You Don’t Have to Struggle to Get What You Want

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I can do less and attract more | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorThe second chapter in my new book, Super Attractor is called “It’s Good to Feel Good.”

I put this concept right up front because we often resist feeling good. And this resistance is a major block to our Super Attractor power.

In this post, I want to show you that you don’t have to struggle in order to get what you want.

We’ve become accustomed to fear

Fear can feel like a natural way to protect yourself and stay in control. We’ve all grown far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. You may be thinking, “Wait, I don’t walk around feeling scared all the time. How am I in a state of fear?”

The answer is that fear takes many forms. Feelings such as anxiety, defensiveness, judgment, and the impulse to control all stem from a sense of fear. When you rely on fear, as most of us do, you are disconnected from the free-flowing love of the Universe.

Do you believe you can’t get what you want without struggle?

Society has convinced us that if something is worth having, it requires struggle, heroic perseverance and sacrifice.

We’ve been taught that pain has purpose and that to succeed is to suffer. That we have to “make” things happen, and that nothing good ever comes without struggle.

This isn’t to say that we don’t experience very difficult circumstances in our lives. I have been through them myself. Trauma, addiction, I have been there.

I’ve chosen to see even traumatic events and addictions as learning devices rather than shameful dark periods. Every difficult situation in my life, no matter how hard it seemed at the time, has offered me grace on the other side. Choosing to see difficult times with grace has helped me move out of the story of victim and feel proud of myself for my willingness to grow.

I want to emphasize that while suffering can help us heal or grow, it’s NOT the key to our successes.

Struggle is not required to manifest what you want.

You don’t have to suffer to find success

The plain and simple truth is this: We don’t have to struggle to be happy. I want to abolish that idea today. Clear it out of your mind.

In this video I share how suffering actually blocks our success. Since I learned this lesson, my manifesting has skyrocketed…

Our belief in struggle actually blocks our successes

Many of us have convinced ourselves that struggling is the key to our success or that our pain has purpose. We get stuck in these stories, which actually block our capacity to create.

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles teaches, “There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form on some level.”

Each thought we have emits energy. That energy either brings us closer to the supportive flow of the Universe or resists it. The energy behind our thoughts directly affects our experiences. When we have a fear-based, low-vibe thought on repeat, it creates energetic momentum that will eventually start to manifest in our life. If we believe in suffering, we will suffer.

Tweet: We don’t have to suffer and struggle to be happy and successful. @gabbybernstein #SuperAttractor

This was the case for me. For years I told myself that if I didn’t hustle, everything would fall apart. As a result I worked 24/7 and had a lot of fear beneath my faith and happiness.

And while I was accomplishing a lot, I was actually blocking myself in the most massive way. I blocked people from helping me, blocked my energy from flowing freely and blocked manifestations coming into my life.

Create the world you want with ease

As soon as I released that belief that I had to struggle to be successful and deserve happiness, I blasted open the doors to Universal support and guidance.

I invited people into my world to help support me on my mission. I’ve grown my business, I’ve had a child — I’ve manifested far more than I could imagine!

I’m not exceptional. You can do this, too.

Let go of the need to suffer and struggle today

Happiness is my birthright | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckMy goal for you today is to just let go of the idea that you have to struggle to get what you want and be happy.
Drop it.

Release it.

Bring this mantra into your life: “I do not have to suffer to be successful. I can be happy and free and create the world that I want to see.”

Using an affirmation of freedom and receptivity and joy will begin to cultivate a new energy around you, and that freedom is what allows you to attract what you desire.

Open yourself up to what this means to you. Let go of suffering in this moment. You can post in the comments below. You can declare what feels right to you, like, “In this moment, I am letting go of my suffering.” Or, “In this moment, I recognize I don’t have to be in pain to have purpose in my life.” Put it on the page and let me support you!

Joy is the ultimate creator

When we make feeling good our priority, we attract the success, happiness and well-being we want with ease. Joy is a very high vibration that is aligned with the love of the Universe. When we embody this vibration, we become magnets for people, situations and experiences that match it.

Your willingness to have fun and be creative also opens up your channel to communicate with the loving energy of the Universe. In a state of joy, guidance comes effortlessly.

