My Birth Story and Reflections on My First Year of Motherhood

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I am patient, knowing that whatever is of the highest good is coming to me | Super Attractor card deckIn three days I will celebrate my son Oliver’s first birthday. This milestone gives me a beautiful opportunity reflect on the past year.

Delivering my son was the best day of my life. I call it my Beyoncé birth! My water broke two days before I was scheduled to be induced. I remember lying in bed with my big belly on December 17th, reading over the manuscript for my new book, Super Attractor. I was planning to deliver it to my publisher on the 18th, before my scheduled induction.

My doctor had spent hours convincing me to deliver my baby at 40 weeks because of my age. I resisted his suggestions at first, but in the end I surrendered the plan to the Universe. Reading the manuscript again made me feel so good, helping me release my fear and return to my faith in the Universe.

After an hour of reading, I stood up to get a drink… and that’s when my water broke! I yelled down to my husband that it was time to go. We grabbed the hospital bag and took off. Our baby was on his way!

We calmly drove to the hospital that night, filled with excited anticipation but also a great sense of peace. For months I’d held a vision of the labor I wanted to have. I saw myself free from fear, moving through each surge with ease and peacefully delivering my child. I held this vision and surrendered it to the Universe.

Gabby Bernstein Instagram photo from the hospital where she gave birth | Gabby Bernstein birth storyThe next morning I went into labor. I live in a country town with a small, regional hospital. As I had envisioned, I was the only person laboring in the maternity ward. I had two amazing doulas, six loving nurses, a caring obstetrician, and my incredible husband there to support me.

Outside my hospital window I could see the blue December sky and rolling hills. I played mantra music, lit votive candles and sang the word “Ahh” as I moved through each surge. “Ahh,” the universal sound for God, was what instinctively came through me. Every hour I’d meditate with my doulas, listening to mantras and gazing at images I’d pinned up: one of a baby in perfect delivery position, and one of a flower representing full dilation.

My spiritual practices were essential to my labor experience. They made such a difference for me that I recorded birthing affirmations for Spirit Junkie mamas. You can download the birthing affirmations free here.

My meditations, affirmations and visualizations guided me through 14 hours of labor. Early on December 19th, my son came into the world with grace and ease. When the doctor gently set him on my chest, I looked at my baby and said, “I know you.” It was as if we’d been together for many lifetimes. This was the best day of my life and my greatest manifestation.

Gabby Bernstein holding her newborn son's hand | Gabby Bernstein birth storyThe Universe always has a plan far better than ours. The three years I spent trying to conceive gave me the gift of surrender. I focused on feeling good and strengthened my faith so I could deliver my son in the perfect time.

Looking back, I can see how there was no better time for me to become a mother. Each day I return to these practices, reminding myself that anything is possible when I’m aligned with my Super Attractor power. I know the greatest lesson I can teach my own child is that when he’s aligned with the power of love he will live a miraculous life.

I had to live that lesson this year. After the high of delivering my son wore off, I was struck with the most challenging experience of my life. If you’ve been following my work you know that I struggled majorly in the first half of the year. In the spring I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety.

This was the scariest and darkest moment of my life. My diagnosis came after months of excruciating insomnia, agoraphobia, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. At first I thought I was just a stressed-out new mom — but it was much more than that. (If you identify with these symptoms or are struggling in other ways, reach out to Postpartum International. And if you live near NYC, I also love The Motherhood Center. If you’re in a crisis, don’t hesitate to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.)

Gabby Bernstein on a walk with her baby, looking at a white church in the countryside | Gabby Bernstein birth storyDuring this time I prayed daily, and once I surrendered I could ask for help. My inner guidance system led me to call a friend who is a psychiatrist in New York. Within hours he had me on the phone with a reproductive psychiatrist who gave me my clear diagnosis and started me on my healing path.

Once again, this required spiritual surrender. At first I resisted the idea of taking medication, but I accepted that I’d tried every single alternative and nothing was working. I talked very openly with my new doctor and I began taking prescribed medication.

The medication I took rescued me in the depths of my suffering. It’s what helped me sleep after months of insomnia and feel more like myself. Because of that I was able to truly show up for the rest of my recovery.

One gift this experience gave me was a new perspective on mental health treatment. I’m committed to erasing the lingering shame and stigma around asking for help and doing what it takes to feel better. I’ve also given voice to unspoken shame, opening up about my postpartum anxiety and depression  in The New York Times at the same time I was celebrating 14 years of sober recovery.

Gabby Bernstein pushing her baby in a stroller and looking out over rolling hills | Gabby Bernstein birth storyToday I can live to testify that, as Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” The massive bottom I was in was the catalyst for my greatest transformation. Sometimes we have to fall apart to be reborn, and this year was a rebirthing for me. Experiencing mental illness stripped me of all my ego’s outward perceptions of myself. This was the miracle.

Through my recovery I’ve grown to be more centered, grounded and in-the-moment than ever before. I cherish the smallest moments and I have a newfound respect for my nervous system and overall well-being.

In Super Attractor I talk about how appreciation can reframe even our most difficult times…

Appreciation dissolves all blocks to the presence of my Super Attractor power | Gabby BernsteinWe spend a lot of time focusing on what we’re experiencing rather than how we’re experiencing it. We forget that we can change our experience of anything simply by shifting our point of focus. Any situation can be experienced with more love when we choose to see it through lens of appreciation. Even the tough times can be seen through this lens.

When you choose a perspective of appreciation you can find great growth opportunities instead of remaining the victim of your experience. For example, when I think back about hitting bottom with my drug and alcohol addiction in 2005, I have nothing but appreciation.

My deep gratitude for my recovery is what has kept me clean and sober for so many years. I appreciate my addiction because it was the catalyst for the spiritual path that I am on today. I don’t judge myself for being a recovering alcoholic and addict. I celebrate it!

Through appreciation I’ve been able to turn what could have been a shameful time in my life into a miracle. I look back on my bottom and thank the Universe for all the divine lessons and clear direction on my path. Most importantly, I appreciate my addiction because through my recovery I’ve been able to help others get sober too.

My greatest reflection of all is that the foundational spiritual path I’ve been on throughout my life was what saved my life. My faith in the Universe, my reliance on spirit and my ability to surrender are what guided my healing path.

I release time and let the Universe show me what to do | Super Attractor card deck | Gabby BernsteinBecoming a mother has also changed me. Now, months into my recovery, I can truly cherish every moment with my son. The week he was born I got a text from my friend Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent. She said, “Your son is your new guru.” She was right! This child has taught me so much. He’s inspired me to go deeper on my healing path so that I can heal my nervous system, release stagnant energy and become more free. In the energy of my freedom I give him space to thrive.

Oliver has proven to be my greatest spiritual teacher, giving me a new sense of presence, patience and most of all an opportunity to deepen my faith in the Universe. He is my greatest desire made manifest. I know that the birth of this soul is a reflection of my willingness to be guided and my trust in a plan beyond my own.

My son has also taught me to release my need to control more than ever before. When you have a child, you must accept that you can’t control anything. Of course, it’s not only true in childbirth… it’s true all the time. You can’t control your circumstances, but you can decide how you’ll show up for them. Being on a spiritual path helps you recognize the difference.

As I say in Super Attractor…

I’ve chosen to perceive hard life experiences as spiritual assignments for growth and healing. I’ve accepted that nothing happens by accident. And I know that as long as I remember I’m a Super Attractor, I will be able to accept difficult experiences as opportunities to fine-tune my inner power and get closer to consciousness. The tough stuff offers me a chance to shine the crystal that is me.

Being a Super Attractor doesn’t mean everything is perfect — but it does mean that I show up for life with faith, no matter what. Claiming my Super Attractor power has helped me to move through rough times with much more grace, honesty and compassion than I otherwise would.

Gabby Bernstein sitting on a curb in Houston | Gabby Bernstein birth storyOur willingness to surrender to the Universe is what allows an invisible guidance to take over. When we surrender, we realign with faith, and in that alignment we are shown where to go and what to do. We can relax and trust in the unfolding.

Thanks to my own surrender, I was able to recover with a lot of grace and compassion. Not only did I give birth to my son, but I also gave birth to my seventh book! Going on tour with my family I love that I get to travel with my husband. Zach is always capturing random moments and turning them into art. It’s a blessing to have a partner who believes in me. Our shared mission is to help a lot of people and have a lot of fun.

