How to Create Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Energy

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Are you a sensitive person? I sure am. This characteristic can be very powerful if it’s fine-tuned. But when a sensitive person is unaware of their heightened empathy, it can become overwhelming and sometimes scary.

When we’re highly sensitive, it’s easy to pick up the energy of people around us. And even if you’re not highly sensitive, it’s important to create healthy boundaries in order to protect your energy. This way you’ll be less affected by the energy of negative words, news and people.

I want to share some great techniques that will help you create healthy boundaries and protect your energy.

How to create healthy boundaries and still be loving

Watch the video below or keep reading for my tips on how to create healthy boundaries. (I added 3 more tips, below, in 2019!)

1. Set the intention to protect your energy

I often suggest to my audiences to take a look at how I am when I’m on the stage, wide open energetically. And then a few minutes later, once the event ends, they’ll see me doing a book signing. And so I often suggest that they pay attention the difference in my energy. My energy shifts when I leave the stage and start the book signing. I’m a little more closed up.

The interesting thing that occurs is that I’m still quite loving, and kind, and generous. But I’m not leaking my energy. How do I create boundaries but still be loving? It’s very simple: just set the intention.

Before you enter a room with people, set your intention to protect your energy and create healthy boundaries. In your mind, say, “I set the intention right now to be loving, to be kind, to be forgiving. But I’m also not going to leak my energy. I am not a sponge. Right now I am not going to take on the energy of others.”

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This is especially important if you’re going to be entering a space with someone who has very needy energy, or someone who is negative. You can even do this before a phone call or when entering into a situation that isn’t face-to-face.

Setting that intention immediately creates this invisible wall. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a negative attitude. It jus means that you’re saying, “You can’t come in here.”

2. Believe you have an invisible gatekeeper of your energy

A good friend of mine, Kyle Gray, who is a beautiful medium, told me that I have an angel named Peter who is my gatekeeper. I can call on Peter whenever I do a book signing or when I’m around a lot of people where I might feel like my energy is getting depleted.

Open up to the idea that you have your own invisible gatekeeper. Create an image in your mind of who that may be. Maybe it’s an angel, maybe it’s a spirit guide, maybe it’s just an energy force. Call on that gatekeeper to close your gate when you want to protect your energy.

You can call on this energy gatekeeper by saying, “Thank you for closing my gate right now.” For example, right before I sit down to a book signing, after I’ve just been wide open energetically on the stage, I will say, “Thank you, Peter, for closing my gate.”

3. Recognize that ‘no’ can be the most loving response

Miracles Now by Gabby BernsteinThis is a tip from my book Miracles Now, and it will help you establish boundaries by becoming more comfortable saying no. My friend Latham Thomas has a simple yet profound saying that serves me well: “‘No’ is a complete sentence.”

We all have our own issues around saying no. A lot of the issues stem from people-pleasing behavior and the need to receive approval. Our work is to recognize that doing anything that’s out of alignment with our core beliefs and truths will never work. As we come to accept this, we realize that no is often the most loving response.

Some people will resist your no’s, and manipulative folks will do whatever it takes to turn your no into a yes. Be mindful of these people and trust that the more you exercise the word “no,” the more it will become second nature.

When do you have trouble saying no?

Gabby Bernstein writing in a journalTo begin this practice, take an inventory of the areas in your life in which you are saying yes when you really want to say no. Make a list of all the ways you avoid saying no and then clearly outline how it affects your relationships and happiness. Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. In what instances do I avoid saying no?
  2. How does this behavior affect me?
  3. How does this behavior affect the other people involved?
  4. How would it have helped me and the other people involved had I said no?

Now that you have more clarity, the next step is to begin exercising your no’s. This new behavior requires repetition. Don’t worry about how to say no perfectly. Just get into the habit, even if it feels awkward or scary at first. The more confident you get at saying no, the more people will thank you for it. (You can also read more on how to tell the truth.)

4. Restore your energy after an encounter

If you haven’t protected your energy before an encounter, then you can restore it afterward with a simple prayer. Say this prayer if you feel drained or negative after an interaction:

“I ask that any negative energy I picked up be removed, recycled and transmuted. I ask that any positive energy I may have lost be retrieved now.”

5. Get more guidance on how to protect your energy

In my new book, Super Attractor, I teach you some really beautiful ways to raise your energetic vibration and protect your energy.

Click here to order Super Attractor!

