How to Change Your Diet So That You Have Fun and Feel Good!

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Note: This post was updated in 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Many people struggle with their eating habits in some way. Itโ€™s easy for us to get stuck in the pattern of making poor food choices.

In the video below I share a simple suggestion for shifting your energy around food. When you do this, you can change your diet in a healthy way so that you have fun and feel good!

Watch below or keep reading for a breakdown of my tip.

How to change your diet with ease

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health or just feel better, this tip will help you change your diet in a sustainable way.

When we’re changing our diet in some way, it can come with a lot of fear, anxiety and even dread. I want to suggest a new way of looking at your diet and thinking about personal health.

Reframe your desire

So often we want to change our diet for vanity reasons. We want to look a certain way, fit into an old pair of jeans or clear up our skin.

It’s totally fine if you want to change your diet because you want to feel better about the way you look in some way. But that is not likely to sustain the change. So I suggest tapping into a deeper desire.

Recently I have given up sugar. This was no easy thing for me. Even though it was not a huge staple in my diet, I was so surprised to realize how frequently sugar shows up. It’s in sauces, in packaged foods, even in the raw chocolate that I ate every night.

It’s definitely not all desserts, though. Check out some awesome sugar-free recipes here.

In my case, I was deeply committed to feeling better. My decision to give up sugar wasn’t about vanity. It was about vitality. Framing it in this way and really finding the deeper purpose is what helped me not get brought down by realizing how many foods I’d be giving up as a result. And it has allowed for long-lasting change.

I’ve been off sugar for several months now, and it’s actually become very easy. That’s only because I really want it. I’m focused not how I look, but on how I feel.

Answer this question in your journal: How do I want to feel?

Whatever your goal or plan is with changing your diet, this is the most important question:

“How do I want to feel?”

You can open your journal and write out the answer to that question.

Here are a few more that you may want to answer:

  • What is going to happen in my life?
  • How will changing my diet help me serve in a greater way?
  • How will changing my diet give me more energy to for my family, friends or personal life?
  • How will changing my diet allow me to bring more focus to my work?

Reframe that intention. Instead of asking yourself, “How can I get into those jeans in the next two weeks?” to “How great can I feel so I can be of higher service?”

Focusing on how you want to feel will give you far more energy and far more stamina to stay committed to your goals and have fun!

How are you reframing your desires?

I want to see how you’re reframing your desires! Let me know in the comments below what your old desire was and what your new desire is based on how you want to feel, serve and affect the world.

Today, I want to be off sugar so that I can have more vitality, more power, more strength and more presence to bring more to the world and fulfill my purpose.

That’s my reframe. When we reframe, it keeps us on our path and makes changing our diet fun and empowering.

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If you want more guidance on this topic, check out Finally Full! It’s my digital course on spirituality and food.

However your food issues pop up in your life, and even if they seem to be running your life at times, you can create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and yourself.

In this 100% online course, I help you get to the root cause of your issues around food. Now is your time to release your fear around food and body image once and for all.

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  1. Dear Gabby,

    i am on a vegan diet for almost 4 years now. Last week Iยดve found out that I am pregnant. It is my first pregnancy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have a MD and a gynecologist here in Germany that both generally support my vegan diet during pregnancy with suplements (Vitamins) intake.
    However, I would like to ask You: are You on a vegan sugar-free diet also during Your pregnancy and can You share some experience in that concern?

    Thank You very much.

    1. Congratulations! I highly recommend continuing to coordinate with your trusted doctor. I stay away from sugar and am not a vegan. Do what works best for you and your body, always consulting with your doctors. XOX

  2. My goal is to have a healthier body to be able to have a baby and start my family ๐Ÿ™‚ Give life to a little person at the same time as I give a healthier life to me.

