The Practices That Help Me Feel Good Every Day

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I recently talked to Thrive Global about how I thrive, sharing the spiritual and self-care practices I use to feel good every day.

As I say in Super Attractor, once you feel good, you start to easily attract what you desire. When we make feeling good our priority, everything else can flow — so in this post I want to share my tips for how to feel good and let go of stress!

The practices that help me feel good

Check out this video where I share my spiritual and self-care practices that help me feel good! Below the video I break down the details.

My new morning routine

My morning is very routinized now, because Oliver is my alarm clock and he doesn’t miss a beat! One of the great blessings my son has given me is organization.

Before I became a mom, I had a pretty free-flowing style. I would work at different times. I’d exercise at random times. Now I’m on a good schedule because he’s on a good schedule, and it’s been working really well for me.

One of the biggest benefits of being more organized is that I’ve actually found more time for my spiritual practices and self-care, because I take advantage of every pocket of time.

After waking up with Oliver and handing him over to my husband for the morning bottle, I go up to my office, get comfortable on my sofa and practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 20 minutes.

If you don’t have a TM practice, you can do a mantra meditation. One option is to sit with your eyes closed, silently repeating the mantra Sat Nam (“truth identified”) for 10 to 20 minutes, and then resting with your eyes closed for 2 minutes afterward.

You can also try this simple Kundalini mantra practice.

Clearing anger, rage and anxiety

Then I do another 20-minute Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) meditation, also known as tapping. I’m tapping on rage right now, which is good because it’s making me feel free, setting me up to win and healing my body.

We have so much unfelt rage and anger inside and then we manifest that in our body, because we don’t want to deal with that unconscious rage. One book that’s been helping me a lot is The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno. (I’ll write more about this topic in the future.)

If this resonates with you, then devote some time each morning to clear anxiety, anger or rage. You can do this with tapping or meditating, or you can just get all your feelings onto the page by writing in your journal. When you do this, the rest of your day will be hooked up!

Here’s a video by Brad Yates for tapping on rage. Remember to take full responsibility for your well-being when you tap, because unexpected emotions can come up.

My self-care practices

Physical movement and meditation are two big components of my self-care practice. If I have the time, I’ll take an hour to exercise in a way that makes me feel good. I mix it up — I do yoga, I do Pilates, I take sculpting classes, I go for walks.

My exercise secret is to move  in some way every day, which gives me a lot of freedom. (Exercising is typically part of my morning routine, too. Check out my IG Stories highlight for more.)

Another way I practice self-care is by doing my second 20-minute TM meditation in the afternoon.

But if you don’t have much time to spare, self-care doesn’t have to take long. It can consist of eating a meal slowly or taking a 10-minute walk without your phone.

Sometimes self-care just means gazing out the window. That seems strange, but it’s probably one of the most beneficial things you can do. It can be very meditative.

Make feeling good a practice

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, by Gabrielle BernsteinIn order to feel good consistently we have to make it a practice. It’s likely you’re used to waiting for your outside circumstances to dictate how you feel. I’m going to let you in something: The entirety of Super Attractor is a process of unlearning that habit!

I want to help you learn how to access good-feeling emotions even when things aren’t working out as you planned. Dedicate time each day to consciously focus on feeling good so that in time it becomes your default state.

Super Attractor hooks you up with tons of methods and tips for feeling good. For now, proactively do more things that make you happy. Think about all the activities in your daily life that make you feel good. Identify the things you do that bring you joy, and do them more often.

Make it a priority to feel good the same way you might make exercise or family a priority. If this is totally new to you or you suspect you’ll revert to old habits in a few days, then schedule these activities into your calendar as you would a meeting.

When we make feeling good our priority, everything else can flow | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorThis isn’t about turning fun into another obligation; it’s about making it a priority. If you know you need some structure in order to honor this priority, that’s okay. In time it will become a habit. Remember to be deliberate and bring conscious awareness to feeling good.

This is a whole new way of being. Feeling good must come first. Everything else will follow.

What do you do to feel good?

Leave a comment and let me know which joyful activities, spiritual practices and self-care rituals help you feel good all day long and thrive no matter what.

