The Secret to Finding Your Purpose

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Note: Updated June 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

In my lectures and workshops I often hear people say that they don’t know what their purpose is.

They feel confused and disconnected from the world.

They spend their days in jobs that don’t fulfill them.

They feel bored, restless and even resentful.

They desperately want to find their purpose but don’t know how.

A lot of folks feel guilty, too. Especially if they have a career that other people admire. They wonder, “Why can’t I find my purpose in this work? What’s wrong with me?”

I get it. It can be really hard to feel purposeless.

But so often I see folks responding to this feeling in the wrong way. They push and control. They want to prove to themselves and the outside world that they’re worthy and powerful.

Stop searching for your purpose. Instead, allow your purpose to find you. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

The ego makes us think that our purpose is outside ourselves. It convinces us that our purpose is hidden behind a credential, a job title or some altruistic mission. This outside search for purpose can lead to a lot of inner turmoil.

Let your purpose find you!

The key to finding your purpose is counterintuitive. You need to stop searching for it and let it find you!

Watch the video below or keep reading for my tips.

Pay attention to what you love to do

I’ve come to learn that we can’t go looking for our purpose. We have to allow our purpose to find us. When we’re rooted in what we love to do, in what makes us happy and inspires us, that’s when we start to get clear guidance and direction toward what we are meant to do.

For instance, I think a lot about the things I loved to do when I was a kid. I was leading youth groups. I was leading spiritual communities when I was 13. It’s no coincidence that just by doing what I loved, it translated into my life’s purpose.

Pay attention to all the things that you’ve done by choice throughout your life. What is FUN for you? Maybe you love singing. Maybe you love inspiring people through your words. Maybe you love making people laugh. Trust that direction! These passions and hobbies show you what you’re here to share with the world.

The gifts you’re here to share with the world come from what inspires you the most and elevates your existence. If you’re elevated by the practices that you love, then you can trust that you’ll elevate others.

Stop pushing and start receiving

If you want to find your purpose, you must stop pushing and controlling. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but you have to stop trying to find your purpose. That blocks you. Pushing and controlling block you from receiving guidance, intuitive messages and inspiration.

Instead, trust what’s coming to you is exactly as it’s meant to be. Trust that the experiences in your life are leading in the next right action toward what you’re here to do and who you’re here to be. Be open to receiving. Align your energy and begin to attract!

Pay attention to what happens and what you’re guided to. Then take action based on that guidance. Not based on some needy feeling of wanting and needing to know why you’re here and what you’re here to do. Instead, trust that your purpose is being given to you. Be open to receive, and you will find your purpose.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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  1. Wow…… I watched ur video you right let it come to you. I just love helping pple! I have a story to tell…. I want to share it so pple will know no matter what life throws at you n fall apart u can come back stronger like I did.! I’m funny, comforting, caring n I want to tell pple it’s okay your going to be ok. Just have to figure out n be patient on how to do this. And what to do. Thank u Gabby

  2. trusting in the vibrant unknown…. I just got back from Europe and realize that not having a plan is the plan. and that every lesson comes back to self-love. I will only do things with passion, “or not at all”.

    even tho’ you posted this over 3 years ago, you’re still my o.g. go to Gabs, … you always REMIND me of the next step…

    enjoying my life is my purpose. through this joy i am in my highest service.

    thank you, xx

  3. You were definitely one of the people who lead me to my purpose Gabby! Before you, I felt like there weren’t very many “new generation” thought leaders in the personal development industry. I remember seeing your book cover in the book shop, May Cause Miracles and thinking… now she’s someone I can relate to! You were one of the first younger people that I saw teaching about spirituality and manifesting and all of the good things and it was so inspiring. I definitely think you opened up the door for me to do what I do. Thank you for your work Gabby!

  4. I’m asked all the time where I want to go with my job and I hate this question because all I want to be is a Mum. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted in life. But this answer is not appreciated in the workplace. I’m not bowing down to my superiors anymore. I’m not going to say what you want to hear. I want to be a Mum and my current job is just to pay my bills to get me to being a Mum

  5. In order to find your life purpose, you need to firstly know who you are, and secondly learn how to heal yourself. Look for spiritual guidance from a fellow seeker. I would like to say that you can find your life purpose at and shape your life accordingly.

  6. Hi Gabby
    Im an Artist and I just feel like my art isn’t getting anywhere and my art is not being appreciated. Can you please help. Blessings.

