How to Practice Creative Visualization

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Gabby Bernstein working on her laptop at a patio table | Creative visualizatoinFor many years I had this story on repeat in my mind: “If I don’t do it, no one else will.”

I believed that I had to strive hard and overwork in order to get what I wanted. So while I experienced a lot of joy and faith for the first 10 years I was building my business, there was also this ever-present undercurrent of fear. I didn’t know how to let people help me, and as a result I always felt unsupported and alone.

Three years ago I hit bottom with my workaholism. I was stressed out, burned out and physically ill. I had no choice to surrender.

Once I did, I received profound spiritual guidance and began a practice of creative visualization.

Within a few months, my life changed dramatically. I attracted new members to my team. I got out of the way and let others in. I truly felt supported — and I could focus 100% on being a spiritual teacher!

In this post I’m teaching you the simple, life-changing practice of creative visualization so that you can activate your Super Attractor power and experience this kind of miracle, too.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a kind of meditative practice. Here’s how Shakti Gawain defines it in her book Creative Visualization:

Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. There is nothing at all new, strange, or unusual about creative visualization. You are already using it every day, every minute, in fact. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the Universe, which you use constantly, whether or not you are aware of it.

Over the years, people have asked me if they can do creative visualization if they’re not super artistic. I want to clear up this common misconception. “Creative” doesn’t refer to creativity in the sense of art class or creative writing. It refers to your ability to create the world you want to see, also known as manifesting. Also known as being a Super Attractor!

You can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy | Creative visualizationIf you like to daydream, you may notice that creative visualization comes very naturally. But if this concept is new to you, or if you’re more of an analyzer than a fantasizer, don’t worry. It’s very accessible and it doesn’t take a ton of effort.

Like Shakti says, this is something we do all the time, often unconsciously. The difference here is that we’re doing it consciously so that we direct our energy toward our desires.

How to practice creative visualization

Follow these steps to start your creative visualization practice today. This is a practice that will make you feel good and strengthen your connection to your Super Attractor power.

If you commit to practicing it a few minutes each day, you’ll speed up your manifesting and experience many miracles.

Step 1: Accept that you have the power to create the world you want to see

The first step in creative visualization is knowing and accepting that you have the power to create the world you want to see! Knowing that you can co-create with the Universe is incredibly empowering.

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You may not yet fully believe this. That’s okay. I just ask that you become willing to believe it. As you practice techniques like this one, you’ll start to experience very cool results that will give you more and more spiritual proof that you are a Super Attractor.

Step 2: Reframe your beliefs into a positive affirmation

If what you want feels far away from your current reality, you might doubt that it’s actually available to you. If give a lot of energy to your doubts and limiting stories, then you’ll manifest what you don’t want (which is what many of us do by default).

So begin to look at the things that you want to attract and then change your perception of your disbelief. Get honest about your disbelief and then find a way to reframe it into an empowering affirmation.

When I lean on certainty and faith, I change my mind about the world I see | Gabby Bernstein | Creative visualizationBe sure to reframe it in a way that really resonates with you.

Here’s an example: My friend Lauren always thought she just wasn’t a person who could be in shape or feel fit and strong. Growing up, she wasn’t a natural athlete, and she struggled in sports and gym class. As a result of this belief, she exercised sporadically, felt self-conscious when she did and often dreaded it.

Lauren really wanted to enjoy exercising, and she was sick of holding herself back. One day she called me for advice, and together we came up with a new belief that resonated with her. Lauren’s affirmation became, “I believe that I can have fun exercising and feel fit and strong.”

Find a belief that resonates with you

It’s important to find a belief that feels real for you. If you start using affirmations you don’t fully believe in, they won’t work. “I believe I’ll run a marathon within a year” wouldn’t have worked for Lauren. She found a belief that felt attainable and made her feel good.

If you want to be more abundant and you choose the affirmation, “I’ll make a million dollars this year,” and that doesn’t resonate with you, drop it. Try something that aligns more, like, “I’m open to creative ways to earn more money.”

If you have a very specific desire, that’s great, too. Just make sure you truly believe it. If you don’t, reframe it until you do.