See my 3 steps to get into the stream of well-being. And check out my free workshop (info below), where I teach you the practice of accepting that good things can come easily!

Take this practice further — order ‘Super Attractor’!

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn Super Attractor, I lay out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams. This book is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires.

In its pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Do less and attract more
  • Relax and trust that what you desire is on the way
  • Know that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times
  • Feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold

Order the book and claim your free Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop!

Change your mantra and choose joy

I want to leave you with this clip where I talk about how I kicked my belief in struggle and chose joy instead! Let it inspire you. Then use the affirmation above to declare that you’re ready to let go of suffering — because you don’t have to struggle to get what you want.

I hope this serves you.

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  1. I really struggle with the fear that I can’t do my job. I am willing to let go of my struggle and suffering and embrace love

  2. Thank you – you heard my struggle in the Miracle Member fb page and you supported me exactly as I needed with this post. Thank you oxox b

  3. Gabby I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! I have been interested in reading your latest book Super Attractor. Today going through my emails I discovered your email offering a wonderful Amazon special. I did not think twice and went OH YEA! Normally I borrow your books and now that I have my own copy i can read and re-read at my leisure. So again THANK YOU! I am so so grateful you made my day.

  4. After my ex-husband abandoned me and my children, I have struggled for years to get a fair divorce settlement/judgment. Today, I release the struggle and the fear that it will not get resolved. I choose to feel good and know that I can enjoy peace and abundance and do good work.

    1. Thank you for showing up in a brave, heartfelt way. I’m holding this intention for you Brenna. You’re doing beautiful work. <3

  5. Oh thank you, I realised I have been raised to believe that suffering is the key to life and even if you get there it’s only temporary and have held onto that for 35 years, I have said so many times why am I always battling through things and today is the day is fully surrender and forgive and let it go, I prayed for a miracle and this is it! I surrender, I do not have to suffer to be successful and I am FREE! I asked god for guidance and he sent me your work! Thank you

    1. I love the divine timing and grateful that you landed here Donna. Continue to use these tools daily and you’ll tap into that freedom. <3

  6. Gabby, you have helped me so much and I’m grateful that I found you and your work. I do find that I work so hard at releasing the fears and doubts that control me, and for the most part I think I do get it right. However, the one fear that holds me back more than anything else is my fear that the Universe’s plan for me is different to the desires I want in my life.

    I come from a very large family (I’m the youngest of 13 children), my parents have been married for 60 years, I’ve seen all my siblings, even some nieces and nephews, get married and have kids and have this little family that’s their own. For as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted is to share my life with someone, give birth to and raise children…to be a mother. And now, I’m 39 years old, single, never married and have no children. It hasn’t happened yet and I feel that I’m running out of time (biologically speaking)…I feel it in my bones. So, whilst I try to release fears and manifest this life that I want, the fear that I just can’t seem to let go of is that the Universe’s plan for me, no matter how great it may be, is not in alignment with the life and desires I want for myself, or surely it would have happened by now if the Universe truly has my back.

    How do I truly release that fear and trust that this life I have always dreamed of having will become a reality?

    1. The Universe wants us to have exactly what our hearts desire and what is for the greatest good for all. I love what you shared here about trust and this is a beautiful, key piece for you. My love journey shifted when I began to truly trust and surrender. Know that this is a daily practice! Here are the tools that I regularly use to tap into that spiritual surrender:

  7. As am I am reading this I am tearing up because I know and feel the truth of it. I truly believe that we were meant to be joyful, otherwise what will be the point of life. “I do not have to suffer to be successful”. “I do not have to suffer to be successful”. It is so true, I want to feel good because feeling really feels good, and I know that I don’t need the reason to feel that way, I was born that way.

  8. Hi Gabby!!

    Thanks for your videos, coaching and support!! Really helps me a lot!!

    Aren’t you coming to Miami?
    If you need any help to produce the super attractor here let me know! I am sure here there is a fantastic community that follow you!

    Waiting for your book!!