Another way to create healthy boundaries is by healing judgment. When we heal judgment, we can speak our truth, act with compassion and raise our energy.

Healing judgment helps us create healthy boundaries.

Setting  boundaries and protecting your energy will help you stay positive, aligned and happy, and you’ll still be loving, kind and generous. Create loving boundaries and trust that you will be taken care of.

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  1. Thank you so much these techniques resonate very well with me and I will definitely use them..

  2. Thank you Gabby! This has helped me prepare myself every morning before my mother gets up she has negative vibration that drags me down often.

  3. Thank you for this reminder. I felt like I needed help about this and just like that your page came up!
    I felt I was getting better with this but feel like I’m not strong enough, my faith was not strong enough.
    Love and hugs to you thank you so much

  4. Thank you so much for reminding us of saying no and set boundaries. The reason why we have to aware of if is because to remain us in alignment with who we really are. To focus to the things that we truly commit to and our purpose of this life time.

  5. Thanks for this blog Gabby I know who I call on to close my gate and that angel is Michael who is my protector that cuts all ties to the energy sucking situations. I call on Michael a lot which is a good thing. I keep black stones near me when I know that person is around me.
    I choose to be loving regardless I try to remember your affirmation from universe has your back. Thank you for sharing your advice hope to see more about protecting our energy and having good boundaries in place.

  6. Perfect timing, Gabby. Thank you. I just had the stark realization that for decades I’ve been destructively co-dependent. This post is so so helpful as I navigate the newfound waters of creating boundaries while redefining what “being thoughtful” and “empathic” really mean to me. Godsend. xoo

  7. Thank you so much Gabby! This was a wonderful post. Your work never fails to touch my heart. Sending you a big hug all the way from Heidelberg (Germany)! 🙂

  8. This came at the perfect time-I literally went to a class yesterday on connecting with your spirit guides and this was one of two things I asked for guidance on. Thank you!!!

  9. Great post, thank you Gabby, always good to get reminders around boundaries, especially when an empath/sensitive person. A few days ago I was on the phone with a family member, pit in my stomach, explaining that I couldn’t be available on a certain day, it felt so bad, and the word “boundaries”, loud and clear, popped into my head. The pit in my stomach slowly went away. Those clear words are always my higher self and I was so grateful for how this played out.

  10. Gabby,

    Thanks for the great visual on how we allow our energy to leak out of us and how we can stop it. I’m an introvert, so often at the end of the day, my energy is zapped. I would call myself a “sensitive person”, but I do tend to take of too much of other people’s emotional baggage if I speak with them for too long about their problems. I hope this visualization will help me out a bit.

  11. hi gabby, thats an interest concept. i have never thought of invoking a gate-keeper. As i am only recently working on strengthening (building boundaries as i really didnt have them) surprise, surprise, alot of people have baulked at me doing so, as i previously have given them what they want, especially when they have used emotional blackmail. I have also been accused of being cold, uncaring or selfish when doing so. So its important that I am able to exercise healthy boundaries whilst also giving out an energy of love, so thank you for sharing your insight with us once again. Sat Nam.

  12. Hi Gabby, thank u…thank u..thank u. Not only have your books helped but the videos as well. As a stylist I hear so much and work long days plus have a blended family ..and iam a very highly sensitive person. Through your techniques, I found my yoga and meditation practices have tremendously been more fulfilling.Much love and light, Sheila.

  13. Nailed it Gabby!

    My biggest personal and professional lesson has been around creating boundaries.

    I realised that without them, there’s NO way I’d be able to serve people. I’d be curled up in a ball thinking I was a terrible person.

    Boundaries help me to remember, “I serve, I deserve”.

    xx Denise DT

  14. This is wonderful advice. I am such a sponge for others and end up absorbing all the negative energy they may be putting off. It is hard for me to realize it until after it has happened. I will take this advice the next time I am in one of these situations. As a health coach, it is hard to not empathize with others and take that on, but knowing how hard it is on me and it has to stop so I can keep my positive energy and share with them in a loving space instead. Thanks for this! XO

  15. Being a regular blogger, I struggle with this too. I’m tempted to overshare a lot. Just this past week I nearly overshared on my blog about a hugely difficult experience in my career. This information being public might be detrimental to my career long-term. The moment I realized this, I made the blog private and instead shared in privately with my newsletter.
    In the end I was rewarded actually because one of my newsletter readers met up with me later and offered to coach me through the transition for free! Well, through a skill exchange, but still!
    Drawing a boundary line was a good thing in the end.