I’m deeply grateful that this year I was able to travel around and meet Super Attractors all over North America. I’m so excited to continue the tour in 2020 in Australia! Teaching the book’s methods to you and bringing them to life onstage is a beautiful gift. Thank you for coming out, for waiting in line, for asking such thoughtful questions.

One of my favorite parts of my job is answering questions at my live events. I let go and trust in the answers that come through. I’m also blown away by the vulnerability and authenticity that the audience members bring forth. It’s brave to speak up in front of thousands of strangers and share your truth. It’s in those truthful moments that the group receives a collective healing. In the presence of authenticity we are given permission to get honest.

And whether you came out for my book tour or not, THANK YOU for reading Super Attractor, giving the book to your friends, practicing the methods, sharing your miracles on social media and reclaiming your own Super Attractor power!

Be proud of your commitment to these practices and celebrate your internal shifts. May this New Year offer you many miracles. And may your spiritual practice clear space for the Universe to midwife your dreams.

Believing in spiritual guidance gives me certainty and the freedom to keep dreaming, even when I can't yet see the result | Super Attractor card deck | Gabby BernsteinAs I reflect on 2019, I can say proudly that all the struggles I experienced mentally and physically were part of a bigger plan. The Universe had a plan to crack me open more so that I could get closer to freedom. I have come to accept my dark moments as opportunities to heal more, love more and show up in the world in a more powerful and authentic way.

Take some time before New Year’s to reflect on your 2019. Give yourself the chance to celebrate the tough stuff as the catalyst for your growth. You wouldn’t be reading this blog post right now if you weren’t willing to grow. Something cracked you open so that you could be here reading this today.

Super Attractor by Gabby BernsteinWhen you reframe your difficult times, you become free. Obstacles are opportunities, rejection is protection and struggles can lead to freedom. Trust that the love of the Universe is in every experience, and when you tune in to it you can see it with faith rather than fear.

On the back cover of Super Attractor, I share a passage that I hope inspires you to commit more deeply to your spiritual practice:

You can decide today to recalibrate your energy and commit to love and joy. In an instant you can choose a world beyond your fear…. When you embark on a spiritual path, a shift occurs whether you’re conscious of it or not. And if you stick to the path and stay committed to your practices, one day you wake up and you’re new.

Celebrate 2019 as a journey to becoming new. Welcome 2020 already reborn, transformed and ready to receive great gifts from the Universe.

With love,

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  1. beautiful story Gabby. My daughter is 6 months old and I still struggle with insomnia since her birth letting go of my strong attachment to sleep. Thanks for helping me to not loose hope and know that this shall pass. Amber x

    1. You’re welcome, Amber. If you didn’t see it yet, check out the conversation that I had with Rachel Platten on Saturday. You can find it when you visit my Instagram profile. I think you will find it helpful. Happy Mother’s Day, sister! xo

  2. I read this post when it was first released, but today I came back to it.
    My fiancé and I are currently in disagreeable circumstances. We were schedule to marry in October and had planned to start trying for a
    Baby as soon as we are married. I’m going to be 37 and he will be 32.
    However with the current world circumstances our wedding will be post-poned as my family are now unable to fly from Australia to South Africa for at least another 9-12months. This has thrown everything and given my age I already felt that waiting till October to start trying was pushing it.
    Anyways after discussing this with my fiancé I thought we agreed to start trying and we would get married with a very small ceremony to make it official then have the big celebration next year.. Turns out I was wrong and he thinks I’m being ridiculous and negative by even putting it out to the universe that we may have difficulty and he absolutely doesn’t want to start trying until a) we are married and b) all our ducks are in a row. This is very hard for me and I am much like you Gabby, I am spiritual and I have manifested so so much goodness in my life. I have a huge trust and faith in the universe and I coach women on this stuff all the time. However, now my realism is being bought to the surface. I’m not getting younger and so so many women at this age struggle so I want to start trying now, but unfortunately I am met with his response that we cannot try until we are ready because he literally believes as soon as we make that decision I will fall pregnant first go.
    I recognise I need to surrender into this and I totally trust in the divine timing of me falling pregnant, but it is just so so hard right now to be challenged with his ideas and him saying I’m being negative. Then I read your story and I know you said you had to surrender, and you tried for 3 years to conceive and although I know I can and will push through any hard times I face, there is another part of me who is unsure.
    My belief is to start trying now and trust in the timing. Would love to know what you think? I know I need to just surrender but I have so much fear about missing out on becoming a mother and it’s put me in this icky place.

  3. I just came back here to read this again as I am now trying to conceive and need to have faith. Your words makes me feel inspired to believe in the Universe’s plan and surrender my own. All I can say is a big THANK YOU for sharing this and being so inspiring.

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. As I go through my own journey with motherhood, there’s so much from what you’ve shared that I will keep in mind. I really appreciate that you share the highs and the lows — not enough women and families talk about it and it leaves so many feeling isolated in their own situations. Here’s to spreading more wisdom and light!

  5. Well its my own son’s birthday and so I happened upon this. I am cracked open in more ways than I knew I needed. Isn’t that the glorious thing about a spiritual life? I love to grow, learn and understand myself better, so that I can be of greater service some day. Thanks for sharing your authentic truth. I love that in people! Being real and authentic is more impressive to me than money, followers, status, good looks, etc. God bless you Gabby. <3

  6. I love how inspiring you are. Your light shines so bright! We have a lot in common and I look forward to learning more.Thank you for sharing.

  7. Happy New Year Gabby! Thank you for this letter, and your amazing gift of Super Attractor. As the Universe would have it this is exactly what I need right now.❤

  8. Thank you for this beautiful post Gabby, for being so honest and real. You help me so much and I can’t wait to see you in Sydney xx

  9. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for being a person whose experiences often mirror my own, as it helps me to make the right choices, validates what I have experienced (I am a few years older than you) and gives me tremendous hope. The first step to healing is to admit our powerlessness over our challenges and to acknowledge the unmanageability that can result. Every time you speak your truth you help others to step out of the shadows, into the Light! Thank you for the awareness that you contribute to my life. I seek clarity, and I find tremendous clarity in your work.

    1. Hi Natalie, thank you for your beautiful words. I’m so grateful that my work has served you. Sending you many blessings. xo

  10. This is the best thing I have read all year. I receive this! “Hard life experiences are spiritual assignments for growth and healing” is a gem I value and something I can teach the children I work with on a daily basis. Changing the way we experience things is also a valuable tool. I am ready to surrender.

    Thank you for all you are.

  11. Gabby, I love you so much. Thank you for your commitment to us. I have tears in my eyes as I finish reading this, and connect to every word. I have so much shame around planning a spiritual home birth, and having an emergency c-section 2yrs ago with our baby boy, Indy. After a whirlwind of a year from an unexpected separation with hubby, to divorce papers drawn up (whilst still breastfeeding) and then surrendering to our Love and reuniting I understand the trauma on a very different level, but it showed face and I’m almost grateful for everything. Grateful to my husband for kicking me and Indy out, (I found it and I know what you’re talking about!) but stilllll struggling with the birth. We’re now expecting baby No. 2! From a whole new celebration of Love… (I’m only 5 weeks) but wanted to share 🙂

    As a beautiful coincidence my Guardian Angel is called Gabby! He manifests as a male energy presence. Have you read ‘Angels in my Hair’ by Lorna Byrne? (This is what started my Spiritual journey) It’s not stuff you don’t already know, but she is a true manifestation on our planet right now… you’ll know if you feel drawn to find her.

    Sending you SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation. Thank you thank you.

    Pip xx

  12. I found this upcoming challenge at a time I will call My. Ahhh Moment…..
    I bought Gabby’s book and I am so glad I did.
    It really has touched my inner soul….

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Gabby, thank you for sharing your story from experiencing infertility to surrendering and now, celebrating your son’s birthday! I am 10 months in recovery and have been struggling with infertility as well but your practices have been my beacon of hope. Thank you so much for shedding love and light on mental health, infertility, addiction, and your story on postpartum depression. ♥️

    1. Proud of your sobriety milestone Chan. Remember making small right actions over time add up to miraculous change. Sending you so much love and light.