Step 3: Sit in a daily visualization

Gabby Bernstein meditating | Creative visualizationThe next step is to start visualizing! All you have to do is sit comfortably and see yourself doing what you want to do.

In Lauren’s case, she visualized herself getting dressed, going to the gym and joining a fun workout class where she felt confident and supported. She imagined the energy boost and the satisfaction of completing an awesome workout.

Whatever you want to create, see yourself doing it and picture it in great detail. Visualize yourself eating well. See yourself asking for a raise with confidence. Imagine yourself on that date with the partner you long for.

While you visualize, picture everything going beautifully. It’s safe to unleash your imagination in this way and feel really good about what you’re visualizing. And if a negative thought pops up, just return to your affirmation.

Step 4: Allow your visualization to become a feeling

This is the final and most important step. I talk about the transition from step 3 to step 4 here…

Once you’ve pictured in detail what it is that you want, let your visualization take over you emotionally so you can feel a genuine connection to what you’re seeing. I allow my mind to wander and I see myself in what it is that I desire. And then I let the feeling take over.

As I said earlier, the “creative” part of “creative visualization” refers to the act of co-creating. Getting into the feeling of your visualization is essential. Here’s what I say in Super Attractor:

The Universe wants you to feel good and wants to guide you toward exactly what you want and need. You are one with the Universal energy of love, and feeling good is your birthright.

It’s good to feel good. So surrender to feeling good and revel in the beauty of your visualization!

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You’ll see it when you believe it

Remember that more than anything, your energy is what attracts. So when you practice creative visualization, the most important part is to really let yourself get into the feeling you want. That’s what truly manifests your desires into form.

And here’s something that’s really awesome: When you practice creative visualization, you start to feel what you want to create even before it comes into form. It’s as if it’s already happened.

Watch this super-short video for more guidance:

Being in the energy of what you want to create actually makes it so that it’s there, even if you can’t see it yet. This practice helps you own your greatness and call in what you want!

As my great teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer always said, you’ll see it when you believe it.

Let me know how this practice goes for you! Enjoy your creative visualization and expect miracles.

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  1. Hi gabby,

    I’m slightly confused on how to proceed.. I’ve been doing a visualization meditation every morning for my future, but now I’m wondering does that go against the “surrender it to the universe, trust its coming and let it go” way of thinking? In one of your books I read to write your dream on a piece of paper and then forget about it , give it to the universe … would creative visualizing counteract this?

    Sorry maybe I’m overthinking?


    1. Great question, Jen. It depends on your energy. If you’re practicing creative visualization in the energy of “making it happen” or “controlling the outcome”- then you might want to consider focusing more on surrender. But if you’re practicing creative visualization in the energy of faith and inspiration- then it’s a part of the manifesting process.
      For more clarity check out:

  2. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for all of your vulnerability and insights that you share! You’re truly changing the world! ✨

    Creative Visualization sounds wonderful, inspiring, and fun! I’m in your Manifesting Challenge. I first thought I’d want to manifest that I will become a teacher for helping healing the earth. I know deep down this will happen; it’s a part of me. But I then felt that I’d rather manifest a stronger connection to my intuition and higher Self, thinking this stronger connection will give me more clarity while on my spiritual path. Clarity towards my higher purpose and everything else in my life.

    I’ve been told 2 or 3 times, during reiki sessions and Angel Card readings, that I have a strong intuition and to trust myself. I just don’t know that I feel that strong connection though. However, I do feel I can Creatively Visualize myself becoming more strongly connected to Self, therefore, intuition, as well. I feel that I have even felt more strongly connected to Self while meditating, practicing yoga, and journaling, which, having had this feeling, I think, brings me a step closer to creative visualization and manifesting my stronger connection.

    I guess I’m just double checking with you to see if manifesting a connection to something inner, like intuition and Self is possible, instead of something outer, like a raise or a romantic partner.