If you don’t have anything in place yet, then today I invite you to commit to adding one daily practice. Share a comment letting me know your new feel-good commitment!

I hope this serves you.

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  1. Dear Gabby

    I am a holistic wellbeing coach and author and I teach a lot of the same things you do, with everything I do being deeply rooted in self-love. Every teacher needs a teacher right? You are one of mine – namaste & thank you. Today I got off to a bit of a rough start and your voice came to mind when my shadow self and panicky inner child had drowned out my own voice of wisdom…I got to my desk really late in the day and instead of diving straight into work, I heard your voice and instead did some meditation and journal work. Thank you for all that you do and for lighting the way for me.

    Much love, Diana

  2. I have made stretching, listening to something in the MM and meditating, almost always a Gabby meditation, my wake up routine. I have now done it every day since April 6! So it’s been a month and I’m feeling a ton better more consistently! Thank you Gabby for all of your work because you have given me the motivation and willingness to do it for myself!! Xoxo

    1. Love this, Laure! So glad the miracle membership is serving you and has become part of your daily routine! xoxo

  3. Sound meditation has become indispensable to me. There’s something so powerful yet calming in the sound – I particularly love crystal singing bowls.
    And of course – music! Listening to my favorite songs (and singing along when I’m in the car).

  4. i do a dr joe dispenza meditation every moment it takes about 1:15hr – then a do a small work-out for 10-15min, eat breakfast and get on with my day – in the afternoon i will do a tapping on something bothering me when i am not working and then i try to take a walk and then in the evening i do a 20 minute soma breathwork journey – this whole routine has helped me sooo much

  5. would LOVE to have your tappings available here from the TAPPING SUMMIT..all 3 for me personally were so so well me…what I need…vs the RAGE one below….and Im with you…EXERCISE , MY TM MEDITATIONS, AFFIRMS, PRAYERS daily and TM def twice a day ..but would love at least one to two tappings that fit my daily routine…yours in the summit do! thanks so xo

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Lisbeth! I’m so glad that my tapping sequences resonated with you. It sounds like you’re doing great work– keep shining your bright light! xo

  6. Yes! A thousand times yes! I want to create a routine because my morning habits do not serve me in a way that works. Too much time in social media and watching the news. Ugh! But this is THE time, the year where I’m committed to feeling good!

  7. Honestly! Meditation reduces stress levels I often find I need it twice a day or asmr video relaxation.

  8. I have spent a lot of my life waiting for outside circumstances to make me feel good. Then once a good circumstance arose, my feeling good was short lived because I would prepare myself because something bad must be on the way.
    Making feeling good a priority makes me feel in control of my emotions and mood.
    Thank you for sharing the light.

    1. You’re welcome John. Keep focusing on things bring you joy, which will help you make choices from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety. <3

  9. Hi Gabby!

    I have a question about Kundalini Kriya + TM. Right now, I am doing the Subagh Kriya and would like to add as well. Is it okay if I tune in, do the kriya, tune out and then sit for 15-20 min of TM?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Great question, Kellie. Yes, as long as you tune out after the kriya, you can absolutely practice TM. Sat Nam, sister!

  10. Hi Gabby,
    I follow all your tools and try so hard to keep up with my spiritual practice. The problem is, I don’t feel heard by god or the universe. I ask for guidance with my struggles and yet feel so alone because I receive nothing. I practice kriyas to work through my blocks yet I feel even more blocked and angrier. why does this happen? The belief is there but I worry I am starting to lose faith..

    1. I appreciate your courage and honesty, Camila. It sounds like you’re asking what to do when you ask for divine guidance and don’t seem to receive it. The key word is “seem,” because we truly are always being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it. In these moments our work is not to force anything. Instead, I suggest you take the pressure off your practice. When you meditate, practice kriyas and so on, do it with the goal to feel good. Let it be a time of relaxation for you. This way you can start to reconnect to your practices and enjoy them, and as a result you’ll start to reconnect to your intuition as well.

      I often say that when we think we’ve surrendered, we need to surrender more. If this resonates with you, here are my five steps to spiritual surrender: I hope this serves you.

