How to Get Sober and Change Your Life

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I want to talk about my sober recovery and how it has influenced my spiritual path, and how being a sober woman for the past 11 years has helped me live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

If you’ve read my book Spirit Junkie (or any of my books), you’re aware that I’ve been on a sober path, and through my sober recovery I found my spiritual roots.

Through putting down drinks and drugs and picking up my spiritual practice, I’ve come to understand that being sober isn’t just about not drinking or using drugs.

How sobriety has helped me live a life beyond my wildest dreams

Check out my video to learn how sobriety has helped me live a life beyond my wildest dreams, and then read on for my top tips for getting and staying sober.

Being sober is about living with honesty and integrity

Being sober is about living a life of honesty and integrity, one where I have a daily commitment to taking inventory of what’s going on in my life and how I show up for the world. And while I’m not here to promote total sobriety for everyone, I am here for any of you who are struggling with addiction.

I want to be a voice of love in this conversation so you can start to see yourself in me and think: “Maybe there’s a part of me that wants to get clean … but I’m afraid I won’t be me anymore, or life will be really boring.”

I can say to you with full conviction that it is very hip to be sober! The greatest gift to have come to me on my sober path is that I know I’ll be where I say I’ll be. If I make a commitment, I will show up for it. What was so heartbreaking for me when I was using is that I would miss so much of my life. I wouldn’t show up. I’d lie. I’d avoid people. I’d miss brunch with my girlfriends because I’d be hungover.

Today, as a sober woman, I will be where I say I’ll be.

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When you’re sober, you choose your consciousness

Another great benefit of sobriety is that this is the only consciousness I choose. I’m not trying to be out of myself — I’m choosing to be more in myself. Choosing to live in this consciousness has created a beautiful life that has given me a greater sense of awareness of the truth of who I am, and a greater sense of authenticity.

I want to bring this topic to your attention because we know there are epidemics of drug use and alcoholism that are at an all-time high all throughout the world. People are dying every single day from drug addiction and alcoholism. We have to bring this topic to the forefront.

My mission is to be a voice of light for people on a sober path. Countless people have come up to me over the years and said, “Spirit Junkie got me sober.” And I tell them: “The book may have inspired you, but you got yourself sober. You followed the guidance.”

It’s absolutely awesome living a sober life

hope is the conduit for miracles | gabby bernstein card deckIf you’re out there and you’re thinking that it might be time to clean up your life, Spirit Junkie is a beautiful first step to give you that grace and ease. And I’m going to be back sharing lessons on sober recovery and healing from addictive patterns.  You can check out my favorite meditation for healing addiction here.

I also recommend a beautiful book called Living Sober. When I was early in my desire to get sober, I found an addiction specialist. He had me read this book, which helped me see the truth of what was going on for me and helped me set the intention to change my path. I want to suggest this book as a gentle right action for how to start seeing yourself in a different light and begin to create change.

These resources are just the beginning. There are so many amazing resources out there for people on a sober path, but first and foremost I just want to tell you that it is absolutely awesome living a sober life.

Your willingness to change is the first step. Let it be the driving force to help you take the next right action. I pray for you to find peace and to release whatever addictive patterns are standing in your way.

I hope this serves you.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    The Universe had your back which I read over a year ago began a process of change in me that allowed me to slowly let go go many things absorb many things and finally i have faced up to letting go go drinking and am now reading Spirit Junkie. It has been 2 weeks now and I tried before but this time it is different. This time it is with intention and an anchor- with love. And so much of this faith began with ‘choosing love’ after reading your book when I just had to read what my retreat roommate was reading that she was enthralled by and couldn’t stop reading and missed seasons for! Thank you for the Love. Namaste

    1. Choose love daily. Choose it on a moment to moment basis. Surrender all the time. (Be sure to check out this blog post too.) Finding support and sticking to your spiritual practice will both serve you greatly in your journey. I honor you for making this choice and send you so much love. So much love.

  2. Hi Gabby,

    I’m in a very dark place at the moment and I’m wanting to start my sobriety journey to repair relationships with my children and family! Any advice of where to start would be fabulous, I listen to your audios almost every day and I am in love with your journey you are truly inspiring


  3. My husband is in early recovery and has been struggling hard for the past 2 years. Along the way I’ve developed some very unhealthy habits with co-dependency. My energy and focus is on him and I’m struggling to find my own peace. Any mediations or resources you have that would help?

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