The Secret to Finding Your Purpose

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Note: Updated June 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

In my lectures and workshops I often hear people say that they donโ€™t know what their purpose is.

They feel confused and disconnected from the world.

They spend their days in jobs that don’t fulfill them.

They feel bored, restless and even resentful.

They desperately want to find their purpose but don’t know how.

A lot of folks feel guilty, too. Especially if they have a career that other people admire. They wonder, “Why can’t I find my purpose in this work? What’s wrong with me?”

I get it. It can be really hard to feel purposeless.

But so often I see folks responding to this feeling in the wrong way. They push and control. They want to prove to themselves and the outside world that they’re worthy and powerful.

Stop searching for your purpose. Instead, allow your purpose to find you. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

The ego makes us think that our purpose is outside ourselves. It convinces us that our purpose is hidden behind a credential, a job title or some altruistic mission. This outside search for purpose can lead to a lot of inner turmoil.

Let your purpose find you!

The key to finding your purpose is counterintuitive. You need to stop searching for it and let it find you!

Watch the video below or keep reading for my tips.

Pay attention to what you love to do

I’ve come to learn that we can’t go looking for our purpose. We have to allow our purpose to find us. When we’re rooted in what we love to do, in what makes us happy and inspires us, that’s when we start to get clear guidance and direction toward what we are meant to do.

For instance, I think a lot about the things I loved to do when I was a kid. I was leading youth groups. I was leading spiritual communities when I was 13. It’s no coincidence that just by doing what I loved, it translated into my life’s purpose.

Pay attention to all the things that you’ve done by choice throughout your life. What is FUN for you? Maybe you love singing. Maybe you love inspiring people through your words. Maybe you love making people laugh. Trust that direction! These passions and hobbies show you what you’re here to share with the world.

The gifts you’re here to share with the world come from what inspires you the most and elevates your existence. If you’re elevated by the practices that you love, then you can trust that you’ll elevate others.

Stop pushing and start receiving

If you want to find your purpose, you must stop pushing and controlling. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but you have to stop trying to find your purpose. That blocks you. Pushing and controlling block you from receiving guidance, intuitive messages and inspiration.

Instead, trust what’s coming to you is exactly as it’s meant to be. Trust that the experiences in your life are leading in the next right action toward what you’re here to do and who you’re here to be. Be open to receiving. Align your energy and begin to attract!

Pay attention to what happens and what you’re guided to. Then take action based on that guidance. Not based on some needy feeling of wanting and needing to know why you’re here and what you’re here to do. Instead, trust that your purpose is being given to you. Be open to receive, and you will find your purpose.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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  1. Wow…… I watched ur video you right let it come to you. I just love helping pple! I have a story to tell…. I want to share it so pple will know no matter what life throws at you n fall apart u can come back stronger like I did.! Iโ€™m funny, comforting, caring n I want to tell pple itโ€™s okay your going to be ok. Just have to figure out n be patient on how to do this. And what to do. Thank u Gabby

    1. I have bought a few of your books and have loved them as I tended to use my rational analytical brain to make decisions and it did not always “feel right”. Last year I planned to go to university in Canada after I returned from traveling. Then I met a man and we fell in love. I still returned to Canada with the idea I would move to the Netherlands. I was “ok with” changing lots of my plans. I kept questioning this decision but because I committed to it, I flew there. After two months I see the love is true, but I keep going back to why I left my community and changed my plans. I’ve decided to move back…and yet have so much sadness about ending this relationship. We don’t see any other way to make it work, and I keep going in circles between my rational brain and intuition, feeling like a ball of yarn that is getting more knotted and confused What do I do?

      1. I cannot answer this question for you, Anna, but what I can do is give you the steps on how to allow that answer to be given to you. Right now you’re in the logical mindset of “How do I figure this out?” and ultimately that blocks our sense of feeling and knowing the next right action.

        When our inner conflict and debate is louder than our intuition, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to stop trying to “figure it out” and let our intuition be your guide. One way to develop “tuning in” to your intuition is through prayer and meditation. I want to offer you this simple prayer: “Thank you universe for showing me what to do. Thank for showing me what is of the highest good.” Then sit in meditation to receive guidance.

        Here is an additional post that you might find helpful:


  2. trusting in the vibrant unknown…. I just got back from Europe and realize that not having a plan is the plan. and that every lesson comes back to self-love. I will only do things with passion, “or not at all”.

    even tho’ you posted this over 3 years ago, you’re still my o.g. go to Gabs, … you always REMIND me of the next step…

    enjoying my life is my purpose. through this joy i am in my highest service.

    thank you, xx

  3. You were definitely one of the people who lead me to my purpose Gabby! Before you, I felt like there weren’t very many “new generation” thought leaders in the personal development industry. I remember seeing your book cover in the book shop, May Cause Miracles and thinking… now she’s someone I can relate to! You were one of the first younger people that I saw teaching about spirituality and manifesting and all of the good things and it was so inspiring. I definitely think you opened up the door for me to do what I do. Thank you for your work Gabby!๏ปฟ

  4. I’m asked all the time where I want to go with my job and I hate this question because all I want to be is a Mum. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted in life. But this answer is not appreciated in the workplace. I’m not bowing down to my superiors anymore. I’m not going to say what you want to hear. I want to be a Mum and my current job is just to pay my bills to get me to being a Mum

  5. In order to find your life purpose, you need to firstly know who you are, and secondly learn how to heal yourself. Look for spiritual guidance from a fellow seeker. I would like to say that you can find your life purpose at and shape your life accordingly.

