A Money Mantra to Create Abundance

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Note: Updated in June 2018 for clarity and resources.

Over the years I’ve witnessed so many Spirit Junkies step into their power and gain the confidence to lead and serve. When this happens, they often feel called to turn their purpose from a side gig or social media hobby into a full-time job.

People from all walks of life hear the call. I’ve talked to bankers, publicists, lawyers, teachers and so many more who want to bring spiritual principles into their lives and work, no matter what they do.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but how can I actually earn a living for my passion work?” Or maybe you’re held back by this limiting thought: “It’s not spiritual to charge for my work.”

An affirmation to clear money blocks

I’m going to bust those myths in the video below. This video is from a Facebook Live that blew up! It was so popular that I had to share it with you.

Clearly people have some money blocks that need to be healed. In this video I share an affirmation that can transform your money story TODAY so that you can attract abundance!

Watch now (or keep reading) and begin shifting your money mantra immediately.

Do you limit your abundance?

Are you blocking your financial ability to receive? Are you blocking abundance?

I want to bust the myth that it’s not spiritual to earn for your work. I want to bust the myth that you have to struggle to succeed. Instead, I want to give you a whole new way of perceiving.

Many of us have limiting stories and fear-based belief systems. These stories and beliefs often go way back. As young kids we may have picked up limiting beliefs around money from our parents. If you struggled during the recession in the late 2000s, that experience may have become ingrained in your psyche.

Here is the truth: Those stories and beliefs are the only reason that you may be blocking abundance or creative earning possibilities.

There are always creative opportunities

Regardless of what field you work in, there are always creative opportunities for earning. You might think, “There’s a limit. I can only make a certain amount of money in the job that I’m in.”

Hold up! That is a very uncreative way of thinking. That limiting belief blocks your abundance. It ensures you will be limited in your earning.

But when we start to open up to creative possibilities for earning, that’s when we start to see opportunities we otherwise would miss. We see that there could be potential jobs that may even be beyond what we could imagine, or side projects that could become very abundant in our lives. Or maybe even a different career path that we want to transition into that could create a lot more abundance!

Get honest about your uncreative thoughts

The first step in attracting abundance, then, is to see how uncreative your thoughts are. Get fearlessly honest. There is no shame in having uncreative thoughts. It takes courage to take this inventory of your thoughts, so honor yourself for this. Simply answer this question: How uncreative are your thoughts when it comes to your earning capacity?

Are you blocking the capacity to get a different job because your story is, “I don’t have the credentials”?

Are you blocking your capacity to grow within your existing career because your story is, “There’s a ceiling and I can’t get beyond it”?

Are you blocking your capacity to earn because you’re a healer or a life coach or a yoga teacher and you feel guilty for earning for the work that you’re doing?

You can open up a journal and free-write your answer if you want. Putting pen to paper can bring a lot of clarity.

Your new money mantra to create abundance

When you are ready to have a perceptual shift around your abundance and your capacity to earn, the first and easiest pathway is to change the language you use!

Your words have energy. Your thoughts have energy. Every thought you have and word you utter is an energetic request. And the Universe always respond to your energy by delivering experiences, people and situations that match your energetic vibration. That’s why changing the language you use is so powerful.

A mantra is very powerful because it’s short and potent. You can turn to it anytime your thoughts begin detouring into those old, ingrained, fear-based stories. It matters that you truly believe in your money mantra. If you make your mantra, “I will earn a million dollars this year,” and it doesn’t resonate with you or feel authentic, then it won’t work. The key is to start simple.

The money mantra I encourage you to use is this: “I am open to creative possibilities.”

Simply being open to creative possibilities for earning will send a POWERFUL message to the Universe!

Write down this mantra. Meditate on it. When you notice yourself going down a fear spiral over money or work, stop your thoughts and begin silently repeating your mantra instead. You’ll notice that simply by repeating this mantra you will feel more at ease.

See with spiritual sight

When you use this mantra, you are praying. You’re turning over your fears and old beliefs to the care of the Universe and asking to see through loving lenses instead. You’re asking to see with spiritual sight rather than physical sight.

The physical sight that we choose to see with limits us. It blocks us. It keeps us small. But when we choose to see with spiritual sight, that’s an inner seeing, it’s an inner knowing. We begin to open up our capacity to become conscious of creative possibilities.

When we begin to open up to the creative capacity we have within us, that’s when we begin to open our consciousness to witness the abundance that is around us at all times. You will start to see abundance everywhere. Be consciously grateful for it.

It’s not that we need to go out and create abundance or force abundance or make more money or push. We aren’t trying to control anything. Instead, we’re changing the way we perceive our experience of money. We’re changing the way that we perceive our experience of our earning capacity, our receptivity and our worthiness.

I hope this practice serves you greatly. Use this mantra and expect miracles.

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