The Secret to Feeling Good Every Day: Make Your Spiritual Practice a Habit!

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One time I was doing an interview and the reporter asked me, “Why is it so hard for us to keep our practice alive and not only use it when we’re down or sad? Why do we turn to it only when there’s a problem?”

I told her it’s because we’re not disciplined. We have forgotten that a spiritual practice is a practice, not a lever that you pull only in case of emergency.

We have to make our loving miracle mindset a habit and a daily commitment. A Course in Miracles says, “You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go.”

The way to bring peace with us wherever we go is to make our spiritual practice a habit. We have to turn to our tools regularly if we want to feel good every day!

How to make your spiritual practice a habit

As I said in another blog post, I don’t live in the light all the time. But I come back fast! Here’s an example…

One morning I woke up early, sat up in bed, immediately turned to my husband and said, “I’m not sure we should take that trip next year for this work thing. It’s too much to do and it’s going to be too far.”

He looked at me in my chaotic state, paused, and said, “Good morning, Gabby.”

gabby bernstein meditating|feeling goodI realized I was starting my day in the worst way possible! I wasn’t even out of bed and I’d detoured into fear. Before I went any further into fear, I walked right up to my meditation space and meditated for 20 minutes.

In these situations it’s really easy to just blast past the feeling. But this only makes it worse. We get caught up in fear and it gets worse and worse. It’s so important to take a beat in those subtler moments and recognize that we’ve chosen fear.

Once we recognize we’ve chosen fear, we can choose again. We can turn to our spiritual practice and find peace. By turning to our practice regularly, we make it a habit. And day by day, choice by choice, we discover that we can feel peaceful anytime.

I can’t overemphasize how important this is. It was actually my goal when I created the Miracle Membership: to help people stay consistent with their spiritual practice and feel good every day.

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4 steps to go from fear to peace

Don’t wait for the meltdown to experience a miracle. Here are four steps you can take when you recognize you have detoured into fear.

You may not be able to sit in meditation the instant fear comes forward. But can you find five or ten minutes later that day? (If you have a day where you really can’t, try this one-minute meditation.)

Follow these steps regularly to make your spiritual practice a habit and start feeling good every day.

Step 1: Accept that you can create the world you see

Often we forget that the world we see is the world we have made. We do not see ourselves as the image makers of this world.

That fear that we’ve been holding onto is really a belief system that we are choosing. Choosing that belief system is what is creating our reality. That fear will continue to show up until we show up for it and release it. We have to embrace and accept that we create the world that we see.

Step 2: Let your feelings come forward

One of the greatest tools to restoring our sense of peace is to simply honor our feelings and honor ourselves for what is up. We deny our feelings and then deny ourselves compassion by being stuck in negative stories and negative self-talk. Refusing to truly honor our feelings keeps us from feeling good.

When you’re stuck in fear, ask yourself, “What is that negative story that’s coming up? What is it within me that is feeling unsafe?”

That morning when I woke up and started freaking out about that work trip, what was coming up for me? Fear was there. I was scared of letting people down. I felt like if I couldn’t handle that trip, it meant I was out of control in some way.

Underneath all our fears is an unfelt feeling.

So I asked, “Where does that fear live in my body?” It was living in my chest and my heart.

I went into my meditation and just let myself feel those feelings. Underneath all our fears is an unfelt feeling: a feeling of uncertainty, doubt, not being good enough, being out of control.

This is the way to honor your feelings, by letting them come forward in a safe way.

How to honor your feelings

Place your hand wherever you feel the tension, pain or discomfort in your body.

Take moment and just let yourself be in the feeling of that discomfort. Let yourself actually feel it.

Close your eyes and breathe into that feeling.

Take a deep breath in, and then let it go.

Take another deep breath in. Let it go.

Honor what comes up. Maybe you need to shed some tears. Maybe you need to punch a pillow to let out anger.

Take another deep breath in and just let yourself really feel that feeling. Breathe into it and let it go.

Step 3: Be compassionate toward yourself

When I was in my office meditating and feeling the feeling of being out of control and the fear of what it means to be out of control, I started to tap into compassion.

