and things that I didn’t “put out there.” When people i know do it, I feel sorry that they thought it was a good use of their time.

  16. Gabby, thank you for this post. I truly appreciate your vulnerability and honesty. Your response to negativity has really assisted me in handling some negativity that has been recently thrown my way. Thank you! You are such a wonderful light in this world and you bless countless lives on a continual basis, mine included. So keep being you! 🙂

  17. what a beautiful soul you are Gabby, what I shame people need to behave that way, but as you know already that says everything about their self esteem and life view and really has no. reflection on you, but I understand that is not easy for us to always be able to remain unaffected, I am beginning a blog on high vibe stuff as you say and have put it off for too long which I finally recognised as fear, fear of
    judgement and this kind of attack etc. what great timing to hear your words as I move forward with it again. empowering, authentic words e

    1. Caroline, your comment helped me realize why I have set up everything to blog, but have not started to write. It’s the fear of judgment. And Gabby, it is so refreshing when a leader shows vulnerability. There is so much for others to learn by that! Thank you!

  18. I love this message. This is something with which I struggle, as well, and I have been practicing trying to understand that when haters hate, so to speak, it’s because I’m triggering something in them that’s evoking a fear response of which they’re probably not aware. And, of course, the other part of that is my reaction — what’s being triggered in me, as you said. When I can stay out of my ego mind long enough to examine those two pieces, the inevitable conclusion is that we’re all doing the best we can in every moment, and the more I can stay out of my ego, and hold the light and love, the better.

    Thanks, Gabby! Good stuff! <3

  19. Thank you for this. Very helpful and let in a breath of fresh air on the topic when you pointed out how we should also be responsible as commenters.

  20. . .sorry that sent before I was finished. . .spoken with courage. power over force wins every time and you girl, are powerful, keep up spreading the good vibes, you do it so well. namaste, Caroline

  21. Saw you on Super Soul Sunday!! Inspiring, lovely, positive, TRUTH! I love that our “younger” generation is getting it and paying it forward! Thanks for all that you do!! Have a great day!!!

  22. Dearest Gabby,
    As a first time author I found haters comments so hard to take. But as time went by I realised that it was their mirror they were looking at. Thank you for this video. It prepared me for so many things that are coming along the way.
    Christina from Second Firsts

  23. Thank you so much for touching on this subject. I think people pleasing is a struggle that we all have especially in the work that we are doing, to help others. You are such an inspiration and joy to watch. I feel like I’m learning a lot about me through May Cause Miracles, and how to run my business through her future. Thank you for all that you do. You are truly amazing.

  24. So, so true. I have spent too many years anticipating negativity from others, and as a result not putting myself out-there at all. There’s been movement on that in the last year or so in my artistic work, I’m a photographer and a writer. Fear dominated, but the need to make changes proved stronger. Your words help me forgive and release the fear, and see and accept the love instead. Huge waves of release and flood of tears in recent days. All good.

  25. Gabby you are beautiful 🙂 and I love this vlog. I think everyone can relate to what u spoke about and I really respect ur honesty and being able to put your feelings out there. Also I love your posts and photos so don’t stop! You are an inspiration, a mentor and I’m so grateful for you. I love you and keep doing what your doing xxxxx

  26. Awesome job! Thank you for getting the message out there about being able to look at the shadows within to see why we are triggered. The greatest gift from interacting with others is learning how to grow through the ‘mirror’ to heal and embrace our shadows/ our triggers! BRAVO! much much love! xo!

  27. Oh Gabby, you are so developed. What growth to look at it that way. So developed is your ability. You took the highest road, Kudos and so healing. And, this came in just the right time for me and a challenge in my life. God Bless. You are such a gift to all of us. You teach such wonderful stuff and say and do it in a way so able to reach so many. I love you!
    🙂 xx

  28. Beautiful message, Gabby, and so sincere. Love how you teach the lesson from these circumstances with such a focus on “what can I learn from this” and literally nothing but love for those who wrote negative comments. My 88 year old amazing mom, whom I spend lots of time with helping out caring for my dad with dementia, said to me since I was a little girl (and, girlfriend, that is a long time ago!), “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything!” Mom would just love you to pieces. Keep up the beautiful, inspired and purposeful work, you dear, amazing light! XO

  29. Gabby,
    I appreciate your perspective & insight, thank you for sharing so vulnerably about your experience. I have been doing a lot of my own reflection on getting triggered by comments on my posts & feedback about the changes i am making as I become more visible in the world. I totally agreed with and value what you have shared, i see your light!
    It has been powerful for me to recognize the negative feedback is not personal and when i get really honest with myself i have discovered it reflects a part of myself that has not been healed, recognized or acknowledged.
    Thank you for being a powerful and REAL leader of light in the world.
    all love,
    christel arcucci
    who says a woman can’t cultivate her superpowers in a dress?!

  30. Yr an amazing, strong and empowering woman! Thank you, thank you , thank you for all your wonderful words and lessons!! I’m dying to come see in person and hear one of your lectures .. : ) You are truly an inspiration!!

  31. I was one of those people who wrote a negative comment – saying you were self absorbed. I’m sorry for that comment – and believe now that it was more about what was triggered in me, as you say. Again, apologies for the comment. Wish you well.

    1. Wow, Brian, this just flatout amazes me! Kudos to you for being willing to look in the mirror, make adjustments and offer a heartfelt apology. You rock!

  32. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. For me, at times, it seems hard to let the hurtful comments and judgments of others just float away. I tend to shut down, avoid and then become depressed. Thank you for reminding me to look within and know that my reaction truly can shift the conversation, shift it to love.

  33. Gabby sorry about the negative comments you have been subjected to. People can be soooo mean. :(. So today. The beautiful woman that I am sees and celebrates the beautiful woman in you .

    Have a great week

  34. Thanks, Gabby! I agree with your positive messaging & people should assess themselves rather than post negative comments just for the sake of being negative. #StayPos!

  35. I love that you say its ok to forgive and delete…I have sort of kind of been there myself recsently…
    Your “may cause mircales” book have helped me so much to cleanse my energy and my thoughts about many things…Thank you Gabrielle Bernstein for being you and keep up the good work 🙂 <3 Love to you <3 Namaste

  36. Wow, I was actually actively hoping to explore this topic today and WAM, here you are!

    I openly talk about my plus-size body-image online as it’s what my coaching is about. But negative comments about weight, confidence, judgement about my outfits & attitude are coming in.

    At first, I was SO HURT but now, I take the attitude of engage to a point with the negative comment, but not from an place of trying to prove them right/wrong.

    I also have a little mantra when I feel the backlash: My responsibility is not to the people who do NOT get me, but to the people who do.

    I think the comments are really just ways for me to continue to chose the path I have — which is all about openness, love, inspiration and courage.

    So, in way, thank you negative comments for reminding me just how awesome I am 🙂

  37. This was amazing timing. It seems that people will have something negative to say, thinking that they’re being helpful and uplifting, but it’s just what it is. It shouldn’t hurt me or affect me, I should take it with a grain of salt and continue to make the choices I want to make. I could suggest to the person that they discontinue the comments, but that’s it. I cannot change another’s ways, only my own. Thank you.

  38. Thank you for this message. I always told my children, “what people say about you says something about THEM” (negative and positive) but found it hard to apply it MYSELF of course 🙂 When I saw your post I immediately thought, “She needs to talk to Brene Brown” who talked about the same thing you are going through on her “Super Soul Sunday” episodes. So I am passing that gut feeling along to you. Connect with Brene Brown!

  39. Ah, another powerful, authentic message from your heart —-> world! Love it, soul/sole sista!!! Manifesting our paths crossing soon…. maybe w. @Elena Brower, too?! Maybe in LA @yogawestla?! (my kundalini home ;). SAT NAM!

  40. Much love to you Gabby. I saw some of your haters comments and it fired up my egos need to defend you. Instead I chose to just write a loving comment to you. You’ve massively helped me improve my life. Thanks for all you do and keep it up!


  41. Thanks for reminding me (at a time when I’m about to put myself out there in a new way) that I don’t need external validation – only to be true to myself, and to live in love. Also a good reminder to always look out for our own triggers, and to see these situations as spotlight opportunities to do so. You are a beautiful spirit and teacher.

  42. Thank you for posting this truly uplifting message about negativity and what to do with it! I experience this daily at my job. I truly love my job but I’ve been struggling lately with why I’m attracting the kind of negative people even though not everyone there is that way.
    It is definitely about my “needing” approval from those people.
    Love you lots!

  43. This post came at the exact time I was writing an email to my coach asking for advice on this very topic…how did you know? 🙂 Thank you for always speaking from your heart and sharing your beautiful spirit with all of us.

  44. Sat nam, Jeeven Joshi Khar!
    I have never liked the mean-spirited folks that feel the need to express their feeling on social media. That is why I love the spirit that you generate. I also hang out with lots and lots of positive people that I have met though My Crazy Sexy Life and also with like-minded folks on FB. By the way, before I knew who you were and then came to love you and your message, I heard positive things about you from Kris Carr. And I figured that if Kris liked Gabby then I would!
    p.s. I hope I got your kundalini name right – I owe my addiction to that form of yoga to you. I figured that if it was good enough for Gabby then I should give it a try.

  45. Thank you for sharing!! Shooting a movie in a few weeks about bullying. Find myself getting sucked in sometimes to the naysayers… then I remember…the project is much bigger than me and serves a higher purpose! Please continue serving yours. Much love to you.

  46. Thank you for your message. I admit that I, too, became defensive and uncomfortable reading the hateful words people wrote. Even though I don’t know you personally, I felt protective of you and your lessons! I am so glad that you addressed the “haters” issue- I understand that punching them in is not the most loving response 🙂 I realize that I need to reassess that line of thinking to see why I was triggered that way. I take your lessons to heart and do my best to apply them all day. Thank you for all you do. Namaste

  47. Thank you so much for that lovely bit of insightful wisdom. Lately, I’ve been posting a lot of my songs and paintings on FB and have suddenly found myself completely obsessed, not with the actual work (as has always been the case) but with the response. I’ve been checking my phone app. hundreds of times a day for validation of my work and find it affecting my new work, greatly. Thank you for reminding me of the REAL reason I create in the first place. Namaste.

  48. I love my friend Lorelle Espinosa @lorelleespinosa because she has an amazing brain and an unbelievably huge heart, and because she has walked through May Cause Miracles with me. Her companionship on this journey has been an unlimited font of blessing, and I am so grateful for her sisterhood!

  49. Huge, huge kudos to you for sharing this, Gabby!
    I saw one of the quite negative comment streams happen on your Instagram photo recently, and it was something that I actually talked to a couple of people about. I love the fact that you’ve come out, addressed it openly and expressed how you felt. I know at least one blogger who is dealing with exactly the same thing and will benefit from this too.
    I totally agree – “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    Here’s to spreading love, peace and positivity!
    Kate x

  50. It’s a case of Social Media addiction…all this neurotic yearning for approval, superficial love statements and accolades.
    Been there done Im finally free! Meaning : I love and respect myself enough, therefore nobody can change my perception of myself, my work or my worth.

  51. Gabby, I think that you are amazing! Your work is helping so many women, not to mention herfuture. You are very much appreciated.

  52. I loved your message, especially :
    “A need for Positivity in the World!” I LOVE IT! Thank you! Big hug

  53. Many Blessings to you, Gabrielle. I’ve read your book, May Cause Miracles. I enjoy your website and posts. You are an inspiration in my life and THANK YOU!

  54. Gaby,
    You are only human and totally entitled to have these feelings towards other. People can be so hatefull and jealous on the net:(
    We are many who love you just the way you are and please do not change your posts/ message/ pics on the social media because of a few.
    You are a bright, divine star and you shine in the heart of many of us!
    Take care.

  55. Gabby, this is AWESOME! It applies to our lives online and to our in-person interactions as well. I used to be crippled by what others thought of me, and am finally learning how to forgive and let go (thanks in large part to your books and group coachings!). Anyway, I’d like to give a shout-out to my beautiful friend Charlene; you can follow her Twitter account @etherealoasis ! She has built a career out of helping others to connect with their spiritual beauty within and without, and the work she does amazes and inspires me! Peace and blessings to all! 🙂

  56. P. S. I’m working through “May Cause Miracles” for the second time this year, and loving it even more the second time around! I’ve been able to go even deeper and access the principles on a much deeper level with the second run-through. Its amazing; lots of miracles abound!!!! I’d highly recommend those who have worked through MCM once, to make a commitment to do it again; maybe once a year, or whenever you need a spiritual tune-up. This stuff only gets better the more you do it!!! Thank you, Gabby! 🙂

  57. Our collective lights will outshine the darkness! The balance is tipping toward the loving direction more and more each day and you, sister, are a powerful force behind the shift.

  58. Gabby,
    I can so relate to your vlog! I am a speaker, coach, and personal trainer… The speaking & coaching – no problem… The personal training – OMG! I am not your typical svelte trainer… I’m on the hefty side, due to a previous mis-diagnosis and the treatment that ensued, yet I have all the knowledge I had in my previous body so why not continue to help others reach their goals while I’m on my journey back? I’ve taken alot of flack from people who judge too quickly and it used to hurt, and sometimes I’d get defensive… As time has passed, I have come to a higher experience of my Divinity, and am able to see myself in these critics, and I am able to Stand AS Love… It has been liberating to say the least… I thank you for opening your heart to us and I stand with your and Thumper’s message of “if you don’t have nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all”… In the Cuban community there is a saying, “You look much prettier with your mouth shut…” which we use mostly when someone is speaking negativity to another… May you have a Blissful Week,
    Remember to Stand AS Love

  59. So much love and light to every single being in the virtual sphere. May we all connect in our high vibration and pour our love into our comments, engagements, and meetings.

    Sat nam!

  60. Thank you for this beautiful message, Gabrielle. You are an inspiration and wonderful example! Thank you for your guidance and leadership.