  3. I choose to have much more energy! To be motivated! To put loving awareness into my work! To make loving choices!

  4. My goal has changed from, ‘I must maintain my figure to keep being loved by those around me’ into ‘I want to maintain my health and vitality for myself on the inside, no matter what others think of me on the outside’

  5. I have always struggled with my weight and around 2005 I was really doing well with living healthier just because it felt right. Well, after a failed marriage, second child, losing my home and being diagnosed with MS I have fallen back into some bad eating habits and am about 30 pounds over weight. Of course I would love to fit into ANY pair of old jeans that I have, but am also want to my eating habits to be a small but significant part of a total life style change. I believe I can reverse my medical issues and live longer and stronger for my children if I make these changes. It’s hasn’t been easy so thank you for sharing what has helped you! I’m inspired by so many of my social media and Web relationships and I am truly grateful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. My biggest shift happened when I did an exercise to determine the core values in life, about 5 years ago. I realized that my number one value was health, yet I was only focusing on losing weight (using very wrong methods). I used to smoke, drink lots of coffee, didn’t exercise. My lifestyle didn’t reflect my inner values at all.
    But after doing that exercise something changed inside of me. I quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Completely changed my diet, lifestyle and career! Now I share this knowledge with other people. If anyone wants to do the same exercise, it’s in my ebook, which I give for free.

  7. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Appreciate it

  8. My re-frame helped me get on a fully plant-based diet. I was into health and nutrition and new all of the benefits of a plant-based diet, but could not get myself past vegetarianism with a few cheats here and there. It wasn’t until I learned about the inhumane treatment of animals that I immediately went cold turkey and never ate animal products again! I always looked at it as a “trigger.” For many people, health and vitality is the trigger that gets them to go and stay plant-based, but for me, the trigger was an ethical one and the result–peace with my plate! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing Gabby!

  9. My main goal was definitely my appearance and how I wanted my body to look, which is great! But maybe a more definite way of getting there would be to decide that I want to lose the weight and feel vibrantly healthy so that I can feel strong and fit to dance, energetic enough to deal with late night rehearsals, healthy enough to deal with stress of a performer. The ability to bounce back and keep sharing my gifts with the world. This is what I desire most to act, dance and sing share with the world what god has gifted me with and bring the world and the people of it the joy, expansion and entertainement. My goal is to be vibrantly healthy, radient, strong, flexable, fit enough to be a wildly succsessful dancer, singer and actor so that I can give my very best to the world, live my purpose and serve love. ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  10. Prior to this video, I was at the place of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, I’m at the place of wanting to have the energy to play with my daughter, lovingly maintain my home and be present! Such a different perspective.

  11. Today my mindset was eat to lose weight and feel worthy.
    Tomorrow it will be to feel empowered to take the best care of ME and my baby!

  12. I went from “I have to loose weight and I need those clothes and style in order to feel good, worthy, sexy and whole.” to “I want to feel alive, freed and blessed* so I can fulfill GOD’S will. I want to embody HOLINESS to bless all my brothers. Amen.”

    * Just found out my Core Desired Feelings from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map which was a truly inspiring and insightful process! They are feeling alive/excited, freed/at peace and blessed/thankful. Everything’s just falling into place. Thanks for your video, Gabby!


  13. I would like to reduce my alcohol intake so that I don’t get the low moods the next day and can feel more balanced and happy after the evenings I do drink alcohol. I actually rarely drink the amount that makes me feel depressed the next day & yet I feel a strong resistance when writing this! I also can get cravings for more the next day which are very unpleasant.
    Soo… my reframe for cutting down is to bring greater joy & balance into my life & reduce negative, painful moods in my life.

  14. Light bulb moment. Amazing way of changing ones perspective.
    I’m moving from a place of beating myself up for food choices, training at the gym daily to the point of exhaustion and injury and negative body image as a result of watching this.
    Thank you

  15. It’s not about vanity, it’s about vitality. PAK!!! Right on!

    I wanna be off sugar too and i needed to hear this. Thank you so much!