  7. Thanks, Gabby, for this post. I love it. I’ve been wondering what my purpose is for a while now. Thinking that I can just relax and pay attention to what I love doing, and doing more of that, and that it will just all fall into place. And to be open to it. Love it! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Gabby, your words resonate with me big-time. After some heart-health issues this past year, being laid off from a stellar job, selling our house, and now moving to another country – finding my purpose has been paramount, well, to re-finding me. I’ve always loved what I’ve done for a living and enjoy helping people pursue their dreams; but now I feel it is become more of my right of passage. I hope you check out my website and we stay in touch as I follow my passion to help people find their personal manifesto through my writing, speaking and future books. You are a true inspiration and I look forward to meeting you again in the near future. #yourlifemanifesto xo

  9. Hi Gabby and all Spirit Junkies,

    I certainly don’t know my purpose.. and have left my job and moved countries (to the USA from Aus) to get some space… but I find that I am continually trying to fill the space – “Oh! What about B-School!”, “What about that course!”, “What about a Yoga course!”, “Blogging!!”, “Oh that looks interesting!”, “Let’s go for a run! A Walk! Yoga! Meditate!” – I’m a very good “do-er”. So I do realise that I need to sit in the space, and ask for guidance to come to me….. ehhhhh…..

    Gabby – you said to think about when you were young (I’m 26) about what you loved to do… and I honestly cannot tell you! I suppressed so much of who I was, that I really don’t know what I love? I have interests, sure, but do I love them? I don’t know… Any advice?

    Jai Guru Deva x

  10. I really love this simple yet enlightening way of looking at your way of finding yourself. I just recently spent 3.5years in Paris, and came back in a very strange moment. My dad passed away in a helicopter accident. I saw a job posting about 3 months later for my dream job in Paris. I applied and after interviews, etc I got a job proposition. I feel it was not the right time, and have reconnected to work in the spring..I hope I am guided the right way 😉

  11. Your a great example to the world full of trouble times. I have not worked for 3 years. Very Depressed because my husband is mentally abusing me. the last 2 years he has been dealing with health issues. I’m going to talk to a counselor on Tuesday. I believe with my troubles with my husband I can help other women. I am a fire cracker had that on my license plates once. This world is a mess. My great grandpa was a minister. Came from great Christian family. I would like to do what you do. Can you be my teacher? Love to hear from you back. My message to everybody is Love. Everywhere I go I tell them I Love them or God bless. Love You.

  12. Hi, Gabby,

    I have a question about what it takes for you to be so honest with people about the facts of your life. In your books and teachings, you don’t shy away from telling your real story–both highs and lows. Do you ever fear telling things that might cast you or other people in your life in a bad light? Do you ever fear hurting the people close to you by sharing your story?


  13. What a great segment – and great advice. Thank you! I recently left my FT job to work as a consultant in order to make my art a priority. I have been really stuck in a control “loop” for want of a better term. Last year I felt a moment of clarification that my artwork was not the final move for me, that it was a step (an important one). I feel that somehow mt art is a door to open to greater experiences, to meet communities/people and to learn from it. I have no idea of my purpose(s) but I do know how to make art and build that language and in there I am learning to give up my need for control. It is really hard – and not seeing immediate results that align with my goals is forcing me to put aside that myopic mindset and just keep moving forward and to lose the goals and focus on the passion. Thank you for this outlet – it is hugely helpful to be part of this community.

    Just show up,

  14. Your words were soothing. I’ve been unemployed for a year and half, and continue to pound on doors-at various places, offering to do different kinds of jobs, and wondering what my purpose is since the doors are not opening. My volunteer work, including teaching yoga, nutrition, hospice work and fundraising has been rewarding and has kept me busy during the search. Hearing you say that my purpose will find me, comforts me. And I also feel like my purpose here is to LOVE. I love so much, and with such ease, and heal many with words of wisdom, so perhaps my purpose is in finding a way to make money sheering by loving and supporting people….hmmm.
    Thanks for your wisdom and the reminder that what is happening is exactly what needs to be happening and is part of my larger plan. Thanks!

  15. I help people discover their purpose based on their fingerprints, but it isn’t about WHAT you do, it’s about HOW you do what you do. Through this work, I’ve seen people shift their focus in order to find meaning in their lives now. It’s an incredible transformation!

  16. This is just what I needed to hear! I’m currently ‘searching’ for my purpose and what you’ve said makes so much sense. I’ve been feeling needy, not a good feeling. Now I know to just do what I’m passionate about and it will all come. You’re amazing!!! Thank you!!

  17. I am now 52 and as I approach the back end of my life I too, need to find my ‘purpose’… I watched your vlog and it’s all become so clear… I love my family,I love my job, I love the people I work with…My days are spent making sure others feel good…. I want to do volunteer work and I will… Life is good…
    Thank you….

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