My First Reading from The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck!

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I am PUMPED to give you the first-ever reading from The Universe Has Your Back card deck!

I’m sharing a reading I did on Facebook Live recently, and I know you’ll love it.

While I did this reading in the past, the Universe has brought you here now because the message will resonate with you today. Trust the guidance. 🙂

Watch the video below (make sure to turn the audio on!), or you can keep reading!

As you may know, the card deck is filled with prayers and affirmations from my book The Universe Has Your Back. All the art was designed by my best friend, Micaela Ezra. She created the art with so much joy and love and enthusiasm. This deck is so beautiful it will blow you away!

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I start this reading by setting an intention for us. You can do this when you give yourself readings, too. You can set any intention you want. You might simply draw a single card to provide guidance for your day. Or maybe you choose a couple of cards and intend for one to speak to your career and one to your relationship. The energy of your intention informs your reading.

Here I decide to draw three cards: the first card is for what we need to heal from the past, the second is for what we need to work on in the present and the third represents the world we want to step into in the future.

Here are the cards I drew in this live reading…

Card 1: Representing our past experiences
I am the dreamer of my dream

We can take ownership of the dream we’ve been dreaming. We can take ownership of the world we’ve been perceiving and the co-creation of the life we perceive to be ours. From a past-experience perspective, we can choose now to dream a different dream. We can choose a dream that is more loving, more peaceful, more compassionate and more aligned!

You can choose to look at your past and keep the parts of your dream that serve you and the parts you want to change, and you can choose again now. Our life isn’t what we see, but what we perceive.

Card 2: Representing the present moment
Attack, pain, fear, judgment and any form of separation are merely calls for help.

In the present moment we can look at the judgmental thoughts we’re having and the attack thoughts we’re having. We can also look at the attacks we feel are coming at us from others. And we can realize that attack is a call for love.

If someone is attacking or judging you, you can remember that someone who attacks is wounded and is projecting their pain outward instead of turning inward.

We can begin to see through the lens of compassion.

If you’ve been judgmental in your own life, attacking others with your thoughts and words, you can choose to become more conscious of how your attack thoughts are a call for love in your own life.

Let’s take a close look at that.

Card 3: Representing what we want to be, step into and create in the future
Joy is the ultimate creator

What an awesome reading! Joy is the ultimate creator.

This card represents the world we want to step into. I always say I measure my success by how much fun I’m having, and this card speaks to that. We want to create a world of love, one filled with joy, connection and oneness. (For manifesting guidance, check out my free manifesting meditations!)

So there you have it. I hope this reading served you, and get ready for more card deck readings to come. If you want to see some of the Q&A in my live reading, watch the video above!

Now … I want to hear from you! Comment below answering one of these questions, or just say whatever you want. 🙂

How does this reading resonate with you?

Have you done your own readings? What has come up?

Is there a particular card that keeps coming up for you?

Is there a card that has really stuck with you?

Where do you keep your deck?

How does your deck fit into your spiritual practice?

I want to hear it all, my friends!

Comment below and tell me your experiences with the deck. (If you don’t have a deck yet, you can grab yours here!)

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    1. Hi Yash, The card deck is designed so that you can pull a card for yourself anytime you need spiritual guidance. I suggest shuffling/mixing up the cards as you say a prayer such as, “Guidance of the highest truth and compassion, please show me what I need to know.” Then flip your card for your message.
      You can use the cards in any way you are called, for example you could pull one for your theme of the day or week or month. I did a reading that you can also try here: (edited)
      I hope this helps!

  1. Wow, Gabby! That really spoke to me as I been in a situation where my brother’s partner hit my nerves and I had to find a way to not be so judgemental she had a go at me I kept quiet no jump into attack mode but it left me feeling sad. I meditate on my dreams and goals, I want to do in 2018 I want to be a coach like you Gabby you inspire me. Each card definitely related to my situation right now. Thanks, Gabby. xxx

  2. Gabby, I just felt such a strong call to leave you a comment here. I have fallen in love with your deck for awhile now. A a couple of weeks ago, I asked a friend who lives in the States if she could order the deck from Amazon and bring it home to Indonesia where I live. She ended up gifting you card for me! I was in tears from so much gratitude of her kind heart. She said it is a little gift for all I’ve the work I’ve been doing to support single moms in my country (I started the first support group for single Mamas here 3 years ago).