  14. Hello Gabby,
    What an amazing & inspiring story. Thankyou for sharing!
    I have all your books, you have really helped me get through some tough times! I’m extremely grateful.
    Thankyou for all that you do.
    Sending you peace, love & light & many wonderful blessings to you & your family xxx

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I’m so grateful that my books have served you. Wishing you and your family many blessings. xo

  15. I love you gabby. you don’t know me but you are my guru. you gave me different ways to live life.
    for me, you are a life changer. you are a beautiful gift for us. thank you so much, Gabby.

  16. Your birth story resonates with me in
    many ways as a mom of a young child who takes medication for a mental health reasons. Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate your willingness to speak to the stigma of mental health and to view it and any fear/pain as an opportunity to be more connected to the Universe. I believe that any personal pain/challenge/fear can be shifted as an opportunity to grow and become a more empathetic and kind person to others.

    1. Thank you, Liz, for sharing your experience as a mom. I am grateful that this blog post has resonated with you and that you’re willing to see obstacles as opportunities! Sending you and your family much love in 2020! xo

  17. Thank you, Gabby. So many of the things you have talked about have also been my lessons to learn in 2019. I wanted a new job with benefits and paid holidays and weekends off and fun, joyful people to work with. I had envisioned it over and over all year and talked about it and finally, finally realized I had to let go and trust that the universe would bring it into fruition. I gave my 2 week notice at my old job and four days later I interviewed for the job I have now. It came about at the exact time it should have based on some things had to change at the store for me to be brought in. It has given me everything I want, plus it gives back to the community every single day!!! It works. You MUST surrender and trust that the universe will bring that which is most in line with your true purpose and you must take steps in the direction of your true purpose so the universe knows your are serious.

    1. Congratulations, Jan. Thank you for sharing your miracle moment! I say in Super Attractor, the Universe always delivers! Keep shining your bright light! xo

  18. Hi Gabby – I wanted to thank you so much for sharing all of this. It really hit home with me. My husband and I have been TTC for the past 7 months – the constant negatives have been so hard to deal with. Thank you for your blog – in reading the posts Ive discovered that I have been manic manifesting. I am now trying to surrender any time I notice a thought that is based in fear or in an attempt to control….though I think what I am struggling most with now is trying to vibrate the energy of JOY. I can get myself to peaceful, calm, accepting place, but real JOY is much harder. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you <3

    1. Thank you, Lauren, for your honest share. It sounds like this is an opportunity to practice surrender. Here is the link to my blog and Supersoul Sunday talk about the 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender. I hope this serves you. xo

  19. Listening to your book just makes me feel better and lighter, like I’m not alone. Sometimes, if I just need a spiritual boost or if I need to get out of my own head, I queue up Super Attractor or Universe and just let go and listen. Thank you.

  20. Dear Gabby, I just want to command you for your unflinching trust in the universe and for your own spiritual and human journeys. Thank you for being so real, so open and vulnerable and for sharing with us your own processes to finding internal peace and wellness and control/master the blocks you encounter on the way… Thank you for bearing it all for others to witness, learn and emulate your courage. Thank you for helping us brake down the barriers that invariably show up, for your helpful tips on living better, delivered with such simplicity and insight. The notion of living beyond our fears by recalibrating our energy. Shifting our focus on appreciation and committing ourselves to joy I find to be very effective as our vision or visualization of our desired state or goal is what sustain us.
    I love your humanity, creativity, energy, resourcefulness and that you are unstoppable and never abdicate. Congratulation for your victories and success.

    With love,

  21. Thank you Gabby. This has been the most challenging year of my life, and I needed to see this words. Perfect timing This year I tapered off 15 years of antidepressant medication, and am learning patience and surrender as my body and mind heal. I appreciate your openness and vulnerability. ❤️Sat nam.

    1. I’m so glad this served you, Veronica! Sending you healing light as you continue on your journey. Sat Nam, sister!

  22. Thank you Gabby. I just had a son who’s 15 months old. I experienced a lot of health issues that were extremely painful
    After the birth of my son plus post partum so I can relate to your post. I learned a lot from that pain and have grown so much. I am ready for a new year which hopefully will be a healthier one for you and me!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Melissa. I’m holding you in prayer and healing light. Wishing you and your family many blessings in 2020!

  23. Thank you for speaking up, and out, about your experience with mental illness. You are helping in the removal of the mental illness stigma.

    You words spoke to me. Hitting bottom and learning to reframe it, is powerful. I have never considered bottoming out as an opportunity…but now I do.

    Sending you Light & Love. Keep shining, Splendid One.

  24. Thank you Gabby, for sharing your vulnerability …. I am taking the time to reflect on 2019 as you say with a different view point or attitude, after all I’m here and I’m still working on growth and healing. Supreme self care can help when you have been a people pleaser , doer and fixer…. messages from God to slow down and take care of my business – my needs wants and preferences. To know that my voice is important to me first and then to be heard by others, to go to the stillness of God to hear my intuition and guidance from Creator. To feed my soul and refuel my spirit. Amen thank you Gabby

  25. Hi Gabby you are amazing. My daughter and I First met you in Toronto at seduction of spirit. We both have your supper attractor, she is into it I haven’t started yet. Just by reading your letter your gave me the will to start. A lot has happened in my life, I’m now going to do what I’m here for, I’ve been postponing my true purpose for too long, feeling I’m not good enough still got to study more…… will be 66 in January and 2020 is my year. If I hear you are coming to Canada I will send you a personal invitation for 08-08-2020, this will be the day that I officially start teaching yoga, meditation and arts retreats in Mayo Quebec. Wishing you, baby and husband the best that the Universe has in store for you.

  26. Thank you for your openness and sharing about PPD – I survived it and the gratitude I felt on the other side was so profound. I’d never felt less like me and to come back to myself was such a relief. It has shown me that to care for ourselves (and shed stigma) is of great service to those we love. Many blessings to you and your family now and in 2020

    1. Thank you for sharing, Heather. I’m grateful that you’re feeling relief. Sending much love to you and your family! xoxo

  27. Thank you so much Gabby for being so open and honest with us. This year has been one of growth and expansion for me.
    I am reading you Super Atttactoe book (more than 1/2 way through) and I have the cards too which I cannot wait to start using in 2020.
    I do have to say I’ve had you Judgement Detox Book and Journal for 2 years and am just now willing to crack open at the New Year.
    New Year, New Decade, turning 50 in May and I am so willing to allow the Universe to unfold the new and exciting blessings in the New Year.
    Thank you for helping me and guiding me through this new journey.
    I love you

    1. Amazing, Kari! Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! xoxo

  28. Hi Gabby ,
    My year of 2019 has been a year of great transaction thanks to you. I was certainly at the end of my rope or rock bottom after 30 some years when I found your book the Universe has Your Back back in April . I had lost all belief in a God and ever of pulling myself out of the mess I have been caught up in from struggling health issues to attracting bad stuff all the time and to watching the company I work transform in the last 3 years to down right hateful to work for now . My whole perspective has changed although my Job gets worse everyday and I still fight some health issues with stomach and colds I am more at peace and open minded more than ever applying all kind of material thought by you and others that you speak of also . Since Super Attractor I’ve been manifesting things for my future life and now would would to manifest another job that has a normal schedule that would be better for my health and allow me to put time into my new ventures . Thank you , look for a good 2020 you inspire and help so many people out there . Have a great loving and peaceful holiday

    1. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts, Charles. Sending you many blessings and healing light as you continue on your journey. Much love and happy holidays!

  29. Thank you for sharing your own journey through post partum and being open about medication. That really meant so much to me!!! Been reading your books ever since Add More Ing and as a fellow NYer only a couple years older than you, I feel I connect with your growth & journey. Thank you again for sharing your human-ness 🙂

  30. Thank you for sharing this, Gabby. I too have had post partum depression with both of my children, who I also worked at manifesting It was very very difficult but I am so grateful to have survived. I’m working my way through The Universe Has Your Back and loving it. One question: Did you use a 12 step program when we went through your recovery? Thank you for sharing x

    1. First I want to honor you, Tricia, for sharing your experience with postpartum depression. Each person’s path is different, so I suggest finding what works for you. I am a believer in 12-step programs and support systems. AA emphasizes finding a spiritual relationship of your own understanding, so the work you are doing will serve you greatly. You can do these spiritual practices in addition to attending meetings. Ultimately your healing and recovery is your choice. Be very intentional about whatever you choose to do and make sure you have a strong support system. Xoxo

  31. Hi Gabby,
    These wise words you left are so inspirational. I wrote some of them down in my Universe Has Your Back journal. Thank you for sharing these loving and freeing thoughts.
    Wishing you and the universe a peaceful and loving holiday!
    Bonnie F.