  11. Dear Gabby,

    I have tears right now, I am so grateful to you for this blog. I have a 35 year history of severe headaches and migraines. I have done Everything you can ever think of to both live a wonderful full life with my illness and find solutions and in many ways it has been a gift and taken my life in beautiful directions. I have just had a flare up after a very good year and it is very obvious that it is a direct reaction to some emotional situations that I am dealing with. I glanced through your blog the other week and the name Sarno just rung out to me like a bell. I have been in terrible pain for a couple of days and I felt called to download the mind/body prescription last night and for the first time, after years of every mind/body/trauma therapy etc it is like the clouds have parted and I have a sense of my rage and how to accept and work with it. I can’t explain how simple it feels right now and I immediately feel complelty different, I have been stuck in a victim state, in bed, unable to move for a couple of days and this morning I see an exiting new way through. I feel like this is truly a miracle. Thank you so much for sharing your journey so openly, it has touched me. I am looking forward to hearing more about your journey with this work and working with rage ’cause I am going to be exploring that myself over the next little while.

  12. hi there my name is Gina, I just want to say what you drink and eat can also make you feel better throughout your day, our body consists of 70% water, so drinking at least 6 standard glasses of water per day (2 litres) will help you feel nourished and hydrated which in turn gives you more energy and motivation.
    Also having enough protein in your diet will help with your energy levels.

    have a wonderful day 🙂

  13. I also love my morning routine and sets the tone for the day. I wake up early, sit and read something inspirational (lately by Gabby!) with a cup of coffee, then meditate, then journal/pray, then exercise. I’m fortunate that my job allows me this time in the morning. At any rate, I’m showered and ready to work by 9 am. (granted I’m lucky I don’t have much of a commute).

  14. Thank you gabby. Walking near nature and taking deep breaths appreciating what’s around me brings me down a notch and gets me back to balance.

  15. I have committed to your Daily Design method every morning. I don’t journal at all, so this will be a big step for me, and I hope will start my days on the right note.

    1. Nina, pray for guidance and be open to what comes. You can also have an open conversation with your loved ones about the feelings behind the hobby. It may help to see all sides and make the best decision.

  16. What makes me feel good is dancing tango: for the dance itself and for the social interaction. But I feel torn: when I go out dancing I feel guilty, because my husband is unhappy, he has to babysit. And the next morning I am tired… So I limit my dancing outings and I feel frustrated, because it’s my only social life. Dancing is a nice hobby but unpractical with a family life!

  17. Hi Gabby,
    I’m from Germany and you gave me this year so much hope and power to reconnect to my inner guidance and to some higher power. Thank you for your power and light which you share with the world. I am so excited to read your new book! But do you already know when it will be translated in German?? 🙂
    Much love, Jeannine

  18. Hey Gabby, it’s Colleen Coles! I really love to take walks in the afternoon in my neighborhood, when the sun is shining and warmly glowing low in the sky, and I do it with my baby in the stoller, and we just talk. I talk to him like I am talking to God or my spirit guides. It’s really helpful to get the led out, and i always feel more uplifted or clear after. Thanks so much for this article. It’s so helpful!

      1. I love being by the beach so I make the effort to walk along the seafront on my days off. Also putting in my headphones and dancing to my favourite music makes me feel good.

  19. To feel good I wake up and do a Sadhguru meditation, I then do a silent meditation and at the weekends I will journal for 20 minutes. Most days I will exercise at the gym for 45-60 minutes. I end every day with gratitude. If I get out of this routine, I notice the change within a few days

  20. I walk everywhere
    Have breakfast at Starbucks everyday
    Thank you for sharing…I needed a Gabby boost
    Looking forward to your next book

