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The very first lecture I ever gave was at The Learning Annex. I titled it “How to Wear Your Gym Clothes to Work.” Clearly, a nontraditional career has always been important to me!

Since the start of my career I have worked for myself. Freedom is a huge priority to me in my work life. But even if you’re not an entrepreneur,  my intention in this post is to help you find that sense of freedom regardless.

We all have a spark inside us. We all want to find a bit of that entrepreneurial mojo and find more of our voice. Maybe you want to become more authentic at work, or maybe you want to strike up a side gig that speaks to your passion. Or maybe you want to make a big leap and start your own business.

Whatever it is, having a greater sense of freedom in the work you do and how you earn is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

I want everyone to be able to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I’m committed to giving entrepreneurs awesome resources to grow their businesses.

If you run a business or dream of starting one, then check this out!

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  1. Thanks Gabby! My son and I started a business a little over a year ago and we are having a blast. It’s difficult at times and we have to eat some sh*t sandwiches every now and then, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I LOVE the freedom. Check us out in Tampa, FL. Thanks again for your inspiration. I’ve been a spirit junky since the first time I saw one of your videos about 3 yrs ago. Keep inspiring!!!

  2. Hi Gabby – thanks for sharing this message. I am going to step up my focus on my blog. I tend to think of it more as a hobby, but I am going to treat it as seriously as I treat my career!

  3. Thank you for posting.I am just starting to step out on a creative project that I plan on making a business.It involves using my artistic talent to repurpose discarded items.I have finally faced the reality that my days working employed by others are numbered.I also deserve to make more money.This will be a transition and begin as a side project but I see it becoming a source of sustainable income.

  4. Hi Gabby,

    Yes I’m so needing to hear this again. Would really like not to have a boss. Looking at setting up as a freelance makeup artist but also really want to write a blog.

    Want it to be a travel, lifestyle health blog.
    Thank you for posting this message. I left my full time nanny job as was working long long hours. So now have gone part time would be great to work on myself at least one maybe two days a week. Currently inbetween jibs so have gone away with my dad. Just sitting in a coffee shop relaxing doing my own thing. Not in my gym clothes though.

    Sharon xx

  5. Thank you Gabby! You reminded me of why I chose to start my own business. I am an Executive Consultant for the doctors that created Proactiv, Rodan and Fields. I am super passionate about this business and the products, but it is constantly challenging me to step out of my comfort zone…and I mean WAY OUT!! I love helping others with these products, and I especially love helping other women empower themselves to start their own business. The reminder that this business will give me the Freedom to go as far and as high as I choose, really helped me today. Also, just started your book, May Cause Miracles as well…so helpful!! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you Gabby!! Freedom is the reason I started my own business as an Executive Consultant with Rodan and Fields. At times it is very challenging, as I often have to step out of my comfort zone, but that is what helps us grow. Just started you book, May Cause Miracles as well! So helpful…thank you!

  7. My creative path used to be a clearly marked, well planned out and successful one. Then, due to some of life’s surprising difficulties, I lost that path for a few years and gave my energy to a “job” that has drained me while my creative genes wasted away in a forgotten corner. I have found my way back. My new creative business plan is becoming clearer each day with your inspiration, the prospect of possible taking B-School (a little intimidated by the price), and remembering how important it was to keep my creative spirit at the forefront of my life rather than placed in a closet to be forgotten. Thank you for your spirit, your sharing, and your soul.

  8. Perfect Monday morning message. I am going to up my game today by sending hand written thank you cards to all the clients that came in to see me last week. Letting them know that I appreciate them and building a stronger personal relationship. Excited to get to work now. Thank you, Gabby. Namaste!

  9. Thank you for this video Gabby! My husband and I were just talking last night about finding the courage to leave our current occupation and find a life that we love and are passionate about. I feel like this video could be a catalyst for us!

  10. For me it’s the freedom to allowing myself to unfold. Ultimately, I am feel a strong impulse to write books and teach people online. What I do? I’ve published my first book last year, and now I am building my online platform. Besides that, I am learning skills such as Social Media Marketing that I need for my online business later on, and offer them as a service to others.