  32. Thank you Gabby . i suffered through post partum depression with guilt and fear. Then i found you and your your work and found the courage to ask for help and be seen. Here I am !! I am excited to see what the universe has planned for 2020.

    1. Sending you big love Marci. So grateful that this work is encouraging and empowering you. And so glad you have reached out for help. You’ve got this mama.

  33. Thank you Gabby, i learn so much from you. I always have a lot to think about when reading your words. I’m learning that being vulnerable can be my greatest asset. Also, to stop trying to constantly direct everything in my life. I had a lot to do this morning. An early vet appt., getting my mom to the doctors, etc. I kept going over and over last night and this morning “How I’m I going to do all of this” As soon as I let it all go and reading this helped, it all just worked out. Your the best, thank you…

      1. Thank you for sharing this. I am getting induced tonight if labor doesn’t begin on its own but thanks to your books and teachings and how much they’ve changed me I feel ready. I also think it’s cool our babies might share a birthday. I am looking forward to signing up for your New Years challenge.

  34. Hi Gabby
    Reading this put some tears in my eyes. I have a 3 month old now and have postpartum anxiety that i am surrendering from. I am in Australia and hope to come to your seminar im Sydney and have just started listening to your book today via audible.
    Reading your fight of overcoming it really helped me know im not alone. I bring love, joy, gratitude and abundance to my soul and to my son, they are so worth the journey and he is my miracle
    Love, Jules

    1. First and foremost, thank you, Jules, for sharing here. Know that I am sending prayers your way and holding you in healing light. I’m so grateful that his blog post has served you. May you be supported during this time. Much love to you and your family. xo

  35. Gabby has gotten me thru so much. I have struggled with addiction, food and my purpose for over 15 years and your books, posts and emails keep me going. I really believe 2020 could be the year I chose love and faith. Today is day 20 and I am in Israel sitting next to my 96 yr old grandma in the hospital

    1. Dana, I’m so grateful that my work has served you. Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! Sending prayers to you and your grandma. xo

  36. Dear Gabby,
    You are truly an inspiration. Somehow your name was mentioned to me by a Swedisch friend on a yoga retreat last year, somehow in my hour of need I found your book online, somehow all that I read made me want to watch the jumpstart workshop and now here you are again with a message so pure it reaches through every layer that even here in Amsterdam I feel blessed to hear from you. Keep being the beautiful soul you are. I’m grateful to the universe for sharing you with me.

  37. Thank you for taking time out and sharing this very difficult journey with us, super excited for the manifesting challenge of 2020! I feel like I have been on the path, but cant manifest in the 3d reality, I m sure this course will help me figure out where I m lacking!

  38. Hi Gabby
    Thank you for this gift of sharing letter. I totally agree with seeing obstacles as chances to grow although at the time, they can seem so desperate you wonder why. I am so pleased that you have found the wonderful fulfilment of the gift of your child and a good family. Although I strived for this all my life, my severe mental health problems brought about from major infant trauma and beyond, stopped this from happening, and although I am always happy for other people’s happiness, I have to admit I also feel a bit envious at times and a bit left out and let down. I have used my mental health journey to get the laws changed in my country towards mental health services. You and your team recently helped me with a big ‘downer’ I was going through and I always remember with respect and affection anyone who reaches out to me. I have changed my path a bit lately which will I think help me. I know we mustn’t give up manifesting and I hope to get back into this in the new year when the fog clears more! I think you are very inspiring and a shining example.

    1. Thank you, Ann, for sharing here. I am grateful that my message has served you. May you receive all of the support and guidance that you need as you continue on your journey! xo

  39. I catch your work from time to time and am always keenly aware that it is JUST THE RIGHT TIME.
    I have had periods in my life when I suffered intensely with anxiety, depression and insomnia( am currently coming through one. Your words lifted me. Helped me to see that surrendering to the meds was and is essential. Nothing else worked.
    Have a wonderful season with your family

  40. I was reading ‘Super Attractor’ while sitting on the tarmac in preparation to fly to Alaska, when our plane got delayed by a few minutes due to a paperwork error. I knew I was cutting it close for my next connection, this was a bucket list trip, and in perfect timing I came across the reference from A Course in Miracles that states: “those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and to wait without anxiety”.

    Of course, I had plenty of time for my next connection. On top of this, I lent the book to a friend after the trip and she mentioned how it was the absolute perfect read for where she was at that point in her life.

    Thank you for your work!

  41. Today is the day before my birthday. I turn 50 tomorrow (Dec 17), so I will be reflecting on 2019, and all the years leading up to this moment. There have been moments of intense joy, and moments of excruciating pain. Thank you for helping me on my life’s journey by sharing your story and journey with us. You are a beautiful person with a powerful message of love and healing–truly a blessing to the world. With love,

  42. Thanks for a wonderful testimony Gabby. What an amazing story and affirmation of how the surrender to the universe so enlightens the soul and our journey. Your words on mental health speaks volumes to so many, including myself. The reflection of the past year can only be described as a tearing down of the old and a process of a wonderful spiritual rebirth in progress.
    A clarity of surrender taking place and the beauty of the universe enveloping you within it’s love and healing.
    Super Attractor has been amazing, very inspiring and a great support.

    Thanks Gabby,

  43. Beautiful. Motherhood is both a joy and a challenge, I am the mother of a 16 month old, and is crazy to me how little support we have for mother’s. I think every woman who gives birth goes though some kind of mental challenge. A hormonal shift cocktail with s side of sleep deprivation, every woman faces this challenge in a different way, most of them completely alone. I came across your insta on a late night pump session, I woke up every night at 4am for months to pump and build my milk supply…I read the tittle of your book, and it changed me ” the universe has your back” wow, what a beautiful message. Your posts and reading your blog transformed my 4am pumps into mini spiritual sessions. I pumped at 4am and breast feed him with a smile on my face till he turned 13 months. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful share, Carolina! I’m so grateful that the book has served you. Sending you and your little one much love!

  44. This is so beautiful. Thank you for your letter and modeling vulnerability to help us be more vulnerable in our own lives, to open to the Universe, the blessings, and the light through the wounds.

  45. Gabby,
    In 2017 at the Super Attractor workshop, you told me that my children were my greatest spiritual teachers (after I’d confessed that I wanted to hide in my closet and read your books and listen to Wayne Dyer all day instead of having to show up for my daily life). Since that night I’ve learned to watch my children more. Their mannerisms, the way they treat others and animals, they way my personality shines through each one of them. Not only have I become a very life coach since that day in NYC where I told you I’d share a stage with you one day, and you made it happen (and again in Boston in October with one of my little gurus with me!), but I’ve also become a more present mother. My children teach me more about my spirituality on a daily basis than any book ever will (no offense!!!!). But they are my greatest teachers. They may still bust in my room when I’m meditating, but when they do I just think to myself ‘what if he/she wasn’t here to have done that…’. Thank you for showing me how to appreciate what I was perceiving as a block. I have countless years left to meditate, but my babies are only going to bust through my door for so long. Thank you for showing me who my true gurus are. And now I have the tool of choose again. Instead of getting upset at them or my partner, I just choose again and I choose to appreciate their presence in this life. And I will end with, they may be my greatest spiritual teachers, but you sure are next in line! Sat nam

    1. So beautiful, Jada. Thank you so much for sharing your miracle moment. Sending you and your family many blessings in 2020. Sat Nam, Sister!

  46. I saw a $77 membership offer earlier today including the challenge. I can’t find it now, can I still sign up for that? Thank you!
    Linda Birse

  47. Thank you, Gabby! You are my angel! I had dark moment today in the morning from the some not pleasant conversation, and I opened your e-mail with your letter and miracle is happened… you are bring light to my shadow!!!

