How to Get What You Want

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Here’s a secret to manifesting that is both deeply profound and incredibly simple: When we manifest, we’re actually already receiving what it is that we want, even when we can’t see it with our physical sight.

In fact, that’s the key to manifesting. It’s what my dear friend Wayne Dyer said: “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn exactly what I mean…

I’ve had the opportunity to be in the feeling of what I want so much so that it feels like it’s already here.

Here’s a great example. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book, Judgment Detox. And I’m so excited and energized about this book that when I think about it, I already know that it will be a bestseller. I already know that it will have a massive impact on the world. I know it will be printed in multiple languages and have an effect far beyond my imagination.

I know this because of the energy, enthusiasm and joy that’s coming through as I create this new product and this new message.

This is the key to manifesting: to be in the joy and magnitude of what it is you’re putting out and creating and calling forth. When you dwell in that beautiful energy, you attract what you desire and manifesting becomes fun and effortless.

Even if you’re not in the act of creating something, but you’re in the joy of imagining it, that is manifestation.

If that sounds totally wild to you, just try it. Simply start to practice being in the excitement and enthusiasm of what it is you’re wanting to cultivate it in your life.

You can do meditations in which you hold gorgeous visions of what you want to manifest and allow yourself to feel as though it’s already here. How will it feel to manifest your desire? Cultivate that feeling now. Feel it when you walk down the street.

Another way to be in this feeling and to manifest what you want is to start recognizing the areas of your life where you’re already in that energetic state. So even if you don’t have that romantic partner, start paying attention to the platonic chemistry in your friendships. Appreciate the closeness you have with family members.

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If you don’t yet have the career you want to manifest, pay attention to the joy you have in your existing career. Try these tips to be happier in your job, and strengthen your relationships with your coworkers. Noticing that joy will propel you forward into that new career.

If you want a new project or creative idea to come into form, give yourself to permission to daydream — all day! Be in the excitement and joy of that dream and you will co-create it with your mind. Your mind has the power to create an energy force that sends a message out to the Universe, which sends it back to you.

Start getting into the energy of what you want to create, and that energy will get you into a space where you feel like it’s already done. And when you’re in the feeling of “It’s already done,” that desire will manifest in ways far greater than you can even imagine.

Trust that this energy is what manifests. And more importantly, that energy will put you into such a joyful state that will you feel as though you already have what you want, even though you can’t see it — and you won’t even necessarily need to see it in order to feel better.

That joy is what we’re aiming for! 🙂

Leave your comments below! Let me know your miracles and your manifestations. What have you called in? What are you calling in? How does it feel to be in that energy?

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  1. I love your work Gabby, it speaks to me on so many levels. I always hear synchronicities in my spiritual practice and I am truly blessed in life with two healthy children and lifestyle of freedom, creativity and flexibility. The one area that trips me up is repeated patterns. Dating alcoholics is a pattern that repeats over and over in my life and I’m ready to release this. How can I be guided to release this pattern?

    1. Continuing to chose the same type of partner or finding ourselves in a repeated situation or problem is an example of the universe presenting us with spiritual assignments. This is a beautiful moment for you Olivia, where you can honor this assignment and welcome healing. Please check out a post that I wrote on this, that I hope will serve you. Sending you lots of love <3

  2. I needed to read this today. I have been practicing LoA for awhile now, mostly unconsciously I realize now, and for some reason there are parts that take longer than others. There are times I get signs so I think it’s coming and then it doesn’t and I get that dejected feeling that I know puts it out further but I can’t seem to help myself from going there anyway.. I really love visualizing my future life back with my ex. It makes me so happy .. I don’t know how to keep from getting in that funk though since I’m one of those needs instant gratification junkies.. maybe you have an article on that? Lol

  3. I started reading the Universe has your back after my company in packaging me out also offered me a business opportunity. I was afraid and realized through your book that the story I was telling myself was that I had to stay in a job because I am the steady paycheque. I asked the universe for a sign and received a text message from a colleague who did not know I was reading this book or sent out the prayer: “I will ask…see this universe sends us these signs to show us we are on the right path!!!” I knew her text was the sign that starting my own business was the right path!

  4. Hi Gabby,

    I just started reading your book “The Universe Has Your Back” it was an early Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I’m going thru alot of things and I know that I was out of alignment with myself, and I know for a fact I was resistant my power. I had turned my back on everyone and was always in fear. Eventhou, I’m a few chapters in this book at one point I started crying because, I felt something that I haven’t felt in years. I felt a relief inside me and no fear and I love this feeling, its amazing to feel this way again. I kmow i need to work on it more however, I would like to thank you for this book and I can’t wait to read “Judgement Detox” you are the best. xoxo

    1. I am so happy to hear this book has served you, Yesenia. Release can come in unexpected moments… welcome the miracle. You will love Judgment Detox!! 🙂

  5. Hi Gabby,

    I am having a real inner conflict. I want to manifest a happy life for myself, financial security, however I feel that I am being ‘greedy’ asking and that I should be grateful for what I have already. As I have more than some? If that makes sense. What I ask for is not to be a millionaire or masses of riches though. I can I get past this feeling? Sending much love to you ❤️

  6. Hi Gabby,

    I definitely have a manic manifesting problem. I am working toward being a stay at home mom and I want it to happen NOW. And knowing that it probably won’t happen for a year or two makes it difficult to wait. I have recently found myself begging and pleading with the Universe to make it happen sooner than later and I know I’m derailing my goals and pushing things out farther because of my impatience.