  9. Great post! I am now 59 years old, and I carried this notion until 58. I now understand my patterns and see when I’ve opened my big bag of B/S tricks that have kept me small for far too long. The excuses, stories and powerless mindset filled that bag. Nope! Not anymore. I have the second half of my life to live and damn I’m going to do that, and bring as many older women with me, as I can.
    Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? B/S to that!
    Thanks Gabby for your wonderful insights. You really have changed my world!

  10. In this moment, I recognize that I don’t have to be in pain to have purpose in my life.
    In this moment, I am letting go of suffering.
    Thank you for your wisdom and love.

  11. Thank you Gabby, this is really my theme at the moment. I am pregnant and feel that I want to take things slow, but this ‘productive-me’ inside me tells me to work to feel happy and be part of the world. It provides an anxious and not-happy feeling, which blocks me from feeling joy for my baby and joy for the things I have right now in my life. It feels like hard work, to feel good again. I hope I can let go of the blocks and low vibes and believe that I am fully taken care of. Love, Maria

    1. Slow down Maria and put your focus on what brings you joy. Trust that the Universe has an amazing plan in store for you. xo

  12. In this moment I let go of my belief in suffering. In this moment I feel joy, gratitude and love! I create the world I want to see ❤️
    Thank you Gabby

  13. Your words are coming to me tonight as I am feeling a lot of fear in so many areas in my life. I’m afraid I’m going to have a hard time letting go of it. It feels so heavy.
    I will however say the mantra here;
    Tonight, I am letting go of my suffering.

    Thank you for everything you do, Gabby ❤️

  14. Hi Gabby, i would like your advice I’ve been wanting to begin a blog as a business but there are so many roadblocks i feel for me simply because I don’t have enough money to have it hosted or buy a domain name pretty much cant invest in myself. I have been feeling this strong pull and gut feeling that it is what I’m meant to do but i feel as if i just cannot get started. However Ive been feeling so lost in life lately and I’m wondering if it is God and the universe redirecting me simply because I haven’t made a free blog without the investments, I often ask myself why cant I take that step to make a blog without feeling like I need to pay for things to have the success I envision? Am i being logical or is this me in fear?

    Thanks, btw Love ya Gabby!

    1. Thanks for showing up here Chloe. It sounds like you’re ready and open to make some big shifts. What is one thing (big or small) that you can do to start your blog? Know that it doesn’t all come together in one day, and that small steps add up to a huge impact. Start where you are. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m excited to see what you create!

  15. I am so happy the universe lead me to you Gabby!! You really have taught me so much about my anxiety and fear and trusting the universe. I am so grateful for this xx

  16. I do not have to suffer I doing all by my own; I do not have to work hard, only because some people say, that if my job bring me joy & i made something with ease, this is not “real” work and I do not deserve on good money. From now, I doing my creative artwork with all my joy and knowing that is something good & the Universe love that! Now I feel freely with my joy at work

  17. Thank you, Gabby. My mother, who was a Buddhist, used to tell me that I was born to suffer. I totally believed and lived by that untill I had my own child. I wanted nothing but happiness for him. After many many years of working on myself, I could not agree with you more!

  18. Thank you Gabby!! I’ve really been struggling lately with depressed, grieving thoughts and feelings since my mother passed away last month. I want so desperately to manifest abundance in my life and your post here helped me see that I need to let fear go and let the universe help me. I know grieving is a part of loss, I just don’t want to stay stuck there.
    Today I’m going to re read The Universe Has Your Back for a second time. I learned so much the first time I read it. Thank you for all you do. It is truly appreciated ❤️

  19. I don’t have to suffer to have my baby!
    I don’t have to suffer to have what I want !
    When I read your book ( universe has your back)the chapter you explained about having your baby , it gave me hope , it’s possible, I can have it too ! It was the best feeling!
    Pls if there is more guidance through this journey, I love to hear from you!
    Universe gave me your book to help me !

    Thanks gabby for great message, great books,
    Great guidance!