  6. Hi Gabby
    Im an Artist and I just feel like my art isn’t getting anywhere and my art is not being appreciated. Can you please help. Blessings.

  7. Thanks, Gabby, for this post. I love it. I’ve been wondering what my purpose is for a while now. Thinking that I can just relax and pay attention to what I love doing, and doing more of that, and that it will just all fall into place. And to be open to it. Love it! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Gabby, your words resonate with me big-time. After some heart-health issues this past year, being laid off from a stellar job, selling our house, and now moving to another country – finding my purpose has been paramount, well, to re-finding me. I’ve always loved what I’ve done for a living and enjoy helping people pursue their dreams; but now I feel it is become more of my right of passage. I hope you check out my website and we stay in touch as I follow my passion to help people find their personal manifesto through my writing, speaking and future books. You are a true inspiration and I look forward to meeting you again in the near future. #yourlifemanifesto xo

  9. Hi Gabby and all Spirit Junkies,

    I certainly don’t know my purpose.. and have left my job and moved countries (to the USA from Aus) to get some space… but I find that I am continually trying to fill the space – “Oh! What about B-School!”, “What about that course!”, “What about a Yoga course!”, “Blogging!!”, “Oh that looks interesting!”, “Let’s go for a run! A Walk! Yoga! Meditate!” – I’m a very good “do-er”. So I do realise that I need to sit in the space, and ask for guidance to come to me….. ehhhhh…..

    Gabby – you said to think about when you were young (I’m 26) about what you loved to do… and I honestly cannot tell you! I suppressed so much of who I was, that I really don’t know what I love? I have interests, sure, but do I love them? I don’t know… Any advice?

    Jai Guru Deva x

  10. I really love this simple yet enlightening way of looking at your way of finding yourself. I just recently spent 3.5years in Paris, and came back in a very strange moment. My dad passed away in a helicopter accident. I saw a job posting about 3 months later for my dream job in Paris. I applied and after interviews, etc I got a job proposition. I feel it was not the right time, and have reconnected to work in the spring..I hope I am guided the right way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Your a great example to the world full of trouble times. I have not worked for 3 years. Very Depressed because my husband is mentally abusing me. the last 2 years he has been dealing with health issues. I’m going to talk to a counselor on Tuesday. I believe with my troubles with my husband I can help other women. I am a fire cracker had that on my license plates once. This world is a mess. My great grandpa was a minister. Came from great Christian family. I would like to do what you do. Can you be my teacher? Love to hear from you back. My message to everybody is Love. Everywhere I go I tell them I Love them or God bless. Love You.

  12. Hi, Gabby,

    I have a question about what it takes for you to be so honest with people about the facts of your life. In your books and teachings, you don’t shy away from telling your real story–both highs and lows. Do you ever fear telling things that might cast you or other people in your life in a bad light? Do you ever fear hurting the people close to you by sharing your story?


  13. What a great segment – and great advice. Thank you! I recently left my FT job to work as a consultant in order to make my art a priority. I have been really stuck in a control “loop” for want of a better term. Last year I felt a moment of clarification that my artwork was not the final move for me, that it was a step (an important one). I feel that somehow mt art is a door to open to greater experiences, to meet communities/people and to learn from it. I have no idea of my purpose(s) but I do know how to make art and build that language and in there I am learning to give up my need for control. It is really hard – and not seeing immediate results that align with my goals is forcing me to put aside that myopic mindset and just keep moving forward and to lose the goals and focus on the passion. Thank you for this outlet – it is hugely helpful to be part of this community.

    Just show up,

  14. Your words were soothing. I’ve been unemployed for a year and half, and continue to pound on doors-at various places, offering to do different kinds of jobs, and wondering what my purpose is since the doors are not opening. My volunteer work, including teaching yoga, nutrition, hospice work and fundraising has been rewarding and has kept me busy during the search. Hearing you say that my purpose will find me, comforts me. And I also feel like my purpose here is to LOVE. I love so much, and with such ease, and heal many with words of wisdom, so perhaps my purpose is in finding a way to make money sheering by loving and supporting people….hmmm.
    Thanks for your wisdom and the reminder that what is happening is exactly what needs to be happening and is part of my larger plan. Thanks!

  15. I help people discover their purpose based on their fingerprints, but it isn’t about WHAT you do, it’s about HOW you do what you do. Through this work, I’ve seen people shift their focus in order to find meaning in their lives now. It’s an incredible transformation!

  16. This is just what I needed to hear! I’m currently ‘searching’ for my purpose and what you’ve said makes so much sense. I’ve been feeling needy, not a good feeling. Now I know to just do what I’m passionate about and it will all come. You’re amazing!!! Thank you!!