    I have tried to meditate at different times of the day and no matter what, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep every time. I want to surrender, but I feel so lost. All I want is to be home with my kids and not stuck in a 9-5 job missing out on their childhood.

    Is there any way you can help?


    1. Hi, my friend. I really feel your desire to be home with your kids and I can sympathize deeply with that heartache. One thing I want you to know is that the Universe always says yes — but it responds to your energy. When you are begging and pleading with the Universe and feeling stuck and impatient, you are giving off a low-vibe, needy, pushing energy. That energy is misaligned with the high-vibe energy of the Universe. So what I want you to practice is raising your vibration. Really practice dwelling in the awesome feeling you will have when you are home with your kids. And reach for the things about your current job that you are grateful for and focus on those. (It supports you financially as you raise your family, allows you to save money before you become a stay-at-home mom, perhaps you have friends there or are proud of the skills you’ve built, etc.)

      You can also find different ways to be meditative. I recommend journaling as a way to deepen your connection to the Universe. You might also try some more active meditations, like my Kundalini meditations and a walking meditation, and other forms of yoga that focus on prana (breath, Spirit).

      Raise your vibration. The Universe responds to your energy. Feel good and then you will attract what you desire, not the other way around. xx

  7. I can relate to this so much. During early summer of this year I was overweight, sluggish, irritable and just living an existence of frustration. I rejuvenated my practice of Nichiren Buddhism, lost the weight, started working out everyday and now I am working on projects and enjoying the journey. Thank you for inspiring!

  8. Yes, yes and yes!!! Totally agree with you and thank you, hearing it from you confirms fully how I have been feeling in a new business venture. I feel energized, I feel confident and I trust that the universe has my back on this. You have touched my life with your books and you are a great inspiration to me. A year and a half ago I changed careers and took a huge risk to become a yoga instructor, and from there everything has continued to flow. I am launching a yoga clothing line next, starting small of course, but Im going for it. I am very happy with my life, with myself, happy to be of service and help people. I believe that when the universe saw that I trusted, it just started to manifest everything I wanted spiritually and in many other ways. Cant thank you enough. Keep doing what you are doing. The Universe does have our backs! we just have to trust, Thanks Gabby!

  9. Hoi Gabby,

    Thank you for this post. The question that keeps my mind bussy is: How do I know what I want exactly. Is there something I can do to find the answer to this question?

    With love,
    Bianca, (from Holland, so I am sorry for my English)

    1. You may not always know exactly what you want, and that is okay! That is good. Let the Universe guide you and simply dwell in how you want to FEEL. And then give more of what you want to receive. So for example, maybe you want to feel more energized and motivated. Sit in a meditation and visualize yourself running freely through a meadow, doing cartwheels (even if you can’t actually do them!!) and even flying through the air. Feel the freedom and energy. Visualize yourself waking up with energy and accomplishing your goals. Dwelling in this FEELING will create that feeling in your daily life, and your path will be presented to you. You do not need to to seek out what you want. The Universe will show it to you. xo

  10. Universe led me to this as the last thing I’ll read this evening. Now I’ll be drifting off to sleep in my imagination, creating a beautiful tomorrow. Xo

  11. Hi Gabby,

    I just finished the Spirit Junkie masterclass online. It was amazing, but again I have so many thoughts and ideas… I feel my manifesting is getting all jumbled. So I’m going to get my a master list of things that Fire me up, as you say to do and try to focus on one at at time for 90 days . Built those seeds of faith into love. Always being inspired and inspiring others to bring in the light to the world! Thank you Gabby

  12. Using your book The Universe Has Your back as one of my reference books. Bought the cards and the first card I picked on the day I received them was – guess what? – The Universe Has Your Back. Pretty ironic I thought. Thank you for a great reference book and beautiful cards. Winnie

  13. Hey Gabby!
    I saw you in Toronto in May of 2016 at the I Can Do It event. During your talk, you lead us in a meditation/healing. Before starting your talk to warned us that we should only allow the messages to come through if we felt safe enough in that space to feel it. I honestly cannot remember what you said during this time because something triggered in me deeply. I shut your voice out and repeated to myself “Not here not now, not here not now. Shut up shut up shut up shut up.” I have no idea what was triggered but clearly it was something I was not ready to deal with in that public space. During and after your talk I cried so deeply and was not able to stop for some time. Still I have no idea what happened. I will be seeing you again in 2018 when you return to Toronto. Do you by chance remember what you would have been speaking to during the meditation/healing back in May of 2016?
    From the light in me to the light in you.
    Colleen Walker

    1. Colleen, it sounds like there are possibly suppressed ​memories coming up for you. It’s very common, and the best thing to do is seek a therapist to help you safely uncover what’s coming through. Much love to you.