    Thank you again, for all that you do!
    Namaste ✨

    1. Hi Sherry. That’s a great question. Yes, you can absolutely manifest something internal such as a deeper connection to spirit or our intuition! I hope this helps and that the manifesting challenge is serving you. xo

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me! Yes, your manifesting challenge is definitely serving me! I have always been confused to what manifesting is, and this challenge is so insightful for me! I love it! Super Attractor is a beautifully written book too♥️

  3. Thank you for this jumpstart!! Just quit my job that I was so burned out from, and needed a boost of confidence that I am doing the right thing. Everything you just said resonates with me, I will visualize where I want to be! Affirmations! Can’t afford your book, but will get from library perhaps? Good day to you and me JG

  4. Creative visualization and affirmations have made a huge difference to me, and this great blogpost of yours really resonates with me, Gabby. As I say the affirmations to myself I really feel the feelings and use my imagination to see it being real. Doing this regularly, even for 10 minutes a day, will build the ability to use creative visualization more easily, like strengthening a muscle or stacking rocks into a pile. I also find that writing my own affirmations is very helpful and makes a difference too. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

  5. Much gratitude and love for bringing me your ideas on how to visualize. I am listening to spirit junkie!So I am a newbie if you will. Looking forward to meeting you at your book tour. you have changed my life is so many ways that I believe anything is possible. Hope that you are enjoying life and taking much needed breaks for your hard work!

    1. Welcome Sharon! So grateful this work is inspiring and empowering you. Looking forward to meeting you too on the book tour. xoxo

  6. Thank You Gabby. I’m a believer. And a master manifestor. This time I plan on doing it right. For MY higher good. The ripple effect will be of greater service to more people…. You’r A Rockstar. JoanieV.

    1. Hi Sandy! Pick something that feels best for you and try committing to it for 30 days. If you can set aside 10 minutes, that’s awesome! If you want to set aside more time, also great! Make it doable and fun for YOU. <3

  7. Gabby! I love the practicality of this. Question: I want to preorder and attend the workshop, but I’ll be traveling that day and won’t be able to access it live. Will it be available for watching later? Thank you!

    1. Absolutely Tabbatha! If you register for the livestream, you’ll get access to the replay. XOX

  8. An amazing thing happened to me after I started visualising seeing my Dad again.
    I was 24 when I emigrated to Australia from England with my husband and never thought that I would not see my dad for 19 years. He came to see us when the kids were little (5 and 2), but never got back again as my step mum had a stroke.
    My husband and I tried to save, but with two young children and me not working we just couldn’t get that sort of money together.
    Fast forward a few years and I started thinking, I have to get back to see my Dad I just don’t know-how. I’d tell my friends, then started telling people at work how much I wanted to see him again. When I was on my own or at night in bed I would picture myself giving him a big hug and telling him all about the kids and how that would make me feel. I would google where he lived now and imagine myself walking down his street and knocking on the door. I would put money away whenever I could. This went on for three years, then on my husband’s Birthday the kids ( 22 and 25) handed me an envelope, inside were tickets to England. Our kids knowing how much I missed my dad had saved up and booked a flight for me and to make it even more awesome they were coming with me.
    I told my Dad I was going, but we kept the kids as a surprise. It was just priceless seeing his face when he saw his grandchildren again all grown up. And I got that big hug I had dreamt about for so long.
    It is still the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me, we are so proud of our children too for growing up into the most selfless, kind, loving human beings.

  9. Gabby, Thank You for sharing your positive ideas. I really believe that if I follow your positive path I can achieve the things that I want. Thank You, Again – Bill Hynes. (Please keep on sharing your wonderful & positive ideas!)

  10. Love this easy description of using creative visualization to manifest. It truly is fun and feels so good to tie emotion to your imagination which then becomes your reality!

  11. Hi Gabby. Do you have a suggestion for transforming the visualization into feelings if I never experienced what I am visualizing. Bernie

    1. Hi my friend! Know that this is a practice. While you practice the visualizations, notice any sensations in the body or messages that come through. Breathing into it and allowing anything to come up will help you tap into those feelings.