  11. I have worked in my gym gears for the past year now and I LOVE it. Sometimes I put some “normal clothes” on just to get the wear out of it:). I live in Bondi Beach and we are known for walking around in our gym gear so my outfit fits straight in!

  12. I saw you in NY. Bought 3 of your books. I’m a little “older”. (I’m the lady on the workshop videos asking you about age). I’d love to check out your mom’s blog if you could give me the address. I have a blog and a website, and hopefully a new book! I love going to work in my cute jammies and slippers. And my Gabby books!! 😉

  13. Thanks Gabby! I’m an artist, and I’m trying to build a busisness around my children’s books. So far it’s been tuff getting traction and building my audience. I’m a quiet person so getting out there has been my biggest hurdle. Yesterday, I watched a piece on Sports Center about a brave little girl named Miyah Telemaque-Nelson and it reminded me that what I do isn’t about me or necessarily for me. It’s about helping others and giving love and hope (that’s by biggest goal) . I really recommend watching the piece. It will move you. Here is a link to the NBA start who was her buddy.

  14. Good Morning Gabby and everyone else! I’ve had a childrens book written for a while now. Its more of a fun environmental book that teaches kids about how to help out planet. Anyway, I don’t know what has stopped me from getting it published or even trying to get it published. It was not really about the money it was more about the message. I know I just have to do it!!!
    Thanks Gabby for inspiring me to “just do it”

  15. Hi Gabby met you in New York at Kris Carrs book launch . You are as stunning in real life as you are on line , I will have a worldwide number one hit that will transform people and bring them from a place of fear to a place of love n less than three minutes .

  16. Hi Gabby – Thanks for sharing this topic this week! I am going to set my intention of taking my career to the next level. I have been comfortable in my job for the past year and am not living up to my full potential. This is a reminder that I need to keep myself intellectually challenged and not play it small in the workplace. Thanks!

  17. Gabby
    Thanks so much for your postings. Can’t wait to get signed up for Bschool through your link, the bonuses are awesome! I am heading on a path to become a VA to coaches and speakers like yourself. I feel a call to help busy people get organized and reduce their stress. I am also looking for freedom to be who I am and not be tied to titles or resumes anymore.
    Mel 🙂

  18. I just LOVE working in my yoga pants! It helps of course that I teach yoga and am expected to wear them every day LOL

    I left my corporate job so that I could experience this freedom and do work that I feel deeply connected to and passionate about. I have attained that and keep adding more to what I can offer my clients – it is always such a deep honour for me to be of great service to my clients on their journey towards healthier, happier and more balanced versions of themselves.

  19. I am going to become more consistent in creating content for my Facebook page & soon to be launched website. Will be taking this just as seriously as I take my career if not MORE. Oh, and say NO way more often because time is my most valuable resource.

  20. In 2013 I rock bottomed from an experience with years of having a stalker. I had a concussion from falling after years of insomnia. That combined with anxiety I couldn’t even focus to read anything, until I found your “may cause miracles” book. It set me on a path to Marie Forelo and many other books and techniques. I’ve been interested in B school for years and seeing you and Marie teamed up,may be my go for it sign! Thank you again for helping me up from my rock bottom. Seeing and feeling the shift in thought has changed my life!

  21. Thanks for the video… you are an inspiration to me. I intend to spend time on my growing business everyday in order to keep going forward. Thanks Gabby for all the good advice 🙂

  22. Hi Gabby! and the spirit junkie community My intention is to start my own nail & beauty salon and can’t wait to be my own boss and entrepreneur

  23. Hi Gabby! I was told once (by my boss) that I should only work for myself. She meant it as a dig, but it got me thinking! This year I finally made the leap and started my surprise travel business called Whisked Away. It is going so great! Thanks for the inspirational messages, as always.


    Charlotte 🙂

  24. I have realized that so much of my why stems from wanting freedom in my own life. Thank you for this video!

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