  48. Dear Gabby,
    The first of your books I read was The Universe Has Your Back. Two years ago. This book really saved my life. I was in a severe depression which I struggle with on and off throughout my life only this was caused because my mother died. I miss her terribly. I have just finished for the 2nd time reading Super Attractor. I have read all of your books and have given them all as gifts to friends and family. Through reading prayer and meditation daily followed by journaling I have learned my mom is still here with me just in a different way. She comes through my electronics constantly and I finally after she almost crashed my laptop had to set some boundaries with her. lol…. I have connected with my spirit guides and have recieved many signs I have asked for including an owl visiting me one morning in my yard it was so magnificent. I cannot thank-you enough for all you have taught me through your writing. One day I hope to be at the Spirit Junkie Workshop. I want to sign up for the manifesting challenge as soon as I get Paid. I love you so much and appreciate your being so true and authentic with us your spirit junkies. Laura Johnson (lj).You are my guru.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Laura. I’m grateful that my books have served you during this difficult time and that you’ve experienced some miraculous shifts. Sending you much love and light! xo

  49. Thank you for always sharing your truth. You are very authentic and remind me that it’s ok to be vulnerable and honest with those around me. I am so grateful for you and your work!

    I am currently blessed with the opportunity for spiritual growth as my seasonal depression was trying to get ahold of me through my ego. I have turned inward and towards your most recent book, Super Attractor . The Universe Has Your Back was transformational for me when I read it a couple of summers ago after nearly losing my dog in a horrific freak accident. It lead to my initial awakening and here you are walking me through this next phase.

    I wish you well Gabby and I look forward to our paths crossing one day soon.


    1. Thank you for your honest share, Rachel. I’m so grateful that the books are serving you. Sending you prayers and healing light! xo

  50. Hi Gabby. Each time you share about your struggle I think of the time in 2009 when panic attacks and irrational thinking was controlling my mind, thoughts and actions. Thank God I reached out for help and sought medical attention, hit meetings like a new comet and María supported every step of the way. I could not focus or concentrate.
    WE can do anything together. Your work, honesty and passion has helped me to reflect meditate and pray more and help someone else get better. God Bless you and your family. Bernie

  51. Gabby,
    I’m wiping tears off my cheek as I write this message to you. You’re so beautiful Gabby! Through your journey, you’ve been able to inspire and help so many people. Thank you for being fearless. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being a positive reflection of what standing in your truth looks like.
    With so much love,

  52. I very much enjoyed your book Super Attractor, and look forward to reading more. I appreciate your honesty, courage and faith. I have had some similar struggles in my life and your down to earth honesty and sugesstions for change encourage me. Thank you Gabby!

  53. Thank you for your generous reflection, to give pause to others to reflect as well.

    Here are some of my thoughts:
    As a Momma of a now 26 year old, who is also getting married this coming July, I am reflecting on a new chapter of learning and truth telling. A new dawn of parenting and further deepening my relationship with my daughter – as she enters this new chapter in her life.

    I am taking stock of what is working in my life and accentuating it even further into the light.

    When our children are young, we are their managers.
    When they’re older we become consultants.

    When they’re grown, we continue to be inspiring role models of what’s possible.

    I’m in that stage now. I love my Arianna with all of my heart and I love me, with all of my heart. With that energy I commit to grow, choose love & appreciation for all that I am blessed with.

    And for what I desire… I step back and hold those desires lightly and allow the Universe to have my back.

    Massive love to you, Z & O.
    Stacy Cohen

  54. Thank you Gabby, thank you for opening up on such delicate issues to inspire me in letting my faith grow and heal my wounds.
    Thank you for your light, may it make my light shine brighter too.
    Deeply grateful, Anna

  55. Hi Gabby,

    I am a family lawyer in Australia. My clients come to see me at their lowest and at our first meeting, I refer each of them to your audio book “the Universe has your back” and because they have hit rock bottom, they listen to your book and every one who has trusted and had a go now has absolute faith, trust and love for the Universe because of the path that you have shown them. And everyone of them has stated that the authenticity in your voice resonated with them and each of them have found the support of the Universe when they took one step forward into trust. There are so many of us here who support you and your journey and are grateful that you do what you do. We are proud to see that you do have your little son and that nothing is impossible. Thank you for what you have done for me too. Much love.

    1. Thank you, Shyam. I am so grateful that my books have moved you and that you’re willing to recommend them to your clients. I deeply honor the work that you are doing. It’s an honor to be part of your journey. Sending much love.

  56. Gabby – Thank you for sharing your journey. Mental Health awareness is so needed in our culture. I would say you are very fortunate that you can do things like acupuncture, a lymphatic drainage massage, and EMDR therapy. Most American women do not have the resources to get that kind of care. When I read your NY Times article I reflected on what a gift it is to be able to have twenty minutes to yourself in the morning to meditate and center. A true Luxury! When my son was 9 months old, I was in an abusive marriage and the only one working. When you are in survival mode self care rituals don’t exist. I am happy to say that I am in a very different place in my life now and fortunate enough to work on myself again including my spirituality. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and making “spirituality” more mainstream.

  57. Thank you Gabby, for being such a pivotal person in my healing journey. As many of my healing journey’s have taught me surrender now the latest healing through SIBO I again have come into my strength leaning on you books and spiritual assignments. I am learning there is no victim, no doubt, only TRUST. I am a super attractor.
    Blessings and light and in honour of the journey. Love Simone ❤️️

    1. Beautiful, Simone! Thank you so much for sharing. You are a Super Attractor. Keep shining your bright light. Sending you positive vibes as you continue to heal! xo

  58. What a beautiful letter! Ty Gabby for sharing yourself so honestly. It’s what I admire most about you. My anxiety and fear has me constantly hiding what I don’t like about myself. My goal is to release it to the care of the universe and through your words, I’m learning to do just that. Congratulations on your son’s first birthday, I know how special children can be as I have two adult sons now who make me feel loved and cherished everyday. They are my greatest manifestation. Keep shining your light Gabby, you are an inspiration and I feel so blessed to have found you.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Kelley. Every time your anxiety and fear come up, practice choosing again. You’ve got this! Sending you much love! xo

  59. Really moved that you shared you actually took medication. So much stigma around it. I haven’t needed it yet but feels freeing to hear that it’s not about strength, just some need different things at different parts of their life. No judgement. You feel very authentic with this share and therefore even more powerful and inspiring!

  60. Thank you so much for this wonderful encouragement. I have experienced obstacles lately that, in hindsight, I can see were really protection. So I can now be grateful for them. I am hoping to hold on to this experience so that the next time, I see it with faith rather than fear!

    1. Beautiful, Stacey. I am holding that space for you to shift from fear to faith. You’ve got this. Sending you lots of light! xo

  61. I suffered from terrible anxiety and depression for years- I know how debilitating that can be. After finally surrendering, I too decided to go on medication…despite being vehemently against it for those many years. I’m happy to say that it gave me my life back, as it sounds like it did for you. I’m forever grateful and forever changed by the experience. I thought I know what I was doing by not taking medication for all those years – and while it happened in Divine time, I realized that by being so “against” something, I’m no different than someone who is being so “for” something…and that being neutral is the only way to really be present to what is. I use this not only in my thinking of my own situation, but now in my view of religion, politics, and how we live our lives, etc. This has been a tool for me not only in surrender but also non-attachment to what I think I know. Thank you for sharing your story, for being so raw and vulnerable and making people like me feel like I’m not alone. Big love!

    1. Well said, Lena. Thank you for this lovely share. I”m so grateful that you were moved by this message. Sat Nam, sister! xo

  62. Thank you, Gabby! I turned 50 in 2019. Over Labor Day, I took my 14 year old son and 82 year old mom who has Alzheimer’s disease to Portland to visit family. When attempting to get our luggage from our Ford SUV rental, the car ran over me with my mom in the passenger seat and my so. Just feet from the rolling car. I was lucky to survive – resulting in 2 collapsed lungs, 4 broken ribs, 2 fractured vertebrae and a broken ankle. Last month I had the tumor removed from my left kidney which was found during a body scan. I have spent 4 months recovering- going through the darkest moments of pain, but all the while knowing that this journey was a gift and my awakening. I listened to your book on Audible as soon as it released and your wisdom and voice helped me to find my bearings and renewed my faith. I am still discovering new gifts, especially on the hard days when pain and fear bubbles to the surface, leaving me trembling about my future – sifting through the broken pieces of the me that I am leaving behind and embracing the new framework that has been built on months of tears, meditation, love and God. My Super Attractor journal sits by my bed side and is filled with simple appreciations I surely would have missed in my former format. You have helped bless me and my family. Thank you.