    I finally got your deck yesterday. I am so new to all this and never own a deck before. This morning after I meditated I pulled one card. Then I smudge the deck with white sage a couple of hours later. Then I shuffled. A card pop out. It was the same card I got from earlier! It is the “When I Lean Toward Love, I am Led” and I got chills. How amazing is that?

    Sending you much love and blessings all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia ❤️

  3. Wow!!! Just watching this tonight and this reading is reflecting exactly what is happening in my life right now!
    The Universe really does have my back. The cards are gorgeous by the way. I will definitely be getting a set.
    Thank you for enlightening me and articulating what I have been thinking/feeling.

  4. So this is interesting to me because the email with this card reading had been in my inbox for a few week. Something told me to open it today and it is so spot on for what I am currently dealing with. Especially the attack point. I’ve been a little on the attack with my partner because what I really need is attention and love right now as I transition into a new phase in my life. Instead of expressing that I have just been nitpicking and mean.

  5. Gabby, thank you so much for this!. I usually read your blogs as soon as they hit my inbox but I didn’t with this one; I think the universe knew I needed to keep it until today! I’m just about to post my honest blog, so your cards were perfect! I’m a an author, blogger and ADHD mama! I inspire ADHD parents to see that ADHD is just a different way to be; a gift that just needs unwrapping. My one mission for them is to fear less, and love more. I wrote a book about our journey and it was published this year. It was a very dark journey for me and I struggled to write the book as we had such a tough time after our daughter was diagnosed. When I look back now, I see that I wasn’t just living in fear, I was swimming in it. I started a very spiritual path this year and I found you on instagram a few months ago. I immediately signed up to do your spirit junkie master class and finished it a few weeks ago! To say it changed my life is an understatement! I’m currently writing workshops which will be delivered in a ‘sister circle’ environment. I’m working on meditations for children and I’m also writing my second book for mamas. This next book will be full of love and my intention is to set them free from fear and to live a life through the lens of love. Gabby, thank you. You came into my life at just the right time and through your work, I can reach so many mums and help them with their children to find that connection again. I’ve just finished the universe has your back, currently reading ‘may cause miracles’! Thank you for guiding me. Yesterday I did a powerful mediation with some incredible crystals, I asked spirit to guide me and to show me what I need to do next! What I saw in my meditation was amazing, so with one foot in front of the other; I will do what I’m being called to do. Thank you for helping me to ‘wake up’ and see that I’m part of something f**king unstoppable! I now that I’m not alone, I’m being guided everyday through God and my guides and it truly is amazing!
    Susy xox

    1. Susy thank you SO MUCH for this amazing comment! I am so happy that the Spirit Junkie Masterclass served you so well and I’m thrilled to hear about the beautiful work you are doing. Changing the way we see ADHD is so important and will help so many folks, including your daughter. I love that you are sharing meditation with kids! It’s such a beautiful tool to share with children from a young age. Much love to you, sister. xoxo

  6. Just received my card deck! So excited. Pulled my first card: Through prayer and meditation I create a ripple effect of peace in the world.
    Thank you for creating this card deck!

  7. Thank you very much Gabby for the reading, and the book. I had no idea the deck existed, I will be buying it soon! I met you a year ago at the last Hay House ‘I Can Do It” convention when I bought your book The Universe Has Your Back. You have been a true inspiration and blessing to my life! Sincerely, thank you for what you do

  8. A lovely way to do a reading. I ordered your cards and pull a reading every morning from your deck and from Kris Carr’s. You would be amazed by the alignment. Great way to start the day; a pause to set an intention.

  9. I am really enjoying working with the cards. This is my first time using any type of cards. It has been a couple of weeks now and I have pulled or chosen “Energy flows where my Intention goes” at least seven or eight times! I think I know which message I need to focus on. I have all your books. Just so you know Gabby I am 55 with a young heart and your messages ring so true for me. Thank you for sharing you light with all of us. I pick my three cards each morning and then refer back to my book for more information. Then I meditate. I am still new to meditation but really am enjoying the calm it brings to my life.
    Love you! Thanks again, Kylie

    1. Kylie, thank you for your beautiful message. That is a gorgeous practice and I’m so happy to hear that the book and deck serve you!

