Deepen Your Spiritual Connection by Free-Writing After Meditating

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Note: I updated this blog post in November 2018 to give you more guidance and resources.

In all my books and teachings, including on this blog, I have an important mission that guides everything I do.

I want to help you crack open to a spiritual relationship of your own understanding so that you can serve the world, attract your greatest desires and live with a strong faith that will support you at all times!

One of the most awesome to deepen your spiritual connection, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, is to free-write after meditating.

What is free-writing?

Free-writing is also known as stream-of-consciousness writing. When we free-write, we don’t edit ourselves. We don’t question any of the words that come through for us. Instead, we simply write it all down.

Free-writing is a really cool way to ignite your creativity, and many authors turn to it when they want to bust out of their routines and let ideas flow. It’s also my favorite way to amp up my meditations!

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn why free-writing after meditating is so powerful, and to get my guidance on how to practice it.

Why free-writing after meditating is so powerful

In meditation we connect to an energetic source. You might also think of this as your intuition or inner guidance system. When we meditate we slow down our breathing, quiet our conscious minds and become very receptive to spiritual guidance.

When we come out of meditation, many of us want to go and grab our phone, jump right back into work or otherwise do something that takes us out of that connected, meditative space.

But after meditating I like to take advantage of being in that ~ing zone, or inner guidance zone, which is a concept I talk about in my book Add More ~ing to Your Life.

Gabby Bernstein free-writingWhile I’m still in this meditative, spiritually connected place, I open my journal and free-write for at least five or 10 minutes after I meditate.

Free-writing lets us make the most of the clear, connected and intuitive space we’re in after meditating. Inspired, creative and beautiful messages often come through while free-writing following a meditation.

How to free-write after meditating

After you sit in meditation and access a place of stillness, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, pick up your pen and let the words flow in a journal.

Before I begin free-writing I write at the top of the page, “Thank you, guidance of the highest truth and compassion.” When we call on inner wisdom or a voice of spiritual guidance, we want to be conscious to call in a voice that is the most loving, kind and compassionate.

You can write anything that helps you call on this loving guidance. You might write, “Thank you for showing me what to do about this situation” or “Thank you for helping me hear whatever I need to hear in order to move forward.”

What you’re doing is aligning with source energy through your meditation and then bringing that energy onto the page.

Check out my guided Journaling Meditation!

I made a new Journaling Meditation to help guide you into alignment with the Universe before you begin your journaling process. All you have to do is press play and let the inspiration flow onto the page.

Use this guided meditation to:The Universe Has Your Back Journal by Gabby Bernstein

  • Call on guidance from the Universe with a powerful energetic request
  • Calm your mind and body so that you can tap into inspiration
  • Enhance your experience of free-writing

The meditation is free when you order The Universe Has Your Back Journal! You can download it instantly here.

Tweet: Free-writing lets us make the most of the clear, connected and intuitive space we’re in after meditating. @gabbybernstein

You may start channeling while free-writing!

You may find when you start to free-write that your pen moves very quickly, or that words come onto the page that aren’t even your own. This is called channeling and it’s very cool. You are free-writing through the voice of your intuition and writing down the messages you are channeling! Trust that voice and trust those messages.

What if you feel stuck?

In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckIf you feel stuck and feel resistant to the process, just write. Let your pen flow and don’t overthink it. Overthinking is what creates resistance. Just get all the ideas onto the page without judging them, even if they aren’t what you expected. Don’t edit yourself, either.

If you need to begin by writing the same thing over and over, then that’s totally fine. You might write, “I have no idea what to write but I welcome any ideas that come forward,” until something does! Whatever thoughts come into your mind, don’t question them. Just write them down. The more you write, the more your resistance will melt away.

While I believe that writing by hand is most powerful if you’re able, you can also type! If the biggest block for you when it comes to free-writing or journaling is that you don’t like writing by hand, just open a document on your computer and type. This can be especially helpful when the messages are coming to you really quickly.