  14. Hi Gabby,

    You mentioned that you already know your next book will be a #1 NYT Bestseller and be printed in multiple languages and have a tremendous impact around the world. But are those not specific outcomes? And after reading your post on Manic Manifesting (and other things), I know we’re not supposed to be attached to specific outcomes. How does one balance such specificity with the idea of surrender and just asking for the highest good? This has always been a paradox to me.

    1. Be clear about what you desire and then surrender it fully. A Course in Miracles says, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

  15. Thanks, Gabby! Just what I needed today for a reminder that while I am in the *process* of my blog — even though it is taking longer than I would like — I am, in fact, still manifesting daily and informing the universe of my passion and dedication to it! In today’s world of ‘now, now, now’ event his girl who plans on writing all about living A Substantial Life ( needs a little reminder! Oh, and btw, when I tried retweeting it was 2 characters too long! Thanks as always, love!

  16. I’m calling in and manifesting to work as a manager at my dream work place!
    I applied for the job and was asked to attend step two for the recruitment with an online interview.
    I’ve done everything I can when it comes to my part, now it’s up to the universe.

    I just had this very deep and profound feeling yesterday, after I’ve had my interview with the company that everything is well taken cared of and I can let it go now.
    The universe has my back!
    I trust that whatever happens, it’s for the highest good for all.

    Lots of love from Sweden,
    The yin yoga girl!

    1. It’s this or something better, my friend. “I trust that whatever happens, it’s for the highest good for all” — I couldn’t say it better myself. Love and light to you on your path. xx

  17. So just got let go from my job. How to I make myself stay positive, confident and believe that my dreams will come true?

    1. Hi Kendall, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this difficult experience. It’s important to honor your feelings during this time and allow yourself to move through them with grace, knowing you are supported by the Universe. Ask for guidance and then pay attention to the ways in which it comes through. Dwell in the feeling you want to experience when you are made your next job offer, and trust that the Universe will lead you to the right opportunity. Surrender the outcome — the way things happen may not be the way you pictured it, or on the timeline you want. But the Universe has your back, and the miracles will astonish you. xoxo

  18. Thank you Gabby for the beautiful insight! I was gifted your book last year; the Universe has your back and it truly has changed my life and gotten me through the hardest year I’ve ever experienced. I practiced manifesting what I wanted everyday, believing that no matter how that showed up it was for the greater good. I ended up selling my successful business to someone who I know can enhance the legacy and I left and now I am no longer bound by 4 walls, I can inspire, ignite and innovate around the world. Thank you for sharing you light, it helps so many who are in the dark shine again.

  19. Hi Gabby,
    So funny that I just saw the Instagram post leading to this blog as just last night I asked our TUHYB book club on Facebook how to correctly set intentions/manifest desires! I bought TUHYB last year after I was newly pregnant and wanted to change any habits that would hinder my loving mothering abilities–fear of not being safe (city life, the news, etc), crazy disorganization (clutter to the max!), not living how I’d like (always sacrificing my own self care, yoga, exercise, art for everything else, complete inaction, lack of motivation, procrastination, wasting time), accepting my perceived limitations (my fluctuating self image) etc. Well things were a whirlwind and my husband and I found a house (i asked the universe for us to find the best home for us and our baby), and being here now I have such a hard time connecting. We have no closets, all of our stuff is everywhere, and I’m trying hard to envision this house as a place that brings us peace, feels like home and is a loving energy for my family. Even with the surrounding community I feel a bit rejected. I experienced big hormonal shifts pp and I have been reflecting on the universe’s lesson for me in all of this difficult transition and change. So I’m really taking TUHYB to heart!!! Sometimes I think this environment is making me face all my previous fears and really look my life in the face. Thank you for being a light in this and providing tools for us to navigate these big life shifts. Much love to you.

    1. I am so thrilled that The Universe Has Your Back is serving you throughout your transitions and helping you care for yourself better and manifest a miraculous life. I’m excited for what’s in store for you. 🙂

  20. Good Morning
    Thank you for your words of encouragement….reminders to be in joy! and trust the universe..I was beginning to doubt but I have to remind myself…not my…and yes I will draw my life partner to me…..sending love!

  21. Thank you Gabby. I have been using this technique I learnt from you and from Tony Robbins, when I left my full time job to follow my passion and it works !!!!!
    I shared this with my partner and he has been applying it to things he wants to achieve and not only it works but it also makes us feel more positive and confident about things.
    I did a post the other day about seeing only success in my life now and it is all down to because I am manifesting them, therefore only attract successes.