  21. Thank you… for everything. We met at Kirpalu this year. I drew you a picture of my miracle ( two birds landing on my head while I was in meditation by the lake). So I own a salon and beauty has been my whole life. I love doing and teaching home beauty which is natural to feel good. I teach how to make essential oil blends (in glass) with coconut oil in the beginning of each week. This way you can keep that blend in your bathroom, ready for use when you get done your shower. Then self massage starting at your feet all the way up and under the arms, and your private area. (Using the proper blend is a must) antibacterial and anti-fungal, then I tounge scrap, and oil pool or just brush my teeth with my oil blend. Next I do my yoga stretches in the hot shower because it feels amazing and I don’t have a lot of time. After the shower I put Sake on cotton and smooth it all over my face for a quick peel which moisturizes. Then I do my natural makeup, get dressed and go do hair all day. Feeling good is the most important thing I can do for others. It helps me serve them in a deeper connection. And when they tell me all the stories of there life’s I can avoid burn out. Thank you again for everything you do. God Bless You and your sacred work. Yours in sacred style, Chrissy

  22. Yes, I love my morning ritual. I sit early morning with my green tea, watching the day break, with soft background music, and my lit candle. After I spend some time meditating, then I write in my gratitude journal. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with MS and I love my morning ritual! I practice 15 minutes of self-care each afternoon. You can read about my journey on my website. I just bought your book too. Looking forward to starting it.

  23. Gabby I loved your book. I’m still reading it, got it on my iPhone. Did the meditation on chapter 8 and I felt the Light. I’m beginning, very slowly, to feel better. I had been depressed but I’m feeling hopeful. I loved how you were so candid with your personal stories. It has given me inspiration.
    I meditate every morning but must admit throughout the day I get involved with work. Today, during lunch I was reading your book. Love being the light, three love and live joyfully.
    Thank you so very much.
    Angeles Rodriguez

    How can I get your workshop bonus if I already bought your book on Kindle?

  24. I learned Transcendental Meditation back in 1997 . It was a great help but over the years I had fallen away from it . But now do it again try to twice a day if time allows . I’ve always came up with great Creative Ideas while doing the Meditation.
    Dr. jay Sarno’s book was a Life Saver for me in 2004 . I was going through a Bankruptcy and was about to loose my home my car Etc . I was out of work for 11 months then 3 more months . I had done Physical Therapy , Pool Therapy . Shots And Chiropractic Treatment . I was diagnosed with 2 Herniated Disc . Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis of the Spine . I needed a miracle . I found an article how to avoid Back surgery . An article in a magazine and the Chiropractors office . Went to Barnes and Nobles and bought the Healing Back Pain book first then the Mind Body Prescription . Bought his 2 Part Video set too . Needless to say it was the Cheapest thing I ever spent on my Back Pain syndrome that I had since the Mid 1990s till 2004 . I have very little back pain and have kept my job and also put a few walls in and other heavy stuff . Other Illnesses I’ve have followed the same techniques .

    1. Charles, grateful that you have reconnected with your practices and those tools are supporting you. Keep going. ✨

  25. I like to enter into a verbal prayer alone or with someone I trust, I like to do deep breathing and Wim Hoff inspired breathing, do a gratitude journal at times, take walks, and talk about my feelings/experiences with loved ones. I also like having relaxing meals and listening to good music at times and sipping on coffee or tea, depending on my desires that day, and dancing on certain days. Thanks for sharing a little about your days and perceptions and about what has worked for you!

  26. Dear Gabby ,
    Thank you for this extremely meaningful share . Its given me answers to questions I had for lifting my consciousness to the next level. The one thing I do to make my day good is letting the thoughts play with my mind for a few minutes as I look into the mirror to get ready for the day . Choosing the happy ones and letting go of the negatives .It leaves me at peace to start the day .

  27. You are a superbeautiful woman inside and out but this is one of my favorite photos of you… Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Sat nam ❤️

  28. Hi Gabby,

    I mediate for 10 mins in the morning and does my san salutation. Then I would go for a 20 mins walk and read something inspiring or educational while drinking my milk. I also love to do tapping. Thank you!

  29. I just discovered you today actually and it is exactly what I needed in my life. I have been lost fumbling around tryng to find a way to find peace, happiness and calm in my world. I stumbled upon one of your video’s this morning getting ready. My mornings are chaos. I am sure if I told you, you would shudder (I am a single mom of 3 children, a dog and a cat and do it all alone and sometimes not gracefully but I get it done and my kids are happy and healthy, LOL.!) Very excited to read absolutely everything I can find that you have written!