    Peace and blessings <3
    Stacey Bellem

  61. Gabby, your content is so high vibe that I feel closer to God whenever I read or watch something you’ve posted.

  62. I love this and I think there are so many people who could benefit from a little bit of positivity! I used to answer police emergency calls and it was incredible to see how much destruction social media could cause, all because someone had been mean-spirited. My mantra is ‘Always be kind to everyone you meet’ and I take that attitude whether online or in person, and no matter what people are saying about me =) Good karma!

  63. I am always amazed at comments I read on various sites. It is like people take all their frustrations wtih life and vent on someone’s site. But thank you for this, I have to examine why I care and what that means to me. Thank you for reminding me about me anf focusing on my intent.

  64. Thank you for sharing such powerful honesty, vulnerability, and therefore beauty. In loving and accepting ourselves we are then able to love an accept others. Much love and gratitude for your courage to be you!

  65. Liberation through separation!! Stay in alignment with your essence, while separating yourself from the vibrations that are not aligned with that. I always have to remind myself the valuable lessons from the 4 agreements – dont take anything personally!!!

  66. L O V E ! I believe that it is so important to embrace the concept of grace. Grace is the power to let those around us be where they are in their own journey & not judge them. Along with that idea is to understand that each experience of interacting with others will further enlighten us, if we are willing to ask ourselves, “What do these experiences teach me?” and “What am I suppose to be learning?” to better our own personal journey.

  67. Gabby, you are truly heartwarming.

    It is clear to me why I decided to check out this video; it irritated my ego a lot. Although I have not pinpointed what I am repressing, it was, nonetheless, extremely helpful.

    Thanks so much for the post 🙂

  68. perfect for today…. my day started with a very negative person towards me, I’ve been festering, and you brought me in off the ledge. thank you for your perfect timing, and words of wisdom!!

  69. Thank you Gabby!! Your message came at the perfect time! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all ? love to you all ????

  70. Thank you for this vlog Gabby. Really makes me think about not only the negativity on social media but also in the “real world”. Judgment, anger, and attacking others used to be me, but choosing love instead has made my life so much easier. Challenging people to ask themselves why it is they’re having a negative reaction to something they see in social media is a great start to getting more positivity out!

  71. Such right timing. I had the same experience on my blog over the weekend. A hard core hater trying to burn me. I have to say although it stung at first, I laughed it off and then looked at what I may have been putting out there to attract the negative feedback. The outer is a reflection of the inner. Our unconscious creates our reality. You’re right, looking at learning from our contribution to the happening and seeing what sensitive areas it touches within. Thanks for sharing this. The intentionality behind what’s being shared is energetically transferred and in retrospect, perhaps latest blog was not written from a centered space and attracted those forces. Much love on your journey.

  72. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for sharing! I pray for more light, love and truth to come through all social media. You are you right on, when negativity comes to us, it’s an opportunity for love and healing to happen for everyone.
    Much love and blessings!

  73. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you for talking about this today. I started my own blog and today was my most personal post. I felt myself going to that fear place of being so vulnerable to the world. Thank goodness I’m on day 18 of the Kritan Kriya to help me push through my fear & know that my blog will be seen by whoever needs the message today. Thank you for giving me that added push of focus!!
    God bless you & all of your work!

    1. Hi I just wanted to add that everyone here in this small corner of this planet shining even a candlelight produces a huge megawatt brilliance and lifting our game to the next level with positive happiness creates only more… Drumroll Yes Uber happiness!!! The world needs healing and grateful to Gabby for bringing her beautiful voice to the chorus of positive light shining its healing light on this planet!!

  74. This solidified the realization that I came to yesterday! My bf of 2 years got quite honest with me and it hurt. I had to not blame him for how I felt, instead I looked within like you said, and figure out why I was feeling this way. This helped and I found it easier to project love to him even though I didn’t agree entirely. I hope that makes sense! Your awesome and the Spirit works through you more and more each day! Keep it up Gabby!

  75. Thank you so much for the opportunity to say something here. Well I am thinking about love everyday and as comes to forgiveness it´s not just to forgive, it´s also to wish the person the very best, light, and love and to wish that person to understand heaven on earth better and the joy of it. What the other person said and I forgave, said much more about that person than about me. So I am sending forgiveness with love. And I am sending you Gabby best wishes, have a great time ahead with joy and love.

    Thordur (who lives in Iceland 🙂

  76. Gabby,
    We have a principle in physics that says, “for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. You have risen so high, that a downward backlash is to be expected. But, don’t worry, its simply a symbol of your success. Remember the lesson in target shooting states – the brightest stars are the easy targets. Don’t worry and don’t stop shining.
    With Love,

  77. I think you are a most amazing lady:) I absolutly LOVE all your posts and your app and well just everything you do…(not stalker style though;) ) I actually just started on twitter a month or so ago after watching a couple of your youtube movies…You inspire me daily!!
    Thanks for all your positvity and inspiration you send out to the world:))

  78. Gabby,
    You always give such great advice, even in this instance that’s really touched a nerve with so many of us, and clearly affected you. I love seeing your authenticity and vulnerability to negative backlash, and ways to overcome: love, love, love and forgiveness. Social media has created a place to share advice, stories and photos, if we could do away with the negativity, and vibrate on a higher level of spirit, then social media could be even that much better! There really needs to be more love and kindness and this is a perfect example of how to overcome and prevail. Keep doing what you’re doing; inspiring others to be their best self and to forgive and love, above all else. Carry on with love and light! Blessings my friend! I am such a fan of your work, books and teachings! Rock on!

    xoxo, Jessie

    instagram: @sproutednest

  79. Hi Gaby your bare honesty and heartfelt expression help others who are experiencing and feeling the same and may not have the courage to express it. Jealousy is a dark shadow and you have shone the light of love on it in this post. Keep doing your great work. Love you loads x

  80. Gabby,
    YOu are awesome. Those who leave negative comments need love and prayer and should buy the course of mircles… and your book May cause mircles, which I started today…. They need the loving more then anything… trufully…how did they…or how did they see anything negative…but it is in there eyes…which we can not see what they see… and I feel sorry for them.. and pray…for them… YOu are an blessing to the human race..

  81. Gabby,

    Thanks for sharing, I recently heard a negative comment about me as a Zumba Instructor and first said to myself don’t take it personally not everyone is going to love your classes, then my ego kicked in, and then I sent the person love and light.

    Sending you and all your followers love and light!

    Sat Nam

  82. Be the change that you want to see in this world. Be the man in the mirror as Michael Jackson would say. Keep up all your great work lovely Gabrielle. The world needs your message. Lots of love, peace and happiness!

  83. Thank you Gabby. Your writings and blogs help me find soulutions when I feel lost. I am so grateful for this message today because someone hurt my feelings Friday and I have mourned all weekend. Today I watch this with an open mind and know the attack wasn’t meant for me, I was just there. I am seeking my part so I can be responsible for cleaning up my side of the street. You help is all stay in a solution. I love you.

  84. Thanks, Gabby! I noticed the negativity sprouting and like another comment said, it was upsetting for me too. However, I realized, it was just their mirror, and about them , not you. I work with a populaton of students in an urban public school who project a lot of negativity. I use your lessons, my own lessons and those of other teachers to be the lighthouse for my students. I am a living example of showing forgiveness, love and compassion in the face of negativity. Everyone check out my reflections on my website and connect with me at



  85. Lovely post Gabby and so timely. I think this authenticity & reminder is so very important for us all to remember. When has ever saying something bad truly made you feel good from a high point of Spirit (rather than Ego). <3 to you Spirit Sister. Blessings & Namaste!

  86. Thank you for sharing this. It is sometimes hard to ignore malicious comments as anonymous trolls feel that they have less personal responsibility on the internet. I think these experiences are an invitation to become more self-accepting and definite about our message to the world. 🙂

  87. Your message could not come at a better time.

    I’ve been having some negative feelings about recent changes at work. So I asked the Universe how I can best handle the situation. The Universe always provides.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  88. I think you’re doing great work in the world! I love your positivity & will continue to try to pay it forward in my life.

  89. Thank you so much, Gabby, for this from the heart message. I think it is important to all of us to be kind one to another and I do appreciate you coming forward to share with us.

    It is in sharing that we grow. I appreciate everything you do.

    You rock!

    I love that jacket you have on and I loved the black, white and red colors together. I thought they were most excellent.

    You have helped me more than you will ever know (especially with the May Cause Miracles book).

    Be well.
    Peggy 🙂

  90. I’m really inspired by ego you are and how you share yourself. I stumbled across you through the recovery 2.0 conference, and despite by British reserve 😉 have really enjoyed watching your vlogs andnthe TEDx talk. Do you have plans to come to the UK? I’d love to come along to one of your events.
    With love

  91. Gabby!

    Another beautiful (and timely post)!

    I’m very ‘out there’ on social media with my business and at times have received no-so-positive feedback and comments on my posts, as well as my product/business. I’ve tried to rise above it and take the high road, but agree looking within yourself and asking why this matters so much and the whole concept of self-validation is so important.

    Thanks for all that you do!


  92. Beautfiul vlog, Gabby.
    Once again, your grace, poise and composure are so filled with love and peace. I love it when internet glitches happen at the perfect time. While watching this just now, the video froze for several moments right after you said “I came back home. What is it that I need to learn from this?” (almost adding the necessary dramatic pause for reflection.) Thank you for pointing to looking within and referring to the Universal Mirror.

    And now for an uplifting High Vibe post:
    A mama dove made a nest outside my window here in Brooklyn and gave birth to two baby doves! It has been such an honor to see and witness this “miracle.”

    lots of love and in gratitude-

  93. What a timely message for me.

    I have shared my life with friends through Facebook for some time, but have recently decided to open myself more to internet dating. This was a great reminder that not all feedback will be positive, and that negativity may come because of ego. It also helps me to stay kind and keep my ego in check.

    Also, how funny the time stamp on the Email was 11:11. Definitely a sign! Thanks for bringing the Universe’s message to me. <3

  94. Hi Gabby, thank you for this great vlog. I really appreciate you addressing this in such a lovely way. It is very timely for me, as I am launching my new biz fully this week & there is some fear of critics, rejection, negative feedback but the reminder is to shut down fear & face these things with “what can I learn”. So thank you! I also just want to say that I gave your new book as gifts to friends this winter/spring, as well as a gift to myself, and it has created individual shifts in us all in such a fabulous way! We are planning a May Cause Miracles girls weekend at my house in June!
    Thanks again & have a beautiful day 🙂

  95. Magical post…thank you! Makes me think about the time I read a super mean post on Cheryl Richardson’s wall about her beautiful little Poupon kitty, whom I love. I was so mortified that I deleted the post off her wall hoping that she hadn’t read it! Your post today helps me look at what came up for me. You are truly beautiful inside and out, soul to body. Thank you for being you! XO

  96. Thank you for this particular vlog today. This is the hard part of the world we live in. Many people feel safe in their anonymity and wouldn’t have the nerve to say something so nasty or negative to someone’s face, let alone be OK if someone was harsh in their comments with them. After reading your book May Cause Miracles, I’ve become so conscious of how my thoughts/judgments really do effect myself and others even if I don’t express them. The other night I was at a fundraising event and happened to be seated next to a person who I kind of knew in passing, but really haven’t interacted with much beyond a friendly hello. After about 10 minutes I could feel myself growing more and more uncomfortable as this person was incredibly harsh in their judgments of others. Even though I just wanted to take my plate and leave the table, I chose not to get sucked into this negative vortex and while it was incredibly tough, I felt as though it was a test to make sure I had really learned my “lessons” from your book. I chose to not to give energy to the negative comments, and where I could, put a positive perspective on some of the topics that this person was criticizing. I realize its so easy to point out what’s wrong with something, but I’ve always found it much more rewarding to point out what is right. I try to live by the sentiment “live your life in such a way, that if someone was to say something negative about you, no one would believe it.” While I may not have made an impact with this particular individual’s negativity, it was affirming that my kind thoughts, words and actions speak loudly…and its my choice to be a beacon of light.

  97. I Love you Gabby! Thank you so much for sharing this. I just experienced similar online negativity with regards to my writing. After initially feeling hurt and angry, like you, I realized a huge lesson in it and am ultimately grateful that it all went down. Thank you again for all your fabulous words of wisdom! And please, keep posting pictures of your outfits- love them! xox

  98. Perfect for today as I am getting lots of negative email with my job. Between this and the Spirit Junkie affirmation: “Would I rather be right or happy?” I have been re-directed in my course today. Choose love

  99. Gabby,

    This is such a wonderful, necessary message and timely, at that!

    I just returned from a lunch where an older gentleman commented on my and my partner’s clothing as “less than feminine”, and mumbled something about us making even him look pretty…. As I am just coming out, and finding my own voice as a young gay woman in the South, it was very painful, and made me feel belittled and honestly, upset with myself for being gay. I also felt vulnerable and exposed in a very public way.

    Throughout lunch I couldn’t concentrate on my meal or the quality time I had to spend with a loved one, but stewed over how I didn’t react more aggressively and teach him a lesson….. I returned home, saw your email, and clicked on it immediately. I cannot tell you how blessed I felt to hear your kind, thoughtful, soulful words. I don’t have to always be reconciling myself to others, nor do I have to engage in defending myself at every turn. Maybe it was not my moment to help this man find a more loving attitude, rather, it was my moment to learn that just because I’ve found the strength to live MY life (not the easy life), I get the opportunity to come closer to vulnerability and peace. His negative comments led me on a small journey to accept and appreciate myself a little more. For that, I thank him. And I especially thank you for being the wonderful teacher and guiding light that you are.

  100. Enjoyed the video, came at right time (Duh) The ability to stop, not by in to the feelings that I have, attacked ect. and find some freedom from them. To stay in the moment and stay mindful is always my hardest challange, awareness of deep co dependancy and other messages which creates the conflict of take every thing personal. So Thenks for standing in the Light Today and shining on me. Love & respect from spirit to spirit. Nameste. Me

  101. Hey Gabby,
    Thanks for the invitation to contribute to the positivity quotient on the internet!

    This is my favorite takeaway from your share: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” SUCH a good lesson for our ego. Byron Katie says something like that too – “The first act of war is a good defense.”

    It takes a lot of evolution to be able to let go of the need to protect and defend and instead allow the space of forgiveness and love.

