Discover Your Erotic Creature

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

In this video I share about my S Factor journey towards discovering my Eroctic Creature. To learn how to awaken your power presence within watch this vlog.

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  1. i’m going to S Factor LA on May 20th can’t wait! i’m grateful for you Gabrielle! muah!

  2. Ooohhh! Love this! You are too cute (& sexy, of course). I love how your energy just oozes out of my little iPhone screen.. I think I know a friend who’s done a Sheila weekend deal.. Or something very similar. She’s a dancer (jazz, ballet, etc) & instructor, a little powerhouse in a 5-foot frame.. Her husband set up a dance floor w pole in their living room.. It’s removable so they use the floor for their Christmas tree stand 😉
    Thank you for this vlog – I will be exploring my options!

  3. Brava, my Goddess Siren Sister! As you know Gabby this is right up my alley and exactly what my next book and my columns are about. I will be posting this video on my blog. Well done!! And my readers/viewers have been wanting more Gabby since our interview anyway. Wonderful.

  4. I’ve been to S-Factor and … LOVED IT!!!! Oh, and thanks for ‘bringing me back’ by clapping loud haha (I started multi-tasking and not giving this video my full attention, then I heard your clap … think u meant it to snap u back to your word flow … but hey spirit works in many ways ; )

  5. YES!! Enjoy your erotic creature. There is so much power in that sexy we sometimes turn off and ignore. Play with it, embrace it, and have fun.

    My fave is a hip roll, head roll combo. Ahhhh . . . . it feels so delicious!

    Don’t waste the sexy!

    Sweetly, Joni

  6. Fabulous!! I found Mama Gena and Sheila Kelly several years ago, and their work really encouraged me to explore parts of myself I’d never opened up to before. When I saw that you were connecting with them, I was so jazzed to see what you would do with it. As always, I just love the spin you put on things. Thank you for sharing all of your explorations with us! Love, Jennifer

  7. Great vlog!
    i have a big smile on my face as I write this thinking back to meeting you at the Ladies Who Launch Dream it! Live it! Launch it! Conference in NYC in Novemeber 2010 when you spoke and signed my copy of Ing! I remember looking at the cover and knowing that it was shot on 23rd Street in front of The Chelsea Hotel and…S Factor! Love that you have returned to this location and practice!!!
    much LOVE-

  8. Love this! Yes, we all have an erotic creature deep within us and it’s so fun bringing her out to play! I read Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts recently, but I’ll to look into S-Factor as well!

  9. This video reminds me a lot of my friend, Sandy Galiano, who is a follower of yours, Gabby. Sandy wrote a book recently titled Umbrellas in the Rain, and it is actually endorsed by Sheila Kelley herself. I read it in 2 days straight and highly recommend it to women especially. The energy of the divine feminine is all over this book!

    1. Thank you Hadley. You are super sweet and I am extremely thankful to Sheila. She created an amazing studio for women and she has been a successful woman who has supported me on my journey as an author. It truly shows how deep her love runs…all women!

  10. Wooo-hoo!!! YOU go S~ing girl!!! SO AMAZING!!! When we wake up to our Erotic Creature we become such hyper-sensualized women who are even more power houses than before. I am so happy for you and SO looking forward to this journey you are on. YAY!

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