I told myself, “You are good enough. You are worthy. It’s okay if you cancel things. People will still love you if you say no. You are good enough. It’s safe to say no. You can disappoint people; it’ll be all right. Your truth is what matters.”

Speak to yourself in a loving and compassionate way. If it feels weird to speak to yourself this way, imagine someone you love saying it to you.

Step 4: Call on your spiritual faith for guidance

my faith is stronger than my fear gabby bernstein spirit junkie app|feeling goodThis is what A Course in Miracles calls the Holy Instant: asking spirit to replace your fear with love. You may believe in the Universe and the energy of love, or you may believe in a spirit guide, or God.

Whatever it is that you believe in, call on that teacher of love. When you do this, the Course says that the developing answer will always come to you.

There’s a line from the Course that says, “All the angels in heaven will come to your aid.” This is so moving to me. The love in your mind will guide everything you say and do. The moment that you call on the teacher of love, that is when you will begin to be led. Everything you need will be given to you.

The choice that you’ve made to be on a spiritual journey, even if you’re starting today, welcomes a presence far greater than you into your life.

That morning, after honoring my feelings and being compassionate toward myself, I called on the Holy Instant and asked spirit to replace my fear with love. Instantly I started hearing a voice within me, a voice that’s not my voice. This voice is much wiser and much more loving than my own.

During my meditation, that loving voice said, “You are right where you need to be. In this present moment you are safe, you are loved, you are held.” I started to feel my limbs and hands tingle, and I felt like I was being wrapped with a blanket of love.

All because I stepped back and let spirit lead the way.

When you’re out of alignment, turn to these steps to guide you back to love. Make your spiritual practice a habit and you’ll start feeling good every day.

Feel spiritually connected every day

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein | Feel spiritually connected every day!

For years I wanted one place where I could find all the content I needed to feel spiritually connected every day.

I struggled to stick with my spiritual practices, even though I loved how they made me feel.

My workdays were so busy that I often skipped things I loved, like meditating and journaling. I was stressed out and over-scheduled. It affected everything… I was impatient with my husband, I ate meals while writing emails and I always had some kind of cold.

Clearly, my way of doing things was not working.

I so badly wanted a program that made it a no-brainer for me to slow down, turn inward and lean into love every day.

I knew other people wanted it, too. But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So I created it.

It’s called the Miracle Membership! This is my monthly subscription platform where I share everything you need to make your spiritual practice a habit!

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein: "The next best thing to having Gabby as your personal coach!"

Every month I share a new guided meditation, members-only podcast, lecture clips and a monthly mantra. There’s an awesome community, live trainings with me and much more.

Make your spiritual practice a habit and feel good every day. Learn more about the Miracle Membership here.

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  1. The universe often sends me to you! Today again! I was wondering this morning why it is so difficult for me to stay in state of trust and love although there is no reason for real fear. All is well but my thoughts… So , I asked teh universe: What is it that I stucked so easily in fear? How do I change this? And than I read your post although it was already there there for a couple of days.. And there you are writing about the same issue! Thank you so much dear Gabby!

  2. This blog had been sat in my inbox and today was the perfect day to read it. I had been choosing fear instead of love And it was so good to take a moment to feel it and then choose to let it go, and let the love back in. Thank you 🙂

  3. This is so valuable and exactly what I need now. Having a new little human in my life has unlocked anxiety in me and I’ve been noticing a lot of negative thoughts and fear – exactly as you mentioned: feelings of not good enough and being out of control. Thank you for the strong reminder and inspiration to get back to a practice and to honour the feelings.

  4. Interestingly, when I first read that comment, “Underneath All Our Fears Is An Unfelt Feeling,” I actually took it a step deeper: that when we go BEYOND our fears, we actually feel something we do not tap into or feel ENOUGH: freedom from these fears! So, I like to to think that underneath all our fears is the unfelt feelings of love, compassion, confidence, ability, and bravery. LOVE, as usual, Gabby! xoxo

  5. Hey Gabby!
    One night I was reading The Universe has your back and thought about my sign. Lizard came to my mind. I had an exam for job on the next day. I had a confusion if that exam will be of my highest good. When i woke up in the morning and opened my door i saw a lizard. I got super excited and after some days results came and i cleared the preliminary exam. Now mains results are about to be out soon.
    I just wanted to say Thank you Gabby for teaching me about signs and tell me can we change signs like for preliminary(phase 1) my sign was lizard and for mains(phase 2) it just came to my mind that my sign will be two lizrads.?