    1. This is gorgeous! Trust that the Universe has an amazing plan in store for you. Keep showing up for yourself, implementing the spiritual tools that most inspire you. Sending you lots of love and appreciation. XOX

  20. I believe it was, “The Universe has your Back,” that taught me this lesson. I was like, “Wait, really?” Also, I didn’t realize that judgment, anxiety, and the need to control was a form of fear- I need to reflect on that some more. OH AND see you for your book tour in NYC. I locked that in about 2 weeks ago. Can’t wait! <3

  21. In this moment I am letting go of suffering, I am letting go of anything that isn’t for my highest good. Happiness is my Birthright! I declare my struggle is over. ❤️

  22. This mantra came to me at a time much needed. And as I read it and understood it then felt a great weight of my shoulders. I began to breath easier because I felt someone or something was telling me that I can still have success without the suffering and be happy and free and create a world I should have seen a long time ago. I just broke up with a man that controlled a lot in my life for 2 yrs. I wasn’t ready for a relationship. I kept telling him I wasn’t happy because I’ve been wanting to create the world I want to see thru my eyes and not just his. And I want to be happy and free. Thanks so much for this mantra. This is how I feel and have been feeling and now I feel like it’s ok to let go and it’s ok to be happy with self❤

    1. I honor your brave heart. Keep showing up for yourself in this beautiful way. You’re doing amazing work Jesica! <3

  23. Suffering and pain are no longer requirements of my success. Feeling free and feeling ease are not only my birthright, they are the true feelings allowing me to co-create the life I desire. It’s good to feel good!
    Thanks Gabby

  24. “In this moment, I am letting go of my suffering.” and, “In this moment, I recognize I don’t have to be in pain to have purpose in my life.” Thanks Gabby… my new mantra!

  25. Thank you, Gabby, for this platform to declare my intentions with certainty and faith❤️
    In this moment, I am letting go of suffering… everything is always working out for me!!
    Many blessings and thanks for the truly powerful impact sharing your story and path to healing have had on my life.
    God bless, beautiful Gabby

  26. Thank you Gabby for all the love you send out into the universe. Reading your emails, posts and books always lifts my spirit and serves to remind me that I am deserving of love. Today I release my fear and accept love into my life. See you in L.A.

    1. Grateful that you’re part of this awesome Spirit Junkie community and that these tools are serving you. See you in LA love!

  27. I have always felt like success has to be hard. You have to struggle to make money and owning and running a business is hard. It definitely has been for me.

    1. Showing up here and sharing is an amazing sign that you are willing to begin to release these beliefs. It’s amazing what can happen when you open yourself up to collaborating with the Universe and knowing that big change can happen.

  28. Today, I let go off the belief that I have to struggle to get what I want. Instead I embrace joy and ease as my normal state of being. I am attractive and easily welcome love and abundance into my life!

  29. This is so spot on and helpful. I have suffered deeply but I do not need nor does my life’s work desire that I make suffering a way of life. I choose today to remind myself that being successful does not require that I suffer. I choose to smash that block to pieces and thank God for open roads of peace and light and sustainable joy because that is my birthright and God’s plan for my life.

  30. I do not have to dim my light so others can shine.
    I do not have to clip my wings so that others can fly.
    I do not have to whisper so that others can shout.
    I do not have to hide so that others can be seen.

    Thank you Gabby 🙂

  31. Well, Gabby,
    You make me think. I am in a sad place (I bet it is for only a short time today) because I am not feeling productive. I am caring for my dad who has some health challenges and I had to quit my job as a result. But right at that time I was directed to Miracles May Happen, and your guidance changed my course, entirely. I am working towards some goals that God has enlightened me about, but they all depend on one thing which I now have been praying and meditating on for 10 years. I am watching and have no ability to MAKE it happen, so I continue to wait, pray and meditate, adding in wisdom that you, and The Course, and the IG give me.
    Thank you for this new insight. I will add it as well. I am going to buy your new book. Thank you for being our teacher!
    Ps I’ll let you know as soon as that one determining event takes place, and the enlightenments that precede.

    1. You’re doing great work Kathy. Grateful that these tools are inspiring and serving you. Sending you and your dad lots of love and healing. XOX

  32. Thank you for this blog post!
    These words especially leaped in my heart as I read them: “In this moment, I recognize I don’t have to be in pain to have purpose in my life.”
    I am learning to let go and trust and believe that I can feel good and experience walking in freedom and peace.
    Yes yes YES!!
    Love to you Gabby!