  30. I love taking walks and have recently started mediating after reading “Super Attractor”. I’ve been noticing a positive shift in so many ways! All I’ve been asking for is mental clarity and I’ve been feeling a lot lighter in my thoughts and have been letting go of unnecessary worry of both the past and future. It’s hard, but vow to keep up with the practices in your book.

  31. I take salsa lessons! Dancing is so freeing, gives me so much joy, and allows me to get into the rhythm of life, literally.

  32. This is beautiful… My morning rituals include, prayer, meditation and journaling. I take Time daily to read a Spiritual book, light incense and diffuse essential oils. I feel good …

  33. Hi Gabby, I loved this post. A morning routine is such a great way to set yourself up for having a wonderful day. It’s worth getting up a bit earlier if needed to find time to do it. I enjoy writing out my planner page for the day listing the things I need to get done, listing priorities for the day, what would make that day great, top three things I’m grateful for, etc., and going through some affirmations and visualizations, meditation, and journaling. I also engage in joyful activities later in the day such as walking with my dog, creative activities that I schedule in to be sure I have time for them (visual arts, crafts, writing), and one of my goals is to again start adding in more exercise time. I have found that these days flow more smoothly and even if they don’t having this kind of routine makes us much better able to handle everything. Great post, and thank you.

  34. This post comes at the perfect time. My husband and I were just taking our evening walk. I have a new book out. We are figuring out website and tour details. And stress is happening. I am also grieving a daughter who is in school overseas. It’s a blessing she is there. She is doing great. I just miss her. Since she left I have been anchoring with morning and evening meditations. I go to the gym and listen to you or Abraham Hicks while I elliptical. I walk in nature. Autumn is gorgeous here. I talk to the trees, the leaves, the sky, the stars if it’s night. But I can still feel the angst. I am going to try tapping. I love your stuff. I send it out to family and friends all the time. Thank you.

  35. My feel good moments are discovering you and your learnings… grateful. Thank you I also do Stained glass and it is another form of meditation for me. Seriously i am really having a great time of knowing myself more in listening to your audio book Judgement detox and also reading Attractor!!! My brain is getting soft but my heart is full. Love

  36. Gabby I too use meditation, movement and also the practice of Yoga Nidra to feel good and get in the flow. I also love reading spiritual books from my Guru Amma or from mentors like you, Sharon Gannon and listening to crystal bowls to raise my vibration. I am just starting to venture into eating better and have reduced alcohol and caffeine intake to almost nothing. Everyday is an opportunity for growth! Thank you for all you do for moving people towards greater consciousness! You are such a Shining Light!

  37. Hey Gabby!!

    Feeling good…mmm! Writing makes me feel good – free, really – so I try to dedicate time every morning to write after my daily meditation and morning coffee. Telling the people I love that I love and appreciate them brings me joy, so I do that as well! Something I’ve been doing recently that I learned from reading Super Attractor is using Abraham Hicks’ emotional scale. If I’m feeling some kind of uncomfortable or negative emotion, I pull up my screenshot of the scale and see how far I can climb up step by step. It’s been SO helpful because I can’t always jump straight to passion or love from anger, jealousy, or fear! Going up the scale bit by bit has helped me out of quite a few jams, so thank you. Helping others on their spiritual path is another joy of mine, so I’ve been brainstorming ways to support those seeking the next step in their own journey. I’m planning to start teaching meditation and your cooking show idea inspired me. Why not just have fun and let it roll?! Thanks for all you do – I’ve read almost all of your books and come to quite a few talks and even yoga in Sag Harbor! I always get a life-boost anytime your energy enters my sphere and I’m so thankful for your work. You rock!!

  38. I recently had an insight to myself that I’d like to share.

    Rather than say to myself “FROM NOW ON I WILL …meditate daily, not eat sugar, practice this self-care and that”

    I realized I do best in chunks of time.

    For example, for the next 40 days, I will do this kundalini practice and alongside it journal.

    Then I stack on other habits knowing it’s for 40 days.