  16. I recently released caffeine from my diet. I have been slowly releasing different substances as well as behavior and thought patterns over the years that I know are no longer serving me. I had a realization with this one (first coffee and then daily caffeine consumption) how true it is that with everything I can identify as holding me back from my highest self and then release, something so spectacular enters my life that totally levels up my experience. For example, since I released caffeine, I have taken on m first private yoga client and have entered into a relationship with a man who is beyond all my manifestations. I think this is because when I am doing things that are out of alignment with my highest self, its really hard to embody her. Looking forward to continuing to identify these substances as well as thought and behavior patterns that are holding me back to watch the glory of this magical life continue to unfold. Thank you Gabby for being such a fundamental part of my journey! Namasteez baby <3

  17. Nice video Gabrielle!
    I really agree with you that if you focus more on vitality than vanity you’ll stick to your goals more. Not saying it’s a bad thing caring about how you look! Because that can be very important for people too. I feel this way because all through my teenage years I hated my thighs and always wanted to exercise and eat less to get those lovely shapely lean thighs. No matter how much I wanted it I would always give up on my exercise and nutrition plan within a week or two. Now that I’m a little older and that I accept myself more I focus more on the way I feel on the inside, my energy levels, and treating my body as I would the earth, not like a garbage can! I found that by taking that mindset instead of obsessing with how I looked I became a lot happier and I don’t have a problem with my thighs any more! Love and peace within yourself is number one, then everything else follows.

  18. I want to feel calm, vital and strong everyday. I want to eat from a place of loving my body and myself.

  19. My short-term goal was to lose weight for a music festival coming up in a few weeks and obviously with summer right around the corner! I’m trying to look my best in a bikini. However, I know I need to focus on my long-term goals… which is directed, like you advised, towards how I feel. I eat so well during the week and then end up bingeing on the weekend because of my emotions and stress. Usually the trigger to binge comes from looking in the mirror, finding a “negative” aspect about myself (I put negative in quotation marks because it’s very selective based on my mood or if I’m bloated or whatever the case). My trigger also can stem from being stressed at work, thinking negatively about certain situations or about myself, then I find myself giving into temptation… I know eating junk food won’t resolve a thing! I found your instagram account yesterday and am already excited about all the positive quotes and phrases to think about… I’m excited to try being more positive about, well everying! And I think that with a positive attitude in life, I won’t seek out the sugary, fatty, greasy, salty food for a “short term high”! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. i want my body to have the strength to carry me into all the (modest) adventures i have planned for myself. right now, it doesn’t. it is a daily struggle. i will support my body with healthy, beautiful foods. i will take my body to beautiful places and have a smile on my face. my body and i will become strong & healthy with great food choices!!!!

  21. Great post Gabby! On an unrelated note: I have been staring at Miracles now since the beginning of April. How would you suggest one would read the book ? Is it a book that is meant to read all at once or to take one lesson a day ??

    Thanks so much for all you do. Xoxo.

    1. you can open it each day and get the message that you need. or you can read it all the way through. or both:)

  22. I want to break the chain of diabetes and heart disease in my family through a more mindful, wholesome, and nourishing approach to food. Only with an ongoing and holistic approach will my (future) children not have to list any past family history as risk factors to their health.

  23. Hi Gabby,
    I am on Day 2 of no sugar. I embarked on this journey because my masters program starts in 2 weeks. My desire is to gain the energy and focus required for this journey. Losing some weight would just be a bonus. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your timing couldn’t have been any better.
    Love, Tina

  24. Having just returned home from a work function, feeling sick to my stomach from crappy food I ate this video could not have come at a better time. Tomorrow is a new day & I will look at vitality as my number one priority.

  25. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, I’m about 75 lbs overweight and at 45, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to stop overheating. But I don’t feel well and I know I’m just numbing myself with the food. I won’t give up on myself! This is just so hard! I try to take it one step at a time, but I just don’t know what to do.

    i need to do this to feel better, for my family, work and myself. I can’t practice yoga at this weight and I miss it horribly. Thank you for sharing Gabby, Sat Nam ????

  26. I have finally gotten into the place (well, it comes and goes..) of realising that eating for healing is more important than eating for my skinny jeans. My body is ravaged with the ramifications of previous distorted eating, and “I am only beautiful when I fit into/am size etc” has become “It is beautiful that I eat to heal myself, and know my body”.

    Getting there, day by day, prayer by prayer.