  16. Thanks Gabby. I’ve started training computer skills which in itself can be quite challenging but I’ve found over the past few days that people are telling me their personal issues. I therefore need to get the gatekeeper happening to keep me focussed on what I should be doing and keep my energies on my training and not the student’s personal problems.

  17. Gabby – I’ve been told many time by physics that I’m a high attuned empath. Sucking everyone’s energu throughout the day only left worn out and at the same time wired from it all!! Been battering insomnia for that very reason. Thank you for sharing these easy but impactful tips! I will apply them in my life ASAP:)

  18. Woop! While watching this I intuitively felt mine was called Clara!! hehe…
    This will definitely be helpful in autumn and winter because I can feel how the general energy of the season is affecting everyone.

  19. Thank you so much gabby. I had a rough two days dealing with what your video post above was just about. just hearing your calming voice and powerful message started my day today much calmer and at peace. thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I went to two of your workshops so far. One in PA for natural health magazine and one in Omega just recently. Im the one with the orange light that showed up on my cell phone that I showed you 🙂 You are an inspiration to me. I think you know my cousin Tracey Toomey-McQuade. She just saw you at a baby shower in the city and told you I loved your retreat at Omega. She is in the yoga scene in NYC. She has her blog breatherepeat. I told her I love you!!! I hope to make another retreat of yours soon. Maybe I’ll bring Tracey 🙂 good luck at Spirit Junkie master class in NYC!!!! I’m sure its going to be awesome!!! godspeed. Sat Nam!!!….Maureen PS any thoughts of having a retreat on food/diet and meditation? I really struggle with emotional eating!!! I want to take your online course sooon! will do!

  20. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this post. I am incredibly sensitive to other people and it is always essential for my well-being to set boundaries and ground myself.

    I was wondering if you have ever had the experience of being spiritually overwhelmed? I am so passionate about growing spiritually but I feel like I am so sensitive at times, that the energy that flows through me is too much. If I do yoga everyday for a few weeks, my body starts to feel uncomfortable with so much moving energy and it scares me. Meditation can be the same experience. I am scared to do kundalini because I feel like it will open me too much too fast. So I am constantly taking one step forward spiritually and then two step back to ground and protect myself from to much energy.

    Is this something you relate to at all? Do you have any suggestions for ultra-sensitive people?

    1. I experience the same thing. Every time I start meditating or doing Yoga I feel overwhelmed with it all and shut down. I know I should be doing it because it’s good for me, but maybe I should start with baby steps? Not going all in every day for 20 minutes, but 5 minutes a day? Can someone advice?

      1. Deepak Chopra has wonderful video resources in his library on his website. You may find some of them helpful in your approach to meditation and your spiritual growth.

        Simply watching your breath with no anticipation or expectation helps calm the body-mind down and will gently ease your way into a more structured meditation time. Perhaps there is some fear about making your spiritual connection and living and being the radiant being you are…that seems to be something many of us fear as we begin to deepen our spiritual connection and growth.

        Many blessings to you on your journey of life! 🙂

        1. Thank you for your reply! I will take the pressure off and start small with just watching my breath and I will check out Deepak’s site. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

          1. Thank you Claudia and Aurora. It is nice to know I am not alone. I feel like I really can’t share this with anyone in my circle of friends and family. I will look into Deepak Chopra meditation resources. Simply focusing on the breath feels amazing!

  21. I love this video Gabby. I am a personal trainer and wellness coach and sometimes it is easy to get caught up in my client’s problems when I should be there for them but at the same time not taking on their energy.
    A great reminder!! xxxxx

  22. Wow , when a message gets sent to you , it comes from many sources at once. I keep coming across this definition of what a sensitive person is . Another teacher was describing herself as an empath, and found that many empaths are drawn to narcissists, which I believe I may be the case with me. I’ve always felt very aware of and impacted by other peoples moods , and by the “feel” of places and things. I always felt vulnerable but now I’m willing to take back the power and set the boundaries with the help of my inner guide who has just reminded me to always remember the love that is within me.

  23. When you feel that people are taking your energy sometimes the energy loss comes from resisting that person.

    As soon as you notice the effect, consider taking a deep breath and releasing any tension you are holding on to.

    There is no finite amount of energy available to you, but if you are tense, resisting, then you may be shutting off your ‘in valve!’