    I love you book “The universe has your back”, looking forward to read your new one 🙂

    1. That’s a beautiful practice and it’s awesome that your partner is on board with it too! You will manifest miracles together 🙂

  22. Gabby! Thank you! Such a great message to bring that joy in as if we already have the “thing” we are wanting to manifest. Often I get hung up on the things I don’t have or want but it’s taking too long #moderndayprobs the joy is already here we just have to bring our attention to it! I’ve been a keen listener since I saw you on the documentary, “On Meditation” I love what you’re teaching and spreading around the globe! I hope to meet you one day. <<>>

  23. My lovely Gabby, always when I imagine great things and have fool proof plan as well on a same time being super exited about it and feeling joy in my heart it never ever happens 🙁 And on some out of my control reason as forest fire or… So it´s better for me to have low expectations and when my wish comes true I´m extra stoked. Seems like Universe likes to mess with me and have the final say on my life. So Gabby may I ask your opinion on that?
    Thank you!

    1. The Universe does not like to mess with you, my friend. I can assure you of that. What we receive is not always the way we pictured it or on the exact timeline, and being in alignment with the Universe does not make us immune to challenges or scary situations. But when we are in alignment with the Universe, we can rest easy knowing that we have all the support we need. Might I suggest a surrender practice for you? Learning how to surrender to the Universe and detach from outcomes will help you strengthen your faith and raise your vibration. Watch and read these vlogs/blogs:

      My 5 steps to spiritual surrender
      How to detach from outcomes
      How to create your faith statement
      Are you manic manifesting?

  24. That the transfer of the farm is registered quickly which will open up opportunities for us and specifically my husband to be available to follow a new and exciting path. This and far greater manifestations and so it is

  25. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’ve been in promotion for a big women’s day retreat that I’m facilitating this Saturday. Ticket sales are very low and I’ve been feeling so anxious. But with this mindset shift you shared I feel more at ease. Thank you so much.

  26. Hey gabby,

    I picked up your book may cause miracles in 2014. It changed my life. & healed me of a eating disorder I had since 3rd grade. Fast forward to now & im just finishing the spirit junkie master class level 1. & am blogging on all of the things I’ve learned along my healing journey & what you’ve taught. I just recorded my first podcast on my friends podcast show. Just want to say thank you. You’ve changed my life. Now I can change other people’s by telling my story. 5 years ago I was a scared little 19 year old. Now I’m a strong light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

  27. I just completed my first every full ironman triathlon this last saturday, in large part because I practiced these principles!

    On difficult training days (esp the bike) I would say out loud “I am an ironman”.

    During the actual ironman race, a good friend followed me along a large portion of the run, motivating me when it was the hardest… he kept on asking me.. “what do you believe?”
    Me: “I am an ironman!”

    An hour before cut off time, I became just that.

    Greatest accomplishment of my life thus far. And all because I leaned into the feelings of becoming what I wanted, long before I actually did.

    1. That is INCREDIBLE. You are an Ironman!!! This is a beautiful and inspirational story. Share it far and wide. You will inspire others greatly.

    1. The audio should be just fine — maybe you have the audio turned down within YouTube instead of on your computer? x

  28. Hi Gabby.. Loved this! I would love something clarified though? If we are in the state of joy, and the Universe co creates with us, how does it know what we want if we don’t think about the outcome of something? Is it a matter of articulating what we want, but then turning it over to the Universe and getting into Joy?

    1. Bingo. Dwell in how you want to FEEL. Then turn it over and know you are being guided. Recognize that the way things come to you (and the timeline) may not be what you expected or what you wanted — but if they’re not exactly as you imagined, they will be better. Pray for the highest good for all. Surrender outcomes. And expect miracles.

  29. Gabby, thank you for shining your light. You have helped me realize my potential within. You have guided me to take chances and risk at a time when I wasnt sure, but took your advice to trust my inner guidance. I am seeing the manifestation unfold in my life now, professionally and personally, ans am excited to see all the great things continue to unfold. I even get chills thinking about it. Your message and videos always seem to be presented to me at the perfect time – and I have no doubt, that’s it the Universe “showing me what it’s got”. I want to grow a group of like-minded spirit junkies around your book’s premise, as I think I can bring more awareness to people of your great message, even if it is only my small group of friends (who knows – could be much bigger in time!). I am forever grateful for your inspiration and guidance! Satnam.

    1. You will continue to see that manifestation unfold as you stick to your practice. Expect miracles! They will blow you away!

  30. Dear Gabby!

    Thank you so much for your videos, I love them! I still have a problem with the “believe it before you see it”-rule, though: Can you give me some CONCRETE advice about what to do when I want to manifest 1) real friends, 2) a romatic partner and a 3) job I love?

    Thank you so much in advance!!

  31. Gabby,

    Do you think it’s possible to manifest the type of relationship you desire with a certain individual where there was an abrupt ending but you are now back in touch?

  32. I love the idea of daydreaming (all day) to manifest a new idea or to give a goal some energy. Perfect Gabby. Thanks from Cherie in rural Australia.

  33. You are such an inspiration,Gabby . I am so excited for your next book…You are changing lives and healing the broken. Bravo

  34. Thanks for all you do! Your work has truly opened my eyes to so much. My question is: can you manifest something for someone else? My husband is in a high-stress and publically visible job. What happens with his job Has a daily impact on our family. He has not yet subscribed fully to manifestation and the laws of attraction. What can I do as his wife?

