My First Reading from The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck!

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I am PUMPED to give you the first-ever reading from The Universe Has Your Back card deck!

I’m sharing a reading I did on Facebook Live recently, and I know you’ll love it.

While I did this reading in the past, the Universe has brought you here now because the message will resonate with you today. Trust the guidance. 🙂

Watch the video below (make sure to turn the audio on!), or you can keep reading!

As you may know, the card deck is filled with prayers and affirmations from my book The Universe Has Your Back. All the art was designed by my best friend, Micaela Ezra. She created the art with so much joy and love and enthusiasm. This deck is so beautiful it will blow you away!

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I start this reading by setting an intention for us. You can do this when you give yourself readings, too. You can set any intention you want. You might simply draw a single card to provide guidance for your day. Or maybe you choose a couple of cards and intend for one to speak to your career and one to your relationship. The energy of your intention informs your reading.

Here I decide to draw three cards: the first card is for what we need to heal from the past, the second is for what we need to work on in the present and the third represents the world we want to step into in the future.

Here are the cards I drew in this live reading…

Card 1: Representing our past experiences
I am the dreamer of my dream

We can take ownership of the dream we’ve been dreaming. We can take ownership of the world we’ve been perceiving and the co-creation of the life we perceive to be ours. From a past-experience perspective, we can choose now to dream a different dream. We can choose a dream that is more loving, more peaceful, more compassionate and more aligned!

You can choose to look at your past and keep the parts of your dream that serve you and the parts you want to change, and you can choose again now. Our life isn’t what we see, but what we perceive.

Card 2: Representing the present moment
Attack, pain, fear, judgment and any form of separation are merely calls for help.

In the present moment we can look at the judgmental thoughts we’re having and the attack thoughts we’re having. We can also look at the attacks we feel are coming at us from others. And we can realize that attack is a call for love.

If someone is attacking or judging you, you can remember that someone who attacks is wounded and is projecting their pain outward instead of turning inward.

We can begin to see through the lens of compassion.

If you’ve been judgmental in your own life, attacking others with your thoughts and words, you can choose to become more conscious of how your attack thoughts are a call for love in your own life.

Let’s take a close look at that.

Card 3: Representing what we want to be, step into and create in the future
Joy is the ultimate creator

What an awesome reading! Joy is the ultimate creator.

This card represents the world we want to step into. I always say I measure my success by how much fun I’m having, and this card speaks to that. We want to create a world of love, one filled with joy, connection and oneness. (For manifesting guidance, check out my free manifesting meditations!)

So there you have it. I hope this reading served you, and get ready for more card deck readings to come. If you want to see some of the Q&A in my live reading, watch the video above!

Now … I want to hear from you! Comment below answering one of these questions, or just say whatever you want. 🙂

How does this reading resonate with you?

Have you done your own readings? What has come up?

Is there a particular card that keeps coming up for you?

Is there a card that has really stuck with you?

Where do you keep your deck?

How does your deck fit into your spiritual practice?

I want to hear it all, my friends!

Comment below and tell me your experiences with the deck. (If you don’t have a deck yet, you can grab yours here!)

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