    I wrote about my experience here:

  27. Right on! I have been thriving so, since honing in on how a food makes me feel and deriving my choices from there. I started blogging this experience because its been so inspiring living this way… the shrinking jeans are the bonus not the focus.

  28. This is a topic that has plagued my over 10 years .. .and your timing could not be more perfect as i was literally having this exact same conversation with a friend of mine as we walked to lunch yesterday. I was saying that whenever i stopped caring about the outcome of what my body looked like are the times i have always been the most confident in my body. But as soon as i start to get on that confidence high, fear takes over and i start to eat more than i should for no reason and i go back to feeling disgusted in my skin.
    I recently gave up dairy a few months back. I noticed an immediate change in how i felt and looked. But recently i have found myself “falling off the wagon” so to speak in that i have been eating some dairy and eating food that i know does not serve my greatest health. I am choosing now to reframe my mind in that i just want to feel confident in my body because that confidence will exude out into the world so that i can speak to my highest truth.

    1. I hear you…on the dairy and on falling off thr wagon. I reframed my “falling off the wagon” experiences. Now, I “consider it contrast” to how I want to feel, and use that clear contrast to propel myself back to good. This contrast reminds me of the benefits of sustaining, which empowers me not to fall of the wagon in the future (as often, at least!)
      I wrote about it in one of my first posts on Your comment sounded very similar to my experiences.

  29. For me it comes down to asking myself every time I eat:
    “How can I be more loving towards myself in this moment?”
    I am approaching my eating habits with the focus of:
    “What can I add into my diet that will make me feel more vital and light?”, Instead of:
    “What do I have to force myself to quit?”.
    By switching the focus to adding instead of cutting off, it has helped me to naturally seek healthier options.
    The more I can treat myself without judgement, the easier it is to eat healthier. My focus is now in accepting and forgiving myself and even my own judgement (when I don’t eat healthy), so I can move easier into loving actions. No more “fighting” myself, just loving all of it.
    Thanks for this space to share and grow!

  30. I think your amazing love your book Miracles simply beautiful. To answer the question I think I have always been someone who wants quick fixes for everything I’m all or nothing!! in my past I have seen my pattern of looking for things to fix the now! So from one extreme diet to the next, and on to boot camps to raw food only, to juice detox and never fully understanding why I am I doing this and why do i want it? I think now hearing this I am thinking I need to just take a step back listen to my body and be healthy because what I actually want is wellness and well being fully mentally and spiritually and physically! and everything else will fall into place! Namaste

    1. Wanted to edit my spelling on precious paragraph but anyhow what I wanted to add to my previous paragraph was the reason for all my trying to fix me is that I have a sister who is an addict and has been for 17 years. I feel like this is in some weird way has been a distraction for me and the one thing I can control. Clearly I cant and for me that is my realization that I need to concentrate on me in a healthy way.

  31. Hi Gabby, Double virtual high five!!! for speaking so openly about emotional eating…you are certainly the can opener!! And I feel this is only the very beginning of this movement with you! For me I am thinking about kicking off Sugar free June by fasting for 3 days so I can get freedom from food. I want to feel free, yet connected. Like have the feeling that the right food will find me, rather then I dreaming up (i love to cook – surprise, surprise) right after I’ve finished one meal. I kind of tend to work my schedule around food so I’m wondering what wlll happen if I eliminate it for 1-3 days. I’m also trying connect more deeply with my intuition, I’ve got a hunch fasting will help. However, I’ve never skipped a meal in my life. Do you any have resources for sugar free eating? What was you biggest sugar shocker doing your sugar free fast?