  33. I love this Gabby! I too have always felt the need to be going, going, going and getting things done. The Universe does deliver but sometimes that message manifests into STOP! We all need to slow down and just let things be for a bit. Especially us entrepreneurs. I am learning everyday and I do know the Universe guides me. Thank you too as always for your guidance. It fills me up and inspires me, even in my own writing. Enjoy your book tour and congrats on Super Attractor!

  34. Such a good post! I often sabotoge when things are going too good. Its feels like I’m afraid of allowing myself to feel good and then doubt slides in and turns into struggle then anxiety. Until the next cycle begins. I claim today to stop affirming my doubt and struggle, and start affirming faith and ease. Thanks for this awesome shift in thought.

  35. In this moment I am letting going of my suffering! I can have joy without chaos and madness. I can be happy without struggle!

  36. Hi Gabby, this is a very hopeful message. You said – put it on the page and let me support you – well here goes. I totally agree with what you are saying, although you provide so much more guidance and clarity than I could achieve myself – but I would like to experience love. I am 60 years old and would like a relationship but I get panic attacks every time I think of love – because of my severe childhood trauma. It’s very sad to experience that and to be ‘frozen in time’ for a few decades but I am nothing if persevering and I really feel I should get a medal for it! Anyway how can I overcome this crippling fear and allow myself to trust in love – without it ripping me up internally? Also as I haven’t found much kindness amongst men regarding my early life and how it makes me feel, I have also experienced 100% rejection so far. I’m giving a different name on this message.

    1. I appreciate you showing up here and sharing from the heart. It sounds like you are doing great spiritual work in tapping into love and moving away from that fear energy. This is something that I worked on and received lots of support around too. I believe that Spirit works through talented and trained doctors and practitioners. A trained psychologist or therapist can be of great support, especially when working through trauma. Here are some resources for locating a practitioner in your area: & <3

  37. Loved reading this. I love and own that I can be happy and free and will create the world that I want to see. I have done this before and will continue to do this I can go through my journey of life…

    I have a follow up question, what do you do when you hear about other people’s “suffering” and how they are projecting their story on to you? Often times people are stuck in that negative vortex that people need to constantly work in order to get things done but I want to be on the higher vibration that you mention in this post. Are we supposed to see them with love and send them love?

  38. I don’t have to suffer to be successful. I have always chosen jobs where I am underpaid and overworked. I see that now. I seek these jobs out. It’s like I feel I have to work EXTREMELY hard to be deserving of anything at all, and despite being angry that I am not paid what I am worth, I end up feeling grateful that I’m being paid at all. That ends. I have great experience. I’m working on my energy, and the vibes I send out to the world. I have a lot to offer and it doesn’t need to be the daily grind it currently is. I work with negative, toxic people. I don’t need to put up with that. Their constant negativity is dragging me down. I choose to see them with love. I choose not to let them in to the beautiful space around me that I’m creating. I choose to release them and let me get on with my happy life. Thank you for turning things around for me Gabby. I’m 42, and if I hadn’t found you I might have spent the rest of my life fighting a battle I don’t need to fight. I’m so grateful for your help and guidance. xxx

  39. Dear✨Gabi✨ Love my new Mantra, Thank you Will gladly share with orhers. Blessings to you and your loved ones. ❤️Cindy xox (Hamburg Germany)

  40. Hi Gabby,

    thanks for that insightful post …. how do you change your feelings from depression, unhappy feelings to those of joy when continual shitty things keep happening in your life? It’s kinda of a catch 22 …. the shitty things will keep you feeling shitty/unhappy/stressed etc which will keep creating more shitty things!!!!

    1. Allow yourself to fully feel your feelings, even the challenging ones. And then see if you can shift, even the slightest, to bring your awareness to something good that is going on, big or small. If you can’t think of anything currently, bring your focus to something you’re grateful for. Practice feeling gratitude and goodness every day for a month and get ready for some changes.