    At the end of each 40 day cycle, I am assessing, switching things up and going for another round.

    It kind of tricks my ego to not freak out on the “forever” label.

    I’ve been going strong for a long time now and grateful to have broken down my self-care practices into chunks I can chew.


  39. Most morning’s I wake up and make a cup of tea, walk over to the beach and sip my tea and meditate (:

    Then if there’s waves I’ll go surf. If not, I’ll do yoga or some sort of HIIT workout and for breakfast I make myself a super berry protein smoothie!

    Thank you for always sharing Gabby! Namaste <3

  40. 1.Moving my body everyday (yoga, soccer, running, walking, dancing, HIIT workouts)
    2. Meditating everyday (right now I’m doing a kundalini meditation to transform negativity to self-love)
    3. Getting enough sleep!
    4. Spending time with friends connecting
    5. Doing things just for the JOY of it (I had my first piano lesson today since I was in 4th grade!)

  41. I have a crazy long commute from Orange County to NYC each day and I used to beat myself up for falling asleep on the train instead of doing something “productive”. I now put on my noise cancelling headphones w/ some Reiki music and let the beautiful notes flow through me. I also pretend the train is a giant rocking cradle and if I feel like snoozing, I snooze. Most of the time I flow in and out of meditation and dozing and it feels wonderful :o).

    Thank you for all you do, Gabby! I just heard your podcast with Lewis Howe and it was awesome!

    Big hugs :0)

  42. My joyful activities that keeps my vibration high is long distance swimming in the ocean, sunset beach power walks, Salsa dancing, and Yoga.
    So grateful to have all these that I can rotate with.
    Morning ritual drinking my tea and reading my Daily Word.
    So Blessed!!

  43. My daily walks in nature and by the lake have raised my vibration to the point where magic happens. I can call butterflies from atop trees to come down to the ground and spread their wings out before me so I can take pictures of their outstanding colours. Recently a beautiful dragonfly allowed me to spend time communicating with it for over 15 minutes. It sat on my finger, faced me and nodded its head when I asked questions. I was so overwhelmed I began to cry. The dragonfly too began to cry and wiped the tears from its eyes with its front legs. I recorded the entire interaction on my phone and have a hard time believing it myself. The dragonfly was quite large, turquoise and black in color. Now when I look at the video, I am amazed and feel blessed. Experiences like this make me feel happy and alive, and I know for sure there are powerful forces at work in the Universe. We just need to be open to the energy, believe in Magic and know we are all One.

  44. I used to take really good Care of myself when I only had one child and then I had twins… Phew I have been busy taking Care of all of them. Especially since they were solely breastfeed for 6 months. But I’m slowly getting back to me and my routines that supports me in feeling good. But What I have been doing is eating well and getting enough water. It has made a HUGE difference when being sleep deprived, nursing etc. And I’m starting to meditate again each morning. But most importantly I Think kind thoughts about myself as a mother of three small children. I’m doing my absolute best – also when everything is absolute caos. Thank you for Sharing What you do

  45. What makes me feel good is light a scented candle, take a shower with my favorite body oil, practice mindfulness meditation, have roses at home, eat dark chocolate, be around positive people, have a massage, go to see my therapist, go to Church, go to have my hair done at the salon, plus a pedicure…Sometimes write everything I am feeling…

  46. I just found you a few weeks ago by Devine intervention! I have read Super Attractor and now I am reading May Cause Miracles and The universe has your back! I am being the student and letting you lead and guide me. I am so thankful for you and your words and wisdom. I am surrendering everyday and I am so pumped to walk in the light and be free of the chains that have held me down for 50 years. ♥️♥️

  47. Wow Gabby! Once again you channeled through me. I literally just came from the book store where I was reading Dr. Sarnos book about healing your back. We are on some cosmic level together! I don’t know what else to call it.
    Thanks for your tips. I love EFT and I owe that to you. So I’m trying to figure out what was happening when my back got hurt? My ex husband’s gf, who he had an affair with and was our neighbor, had just hurt her back too!! Coincidence I think not! So of course I got attention. He brought me medication and water. Her back healed just as mine started! After reading I am feeling a bit better. Hugs to you and thank you for reading this. Traci xo

  48. I just finished reading your book ‘Universe has your back’ and was tremendously moved by it. This is another great post from you. I enjoy gardening and sitting in my garden enjoying the plants and flowers, go for a run or a hike, a little bit of painting and of course meditation. All these speak to my soul. Looking forward to more wonderful posts!