    Thanks for the reminder and for holding such a clear space of “goodness” on the planet.


  102. This is so cool! I had a situation last week and I thought to myself: How would Gabby handle this. And here it is, your answer! Super Duper Funky Fresh. I did pretty well 🙂

    Love from the Netherlands

  103. I am so grateful for all my teachers, including you! I went from living in the pit to living the life of my dreams thanks in part to encouragement and support from Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Lesser, Geneen Roth and you Gabrielle!! Keep speaking the truth and keep spreading words of love. We hear you.

  104. Thank you Gabby.

    If we could all honor the divine beings that we truly are (more & more of us ARE doing this), then there would be no discontent in our world.

    Love your videos!

  105. I love this message we all need to be more mindful of the energy we are putting out into the world. Thank you for your teachings I’m grateful I get to learn from you.

  106. Gabby,
    I was interested in how you handled the negativity. I had wondered if it still hit you at times. As others, I’m almost finished with reading “May Cause Miracles” for the second time. I had something happen a few weeks ago and I thought I handled it with forgiveness. I realized today that I didn’t really get over the negativity. When you said to look at the lesson, that’s when it clicked into place. I realized his comment about my bright clothing bothered me because it was a negative attack and he needs help being more joyful and happy. When you are feeling joy and happiness, then bright colors don’t bother you and actually help you feel more energized. I stopped and sent him “health and happiness” instead of just forgiving him. Now I know he will experience the joy and be happy again. You’ve helped a lot of us to be miracle minded and any negativity is because they don’t understand the beauty behind being at peace inside.
    Thank you for all your hard work and the lessons.

  107. Lovely lesson. It all comes down to how we want to file it away. Grace and smiles. I hope i share inspirations too @applegingermint instagram

  108. Your vulnerability and authenticity is so powerful! Negative comments are not going to get the best of Gabby or any of us who are Miracle Workers! Instead, we’ll chose to prayer for these people to learn how to get out of their own way, so they can be happy and receive the abundance and peace that is being blocked by their negativity. At the same time, agree that we’ll focus our energy on what we can learn from this negative/challenging experience.

    Even after reading May Cause Miracles and practicing the exercises, I’ve recently returned to MCM as my guide to surrendering to love inside me and receiving love through Willingness prayer/meditation. Because of your vblog/teachings, I now realize that I need to continue with my meditation/prayer or yoga practice on a daily basis to help me stay in a high vibration and work through any ego/fear concerns that come up for me. I’m committed to giving my relationship with my boyfriend a true chance, and I believe the way to this is staying true to myself and my practice. Thanks for insight you share every week! Namaste! ~ Sarina

    Twitter: @SarinaTomel

  109. Gabby, thank you so much. This was divine intervention for me. I received your email immediately after receiving some harsh words and strong emotions from someone I have been struggling with professionally. The email’s subject line reminded me to breathe. And your post reminded me that it’s not about me. Looking back, in the heat of the moment, I didn’t handle myself with as much grace as I would probably like, but I can learn the lessons and move on with a smile. Like you said, I can put myself out there with love and be more clear with my intentions and communications. Thank you and amen, sister!

  110. Thank you Gab for the ever present reminder to be kind to others and true to yourself. I love you… Mom

  111. Thanks for the great tips and inspiration to keep going – despite what others say! I agree with the golden rule too — Let’s raise the vibration and move beyond negativity!

    I’m really enjoying Wild Sister Magazine ( right now. Super positive, inspirational and wildly, fiercely loving!

    Sat Nam <3

  112. Thank you for voicing your thoughts on processing negative social media. As head of an environmentally conscious women’s line I too have my moments where I must filter less then supportive feedback. Your positivity and knowledge were a great thing to wake-up to this morning. Thanks again for your beautiful approach!

  113. This has been a continuous message for me to look within myself and remember that whatever reaction I have is coming from me, not them. Wow….It can be really challenging sometimes when it seems so clear that the other person appears to be wrong. I remember the line in ACIM: “Only what I’m not giving is missing in any situation”. Sending you and all others much love today, this week, and always. XOXO

  114. Thank you so much for this, Gabby. Love your attitude and honesty. Keep on the kindess train! Looking forward to meeting you at one of your live events soon. I appreciate all the work you are doing in the world. Many blessings, Aimee

  115. How timely. My sister could use your advice; she is always negative when talking to me. By getting rid of the heavy baggage of negativity, a whole new world loaded with positive energy would open up to her. Namiste.

  116. Just really want to thank you for being so open with the world and sharing all aspects of your life with us, its been personally inspiring. Knowing that your touching many lives daily in such a loving way hopefully out weighs any negative backlash from other peoples egos! Love & Light OM

  117. We all have within us a powerful light that wants to shine it’s magnificence onto the world every day. Today I am being extremely mindful of my thoughts, words and deeds and am focusing on bringing forth my light. My heart is open. I am ready to love and be loved in deeper ways. Thanks Gabby for this inspiration! You shine, girl!

  118. I have not seen the comments you speak of but are you certain, that people are not just simply questioning things as that is part of the journey especially the one to love?
    Just throwing this out there – love love and more love

  119. Thank you for this post, it was a great reminder to always keep things positive and high vibe. I am currently reading your book “May cause miracles” and I love I ended up talking with someone at my gym about it and her daughter is going through hard times and I recommended your book. It was so amazing as some of the things her daughter is doing already and this would really enhance her experience. We hugged and cried and she is going out to get it for her daughter today. It was so nice to share this experience I am having with someone else.
    Working on listening to my ~ing
    Facing the world without fear and focusing on love.

  120. LOVE THIS!
    So much YUCK and meanness on the internet. A great lesson and one that I’m struggling to learn too. Don’t hate the haters, turn the other cheek and love them in spite of their negativity towards you. SO. HARD.
    It’s a practice:)

  121. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I feel like I was meant to see this today and it totally put me in a more loving space. Thank you for your inspiration, your vlogs always seem to come when I need them most.

  122. Incredible post and just what I needed!! It’s hard to be so positive in the world, and be surrounded by so many negativity in this city. I try to stick to only WONDERFUL, INSPIRING people, but somehow along the way you have to deal with the “others”. My best friend has helped me look at it in a different way — like I am an angel here to help others. And that is what I am trying to do. One person at a time. Thank you and keep up the good work! Much love.

  123. This vlog arrived right on time for me. I received my first negative comment on one of my videos today. I really could not believe that this man expended the energy to do this.

    It was bizarre since my mission is to help busy women get happier by getting more organized. What reason would he have to a.) watch my video or b.) criticize me?

    The adrenaline in my system immediately started to escalate. But then I took time to envision this feller, all lonely and wanting to feel significant…and I felt deep pity for him. I envisioned light shining down into him and I wished him love and happiness.

    His words stung, but the fact that he’s a dark lonely soul who has nothing better to do than to try to hurt others made me sad for him. I wouldn’t elevate him (or me) by striking back. I just sent him good vibes. I feel better now:)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Gabby! I’d welcome your wonderful energy at my online home anytime:)

  124. High five for high vibes!!
    I once commented that I was surprised you ate meat…that’s what I wrote and after a few hours there were all these rather negative comments…I was really upset by that as I hadn’t meant it to be a negative comment at all..I was just surprised 😉
    I think you are spot on when you say that it is never about us and it often comes from lack in the negatively commenting person. Anyone can sit behind their computer and be an anonymous nasty commenter nowadays and it’s a fact of the world we live in & love in today.
    You are luminous and you are popular and have a great career and that can sadly bring a huge dose of jealousy to the table from others 🙁
    Love to you xx

  125. High vibe AND high five! You’re on your path and those who are meant to walk with you will continue do so. xo Twitter @karyncooks

  126. When I see negative stuff online or in person, I also try to remember that it probably comes from a place of hurt and pain within them, and so It helps me go to a place of compassion instead of anger.

  127. You are a blessing and I am so grateful for your message, for your love, for your brillance, for your sharing. You are an inspiration. THANK YOU!

  128. Thank you so much for sharing, this post was so timely as we just had our first experience with a negative post over the weekend, sigh. Much Love <3

  129. Gabby, you are such a beautiful person! … Somehow your words makes sense to them but they do not accept it, so they attack you. Keep going!
    I had the previlege to meet you at Hay House ICDIIgnite NYC and you are so inspiring.
    the girl from Brazil 😉

  130. Gabby, you are such a beautiful person! … Somehow your words makes sense to them but they do not accept it, so they attack you. Keep going!
    I had the previlege to meet you at Hay House ICDIIgnite NYC and you are so inspiring.
    …the girl from Brazil 😉

  131. Cara Bella Mia Gabby, I could tell by the end of your share you were feeling welled up. I am very intuitive and just knowing you via cyber space, I got welled-up for you 🙁
    I try to think what darkness is going on in their lives that they feel the need to lash out or be mean?
    I had two close friends that I gave free massages to. We shared heartfelt feelings, lunch, walks, we were very close. I am truthfully loyal to those I love and would always be there with a lending ear and words of encouragement.
    As soon as I said I need to start charging and my prices for good friends are… they abandon our friendship. I was giving away more work then I was getting paid for to many friends. I needed to start to establish my financial boundaries with a more than a fair price.
    I continued to try to keep in touch and they refused my correspondence. I was very, very hurt and confused?
    Like I said I just try to think there has to be some dark force that they are struggling with to abandon a true friendship over a massage. Very sad still. Pray for their pain.
    On the bright side I am opening a Spa-ahhh on the 15th !!! Yeah 🙂

  132. “I see obstacles as opportunities to grow and learn”-spirit junkie. You are so courageous for sharing your journey with others and speaking your truth.

  133. This is timely. I’m hoping an e buddy will look at this. To keep the situation positive, I’ll spare the details. But it comes down to making mistakes online and then not accepting an apology.

    After much discord, my ebuddy’s life was threatened online and now they have withdrawn from sharing their gifts.

    It comes down to being conscious of “bullying” others even through our words and lack of forgiveness.

    Everyone deserves forgiveness.

    This incident has made me conscious of changing my networks, cleaning up my friends and following lists from those who bully others and more importantly from those who have no intention to grow and show compassion to others even once they’ve aplogized.

    Who are we to “judge” another?

    Gabby can you do a video about “judgement”? Or perhaps you have one already.

  134. So glad for this blog. I have been seeing some of the negative comments on your work online and thinking to myself “oh my goodness, that must be so hard, she must be so strong.” And you are. It has inspired me to be more forthcoming instead of fearful because it just goes to show that no matter what you are putting out, somebody probably wont like it. And so what? 🙂

  135. What a beautiful message! Words have so much power and it takes so much energy to say something mean than it does to just speak love. Thank you for the reminder! -@ubreyn

  136. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for being open and sharing that negative feedback does hurt. I try to post stuff on Facebook that I find inspiring, funny or useful. I also sometimes challenge things (gently) I see posted that I don’t agree with, or find offensive such as stereotypes about Irish people (I’m Irish living in Canada), and somtimes that has resulted in my being accused of not having a sense of humour! So know you are doing good, you are connected to good and keep up what you are doing

  137. Gabby,
    Thank you for this. I am a digital marketer and blogger and boy, do I hear you! I actually just wrote an article last week about how to handle these comments in a business blog. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading:

    I appreciate you sharing this message. I do tend to not only question myself, but the actual commenter, to wonder what is causing the reaction on either side. I think there is enough negativity in the world. Why not create more good?

    Thinking of this fave quote: “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” ~Gandhi

    Love always wins.

  138. I’m SO happy you did this vlog- I felt this one coming. I know exactly what comments you’re referring to and I agree that they are heartbreaking. You are radiating through this message- thru the pain & judgement, kindness is always the answer. I’m in awe too that it always comes back to forgiveness and love. love you and have a gorgeous week 🙂
    IG monicat808

  139. Great love. The sociological dysfunction of a generation not receiving the emotional spiritual nurturing and cherishing the divine created kids to receive has resulted in an unnatural and spiritually immature need to pronounce their personal life public ally to run from feelings of being alone and pretend false cyber friends are real because we don’t have to give anything remaining selfish. The lack of responsibility for our actions just wanting to feel good superficially has resulted in an epic cyber dissing horror movie because tweets replaced spiritual character. Be good dont feel good. That’s real love.

  140. Wow thank you for that message Abby, it was as always exactly what my spirit ended to hear 🙂 I agree we all need to focus on putting loving kind content on the Internet! Love and gratitude to you all x

  141. Love the message Gabby. In simple terms I think what you said is don’t trip out if some troll puts you on blast.

    My thought for all of you all – are we conscious of how often we act surprised at various circumstances throughout the day? when in fact we have all be though so much in life and in reality not much in this life is surprising at all. The lesson and message is; how often to you unconsciously over react over trivial issues? Peace, Love and Fitness!

  142. Love this post and I have never ever commented on anything before. Your ability to separate yourself from the negativity is inspiring. By the way, I saw you in London and you were incredibly beautiful in spirit and body. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep inspiring us women!

  143. Thanks Gabby, it’s hard not to be affected by negative, and idiotic comments. All we can do is move on from them and like you said respond in a loving and spiritual way. Was in an online meeting with you last Tuesday night and heard you share and reading “May cause Miracles” now. Namaste

  144. Thank you for always giving yourself whole heartedly and without reservation!

    Love & Light


  145. Gabby,
    I loved your message on negativity because it spoke directly to my personal decision to begin a 40 day spiritual journey for myself. The spiritual journey is based on the topic of loving myself and others. The question I will be meditating, praying and focusing on is: “What is the greatest act of love I can give to myself or any other person at any given moment”? Our greatest act of love toward another person who is being hurtful in some way is to forgive, as you said in the video. My greatest act of love toward you at this moment is to say “Thank you for sharing your inner beauty, kindness and forgiveness to us all.
    Peace to you my friend.

  146. I was just talking with a friend about the difficulty of handling negative comments. I don’t want to agree with the negativity. I don’t want to match it with an attack on the other person. I do want to reply with a loving comment, and in the recent moments that come to mind, I had the sense that it would become a debate, which I didn’t want to do either. So, I choose to leave the situation. I’ve been left asking how to handle it in the future. Your vlog is perfectly timed for my questions.
    I am also a student of A Course in Miracles. I, like you, Gabby, see all of life as a learning opportunity. It’s wonderful to have you in the world, Sister in Miracles! Thanks 🙂

  147. This came at exactly the rightful time! Thank you! I have a wonderful instagram account where my goal is to post all the positive and healthy things that make me feel good.
    Check it out if your interested!

