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I am a recovering codependent. One of the greatest tools for my recovery in this area is to pay attention to the romance throughout my life. Rather than place all of my romantic needs and desires onto one partner I’ve learned to recognize romantic sparks in my friendships, my work, my physical activities and more. By choosing to seek romance in all corners of life I’ve let my romantic partners off the hook and I’ve created equality in my relationships. This vlog will guide you to do the same. Begin to ignite romantic sparks and inspiration in all areas of your life!

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  1. Gabby :D!!!

    This is proof that my ~ing is guiding me! The newsletter featuring this vlog was STILL in my inbox from August. And boy did I need to hear this at exactly this moment in time.

    Love you so much!

  2. You can have romance with a mechanical devise if it is your passion…mine is a Yamaha V-Star 1100 named SusieQ we have been in a relationship for 2 months now and it is looking like a lifemate LOL! Had to comment loved your video, people don’t realize that they can have romance with all that is around them . A-lone-ness is an illusion ()’s Leslie

  3. Love this!! If you put it that way I have romance in every area of my life already then and I’m currently single! haha Thanks for the reminder and different perspective.


  4. Thought it was an insightful observation that making one person resposible for holding all the space for your love can be a lot of pressure and suck for them! LOL
    Such high expectations to live up to, ahhh…… the pressure.I know people that live to please ea. other. I hope they get to see this vlog and become enlightened to the possibilities of……share the love…. spread the love, lighten up, I totaly agree!
    Thanks for the Beautiful insight:) Cheers, Karina

  5. Recently, I heard a stand-up comedian talk about the “Disney Princesses” and the whole “Some day my prince will come” story line. Paraphrasing, his comedic approach was: “What were these women doing all of this time while they were waiting for their prince? The princes were struggling to get to them, fighting wars, gallantly riding around on their white horses, and these women just sat around singing and eating Bon Bons, just waiting….” I totally got what this comedian was saying. What a detrimental message to send to young girls! Recently divorced and rediscovering and honoring my unique qualities again after 18 years, I find fulfillment within the relationships I have with the women and men I come in contact with everyday at my job and in my everyday life. The other night I sat up in bed and remembered: “I used to play the piano!” I have a definite romance with the piano about to take off….again.

  6. This is such a great way to look at romance.
    I’ve always focused on self-love as my approach to fulfilling my need from within instead of outside myself. But the idea of romance is so much juicier.
    I’m single right now but after listening to this I’m thrilled to discover how much romance I already have.
    Thank you!

  7. Gabby,
    I listened to your vlog and I am so reminded of all the beauty and love around me. thanks for this. the 2 fur faces in my life remind me of the love I have for life and the desire to live a beautifully connected and loving life. Going to the NY Latino film festival tonight! xoxo Cyndie

  8. Let your significant partner off the hook! Let everyone off the hook. I’m recovering from co-dependance and this vlog today hit the spot. Thanks so much

  9. I used to know this! I used to really know this! Thank you for bringing it up and back again, my great, sweet messenger. Just the “let go” I needed.

  10. As always It’s wonderful to see that Genuine smile on Gabby’s face,and You get contageous by her:)!

  11. Beautiful, Gabby!!!! Funny, I recently had a dream about my codependent past. I feel so blessed to be liberated from those relationships. There is so much beauty and love to be experienced in all aspects of life: alone, in nature, with friends, with family, with our partners. I feel so blessed and grateful that you shared your experience!

  12. This is great!! I strive to feel the love in all facets of my life. Thanks for the reminder of equality!

  13. Great vlog. I will be using this in reverse. I’ve got crazy romantic sparks in the relationship with my boyfriend, but lacking in the girl friendship department. I’ve met 2 amazing women on HerFuture with whom I speak with often, but I’m hoping to find female friends in my area to hang out with and have fun with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Gabrielle,
    It’s Guy, remember me? I saw you speak with Sean at Get Your “Stuff” Together. Just letting you know I like your videos. Talk to you soon.
    Guy DeMarco

  15. Wow!!! That was so beautifully put Gabby! Thank you for that! I believe that women get caught up in “romance” and allow it to govern heir lives… We are taught this as young girls, right? How often where we all told that when we grow up we will meet the man of our dreams and all our needs will be met? Just look at all the Disney movies, I love them, yes, BUT they do glamorize that when you met that romantic partner you are complete. Such CRAP! And I agree that it is totally unfair to place these expectations on another human being!
    I love the idea of funding romance everywhere! I know that BIG love can be felt with the romance of “Sister Love”, with your girlfriends :). Also with nature, yourSELF, your body & energy, art, MUSIC… ect…
    Thank you for this awareness today, I am feeling very romantic now :). Falling in love with ME!

  16. Gabby! Thanks so much for this message today! I broke it off with my bf on Friday for the last time, and it’s been a little difficult. I am trying to fall in love with every area in my life, and spend more time with gf’s. I haven’t really made a whole lot of gf’s since I have been use to putting all my love into one person. So, it’s time for me to start living truly wise and allow myself to love fully. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  17. why is it that you know exactly what to talk about each Monday?!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ this is exactly how I have always felt, but sometimes you forget that, and this weekend I was telling my self the same thing…. Romance my own Love with my self….and not focus on that one MAN~ thank you Gabby ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hi!
    I just found your website and like it a lot:) already got tons of inspiration! Are you coming to europe any time soon?

  19. Love “finding the fiery romantic spark in all connections: girlfriends/friends, laughter, a creative project, a solitary walk on the beach…” Totally shifts life into this full, huge, magnificent juicy romance where it takes the pressure off of people/things… and in essence, brings it all home. Yummy. Thanks for the weekly love, Gabby!

  20. Thanks Gabby! I really needed this video right now at this time in my life. I have been single for about six months now and it has really been a healing experience. I have grown so much self love and have really gotten to know the real me again. This video just sent me that little reminder of my biggest mistake in relationships. I have trouble not putting my significant other on a pedestal and in turn losing my self. Always love your posts! Have a great week!

  21. The really cool thing is that once you get romantic with your yoga mat, your friend and/or your job (still working on that one), dating gets to be MUCH more fun.

  22. I love love love this and I want to share it with every woman here on the island because here in Jamaica, it is only now that we have started to wake up from the idea that our romantic partner can provide everything for us and this is exactly why I wrote 101 Ways To Make Love To Yourself for my fellow Jamaican women to help us all get over that and to starting looking to ourselves for that love / romance. Awesomeness Gabby!!!! <3

  23. Such an important message Gabby!
    Until we feel whole within ourselves, our romantic relationship cannot be balanced and truly nurturing. I am on a journey back to myself, figuring out what my true soul desires are and I am learning ways to make myself happy without waiting someone else to do it for me. One of the ways I discovered is going to a women-only Qoya movement class.
    Those of you in NYC you might want to check out Rochelle’s classes – last night I experienced true romance with myself – totally enjoying the movement of my body, re-connecting with long lost parts of myself. It was truly delicious. For class schedule and more inspiration check out her website:

  24. My daughter, Lynne, and i attended your Kripalu weekend last month and we were very inspired by your commitment to discovering love in oh so many different places and experiences. This video is very, very powerful. Thank you for sharng…

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