    1. Carrie, please know that I am holding you in so much love and healing light. Right now, nothing is more important than your well-being. I am so grateful that the book and journal are serving you. May you continue to be lead to the right and perfect resources on your journey to recovery. Sending you and your family many blessings. xo

  63. Hi Gabrielle, thank you for your beautiful artikel. It inspires me. I have a question about the meditations, on spotOft. I love your meditation list on Spotify and now is gone? Is it possible to get them back?

    Love to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards Kim

  64. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for sharing your very courageous journey. I trust that it’s helped a lot of people relax and go with the flow instead of fighting the challenges they are facing. As we are taught in ACIM, healing is natural. This healing only comes from bringing our fears to the light, for if we don’t, they remain in the unconscious mind and strengthen only to be shown again.
    This year I recovered from Caregiver’s PTSD which was a result from having taken care of my beloved dog for six weeks as he passed from cancer. Caring for him is something I would do a gazillion times over. I committed to creating a peaceful and comfortable space for him as he went through his journey. The memory of holding holding his little paws, seeing the bits of lavender in his ebony fur (as he liked to snuggle up against our lavender plant) and staring into his incredible eyes will always be with me as a reminder of the gift of Love he was and continues to be in my life.
    After he passed, I started having panic attacks, generalized anxiety, sleep paralysis and horrific nightmares. The result of an overstimulated startle reflex ~ my nervous system was in hyper mode. I want to thank you for calling attention to our nervous systems! Like you, I now have a newfound respect for the nervous system. The lesson for me has been to relax more often, focus on things which make me smile, be creative and of course, to be helpful only in a way which is manageable to my nervous system as it calms down. I am committed to healing with Spirit and taking the gifts of love and support which show up in the physical experience <3 We should never feel ashamed to face our challenges, no matter what they look like! For it is through our challenges that we strengthen, heal from the ego mind and become more attuned to our Truth as being One in Spirit <3 Who could argue with this?
    PTSD was one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given as it helped me become even more vigilant for the Truth! And through it all I wrote and published another children's book which helps children gently and lovingly overcome negative thoughts. We can share and help others with what we learn through our experiences. There are so many blessings in our challenges! They were meant to be, so why fight them? We can use them as catalysts for healing, to realize that Spirit is not outside of us but in the Right part of our minds. Always there, always loving us, always ready to guide us upon our request and acceptance. An open mind is a beautiful thing <3 May we all be joyfully surprised by the incredible gifts Spirit has for us.

    Lots of Love and Happy Birthday to Oliver <3
    Fiona xxxooo

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog, Fiona. Thank you for sharing your experience and with the world through your books. Sending you much love and healing light! xo

  65. Dear Gaby:
    I hope I can reach you. I gives me such a great pleasure to read your story. last time I saw you it was at one “Crazy, Sexy Talks” in New York with Kris C. Somehow the issue of being a mother starter and you broke down in tears, frustration, and sadness. It was a very vulnerable moment, raw and totally genuine that we all observe in silence. It shocked me. When I got out, and while walking to the NJ transit port, I remember started snowing and I asked the universe to make it you a mother. I cannot think I was the only one. And you know the universe is in your side. Motherhood is not easy, but it is an amazing ride. Hope to see you soon again and see you glow like in these pictures. Enjoy your son, you so deserve him.

  66. Thank you for sharing, Gabby. It seems that when I am looking for an answer to something so I can surrender that part of me, I get an email from you or I go to your page and the answer is there or to one of your amazing books.

    I want to thank you for showing me that the Universe does have my back, and very well at that.

    I too am 31 years clean and when I read the NA books and reworked my workbook for that time in my life 5 years ago, I was introduced to your books through a life coach/hippy therapist Laura that I love to death and started working the NA workbook again, in conjunction with the universe has your back and spirit junkie. Man what a blow to my “old side” and a blast of power through surrendering my “ing”. I have made such great strides in the last three years and have raised my vibrations so much higher that the narcissists in my life and past have all fallen off my band wagon. That even included my mother who is a malignant narcissist and now I can call her when I surrender just before the call to check on her or try to give her positive reinforcement around the holidays. Other than that I have ghosted all my ex’s who come to realize were narcissists as well.

    Skip to today, I am grateful for everything I have been through because I am loving who the Universe is showing me I am.

    Thank you for sharing and I have suggested to all the new NA/AA members to take a chance on your books while going through their process and help them to understand surrender for the benefit of their addiction as well as their new outlook on life and many have done it and thanked me in the process. I always respond the same…it wasn’t me, the universe used me to give you what you are looking to receive.

    Thank you Gabby, you’re the best!
    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and to a magical 2020 New Year!


    1. Thank you for this honest share, Nadine. Congratulations on getting sober. I’m so grateful that the books have served you and that you continue to make your recovery a priority. Sat Nam, sister! Sending you much love and light in 2020! XO

  67. Thank you for sharing your story in such an authentic way. The publication of Super Attractor is a huge event for me, I can feel it. In 2020, I will implement every syllable into my own practice.

  68. This is the best thing I’ve read in a very, very long time. I was deeply moved. Thank you for sharing out loud what so many of us are feeling and experiencing.

  69. Gabby- I feel like we are Soul Sisters. Kindred Spirits swimming in the same consciousness pool. I pray one day I can meet you and connect. We share similar stories. I am too a recovered alcoholic and addict. I too have suffered from anxiety and depression. Personally I went through chemo/radiation/2 surgery’s when I was 32 for breast cancer. My daughter was 3 and I was still drinking. Then I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And recently my doctors thought I had an autoimmune disorder. But now it’s looking like all my symptoms over the last few years are related to what’s called toxic mold syndrome. So within the last week all this has come to light. And I can honestly say I’m grateful for these challenges. They have truly taught me what it means to actually love myself. And you have helped me to remember to be the observer of my thoughts and to not judge myself or others. It’s been such a transformation. After years of taking medications I have detoxed off almost all of them and I feel better then ever. Western medicine has its place but it’s definitely not the whole answer. I am currently looking for a new home and I am getting certified in Healing Touch- a gentle and relaxing form of energy healing that works to balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I had received this healing for free when I went through cancer, and now I am giving back and helping others through their battle(s). I dream so BIG now! I want save the world, am I right?!! I want to have a booming business. Possibly writing a book someday, touring with people I have admired, sharing my story, being an inspiration and being inspired every day. So I’m putting this out into the Universe. I will be seeing you soon! – All my love, Natalie Killick

    1. Congratulations on your recovery, Natalie, and for sharing your miracle moments here. You are a Super Attractor! Sending you many blessings in 2020!

  70. Hi Gabby. I first found your book, “The universe has your back” when I was going through my journey of trying to conceive. I was hitting almost 4 years and I read your book, it came to me as a miracle and I fell in love with it. I did the meditations in the book and during one meditation I saw my son in our new house. I didn’t think of anything then, except that maybe I envisioned it because I really wanted it… a few months after that I decided to try IVF as a last result and it was successful. I now have a son who is almost 2 and I am extremely grateful for him, for every moment in my life. As with you, he has fought me so much, he has thought me patience, surrender, the deepest love and gratitude for every moment.
    I have been following you ever since I read ”The universe has your back” and I am so happy for you for having your son, for your journey, for sharing your stories and for teaching us spirituality.
    Continue to be who you are.
    Lots of love
    Andrea P.

  71. This is exactly what I needed to read at this moment. As I struggle with addiction and mental health I had no idea that I probably suffered through postpartum with my child. I did not have access to help that I needed but I have been 22 months sober and I do feel hopeful when I read your books Gabby! Thank you

    1. Congratulations on getting sober, my friend. I’m so proud of you and I’m grateful that my books are serving you. Praying that you are lead to all of the support that you need. XO

  72. Just when I feel myself slipping back into a dark place … I receive a note from you Gabby… and I re-align my perspective. I have had a horrible year … and you truly helped save me. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.

    1. Catherine, know that I am holding you in love and healing light. I’m sorry that 2019 was painful for you– sending you many blessings in 2020.