Take the messages you receive seriously

When you’re done free-writing, read what you’ve written. Underline anything that feels particularly intuitive or inspiring to you. Take in the messages you’ve received and take them seriously. Free-writing is a truly powerful way to connect with spirit, so trust that you’re receiving the messages you need.

The more you practice free-writing after your meditations, the easier it will become. If you want more guidance, my books Add More ~ing to Your Life and The Universe Has Your Back have the most free-writing exercises.

Start free-writing with The Universe Has Your Back Journal!

The Universe Has Your Back Journal makes it easy for you to enhance your intuition and deepen your spiritual connection with devoted time for inner reflection.

I love this spiral-bound journal because you can open it flat for easy writing. And it’s beautiful! The watercolor designs and mantras from the book will inspire you as you free-write, holding space for your dreams and helping you manifest your greatest desires.

Order your journal now and get your free Journaling Meditation instantly!

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  1. Wow!! Just did your meditation and free writing after it finished. Ok so I have been trying to control getting pregnant for 2 years! It has been exhausting – I have let the fear take over my faith. Now I see everything that has happened over the last few years was detouring me in the right direction. I needed this to happen! Doing this activity I felt so calm and relaxed. More than I have in the last 2 years. I now know I need to add meditation and journaling into my every day/weekly routine.

    Question – Is it normal that I wrote it as if I was taking to myself? I just let the pen flow and didn’t think about what I was writing. It came out like this –

    “I am on the right path I must relax and let everything fall into place as it should. The control must stop. My life is unfolding just how it is supposed to and if I just sit back and take a look I would see that. Everything that has happened was for my highest good. My dreams have came true right before my eyes – what would be so different now. Everything is working out just how I need I to, at just the right time. The universe has my back. New doors open at just the right time”

    Thank you!!!!

  2. Gabby- I just tried free writing for the first time ever. HOLY BATMAN!!! I’m shocked what came out on the page. It wasn’t me writing. My spirit guides call me “little one”. They told me I am precious, love, truth, light. My aura colors are green blue white and yellow. They told me my grandma is “watching Yellowbird” (the Indian name she gave me). They told me not to doubt my gift of animal communication and I will change the world with it. They said they would “stretch time” so this will happen. They told me I will have a baby girl at just the right time and to look for the “flower moon”, cherry blossoms and pink flowers as the sign. Then they said I will soon live in a house made of trees in nature and not to doubt that in deserve all of this.
    I am in tears because I doubt and judge myself A LOT. I’m currently reading your Judgement Detox book to help with that.
    Thank you for teaching this. It’s already changed my life

    1. Thank you for sharing your miracle moment, Rozanna. I’m so glad that this work is serving you. Keep shining your light! xo

  3. I’ve been journaling for a while now and Gabby has a huge role to play in that. I cannot express how much it has helped me
    > get in tune with my authentic self
    > figure out my life’s purpose, my soul’s mission
    > love & appreciate my strengths
    > accept and lovingly work towards my weaknesses
    > sharpen my intuition

    and so much more!
    Thank you babe…for being YOU!

    PS… I now make all my clients journal often but writing after meditation & before sleep is something I am going to start doing now..

    Love & Light.

  4. I had a profound meditation this morning around a key Course in Miracles workbook lesson 162 I am as God crested me. Afterwards I eventually checked my phone and there was this post from you. I found a piece of paper and the words flowed as an extension of the meditation. Grateful for you and all of us.

  5. I have been free-writing and channelling for nearly 5 years now after a course I did with Barbara Marx Hubbard helped me to access that aspect of myself. I get through the most incredibly beautiful messages, and words of wisdom which are the joy of my life. I am glad you are teaching this because of course, it is available to us all. My doubt and lack of trust got in the way for some time, as I wondered whether or not I was just regurgitating everything I’d ever read onto paper…but I soon realized, that although I am good at writing, I am not THAT good. So I was able to trust that the wisdom I was receiving was coming from a higher source! I say this with good humour, and leave a couple of my messages here. There are so many but these are just a couple of examples…

    There is only One of Us
    manifesting as the diamond drops of Consciousness
    Each jewel carries within it
    a spark of God Consciousness
    yet each returns, time and again to the Source.
    Each carries a seed
    A seed of evolutionary possibility.
    To become more than one has been.
    Unfurl your wings….it is time to fly.
    Fly into the realm of all possibility.
    Take your fear and release it to the stars
    There is nothing you cannot be, do or have in God’s Kingdom

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Embrace life, for life embraces you.
    You are a child of God
    As loved as it is possible to be
    For you are Love.
    The essence of Love runs through you.
    Remove fear from your heart
    Fall back into life
    We will catch you, every time.