  41. Thanks so much Gabby, this is beautifully timed. I used to think I didn’t allow myself to suffer but on closer examination I realise that I have been buying into this belief for a long time! 🙂

  42. I do not have to suffer to have a great day. I do not have to plan, have planning thoughts, think about what to do after I have done what I’m doing right now. I do not have to get in this frantic energy to get things done. I do not have to control my life! I can be happy, energetic and feel good. I can live in the moment. When I have a planning thought I say: ‘Thank you, planning thought. I don’t need you. I live in the moment and decide in this moment what feels good to do right now.’
    Thank you, Gabby!

  43. Dear Gabby,
    A few weeks ago I ask for guidance and help, to understand who I am, your book; The Universe Has Your Back was the first to come to me while looking online for understanding. Thank You, maybe the Universe guided me straight to you! And thank you. You are a true inspiration to the all human being of the world. Thank you for allowing me to use this mantra.
    Leaning towards LOVE,
    I do not have to suffer to be successful, I can be happy and free to create the world I want to see! In this moment I am letting go of my suffering, In this moment, I am recognizing I do not have to be in pain to have purpose in my Life.

  44. Music to my ears today. I do not have to suffer to be successful and create the life I dream of. Even if what that is is a little hazy at the moment. Thanks Gabby. Love your no BS straight talking love!

    V xx

  45. In this moment, I let go of my suffering. In this moment, I choose me, I choose the field of all possibilities, and I choose to heed the call and live my purpose.
    Thank you Gabby for being a wonderful guide, spirit, and light in this world.

  46. I dont have to suffer to be succesful, I dont have to suffer to have what I want… I can be happy!! I choose to be happy!! I release this concept…thx!!!

  47. in the moment, i release my suffering. i don’t need to struggle to find peace, happiness and satisfaction in my life.

  48. You got me once again hooked up
    YOu are such a sweet girl and you always inspire me to thrive, shine, get the best out of me and so much more
    I just love to watch you and your integrity.
    Last time I listened to you and got into action was when you had the
    “May cause Miracles” This 6 week course was amazing, even so I cannot remember anything, hahahhaaha but at the time it was just great great great and great
    I have the feeling this call now comes again at the right time, even so I don´t read a lot of books since a while and still have some on my shelf which I haven´t finished but I am going to order this one for sure and can´t wait to get it into my fingers and the workshop in August
    May you be blessed with love, joy, peace, ease, success, happiness, laughter, fun, wealth, health, beauty, loving caring supporting people and so much more.
    Thanks for being you!!!
    Thanks for being in my life!
    Got every book from you and love them
    You are a star you really are and you shine and thrive and I want to copy as much as possible to shine my star to the fullest
    Thank you
    big hug and lots of kisses

  49. Hi – this video is so timely for me. I need to let go big time in my work environment. I can see it is not serving me and that achieving my aims will be hampered by my work mindset that thinks more is more, instead of learning to let go and trust the universe has my back, which will of course free up my mind to be receptive to new ideas and achieve my goal. That process begins today!

  50. I let go of my suffering.
    I let go of the idea that I have to work hard to get succes.
    I need help. I am open for all the help for becoming super succesful.

  51. In this moment I give up the panic of starting my own business, and the fear that I cannot do it. I choose trust. I am allowing the help that is all around me, and inviting even more of it. Thank you Gabby and I am so grateful for everything the world has to offer me so that I can carry out this great work!

  52. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for sharing this message. One thing I have been struggling with for years is what to do when you when your intentions come from a place of self love, but the people that surround you don’t support that. I was an overeater for most of my life, and for the last few years I have committed to self love and respecting food and my body through the daily practice of mindful eating. My family and friends have noticed this change, and I have experienced a lot of negativity from many of them now that I make healthier choices. I am questioned and pressured in a lot of social situations about what I’m eating, why I didn’t put something offered on my plate, and how much I’m eating. I can’t figure out why I’ve been attracting this kind of negativity for years, and I end up feeling the same guilt that I felt when I overate… as if I am doing something wrong by turning down red meat or an extra big slice of cake! How can I approach releasing this struggle without the support of the people in my life? Is there some lesson that I could be missing in this experience of so much negativity from the people in my life?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      This is such a great question! First of all congratulations on making the decision to heal your relationship with food from a place of love. That is an incredible gift to give yourself and one to be very proud of. You can begin to heal the negative experiences you are having with family and friends by connecting back to the reasons you have chosen this lifestyle for yourself. When you support yourself and are confident in your answers despite the pressure or negativity you receive, you can begin to dissolve these boundaries with love.
      xo Gab