    Lots of love xxxxxxx

  148. So well said, and so needed. I’m always amazed at some of the dreadful comments I see on Facebook, and just loved the way you addressed this issue. As always, you are the calm voice of reason and love. Namaste

  149. You put that into prospective very well! Very well said! When ever I’m placed into a situation that causes, doubt, anger, fear, etc…I always ask myself what I’m suppose to learn from that situation and remind myself that fear is a lie and fabricated, then I remove my ego, and project love and gratefulness toward the situation facing me because I know it’s meant for me to learn something. . God is good and I’m glad I now understand the bigger picture in this lifetime! It makes life sooo much easier! God Bless!

  150. Thank you Gabby 🙂 I have just started my own business and have been working really hard on my personal growth, so this advice is muchly appreciated.

    I love my life so much and I have begun to stop and think when someone says something critical towards me – “I don’t know what is going on in their lives. Their judgement of me does not define me. I love and respect their beliefs, but I do not have to believe them myself”

    Now you have given me a powerful tool to practise when my mind goes down the hate path.

    You are amazing and I am grateful to have you in my life.

    All my love
    Ash xxx

  151. Beautiful as always and an empowering message. No matter how strong, courageous, confident and loving we are, we can still become vulnerable to negativity. Humbling ourselves to realize that that vulnerability is merely a stepping stone to increased self worth and love is an awesome thing.

  152. Gabby, thank you so much for your vlog. I appreciate your insight on dealing with negative comments. You reminded me that these types of comments are designed to help learn about the perceived uncomfortable stuff that comes to the surface for me and to look to my -ing for healing. You do amazing work, Gabby. Keep it up 🙂

  153. Girlfriend! You’ve done it again! THANK YOU for taking a negative and turning it to a positive and sharing your experiences with us all. You are a true teacher.
    Peace and hugs,

  154. dear Gaby, do you actually consider yourself to be a spiritual Teacher? I mean this seems to me like a huge joke. Spirituality is something serious, true spiritual Teachers have been great men like the Buddha. So are you just after the money of gullible people, or do you SERIOUSLY think you have a spiritual message to contribute????!!!!!

    1. Gustavo Gabby is not trying to be Buddha or Jesus she is just trying to help women connect to a higher source and find their joy and peace. She is not trying to be anything she is not and she is a great teacher.
      Making negative comments only reflects the type of person you are.
      Not all spiritual teachers are men, look at Mother Theresa!

      1. Hi Lyn, I’m really sorry I did not express myself correctly (I mean, politically correctly). When I said great men, I meant great human beings Indeed the Buddha was the first to promote equality of the sexes in male dominated India. I am a bit puzzled by your comparison of Gabby with Mother Theresa though 😀 And in response to Birdee below, yes you make an excelent point about right speech. I guess I have a long path ahead of me to become a good Buddhist, I just thought that irony might be a good way to point out absurdities but you a are right and I appreciate your comment. Kind regards Gustavo

    2. Gustavo I can see that you have a serious concern. I think we have to remember that everyone we encounter teaches us something… right? Example: I may be a yoga “teacher” but i am and always will be a yoga student learning all the time from others. That is how we grow spiritually yes we have the great teachers like Buddha, and Jesus who have left us great lessons to work from but until we put them into action in our everyday life we will not grow. This has been my experience i love to read from great teachers AND listen/share with ordinary people like me what works for them, how they have overcome or put into action wonderful teachings. I like to learn from everyone’s experiences and I think Gabby sharing what she has learned may help someone else to look inside and learn as well. You don’t have to buy her book/s i borrowed my from the library 🙂 or even come to this web site if it doesn’t align with your needs. Let us honor lesson #3 Right Speech in Buddha eight fold path. Best Wishes to all Growers, Seekers and Right Speakers…Namaste Gustavo

  155. Hi Gabby, thank you for sharing this Vblog and something so personal. I absolutely love to read your daily posts and inspirational quotes. I am reading you book May Cause Miracles and it makes reading the book and seeing you in the virtual world at the same time, enjoy the book even more. Like you’re there with me on my journey. Thank you for all that you do to help make me a better version of myself.

  156. hi gaby! great message! yeah forgive, don’t take it personally, yeah cool send the good vibes out there, messages of love and peace, cool. I mean, you really believe in what you say? The Christ died on the Cross, the Buddha had enlightenment, Lao Tseu was a genius, and you?….well I guess you went on Oprah’s show… 😀

  157. hi gaby! great message! yeah forgive, don’t take it personally, yeah cool send the good vibes out there, messages of love and peace, cool. I mean, you really believe in what you say? The Christ died on the Cross, the Buddha had enlightenment, Lao Tseu was a genius, and you?….well I guess you went on Oprah’s show… 😀

  158. By far my favorite vlog Gabby! Loving statement: How wonderful that even in hurtful remarks there lies masked vulnerability that impulsive reactions try to hide, and how innocent that vulnerability is. That’s beauty hidden by a beast right there. And in that vulnerability is the child within us all. Just as we’d like read the schoolyard bully a bedtime story and show them some love, we can do the same in the virtual world. Props to you and your ability to channel in a loving essence.

  159. Love your messages, you are a constant reminder to live right. Living right always makes me feel better about myself and my choices on a daily basis. Thank you for lifting me up and sending good vibes our way. You rock in a big way.

  160. I’ve been through this same thing recently…feeling hurt and then defensive over somebody’s judgment of me on the world stage of the internet. I saw Brene Brown on Super Soul Sunday, and what she said has been my new mantra: “Don’t shrink, don’t puff up. Stand your sacred ground.”

  161. Love it Gabby! Love u even more for this beautiful act of love.
    This is how my mom raised me, “kill em with kindness honey” & “no need to stoop to their level. Love them – they are just jealous and that is sad”.


  162. Thank you for this message and reminder. I did have conflicting emotions of inadequacy this morning when relating to members of an online club since I did want their approval in this new position I have. I almost forgot that they were trying to help me understand my responsibilities.. I had to remember that I am not really alone in this venture and it was all right to be defenseless when there are people like yourself and Louise Hay who are willing to offer help and to be supportive. Your Vlog seemed to affirm that I chose the right path this morning. Thank you. I love you. I believe you are a kindred spirit, even if our spirits may not meet for a long time.

  163. Just be yourself- don’t let the turkeys get you down- the ones that matter love you just the way you are- :-}

  164. Great vlog Gabby. When you work in the light you are always going to stir up other people’s darkness and this is just their junk coming out. There are always going to be people that can only see the negative as this is a reflection of how they see themselves. The pick on you because they pick on themselves!

    But there are way more positive people out there cheering you on and who are inspired so don’t let it get you girl!

    In church on Sunday the preacher was talking about set backs and how much we teach the angels. We inspire the angels because we can’t see what they see but we still have hope. We have blind faith and we go through negativity and set backs and we still believe. The angels are so inspired by our attitudes and response to the negative. Isn’t that a cool thought?!

    Eff the haters. You are beautiful, inspiring, talented, intelligent, have wicked dress sense, great body, fabulous hair, beautiful aura, a great teacher and an all round hottie so eff em!!

  165. Gabby,
    You have helped me in so many ways already in the short time that I have been following you. Thank you for all of your AWESOME advice on how to remain positive in this world and also how to create more positive energy. I look forward to your advice. When I feel especially low I look you up on youtube and you turn my day around. Please keep the advice coming you will make this world a better place!

  166. That was beautiful Gabby, thanks for sharing. I’ve been practicing really being true to myself whenever and wherever I am, whether it’s online or in person. I found lately that I’m worried I’m too much, too over the top, too forthcoming with answers, my doubt kicks in and my self-talk becomes negative. Today I stopped myself and realised, if what I’m saying and doing is coming from my heart, than say it. If I’m worrying what others will think, I need to stop, heal the part in me that wants to be accepted and love and approve of myself. It’s like Marianne Williamson’s quote. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who am I not to be?
    Time to love and approve of myself and shine my light and be comfortable in doing so. The world needs more passionate, loving, shining truthful people.

    Much love xx

  167. From the Abester:
    Jerry was, for a while, reading on the internet things that people had to say about the work or about him or about Esther. He asked us what we thought about it, because there is so much that is wonderful that is written there, and some that isn’t so wonderful.

    We said: if it matters to you what the good ones say, then it’s going to matter to you what the not good ones say.


    We just want you to know that once you get a consistent handle on how you feel about you, the world will reflect it back to you.

    Asheville, NC, 10/23/12

  168. Gabby, your posts have always been something
    positive to look forward to, as well as a resource for me to fill my cup, and raise my vibration! Thank you for your beauty, genuine nature, and inspiration. Keep it up 🙂

  169. Thanks for your reminder to not be triggered by others’ negativity. I needed to hear that. I also so agree that we need more positivity in the world! I’m all about that! That’s why I’m a Friends of Rachel club advisor at my school. The club is part of “Rachel’s Challenge”, an organization started after the tragic death of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Colmbine tragedy. Friends of Rachel promotes kindness, dreaming big,surrounding yourself with positive influences and seeing the best in others. It’s a great thing for teens! I’m very proud of the kind and positive things we’ve done at our school and know that we are a making a POSITIVE difference! 🙂

  170. And this is why I respect you as a spiritual teacher Gabby! You look within if you feel triggered and practice what you teach! Being a teacher doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, in my opinion it means we have to practice self-awareness and always look at where we are in the situation.

    Your integrity is broadcasted in your energy and is why I resonate with your work!

    Thanks for keeping it real and walking your talk! Love, Julia

  171. I am glad you discussed this issue, Gabby. I think many people just like to cause misery to others b/c they are unhappy. Through people like you and the late Debbie Ford, I have realized that I need to look inside myself. I may find something ugly, but finding it is the first step in getting rid of it. Many of us are scared to do it and it still is not easy to do. But I may be going through a job transition soon and I keep say “I am going to give the worst review on some website” but b/c you you it has made me pause. And I realize that I need to leave on a positive note and there is not need for all that negativity. And I would only transfer that to another job which would not be good if I want a fresh start.

    You do a lot of good and there will always be people who don’t like that. But thank you. Blessings and Namaste, Gabby.

  172. You are an excellant woman Gabby~! Personally, when I come from my heart, I know I am spreading love and light…. All it takes is one candle to spread light in what looks like darkness… Keep on shinning sweetone,
    Blessing and Light Rahjah

  173. Such a great topic! Yes!!!! It’s hard to let go on negativity for me any way. I’m still looking on developing techniques to move on when there is something negative on social networks. I’m keen on blocking those who are negative…

  174. Such an honest and open message. Thank you Gabby for taking the time to share your thoughts. We live in a world of fear and judgement and you are so right in saying that it is our own ‘sense of self’ that holds us back. As the course say’s ‘Only Love Is Real’ yet sometimes we are tested. Love and light girlfriend there is a message in every *ping* that we receive, allowing ourselves to learn it is when the magic happens. Love you. Your rock sister. x

  175. If you are going to do something revolutionary and inspiring, you are going to get a few arrows in your back. But at the end of the day if what you are doing helps others to experience more joy in their lives that is truly all that matters.

    Gabby you inspire me in my work and life daily. I am beyond grateful for you and your bright spirit. Thanks for sharing your light and love with the world. Sending love, gratitude, and hugs to you.


  176. This is why I love you! Thank you for sharing your experience and also how you turned it into a powerful message to us all! You are an inspiration to me everyday! Love and abundant blessings to you!

  177. This is such a wonderful message Gabrielle. I went through a lot of this after I was diagnosed with hypomania. The more I became open about my recovery from my illness, the more it seemed that people would come out to attack things they do not understand. I had to make an active choice to turn the whole situation to my higher power and just let go. I think often we get very caught up in being in defensive mode, that we forget that the most offensive action we can take (in most cases) is to let go.

    Blessings to you!

  178. We are all a vibrantly colored thread woven into something that makes a beautiful tapestry. We are all connected and together are a fantastic masterpiece. Lift our hearts up to those who are judgmental. May they be wise, may they be peaceful, may they be kind. May I be wise, may I be peaceful, may I be kind @truthandlightcc

  179. Thank you for the message. I appreciate the awareness you bring to the issue and your honesty. In my life positivity and negativity have been all mixed up. I had friends tell me that I was a ball of negativity shortly after they got into a fist fight with another friend. Plus, I’ve had yogi’s spread terrible rumors about me. It seems to just be about perspective to me…mirroring, as you mentioned. We are all imperfect with our own blind spots. Like you, I take each experience as an opportunity to learn and I do my best to have integrity in everything I say. But now, I feel a disconnect when I label something as either positive or negative. I try to just accept the situation as it is and move on. Sometimes I’ll take action, but mostly not. When I do this the universe seems to provide for me and strengthens me. What do you think? Thank you for the work you do in the world!

  180. Hey Gabby, Beautiful video message. Every comment has value to us whether negative or positive. A negative comment is simply: 1. A balance to all of the positive feedback and 2. The commentor is simply pointing out some part of us that we have not valued and appreciated about ourselves. They are giving us an education and an opportunity to love ourselves more so that we can love others more. A great question you can ask yourself is, What don’t I like about that comment? And then how do I do the same thing to other people? Everyone is a reflection of us helping us learn to appreciate and value all parts of ourselves. Let me know if you have further questions. Hugs!! LisaK

  181. Just finished listening to Spirit Junkie as I crossed the country. So amazing I started all over again today. Can’t wait to get to my destination to start May Cause Miracles. So ready for this message.

  182. Gabby thanks for sharing such a beautiful message
    May the longtime sun shine upon you
    Love surround you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way home.
    Xoxoxo annie

  183. Hi Gabby,

    I just stumbled upon your website recently and I think you are doing such an amazing work! I love the message that you are sharing in this video and truly believe that it will benefit many out there, including myself about how we relate to negative comments/feedback.