  10. Hi Gabby
    My name is Kathryn and I live in Perth Western Australia. I have your book “The Universe has your back” and also your card deck. I love both of them and all the
    beautiful words of wisdom you share so freely. I am having a difficult year with a family member and I have been working hard, with your help, to grow spiritually. I will be visiting New York in March 2018 and would love to attend one of your live seminars.
    Love and Blessings

  11. Hey Gabby
    I looked & read the cards. Card 2 & 3 I really realated too. Especially the with attack pain & fear. I’m reducing of a Methadone down to 5mls at the moment. I’m in recovery but still feel lost. I’m want what’s on offer especially from card 3 JOY. Just don’t how to love myself enough to get joy. Xx

    1. Vicki, I am so proud of you for being in recovery. All you have to do is be willing to love yourself. The slightest willingness sends an unmistakable message to the Universe, and divine energy will support you on your path to recovery. Be sure to read my blog next week — I think it will serve you greatly. You might also find these ones resonate with you. Sending you love and light.

      1. How to trust in the healing path
      2. How to be compassionate toward yourself
      3. How to heal an addiction (this includes a beautiful Kundalini meditation for healing addiction)

  12. Joy is the ultimate creator! This is probably my favorite one for this moment. It’s a lovely reminder to lovingly own my experiences and empowers me to see that I co-create the kind of world I live in. Thank you for your guidance and this gorgeous deck!

  13. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve bought your carddeck at the Spirit Business Event a few weeks ago. I really love them, as they are so gentle en bright. Did a card reading simultaniously with yours. Ready to take action towards more meditation, with help from your app. Thank you for sharing your story on the Event in Bussum.
    Wishing you the best and keep up your great work,
    Love a big hug and a dance of joy,

  14. What a beautiful reading, Gabby! It completely applied to my present moment and gave me a new perspective. It was really enlightening! Thanks a lot!

  15. Hello, Gabby, it`s always a pleasure to read your messages. What a nice birthday present which offers wonderful cards- The last card of joy touch really my heard and does mirror my character very well. Nice cards. Ilona

  16. Hi Gabby, Funny thing, I just started listening to your audio book this morning, even though I’ve had it for a while. So thank you for showing up and giving me a great card reading today! Not a coincidence at all, right? Thanks again, Maggie

  17. I love the work that you are doing for humanity. God bless your life. I bought your book, The Universe Has Your Back for my daughter who is really struggling in life. I bought your card deck for me and my husband. We pull a card every day after our Centering Prayer and meditation time in the morning, to set a specific intention/affirmation for our day. There are a lot of people we know in our neighborhood and in the world who are calling out for love.

  18. I just bought the deck for my best friend, whose mother died recently– I felt her need for some daily support and some soul power affirmations! When she opened the deck we each read a card and it was wonderful! I’m going to get the deck for myself now, too! Thank you, Gabby! xo

  19. These cards are amazingly beautiful! I’m on Amazon now. Totally going to be an xmas gift for others and bday present for myself. Ps. You are enough and beautiful, Gabby <3

  20. The cards are so beautiful….the colors, textures and saying. I love the messages and try to pull a card every day as part of my daily ritual! Thank you for wonderful deck. Hugs