  53. In this moment, I am letting go of my idea that I need to struggle or work so hard and so much in order to succeed! Opening to the miracles and manifestation

  54. I do not have to suffer to be successful.
    I can create the beautiful
    Life I desire with ease and grace.
    Thank you for this sacred truth.
    I will keep it in my mind and heart today

  55. Hi Gabby,
    Perfect timing! Thank you for this beautiful message. I am just now learning to release all of that “stuff” and move forward and be my true self. All of that was holding me back, keeping me fearful, unsure, paralyzed. I am free….. <3
    much love to you,

  56. In this moment I am replacing the word earn with the word allow. I am a divine being. I don’t have to earn anything!

  57. I needed to hear this so bad today. For years, I am down playing my success (education, work,..) because it came easy to me e.g. it didnt’t need a too big effort on my part. So I felt that these successes don’t really count at all because I didn’t had to shet blood, sweat and tears in order to get there.
    Listening to Gabby instantly brought this issue up and I will try to work on it.

  58. Serenity is the key to my success. Gurmuhk told us in class on Sunday to retell our story. I’m no longer going to struggle in pain to receive the love I want. The pain from my childhood does not define me, it empowers me to heal myself and others. Thank you for this message! Totally synchronicity with yoga class Sunday!

  59. Thanks, Gabby!
    In this moment, I’m letting go of my suffering. I’m honouring my space in the world by letting go of shame and guilt from never doing “enough”. I deserve to feel peace with my own decisions.

  60. Hallelujah. Thank you for giving us all permission to believe and accept that this is possible xx

    For me, believing it’s possible is one step but actually believing and accepting that I DESERVE to feel this happy and free seems to take a lot of courage??

    In the past I think I have felt blindly, almost recklessly happy and free at times, which is nice too, but so different to how I’ve allowed myself to feel in moments lately, which is mindfully, gratefully and fully deservedly happy and free. Whoa.

    Thank you Gabby for all your guidance that has allowed me to get to this place. I feel like I’ve got my foot on the next rock feeling for how stable it is before planting my foot firmly on it 😉

    I want to consistently remind myself that I deserve to feel happy and free and that I can create the world I want to see!

  61. Received this message nicely today :-). Right now I am manifesting a new home for me and my pet. I honestly believe that the Universe will deliver, and I’m following, allowing and once again believeing….I honestly believe I CAN live my dreams.

    When I look back on how I did use to suffer to get the things I wanted, struggle and push see/believe not much was possible for me, being in the position I am in today, ie my mindset and the spiritual and emotional growth I have done which has completely changed my life, it is hard to comprehend the past. Still have my days of doubt though, but I have support systems in place to help me shore up my faith…..I will fully believe it when something tangible happens to me….then my inspiration and belief will inspire others too.

    Thank you! And PS loving your self image and outfits too xoxo

  62. In this moment, I let go of all my sufferings and hard work, that blocks me from living my true purpose and following my bliss ????

  63. Suffering leads to me being stuck and not being an instrument for the universes purpose for me. Thanks for the reminder

  64. Wow. Right time, right words. This is what I needed today.
    I’m still working on it and it is easier said than done. Still, I don’t need to suffer to be successful. I release the believe that I need to suffer and feel the pain t achieve my goals.
    This feels awesome 🙂
    Thanks, Gabby.
    Hear you in August 🙂

  65. It is always such a pleasure and honor when i find a new Video from you in my inbox! I really resonate with you and your work. Thank you so much, Gabby! xo Nathalie

  66. This was at the perfect time. I’m letting go of my traumas and suffering. I can create a successful life without holding onto pain. Thank you!!!!

  67. in this moment I let go of suffering. I release the belief that I have to be in pain to have purpose.
    God bless you Gabby!

  68. This message really resonated with me today and I wrote the mantra down and will starting saying it. Looking forward to your receiving your book!