    It is not always easy but we always have a choice to choose our own reactions towards others. I applaud your honesty, vulnerability and humility in staying true to yourself and your beliefs.

    Keep shining and rocking the world with your magnificience and brilliance!

    Hugs and love!

  184. Gabby, I wanted to thank you for everything you post online – your vlogs have got me through some really tough times. Also, seeing evidence of the beauty and joy in your life which has been created by following a spiritual path has inspired me to carry on on my own even when it’s felt hard. I’m grateful that you have been brave enough to share. I wish you and all your readers a beautiful day.

  185. Thanks for doing this video, Gabby, with tips on how to deal with haters in the online world which really can be used in the offline world as well.

    I think a previous comment you tweeted before and you mentioned in your book, “I choose to see love instead of this” is a good reminder for how to deal with negative comments and negativity in general.

    Thank you for your continued positive vibrations and inspiration. May all the negativity that confronts us help polish our inner mirrors so we’re even sharper reflections of the divine:)

  186. Morning Gabby God bless you. You have really lifted me up!!! I have had a silence illness for 15 months and you are totally my spirit inspire!!! Each week I wait for your video!!! They are the right ones at the right time!!! You are amazing and I love you!!! Thank you so much you have brought me to think positively and pass it to others!! Many many thanks for being part of my life !!! Bless you x x x

  187. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt message and opening up and being vulnerable for all of us to see. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it and I am very grateful for you. Today because of you I am going to be more aware of my negative comments and replace them with love. God be with you.

  188. Thanks Gabby for bringing it up, so important, nowadays i not just express My gratitude To Friends but also To People i never meet, those who take var of My webhotell, phone, support Help as Well as People in the supermarket, complements are Free but Easy To spread and some of the feelings even stey in me. Love To you keep expressing your messege!

  189. Hi Gabby,
    So, sorry to hear that you had to experience those comments. Thank you for creating this wonderful and powerful vlog. I think it’s healthy that you allowed yourself to be angry, upset and hurt instead of suppressing those feeling. Having been on a spiritual journey for many many years (kinda was born with it in addition to high heels 😉 ) now I know all the feelings are welcome, as long as I then move on into forgiveness and love instead of dwelling in toxicity. Do you think that when we receive negative comments that possibly we need to also look at ourselves and check if something we said could be hurtful or triggering to others? I wonder what triggered them to leave mean comments? When I see it like that, I can only feel compassionate because I realise that eventhough I came from a pure place, something must have hurt them so they reacted from fear and jealousy, which sadly can bring out a lot of hate .. Do you know what I mean? Again, thank you for sharing your experience, I think vulnerability is beautiful and immediately connects us all on a much deeper level. Look forward to hear your feedback. Mwha x x

  190. Phew! Thanks Gabby!!
    You (and Jenny!) hit the nail on the head with ‘sharing high-vibe content’. This is exactly the premise of my life ?, and something I’d been meaning to share with you.
    I’ll leave my thank-you on this comment thread, and follow-up (with more detail on SYV) in an email to you.
    Love your story & especially your vulnerability…it buoys us all I tell ya 😉
    BIG love xoxo

  191. Thanks Gabby – loved this one and admire you for putting yourself out there the way you do…thanks for the inspiration!

  192. This is a much needed topic and I commend you on your strength to share. This is something so important for all of us to learn. For if we did we would truly have peace on earth! What a beautiful and inspiring thought! Every feeling, every thought, every belief is ours alone. It’s different to say it and truly act that way. Beautiful for you! And I will try to do my part as best I can!

    My question to you is once i recognize the issues are really comin from my insecurities and feelings within myself, it’s still very hard to change those insecurities or conditioned feelings which are the root of the cause within me. Do you have any tips of how to let go of those bruised areas that cause us to act these ways?

  193. Just so beautiful and honest Gabby. It is a hugely needed reminder for our society as a whole. My hope is that the younger generations grasp onto this concept and fill the world with lovliness and let go of the negativity. I adore you. Thank you for being you!

  194. I loved all of what you shared in this post and especially the quote from ACIM about defenselessness. I just went through a major shift yesterday on something that has been at the forefront of my contemplation for a few months now. I was longing for a change within but could not seem to budge it. I don’t know what transpired for it to shift so suddenly and profoundly yesterday but I am so relieved. That phrase about my safety lying within my defenseless pretty much sums it up on a number of issues in my life right now. It’s a place that when I am in it, it feels natural and why-would-I-want-to-be-anywhere-else, and yet I can still be bounced out of it. I already was, this morning, on a different circumstance and this post brought me back to where I need to focus to keep my vibe high and the possibility of outcomes wider and broader. Thank you!

  195. Great vlog Gabby! I really appreciate you sharing this with us. I think it is incredibly difficult to make yourself open/vulnerable to another person and by the nature of your work, you are opening yourself up to thousands! Thank you for being so positive, giving and brave!

  196. Gabby,

    Your positive spirit SHINES through this recap of what happened and the details of your response!

    Please know, over the past 6 months you’ve inspired me past my own nervousness as I post enlightening messages more freely, without feeling self conscious about the “high-vibe content!”

    Your teaching today encourages me to take it to the next level. Thank you for all you do!

  197. Gabby, I love your openness and honesty in this vlog. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s very tough to open yourself up and just be vulnerable and admit that you’re afraid or insecure, and that you have feelings of inadequacy. That takes a lot of courage, and I love and admire you so much for that.

    First, you taught us that it is OK to be vulnerable. It is OK to be human, and to have feelings of insecurity, and to feel inadequate. But their purpose is to bring us deeper within ourselves and to put us face to face with the greatness within ourselves that we so often fail to recognize and validate.

    Second, you taught us that it’s OK to be open about those things. In the end, the only way we learn to be happier, wiser, and just overall better is by watching others go through this transformation themselves, by learning from their experiences and how they overcame their fears.

    Finally, you taught us that the answers are all inside. In the end, all you need to do is pull up a mirror and look deep inside, sit still, and listen for the voice of your inner wisdom. All you need to move forward is to just look inside with an open, honest mind.

    Gabby, thank you so much for being open and honest in this vlog. I loved it, and learned so much from this one video alone. You are an amazing person, and a huge inspiration!

  198. There’s no way i’m reading all of the comments haha! Thank you for the gift of Gabby. This hit home because i’m going through some positive transformations and nSocial Media can be tough because not everyone is on board.

    Handling the negativity is easy, in fact I ive always took pride in making them show their own dumbassedness. Battle with me and lose, was my mentality. It worked as far as looking smarter and one upping them… now i find myself wanting to empathize and transform them instead of one upping them. So I build them up.

    I’m realizing this is hard to do! Most aren’t very serious or just trying to be funny but the old me wants to come out. I’ve been lucky in choosing who is on my social media and who isn’t, so the negativity is mostly just lapses. So I don’t Pay attention, or even acknowledging these comments anymore and gravitate towards the positive ones. It naturally filters the naysayers and bean counters out naturally. They want attention. They want the battle, although it was almost an act of sadism to do so with me as I enjoyed the battles too.

    My question is, is it even worth trying to change their psychology into a more positive type of thinking or is it wasted energy over the “innanet”? I’m finding that many are changing as well, atleast as they interact on my social media pages so it is making a difference… but i kinda dig that “ratchetty” type stuff that incites these rises in emotion. It gets my juices flowing. Is it always going to be a struggle or will it start to come more naturally? Lol Thanks Gabbs!!

  199. Gabby, the fact that you’re posting so much on social media and allowing me and all the world to have a look at your personal everyday life is one of the traits I love most about you! So please don’t let negative comments intimidate you. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. I really appreciate it.
    xx Elisa

  200. Thanks for sharing Gabby. I agree with your suggestions on how to handle negative comments ( whether the negativity is expressed via social media or otherwise). However…I have experienced “negative comments” via the “rumor mill” from a co-worker. Such negative and disparaging comments are detrimental to my livelihood. In a case like this, what do you suggest? There are some very toxic people out there, who can do serious damage to peoples professional lives.

  201. I tell my kids–to every reaction there is an equal an opposite reaction. Thanks to Laura Gates–I think of myself in a bubble–I can look out–but I can’t be hurt anymore. I only allow love and positive energy to come into my space. It keeps me grounded and rooted in deep love and happiness–despite the winds of ugliness . . . be blessed as you are a blessing. oxox joyful mom

  202. Unfortunately one of the things that I think that the internet has brought to us is so much more negativity and meanness because it can be so impersonal. I wonder if all the people who give negative comments would be so mean and negative in person. They are the ones who are jealous and have self doubt, so they somehow think they will feel better if they can say negative things about others, rather than admit what they are really feeling themselves. We need to learn self love and that will give us the ability to radiate love and compassion towards others, and that’s what this world really needs right now. Peace to you and keep up your wonderful work.

  203. Gabby, I LOVE all your posts. So much light on instagram! Love it!! p.s. bc of you not only am I now reading ACIM and practicing Kundalini, but my closest friends are also enjoying this beautiful high vibe and healing experience and putting out more love into the world. Much love to you!! -Tina

  204. Thank you for being so vulnerable with us and reminding us to be positive. I struggle with the same issues when I put myself out there and I have to remind myself that when I look at the whole picture the positive comments do outweigh the negative ones. I agree we should all challenge ourselves to only post high vibe content and comments. Blessings to you!

  205. Hi Gabby! Love, Love, Love this message. It is also my vision to see social media be overflowing with positive messages. I use my Facebook business page to spread love, kindness, gratitude and peace everyday. I do fun post like Meditation Monday, Terrific Tune Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, Thought Thursday, etc. Check it out everyone and help me spread the love… Thanks and much love to you all ?

  206. I just love what you are saying! It is so true. Keep up the positive work and thank you for the honest and accurate video!

  207. Our most vulnerable moments help us to speak our truth…thank you for giving me strength by showing me the beauty in your vulnerability….I have just had a massive shift & want to share something that I have held on to for fear of criticism….I wrote this poem a while ago and I’ve finally found the courage to share it….interpret it however feels right for you…..Thank you Gabby for helping me to speak my truth 🙂


    You’re standing at the edge looking out at the unknown
    With fears of falling, stumbling and loss of control
    Cautiously you peer whilst anxieties arise
    And wonder how it is, that a soul flies

    It forces feelings that given a choice
    You would never want to feel
    But your feet are stuck, your mind screams
    As you try to lift your heel

    Frozen you stand there receiving fear upon fear
    The darkness of your worries
    Are always so near

    The paralysis has become part of you
    And there’s frustration upon frustration
    But you find disturbed comfort
    In the nothing for which you are waiting

    Know these feelings will consume you
    They will torture and confuse you
    You are unable to look behind you
    When all you want is to look back

    You stare straight ahead at the vastness of your future
    There are no familiar faces
    Who will be your teacher?

    There’s no security of success
    There’s no promise of intact pride
    There’s no path for you to walk on
    No certainty of a smooth ride

    Step forward or step back??
    As your feet begin to loosen
    Frustration or freedom
    What will be your choosing??

    Will it be the comfort of your known?
    Back to the familiar territory
    In the arms of guilt and worthlessness,
    Fear, confusion and anxiety?

    Before your heel hits the ground
    Please will you look at me
    I am standing right besides you
    I’ll support your decision whatever it be

    Let me take you back to the beginning
    Back to the edge of the cliff
    For the edge is not what scares you
    It’s the haunting of your what if’s!

    Again the edge is not what scares you
    For what scares you is what you see
    Of everything you are
    But which you choose not to be

    Will you choose courage?
    Will you have faith in what you do?
    Will you step off the edge?
    To discover the greatness within you

    I will be next to you
    But I will not hold your hand
    You do not need me to
    It’s your life, you have full command

    Your freedom is you boundary,
    And the unknown openness
    Is a reflection of your worth
    And unlimited greatness

    So swoop fly and soar
    In a sky of freedom and choice
    Have FAITH in who you are
    And free your inner voice


  208. Thank You for addressing this Gabby. I did notice the negative comments regarding your Instagram pictures back in April. I was confused as to weather I agreed with the comments or not , but I refused to add a negative comment. I stopped following you on Instagram at that moment because I was not sure of my purpose for following you on Instagram ; however I do enjoy your videos and your books and I appreciate all that you have to offer.

    Thank You for the work you do.
    With lots of love
    Ceped65 ????

  209. Hey Gabby.
    All good will be attacked, just the way life is. Some people can”t stand the light your bringing into the world so they have to shut it down, That being said, DON”T CHANGE A SINGLE BIT. It is more about them than you. The fact that your vulnerable to bring these feelings up, is in a strange way comforting to those of us who are still students To see someone advanced like you talking about these issues shows us, if Gabby can confront this and work her way through it, so can I. There are lessons to be learned in live and tests. Some of us are occasionally retested just to be sure we still got it. Gabby keep it up, love you !!!

  210. Gabby~
    I’m so grateful for your comments on how to handle negativity! I do struggle with this and am always so grateful for advise on this topic. Thank you for the reminder of the ego wanting to be seen and to respond negatively in kind. I’m so thankful for all you do and that you are a part of my life. Many blessings~

  211. I admire your vulnerability and you helped me realize that a video I posted recently had some need for acceptance and external validation. So your willingness to speak about a personal issues like this has helped me – which will only help me grow and shine brighter in my life, always affecting others! I haven’t watched your videos in Sheila Gabby, but it was good to hear your voice and I adore your true essence. You are AUTHENTIC. It’s all we need to aspire to be, and I honor that in you deeply. You choose to express yourself in many ways, and it is playful and fun, it is nice to see the spiritual aspect and the playful expressive side of life – we are meant to live as humans and embrace our bodies, lives, creations, you do so beautifully!!!! <333

  212. I have come through a lot and also over come alot. It helped a lot when you talked about your partner not being on the spiritual path but what do we do when our partner sabotages our plan to give up the toxic things in our diet like sugar? I sell my art at festivals and there are always temptations, but he went and bought the gourmet cupcakes and the day after I had one my neck pain was unbarable! I know it was the sugar.

  213. Very lovely message! I’m sorry that you received a bunch of lousy comments- I don’t really understand why that has to happen 🙁 I try to live everyday in an optimistic fashion and I really don’t worry about little things. People’s feelings are more important! Keep up the great work!