  49. OMG I LOVE BRAD YATES and thank you for sharing books that you love and are helping you!!! excited to hear more about the mind body prescription XOXO

  50. I’ve never been a high priority in my life. I’m more of a bystander going from one stress to the next.
    It’s been a minute since I have really thought what brings me joy.
    This post has REALLY made me want to incorporate some of these practices to find the “old me”.
    Thank you for sharing your success.

  51. Lots of Ho’oponopono. Eft when i need quick relief. Wstching funny stuff and afternoon walks which i call Wellness walks.
    I also bought your book your book. Im on chapter 8. Im sure it will be a Game Changer for me.

  52. Thank you so much for this beautiful post Gabby! I have been drinking in your wisdom for many years and I am inspired by your clarity, passion and generosity. Each post has so many helpful tips for the spiritual journey. Gratitude from the heart. xo

  53. I love lighting incense throughout the day, eating lunch or a snack outside if the weather permits (and sometimes even if it’s not… rain is healing sometimes ) and dancing in my kitchen while cooking! I’ve learned to not put pressure on these moments in terms of amount of time spent doing them… even 2-3 minutes are enough to ease my mind and delight my soul!

  54. Meditating makes me feel great. I started with this habit about a year ago and my life has changed since then, I was not an overnight change of course, it’s an on going change which keeps amazing me, I’m sure I will meditate de rest of my life, I love this habit.

  55. Hi Gabby
    My friend introduced me to you and your website. I am really glad she did. I love all the wonderful practices and thoughts you share with visitors to your site. Just in the exploration and learning stage right now. I look forward to further inspiration.

  56. I have anxiety , like you, I found that organization is my key to relief . I make a list of my entire daily tasks on a daily « things to do » list in my iPhone notes page and check them off .I add everything that is feasible that can be done that day . I also found living a completely de cluttered life also relieves my anxiety and depression . I purchased your audio book to listen to while I take walks in the gardens near my home and also while driving in my car . Good stuff for my soul Bless you

  57. I use meditation and yoga to feel good. sometimes at work, I go into the bathroom or for a walk and do 3 minutes of Breathe of fire. My outlook is instantly changed!

  58. I wake up early to work out and once the kiddos are at school, I sit down to meditate. I try to get in some reading during the day…. I am learning to pay attention to my body so I can feel the best! Loving your book, thank you!

  59. When I walk my dog, I feel it’s a stress relief. I plan on taking time to meditate each morning. Thank you for the encouragement!

  60. i go for a walk and move my body somehow by stretching or rebounding. i listen to audible while walking. my latest self help book. Super Attractor is it these days so thank you! I do love to tidy my home up. I feel good in a clean house. I like to sit and create. Come up with my next entrepreneurial ideas and moves. Organize our money, plan for saving and investing. Thank You Gabby!

  61. Ha ha, I thought it was very funny that I read here the answer to my question I always had about your morning routine… ‘what to do with the baby.?’. Give it to your husband… have to work on that than one than…

  62. Hi Gabby!
    I’m wrestling with a major career decision. One is fun, exciting and filled with opportunities. But it’s SO much fun that I think sometimes I won’t sleep because I’m so excited. How do you know you’re following the direction of fun and playfulness if it also has the potential to make you anxious and engage your nervous system too much? The other career option allows me to work from home, but it feels isolating.

    1. Priya, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe.

  63. Gabby – I LOVE THIS BLOG! I’m a new Mom too and I work long days. To keep me feeling good I get up at 430AM, meditate for 11 minutes and do a 20-30min workout of either yoga (via Yogaglo or just my own intuitive movement) or LEKFit. On the weekends, I typically get out into nature, either by walking with my son or going out for a run. Nothing makes me happier than being in nature, amongst the trees or by the water. I try to find mindful moments throughout the day, connecting to my breath, reading spiritual texts, laying on my accupressure mat when i get home….I’ve found this practice even more important since becoming a Mother. And I am so much more at ease and in tune nowadays. I’m also even more so unapologetic about doing these things and making them a priority.