    Sometimes when you find yourself filling up with negative energy it is because you have ‘spread out.’ You have forgotten yourself.

    As soon as you notice the effect, consider taking a deep breath and releasing any tension you are holding onto which naturally releases the negative tension too.

    If you weren’t able to mitigate the effects DURING your encounter, you can still get right afterwards.

    For being drained, assume a power pose for two minutes to regain your energy.

    For feeling negative, do a mindful meditation. The one I teach, is just looking at whatever imagery arises when your eyes are closed.

    It is cathartic, like dreaming, and helps you release the psychic toxins.

    B-Sync, Be Happy!

  24. Thank you so much for this video.I’m learning so much from you,I’m grateful that you share all your knowing.

  25. Hello,
    thank you, my life become a miracle since i found your meditation and tips I am following u and grateful for you, i just want to ask that I am from Bahrain GCC. and i wanted to buy some videos online can i do that?
    thank you and best regards.

  26. Hi Gabby,

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. I experienced first hand you speaking at an event and I actually got the opportunity to ask you a question. It was a very heavy topic and you responded quite lovingly. When you signed my book after I have to admit I mistakenly took offense to you not giving me more attention, and I fell into the trap of my ego and have felt anger ever since. Now with you enlightening me (once again) on healthy boundaries I understand you were just continuing to be a teacher on beautiful lessons I needed to learn. Thank you again and again. I have released my anger and have found gratitude for this journey once more.

    Have a beautiful day 🙂


  27. @ work and the cultural settings that exists is constant energy vampires and negative fields – thank you for timely video – often I’m praying for a miracle daily once I get into the office. Thank you for the constant reminders. I’m taking steps to find a new company that flows a positive and loving energy filled. After 18 months of these energy sucks – I am using the tools you give to realize there is something more suited for me, forgive people, and move on with nothing but love and not ego . Thx Abby

  28. Dear dear dear Gabby, this came for me in the right moment (as usual). I have never been able to built a safe space around me. I am always a sponge for other people emotions, feelings, problems. I have this urge to help everybody also in a concrete way and sometime this is not good for me.
    I am a jewelry designer but first of all a spiritual seeker and I put this into my creations… so I’m also a therapist, a coach… for my clients. I use stones and colors, I meditate while creating in order to be able to bring good energy to my jewelry… I think is my gift. But sometimes it is “too much”… and I feel guilty for thinking this.
    I understand on a rational basis that I have to “preserve” myself to help better the other but it is still difficult.
    I am not able to say no because I feel that is unkind and unloving.
    Your video help me so much, so much. I have read all your books and you are such an inspiration for me… knowing that “you” also felt overwhelmed by others and that we can have a safe gate keeper was an epiphany.
    Thank you and ciao from Italy.
    PS Sorry for my english!

  29. Hi Gabby, I love this!!! Thank you for sharing. I just wondered with the whole Law of Attraction thing, if you are setting your intention of saying i am not going to leak my energy or be a sponge right now, isnt that just what will happen and the LOA doesnt know the words ‘not’. Thanks for your advice. Sat nam xx

  30. Thank you Gabby for sharing! It is so important to have healthy, loving boundaries. I have grappled with this much of my life for fear of not hurting others. However, I am able to take care of myself first with healthy boundaries, I am able to save more of me to give in the right situations.

    With love – Brandy

  31. What a timely message! I returned to work (school) today after summer break. There were so many grumpy people! I needed to check my boundaries a lot today. Thanks for the reminder of how to do just that.

  32. Thanks so much for this Gabby. SO much of this resonated with me, and I’ve actually been having discussion with people about how to do this effectively and without too much need for hocus pocus. These tips are perfect.

    I’m a peacemaker and the shadow side of this is that I allow my energy to leak out into other’s energy fields to check they’re “okay” (both in a sense for me to determine if I’m in a safe space, and also to check if friends/relatives are healthy/well). I’d dearly like to stop doing this, but it’s become pretty automatic. Do you have any tips?

