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Ep 30 Judgement Detox Live Dear Gabby, Gabby Bernstein

Go figure. A week before I released my book Judgment Detox, I had an epic judgment meltdown. 

My best friend called me up and said, “OMG, Gabby—my yoga teacher was talking about you in class today. And, um … she’s not your biggest fan.” 

I know I’m a spiritual teacher, but I can’t deny it: 

I. was. pissed. 

What kind of a spiritual teacher judges another spiritual teacher? I thought. And then it hit me: Oh. I’m a spiritual teacher … judging another spiritual teacher. I felt guilty for judging the yogi. Then I felt icky for having these bad feelings about myself

^^ This, my friend, is what I call the judgment cycle. 

It ain’t fun. But you can escape this vicious cycle and feel more free than you ever have before. In this live talk, I’ll tell you exactly how. 

Ready for the first step? 

Witness your judgment without judgment

Recognizing that we’re in the judgment cycle is the first step of the judgment detox. By witnessing your judgment without judgment, you’ll start your healing journey. Because let’s face it …

Ep 30 Judgement Detox Quote

You cannot change unless you’re willing to look at your crap! 

Join me for this live talk to learn: 

  • A simple morning ritual that will help you live in faith every day 
  • How to witness your judgment without judgment 
  • How to honor your core wounds to get to the root cause of your judgment
  • How to release resistance so that miracles can occur naturally in your life 
  • How to shut down your inner critic and show up for your gifts (this is SO important!) 
  • Why I KNEW I had to write Judgment Detox to begin with, and how the book can serve you 

Don’t worry—I don’t expect you to never judge anyone or anything again. You’re human, and that’s okay! But if you diligently apply the steps I lay out in this talk, you won’t believe your judgments anymore. 

I hope you feel freer just reading that! 

4 Questions To Ask Yourself

I also share the 4 key questions that will guide you to the root cause of your judgment. Ready to nip resistance in the bud? 

Ask yourself: 

  1. What or whom am I judging? 
  2. How does this judgment make me feel? 
  3. Why do I feel justified in this judgment? 
  4. What experience from my past has triggered this judgment now? 
Ep 30 Judgement Detox Practice to Elevate Vibes

Let me tell you what happened when I applied these four questions to my yoga teacher meltdown. I uncovered a core wound that goes way back to my grade-school days. 

And even though it’s painful when sixth-grade Gabby gets triggered yet again, honoring this childhood wound has been integral to my own judgment detox. 

I want to help you honor your own wounds, and heal them by doing so. In this live talk, I’ll show you how. 

Perpetual separation, judgment and attack have become an epidemic. If you’ve landed on this bonus episode of Dear Gabby, it’s absolutely no accident. 

By listening to this talk, you’re showing your willingness to heal. Listen in now to bust through the blocks of judgment. On the other side, you’ll find oneness, ease and a deeper connection to the Universe than you ever thought possible. 

Sounds pretty groovy, right? Trust me, it is. 

And that’s one judgment I stand by.

Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 


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Judgment Detox

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