  73. Gosh I just can’t love this and you more! I was so thrilled to be at your book signing in CT this year. I am constantly am in Super Attractor and Universe has your back. Thank YOU for sharing your struggles and showing up ready to do the work in healing. Many blessings to you and your family

  74. So wonderful to hear about your birth experience and recovery of postpartum depression and anxiety. I’m in Women’s Health and I was drawn to hear about your birth story in your email (because I love those) and this breadcrumb from God/the Universe found me at the perfect time. I feel very stuck in my current life situation and very impatient for it to change… I love these little nudges and affirmations that just find their way to me. My heart is full. Thank you.

  75. I listen to Super Attractor twice daily when walking my dog Lucy. This morning, I was listening to Chapter 10 about “signs” (I had listened to your earlier book where you tell about owls.) I stopped the audio and cleared my mind and decided my sign would be a clear indicator that I really should pursue the new chapter in my life…the career & life work I feel I should be doing. The sign would be cat. I never see cats and I don’t know anyone who owns one. I can’t recall when I last saw a cat, even on tv and I don’t watch tv very much anyway except the news on occasion. Here in Chicago, it is 19 degrees outside so it would not be easy to spot a cat outside. A cat was to be my sign.

    After the walk, I started preparing my breakfast and usually turn on my ipad to watch cable news but when the menu for tv shows came up, live news wasn’t showing as an option like usual however, I did see on my menu options that Saturday Night Live had recorded two days ago. I like their political humor so watched the cold opening. It was pretty good so I continued to watch the show which I never do because I feel it is a big waste of valuable time, time I should be creating and being productive. After preparing my breakfast, I sat down at the table and stood the iPad up to watch. After the next skit ended, SNL went to commercial. As I was eating, I nearly lost it. At that moment, that very moment, there was a commercial for a new movie being released in 4 days. The movie is “Cats.” There were cats EVERYWHERE. I watched in utter awe & amazement that a Divine Presence, the Universe seemed to be not only giving me the sign, but was sending the sign in supersonic speed and hitting me upside the head with a 2×4 as if to say, “Lets be clear so there are no misunderstandings.” As I continued to watch (thinking “No…way”) the commercial ended with one single word up on the screen in huge, huge font. “CATS” Gabby, this just happened and, immediately after listening to your words. All I can say is, keep up the good work.

  76. Gabby, I experienced the same exact symptoms after the birth of my second son. It was truly a spiritual awakening for me- it was during that time that Oprah and Eckhart Tolle did the online boom club with “A New Earth”. This saved me. I have never before or since experienced such a dark time and I learned so much and now wouldn’t trade that experience❤️ I am glad you are healing- babies definitely teach us so much about ourselves. Best wishes❤️❤️❤️

      1. Thank you for doing your life in a transparent way- by normalizing your experience you will help so many women. Healing occurs when you know you are not alone. Thank you for bringing beauty to the world Gabby, I have read and listened to your books for years as part of my healing. After my experience with Postpartum anxiety, I have tried to share my story as well. As a labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant in addition to being a mom, I am acutely aware of the mental health issues we face as new mothers- identity shifts, sleep deprivation, having to give of yourself in ways beyond what one could imagine, and more. I love helping women through this time. If you are ever moved to do anything relating to this topic, I would love to be a part of it❤️❤️❤️

        1. Thank you, Jenny. I honor you for sharing your experience here. I’m so grateful that my books and message have served you. Sat Name, sister! xo

  77. Thank you Gabby,
    I am looking forward to the Challenge coming up.
    I finally ordered the journal for Super Attractor for this challenge. I have to admit I put the book down even though I absolutely love it. The reason is I usually read at night and I stop when I have to write something down in a journal. I am in dead tired in bed and I have to get up and get the journal out of work bag (because I read it every day) and I just haven’t picked it up again. I always say life gets in the way. I am making a couple of changes for the new year and the challenge you are doing is going to get me started. So, thank you. One day at a time and one prayer at a time.

  78. Dear Gabby, thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and your unfiltered experiences. You are such an inspiration and life – spiritual coach to me. I wish you, Zach and Oliver a peaceful, merry Christmas and a wonderful, God-blessed new year. ☀️☀️

  79. Hi Gabby! Thank for speaking openly about your mental health diagnosis and the decision to take medication. I have rapid cycling bipolar II and take medication to manage it along with my spiritual practices. I have experienced shame and judgement from people in spiritual communities and this can be very damaging. Taking my medication is a spiritual practice and it is amazing for people with a platform to reduce the stigma by sharing. Your vulnerability is serving so many people and I am grateful for your willingness to speak your truth!
    Sending you so much love!

  80. Surrender was the place that saved me too! I love this, so happy for your journey through motherhood I’ve watched you share your desires for this moment for some time…it warms my heart!! Happy holidays happy early birthday to Oliver and happy new year to your family xoxo

  81. Thank you for sharing your story about PPD! Your strength, courage, vulnerability, and love is heartfelt and inspiring! Thank you for advocating against the stigma of mental health that we all experience in our own ways! I was not blessed with the gift of having my own children but so blessed by God with step grand children who light my soul. So true – the crack is where the light gets in and the breakage allows us to be reborn into wholeness! Happy Birthday Oliver and Many blessings to you in 2020.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Gina. So beautiful that your step grand children light your soul. The universe always delivers! Many blessings to you in 2020 as well!

  82. Gabby, you may never know how deeply you have helped so many people in this world. Your words are a constant reminder to believe in that which we cannot see and to find light even when we are surrounded by darkness. A few years ago I attended the live SJM in NYC and you played Aad Guray Nameh. That song alone has changed my vibration and my life for the better. Thank you for staying true to your path, following your truth and being a light that so many of us need. God bless.
    Love, Faith

  83. Dear Gabby, thank you so much for your openness, your couragious story. Right now I’m again in the middle of that wound, not seeing the light yet. I gave birth in October 24 2002 to my little man Sem. And sometimes birth and death come together. Which had a tremendous impact on me, on my life. I was heart broken for a long time. Now the end of 2019 my husband and me just participated in a therapy called family constellations because he has issues with his son from his first marriage. Which was a very eyeopener to me. Long story short, the lid opened of my box full of pain, grieve and sorrow which I closed so many years ago as life goes on. But reading your story I thought, maybe I also had Post partum depression but I did not want to give in to that because my husbands ex wife went through one when his son was born in 1980. Also Jan’s son will become a father next week, which also triggers my pain again. I guess, I have to look and feel that wound again to really see the light.

    1. Gigi, thank you for sharing here. I am holding you with so much love and light, and sending prayers of healing your way.

  84. Hi Gabby…..I’ve posted a few times since I “met” you via purchasing “Super Attractor”. This post here is as real as it gets.

    I just became a Grandfather 6 weeks ago today, a beautiful boy named Maverick. My daughter a 2nd grade teacher at our city’s most difficult inner-city school has epilipsy, lost a child two years ago via a miscarriage and, had a difficult pregnancy this time.

    I should be celebrating, which I do, but, at night and sometimes during the day, I get repeated “crying jags”, which are very disturbing, especially in light of all the good in my life.

    Like you, times are good (business is very difficult, but, I get through it). It’s refreshing, as a quasi-mentor to me from afar, that you posted this article about the current struggles. (including, if I’m not mistaken “S” thoughts that I saw in another article.

    You book goes near me each night after referencing a few pages. My question: Are these “down cycles” normal? Do they pass? I’ve tried therapy about a year ago for the first time, it wasn’t for me.

    A doctor prescribed a mild medication, but, I didn’t “feel right”. Indeed, you book is an awesome tool, but, will these feelings be with me the rest of my life?

    It’s supposed to be a festive season, but, sometimes, inside, I’m struggling like hell.

    Thanks for what you do. Its real.


    1. First and foremost, thank you, Dan, for sharing here. Know that I am sending prayers your way and holding you in healing light.

      Right now, nothing is more important than your well-being. I am so proud of you for reading the book and doing the work. As you continue showing up, you may receive guidance, through your spiritual practice that leads you to someone who can help you process your unhealed feelings. For example, you might be led to an EMDR specialist, EFT practitioner, or support group with people you can lean on. I am a strong believer that God works through people.