    1. Awesome Arsh! You may absolutely connect with different signs. A great way to check in on what your sign may be is to ask yourself and then see what first pops into your head. I also highly recommend a daily meditation practice as a way to get grounded and receive clarity and connection.

  6. Gabby this is so appropriate for me at this time. I am self employed and am dealing with some serious health issues with the love of my life, end of life issues. I meditated every morning all winter and spring, and once I started back at work along with the other challenges, I slipped. I have not meditated now for weeks. Thank you, I am going to start again tomorrow morning, maybe even tonight or both. Hugs to you. Terry the Pool Man

  7. I just got to read this email and oh boy I really needed this guidance! You are a such a big inspiration. Thank you Gabby! Sending you lots of love!

  8. Thank you Gabby! This has made me feel so much better after spending a day wrapped up in fear and negativity! You’re so right! Always call on my inner love, my all knowing in moments of despair.

  9. Wow, Thank you so much Gabby! I am becoming more aware of how much my choices were based on fear. I have a deep wound of never feeling like I”m enough and as a result of that I default to choices that keep me from being seen and known so I would not be reminded of that. Thank you for the reminder to allow my feelings to come forward and to be compassionate with it.

  10. OMG! I needed this today. Especially the letting go part. I know WHAT I need to do, I just wasn’t sure HOW. Thank you!

  11. OMG. Exactly what I needed today. Especially the feeling and letting go part. I know what I need to do, just wasn’t sure HOW…thank you =)

  12. Hi Gabby, what I find helpful and most profound….is how you share your personal experiences to connect with your tribe! Thoughtful and endearing, not to mention a useful tool, for the holistic bag of tricks. I was thinking what would assist as a gentle reminder…its time to stop, drop and roll into meditation…? God knows the list each day grows, so to mentally say…each day 12-12:15 there is a strong possibility there will be some other item that takes over meditation time…does Miracle Membership include a GAB APP…that serves as a visual-audio-reminder I AM MY MEDITATION-hence stop drop and roll into mindful meditation❤. Thank you. Christine

    1. Awesome Christine! The Miracle Membership includes special monthly content, including new meditations, podcasts, videos, plus a Facebook group community. All the content exists in the membership portal but we may have an app in the future. Stay tuned! Please email my team if you have any membership questions and feel ready to join at Sending lots of love your way <3

  13. Dear Gabby, I love Your witness ur fear meditation! It is so strong, it is changing me. I didnt thought that in few meditation minutes I could go so deep. Send much love to You! ❤️

  14. I love being a Miracle Member! I have received so much inspiration not only from Gabby’s awesome podcasts, meditations and lectures but also from the community itself. It’s like having a bunch of spiritual running buddies to share this beautiful path with! I especially love having access to prior months, and being able to reference particular topics later on. Thank you Gabby for creating this! Much love ✨✨

    1. YAH Brittany! Grateful for YOU and that you’re connecting deeply with this work. Sending you big hugs. XOX

  15. Hi Gabby,

    I just left an ashram where I was expecting to practice all the things I have learned from you and get clarity on things that I was seeking. The experience was different than I expected and now that I am back to life I am once again turning to what you share with us. Today I woke up in fear, turning to people for reinforcement and feeling disconnected. Thank you for the reminder that I have everything I need and that I can turn to the universe and know that she always has my back….and to sit in stillness to receive the peace I am seeking.

  16. Gabby Thank You so much!! Where I struggle the most is on having compassion for myself. I am the hardest when is about me … and your words are the perfect reminder of the journey I need to walk, Love, acceptance, and compassion for myself, allowing me to not be perfect! THANK YOU… Love your pics in Instagram! 🙂

  17. Wow. This zapped me right back to where I needed to be. I’ve been feeling anxious and making up negative stories in my head and this was just what I needed. Thank you Gabby!