  17. I am now 52 and as I approach the back end of my life I too, need to find my ‘purpose’… I watched your vlog and it’s all become so clear… I love my family,I love my job, I love the people I work with…My days are spent making sure others feel good…. I want to do volunteer work and I will… Life is good…
    Thank you….

  18. I define success as the achievement of something you are passionate about , and your desire or attempt was fulfilled. I have a passion to write and in turn will leave my mark in the world, and if my words of experience are capable of changing only one life, I have succeeded in my purpose in this life.

  19. Today my purpose is to stay connected to Source. When I do this the answers to my questions come, and also I get to contribute to the greater good of humankind. I know this statement is true, and I know the more I surrender to this notion the clearer the answers will get.

  20. Gabby,
    This definitely hits home! I struggled for so many years with the almost angrily asked question, what’s my purpose?? Then I made some changes in life and started to take time to reflect and listen to my inner self and the world around me and to pray with and open heart for guidance toward my path and purpose. Yoga and meditation have been huge for me as well as just keeping my eyes open during the day to those that may need a helping hand. When you recommended the 40 day global sadhana I started using that in my practice almost daily. I found a weekly Hatha yoga class with an instructor that “calms the monkey of your mind” and makes you focus fully on the present moment. When out at the park last year seeking guidance in the nature surrounding me I had this sense to start a company based on people’s bucket lists as well as filling their daily bucket – their sense of self worth. Bucket List Assistant was born! I’ve struggled over the last year with relationship issues, a surgery and an illness but now I feel like I’m back and ready to focus on this purpose – to Dream, Live, Inspire and Love every day!! AND with my positive meditation and law of attraction it looks like I’ll be getting the opportunity to meet you Saturday on the Help Desk. I can not wait! You’ve been a shining light on my twisted journey. “If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” I hope your path is brightened when you see how you’ve inspired me. Sat Nam <3 Laura

    1. Gabby,
      Thank you again sincerely for your time on Saturday. It was such a blessing to hear you give such intuitive, personal, creative solutions! I’m glad I got to relieve that knot a little bit too! I know how draining that spot can be. Peace begins with me!

  21. I have always had a love for the home especially my home. It’s where I love to be most and I’ve put a lot of time and love into making it warm and welcoming. Someone once told me do what you love and the money will come. That’s what I did …I would spend my Sundays going to open houses to get ideas or see how other decorated and along the way I was asked to become a buyers agent for a local realtor. That was almost 11 years ago, I support my family and I truly love what I do. I feel it is my life purpose to put families in a home they can love as much as I love mine. There are days I forget why and how I stumbled upon my career so thank you Gabby for reminding me of my purpose.

  22. Thank you for this!! I walk around sometimes obsessively thinking about what the meaning of life is, what my purpose is, why am I here, etc…. It drives me crazy. I need to remember to just allow and engage with the present moment. Your work helps me stay on track.

  23. I just stumbled on to your website and I have to say I am happy I did. I made a new years resolution this year to be more positive about myself and really put me first. This topic is one that I have struggled with for several years. I have switched careers and started a job that would just gain me experience. Still work here because its comfortable; but comfortable is not always best, just convenient. I noticed several comments/questions about people who don’t know what they are passionate about… which can seem strange to some people. I am one of those people. How can you (or really me) get in touch with what it is you love to do. Sometimes I feel so far removed and stuck in a routine that these is no time for what you love but a schedule that needs to get accomplished. Any ideas on how to figure out your own passion so that your purpose can finally find you?

    1. I should have re -read my post before I sent it, I am one someone who doesn’t know what they are passionate about.!!

  24. I have been feeling lost for about 2 years now. I’m happy to see this!
    I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology because I enjoyed talking to people, hearing their stories, and helping them. But after graduating, I realized it was very difficult for me not to take stuff home with me having ptsd. I have severe anxiety but I would love a peaceful/low stress, happy and fulfilling job.
    I have been researching for some ideas with my personality type, did the Myers briggs test, and been talking with some professionals but I can’t seem to find my passion. I joke that I wish I had a crystal ball so I could see my future and what I’m happiest doing so I can just start now!
    I don’t need to be at my peak now, but would love to just be on the right path.
    Thank you!

  25. Love this! Great advice. I’ve been asking what my purpose is a lot the last couple days and have been finding answers and guidance all over the place. I feel like I was meant to see this today ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Ciao Gabby, I find for me when I’m healthy mentally, physically and spiritually things are much more clear! (well duh…LOL)
    I tried the chasing things for awhile and it took exhaustion and disappointment to make me realize this was a futile and unrewarding path of confusion.
    I am now doing a daily meditation practice, beautiful spiritual guidance resources and starting up some gentle Yoga (do to limitations).
    All of these practices serve to open channels for receiving those hits of creativity and intuitive messages from my Higher Power.
    Happy New Year! Feeling really good about 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. So true!!!!!!!!! My passion in life is advocacy work and broadcasting and twice in my life I have been laid off and both times my path has led me back to my true calling and passion. I am blessed to live this and educate people and when I let go and stop stressing, more and more opportunities open up for me. I hope this inspires others. Thank you Gabby for all your guidance and may you have a blessed and abundant year.