    1. There are a few things you can do. First, do not push your spiritual principles or beliefs onto him. If he comes to them it will be in his own way and time (and he may not ever adopt them, or he may create a spiritual relationship of his own understanding). Ask him for 1-3 ways you can support him and to let you know of 1-3 things you do that you may not realize *don’t* support him. (You can share these things with him as well, when it comes to your own life!) When it comes to your own manifesting, focus on how you want to feel – as a woman, as a wife, as a mother or professional or whatever other roles you inhabit. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, he will pick up on that and it will boost his own vibrational energy.

      This vlog on accepting people where they are will offer you some guidance.

      If you struggle to communicate, check out this post on how to tell the truth.

      My new book, Judgment Detox (coming 1/2/18) will also strengthen your relationship even further and give you a deep sense of freedom no matter what choices he makes.


  35. Thank you so much Gabby…am jobless right now but am so much encouraged..this is exactly what i needed to here today. God bless you.

  36. Dear Gabby, good video, good message, but how do I get rid of the Donkey in me,….??
    (you know they are supposed to be stubborn at times, not willing to move)
    How do I achieve that free flowing energie – upwards and upwards?
    Do try and try and try again – don,t give up, something like that must be the solution.
    But my Donkey can be unfortunately very stubborn. I mean not generally (I hope so)
    but specially moving in direction up, higher up, into a lighter world. Must be some heavy
    blockages in me, selfcreated and partly I even remember how I created them – (and of
    course some rubble from the environment)
    But luckily, slightly I feel sometimes also like the Buddha in “May Cause Miracles” at the
    end of the book, which is loosing his mud cover.
    I must get rid of my Donkey,……. (Do you have maybe a carrot,…?)

    Just liked to sent you some words, dear Gabby. I know in the blog and also in your communications
    with other People here it will be possible to find some carrots,

    Thank you,

  37. I have no problem spending time daydreaming and feeling the joy if what I want to express outward. How do I transition from daydreaming into action? My problem is too much daydreaming (if that’s even possible), and no action. Thank you. Beautiful day!

  38. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for all your wonderful books. I’m reading the universe has your back and it’s helping me a lot. ❤️
    Still I have that one question that I can’t get an answer regarding creating my feature ….I read a lot of books and no one really says it OR I just couldn’t find my answer!
    So I’m creating this career and I’m super excited about it, I’m visualizing it and can feel it. So here is the thing , I want to win this contest and so I’m using your mantra und visualize visualize visualize .
    Should I let go or should I keep going ? I hope you understood what im trying to say here. Thank you Gabby for being here for us Sending you love .

    1. What is most important is that you align with the loving energy of the Universe and pray for the highest good. The highest good — for you and for all — may not be the way you’ve pictured it. But when you detach from the outcome and trust that Spirit will give you exactly what you need, you can expect miracles.

  39. Thank you Gabby! I asked the universe for a sign and it lead me here, so thankful and can’t wait for your new book to come out. Manifesting love can be very difficult at times and I’m realizing it takes some real mental work some times to get there and turn the fear into love. So thankful for you!

  40. Love this, Gabby!

    Excited for your new book 🙂

    Do you have a favorite guided meditation for assuming the energy of what you desire? Or other practical tools to achieve this?

    I find it easy to think these principles through logically, but I find it difficult to actually take on the feeling of what I desire already being done…even when I get really still and try to meditate on my own, often times fear and feelings of lack take over. I’ve ready so many books and experienced previously in my life that this fear and lack is an illusion, but for whatever reason, my mind convinces me otherwise when my current reality reflects lack. I know that if I could just shift that feeling, the outer experience would shift as well.

    This is what I’m most struggling with at the moment…any insight would be much appreciated!

    Thanks…love your work! You are a true gem.

    1. I suggest you begin a daily gratitude practice to notice and appreciate everything that brings you joy, comfort, support, abundance, etc. in your daily life. Play the appreciation game! Dwell in the feeling of abundance by recognizing the abundance already around you, even in the small things. How are you already abundant? One example might be that you have a home. You have electricity and internet. Perhaps you have enough spare cash to buy a cup of coffee and enough spare time to take a nice walk through your neighborhood. Finding these very simple, basic elements in life to be consciously grateful for can shift our entire mentality bit by bit. Those subtle shifts add up to create huge miracles (this is what my book Miracles Now is all about).

      1. Thank you!! Exactly what I needed to hear.

        I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

        I also just downloaded one of your meditation albums, which I’m finding really helpful.

        That’s one thing I’m really grateful for: your work :).

  41. Hi Gabby, Thank you for this message! I admit that manifesting is challenging for me. I have doubts that my desires will come to fruition. Also, I know that I have a needy, desperate energy around my desires, obviously making it difficult to co-create with the Universe. The idea of day dreaming really resonated with me, because I like to day dream, it is fun! I’m starting there and hoping to build my manifesting desires upon the idea of fun. Thank you!