  12. Perfect post today! Thank you Gabby as these are messages I have said or am kinda planning on anyway. I mentioned creativity not being just art in my book and how it pertains to everything in our lives. Also, next week in one of my blogs, I will be discussing how important our imagination and dreaming is. We are taught to dismiss this when we become adults but it needs to come back in! I guess we think alike Gabby (: Much love and so so happy you got to be that great family having fun together at the beach. Enjoy him! As a mother of 2 teens, it does go fast as am sure you’ve heard already! You manifested him at the right time as we all must do for our dreams too! Enjoy the rest of summer beautiful!

  13. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this post… I used to play something I called the “dream game” when I was in my early 20s and now I see I was doing “creative visualization” without even knowing it. I stumbled upon one of your books when looking for a gift for a friend and have been so very grateful. It’s helped me shed some of the limiting beliefs and fear that can come with the transition to adulthood and, for me at least, to motherhood. For years I’ve been wanting to get back to my “dream game” (aka, creative visualization!) but am constantly challenged by not wanting to put my dreams/visions on my kids, leaving me with a lot of fuzz and static and no clear vision. Yet, my dreams/visions are completely intertwined with them. How can one use these amazing and powerful techniques while also honoring the individual path of those we love and care for? I’m not sure there’s an easy answer for this, at least not yet for me! Regardless, I feel your work moving me in the direction of finding that answer and I thank you for that! Have a wonderful day!

    1. This is beautiful Shannon! Continue to use these tools and be the light for those around you. Showing up for yourself is a lovely way to be a positive mirror for your children and everyone in your life. Shine your bright light and let them shine theirs, without any expectations from them. <3

  14. I love your post and they are helping me however I cannot afford the book at this moment. I was in and out of hospital several times last year for heart issues. On dec 20 my company said they eliminated my position and let me go , however they changed the title and hired someone else. Jan 2019 I had to have quad bypass, very rough and didn’t make it out to easy . then came anxiety, try to find a job where you cant lift much, then now find out I have triple hernia to have surgery, one is umbilici, belly button. So have not worked since dec 20th that was my Christmas present . May have to sell my house now. But I hope to see more of your post and one day I will get your book. Thanks for your uplifting post and videos

  15. I have to chuckle a little as I saw this email come through. I already explained the transition in a previous email to you and your team, Gabby. How my entire career and path is being shifted and I am doing something totally new. I find myself reverting back to fear from time to time. I have moments where I believe everything is going to work out just the way they should and am oddly serene and other moments where I feel like I need to constantly be busy and “doing” in order to get to where I need to go. I chuckle because I was really feeling it this afternoon. The feeling of working so hard and not feeling clear on what I am doing (other than running myself ragged!) I want so badly to relax and know that everything is going to happen for me – and that I don’t have to work and struggle to make it so. I like the idea of the angel holding me up and carrying me — Just needed a little reminder. That everything is happening as it should in exactly the right order. Thank you Gabby! See you next month! 🙂

  16. Thank you Gabby for trusting me that I’de bought your book even though I lost my receipt from Amazon bless you sweetheart I really want to move on to greatness.

  17. Hi Gabby

    This has shown up at exactly the right time for me, as I read your blogs always, I have started reading Living in The Light this weekend as recommended by you in your essential reading, I started this weekend with Creative Visualization as there have been a few things I have been struggling with & holding negative beliefs about.
    I have also started your exercise of Gathering Twigs & this is a massive one showing up for me today 🙂
    Thank you for always being there to guide me <3

  18. Your timing is always perfect for what I am working towards. Thank you! May you continue to be blessed and bless us with your books.

  19. There’s no sign up for visualization tomorrow? I’m confused, please help! I’d really like to be there tomorrow!

  20. Hey there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and
    personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this website.

  21. I have to remain unattached to the outcome and keep eyes, ears and heart open to the miracles cuz sometimes they don’t “look” like the one I expected! I know it’s right when the FEELING is alive for me in the way it was in the visualization, and if I can answer “yes” when I ask myself if it’s unattached to ego. Would you say this is a good way to navigate the waters of this practice?

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE this message.

    Question: I’ve (heard/read) you talk about a book that you use for physical symptoms like a cough or back pain that gives you the root belief and a healing affirmation for it… If you could give me the book name I would love to read it and the book you mentioned above! Thanks Gabby
    Much Love

  23. I’m in the midst of trying to create magic out of a mess (aka create my website to promote my book/blog). I feel so stuck and defeated but will now try this instead to see what happens/develops/evolves. Thank you!