  28. Hi! Thank you for this post! The timing seems so suited for what is happening. I have always been very interested with nutrition and am looking to take the course at IIN. Were you once a student there? I find nutrition to be such a vast subject that can relate to every single being. I want to help those people that have have a bad relationship with food or need more guidance with food. What was the biggest take away for you from that course?

  29. Hi Gabby! You are such an inspiration. Ever since I’ve started following your books/vlogs/lectures my life has changed for the better I must say. So, thank you for that! This vlog really put things into perspective for me. I’m in college and for the past couple of years I just felt like I absolutely had to know what I wanted to do in order to attend college and plan out my life, which led me to switching my major over 10 times. I was so wrong. Everyone kept telling me I didn’t have to know right now, I’m only 20 years old. So now, I’m taking classes that interest me in hopes my purpose finds me! Thank you so much Gabby, you truly are my idol and inspiration! x

  30. Great vlog. I recently had the epiphany of my purpose. I will live powerfully into my future, stay present and share a high vibe with others around me, and really stay in truth. Make people laugh, inspire the heak out of them to live an Outstanding life without being too serious. To help and be an example to everyone around me to find that balance and play in it, regardless of what my career choices are. To become aware of when thoughts/fears/negativity are polluting the space inside our heads. I ask the Universe constantly to show me the way and have really worked to let go of all the other stuff and really be led on my journey, it feels good. Om Shanee Deva Nama.

  31. What if you’re unaware of what you’re passionate about and you’re like me? It seems that what I’m passionate about changes almost everyday depending on where I’m at, the simplicity or complexity of what it is, etc. I still feel like I’m searching for what I’m passionate about. Where do I start?

  32. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this video, it’s such a big deal! I feel blessed to know my purpose, and a lot of people ask how I found it so easily {making healthy eating simple, easy + delicious} but it wasn’t something that just appeared. It takes lots of openness, a lot of hustle, and willingness to follow those little ticks and downloads that move me along the way. Which takes practice. Which is always something I need more of, no matter where I’m at. Thank you for teaching me how to stop and listen for these things along the way– you are inspiring and living proof that your purpose doesn’t always fit into a typical mold. So much love to you!


  33. Thanks for this message. I am a bit of a control freak so letting go and trusting can be hard for me. Circumstances in my life have caused me to do some deep soul searching. I realized that I have actually been living my purpose but didn’t feel successful because I let other people tell me that I wasn’t and I believed them. Thanks to “May Cause Miracles” I no longer let those people bother me. I’ve learned to trust where I’m at in life and appreciate everyday. I have never been happier. Thank you!

  34. Great vlog! As a woman, I often feel that people are more comfortable commenting on what they believe my purpose should be. When I was younger, I often had relatives make me feel like I was not living my true purpose because I wasn’t married and or had kids, like the majority of my other female relatives in that age group. Other people made me feel like I wasn’t living my true purpose because I wasn’t sure of my career aspirations or ‘moving ahead’ on a career ladder. It greatly affected my self-esteem and made it difficult to discover what was in my heart because I was too busy listening to what others told me was supposed to be in my heart. However once I shut their voices out and listened to myself, everything started to shift. Thanks again.

  35. yes, purpose is there from day 1, I remember as a child my favourite toy was a kaleidoscope, all the colours and shapes mesmerized me, used to collect coloured glass pieces too and hold it in the sunlight, Now after many journeys I work with colours as an art therapist, life gives you wondrous ways. You just need to be aware

  36. I believe with all of my being that my purpose is to educate middle school aged children. I know that when I am in the classroom, I am right where I am meant to be. What makes it even more sweet is the fact that teaching allows me the time to pursue my other passion, writing.

    Your advice is so right on. When you do what you love, you are fulfilling your life’s purpose. Groovy stuff!

  37. Thank you for putting this out! This really rings true as I have found that as women we often lose our way in life… we have partners, kids, families, jobs, errands, etc…. and we lose our purpose and our dreams. I like to tell women to think about their life when they were 21 and just out of college. Think about what you loved then and what your dreams were — take that as a starting point to reignite your life today. Try it — get in touch and remember a time where you had more dreams than you could imagine — feel that energy– now use that to build your new dreams and purpose in life!

  38. Thank you Gabby so much, I cannot thank you enough! Over the last two weeks, I’ve been pushing and controlling a renovation project for a wellness retreat, which I believed to be my purpose and its been stressful…… thank you so much for your wise words. I realise now, right now that I just need to let go and everything will be ok, for I am truly blessed.
    Sat nam Gabby ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Gaby!
    This morning in my car, on my way to work, I asked the universe if I am on the right track (with where I am suppose to be, fulfilling my purpose and helping enough people/making a positive difference)…no joke a few minutes later I received this license plate message in front of me, it said “A-OK” I got chills and coudn’t help but smile big. Then your V-blog popped up when I got to work, what a great way to start the week!
    thank you for all you do, I am traveling to NY to be at your lecture next week, I can’t wait
    sat nam gaby!

    1. Yes! That’s exactly how it works. It gets so that one doesn’t even have to ask anymore. By just keeping one’s “inbox” open and the answers keep flowing in!
      Best wishes to all!