  32. I have 45 pounds to lose and I feel the self imposed pressure to reach my goals…but instead of a harsh, critical inner voice judging every bite of food (as a yo-yo dieter being harsh on myself does not work but it seems to be all I know)… I want to replace this thought pattern in terms of thinking about the food choices that make me feel good. I recently went to a restaurant that offered a real vegetarian menu. I was so happy to be able to eat a meal where the vegetables were not deep fried in order to find their place on the menu. My thought was… I now eat a peaceful meal that will give me the nutrition that I need to energize my life. Thank you Gabby ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Gabby – you perfectly expressed my thoughts on this topic. I went through years of “dieting” and counting, watching, measuring, etc. A few years ago, some dietary restrictions were strongly suggested to me for a medical issue. It was initially very frustrating and I felt deprived and bored with the limited variety of food choices that seemed available to me. But I decided to change my focus from “There is nothing for me to eat” to discovering all the healthy things I could eat. From there the door burst open and I became passionate about eating the foods that nourish my body and will set me up for a lifetime of healthy and beauty. Now I stay away from the “no-no” foods because I know they will not serve my body, not solely because they are not on some kind of “diet.” I am comfortable eating whatever my body needs at that time, without counting or measuring, which in turn allows your body to effortlessly be at a healthy weight. Thanks for all you bring to the world, Gabby!

  34. I am studying to be a chaplain. I have come to realize that I want my body to be a reflection of my spiritual beliefs and practicesโ€ฆthat everything I ‘ingest’: food, magazines, tv, people – impacts who I am. So for me, now, food is one more aspect of consciousness. It’s not about vanity. It’s about becoming who I am meant to be.

  35. Greeeeaaaaat!

    Going to an NGO in India in August till December. I want to feel better to be able to bring more energy and more of my light to the children from the Dalit community I’ll have to take care of. I want to make them dance ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. I am on day 5 of a 10-day sugar (and starch) detox and your vlog speaks to some shifts I’ve just been feeling today–more internal wanting to feel and be healthy so I can live as full a life for myself and my kids as I can, and a (little?) less about getting thinner (though I admit there is a some of that in me still!). I still feel the cravings so much for sugar and sweet things, but I’m also taking the opportunity (or trying to) to recognize what’s behind the impulse to eat sweets (or other addictive junk foods).I also like the reframe: how can I be my healthiest so that I can be of better service? Thanks for your reminder and your reinforcement~!

  37. I am on day 5 of a 10-day sugar (and starch) detox and your vlog speaks to some shifts I’ve just been feeling today–more internal wanting to feel and be healthy so I can live as full a life for myself and my kids as I can, and a (little?) less about getting into size 2 jeans (though I admit there is a some of that in me still!). I still feel the cravings so much for sugar and sweet things, but I’m also taking the opportunity (or trying to) to recognize what’s behind the impulse to eat sweets (or other addictive junk foods).I also like the reframe: how can I be my healthiest so that I can be of better service? Thanks for your reminder and your reinforcement~!

  38. I so needed this right now… I’ve been struggling with diet the last couple weeks, all stemming from a bad date. The feeling of rejection brought up a lot in me emotionally. I have a hella lot of food allergies and food sensitivites as is, and have candida issues also. There is such power is saying no to things that cause negative reactions in your body – like chips – that’s my biggest issue. I can’t consume any sweeteners except stevia, no wheat, corn, soy, dairy, nuts, coconut, eggs, shellfish, sesame and very little fruit besides green apples. The strictness of my allergies/sensitivities honestly can be extremely frustrating after having dealt with these issues for half of my life. I want to feel fucking liberated! I want my dietary choices to be effortless! ๐Ÿ™‚ Power to you all, on your healthy-eating paths! <3

  39. This was just what I needed to get back on track to improve my health and fitness to fulfill my purpose. Thank you for helping me see what is best for me, for everyone! Wishing you many blessings.

  40. I’ve gone from a vanity motivation, to focusing on love. Loving myself, and then others, is achieved by treating myself and others the best I can. I decide each day to love myself through my food choices, as well as other choices, and this brings me the healthy balance I need to succeed.

  41. I choose to feel radiant and energized. Food is my nourishment so that I can spread my light and love to others.

  42. After losing 70 pounds and have kept it if for almost 2 years, I find keeping it off harder than losing it. I struggle now with about 15 pounds on the merry go round of dieting. I want to discover the strength and love in myself for myself, and find the power to feel great all the time even when the journey gets tough.