  214. I really appreciate the points you make, Gabby. If someone’s facebook or instagram posts are triggering me or making me feel yucky, then it’s my responsibility to care enough about my mental space that I STOP following them, without leaving a mean comment! This has definitely happened to me recently, and I feel so much lighter now that I’m only following people who I feel put out “high vibe” content, or whose work/ideas/ways of being really resonate with me. It’s for that reason, that I stopped following you on instagram and facebook, but I hope I’ll feel ready to follow you again soon! Much Love!

  215. Hey Gabby thank you so much for this message,I shared it with my 18 year old son Who ironically had told me the day before that he had 57 likes on a negative comment he had posted on something,
    When he finished listening to you he said … I wouldn’t have listened to that if she wasn’t so Hot,
    2 days later I heard him contemplating another post with his 16 year old brother and he stop and said “no we don’t need to post that it won’t do anyone any good” He heard your message …. Thank you for sharing your beauty from the inside out!
    Lots of Love from a Very happy Mom.

  216. Thanks Gabby! You are truly a positive life force and we really need to come together in order to keep the flow generating towards joy, and overpower those who have chosen to be ruled by ego. It is so easy to get baited by comments which bring us down and your courage to put yourself out there helps those of us who are still intimidated by what people think of us. I guess hurtful comments are just stepping stones to true forgiveness and only strengthen us in the end.

  217. Dear Gabby,
    Due to one of your high vibe messages, my official nickname in my bf phone is The Green Smoothie. More power to the high vibe message! I will help spread.

  218. Thanks Gabby! You showed up in my life when I needed your message and most. Observing your beauty, truth and adventuresome spirit is delightful. I am 20 years your senior and appreciate your wisdom as I let go and let the real me shine. You inspire so many of us.
    Blessings dear one and many thanks.

  219. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I have been bottling up so many negative emotions and perspectives towards people who have lashed out at me due to shared tensions and arisings, and moments brought onto myself by negative karma. I just need to remember that positivity and happiness is my natural state. I was brought to you by an angel, one who knew I needed to stay focused so I can fulfill my purpose and goals in this lifetime. Bless you and the messages you are spreading, they hit with true harmony and love. Thank you Gabrielle.

  220. Lovely message as always Gabby. Thanks so much. I always look forward to these weekly vlogs. And you look BEAUTIFUL!! xoxo

  221. Dearest Gabby, Hope this brightens your day 🙂 I was at the Ignite event in NYC (Feb), You and Mastin Kipp spoke, I was so moved by the messages that you and Mastin passed on to the audience of love, servitude and gratitude that I knew something big was coming to me. Well, it wasn’t a diamond ring 🙂 but rather a very verbally abused 32 yr old woman I had met while volunteering and who was in dire need of help. So, I reached out my hand and said come with me. ‘Katherine’ has been w/my husband and myself for 3 months getting her life together, cleaning up the collateral damage she had created for the last 16 of 32 yrs of life as an addict, learning to live in a home filled with love.She is reading Mastin’s blog and each night we read ‘May Cause Miracles’ and it truly has been amazing to see the miracles that have happened for this young lady
    every day. I give thanks every morning that I was in the audience of the NYC Ignite conference and felt the gift of love that you and Mastin gave to me that weekend so in turn I was able to give the gift of safe haven and love to ‘Katherine’. Stay tuned for more to come, I am now trying to find Kundalini yoga training center so I may be able to continue my path of giving and sending love to all that cross my path. Thank-you,thank-you, thank-you for crossing MY PATH.
    Loving Kindness and Gratitude,

      1. Gabby, remember many of the people that send negative comments is due to their inability to look inside themselves and address the inner child that is desperately in need of love and attention, thus ignoring the child it leads to repression-depression-anger. A narcissistic(weak-minded) person is always quick to point everyone’s ‘issues’ thus trying to be in control of one’s emotions.You diffused these ‘toxic’ people perfectly by acknowledging their need for attention..bravo..oh. and yes, remember our dear friend KARMA will be knocking on their door soon!

  222. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to dig deeper within my self and for giving me concrete tools to get to a place of self love.

  223. Thank you, Gabby, for being YOU and for sharing this beautiful message. We all experience this in some way, shape, or form. Your thoughtful approach and vulnerability will stick with me. Universal mirror! All love~Ashley

  224. You are so wonderful, thank you for this gift. This video came at a great time for me, I am glad that I watched 🙂 I love the “forgive & delete” outlook I have been a more “delete & inside my mind how dare they” kind of girl, just as you explained its a defence for sure and it feels ugly and sends an angry burning sensation through out my body. I am going to now look for the lesson. Thank you!!!

    P.S I was asked by my mother-in-law who had I been reading lately and I mentioned your book, she said “yes I know her, I am very familiar with her work” she said this with a glowey excited smile!! This shocked me & I was super excited to talk to her about it, but my nephew hit his head on the table and that was the end of the conversation, all week I have been asking my husband “lets go see your mom!!” I just love how your work is creating Miracles in more than one person in my life! Thank you!!!

  225. Thank you so much for this video Gabby. It’s a huge eye opener for me when someone says something negative to not let my ego get out of hand to come out playing the victim role & to not waste the energy of saying anything, the truth will reveal itself! I’m going to keep this mind to let it go & send them love

  226. Gabby, I love your site because it is such an open forum you have created for like minded individuals to help each other out. You are doing a wonderful job and service and just being yourself! Great advice and lovely blog. Sat Nam

  227. We each have a responsibility, but some people are not going to live up to it, so having some assurance that you can still rise up even after this kind of abuse is comforting. Even when some of us fail to keep things in the proper perspective when in the negative mindset that leads to attacks and excess criticism of people through a computer screen, there’s still room for growth and happiness that can come to the target of that..just like Gabby came up with solutions one by one that are bringing her increased success, we can each create gifts of the problems we have and see our dreams or enjoyment of our mission expand because of how we’ve responded after the initial pain; creating more positive posts as a means of narrowing her audience is one way that Gabby has problem solved and produced more joy for herself and others in her mission at the same time. This will eventually lead to happier states for her and her readers.

    If you believe that positivity can come from anything and that you can have something greater than you had before as a result of negativity, then even being the public target of hate can not keep you down forever. Beyonce is a clear example (I hope she continues to rise her tolerance level by focusing on the good in her life as she becomes more of a target) and now Gabby is another.

    It’s one thing to walk into a room and have a few negative encounters, it’s a completely different thing to have tons, hundreds or thousands, of people focusing their negativity, sometimes for as little as the fact that you are still succeeding in your passion publicly and therefore still in their face. At one point, we will each be tempted to target someone. I think maturity comes when we can take a step back looking at our own vulnerabilities, potential jealousies or other rationale for our anger, and stop ourselves from releasing it through an opinion…in short, if it bothers you to see someone online or in the media, find something else to pay attention to…fill your cup and you’ll have less to criticize in others. This is advice for myself as well and I hope it becomes the norm for most people when writing their opinions online.

  228. Great vlog, but I’m struggling how you make it all work when it is your supervisor at work who is mean and nasty, who loves to put me (and others down) and holds my economic security in his hands. Okay, maybe the universe does in the highest sense, but I have to figure out how not to let this woman reduce me to feeling useless and worthless. No matter how much I ask for Ing, for help, I still do get stung.

  229. just watched this and it’s awesome! For every hater you have many more people that love your work and appreciate the messages. keep doing you girl! Satnam 🙂

  230. Gabby, thank you for all the LOVE & Knowledge that you share to help make this world a better place!!!! Blessings & Peace….Namaste

  231. Thank you for taking the time to post this vlog. It is so important to remember to use our in built filter as these days it’s easy for one to hide behind their laptop or phone screen and say things which they wouldn’t dream of, to someone face to face.

    We all have a sense of what is right/wrong or good/bad and by posting those low vibrational comments, we ignore that inner moral compass that God gave us and we inherently learnt from our conditioning.

    I too, have been procrastinating over starting my blog because I’ve been afraid of
    a) would anyone want to read what I have to say
    b) do I have any value to add to the saturated blog bank already on the internet
    c) would I be ridiculed for my words.

    But the bottom line is also this.
    The more that I am ok, accepting and loving of who I am, and do not allow others to challenge, waiver or question me on this, then the easier it is for me to put out an unequivocal message.
    The important thing is to keep on going even if we make the occasional blunder, dust ourselves off and reap the rewards for ourselves and others when we do share content.

    In the process of sharing we learn something more about ourselves, such as our resilience or the depth of our brilliance, and in so doing, also bring sunshine to others (with high vibrational content of course). There is also something really poetic about sharing a part of ourselves (with discernment) as it allows our hearts to open and connect with ourselves and others more deeply and profoundly.

    “Kindness made me kind”. I like that as a take home message.

    Thank you,
    Alpa xx
    @soulhealeralpa on twitter.

  232. These blogs always seem to match up so well with my life. I’ve been dealing with a very negative friend lately and through this blog I’ve realized the best way to end negativity is by giving love. Thanks Gabby!

  233. You’re beautiful! So well- spoken and courageous to speak about things that many find too out of their comfort zone to even consider! Thanks for making me feel less weird and alone!

  234. It’s that whole “eye for an eye” thing isn’t it? when someone stings us badly, we do sometimes REALLY want to sting them back. Part of me really relishes the idea of giving certain people a sound thrashing. it is pretty neat to hear you have that same struggle as well…and still, you choose love. Looking forward to more glorious work from you Gabbyb in the years to come. Shanti and Namaste to you, Gabby.

  235. Gabby,

    I’ve had to deal with my own negativity and have found much help from May Cause Miracles and Spirit Junkie. I make a point in keeping my social media totally upbeat and now when I am faced with negativity I practice Yoga and Meditation, offering up a Prayer and taking the time to listen!

    Thank You,

  236. Thanks for the heartfelt message Gabby! It takes alot of courage to truly get out there in a big way & spread the message of love & light. Something I always feel is such a foundation on any type of challenging, or sticky situation is Louise Hay’s book- You Can Heal Your Life. I’m sure you have probably read it. I have a ton of times but always feel its such a fmessage of truth and helps me gain perspective and always see things in a new light every time I read it.
    There will also be some critics, but your beautiful message & work reaches so many of us & want to thank you :)!

  237. Thanks for the heartfelt message Gabby! It takes alot of courage to truly get out there in a big way & spread the message of love & light. Something I always feel is such a foundation on any type of challenging, or sticky situation is Louise Hay’s book- You Can Heal Your Life. I’m sure you have probably read it. I have a ton of times but always feel its such a message of truth and helps me gain perspective and always see things in a new light every time I read it.
    There will also be some critics, but your beautiful message & work reaches so many of us & want to thank you :)!

  238. Gabby,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    As an Image Specialist, I am writing a book for the Balboa Press contest on “dressing your inner beauty”. It’s basically about truly discovering who you are on the inside, so you can radiate on the outside. Creating
    head-to-toe looks for thousands of women over my career, I see too often that women stay small and put little or no effort into their image due to their own insecurities. (I’m not thin enough, tall enough, I don’t have the time or money, etc.) I want to change that. Change the face of beauty. We all have to get dressed everyday, well in most places anyway! ha-ha
    Style and radiance starts with ones thoughts. It is the self-discovery, the love of oneself that allows you to truly show up and radiate! We’ve all witnessed a woman who walks into a room and heads turn. She may not be the “prettiest” but, she sure is the most “beautiful and magnetic”!
    I’ve been taking some flack from people who say,
    “What?!? Women will always be victims to fashion and their hair!”
    “Women will always wear what’s trending, it doesn’t matter if they “FEEL” good, they look GOOD!”
    “Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it!”

    I was forgiving them and their short sited views. (Not without the occasional- can I really do this? Or- who do you think you are girl?!)

    After listening to you, I remembered one of my favorite quotes,
    “When we are struggling, the two most powerful words we can hear are:
    ME TOO!”
    Your vulnerability is so generous! Thanks for being my ‘ME TOO’!

  239. I experience deep sadness at negative comments, even if they’re not directed at me.

    The sadness isn’t for me, but for the person who made the negative comment. And it is sad isn’t it that these people experience life with such bitterness. There’s beauty in each moment of life and they’re completely missing it.

    Thank you, Gabby. I bought your book a few weeks ago. Excited that it’s next in my reading queue! I love having a reading queue 🙂

  240. HIGH VIBE!

    My beautiful friend Erin Stutland has created the most incredible program called Magical Manifesters. It begins again on Monday and it always makes me feel like a million bucks and I am high vibe-ing all over the place 🙂 Info below for anyone who is interested!

  241. Thanks so much for posting this. It is so true about looking inwards when we feel a negative reaction. I recognise that I feel triggered by selfies and fully admit that feelings of irritation were coming up when multiple selfies appeared on my homepage from your facebook page. I could feel the discomfort and I tried to analyse where it was coming from, what is it in me that gets triggered. I first heard you on Hayhouse radio and I fully credit you for leading me to a Course in Miracles so am hugely grateful for that. I realised that I can be gratefeul for that and appreciate your work and all I had to do was “unfollow” the facebook page and the selfies no longer appear on my homepage! Simple! There are plenty of people who do appreciate these photos so I am thinking that the people who don’t are not forced to look at them and am wondering why they continue to do so if it brings up such bad feelings for them. There have been many articles written on the culture of selfies, they do divide people but I recognise there are many people who do appreciate them and that my feelings/reactions towards them are down to my own patterns. Thank you for the spiritual work you do Gabby xx

  242. H Gabby,

    I was watching your video again, and you know you have so much to say Gabby and I wonder why should anybody have anything to say negative about you!? Anyway, you are totally right, somebody said something and why did I bother about it? Looking forward to see your next video.

    Take care,

  243. Hi Gabby, I needed to hear this so badly! i just started doing my coaching program for women who suffer with compulsive overeating – helping women to release this addiction in a spiritual way. after my two workshops I had a lady emailing me and really criticising what i do – she did not like my music, lightning, said that i was sharing too much about myself and apparantely coaches should not be doing this… and it made me cry, it made me very vulnerable and very raw. i was angry at first, then tried to think what did she reminded me of and then i listen to your video and it HELPED me so much!