    2. I love when we are open to messages and we receive them! Your message made me smile and reaffirmed the existence of communications from our Higher Power. Thanks for sharing Katie G.!

    3. Love this! It made me smile, too. And a great reminder that those signs are real and meaningful. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Michele, I love your wording: keep your inbox open!

  40. A prayer that helps me find my purpose and perhaps starting off small with a daily purpose is a prayer from St. Francis of Assisi. He asked God, “what would you have me to do today?” He waited for the answer and then thanked God for giving him the ability to serve others. As you put the prayer into daily practice, it adds up to a life purpose, right? What we do each day becomes our life. Asking the Universe everyday with this simple prayer awakened to me finally answer the call of my life purpose. With that call, I have learned to have faith and trust in the Universe’s guidance. Blessings Gabby, thank you for all you do!

  41. Hi Gabby,
    A friend just turned me on to you as I am a lost soul these days. I have been practicing the theory in your video here for ten years, after leaving a successful & lucrative career that made me miserable.
    However, now I’m almost 40 and even though I have been “following my dreams” for a decade now, nothing has clicked to give me a secure future – relationship or business-wise.
    Of course, I keep trying and hoping but as time wears on, I get more and more anxious about financial security and it’s really hard to keep pressing forward full steam with faith and hope with my passions. I feel like something (or many things!) should have clicked by now…

  42. I recently had the experience of having what I thought was my purpose shift into something that is no longer serving me. It has been difficult, but I am learning to trust and know that this is leading me to the next right thing. I am starting to believe that our purpose can change, but there is a common thread/theme that links them as we move through the phases of our life. I’m not sure what my common theme is, but your video gave me a LOT of peace that staying open is going to lead me to the right place.

  43. I’ve been searching for my purpose too. Not having any luck. It makes sense that it should find you. And I guess it will at the perfect time. Not really happy in my job right now and have been exploring other options. Would love to move but I cannot because of my son. Perhaps the Universe has a plan for me here, I don’t know but I’m not getting any younger!

  44. thank you Gabby for all you do….I, like Miss E, have been searching for a long time too…used to be the world’s best secretary, then motherhood took over, then volunteer work, then my husband suddently passed away, cleaned houses for a couple of years just to make ends meet….by sheer desperation I got a job, through my sister, working with kids….BINGO….being the oldest of 6, I was always the babysitter and hated it, as it cramped by social teen life…now, looking back, I see I have a natural connection and love of children that brings me great joy….Happy 2014…

  45. Thanks Gabby for your wisdom! Here is my soul’s purpose… I am here to help people (especially women) create deeper more fulfilling relationships by creating a deeper more fulfilling relationship with themselves!

  46. One of the hardest things to do is “let go” and just follow the doors that open for us. I strongly believe that our lives happen exactly as they should. When we try to control things it just takes us longer to discover our life’s purpose. Thanks Gabby!

  47. Hi Gabby, thank you for your lovely videos. There’s a topic that I’d love to hear you shed a bit more light on since it seems tied quite closely to something I’ve noticed. I am part of the “millenial” generation, and I feel like a lot of what the older generations say is true: I’m “lazy, unmotivated, and entitled.” I see a lot of people around my age (and much younger) who aren’t fulfilling their purpose and numb the pain through substance abuse. It seems so prominent, and this generation seems to do a great deal of self-medicating. I believe it is from the lack of finding our “purpose,” but we have been raised in a world that seems impossible. There aren’t jobs, it seems, so many of us feel defeated and hopeless. Why continue?
    So my question is, how can a millenial like me discontinue the numbing of feelings? What can I expect when I am fully sober, and how has making the decision of sobriety changed your life positively? What is the connection between millenials, the existential numbness, and substance abuse?
    Thank you, Gabby. This generation needs people like you, and one day I’d like to be as inspiring, healthy, and happy as you are, but I think I can speak for a large number of Millenials when I say, “We’re stuck.”

  48. Hi Gabby, Thanks that was a good one for me! Love your calm peaceful voice. TRUSTING and not being needy as to my true purpose – I will be doing a lot of practice on that one! So true! x

  49. Wonderful post. However, even have struggled through this in May Cause Miracles (on round two with the book now). Your guidance has helped a lot, you’ve said before to have patience, and take it slow. I’m still workin’ it! Deep in debt, know I must work “for the man” to get out. I think you would say this is a limiting belief. But in reality, I’m starting to think my purpose in life is just to get by. Oh purpose, purpose, where are you?!…

  50. Gabby, this of course comes at perfect timing. My mom is my spiritual leader and I have been following you for some time. I just talked with her yesterday about my feelings of not knowing my purpose, feeling lost and somewhat numb. You two both shared the same thing. Get quiet, and listen to my inner guidance. How can you tell the difference between a “sign” (as in someone crossing my path or an experience) and/or just a lesson? How do I know the ego’s not tricking me?

  51. Thank you Gabby, this is wonderful! I was wondering what to do when you can’t think of the things you really enjoy. Sometimes things feel overwhelming and even things that you think you enjoy don’t feel fun. How do you get out of that slump and feel excited again so that your purpose can find you?