  21. Hi, Gabby, if you care to read this,…I planned today to write to you, more exactly to your very good support stuff. So I don,t write here much about the deck cards. Yes, the three drawn Cards are very good. The first, – yes to realize that we are able to Change thoughtpatterns,
    dreams,…wonderful, verzaubern – enchant, how Jayc Jay, an interesting women from Stuttgart,
    Germany, calls it,- I just discovered her work. But one must be ready for it, to understand it,
    to do it, to believe it,…..and we have to work on it,- and you Gabby are doing a lot to make this happen,…….
    The second Card, very clear,- helps to understand difficult People better, or see it when doing
    it myself. I know one man here in Graz, Austria, who was very much trying to intrude into my
    ways of live from his Point of view (although he understands hardly anything whats it about,..)
    so I coined the term “Hubert-Syndrom” for this kind of behaviour. Maybe Psychologie will pick
    up this term,…
    And the third Card, I love, I love so much, Joy, Love, this brings out the Bhakti side in me, merging with the highest Light, Love, Joy,….yeah, and as Long we are here in materiell form,
    let’s bring as much as possible of it down here to earth,…
    What I wanted to write about actually is that I will not buy the Card deck now, but very likely some time later! I am working just with “May cause Miracles”, and I wanted to tell your Support stuff that I wish to send some big kisses to Gabby with my whole being. The book Shows me a
    lot, a lot, a lot! Really! I cannot write much about it now, would take to much space and time.
    But great work, for me at least!!!!! And I just start “Spirit-Junkie” to read. And I like it already,
    from the first pages,….”Universe has your back” I have already on the book-shelf, but it will take
    some time before I can read it. Step by Step,…I am busy also with other things,…and after
    “May cause miracles” I plan to work through “mirror-work” from lousie Hay, I feel that will be
    good for me and after that I will repeat “May caus Miracles” and so on and so on,….
    I registered also for the SpiritJunkieMasterclass next year , so I hope we will talk there on the phone, maybe and I feel we should and will meet sooner or later in Person.
    I am almost 60 years old, but I look a half year younger,….just joking,..I am still a worm on the
    earth (having just a few cents in my pocket at the moment, for example) and cannot move or develop much but i know there is
    something more in me, a lot more,….just dreaming,…and you are someone who is openening
    up something in me,…(I was reading almost all spirituell books in the world, did meditate and so on) but I realize your work is important for me!
    Thank you and

    1. Heinz, thank you so much for sharing. I honor you for walking down this path. The journey you will take as you turn inward will be as exhilarating as any outdoor adventure. Commit to your practice and expect miracles. They are coming.

  22. What an amazing reading! These cards apply to my life so accurate right now. Exactly what I want for myself!
    I bought the deck a couple of weeks ago when you were in Holland and I love it. I keep it next to my computer so I can draw a card any time I feel like it. Love to start adding an intention to it like you recommend. It really helps me through a difficult time, to make the choices I know I need to make. Every card confirms it, every text I read tells me the same. It does feel like the universe has my back right now. And that is an awesome feeling! Love it, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Love Suzanne

  23. Hi Gabby … Loving the deck!!!
    Over the weekend I held a yoga workshop, the students took three cards each. Past, Present & Future, thank you for your divine inspiration, they LOVED it, kept it there throughout the practice, so it acted as a Dhristi for them.
    Sat Nam xox

  24. hey gabby,

    just received the card deck here in vienna, it is beautiful! thank you so much for being the inspiration that you are. i found your books in a moment when i really was in need for them. in my 36th day of “may cause miracles”! looking forward to what will happen <3

    love from austria

  25. Omg I LOVE YOU ❤️. I have made the ultimate change from closing my 20+ year practice to teach in a way spirit asked me to teach. After being 100% bedridden I created a wellnesss practice and Festival. It is not going as smoothly and easily as I have wanted. Every card you pulled has felt like you were talking to me. Although the present card for me was that I was judging where I am supposed to be along with fear. That card is allowing me to know I need to move past it because if I do Joy will come. As of this morning I was going to give up to do what comes easily. This reading has allowed me to move forward to my life’s work. Thank you again Gabby.

  26. Have never owned a card deck or done my own reading. After I finish Spirit Junkie, I plan to the the Miracles Now book and deck.

  27. Hi This was an amazing reading. Just yesterday I had a verbal assault from a person and I was feeling baffled and low. The future card gives me hope and joy! Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you experienced that. And I’m so happy you turned to Spirit for guidance and support. You are loved. xo

  28. I ordered this deck as soon as it became available and after my morning mediation every day I select a card and it becomes my mantra for the day. When I saw this email I immediately felt that you were going to select the card that I selected this morning. Guess what, you did! My card for today is “Joy is the Ultimate Creator.” Thank you for your guidance and always having my back. You have inspired me to completely change my story.

