Spiritual Solutions to Common Problems

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I want to share some awesome tips that you can turn to whenever you need a dose of inspiration. These videos all come from my presentation at Wanderlust in Hollywood in May 2016. You’ll feel the energy of the live event crackle through the screen.

#1: We’re all in it together

No one goes it alone in life. The truth is, we all have the same one problem — and the same solution for it.

#2: Spiritual condition

You can’t escape the world or pretend it doesn’t have an effect on you. But there’s a way to be happy no matter what’s going on.

#3: Hidden parts

We regret and try to forget the chaos, the addictions, the lovers who left. But that’s not our work. Our work is to be grateful for all of it.

#4: Everything is happening around me

Do you ever feel like everything is on you? That if you’re not productive, you’re not really living? You need to hear my new mantra…

I hope these videos serve you. Leave a comment and let me know what spoke to you the most!

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  1. Gabby is leading the way on the shoulders of giants like Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, Marianne Williamson, and so many more. Each generation needs a strong voice for Love, Goodness, Balance, and Realism based on Universal Spiritual Principles (USP). As has been said, Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions because it’s the pathway to higher being.

  2. These were perfect to listen to while sitting in the Honolulu Airport on the way to Maui. The productive video especially. I used to fill my days off with tons on chores and arrands in order to feel like I accomplished something. I would have never been able to sit on the beaches of Maui and “do nothing” which I really see now as “doing everything.” ❤️ love to you!

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