  43. Hey Gabby,
    About four years ago I made the commitment to go vegan. Since giving up meat and dairy my overall health has improved and I have had more energy than ever before. When I first became vegan, all I cared about was being kinder toward animals and the planet. I had no idea all the health benefits that would follow! For anyone considering going vegan, go for it!

  44. I have shifted mine from “I want to be able to comfortably fit into my old jeans and shorts” to “I want to feel more energized and radiant so I have the energy to best serve”.

  45. It’s been about strength and mobility rather than appearance for past 15 years. Chronic illness will do that to you. When your illness robs you of so much you become thankful for having a heartbeat, for having organs that function most of the time, for the ability to still laugh, etc. Puts things in perspective quickly. Also, learned to be kind to self, not critical and that made a world of diff in how I treated my body. Gabby, curious how you maintain ‘no sugar’ when you travel all over the world. Seems almost impossible? How do you make that miracle happen? Lol. Keep radiating, sister!

  46. For as long as I can remember I’ve thought if I could get rid of my belly fat than my life would somehow improve. I’m changing this thinking and now focusing on Vitality! What a great yet underused word! Thanks Gabby!

  47. Thanks Gabby! I am literally at the beach right now and I was flooded with negative thoughts and if/then statements: if I had perfect abs then… If I lose weight then…

    Frankly, I don’t want to live that way and I agree it’s not sustainable. So I prayed and meditated and I saw this appear on my newsfeed. Also today I read in Miracles Now to give compliments liberally and sincerely, so I’m starting with myself.

    This is such a struggle for me and a lot of men. It’s also never talked about. We invest too much of our worth in things that are changeable like our body and not enough in things that are concrete like our spirit and vitality.

    Much love

  48. Yesss! Thank you Gabby! Amen! I’ve just decided to quit sugar- I’m on day 5 and feeling amazing. I decided that I was fed up trying to be slim and just decided and just wanted to be heathy and feel good, so I meditated about it and the next day my -ing lead me to the idea of quitting sugar and all sorts of resources started popping up making the decision an obvious one. it was something I’d thought of before but thought it was too difficult. But now it seemed like the right idea and super easy- I just slipped into it. I also teamed it with a 40 day sadhana- finding your personal power to truely find my strength and feel good about what I’m doing. And man, it is working- I feel so vibrant and clear. Shifting my perspective going into it makes a massive difference. Thank you for beautiful advice and guidance.

  49. Gabby how do you handle events like parties where cake is served? I have a really good diet and avoid sugar at all costs, but I find colleagues and friends are often insulted that I decline their ‘treats’ or desserts at parties (especially celebrations). They think I am ‘orthorexic’ or just plain rude.

  50. I was able to change my diet successfully through not only how I wanted to feel but how I want to help heal the planet. Checkout Dr. Richard Oppenlander on youtube. I also love what Melanie Joy has to say about our choices. She can be found on youtube as well.

  51. Thank you, Gabby. What a thoughtful vlog. I’m about to complete a two month exercise program and have recently been using an app to record my food/calorie intake. I’m a green juicing vegetarian who doesn’t consume caffeine or alcohol. One would think that these choices would lead me to eating better; however, this has been such a depressing process – knowing what and how much I’m really consuming – and I am thinking about it ALL the time, “should”ing and judging myself so much. Instead of feeling accomplished for completing my exercise challenge, I have been feeling like a failure after assessing my diet. I really appreciate your suggestions to reframe my thinking – I will work on feeling grateful for my body carrying me through the last few months, and will try to focus on eating good that supports me and my family. Any additional suggestions would be welcome. Thank you so much for all you do for us, Gabby. Sat nam.

  52. Great post, Gabby!
    I try to make a conscious effort to think about how I want food to positively affect my third chakra, located in the area of the navel.
    The desire to fuel that to shine bright and be “light” truly helps with not overeating. It’s a nice visualization!