    With love and Sat Nam xx

  33. Thanks Gabby, I identify as a sensitive person. One think I learnt at a Doreen Virtue workshop, is to ‘surround yourself in an energetic bubble of pink’. Why pink? Because it’s not as isolating as protective white light, or gold or silver. People can still penetrate your energy field, but you only let the loving energy in. That and a friend recently told me ‘don’t stand in another persons light’. Be aware of your energy and don’t stand in their aura/light. Allow the light of God to be working through that person, and don’t stand in a way that blocks this. This in itself is creating a healthy boundary. Sat nam x

  34. Thank you Gabby! What great timing for me to come across your video. Two weekends ago my husband and I attended a two-day seminar/workshop on hypnosis and how to better our lives. Long story short, we were in a room with 40 to 50 people and at different times I “ended up” in smaller groups/exercises with people with current or troubled pasts. One was an active gang member, one a hijacker and another an alcoholic. In different ways I felt as though I helped these three gentlemen, but boy was I drained. On Sunday evening I thought I was just tired from the seminar, but on Monday I was so out of whack. I had the worst panic attack I had had in a long time and had to take three naps just to get through the day. After speaking with a friend of mine, I realized my energy had been zapped. I had no idea! So thanks to you Gabby, I now know how to work on putting up my wall and protecting myself in the future. I will also be working to find out who my Angel/Gatekeeper is to help me. <3 and Blessings, Cyndi

  35. Thank you. This is coming to me at the exact time I need it. When I’m tired or not feeling well I forget to have my wall up. I was ‘wide open’ yesterday morning and unfortunately someone surprise attacked my spirit and totally took the wind out of my sail. I’m hurt and angry. I needed this reminder today about boundries and protecting myself. You are a blessing.

  36. I struggle with this all my life…the older I get it seems like I have to constantly work on setting boundaries , I am a spiritual person an a cosmotologist an salon owner. I come in contact from time to time with few clients, but religions people they say they have a message for me and I received it but it seems like they want to stay around me for a long periods of times. I get around and set my clear bounderis with them and I feel like I can breath again. Thank you gabby for that message I much need to remind meself setting bounderis !

    1. ask your inner guide to help you forgive anyone who has left a negative energy imprint on you. inviting in the practice of forgiveness sets the f word in motion…

  37. Thank you for this video! As many people have already said, this too is an ongoing issue with me. Sometimes I only have to think about a toxic person and I feel my vibration being lowered.

    Before I am in a situation with tough characters, I try to feel all the love that surrounds me, whether it be angels, God, or family. By remembering this I am better able to handle situations by being lighthearted and patient. I will start calling on my gatekeeper too. Such a tough lesson but it is so important. Thank you!

  38. Wow Gabby! It’s like you know exactly what is going on in my life! I was just talking to a friend at work about this exact topic this morning & then I opened up your email! These suggestions are wonderful thank you! I’m forwarding your email to her right now. Thank you for all that you do!
    Sat Nam,

  39. Thank you Gabby for sharing this! Sometimes I notice how drained I feel after spending my energy around negative people or events or daily errands in places with a lot of people. I completely agree that we can choose to close our energy off. However, when it needs to be open do you have any advice for how to clear your own energy after a big show or event or counseling another? Do you meditate immediately or take a light bath?

    Have a beautiful day!

  40. Gabby,

    I love this! So often I feel this way…whether I’m with a lot of people or just one. What you say makes a lot of sense…thank you for sharing. 🙂 Gabi

  41. I love reminders about boundaries. I am a performer also, with a very strong introverted/sensitive side. I loved hearing you speak about this at Omega. We just need tools to know how to remain at peace wherever we are…..the grocery store, a book/CD signing, on stage or……a giant family event. OMG….family and holidays? I need 2 gate keepers! Love your work, Gabby <3

  42. Thank you for sharing. I’ve struggled with this my entire life. I spent years between therapist who threw any diagnosis at me they could find… Severe anxiety, manic depression, bi polar, PTSD etc. I finally aligned with one who discovered I actually had a trait the medical world now finally recognized as Sensory Processing Sensitivity.. or also known as Highly Sensitive Person. She gave me a book called “The highly sensitive person: How to thrive when the world overwhelms you” and my life changed. So many people don’t understand this gift and many are shunned for it. Theses steps you provided were a missing piece I’ve been searching for. And I know many others as well. Thank you.

  43. Thank you thank you thank you, it’s like your website always knows EXACTLY what I need to see or hear…you are doing awesome work and helping so many people you should be super proud! Thank you again ??

  44. Thanks for the idea of a gatekeeper…When I did this, I immediately felt a difference in my energy field…still felt open but protected and calm.

    Blessings to you!

