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  1. Hi Gabby,

    This was perfect! I just had a LONG conversation with my husband last night about all the crap that has been coming up as I compare myself to others. I really saw how comparing myself is just one more way for me to “play it small.” So thank you for the perfect video at the perfect time.


  2. This is so useful! After I watched, it occurred to me that there is a difference between how the ego compares and how the ~ing discerns. It’s the difference between, “I’m too good to be friends with that hot mess….,” and, “Being around that person doesn’t make me feel good. Time to forgive them and walk away.”

  3. It took all my 20s and a sliver of my 30s but I’m finally seeing the light of day regarding comparing my single single to my married friends and family. I think I finally get it that happiness isn’t about being more or less happy than someone else. It’s all good!

  4. Gabby thanks for a great vlog. I struggle with comparing myself to others all the time and it always puts me in a negative space. I am going to focus on forgiving myself this week and stop the comparing. I know the talents I have are beautiful and powerful and that will be my focus.

  5. Gabby, always grateful for your sweet face and great message weekly.
    I first heard you when you spoke with Amanda Steinberg on the DailyWorth phone call (the first call that introduced the tele-seminar you two were doing).

    I was blown away by your beginning meditation over the phone (I was blown away that a tele-seminar about money started with a meditation); I actually had an anxiety attack later that evening (long story, but had to do with my relationship to money and my outstanding student loan debt, etc.). Since then, and lots of emotional/spiritual/living/breathing work, things are love and light.

    Since the DailyWorth call I’ve downloaded several of your podcasts (and Philip Urso’s ‘Crash Course In Miracles’ i listen to while I jog), and enjoy your videos every week.
    You had me with the ladybug. That video blooms in my heart daily. I love it.

    Your work has had an incredible positive influence in my life and I am ever-grateful for all of it. Thank you.

    Also, I just received your book and your sweet note stuck to it (which, actually, totally made my day). Thanks for being so cool.
    Go Girl, Go!
    ALL of my positives to you and to everyone.

  6. Thank you so much for this vlog. I have a boyfriend who is a big time mamma’s boy so I compare myself to his mother ALOT. He also has three very strong older sisters. In short my space is invaded constantly but after listening to you I am learning alot of this is because of what I put out.

  7. i have struggled all my life with comparison-never feeling good enough or adequate enough. i am trying to get to a place of forgiveness and healing to find my inner strength and light. i found you on facebook and just love the work you’re doing. just bought your book and really concentrating on getting myself into a more loving-less negative state.
    thanks so much

  8. i do this all the time, everyday through the day. whether its with people i work with, my friends, my boyfriend, his ex girlfriends, my ex boyfriends, my parents, or people just walking on the street. i can’t seem to control it. I’ve been doing a lot better since i have bought your books and meditate and read your blogs but my ego still creeps out everyday.

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