  52. I’ve been searching for my purpose for 40 years, I seem to get sidetracked a lot but this is great advice to stop controlling, do what I love and see where it leads me! Currently looking at a career change and have a lot of options, not sure which way to go.. but I wait without anxiety.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  53. Gabby,
    Thank you so much for sharing this powerful video. I am a firm believer that what you enjoyed playing as a child is a direct correlation to your purpose. I am doing the exact same thing that I played as a child. Thank you for continuing to share your time, talent, and wisdom.
    Nathalie Gregg

  54. Sat Nam Gabby!
    Thank you for this post. This has been my sankulpa for this year is to fulfill my purpose. You have been one of my greatest teachers on this journey so I have to thank you a million times! I started yoga & meditation after my separation & continued through my divorce as a stress relief mechanism. Never in a million years would I have thought it would be my life’s calling. I’m finishing up my Hatha teacher training & beginning my Kundalini teacher training as well as writing for my inspirational blog & writing my first book! I have surrendered to where life will take me and all of the blessings that it brings! Thank you for everything & have a blessed & happy new year!
    Much love,

  55. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you very much for this blog entry โ€“ made me cry like a baby.
    So I guess, I really needed to hear this.
    Much Love,

  56. I’m in this weird place at the moment – so this vlog obviously found me at just the right time. I’m just out of college, and not sure what I want to do. I keep getting information thrown at me from peers, family members, etc. And all I know is that I’m happiest when I’m connecting to people, sharing interests, common problems and solutions, and at my yoga mat.

    I’m thinking of making a huge move – across the country – and everyone keeps trying to shove things down my throat, but I just want to go there for me, and do what I want to do and let what I’m supposed to do find me. It’s so hard, financially and socially. I’m trying to stay grounded through it all.

  57. Gabby-Thank you thank you thank you!!! As I have depend my spiritual practice after finding Add More ~ing and your lectures 2+ years ago I have been guided to my purpose. Your words inspire me to relax into that space of knowing and not ‘push’ things to grow…. but relax and know that it all will happen in its own time. xo

  58. Hi Gabby- This was a perfect message and reminder for the new year. My medium of painting allowed me to process the end of an 18 year marriage through gratitude. By focusing on all the gifts of our time together (including our now 15 year old son) I experienced a profound shift. My heart has opened. I now am sharing this passion for gratitude by teaching the notion of it through the arts. I was moved to start a non profit called The Gratitude House. Thank you for continually being a shining light.

  59. I’ve struggled with finding my purpose but even more so with finding a career. I left a well paying finance job to go to grad school and then left grad school when I realized it wasn’t right for me either. But now I can’t find a job because people say my work history is too inconsistent. I’m only 24 but I’m expected to have my career all mapped out which I think is totally unrealistic. How do I find my purpose career-wise when everyone loves reminding me that one wrong step can ruin a career I haven’t even decided on yet?

    1. Try not to feel down on yourself! You’ve probably learned some valuable info about yourself going through that and will continue to. So many skills can transfer from one area to another. It’s ok to start at an entry level too, of it’s an area you want to be and go from there. When you have passion you’ll accomplish so much more! And it’s better than being stuck doing something you don’t enjoy. Try volunteering for some organizations too that interest you…it helps you learn and get your foot in the door, plus you’ll feel good about helping!

    2. P.S. There is a lot of pressure to choose the right career “moves” but remember that you are on your own journey!

    3. Hi Brittany,
      Your post resonated with me. I suggest that you start by looking at the activities you’re drawn to, the people, the books and the process of work that brings you the most joy.
      Additionally I would advise that identify your unique gift, this one ability you have that will enable you to serve others meaningfully. That process worked for me–just a suggestion. Be open:)

    4. Hi Brittany- your comment struck a note with me, as I’m in a super similar position. I went from a well-paying job to grad school, and have since left grad school due to a move, but also due to the fact that I realized it wasn’t for me. I’m in the same way right now- trying to find my purpose while hearing from many that I’ve ruined my chances at pursuing a passion I love with an inconsistent and gap-filled resume. I’d love to chat if you’re up for it!

        1. Rachel and Brittany! I completely understand what your both growing through, however my path has been a little different. I have been bit by the travel bug which has taken all over the world (which i am beyond grateful for). The problem is that I usually travel for months at a time putting large gaps in my resume as well making it hard to find work. I feel like I have all this knowledge from traveling and seeing the world but companies just want to see how much “real work” I’ve done. I’m now living in Australia (originally from CA) and have found even harder to find work here.

    5. Hello Brittany, I have worked in Recruitment/HR sector for many, many years and now I specialise in career coaching and I’m passionate about what I do. I believe it’s people who make the difference to any organisation, you can train a skill, but unless someone is willing to change, you can’t change their personality. I come across what you are experiencing a lot, so your not alone and look at the positive steps you have taken to do something about – well done you! You know you can do anything you want to do just believe in yourself, have the courage and wisdom. Now I would recommend spending some time doing what I call thought work, write on a piece of paper what you like doing? Then write what you don’t like doing? Then list all the things that are important to you in your career/job keep adding and adding to the list, a couple of examples; the environment is important to you, people, something I enjoy doing, ask yourself what do I enjoy doing? continue writing as much as possible and then review your list and then put them in order of whats the most important to you. By doing these exercises it will highlight certain areas that you could research into. Please believe in yourself, don’t listen to others, listen your intuition it will guide you.