  69. Gabby,
    I preordered the book and signed up for the workshop online BUT August 16 is my 13th wedding anniversary and we are celebrating in Vail, CO. Will it be available via a link later on? I will be at your retreat next weekend, so maybe I could ask you then. Thank you and best wishes,

  70. Really needed this mantra for today.:-) From here and now I will live my life with much more ease than earlier, and that I am letting go of my obstacles and suffering <3 Thank you.

  71. I love this message Gabby!! and really needed to hear it as I grow my own business and am a constant multi-tasker. I want to have fun developing my brand, helping people get healthy and fit. I don’t want it to feel like a burden, so thank you for reminding me that it doesn’t have to be a struggle. I focused on doing what I can, when I can and having fun as I go. Namaste!

  72. Love the way you express all that you have inside to us. Thank u for always sharing and leave us hope words, to make our lives easier, God bless u

  73. This is the exact message I received from the universe this weekend. So crazy how you talked about it today. I am on my 150th job application with only a few months left in savings to pay for living expenses. I decided that I was ready to listed to what the universe wanted me to do and that is to move across country to AZ and become an elementary teacher. I’m so excited for this new adventure and there is not one ounce of struggling for this move. Thanks Gabby!

  74. This is great Gabby! I love this video and I truly think that we do not need to suffer to get what we want. I had been struggling for years, working more than 10 hours per day and suffering a lot, I punished myself all the time and nothing was ever enough. Since I started a profound self awareness journey, I was able to change my mentality and career, decided not to suffer any more, then my new projetcs started growing, I launched my own company and I am free and happy now! Living the present moment and enjoying the numerous possibilities the world can offer us. Thank you for your message, I am big fan of your work.

  75. Today I let go of the idea that I have to shed blood and tears and feel immense pain in order to reach my goals. Letting this thought go gives ME the freedom to make my own choices and accomplish MY happiness, rather than everyone else’s. I feel like I have been painfully living my life through a never-ending maze of everyone else’s happiness and my happiness is at the end of this crazy maze. Will I ever accomplish everyone’s goals? And will I have any energy or fight left to reach my own happiness?

  76. Awesome! My new mantra: I live my life with ease. Achieving my goals and dreams with joy and happiness! Thank you for the encouragement!

  77. I’m diving deep into letting go of drama and suffering in my life right now. So thank you very much for making this message so super clear today. For me it is a process of unlearning a pattern of thinking I cultivated long long time ago to survive. It feels so good, creating such freedom, so much more me to letting go and turning towards the life I want. So for me at the same time it is a process of letting go and creation in equal parts. Patience, persistence and happy anticipation! ????????

  78. Dear Gabby – recently my significant other got an ENORMOUS opportunity at work that I have been dreaming of my whole life. I felt so happy for him but equally so awful – as if I were struggling and sweating for something, while he just walked right into it. But maybe that’s the point. I am reframing this sadness as a chance to learn that my struggle may be blocking me from this dream. THANK YOU for your amazingly-timed videos, as always!!!!

  79. In this moment I let go of my suffering. In this moment I am recognizing I don’t have to be in pain to have purpose in my life.

  80. Thanks, Gabby. I needed to hear this today. I copied into my journal: “I can be happy and free and create the world I want to see.” I had been enjoying a reduced workload this summer to spend time with my kids. Then my husband was laid off suddenly and I went into “anxious hustle” mode, shaming myself for not working harder. Now I can see how that is not serving me. I am going to let go of the struggle mentality.

  81. I’m really grateful for this post, Gabby. Thank you for sharing. I definitely come from a background where there was a “no pain no gain” type of attitude. I’m definitely trying to release this in my own life, and get out of my own way! I’m definitely going to keep repeating your mantra to myself – “I do not have to suffer to be successful!”

  82. Mmmmm …. Simple words, hard to action. Still, I’m open to letting go today – wish me luck! Thanks Gabby.

  83. Amazing! I work so much and have been known to shame myself for not doing enough; not finishing this or that, socializing when I had SO much work to do, etc….you’ve definitely challenged me with the idea of stepping back a bit and maybe doing things a little bit differently. I don’t know how that looks on a daily basis exactly, but I feel that I have to remind myself of this blog often:-)

    1. You can take it one day at a time- commit to your practice and let spirit guide you to the next right action each day 🙂 xo

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