  45. Hi Gabby
    Thanks for this. I was at the global meditation event on Friday and felt extremely agitated and suddenly very tired immediately following the event. And I am a very sensitive person by nature and working on those boundaries. I believe my energy was sapped that day. This vid has brought an opportunity for me to reflect. Thanks!! Carol

  46. Love the gatekeeper concept. I will assume this is a role fulfilled by my guardian angel and call on him/her! I LOOOOOVE that top. May I ask who designed it? Love your videos – thank you for all that you do!

  47. Thanks for the info.I will try asking help from my ” gatekeeper”. Also thanks for mentioning Kyle Grey.I catch his podcast from time to time on Hay House and enjoy it but never got his full name.

  48. Needed this so much! In the last 2 weeks, 4 people, with no connection, in different areas of my life, have made me sad and/or uncomfortable. I’ve carried a sence of guilt and embarrasement, without having DONE anything besides just being me. Realising now that it might be a lasson to learn?
    Thanks <3

  49. Hi Gabb,
    I needed to see this today! My 9-5 involves a huge amount of “energy suckers” and I usually go home exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. Your tip to call forth your angel protectors makes me feel less alone in this daily struggle. Thank you! Love you!


  50. Couldn’t have listened to this at a more perfect time. I’ve been struggling with how to balance being a loving & forgiving person and protecting myself from someone with NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder). I’m setting the intention to protect myself from this point forward. Thanks Gabby!

  51. HI Gabby – This was very meaningful for me as I too do presentations and trainings. Mine are specifically around suicide and helping people to help others and help themselves when in the crisis of considering suicide. Because a lot of feelings can ‘bubble up’ for people in my workshops, I really have to check my boundaries ALL the time. This is very important for me and I had to learn this one the hard way by becoming spiritually burnt out until I learned how to establish boundaries. Thank you!!!

  52. Wow, this message is so helpful. I already felt my energy spiraling downward from checking work email from home. I’m also getting ready to hit the road to be around a large number of co-workers for a kickoff event. I am going to employ the techniques you mention in the video to see if I can stay emotionally/energetically balanced over the next two days. [Deep breath]. Thanks, Gabby!

  53. So, so important. I learned a long time ago about spiritual vampires…on top of being an empath. I wouldn’t be able to function without my virtual boundaries. And, most importantly, I wouldn’t be able to radiate very much of worth in a depleted state. Self-preservation is key.

      1. My stepdad and his sister has been nagging me about having a full time job and a home of my own but due to my health has been a challenge to live alone. I got attacked by text messages from my step auntie who is stepdads sister she blew things out of proportion what she said wasn’t true and I felt my stepdad went behind my back gossiping about me and it did hurt I don’t know how to deal with it I know love is powerful but I don’t know if I should have a relationship with them when they play mind games expecting me to be sorry for telling the truth about the situation I felt like a victim it hard to get out of victim state as my brother took his life because of stepdad issues and rejection. How can I put this into practice?

        1. If you feel like you’re in an unsafe situation, please reach out to a friend or someone you trust (a doctor, therapist, religious leader, etc.) and let them know you need help.

          If you don’t feel physically or emotionally unsafe but this is a very stressful environment for you, then you may want to begin looking into another housing option where you won’t be alone. Does your health care program offer assistance to help you live alone or with a friend/roommate? Is there a community resource you can turn to for help and guidance? I believe God works through people, and asking for help is a great act of courage (and often the best thing we can do for ourselves).

          The cord cutting meditation in my Judgment Detox Mini Course (it’s free) can help you cut the negative energy cords with people in your life.

  54. So timely, this video. I just spent the last three days in bed because I was empty and so anxious. I am actively looking for solutions and here your video is 🙂


    1. I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time and this month has been particularly difficult. I am glad that Gabby is providing the comfort you needed.
      God bless!

  55. I really love the idea of having a “gate keeper”. I find that patience is a struggle for me that often coincides with having healthy boundaries. What I mean is that when I’m around toxic people or a tough situation, I really have to practice being patient with others and still try to be loving and helpful even when they are testing my boundaries. Love this, Gabby. Thank you!

  56. Thanks for this! Having loving boundaries and controlloing my sensitivity are ungoing issues in my life. I’ve lived through tough situations because I didn’t know how to do this. I believe that learning to not leak out my energy and stay with other people’s low vibes have been huge lessons in life. Even taking the metro can be challenging sometimes there so much people with stressed out and funky energy . If I’m close to someone like that, I sometimes change place or I try to put my heart chakra (or rather my plexus) not directly towards them. I also envision myself in a white bubble and send blessings to them. Sat nam Gabby.

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