My Interview on Oprah’s ‘SuperSoul Sunday’

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I had the honor of talking to Oprah on her show SuperSoul Sunday! Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp and I talked with Oprah about how the next generations are embracing spirituality.

Video clips from my appearance on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday

Watch the videos below to see my interview on SuperSoul Sunday.

Why 20-Something Women Are Yearning for Fulfillment

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.56.26 PM

How the Next Generation Finds God in the Everyday

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 1.00.22 PM

How Not to Let the World Pass You By

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 1.01.55 PM

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  1. It was this day, through this interview, that I met Gabrielle Bernstein.
    I’ve been grateful for her and her very powerful presence in my journey ever since.
    The more she grows and shares her life challenges the more I see why we met.
    We share lots of the same life experiences, which often make me realize the Universe aligned me with a teacher and guide that would impact my life in this profound way. I feel she was hand picked. The Universe does have my back and I am extremely grateful!

  2. Omg it was like I could have been there live with you loving amazing souls …and i somehow was …in spirit!
    I could have intervene further on Marie’s comment regarding how we could be more PRESENT ; She mentions when having a conversation OFFLINE ; and I would have added : ” what about being more present when being ONLINE ; and not in the sense of being more visible and dragging this ego need for attention ; Being more present Online , as i see it , is being intentional , connecting on a deeper level with souls we may have never been able to reach , support and care for before ; Being more present online is training ourselves to shine our Compassionate humanness online and overtime getting better at it ; ie at the feel good sense of helpful happiness in interacting the healthiest way ; The more we do it online , the more we can transpose it offline ; With compassionate love. Audz

  3. I remember seeing this episode of Super Soul Sunday and the only names I took away that day were Maria Forleo and Mastin Kipp from the Daily Love. I never got Gabrielle Bernsteins name but today I LOVE Gabby Bernstein!!! It is nice to see this interview again 3 years later. Still going and growing through my journey 🙂

  4. Thank you so much… That’s exactly what we need to overcome all the challenges of today. All our problems are caused by the “veil of maya”, the unconsciousness which is coming over us, as long as we trust in the outview of our mind instead of the insight of our heart, that leads us to our true and unlimited oneness with God as the unique real self of the whole world… Namaste or as we said earlier in bavaria “Gruess Gott” 🙂

  5. Hi, Gabby I states crying!!! Ord like that!! I have to this NOW! I am a healer in THE powerful Yuen methods..its a Bert fast healing methods…So I have to workshop NOW!!! Frustritons a font now Howe!! And that its have to be many People and animals

    Namaste Love

  6. Thank you so much Gabby. You have been an inspiration on my spiritual journey. You stated “This is a time for teachers.” I couldn’t agree more and as much as I want to resist that the Universe may be calling me to do this because I’m so not comfortable with it, I know that it’s so much bigger than me. Thank you for your guidance!

  7. My world came to a shattering stop 8 weeks ago. Everything that I had known and loved was gone. I was so angry and also couldn’t accept that just stress and anxiety had created this situation. To lose someone you love and just accept that it was stress and anxiety was not acceptable to me. I prayed for answers and knew deep inside that something was not right even though all medical practitioners could not find anything wrong through blood tests. Deep down I knew that this had happened for a reason and the greatest loss I was experiencing in my life was because something was not right medically. A family member questioned if I was a hypochondriac? My trauma and loss was very real and also heartbreaking, yet my knowing that this had happened for a reason was also very strong within me, even though I was finding it extremely hard to accept. Every action has a consequence, and sometimes the universe just pulls the rug right under us to wake us up! This week my prays were answered. I was diagnosed with a condition I did not even know existed but it allowed me to understand what had happened to me. When you say things happen for a reason you are very correct. Even though I cannot erase the pain and my grief as it is still very raw, I know that I am fortunate to have experienced the love I had in my life. I am overwhelmed also by the love that I have received from others at this time as well. I feel thankful and also fortunate to have clicked on your email and watched the video link you provided. It was exactly what I needed to hear, accept and also share. Thank you so much Gabby for being a light worker. Message to self “Re-read – The universe has you back!”. Thank you again.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you received a diagnosis that will allow you to heal and move forward. Trust in the healing path, even when it is difficult. I am absolutely confident that the Universe has your back and I honor you for honoring your feelings.

  8. Congratulations for being with Oprah – you well deserve it… Every morning I have my Great Soul Sync meditation where I also stand in Oprah`s presence…Waiting that experience to manifest… 🙂
    Just wanted to share this strange dream I had some days ago and didn’t know how to share it with you…Dr. Wayne Dyer was presenting me to you on OWA Field of transformation course in India. I gave you a English version copy of my spiritual novel “AKASHA”.
    Of course its all about SYNCHRONICITY: I am going in September to OWA course, I have read a lot from Wayne Dyer in the past years. And finally…The last book I read was your audio book “the universe has your back”…It was very inspiring, thanks…I am shore we will meet somewhere in the next years and we will talk about this message…Namastê

  9. I loved it, I’m finding inspiration on your evolution from 2012 to these days. I’m living at South America.. and trying to believe. Any suggestions about how can I follow doing so, glad to hear and help with it 😀

  10. LOVE this 🙂 Cannot get enough of your videos, books… things do happen for a reason, and coming across you was just what I needed x

  11. My 23 year old Son recently passed due to a Homicide. I’m a grieving, angry, upset Momma whom loss her baby boy for no reason. It was due to a tragic accident. His life was unnecessarily taken from him. My Son left behind a family who loves him so much. Yes, time will not ever heal my pain. Howecer, I’m trying to learn coping skills to make it through daily life, as I have a older Son. Therefore, thank you as I needed this at this moment in my life.

    1. I’m devastated to hear this. You must make sure you take the necessary time to grieve. Don’t skip this period. It is crucial that you care for your emotions at this time. I also suggest working with a medium to connect with him. I hope this brings you ease. Love. g

  12. Totally love this interview! You all have such great wisdom to share. I absolutely agree you not only have to pay attention to the assignments, but show up for the assignments. XO

  13. Oh my gosh – I am listening to some old podcasts/lectures of yours from 2009 and you keep saying “I’m going to be on Oprah” … so of course I googled it – did it work? Did she get on Oprah. I am so, SO glad to see you did. Not just happy for you, and for everyone who gets exposed to your guidance through seeing this, but happy for me, because it’s more proof that everything I desire is attainable. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing this mindset with the Word at Large Gabby.

      The way you, and your team, have curated, and collated Joseph Campbell’s body of work is remarkable and relatable and attainable.

      It’s my hope hoped that you and your colleagues will continue to shed light on this life changing, revolutionary way of thinking.

      Being mindful and fully present really works. The segment on following your bliss and breaking it down to bringing passion in everything one does, really resonates and aligns with my energies. It remains the biggest challenge we all have throughout the day. It is indeed a muscle (passion) that is under exercised. The idea that passion is an internal and not external mechanism is so true.

      I plan on taking more joy and passion in making my bed and doing the “mundane chores” of my daily routine. I definitely am in agreement that having a mindset of gratitude, service, and passion, brings life into a three dimensional experience. It’s true – it’s not so much the meaning of life that we are all looking for,m but to bring meaning to our life’s. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.
      Well done! Keep up the Great Work. Pete

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