  6. A long long time ago, I was told to work on my automatic writing as a kind of meditation and universe awareness practice. I didn’t. I wish I did but its not too late! Oddly it was on my mind the other day. And here I am reading exactly what I needed to read this morning. Much love.

  7. i did something interesting….
    i wrote,allowed myself to be guided,but before i started i decided and wrote that after im done writing ; im going to throw it out…i have countless notebooks and journals and i never know what to with them…… when i was finished writing i went to throw it away,,but i couldnt just throw it in the trash..i dont know why,so i ended up soaking the paper in water with purple soap…i had written in red pen and as i was soaking the papers and the words i had written in the water i just started to immerse my hands in the water and gently crumble the paper with my hands,it felt wonderful..the sink started filling up and then the water started turning different shades of purple from the mix of the red pen the purple soap and the blue from the lined paper… then i removed my hands and watched the water drain as a vacuum of the shades of purple swirled down the sink… i was left with a big clump of wordless purple mush,this i just chucked in the trash with a smile and a sigh of relief…
    it was a very cathartic experience
    i had been writing for over a hour
    voicing my fears ,my wants my needs
    and then i just trusted and let it all go,and got to be a part of the whole process…

  8. Gabby,
    You have literally changed my life! On a particularly challenging day where nothing seemed to be going right, I literally surrendered to the Universe and the Universe Has Your Back did the digital equivalent of falling open in the floor in front of me. I have gotten into meditation and even know the names of my spirit guides (who are very helpful, btw). After almost dying (well actually dying for 3 mins.), I knew I was called to a higher purpose. I am being told to write a book. Between my meditation and free writing I am hearing messages like your greatness is from within and write your book. I’ve been told to trust that my greater purpose will be revealed soon. I have had the experience of my own writing being taken over and have this crazy handwriting. The last message I received was you are loved and you are love. I’m still pretty new to all this but it’s been an amazing experience that is changing my life. Thank you for opening me up to the change. Love and light for all you do! xxx

  9. I have been doing my Cross Heart Kriya (yes I am a Kundalini junkie) in the mornings dealing with addictions and then journaling afterwards. Some amazing things are coming up and I also ask for a sign. I have been dealing with a lot of PTS and many other things in my life that I have not known how to deal with. With all of that said the free writing and trusting in “the pen” is what I am hearing now has really brought somethings to life for me to release In fact one of the largest ones is dull deep pain I get in my right scapula usually the same time daily. With your help and the help of others in our “spiritual junkie” world I have learned just to embrace it thank it so very much for it protecting me (it is anger) for so many years of my life and release it with love. This has been given to me through journaling. Amazing things are happening with just one piece alone. Thank you for your books

    1. I’m so happy to hear that these practices have served you and that you’ve experienced so many miraculous shifts. Trust in the healing path and more will come. Sending you love + light.

  10. I love this tool and have been using it for a few years, I sometimes struggle with trusting the messages and wonder if there are any tips to help, Thanks

    1. Beth, there is a chapter in The Universe Has Your Back that is dedicated to asking for and receiving signs from the Universe. This practice may help you recognize that voice of divine wisdom! You may also find these blogs/videos helpful:

      How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides
      The 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender
      How to Surrender Your Goals to the Universe (there’s a question I answer about distinguishing the voice of your inner guide from the voice of the ego!)