    Thank you for your posts and your videos and for everything you do.

    I love you soul sister xxxx


  244. Gabby, thank you for addressing this topic! It’s something I can relate to. I share a lot of information that busts through illusions about health, food, the environment, world issues, and so on and I always try to do in the most compassionate way but I still get backlash from some friends. I am really starting to believe that no matter how gently you tell the truth, there are certain people who will always be triggered because their illusions about our reality are being exposed and they snap into cognitive dissonance. Maybe my part in that is to be understanding of their reaction, accept it and just not take it personally the way they do.

  245. You’re very real and personable Gabby and I love what you put out here for all of us. So thank you for keeping it mindful and peaceful. I really don’t know how you can get negative feedback but it happens to all of us. I pray that the next time it happens to me I can respond in the same state of mind as you have.

    I have a site about self esteem building so it gets a little touchy sometimes with people because they do lack self love but I keep it upbeat and positive. Thank you for being a great role model for me to draw strength from.

    With lots of love and admiration,

  246. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I admire your vulnerability and openness as these are qualities I’ve strived to develop in myself. You’re such an inspiration to me and I’m thankful that the Universe guided me to your writings and website years ago. 🙂

  247. You are a great inspiration whenever i’m feeling caught up in life and not focusing on my spirit i come to you for advice and feel so refreshed after listening! 🙂
    Thankyou Gabby!!!!!

  248. I very much appreciate your video. There was a negative comment in your feed not too long ago and I started getting defensive on your behalf! Your amazing reminder applies to all of my negativity towards others, thank you tenfold for your love and gentle reminder to choose love.

  249. Thank you Gabby for sharing this! I so needed to hear what you are saying as I am facing some negativity right now.

    After my breast cancer treatments, I just want and long for love, health and happiness in MY life, for the people around me and for those lives that I touch and realize I can only achieve that if I start radiating that form within me.

    Sending you and everyone here a big hug (because there just aren’t enough of them in the world.)

    with love and light!

  250. Really thank you for this! Often times I won’t like something I see online and something I feel like I should speak my mind about it because so many others are and I thought it was good to just have a voice, even if it was negative.

    Now I’m seeing how I was wrong…and I feel bad for a comment I left yesterday. I didn’t even think about the person that wrote the article I commented on.

    This opened my mind today. It’s not big of me to speak my mind when it’s negative like I believed. It’s actually bigger to not comment if I won’t say something nice.

    You open my heart so often Gabby!

  251. Really thank you for this! Often times I won’t like something I see online and something I feel like I should speak my mind about it because so many others are and I thought it was good to just have a voice, even if it was negative.

    Now I’m seeing how I was wrong…and I feel bad for a comment I left yesterday. I didn’t even think about the person that wrote the article I commented on.

    This opened my mind today. It’s not big of me to speak my mind when it’s negative like I believed. It’s actually bigger to not comment if I won’t say something nice.

    You open my heart so often Gabby!


  252. I think this was a great video on dealing with the negativity that I think we all deal with at some point. I believe that this is a true sign that you’re stepping into your spotlight. When you start to do good there are things that will come up to try and block you.

    But, when you reach a space where you truly love those who don’t have love for you so that you can continue to love those who do is a truly beautiful thing.

  253. So true and beautiful. Realizing that our social media post and responses are an extension of our energy and a reflection of us is so empowering. I no longer feel anxiety or a rush of adrenaline when checking my social media post. I stopped responding to hateful comments a long time ago- or responding with love. Knowing you can delete and move on or send someone love in response to their hateful words creates an amazing peace of mind. This is a great message for this generation and the next. Thank you Gabby! You rock!

  254. Such a much needed and perfect message. Thank you so much for sharing! Lovin’ the high-vibe content! “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Heart of a Buddha

  255. I have just recently discovered your book May Cause Miracles and you. You are exactly what I need in my life right now. My path over the last few years has been enriched by many of the same influences. I can relate to you on so many levels. My path over the last seven years has been in recovery as well. And my spiritual life has grown exponentially. Please keep up the good work, there are many of us who love you.

  256. Wonderful post Gabby 🙂 It’s great to remind people that there’s no need for negative commenting on people’s expressions on social media sites – they probably usually wouldn’t say it to anybody’s face and saying it on their page etc could be just as hurtful. No need for that negativity. 🙂

  257. This is such an interesting topic as criticism is something that nobody is immune from and, as a particularly thin-skinned girl, something I have been studying a lot. I particularly love how the Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm talks about it ( there’s a brilliant talk of his on youtube about it – about how it is good to be challenged) and also Eckhart Tolle – which is more about taking control of our own part as I’m not sure we can try to control what others write. I think we can be a bit over sensitive to it (I know I can anyway!) and the answer lies in how we deal with it internally.
    I have to ask myself, would it really be helpful to never receive any criticism and to only get high vibe comments? I am not sure if I would ever grow if that were the case. Can I really be indignant at people leaving negative comments who don’t know me but at the same time accept the great feeling that comes from high vibe comments from people who equally don’t know me? Also, can everyone who doesn’t share our opinion or who questions something we put out there really be classed a “hater”?
    As an example, I can think of one incident this year – when somebody I barely knew criticised me very harshly and seemingly out of nowhere. My bottom lip wobbled inwardly, my defences went up, my friends did the friend thing and rallied round saying they couldn’t believe she had said that and that it wasnt true. Then, as time went on I realised she had a point. Worse, she was completely right – and I started becoming aware everytime I did it, and getting better at not doing it and I have to say she taught me an amazing lesson and helped me a lot a lot a lot. I would never have even realised I did it otherwise and it was a huge lesson and caused a big shift!
    I think if a friend had gently pointed it out I dont think I would have taken it in really – a virtual stranger “rudely” pointing it out when she had no place, wow, it hit the spot – I could take it more from them! And learn. And grow. And I hope I continue growing but I dont think I will if people only say nice things to me.
    Which isnt to say I like criticism or welcome it or am not caught off guard and stung by it and praise definitely feels really good but I am really not convinced by a world of only high vibe comments. I’m also pretty sure that telling somebody I forgive them or sending them love in that moment could come across as a bit passive aggressive and lead them to get more defensive (I know how I would hear that when my ego is taking over!)

    Being abusive or insulting I agree is absolutely not on but I’m not sure censoring all criticism is such a good idea, being challenged is a huge opportunity for growth and we can usually separate out the people who are having a bad time and putting out their own negative stuff and when they actually might have a point.

  258. i am guilty of seeking the approval of others, it happens at my job. thank you for your honesty and advice on where this comes from and how to approach it. you are awesome gabby, keep up the great work. 🙂

  259. Gabby –
    Your transparency and authenticity leap off the computer screen – thank you for your work and your efforts to raise everyone’s awareness of the good that is in the world.

  260. Hi everyone! So glad to find this page and listen to wise words and advice. Unfourtunately I don’t speak english very well ’cause I’m argentina. But I could understand a little about what she’s trying to say and explain to us. I just get lost when she talked about receiving approval from others, this item is like my big karma ’cause I sadly LIVE searching for approbal, I consider myself like a kamaleon person, that changes my personality with every person I am with. And I know it’s wrong but I don’t know HOW I can change this. I live pending my phyisical image and that’s a big problem too. ‘Cause if someone say or thinks negative things about my body, I feel terribly bad and then I “close” myself at home instead of going out and have fun despite my body. Please help me to understand how I could manage it, because it’s killing me inside. Thank youuuu so much!

  261. You enlighten and inform in such a beautiful and dynamic way. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate that needs the positive messages and information that you share even more. Seems they have too much time on their hands that could be put to use in far better ways. It’s actually sad and says more about them than the person they are attacking. You mentioned the same thing my mother always said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing!”

  262. I am very reluctant to share on social media but I also can see how it is something that I need to become more comfortable with as a means of expressing myself creatively.(Actually,to be honest,I KNOW I need to be blogging but anyway….)

    I put off looking at this Vlog because I felt it would stir up some emotions for me.I wasn’t really thinking of the social media aspect.Yesterday,I had an encounter that showed me how I have been seeking the approval of others and that it is something I truly need to work on.It can almost be like an addiction.Needless to say,the post was right on time.

    Thanks for the confirmation!

  263. Hi Gabby,
    You are so beautiful and inspiring, and I think your gifts are just so thoughtful:) I have been practicing your Kundilini meditation, which has been a very empowering experience for me. I just think the world had more Gabby’s:))

    Lots of love to you.

  264. Hi Gabrielle, my partner and I are watching your videos for the first time today. We are in Chennai, India. This video in particular resonates a lot with me. Thank you. I needed to hear it 🙂

  265. thank you. i love my family and just had an experience today where i wanted to attack the other person for being mean to me and realized it’s in me where’s there is a problem. so glad i was able to find a video to help me deal with my own issue.

  266. Excellent video. I hope that lots of people read my FB post with this link. My young adult daughter (22) and son (18) post comments about me that I see. The 18 y/o… ok… I get that… the 22 y/o come on….

    I realize I’m not “exciting” or “cool” to them but I’ve always done my best to be a good dad.

    it hurts when I see a tweet that says “awkward dad lunch” #theworst” .

    Simply rude.

    I’m just happy to see my kids when I do. Nope, don’t always have exciting or stimulating conversation…. two people (or more) sitting at the table here…. Feel free to steer the conversation if you find me boring….

    good lord – what I wouldn’t give for a little respect, and dignity….

  267. Hi Gaby Im writing you from Nicaragua Im a huge fan of “may cause miracles” now I promise i will buy spirit junkie thank you for all The positive comments and vídeos they definetly help me everyday blessings 🙂 Michelle

  268. Hi Gabby!
    I was just referred to this video as I transitioned my public blog to a private one as I was receiving a lot of negative feedback and commentary and things that were hurting me deeply and profoundly. I really found so much truth and light and love in what you wrote, and actually just bookmarked all of your books in my amazon cart as I make it through my current reading list and then treat myself to some new, empowering reading.

    Thank you, for all that you do.

    1. a great message i learned from one of my ACIM teachers is, “don’t be afraid of the people.” Amanda, continue to fearlessly share your work. I know it’s hard to receive negative comments. Ugh it sucks! But do your best to work out your feelings and continue to share your light. we need it:)

  269. At some stage we all receive negative comments – whether this is due to a choice in partner or change in career path etc – but your comments on dealing with negativity better are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  270. First of all, thank you for you and for sharing. My thought after I listened to your words was how I have never felt good after saying something negative. But I always feel lighter and more joyful when I embody positive thoughts and speak positive words. Here’s to everyone feeling light and joyful today!

  271. Hello, David Hoffmeister talks a lot about “people pleasing” and basically how it is another trap or temptation. This helped me with the negative attitudes from others. I used to think that people pleasing was love until i realised that i can love without trying to please everyone elses standards and judgments. Check it out.

  272. Hi Gabby,
    I just came across this video today and I am following your advice at the end of it to post something really high vibe. So, first, thank you for the video. I think it is helpful to everyone because we all face criticism from others and learning to find the gift in it (rather than defensive anger and hurt) is very liberating.
    You suggested that we share something empowering and high vibe about ourselves and so I am sharing that I recently had my first novel published and I am going to be interviewed by Macha on Her Future radio.
    Also, two members of Her Future have been helpful and shown generosity of spirit in encouraging and helping me through the process of finding and publisher and working on promotion. Thanks, Chrissy and Danielle.

  273. Just watched this… Your vulnerability rocks. Such a beautiful and powerful way of addressing an issue we all face. Your courage is inspiring- thanks for sharing.

  274. Hi Gabby,
    I just noticed that you wrote an endorsement of Alice Grist’s book The High-Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living. She does a good job of talking about how to react to negativity from other people too. You must be soul sisters.
    She is the publisher of my novel. Nice to see I am in good company!

  275. All you need is love!!!! All together now….All you need is LOVE….EVERYBODY

    It must be that pesky EGO that tells us “that person is wrong and I am going to use my words to respond and try and change them” The only thing that we can change is ourselves and how we choose to respond or better yet….not respond, and Gabby you delivered the message perfectly. Love you long time. ; ) lol

  276. Loving comments to you all the way from rural France. You are an inspiration, beautiful and courageous. You have done the right thing- only positive comments allowed. We should only be encouraging each other . Much love k

  277. Love this Gab. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I love what you said about putting out high vibe content. I think that is key. And also if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all….Awesome.

    Thank you so much for all the awesome work you do and can’t wait to see you in Sydney soon.


  278. I think this positive and loving way to think and act is just the type of message we all need to hear and to give to others. It is so much better to lift others up and make people feel good about themselves:)

  279. I love this Vlog and especially how open and real you are with people. I used to post and repost political things of negative content and all the “Get myself better post!” lol Now I have, over time, moved to deeper, positive, motivational posts and sites. I don’t even look at them anymore, and I have been truly amazed at the response and impact it has had, not only on others but on myself. Now I look for and love to share things that lift others up and can hopefully be an inspiration to others! So this especially hit home for me! Thank you for sharing and all the wonderful things you do. Peace and Blessings 🙂

  280. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL GABBY! I have just found your work and I am sooooooo feeling your vibe! Thank you for KICKING ASS!!

  281. Hey there this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if
    blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience.

    Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  282. I’ve been working on the act of forgiveness and trying not let other peoples negative thoughts or insults bother me, but I have to admit it is a struggle but I’m really improving. Someone told me “what other people think of you is known of your business.”
    So everyone just do you and only have love for people 🙂

    Also, I’m new to this website and I find it very inspiring. All the high vibes and beautiful, loving people that come together.