      Sat nam ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Hi Brittany, When I attained my Degree in Business it was noted that a person will change careers 7 times in there life. That was 25 years ago and that number has increased. Don’t worry about having your life mapped out. It would likely change anyway. If you are getting the feedback that your work history is inconsistent, adding a few explanation sentences to your resume as to what prompted your career moves will alleviate any questions in the hiring manager’s mind and show the real you. There are no wrong career moves. Only experiences that you can learn from and necessary for becoming the person you are meant to be. It all happens as it should.

  60. My purpose is definitely helping animals. I’ve been obsessed with them, dogs especially, since I was a young child (well probably before that ;-)). I’ve been volunteering for rescues for many years and hope one day to be in a position to open an animal healing centre of some sort. Combining it with my photography to help animals find homes. I don’t have a problem so much with identifying my purpose, but with working out how I’m going to get from here to there … money is the ‘issue’ for me.

    1. Similar situation for me. I’m a photographer and I love animals. I own my photography business. Iโ€™ve been volunteering for shelters for almost two years now. I offer my time and talent doing nice portraits for animals. I love it but volunteer work does not pay my bills. I don’t have enough clients. I’m looking for another part time job but nothing feels good to me except a few things that I would still need costumers.
      I love running and I would like to do something connected with that. I’m now coaching a group of people and they really appreciate my help. Problem is : volunteer work again! Ilove helping for free but at the end I need money to live.
      Hope 2014 brings me clarity about work and money. Can’t wait to receive “Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose” in april. Thank you for everything Gaby. You are amazing!

  61. Hi Gabby – I watched your vlog and I get what you are saying but at the same time I feel like nothing really comes to me. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 10 years now with various part time work here and there but I honestly don’t know how to find my purpose. I love to cook but I’m not totally sure it means I want to be a chef – I would love to help people through chronic pain issues but i have no idea how to go about it or if I really want to – I feel like I give myself the time and patience for something to come to me but nothing ever does? ugh – just writing this gives me anxiety!!! any advice?

    1. your purpose doesn’t have to be a profession. your purpose can be to be the most amazing mother ever! follow what inspires you and your purprose will find you.

  62. It definitely is a great hint to look at what was natural to you as a kid (what you were drawn to) although I wouldn’t get caught up so much in what it looked like but how it made you feel. I would especially allow this deep Soul calling to emerge in a brand new way as it might look very different in the future.

    Your purpose will speak to you & emerge from your heart & Soul.

    Ironically however, sometimes the expression of life purpose may look like a lot less grand than expected but it will almost always be meaningful + impactful in some way.

  63. Thank-you so much for this post! Currently, I am finishing Spirit Junkie and started May Cause Miracles. Until now, my realization of living in such a state of fear and worries for the past 28 years has finally come to my attention. Struggling with various eating addiction/disorders and alcohol issues, I am trying to determine my steps and getting out of the “bar industry”. It’s been a struggle, especially with no specific goal set in mind and understanding how to utilize my positive traits and knowledge. I am aware that I am blocking whatever the universe has in store for me. You have inspired me to work on my sobriety. Within the past year, I have heard this voice that’s said if I give up this one thing, something amazing will happen. My lifestyle, family and friends are a distraction, but I now understand not to resent them. My “issues” are only here because I am comfortable with what’s familiar. It will hopefully not be too much of a long road, but thank-you for unknowingly being apart of a journey in one girl’s life.

    1. Hi Caitlin,
      Congratulations on the inner work you have already started doing! The biggest step is that you recognize you want to change. If I can support you in anyway, I would be happy to do so. I work with women in career transition, job search, interview prep and resume writing. I would be happy to help you find your new career that will support you in your new life creation. Even if you just have a question, let me know. Sending you my best.

      1. Hi Shannon,

        Thank-you so much for the support! I truly appreciate it! Sometimes being so self-aware can be debilitating but if something doesn’t change then this will all just be a cycle. Any help with resources, question, etc would be wonderful. Best!

        1. Sure Caitlin, reach out to me any time! Send me an email with your questions. You are on the right path! Keep it up girl!

  64. I’m one of those people that are constantly thinking and worrying and find it hard to expect what will be will be, always asking myself is this the right decision and don’t know what I want, feeling very lost at the moment and for the last year. I’m going to purchase some of your books for help with inner peace and love!

  65. After thinking and replaying your words in my mind I decided when you find your true purpose it will just makes sense and feel natural. There is no anxiety or conflict. It just flows…is that right? Is something not right if you have anxiety about it?

    1. Cathy: I struggle with this, too. I am in love with yoga. I am a certified instructor, in fact, but teaching gives me SUCH anxiety. I think we have to be so careful to push through our fears, but to also listen to them. I have now found that mentorship is a better path for me, and writing is something that has come naturally to me since I was a child. I am still focusing upon a foundation of yoga/meditation in my own life, and love to give it when I can. However, when there’s a calling in your heart — listen. Write, dance, sing — find your happiness. Then trust that your purpose will find you. Please provide your perspective on this, Gabby! With Love. Always.