  24. Hi Gabby – I am watching this video at jus the right time of course. I will start the 40 day visualization challenge today! And promise to report back with my miracles in on or around July 1st.


  25. I intuitively used to do Creative Visualization when I was a teenager. And lately I have been thinking back to a time where I was more ‘mindful’, I gave myself time alone to Be. I’m ready to make a go of it again.
    I’ll be joining you on these 40 days!

  26. Yes! I love this! I tend to just work on my business in the moment. Do my stuff, with a lot of inspiration though, but I am not focussing on my path. What do I want to create. How do I see myself in the near future? What is my realistic dream.
    So, I love to start visualizing & feeling this! I am in !
    I am inspiring and supporting mothers to be the light in their house, their family. I help them to practise radical self care & self love. From that place, of self care & self love, parenting becomes so much easier. And you give your children permission to take care of them selves and love themselves aswell. So YES, ready to visualize where I want to take my message to! Thanks GabbY!

  27. Happy to jump on board the visualization train – 40 days of awe and wonder !
    Thank you Gabby ! I needed a place to engage with this type of idea right now.

  28. HI Gabby, When I saw your video on Creative Visualization, I knew that was a sign for me to continue on my writing and visualizing what I truly want in my life, I think your amazing and I always look forward to watching your videos,, I cannot wait until the next forty days!!! Visualizing great new beginnings!!!..:))

  29. Thank you I needed that today. I’m stuck in traffic as I’m driving to work doing a job I’m really bored in but it’s providing me an outcome while I’m building my dream business on the side. However i have felt a bit stuck lately as I don’t feel I have enough time to dedicate on mybusiness. However, I will spend the next 40 days visualising getting clients and doing what I know I’m meant to do! Thank you

  30. Hi Gaby,
    I almost completely gave up visualisation after a huge shift in my life path. From August to October of 2015, I deeply believed in my business project and only had eyes for it. I could imagine it grow, visualise the people working with me, the place in which it would take place (a small studio in Montreal), etc.
    However, I learned in October that my husband had a job in California and that I was pregnant.
    Of course I was MORE than happy with that, but I just said to myself: what’s the point of visualizing if the universe traces your own path for you? It’s like when you say “God laughs when we make plans”… I am not sure how I can differentiate visualization and control/disappointment.
    Any advice?

  31. Thank you!

    I have a question about the feeling, I have troubles really feeling that what I want already happened…I can visualize situation but I think I don’t “feel” it. do you have any suggestions?

  32. Thanks so much for this message, Gabby! Grateful for the helpful tips you suggested, which make it sound easily do-able. It’s a matter of commitment, faith, and letting the Universe works its magic! I’m in!!!

  33. Thank you for sharing this! I read Shakti’s book a long time ago and loved it. I’ve done visualization here and there but haven’t stuck with it for a period of time consistently. So, I’m looking forward to doing the 40 day journey with you and the spirit junkie community and to sharing and hearing the results. 🙂


  34. Aw, I was already feeling Dr. Dyer’s loving wisdom flow through you and then you mentioned him. Thank you Gabby for sharing and reinforcing these essential messages for living an abundant and inspired life.

    I am holding a vision of you feeling and being completely supported as you continue to co-create your dreams and bless the world with your special gifts.

    Love and gratitude,

    P.S. Super excited to see you at “I Can Do It! Toronto” this weekend. xo

  35. Thank you so much for this reminder! I just did this for 5 minutes and when I finished and looked at my phone it was 1:11, and I smiled because i knew it was the universe letting me know it has my back! I then put a daily reminder in my phone every day for the next 40 days. I’m pumped about the miracles that I know it will bring, thank you!

  36. I am up for your 40 day challenge. My mom had a bunch of Shakti Gawain c.d.s when I was a kid, and I was very curious about them. It has been in the back of my mind, and I am excited to have a community now to take the journey with. Let’s do it!

