How to Get What You Want

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Here’s a secret to manifesting that is both deeply profound and incredibly simple: When we manifest, we’re actually already receiving what it is that we want, even when we can’t see it with our physical sight.

In fact, that’s the key to manifesting. It’s what my dear friend Wayne Dyer said: “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

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I’ve had the opportunity to be in the feeling of what I want so much so that it feels like it’s already here.

Here’s a great example. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book, Judgment Detox. And I’m so excited and energized about this book that when I think about it, I already know that it will be a bestseller. I already know that it will have a massive impact on the world. I know it will be printed in multiple languages and have an effect far beyond my imagination.

I know this because of the energy, enthusiasm and joy that’s coming through as I create this new product and this new message.

This is the key to manifesting: to be in the joy and magnitude of what it is you’re putting out and creating and calling forth. When you dwell in that beautiful energy, you attract what you desire and manifesting becomes fun and effortless.

Even if you’re not in the act of creating something, but you’re in the joy of imagining it, that is manifestation.

If that sounds totally wild to you, just try it. Simply start to practice being in the excitement and enthusiasm of what it is you’re wanting to cultivate it in your life.

You can do meditations in which you hold gorgeous visions of what you want to manifest and allow yourself to feel as though it’s already here. How will it feel to manifest your desire? Cultivate that feeling now. Feel it when you walk down the street.

Another way to be in this feeling and to manifest what you want is to start recognizing the areas of your life where you’re already in that energetic state. So even if you don’t have that romantic partner, start paying attention to the platonic chemistry in your friendships. Appreciate the closeness you have with family members.

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If you don’t yet have the career you want to manifest, pay attention to the joy you have in your existing career. Try these tips to be happier in your job, and strengthen your relationships with your coworkers. Noticing that joy will propel you forward into that new career.

If you want a new project or creative idea to come into form, give yourself to permission to daydream — all day! Be in the excitement and joy of that dream and you will co-create it with your mind. Your mind has the power to create an energy force that sends a message out to the Universe, which sends it back to you.

Start getting into the energy of what you want to create, and that energy will get you into a space where you feel like it’s already done. And when you’re in the feeling of “It’s already done,” that desire will manifest in ways far greater than you can even imagine.

Trust that this energy is what manifests. And more importantly, that energy will put you into such a joyful state that will you feel as though you already have what you want, even though you can’t see it — and you won’t even necessarily need to see it in order to feel better.

That joy is what we’re aiming for! 🙂

Leave your comments below! Let me know your miracles and your manifestations. What have you called in? What are you calling in? How does it feel to be in that energy?

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