Have Fun Along the Way to Achieving Your Goals and You’ll Attract Support from the Universe

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about having fun and seeking out joy.

As little kids we’re fun professionals! We know intuitively how to have fun. But soon our priorities change. Instead of focusing on fun, we start to focus on achieving goals.

We focus too much on achieving goals and too little on having fun

We learn to become outcome-oriented. We put our energy into getting good grades, making sports teams, finding prom dates, getting into college and so on.

This pattern only intensifies in adulthood. We fixate on our goals. We focus so much on the outcome that we struggle and suffer to get to where we want to be. We withhold happiness from ourselves until we check that goal off our list. And then we’re immediately onto the next goal! We get hung up on the idea that joy comes from achievement.

The ironic thing is that we have it totally backwards! By having fun and leaning toward joy, we achieve our goals with much less effort. In truth, our goal isn’t to achieve something. The goal is to have fun along the way to what we desire!

Manifest your desires by having fun along the way

When we have fun along the way to what we desire, we attract it much faster and more easily! I riff on this idea in the video below:

What happens when you make fun your priority!

A few years ago I decided to measure my success by how much fun I was having. This choice sent a powerful message to the Universe that I was making joy my priority! Recently I’ve become even more committed to this concept. In writing my next book, Super Attractor, it’s become crystal clear to me just how important it is.

When you make fun your priority, you attract what you want into your life. But most importantly, the fun you have along the way puts you into an energy of certainty.

faith in the universe attract more|have fun achieving goalsWhen joy becomes your default you can rest easy. You know that everything will work out, even if it’s different from what you planned. You’ll learn to rely on your own capacity to access joy rather than needing to get it from an outside source. Faith in the Universe and certainty come when you practice having fun along the way.

4 ways to have fun along the way to achieving your goals

Here are four ways you can have fun along the way to achieving your goals! Follow this guidance and expect miracles.

Assume the energy of joy

The fastest way to achieve success in every area of life is to assume the energy of joy. This is true for any kind of goal, whether you want to find a romantic partner, a new job, better health or anything else.

If you’re trying to attract a romantic partner, have fun on dating apps! Even if the date isn’t for you, there may be something new and interesting you can learn from them. If you bring joy to the process you’ll speed up your capacity to manifest the partner you desire.

Your fun energy is sexy energy, and it will be felt on every date and even through your apps! There’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s having fun.

If you want to manifest a new job, have fun in your existing job. The joy you bring to whatever work you do helps open doors for new opportunities. Find ways to bring your purpose and your passion into your work. Small changes can make a big difference in how you show up each day and the energy you bring to your work.

Tweet: By having fun and leaning toward joy, we attract support from the Universe and achieve our goals with much less effort. @gabbybernstein #superattractor

If you’re out of alignment with the physical well-being you desire, make your healing process fun. I’ve found that I’ve had great success healing myself when I’ve chosen to have fun cooking medicinal foods and practicing self-care. I feel free in the kitchen and cooking has become another form of meditation for me. I share this joy in my Instagram stories, and that joy multiplies!

Instead of seeing a health condition as a burden, having fun while preparing healing meals has helped me repair my body faster.

Follow the fun

We always ask ourselves, “Where do I want to be?” Instead, we should be asking, “How do I want to feel?”

Here’s a story that illustrates this shift in thinking:

My friend was so focused on having an apartment in NYC that she had lost sight of what was truly fun! By focusing instead on how she wanted to feel, she aligned with joy and discovered a way more fun option she had never considered.

I had a similar experience that I wrote about in The Universe Has Your Back. If you’ve read the book, you’ll remember my story about apartment-hunting and how frustrating it was at first. My husband and I were so fixated on our goal that we became miserable. But when we surrendered to the Universe and decided to have fun, a creative solution arose almost instantly. That’s how we ended up with a beautiful home in the country.

You can follow the fun in all kinds of ways. The way you have fun doesn’t even have to be related to whatever goal you want to achieve! Do something random that brings you joy and witness how the Universe will support you.

having fun makes you a magnet for miraclesNo matter how busy you are, you can find joy. If you’re an extrovert like me, make it a priority to get together with friends. If you love putting your mind to work, do a crossword puzzle, read a novel or take a cool online course. If you love being outside, go for a walk or have a picnic in the park.

It doesn’t matter what you do. All that matters is that you seek joy. When you do this, you raise your vibration. You bring yourself closer to achieving your goal because you attract support from the Universe!

Measure your success by how much fun you’re having

Maintaining a sense of joy is a moment-to-moment commitment. The energy of the world around us can take us out in an instant. Our job is to stay in the flow with joy and have fun! Remember, happiness is an inside job. We can take pleasure in life’s successes but we must focus on the greatest success of all: living a fun, fulfilling life.

gabby bernstein miracles nowHere’s a cool practice from my book Miracles Now that will help you have more fun every day.

Write down this affirmation: I measure my success by how much fun I’m having. Post it on your desk, mirror, car dashboard, or wherever you can see it often. For the next 40 days, begin the day with this affirmation. Make the conscious commitment to choose joy upon waking. Throughout the day, consciously look for joy in all situations. Establishing this new habit will greatly benefit your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Bring joy to joyless situations

When you make fun your priority, you discover opportunities to inject fun into otherwise joyless situations. When you’re stuck in a long work meeting, crack a joke and feel the energy shift in the room.

When you bring fun into a boring or even tough situation, you literally change the vibrational frequency of what’s happening around you. Think about the mornings when you walk into work in a good mood. I’m sure people treat you with more kindness and higher vibes! Whereas if you show up with an attitude, everyone around you responds with an attitude.

You have the power to shift the energy around you by choosing to be in joy. Whenever you bring your high vibes to someone in a lower vibration they will be elevated in your presence. Your energy is contagious!

One important thing to note is that sometimes the idea of having fun or being in joy may feel very out of reach. You might wonder, “How can I have fun when I’m depressed?” Honor where you are right now and ask yourself how you can make a subtle shift. Can you practice some self-care that will lift you up just a bit? Can you find things to appreciate? Don’t underestimate the power of watching a funny movie or taking a bath. And even if you aren’t stuck in a victim mentality, practice the technique I outline in this blog to pivot your thoughts.

Surrender your goals and have fun, and you will achieve

We all have goals we want to achieve. And it’s important to get clear about your desires. But it’s just as important to surrender your goals and commit to having fun!

The moment you decide to make fun a priority, you shift your momentum. You will attract incredible support and achieve your goals faster and more easily than ever before.

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