  29. “Joy is the Ultimate Creator” speaks to me deeply. I find myself beginning again and designing myself and my life with joy, love, compassion, play, abundance and the Universe having my back is a first. It’s actually very exciting. Every time I want to think bad things are happening, judge and/or attack myself or others I listen to you or hear you Gabby (ACIM) reminding me it’s fear. This helps me breathe, turn to love, offer a prayer of surrender and trust the Universe. At 53 I’m finally beginning to trust the Universe and experience it having my back, loving and supporting me always. All this time life felt very lonely and scary. I look forward to designing my life built on love, support, joy and in collaboration with the Universe. TY for your work, your light, your example and your realness!!!

  30. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for doing this reading. It really spoke to me. It has so much meaning for me and was truly a great reading to start off my Monday!! I have been dealing with people very close to me that are always in the present attacking and judging. I get so drained from it but this is given me a great perspective to help these people not drain my energy. I have to admit I also come from that place sometimes and it points out to me that I too am looking for help, love a connection. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading and you have given me so much more peace in my life than I have ever had!! Have a Blessed day and week.

  31. Awesome DECK! I bought extra to give to friends. These are resonating with everyone I show them to!!! So exciting to have a daily practice with these inspirational words!!! Thank you for these beautiful pieces of art!

  32. I love the card deck so MUCH!!!!! These cards resonate and they set up good vibes for the day and the week. I deeply resonate with the first card since I am a student of ACIM and I own that my perception creates my reality. I create my dream and I am responsible for what I see.

    I have been seeing the second card in my own card readings. I think this card helps me see the world through love. I feel their are so many opportunities now to heal from the separation we can constantly be tempted to perceive. I choose to see love and oneness so releasing attack and judgement are HUGE!

    And third card just solidifies the good vibes!! Once you clear up your perception, release attack, and choose to be happy; you are JOYFUL!! Joy brings so many blessings into my life and it is what I want my focus to be. I don’t always succeed but it is great to have pretty reminders, like this card.

    Just posting this, realigns my energy and set me up for a GREAT week! Thank you!

  33. Hi Gabby, thanks for doing this reading. I wish I could come to the deck launch but I’ll be out of town for my childhood best friend’s wake and memorial. I’m sure she’s sending messages so I’m going to order the deck now to try to get whatever messages she’s sending through! xo

  34. Thank you for the reading . This was also the first thing I read when I got up. I had pre ordered the cards and was so excited when they arrived in the mail . I have to admit I have not used them yet as I was not sure exactly how to do a reading . However seeing you do a reading helped. The cards you picked totally resonates with me . It has been a challenging year with a lot of unsettledmess . Trying to decide what will make me happy in my career and maybe doing my own business. Thank you for lifting me . Do you ever come to Canada?

  35. Oh Gabby!!! I love YOU. Wow, this was just what I needed to reinforce my morning meditation. I also love love love your meditations and use them all the time. You have NO idea how much you mean to me and how often YOUR light has given me permission to come out a dark place and begin/choose again. I am so honored to be a spirit junkie but more than than so honored that God sent you in my path when I needed it most. Today, I am grateful that all of my needs are met, that I can dream, that I can allow, and that YOU said YES again today!!


  36. Good morning Gab and friends! I love these cards; they are so beautiful. I meditate every morning with some incense, candles, and my meditation pillow. After the meditation, when I feel clear, I ask the cards for guidance in a general sense. Every time I have chosen, I have received a message to surrender – usually the same beautiful card with the dandelion. I just began my spiritual practice a few months ago and am going through a breakup, so this is very appropriate for me. At times I feel my ego shutting down my spiritual practice and calling it naive, or blocking me from receiving its energy. Surrender is the only key! I love these Gab and Micaela. Thank you. I’ve also been using Colette’s Wisdom of the Oracle cards. They are so beautiful, as well. xoxo

  37. Thank you so much for this card reading! Your email and your video are the first thing that I looked this morning ! I really love the messages of the card reading today because they deeply resonate with me and the card deck is soooo beautiful and meaningful to guide us with the help of the Universe, it is such a nice way to start the day ! I will buy it right now and listen to your free manifestation meditations. Thank you !! ✨✨✨✨

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