  42. I cannot believe this is your today’s topic, because today this is exactly what I have been doing without even realising it. And the best part is that it made me feel amazing. To clarify, I’ve just started looking for a new job and even though the last few days I was dreading sending out CVs and applications as it made me feel even more depressed about how far away this new job still is, today something shifted. I’ve spent most of the day in a coffee shop, in my best look (instead of at home in my Pyjama with greasy hair) going through some exciting role and applying one by one, every single one made me more and more excited, because I was already imagining how great it will be when I get one of them and how fullfilling the success will feel. Subconsciously I did exactly what you advise – put myself in the energy of what the happy spot I am going towards. I hope it will manifest soon! x

  43. We need to get this message out to all forms of news reporting!! If they would focus on all the good in the world it will increase. I am so tired of how they are trying to lead us down a path of distraction. There are so many wonderful stories of people helping others since the storms of Harvey, Irma and Maria. Yet we only hear about what went wrong, NOT what went RIGHT. I totally agree with you, we need to focus on all the good news and share it with everyone we encounter. We need to STOP listening to all the negative news and show LOVE to everyone we come in contact with. If each of us love ourselves by taking care of others this goodness will grow. What we do manifests what we get. So let us turn off the negative vibes we receive from the news media and do what we were created to do “love our neighbor as ourselves. “

  44. I love to daydream but worry that it can also set you up for disappointment – how do you know how to safely daydream? What if you are dreaming about something that isn’t going to happen (disappointment) or something that shouldn’t happen – something that wouldn’t be good for you? That has always confused and made me wonder if it’s a healthy thing to do? Thank you, Gabby!

    1. You can treat a daydream much like a meditation and begin with a prayer to Spirit asking for divine guidance of the highest order as you allow yourself to visualize. Recognize what resonates with you deeply. Check out my video on how to talk to your spirit guides for more guidance and to know that you are supported and guided when you daydream/visualize.

  45. I’ve been a few years now hoping my romantic partner would cross my path or vice versa……and nothing. I had a new neighbour months ago who I thought had potential, he seemed to show some interest then one day appeared with his new girlfriend. I asked for my sign numerous times over time regarding him, almost always received it and continue to get it today, even though this issue is months old, which is super confusing as he appears happy in his relationship. I’ve let this issue go because I don’t want to carry it and i know, let go of the idea of finding my partner and it’ll happen and I did that for some time out of frustration, asking I can’t do this on my own, take this issue and show me the way……. And nothing, been a few years now. I find with big life issues the manifesting doesn’t really happen but with small things in life it does. It’s confusing.

  46. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful masterpieces to the world; looking forward to the release of the next one.

    How does manifesting you describe in the video align with what you have previously discussed before (i.e. the Universe is going to only give you the best thing for you, even if it’s not what you manifested? For example, what if you want to manifest something that is completely against what the universe thinks is the right thing for you.

    1. If you are not in alignment with the Universe and you are emanating a needy, controlling energy, the Universe will not respond. Check out my video on how to know whether you’re manic manifesting for further guidance.

  47. Hi Gabby,

    Yes Yes my energy responds, but, sorry there is a but. Or better, what is missing for me in really manifesting? I imagine, I deeply feel what it is I want to manifest, I see it, have the conversations etc etc, and then I move on because it has already been seen and felt. Not manifested though… like real life repetition is a huge step and can never exceed the prior imagined experience. Any advice how to break through this?

    1. I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. Are you saying that you you can’t believe that the real-life manifestation of your vision would live up to what you imagined? Or am I misunderstanding?

  48. This was such an amazing video! I am currently creating a book as well and can relate on the feeling of joy as writing it and the excitement of how many people is going to positively impact ❤️

  49. Hi Gabby! First I want to say that I’ve been using the kirtan krya (saa taa naa maa) since reading about it in The Universe Has Your Back. I love it. I became a certified yoga teacher in February. I started teaching in March. I pray and meditate before each class. I now use this meditation as part of my ritual before teaching each class. I use it other times as well. It works wonderfully for me. So thank you for that! I start teaching a new yoga class soon, and those old self-doubts always start to creep in. So I am manifesting a beautiful class, just like all my other classes. I truly love teaching yoga. I am excited to teach each and every class! I turn my anxiety into excitement! So I am looking forward to my new classes, because I know the universe has my back, and the right students will be there! Thank you! namaste!

    1. The Universe has your back all the way!! The students will show up. You are being of service and spreading the light. Namaste, sister!

  50. Hi Gabby,
    I’m a newbie to this. I’m currently reading The Universe has your back and May Cause Miracles. I am trying to be mindful of my fears most specifically about money. I know bigger and better opportunities are coming my way. But I constantly feel challenged by set backs. Your a joy and inspiration to listen too. Thank you for today’s message.
    Love and light to you!

  51. I know I’m manifesting because reading this was exactly the reminder I needed! There are so many things I want and fear always gets in the way. I’m going to tell fear to get out of the way and truly believe that all the things I want I will have. You are such a blessing, Gabby! Thank you for being a light the world needs ❤️

  52. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for your very clear guidances for all of us, I have read a lot of books about how the dreams come true, and your style of explanations resonate most with me. Thank you.