  11. My dearest Gabby,

    How indebted I am to you for your books, your work, your LIGHT! I’m so pleased to watch this video about writing after I meditate. I firmly believe that is where we mine for gold. We are most connected the Source. The mind is still, the heart is open.
    My fiancé and I have begun a joint effort, so beautiful to experience. We have the daily journal called “Rituals for Transformation: 108 Day Journey to Your Sacred Life.”
    I’m thrilled that he and I are on this spiritual “writing” path together…we each keep our own journal, doing our own meditation and writing on the short spiritual concept…I’m finding that the insights go deep, the awareness we gain is a treasure. We write ten minutes in the morning, and then again at night, ten minutes or gratitude and reflection on the lessons.
    I have ordered your GORGEOUS deck of cards you just created, can hardly WAIT to receive them! Works of art, they are!
    Also, ordered “Altered Traits” (so excited about the history of those two authors, as I’m a big fan of meditation and if Ram Dass….his book Be Here Now changed my life at 21, and I became a scholar of world religions at UCSB.
    Simply adore you Gabby, hope to someday make your acquaintance. You are lovely on a thousand levels. Namaste!!!


  12. Just listened to your talk on the Self-Awareness Summit, meditated and then free wrote about the experience. Was thrilled to see this as a blog post. Looking forward to listening to your audiobooks and hearing more of what you have to share. Thank you and take care.

  13. I love writing after I meditate. Here is what I wrote a few days ago right after a meditation and now am using it for my mantra:
    Thank you for this weightless moment.
    Thank you for the feeling of my heart filled with love. Thank you for showing me how love kicks fears ass each and every time. Thank you for those huge hurdles I have overcome each time to realize once again, love beats fear. Thank you for the awareness you put in my heart that keeps me real. I am now understanding I have had you with me and the strength to always persevere. I do not need to go looking for outside sources which will fill me with happiness or make me complete. Peace,joy, love and abundance have always been here. Now that I know this, I want to share it with others. Please always remind me as I know you will. xo

  14. Thanx for this tip, lovely! I’m a painter, and funily it just happened today that after my morning meditation I got an inspiration for a new painting….so I don’t always write, I sketch the energy…that counts, I suppose :))

    Greetings from the Canary Islands

  15. This is powerful stuff! I was in the midst of a quarter life crisis not knowing what my purpose was in terms of career. I was really unfulfilled and anxious and at time depressed. I was just existing like a robot in the rat race. After doing your meditation then writing for 10 minutes there were things that showed up on the paper from my subconscious that amazed me! Like writing as a passion. I completely forgot I used to write as a teen. If you had asked me as the stressed adult I was “would you like to write a book” I would have not thought much of it but seeing it come through on that bit of paper just unlocked something in me and now I’m writing my first book 🙂 hopefully hay house will pick it up too lol.

    1. Write it out! Let it flow. 🙂 I didn’t used to think of myself as a writer at all, until I sat down to write my first book. Tap into that inspiration you had as a teen. xoxo

  16. Hi Gabby – A year ago, I began free-writing after I read The Universe Has Your Back. It has been a complete game changer for me. For decades I avoided any writing /journaling. I told myself I was too impatient/busy and that it was a pointlessly indulgent use of time. I even have journals–which I plan to burn btw–from when I was as young as 9, which I literally marked up with negative self-talk immediately after writing them (comments like –“you’re so stupid!” “duh!” “he’ll never like you!” etc. etc.). But after I read your book and began meditating and free-writing, with a little help from a complete spiritual breakdown ;), I realized my resistance and all the judgment and negativity weaved into my childhood journals was reflective of my disconnection from Source at a very young age. Now, I always write post meditation and it’s been incredibly healing. It reminds me that I’m supported and loved and that I am Light. So big thank you (again)!

  17. Thank you so much for this email today Gabby! It was the exact medicine I needed. I’ve been building an online health coaching program & although I’m really excited about it, I have been in such a rut the past couple of weeks. After I received your email, I watched your video and decided to try this out. I went straight to my meditation area with a notebook & pen. After meditating for a while, I opened my notebook and this is what flowed out, “Love is all that is. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Love others. Hear their stories. Listen. Teach. Heal.” And right after, my pen didn’t stop. I continued writing for 20 minutes and once I completed I had an entire visual meditation written down. The crazy thing is I’ve been trying to record meditations for my online program and haven’t managed to finish a single one. This truly is a miracle! Thanks SO much Gabby!
    <3 <3 Kyla

  18. I just came out of alcohol addiction, and find meditation really helpful. Everything was dark and grim a month ago, but after starting free writing the words that came to me every time… amazing. The words are soothing me: “Addiction doesn’t serve me. There is nothing to be afraid of.” Every time. Thank you for all the love and light, looking forward for your next book <3 You started my journey back to life.