  283. Thanks Gabby
    I bought your book on miracles after hearing you on satellite radio. You are such an inspiration.! I also enjoyed the world peace meditation with Deepak Chopra.
    How very cool.
    I have had comments like you say for sharing a post which was positive. Blew my mind! I did not respond. I also did have the knee jerk response. Had a friend say look at the mirror…
    She also does ACIM

  284. I just want to say you that I love you, and that I am completely agree with all you are saying. high vibes comments always, yes!!!!
    love you darling,

  285. Thanks so much for sharing this experience. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Had some negative replies to an invitation I sent out that left me feeling hurt and defensive, and I immediately wanted to delete these people from my LI network. You really helped me learn how to see these comments in a different way, to work on my own feelings of lack and inadequacy. Now, if you can do a video on how to let go of the need for approval, that would be totally awesome! My partner is reading “The Universe Got Your Back” and has been telling me all about you. I’m so excited to find my here, I can’t get enough of your good vibes! Thank you for putting yourself out there to help others like me.

  286. What a great message, and so pertinent to the times we live in!
    When I first became an author I used to stress big-time on that first negative review that hadn’t even happened! Luckily, by the time it did appear, the book had received so many positive reviews that I was able to balance it against those. But still, I realised that I had to change the way that I was feeling as you’ve described in this video. Lessons! 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learnt from your experiences!

  287. A great message that I am sure a lot of people posting online, have to deal with from time to time, even me 😉 This is how I deal with it; I came to the realisation that I cannot please everyone and not everyone is going to like what I have to say, but some people might and maybe some get something positive out of my message. You have to develop a little bit of a thick skin when trying to put your message out there, but there are 7 billion people in the world I am sure a few will like what you have to say, I know I do. Sat nam xo Piet Hein

  288. It’s not easy to deal with negative comments. I am always controversial in my comments and needless to say I faced a lot of rejections. It used to hurt very much at first but after awhile, I somehow get used to it and it hurts lesser and lesser. Great tip by the way! My first time on your site and I already made 2 comments! Not something I’d do everyday!

  289. I’m a homeschool coach and my book is due to be published in 1/17. It’s been a huge year of trusting my gut and finding my faith that what I had to offer was valuable and wanted. I had a “friend” who tried to discourage me from publishing on so many levels. Distancing myself from her helped tremendously. I’m grateful for these videos that are constant reminders to bring my energy back to self. Hugs. Bev

  290. Hi Gabby!

    I think your mom maybe was my mom? When I was growing up, my mom would say if you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone, don’t say anything at all. I grew up in a household where opinions were respected and understood as opinions and not the ultimate truth. As a very young girl, I would become very upset when my friends would speak in a harmful ways about other kids or call them names. To this day, as a 59 year old woman, I cultivate speaking my truth without causing harm and as the Buddhists say, “Drive all blames into one”. From my seeing, it’s powerful to take ownership of it all because in the end the common denominator is me. I read a quote recently that went something like, “if you started the fight you’ve already lost the battle”. That’s it in a nutshell. Keep on keeping on!

  291. This morning before watching this, I had written the following in my journal: This morning I release my tension over the fear of the hatred of others. I release the need for approval and consent. I release my fear of judgment and give only love so I allow in only love.

    I realize that others cannot attack ME, they can only attack US. My real fear is not of hatred, but separation and being ostracized. I now perceive that we are all one, and angry comments cannot change that. The truth can never be changed by a lie.

    So much love to all of us. We don’t need anyone to allow us to continue to love.

  292. I am finding so much support, guidance, love and relief from your words, attitudes and amazing strength and humility. I’ll be 36 on Saturday and feeling such a deep shift taking place! I look to your videos/meditations podcasts everyday lately and I am really so endlessly grateful to have found such a gorgeous, powerful lady to help guide me and shift my negative thinking into love. ❤️ Thank you for always sharing so authentically. I so appreciate your beautiful work and commitment to helping change fear into love. You are a gift in my life and more importantly to this world
    ONE LOVE sister
    And in the light of the haters -I gotta say I love your style! You’re adorable and gorgeous! I’m a long haired blonde, petite jew-girl ma’self

  293. Thanks Gabby for the pep talk, it can be so easy to jump on the bandwagon and foster further negative comments, but one thing I’ve learnt in my 46 years is that it doesn’t serve you well and you have to dig deep to find the root of why you are effected by these comments. As you rightly said it’s about how we react to these comments. I will consciously make an effort to dig deep into myself and ascertain why I’m effected by what I perceive to be negative comments, what has triggered them and learn to look at them from a place of Love, Opportunity and Growth. Thank you for your inspiration 🙂

  294. Thank you for sharing your message Gabby! This is one of the things I needed to hear today. I appreciate all the guidance you share, it has helped me tremendously on my journey of getting more in touch with the universe. Much love!

  295. Hey, Thanks for all you shared. You’ve helped me a lot. Your videos you posted were so helpful. Your big light to the world. Every word that comes out of your mouth is so peaceful and empowering. Best of luck to you!!!peace and love!

  296. I just saw this video. You are such a beautiful soul with such a great message and a big open heart that you share with the world. Sending you love, light, hugs, positive energy, vibes and thoughts. Namaste

  297. Hello Gabby,

    Thank you for the gift you bring this world. I can relate to your experience, had similar reactions and choose to stay positive , let them be and even thanked them for positing there view. This moment am grateful for all the people who read my blogs and give positive comments on how it inspires them. Thank you for just being openly you. It helps me in keeping the believe that I am on a wright path for me.
    loving greetings,

  298. Gabby,
    I don’t normally post this type of thing but I’ve been following Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and now you. I’m relatively new to the practices of treating everything with love (only within the last couple of years). I have to say to you that I TRULY admire you and the work you’re doing especially with your age group. I think it’s definitely necessary and since I personally have some specific work and personal situations I am trying to deal with, right now, this particular message really resonates with me. I’m now finishing the second of one of your books and you are making a HUGE, positive difference in my life. God bless you and everything you do to make the world a better place.

    1. bless you! thank you for sharing this.
      I know that the light you see in others is a reflection of your own light <3

  299. Thank you so much, Gabby. This is perfect for me today. I’ve been using your compassion meditation a lot lately for this specific topic, but this video and your message really clarified the issue for me. <3 Love, love love.

  300. I just began working with a life coach in the spring. I have over listening to your audio books and videos. I loved this one. I do put to much stock in what people think. I am a people pleaser. I have learned so much in the past couple months. I wish I had done it sooner.

  301. Dear Gabby.
    I’m reading your book “The Universe has your Back” and loving every page. When I came upon the chapter on signs (you chose an owl), I struggled with what my sign was going to be. So I released it to the Universe with trust and faith that it would come to me. A day after I read the chapter, I got an email from the Harvard Museum of Natural History inviting me to a special symposium on, wait for it, OWLS!!! At that moment, I knew the Universe was guiding me. And then and there I chose love and joy as my sign. Since that day three weeks ago, I’ve seen and felt a ton of love and joy in my life, from family, friends and colleagues. And laughter. You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  302. I called my favorite pray line the other day, I ask the sweet person to pray that I can change my mind and to see God(the Universe) as being positive this way I can see myself as being positive. So when see something negative or I receive an negative comment. I can remember God is positive therefore I am positive. I ask myself this question why am I letting a stranger affect how I see myself?

  303. Thank you, Gabby. I intentionally searched this out because I knew I’d seen it in the past, but it’s more applicable for me in this moment. I’ve gotten a few hate comments recently – does that mean I’ve made it in the internet world? 😉 When I see them I immediately think, whew, low vibe energy, no thank you. I do my best to hear where they are coming from and if necessary, implement changes that I feel are appropriate in response, but I also have been deleting them because I don’t want that type of energy hanging around my posts – and clearly they are not part of my tribe. (Side note, this just started when I used FB ads for the first time promoting my latest online course so I do find that interesting.) Anyway, I’m doing my best to send lots of love out, integrate, forgive and continue to love myself. And yes, definitely not seek approval from others. Ok, that was a bit of ramble, but I am grateful!! It was just lovely hearing from someone in a spiritual guide/leader position who understands. BIG LOVE to you!!

  304. Thanks so much for this wonderful, uplifting message. I’m trying to give back right now by donating my Ebook to the IH research foundation.
    A book to help children who are caring for a family member with the rare brain condition IH. (My kids grew up with their Dad being poorly with IH – he still is.)
    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you Gabby. Your messages and books are really helping me to let go and understand that the universe has my back, but as you said, it’s not easy when people are being nasty. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really do! xxxxx

  305. Dear Gabrielle, I have bought your book “The Universe has your back” and I am reading it for the second time. I am a little bit confused about the Universal assignments as explained in the second chapter. I have a corporate job that I do not enjoy as it does not reflect my personality and I have been bullied a lot by my manager and my coworkers to the point my doctor signed me off for a month for nervous exhaustion and I had to go to the HR department and file a complaint. By reading your book, I have come to the conclusion I have loads of fear and that I don’t stand up to them. Would you consider this a Universal assignment? My childhood was not the happiest and I came to the conclusion I have not forgotten my parents and have never healed from the pain and set myself free. What would be your take on this issue? Thanks for helping and apologies if the question is too complicated to discuss it here 🙂

  306. Hi Gabby;
    I found this very inspiring inon of itself and really aporeciated what you had to say and how you expressed it, i can only imagine especially as a very energy sensitive person the process of balancing your perpose and service to our world and the universe as a whole and needing to protect your own bubble from being invaded or burst or put down…and i really think your mastering something that is so sensitive and powerful at the same time….
    It also brought up my own delema.
    Im 28 a inborn “millennial” as my generation is so rapidly calling itself by at least in my life.
    In the past few months i kind of just felt like this isnt me….i had a facebook acount for years and it was my way of staying conbected to the web of people in my life people im close to , people i used to be close to, people who i met and formed bonds with through my cycles in and out of treatment programs, people i just met at a social function….
    Especially bec i moved from the u.s to another country it was my way of staying connected….but for me and this is just my personal experience i began feeling overwhelmed and that i was just going along with this whole social media platform bec its the norm ….so i just radically decided to honor my need for quiet and privacy and shut down my acount and kind of fell off the radar….people got confused and worried and started calling my family to see if everything was ok” people i hadnt personally spocken to in years asking for my number , and i just checked out and asked my family to say im ok but not give out my number ( of course my close friends my soul sisters who are actually presently in my life are just as much in and a part of my life ….)
    But beyond that i just felt this whole social media thing isnt doing it for me….
    Me starting to post here has gotten me out of my box but i think that its bec its a safe place to share and hear the voices of others bec of the aspect of anonymity, no strings atached , which is the gift that im receiving from these blogs and hearing your guidence and reading other peoples responses shares and forms of guidence that comes from them and their experiences, and where i could also share and be a part in a quite anonymous stress free way….
    I guess i want to ask your opinion, does this sound like im escaping retreating and isolating myself or that im just honnoring my way….
    Im asking for a outside opinion bec its a question i often find myself asking myself and the answer is just doubt.
    I dont have clarity…
    If you have any sort of advice as to how i can find my truth in this matter, and how it seems to you as a objective wittness to my description of what im at odds with , that would be welcomed with gratitude

    1. If social media is not enjoyable for you, there is no need to be on it. Honor your feelings and take care of yourself. It sounds like you have a supportive and close-knit network of family members and friends. If social media doesn’t resonate with you, there are many other ways to connect with people! Do what’s right for you. Here are some blogs and videos of mine that will help you:

      How to stay calm when the news stresses you out
      What to do when people start gossiping
      How to be a high-vibe friend

  307. I am ready to shine at my highest frequency!

    Your books, your videos, your blog have all opened my eyes to the good that is surrounding me. I feel blessed and am so appreciative. I work with High School students and this is a message they desperately need to hear. Thank you for giving me tools to share with them.

    Sat nam,

  308. Hi Gabby, I hear what you’re saying although don’t necessarilyyet don’t agree. We cannot be responsible for how our message lands with someone else; we are not responsible for their feelings or how they experience our words. This is not to say that we can go around saying offensive and harmful things and if we’re coming from our ego that energy will be behind the message , however, as sovereign beings we can only ever react to the triggers within us. And there will ALWAYS be people who are triggered, where they have a part of them that they haven’t healed, even when you say what is seemingly the most innocent of comment. And speaking from divine truth, the ego is AFRAID of the truth and easily triggered. We also don’t need to spread high-vibe positivity all the time especially when it’s contrived as a way to avoid negativity. Some of our perceived negative emotions can be very high-vibe eg. anger is very high-vibe when channelled constructively and the more we acknowledge darkness, recognise and own it, THAT is how we raise the consciousness of the planet. Avoiding it simply perpetuates it.

  309. It’s as easy as flipping over a sheet of paper. On one side, is all my negative self talk. On the other side, only positive is allowed. Trying to stop the negative self talk? Try not to think about a white elephant and see how far you get. Instead just flip that paper over and fill it with joy. Bucket list type things. Stuff that brings out your generous side. And now for my next trick. I’m trying to grow a new brain because the mental clutter in this one isn’t disappearing fast enough. For now, my paper joins me for coffee every morning.

  310. I love this post thank you. I really admire the way you share so openly and after a traumatic couple of years suffering a bereavement, I just want to let you know that your writing has helped me enormously. Addressing an issue like this is so vital when social media is so enormously prevalent in our daily lives now and I think if we can all commit to working on ourselves to avoid spreading negativity we can all help to make the world a better place. Thank you x

  311. Hi Gabby! This is my first time on your website and I love it. I love your energy too! Thank you for sharing it with us and for encouraging everyone you know to be positive and “high vibe.” I LOVE that adjective. You know that acronym THINK…the one that people use before they say something? They ask themselves, is it thoughtful, is it helpful and so on. I think it would be really cool if you came up with an acronym or formula for commentators to use when we are thinking of how to produce high vibe content. I would definitely use it!

  312. Knowing the right question to ask is actually a lot more important as compared to having a prepared reply. Sound questions dispute your reasoning. Research studies are very clear that we care about those who take note of us. Our mission and aspirations are certainly at the heart of who we are and who we want to be. In the simplest of terms, tailormade questions are our tool for aiding to observe the accurate inescapable fact around us instead of shadowy depictions of it. Ask elementary questions about what all others takes for granted. People are forgiving. They need to have an ideal dialog with you. We achieve things for numerous separate reasons. Once you ask somebody on what satisfies them, it opens the door to discovering something that is invariably exclusively for this person. It could be a magical moment for others once you entice them to talk about their goals together with you. There are occasions when you don’t need to offer assistance.

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