    And what would you advise to do (or not to do) if I really want to have a job that will be useful for many people in the world, where by realizing my full potential I could make other people happier, healthier, more beautiful. Currently I am not working for 2 years, tried my own business but understand that I want something more global. But I elevate my energy level by watching and listening these videos, meditations, sport every day, trying to watch my thoughts and forgive mysekf when I detour. What will be your guidence in thus case?

  53. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you. I notice how I wake up with fear and disappointment in my stomach for that success I want to achieve… haven’t, but you made such a good point be in the joy as though it is already happening. Of course, by fearing I am giving energy to the opposite of what I desire. I acknowledge this fear and choose again. I surrender and ask the Universe to show me the way. To help me see beyond my physical site.
    Thank you Gabrielle, your work has changed my life. Don’t stop.

  54. In the past, I would always get caught up in the how of manifesting. I’d look around at my life and think there’s no way to change. Until the universe sent me a message about a month ago
    “Imagine more and look around less.”

    Your blog post is another sign from the Divine that I’m moving in the directions of my dreams and goals.

    Thank you for your impact on my journey

  55. That’s such a fab thing.. because by imagining that what we want is already ours we must surely be more positive…so that actually if it doesn’t pan out at least we have been upbeat rather than anxious and who knows even better shit may happen!!Love this outlook..easier to be happy than miserable as one who has tried both!!x

  56. Thank you, Gabby! This is a beautiful message. Congratulations on your new book! I preordered it and cannot wait to read it. Sat Nam.

  57. Hello Gabby! I’m a big fan of your work and you have inspired my spiritual journey time and time again. I am currently working my way through ACIM (slowly but surely). I think God is telling me that I am going to be a life coach. I am definitely an empath and have a deep want to help people, however my depression sometimes gets in the way of reaching my goals. Do you have any advice or experience on pushing through depression to manifest with joy?

    1. Depression cannot be pushed through, my love. It also does not have to hold you back. However, I recommend you find a qualified therapist to help you navigate your depression and find beautiful ways to manage it and even lift it. (You can find a local therapist through your health insurance company.) You can also try supplementing it with beautiful tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping). Check out Nick Ortner on Facebook and for guidance on EFT. If you’re interested in diving deeper into coaching and how to get started, add your name to the waitlist for my Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course to be notified when it opens again. 🙂

  58. Thank you Gabby;

    In 2014 I was at the Beaverbrook branch of the Ottawa Public Library and impressed by the 2012 book you had there. But despite the fact i’ve been left disappointed by “some” who claim to “channel entities” and promise the moon all through the so called “Law of Attraction” I have to say that in regards to you Gabby, you occupy a way more TRUSTWORTHY vehicle for one as myself to further query some adventures of manifestations of accomplishments sought since decades past in my youth.

    Come to think of it, there has been something i’ve been thinking of authoring myself as of late, however i’ll need resources to pursue said goals. May I attenuate here though, that I will regard caution whilst seeking advice.

    I wish not to possibly be influenced by ANYONE who has an “entity of spirits” speaking through them or especially another lady with questionable claims of having a history of SRA but lately received allegations of running an organization that bares the characteristics of having cult dynamics!

    If i’m not mistaken, you were coming out of your late teens when you started rocking the world and Gabby you have a youthful perspective of freshness, vigor and intelligence!

    All the best with my strongest regards!
    Will Jennings
    PS. All the best of the positive blessings to keep manifesting all the desires of your future.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that the tools, books and products I offer have resonated with you, Will. Sending you love and light on your path.

  59. Hi Ganby!! Thank you for this powerful message. It’s coming to me at just the perfect time. I’m coming off medical leave and I’m about to approach and step into the workforce again and I’m scared to be honest. Are used to get excited about everything and now I’m finding that I’m in a really negative funk. This video helps me believe that I can get back to that place again and get back into the flow.
    PS you are my favourite spiritual guru! Love you

    1. You will transition beautifully. Honor the transition and give yourself time and space to adjust. Know that you are supported. Lean on your spiritual tools — a daily affirmation each morning and even throughout the day can help you tremendously!!

  60. I love this message!! When I believe it to happen I feel so much lighter. I am
    Studying to be a personal Trainer &
    Took the test but failed – I know it was the anxiety I felt about taking it but now after mediation’s & following up I see it happening and am overwhelmed with joy & enjoying the studying process – ty for this reminder

  61. Sometimes I have a very hard time feeling excitement and joy because I get in so much physical pain at work. It makes me feel negative and I have to conciously combat the negativity. I have a very important interview that’s coming up and I really want the job. Any tips?

    1. If you’re experiencing physical pain, the first thing to do would be to see a doctor or other health care professional who can help you manage your pain, whether that is with physical therapy, medication, meditation/psychological techniques, or whatever else. Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) may help you find relief – you can check or check out Nick Ortner on Facebook for more help there. However, I would suggest speaking with a doctor first!