  19. I love your suggestion of staying in the meditation zone with free writing. I asked for guidance in my meditation today and while I haven’t received an answer yet, it felt wonderful to get still and then reflect on paper. The first thing that came to mind upon reflection was remembering the beautiful souls who perished on this day 16 years ago.

    1. The guidance will come in time. It’s beautiful that you gave yourself that time to reflect and remember September 11th. xo

  20. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this post. I free-wrote after my meditation practice today, and I was amazed at the clarity I found. Like, actually amazed. I plan on making it an essential part of my day! Thank you again!

  21. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you for this blog post! You keep inspiring me! I’m going to start free writing after my meditation practise. I used to free write and write poetry but it stopped a while ago. I deepened my meditation practise in April and am feeling much more connected. The words ‘I am from the light, I am of the light and I am bringing back the light came to me’ which gave me goosebumps. I normally look at my phone after meditating but will grab my journal instead. Much love to you! Namaste faye

  22. Do you really type? Does that not disconnect you? I love journaling but find when I start typing I get into my head too much…. However, my hand often cramps from writing…. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks! Would love to do it on the computer, but not sure how to stay connected to my spiritual side and out of my cerebral side.

    1. If typing takes you out of the zone, don’t type. 🙂 You don’t have to write for long — a few minutes of free-writing will do, and you can take it slowly if your hand cramps up. If what distracts you when typing is all the other stuff on your computer, try a browser extension or tool that creates a very simple background. Just Google “typing without distraction” and you’ll see tons of options! xx

  23. Namaste’ Gab!!
    I’m on the 2nd reading of the Universe has your Back (with HUGE GRATITUDE!!) and finding that it is a “living” read simular to alot of the Big Book for me…meaning it has different and profound meaning depending on where “I’m at” in life. You have inspired me to start so many new things in my life to include a Combat Veteran Yoga class for the Vets in my PTSD program! Its a slow start…but I freakin LOVE IT and I’m not giving up! My next venture is the Kundalini aspect of it all…so again Thank You!

    You call out several meditations and prayers in your book. Would you happen to have some sort of quick reference to that material. I’m a recovered Alcoholic so I want what I want when I want it!!…lol…I’m a horrible reader and have your book on audio which makes it even more difficult to go back and reference all that awesome stuff. If not, no worries. It may be easier to go purchase the hard copy…just wanted to check.

    MUCH, much Love to You and Yours!,

    1. Go to to access all the guided meditations in the book.

      As for the prayers, they are scattered throughout the book, so you may want to get a paperback and put in stickies! 🙂

      The work you are doing with combat veterans is beautiful. You are serving in a massive way. It will grow. xx

  24. I have just been reading amJulia Cameron’s the Artists way – and Thai is exactly what I was reading about – a free flowing writing exercise! although I do journal and have done this after my mediation and I am going to commit to this practice so I can hopefully remove some of the blocks in my creatively and Ernest flow and also get more insights! Thanks !

  25. Thank you for all that you do Gabrielle. I’m currently working through your book May Cause Miracles for a 2nd time and really taking all of it very seriously this time. (I half-a$$ed it the first time and STILL noticed shifts!) I’ve been struggling with the notion of abundance lately and through your work and the work of Neale Donald Waslch I’ve come to finally finally finally understand that true abundance is about who you are BEING and not about what you are DOING. This was solidified for me further today after I watched this video and started to add this writing to the May Cause Mirales work that I’m doing and it felt amazing to hear, see, write, and then read that I’m on the right track at the very least. Again, thank you so much for all of your sharing, it’s not possible to explain how helpful and needed it is. Love to you and yours.

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