  37. Gabby – I’m gonna do it. I don’t know why, but this video totally touched my heart and I have tears in my eyes. Very cool – it’s working already! ????

  38. Dear Gabby,
    1st thank you for sharing your love, and your lovely video as always.

    2nd as i recently shared on the blog of fellow amazing inspiring person Marie Forleo, this year I am – well – broken. and I gave up – on all: dreams, loves, living the life that makes me happy. It is a long story to explain why, after years of giving and trying all, after my whole life of trying all. So here I am, broken, with no faith or hope, really, left..

    BUT just for the sake of the challenge, I will do this for 40 days, even on days when I run away from my current job (as I gave up on dreams, music & all i love) to the toilet crying, or on days when I wish I could disappear as i am inside a dead zombie..

    so let’s begin: day 1.. today 🙂
    yours with love – M.

  39. I read Shakti s book about 25 years ago and got the cassette tapes for my car. She is a pioneer in creative visualization.

  40. Thank you gabby!!!

    The timing is unbelievable, last week I signed up for a spiritual psychology class that also works with acceptance and visualization tools to manifest lovely things – it feels like my angels are giving me the same message over and over.

    Also I just wanted to say that the webinar you gave a few months ago about taking action on our dreams has really kicked me into “high gear” – since then I approached a yoga center about teaching psychic develoment workshops – they loved the classes and I’m now booked in each week.

    I also started an email list and am planning a fun launch for it soon. I am so down for your Spirit Junkie Master Class, though I’ll have to take it next year as I’m teaching a workshop on the 3-5th of June 🙂

    Thank you sooo much for being an inspiration. Can’t wait to listen to your Hay House talk this week!

    Reiki Hugs,


  41. I love this post! I bought “Creative Visualization” a few years ago and never got around to doing anything with it. I found it again last week while packing for my move. I’ll take your post to be the equivalent of the book falling off the shelf at me. 🙂 Love the Synchronicity!

  42. I’m in! Any advice on how to focus your desires? Career/Relationship/Body are all things I want to co-create….I have a tendancy towards Dream A.D.D. and then end up doing everything half-ass. (Haha. Is that a saying: half-ass? words are weird- ahh, the ADD got me!). Thanks Gabs. xoxo

  43. Perfect timing! On Wednesday I’ll be making a presentation about the power of Creating A Vision Board to 150 attendees of the Women’s Forum hosted by The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce. About 25 years ago I was first introduced to Shakti Gawain’s book CREATIVE VISUALIZATION and over the years have used the practice in a variety of ways with clients seeking vaginal birth after cesarean or establish healthier lifestyle habits, and business leaders authoring books and creating a speaking platform.
    I’ll definitely suggest the audience sign up to your challenge. Let’s create the world we want to see TOGETHER!

  44. Hi – this video is perfect timing for me. Thank you so much. I ran (well jogged fast) my first 5k for charity yesterday. I’m not a runner by instinct. I love and am committed to my yoga. However I was really proud of my achievement. it inspired me to think – okay with practice I could do this next year but faster and even fitter. I can see that visualizing that achievement in my mind and visualising doing a running fitness programme is going to be crucial to achievement. So that is going to be my visualization focus for the next 40 days.

    1. Thank you Gabby! I am ready. Just did my first visualization and went beyond 2 minutes!! I am tired of missing the mark. Close but no cigar, no more. I am worthy and people will help me get my project sold and made!!

  45. Oh, and since I’ve been focusing on manifesting abundance my finances have kept on improving without me doing anything differently workwise. It’s hard to explain, but the reality is I was able to pay for a month-long trip away at the end of January (usually a tight month!). SO creative visualizing and positive thinking does work and I’m looking forward to greater abundance in all areas of my life. Thanks for your input.

  46. Hi Gabby

    Just wanted to say thanks for the work that you do – it is inspiring and has helped me in my spiritual journey.

  47. Hi Gabby
    Thank you so much for your great message… I have had that “little black dog” following me around for sometime now …so I think your 40 day challenge could be the break with that sad dog …plus i have your book miracles and i get your alarm clock affirmations everyday …I just need to zone in more.
    Thank you for your loving words. jx

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