  18. I took some time this weekend to rejuvenate at my favorite park, where I heard very clearly that I need to re-dedicate myself to my spiritual practice, especially if I want to support myself as my life is expanding (I’m getting married next month, I run a spiritual/energetic academy, and I’m hosting my first retreat in October). I can see the ways I lose myself in the all things that need doing and as fear creeps in. I have so much gratitude for you Gabby for being my spiritual breadcrumb and empowerment today. Much love to you!

  19. Thank you Gabby, I needed this as I am feeling a heart filled with grief this morning. My son and his girlfriend of 3 1/2 years just broke up (I found out last night) and this is hard for a family. She felt like my daughter and I know this is not what either of them want. I am holding space for them and trusting in the divine plan. But also feeling my aching heart…
    I just finished your digital mastercclass and the final closing filled my heart with gratitude and sadness that it is over. Ready to step into my light 🙂
    Thank you for helping me step into my power.

    1. Honored to witness you stepping into your light and power! Sending lots of healing and love to your son and his girlfriend. <3

  20. Thank you so much! The Universe knew this is where we are at, surrendering to love. I also wanted to add, how at first I read your quote as “the next best thing to having Gabby on your personal couch” I thought wow! Yes I need Gabby on my couch, guiding me everyday. Lol thanks again!

  21. Hi Gabrielle

    Thank you for the emails.
    When I read them and I feel confident so positive.

    Iam going through a very difficult time in my life. Staying positive and have faith in the universe who has my back is very important to me.


  22. Recognizing this Light within you, my own Light shines brighter.
    Thank you for shining.

    Through your Masterclass and your exuberance I was brought back to the Course and, well, frankly it’s shoring up a lot of shit and I spend a lot of time crying it out. And it’s work, and it’s worth it. I can’t wait to inspire people in a BIG way like you do. I’m already doing it through my yoga business, but I’m ready for the next level.

    It’s Monday – Let’s go kick some ass!

  23. Hi Gabby
    I love getting your emails with your encouraging words – usually just when I need them!
    I have had an autoimmune illness for 2.5 years with very severe food allergies and hair loss – any advice? I’ve tried just about everything including spiritual practices, and I know where it originates from.

    1. I believe that Source/God/The Universe works through doctors and practitioners. Finding a doctor that you connect with and can support you is vital in the healing process. Continue with your beautiful spiritual practices, as they are also a major foundation to feeling your best. You are doing great work Ann! Sending you lots of love and peace. XOX

      1. Thank you so much Gabby. It means such a lot to me that you replied. I gave up on doctors a couple of years ago when I realised that they didn’t know anything about autoimmune diseases but more worryingly, were not interested in learning about them, especially alopecia or severe food allergies (this is in the UK). I am very inspired by people like yourself and Joyce Meyer, and I have discovered both of you in the last few months – I really cling to your positive guidance and I hope it will lead me out of this. My background was as bad as it gets, and some, so I guess the heavy toll is now reeking havoc on my body, after reeking havoc for many years on my mind! Gees will be at peace one day!

        1. Hey Ann! I also have an autoimmune disease that doctors knew nothing about. I prayed and asked for the universe to guide me to the perfect doctors (after spending years without doctors) & finally all three of my doctors know about my disease! It’s amazing. A little tip, look for a doctor that also studied alternative medicine. My primary care doctor studied Ayurvedic medicine, as well as getting his MD. I find a holistic approach to help much more than solely treating via medication/physical therapy.
          Much love and sending prayers

  24. Thanks Gabby. I love the Holy instant. Will do that. You often remind me to let go and let God, to use a beautiful expression

  25. It amazes me just how perfectly timed all your emails, posts, blogs, live videos are in alignment with what is going on in my life, they always come just when I need them…. Lol okay I just heard a voice within say “Really? It amazes you?”
    Ha ha thank you Gabby, I needed this today!

    Love, light & blessings


    1. This is just what I needed today Gabby, I have a job interview and I am in the place of fear! I will meditate and try to be in the space of love. xx

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