  62. Satnam
    Thank you so much just what I needed to hear today. I have just finished reading your book “The Universe has your Back” I have read it now I need to practice it, which I am about to do.

    Thank you for your inspiration Gabby x
    Love light and blessings

  63. Dear Gabby!

    My name is Sabine and I live in Austria. I read your books with great joy. I Do understand the concept of manifesting but there is always this small negative feeling : it is not gonna work. It is not even a thout it is more a feeling. I am blocking myself and I don’t know how to transform this negative feeling. Maybe you ca help me. Thanks for everything you Do. You are a wonderfull Inspiration for all of us.

    1. Sabine, check out my blog on manic manifesting. To strengthen your faith and your co-creating abilities, do not pray for any specific outcome. Simply pray for the highest good for all. A surrender practice may also help you to strengthen your faith. When we learn to detach from outcomes we can trust that whatever the Universe unfolds is of the highest good, even if it’s not exactly what we THOUGHT we needed. xo

    2. Sabine,

      I have a similar issue. I usually worry abt following the steps correctly and if i dont follow the steps correctly then i wont be able to manifest. >:/

      1. You can create a ritual that resonates with you and feels right for you. What matters is that you get into alignment with the Universe, surrender outcomes and expect miracles. Check out my video on manic manifesting — it will help you relax about the process. 🙂

  64. Thank you Gabby — this was exactly what I needed this morning, to give myself permission to day-dream and create! I’ve been procrastinating making a vision board (fearful of getting specific anout what I want, and also asking for it) and this has inspired me to push beyond the fear and move into excitement and joy’
    I am SO excited for judgement detox and ano excitedly await your insight!!

  65. If you want to have a new job and cultivate happy feelings that you like about your current, won’t that just bring you more of the current job instead of new job opportunities? There universe will think that you’re happy at the current place even though you’re not. Gabby can you clarify?

    1. The Universe responds to your energy. When you cultivate joy in your current job, even if it’s with just a few small aspects you like, you raise your vibration so that when you look for new work, interview, etc., you bring that energy with you. Your energy informs everything else. If you are dwelling in unhappiness every day in your current job, that unhappiness will emanate from you when you write a cover letter, walk into an interview, etc. There is never any danger in cultivating joy.

      1. Sounds just like ” the secret ” thanks for bringing it home Gabby! You have such a gift for communicating, many times I here the same things from you that I have studied from other books and teachers, yet you seem to be able to translate these things into a way that is more understandable, relatable, and meaningful. Thank you! – MizzX

      2. I love what you wrote in your blog, and so excited about your new book coming out.!!!. After taking the Spirit Junkie Masterclass, as I slowly transition from one career to working in the field of my true authentic self, I walk into work with pure joy, and gratitude.The other day, I put a sign up on my mirror that says..”I can’t wait for the next great thing to happen”.. I remind myself that being happy is a choice…, and that only happens when I choose to stop steering the wheel, and give it to the universe.. I love you Gabby!!!!

  66. In the start of MCM and currently Day 5

    Loving it and starting my creative journey too.

    I want to write s book and upcycle clothes with messages

    So much sparks happening from my mind every time I meditate and connect with nature

    Thank you Gabby for being all that you and this space for me to find my spirit guide and know the universe really does have my back and give me all I wish for me mine and the earth ✨

  67. Trust. Totally needed these words today after spending the last two days building an online store on our website to get more natural products to rural residents so they don’t have to drive 2 or 3 hours to get them. And then the ego stepped in…BUT THEN this! Totally back to focusing, believing, trusting and manifesting this side hustle and business in order to help those who need it in our area. Thanks Gabby. Thanks so much.

  68. The miracle of how you/ your posts come to me when I need them never ceases to amaze me!
    I met you in London when your book May Cause Miracles came out. That was the start of an awakening for me. It has been a long road & the journey isn’t over yet but each day I feel stronger & more awake.
    I am trying to live each day “as if I won the lottery already”. If I’m struggling, I think about my beautiful healthy children, my dogs, the safe home I am lucky enough to have & the beauty of nature which surrounds me.
    I am trying to focus on what is good in my life not what brings me down & I am starting to feel a joy inside me, even through the challenges.
    Sat Nam & thank you x

    1. There is a way through every challenge, and divine guidance is always available to us. Love + light to you. Sat Nam.

  69. Dear Gabby,

    I just needed to hear this from you today. I have been questioning my manifesting process this past week and just this morning I was thinking I have to know what Gabby has to say about this and I got this mail from you. Thank you … I realized I have to go back to the root and make a shift in my mindset. Thanks once again for being you and for being in my life, guiding and mentoring and supporting. It means the world to me.

    Lots of love,

    1. Dear Gaby,
      Thx❤️I needed this ,i know it all on my mind ,to put it all into reality isn’t allways easy… I am starting a new biz I am a little scared about it all,it’s something I have never done before. That means that I very often spend time in “stock village ” for the moment…You reminded me on the power we are able to establish when we want something Xoxo Jeanette from Austria

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