      As you’ve read, I’ve learned firsthand that serious depression and thoughts of suicide are nothing to dismiss. If you ever need to speak to someone immediately, I recommend calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It’s free and open 24/7. You can also chat online at

      If you have any other questions or need any more support or resources, please don’t hesitate to email my team at We read and answer every single email.

      Sending you prayers and healing light.

  85. Brave and inspirational. Full of love, gratitude, self-embracement, trust…
    Thank you very much. Perfect words came at the perfect time.

  86. Thanks for sharing Gabby! It is helpful to read about your experience. My son is 7 months old and I’m so in love! I’m feeling more and more like myself each day. You are inspiring.

  87. Hey Gabby, Thank you for your awesomeness, I’ve been sober 10 years and trying to have a child for three, do you think you can talk about, what the turning point was for you? There has been up and downs some days, I’m in complete alignment and know I’m not ready and other days I feel like giving up, did you ever give up? some people say thats when they got pregnant when they stopped caring or did you try even harder? My husband and I just closed our business to move across the country to follow what feels like divine guidance to be ready for our child, any insight would help. try harder or let go….

  88. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! You are a gem and a great inspiration to this universe. I hope that god blesses you every day and for the new year of 2020 with more adventure, more love, more awakening to share with all of us. You Gabby have made a difference in my world and I’m sure on the entire world … I tell everyone about you books and how your my favorite author. Your writing, mantras, and positive mind shifts have made a huge difference in my life and I’m blessed and grateful for you. Wishing you and your family a happy new year and merry Christmas!


  89. Hi Gabby,
    I want to thank you with all my heart for sharing your journey and being real.
    This is one of the reasons that I fell in love with you & your message. You are speaking your truth . I work in the area of Mental Health and there’s lots of work to do. We are slowly opening the roads to having a discussion about mental health and when you share your journey it brings hope & love that we are not alone. and it’s okay reach out
    I loved seeing you in Toronto and I am consciously being a Super Attractor.
    Thank you very much for all you do. I wish you, beautiful boy Oliver and your husband lots of love & peace for 2020.
    Huge admiration & love
    Brenda Holder

  90. This is beautiful, Gabby. Welcome to motherhood. I recently became a mother, too and suffered PPD. I can relate to your path and I appreciate you.

      1. Gabby-
        Your story is beautiful and very similar to mine. I tried for years to get pregnant. I started practicing kundalini yoga in 1992 , learned to breathe and then had a beautiful baby boy in 1993. The next pregnancy was not what I had planned as I had a miscarriage at 20 months. My mind and soul were wrecked and my ego blamed me. But I looked at my 2 year old boy and turned my mind to gratitude instead for having him in my live and I choose the believe that the universe had other plans for the baby that I lost. And 2 years later I gave birth to another baby boy that was destined to live with me in this lifetime.
        I love your books and they help guide me daily.
        Love and joy
        Monica Graves

        1. Thank you for sharing your miracle story, Monica. I’m so glad the books are serving you! Sending many blessings to you and your family!

  91. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with PPD. I too was diagnosed with it and feel that it is exactly what I needed. I needed to let go and ask for help and not try to control and hold on to everything. By accepting my need for help I was able to really let go and trust.
    Thank you for sharing. You have such a beautiful way if expressing it and I thank you. The stigma about PPD and taking medication needs to go away.

  92. “Give yourself the chance to celebrate the tough stuff as the catalyst for your growth.”

    I’ve had one heck of a decade Gabby! I recently wrote my timeline down. I can see how reframing my tough stuff has been a catalyst for my growth. I am stronger. I am more open. I am more grounded. And I am able to help others in a new way.

    Thank you for sharing your story and insight with the world! I appreciate you.


  93. YES! Thank you for being so open, I love you courage. I’ve had mental health difficulties since my first major awakening back in 2001, mostly because there were no role models for what I was going through. Now with people like you in the spotlight you are encouraging us all to speak our truth, living and leading with light and truth! THANK YOU ! <3

    1. You’re welcome Kirsten. So glad you connected with this post when you needed it most. Sending you so much love and light. xo

  94. Thank you for such a beautiful blog and for all the very helpful inspiration this past year. Looking forward to reading Super Attractor over the Christmas break. Happy First Birthday to Oliver! xx

  95. Oh Gabby what a truly beautiful story. ❤️… I love the name “Reborn”. No matter our age I think the challenges we come across & face in our lives, forever learning from our past as a new journey begins we are reborn. My challenge for 2019… I was diagnosed with cancer… but this moment in time I’ve kicked it’s butt. hence I’ve been reborn, hence me finding the courage to write a book, which is all about women who gone through some sort of trauma & survived, everything from head to toe, various cancers, heart,thyroid,depression,anxiety,fertility,menopause, loss etc.etc, This will all be done in poetry with beautiful illustrations. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but the trust of the universe do I I will. I would of loved to of joined your book writing course, unfortunately due to lack of funds & living in the Uk, unable to attend workshops. I would love to include you in my book regarding your Birth story, but only with your permission. Sending you Love & Light

    1. Congratulations, Barbara, on overcoming cancer. Sending you prayers and healing light. May 2020 be full of inspiration and blessings for you! xo

  96. Thank you for your honesty. This was me in 2013 after the birth of my second child. I blocked it out on the birth of my first child and was grateful to learn from the journey with my third child! My child birthing days are over now but who knew it would resurface on rescueing a dog!
    With love and blessing Gabby May your journey with you baby open many new doors as my children have done for me

  97. wow Gabby. thank you for sharing, I found it incredibly powerful… I am embarking on a new journey and have been learning to surrender, it’s tough but I know when I surrender the best happens but sometimes its difficult to get the head/heart connection aligned! Welcome any top tips! I look forward to when you come to the UK again… I gained so much from seeing you here last year! Happy Birthday to Oliver! x

  98. thankyou so much Gabby…2019 wasnt easy for me either.
    Realky appreciate your openness abt your mental health and your surrender around that.
    Here’s to 2020 xxx

  99. Gabby, you are an inspiration! Your courage to share your recovery from addictions and now your experience and recovery from post-partum depression has and will continue to help so many people. Shining a light on mental health issues will also reduce the stigma attached to it and encourage us to be more compassionate to both ourselves and others when it occurs.

    I am so thrilled for you that your much longed for son has manifested in your life. I was in the audience at your Judgment Detox book promotion event in London when you shared the wonderful news of your pregnancy ❤️ It was a special moment, particularly having followed your journey over many years and knowing what it meant to you.

    I very much look forward to seeing you again if/when your Super Attractor book tour comes to London.

    Much love

    1. Thank you, Nicola. I’m so grateful that you’ve been a part of the journey for many years and that my message has served you. Sending you much love and light in 2020!

  100. Thank you for these incredibly encouraging and inspiring words, Gabby, and for sharing them so generously with us all. So many divine insights in one letter – I am truly grateful.
    God bless you and your little family.
    With love,

  101. Thank you Gabby for sharing such an amazing and personal story. I also had post partum depression and I really struggled because no one around me was willing to be honest. I could see the tired faces and tear filled eyes of my fellow Mommy friends but they wouldn’t open up. There was this shameful feeling attached to being “human.” Of being tired and sore all the time. I finally starting reading about “the real Mommy” experience and felt validated! It’s ok to be sad, tired and overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing

  102. This is so beautiful Gabby! It resonates so much with me and made me so emotional. Thank you for showing up in this whopper of a year 2019 for me and helping me on my path. “Cracked open” is bang on alright! I’m so grateful for you and what you brought along. And yes, I’m ready to welcome 2020 reborn and ready to receive miracles!

  103. Thank you Gabby. This is a poignant message for me as I have gone through an incredibly hard year with health challenges with my own baby boy, marital problems, severe financial hardship and a family suicide. It has been a true test and I have definitely surrendered. In fact, surrender was my theme for the year after I thought last year was hard! Your words are beautiful and have touched my heart, reminding me of what I know – that soul knows best. Thank you for your grace and my thoughts are with you also.

  104. Thank you for sharing Gabby – it’s true what Dr Shefali Tsabary texted you, “Your child is your new guru”.
    If you haven’t heard of Dr Oscar Serralach, I think you would love his work – he recently wrote a book, “The Postnatal Depletion Cure”, and his insights are helpful as well as practical. I think Gwyneth Paltrow wrote a testimonial in his book too.

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