  64. I feel good when I think about my family, my dog, about the relationships I have in my life. I feel good when I feel like I’m taking care of myself and I’m helping others.

  65. Gabby, thank you so much for this beautiful sharing.
    The spiritual practices and self-care rituals that help me feel good are:
    The moment I wake up, I drink 2 glasses of water with half a lemon to clean my body.
    Then I get back to my bed, take a notebook and write at least 10 things that I’m gratful for.
    Afterwards I do 10-20 min meditaion, and then read to myself out loud, the sentences I wrote before and while doing it, I’m tapping.
    Also I excrises everyday – usually at the gym (for 50-60 min),
    and for me it’s best time to listen to spritual/ motivational speakers (Abraham Hicks, Mind Valley, Gabby Bernstein, Louise Hay etc).
    Have a nice day,

  66. Some of my favorite feel-good practices: seeing my Reiki Master to align my chakras, meditation, Epsom salt baths, running

  67. I love this, thank you Gabby! I feel good when I’m moving my body in a way that feels good in that moment…Whether it’s yoga, pilates, walking, dancing, cardio workouts, I want to stay committed to this feeling and let go of the outcome. Also a delicious healthy meal or hot drink always makes me happy xx

  68. Oh, thankyou for saying ‘staring out the window’. My favourite pastime and so deliciously unproductive!

    What I do each morning is take a moment alone (usually on morning walk, walking really helps me connect) to say a specific prayer. ‘Who am I? I’m a spiritual being having a human experience’ and then in my own words I take the first three of the 12-steps (Which are based on addiction recovery but work on everything for me).
    I finish with ACIM prayer (what would you have me be, do etc) and then just let myself open to inspiration (ha- usually my mind turns to ego stuff first THEN inspiration).
    I think the key thing is to clear up your crap and connect to spirit using whatever means work for you. ❤️

  69. What do you do with your baby when you’re meditating, exercising and doing all these wonderful self care things?

  70. I am a Vedic meditation teacher (similar to TM). My twice daily practice aids with me feeling good most of the time. I also ensure I move daily, morning yoga and when I can walks along the beach. A weekly gym class.
    I welcome each morning with gratitude of the day and ensure I eat what my body tells me.
    Rituals and habits ensure consistency and that works for me. I also ensure I smile and say hi to strangers as that puts a smile on my face also and that stimulates my happy hormones more. Thanks gabby
    Tiffany x

  71. Hi, Well I saw your email, I am at a total loss. I don’t feel anything really. But I would say I am weighed down. I am trying to let go and wait for things to change in my life which is really hard for me to do. I am trying to attract all the good things I know I deserve, however I was just thinking if I was blessed with one million New Zealand dollars right now how would I feel? The truth is mentally it wouldn’t make any difference, yet financially I could start doing what I want to.
    It is really hard to shift this sluggish mood. Meditation just isn’t my thing. I started panicing how can I attract the life I want if I don’t meditate. I was looking for Colette Baron-Reids book Uncharted when I found Joe Vitale book “The key” which I have had for years but the universe showed me I needed to read it again. I discovered about Ho’Oponopono saying “I love you” and that really works for me. I have been on this journey along time and read many books, but when I came accross the universe has your back alot of what I had read in other books started to make sense. Its like I have been on this journey for a long time, but I never seem to have all the information in a way that makes sense to me.. The Universe has your back changed that for me and I am very grateful. I am hopping I will find the answer to my sluggish mood.
    Anyway Gaby thank you and I am so happy you got your son. I went through a similar experience, the universe had my back then even when i didn’t know of such things. When I look back the universe has been there for me many times whether I believed or not.
    I would loved to have seen you in Australia next year 2020, right now that isn’t in my budget. One day I will get to meet you.
    With Love in the Universe

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