  66. Hi Gabby!
    Happy New Year! Thank you for this video! Our purpose is to find ourselves, to be ourselves.
    I realised that I can mix everything I love: sociology, psychology, entrepreneurship, event planning and PR, plus helping/inspiring/healing people by being myself around those topics.
    Thanks to you, Marie Forleo and Marianne Williamson, I am a business mentor for female entrepreneurs in France, as there is so much work to do here. 2014 is my year of DARING and to make my business big (public speaking/events). I have butterflies in my tummy just think of that. DARING in my motto ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lots of love

  67. I am currently at home with my 2 year old and just found out I’m pregnant again! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do find myself stressing over what I want to do when I return to work in a few years. I know I want to help others and thinking drug counselor but I’m unclear. I guess I need to really focus on what makes me happy and my purpose will come. It’s hard for me because I like a plan but I will really take your advice. Thank you

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Congratulations on expecting your next child! I have been a stay at home mom for the past 7 years working from home for the past 4. My suggestion for you is to please enjoy your little ones and do not stress about what you will do for work in a few years. As Gabby says, it will find you and show up for you when you need it. I am a perfect example. When my youngest was 3 I was searching online for something I could do from home when a former colleague phoned me out of the blue and asked if I was interested in managing her online business. I hadn’t spoken to this colleague for 5 years when she called me. Your time with your kids is precious and fleeting. Your purpose now is to be joyful with your family and be patient. I also like a plan and direction so it has been a challenge for me just to let go and let things unfold as they should, but I see it is working. I hope you don’t mind giving my two cents here.

  68. this is so authentic and wonderful per usual…
    for me now my purpose has found me! but the same principles apply I think for just chilling out and not pushing and letting the Universe give me the next right action for living it! My goal is turning my purpose into my full time job and it’s finally starting to happen! only after I let go and allowed, like you taught me! My instinct is to push and try to make things happen so I’m praying and meditating everyday for patience and “living in the know” of “those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety” like you taught me! thank you & love u!

  69. This is so perfect. I just switched Universities to peruse my passion in education. I feel as if working with children has always been my purpose and I trust that I am guided because I am following my heart. Your post was perfect in confirming that. What a perfect way to start my journey! Thank you!

  70. I am in the middle of applying for jobs at the moment and felt the intuition to go on your website just to find your perfectly timed blog on finding your purpose. In my mind I have this amazing idea on inspiring teenage girls through yoga but have no idea how to do it. I also love to teach yoga in general to who ever will show up for a class. I recently moved to Australia from CA where I don’t know to many people nor how to get involved teenage programs here. I am having a hard time finding the balance of starting a new program and finding work in general to support myself here. I intuitively know that the universe has my back (thank you Spirit Junkie) and that everything will work out but I am having a hard time finding work and starting to struggle for cash. Any ideas?

    1. it’s okay to be in an in between job while you cultivate the relationships and skills to step into the path you’re here for. be humble and willing to serve.

    2. Hey Morgan! Just thought I would say hello, I moved to Australia from CA about a year ago and so I can relate to the adventurous, crazy, beautiful ride that you are on right now! Just know that because you followed your feeling to move here the Universe will show up for you, which you know already! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Olivia! Thanks for reaching out to me. It’s nice to hear that you’ve gone through this all ready. I’ve been in Australia a little over 5 months now and have definitely hit a low point in my journey. I’m working May Cause Miracles at the moment which is making this process easier. Any advice on finding work here?

      1. I live in Sydney. That’s always been the dream for me . . .to live in Sydney. I can’t help but always be awe struck whenever i see the opera house and bridge. Do you live in Australia too?

    3. Morgan, Have you heard of “The Art of Yoga Project” in SF, CA. I know you said you just moved, but our group teaches yoga, life skills, art, self esteem and more to incarcerated girls and girls in transition homes (all teens), and they actually sell their curriculum. Once you get established in paying work, you might looking in to starting a program like that. It takes time, but with the right connections & support of the divine, it could be a great program to start elsewhere. Good luck! Oh, and by the way, there is also Street Yoga from Oregon, another great way to take it to the people & let them show you where you are needed. Blessings on your path!!

      1. Ingrid! What an amazing organization that is. I had never heard of it, but just looking briefly over their website, it seems incredible. Thanks for sharing that with me. I have so many new ideas now!

  71. Brilliant advice, Gabby. I’ve been searching a long time and have kept pushing for the results I want. Now I’m a bit older and circumstances have led me to volunteer work. I don’t have the money I’d like, but I can look myself in the eye now without flinching.
    I still get plenty of moments where peace eludes me, (the need to be perfect), but between you and Marianne Williamson I feel I am being guided by the angels more often.
    I have got an advance kindle copy of Marianne’s new book. It’s awesome. Can’t wait for yours either.
    Keep safe in all the bad weather!

    1. Wow. EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I was asking this exact question and prayed for an answer and here it is. Thank you so much!

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