  53. Thank you, Gabby, for yet another inspiring video. I come at this from what feels like the other end of the spectrum to most. I have struggled with disordered eating for many, many years which leads me to being underweight more often than not. What you spoke about really hit home. I know that in order to ‘feel’ good I must eat MORE than I ‘think’ I should in order to look a certain way according to what my ego says. I am learning from you, and from the course, that if I think about my body in terms of service rather than separation, feeding it accordingly is an easier task. Thinking only about how it looks misses the point entirely… What a revelation. I know how to eat well, I really do. But it’s still hard to block out all those insidious media messages that essentially tell us the starving = success. It feels like it will take a long time to reprogram my mind, but I know the changes are already taking place. Beyond that I know it is part of my journey to conquer these daemons in order to help others heal. Thank you for being amazing and inspiring always! Your message is so important. Love Natasha.

  54. Hi Gabby,
    I have been in a love/hate relationship with sugar for many years. I know it makes me feel awful, but I am addicted. I do want to feel better, have more energy, and above all, treat my body with more kindness and respect. But I wanted to ask you a question (and I’ve wanted to every since I first heard you went off sugar!) Do you omit just the refined stuff in all its iterations, including HFCS, which is hard enough in itself? Or do you also omit things like raw honey, agave, and even stevia? Thanks for all you do!

  55. Yes!!! This concept is how I gave up booze and pot (3 1/2 years for booze, longer for pot), and coffee (1 1/2 years). And for this reason I don’t crave or struggle with wanting either because I want to feel great without the ups and downs that both bring to my energy. Love you, Gab! xo.

  56. Hey Gabby,
    thank you for the reminder! I am struggling right now due to upcoming negative feelings with overeating. I have a challenge to stick to my believes right now and not fall of the waggon … challenging one, I tell you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your video made me realise to rework/rethink my focus … I have time to night to do so ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love & Light, Ulla

    1. I am still working on recovering from overeating. It’s a daily practice. I pray before I eat, which really helps.

  57. Gabby, thank you so much for sharing. You always carry a message so time appropriate.
    I have been limiting my sugar intake due to recent developments that my blood sugar is affecting my endocrine system, affecting my hormone levels, affecting my one day ability to have kids. I am finding it so hard to not binge eat on even the healthy sweets that I make myself or pick up. I am curious what you used to help you get thru the initial stages, what else you have up in the process, and how you controlled the process. Thank you fr sharing, please come back to Toronto soon. Xoxox

    1. I eat green apples, berries and I use stevia when I really need a bit of sugar. I love Sarah Wilson’s books too. Check out the I Quit Sugar cookbook

  58. Hi gabby! Thank you so much for this post. I bought this course last year and it was beyond helpful. I tend to over eat and have a lot of fear around food. When I diet it feels like a drudgery and I always anticipate the fear of “brealing it” aka failure. Your tools have helped me so much to observe my patterns around food and understand what I’m avoiding by overeating. I recommend this course to anyone who has any difficulty when it comes to food! Thanks for everything you are a role model to me!!

  59. The feeling I desire to experience is the feeling of functioning at my highest potential. I desire to live and experience my body as a very fine tuned instrument in which I can perform miracles in the world. I am making changes because when I am at that desired weight and the weight I feel good in I inspire myself and the world around me and I feel my best: full of energy, vitality, and life. I do desire to lose some weight but it is not coming from the desperate and needy place of I would be better, more loved, etc if I do.
    Sending so much love for sharing this Gabby.

  60. My larger issue is that I keep feeling like once I get in control of my diet, my weight, my everything, things will finally fall into place. It’s such a good reminder to consider how I want to feel NOW and to look at that from a place of service. I’m so glad that I signed up for Finally Full, and I’m looking forward to it today. Instead of using food to numb myself, I will use it for enhancing myself. Vitality!

    1. hey! I just wanted to chime in here. I definitely have food issues and have my entire life. I won’t get into them specifically but I’ve started to read Marianne Williamson’s book “A Course In Weight Loss” and I think you might find it helpful as well. I’m in NYC and go to a course in miracles group on Sundays and we added an hour before the meeting to focus on food and Marianne’s book.. We call it Food Miracles Posse. It’s been so helpful even after a couple weeks. If you’re in NYC, let me know! I’d love for you to join us! Xo

  61. Love this! When I raise my intention as to why I want to make changes I am better at sticking with it. I am really noticing that I can’t have alcohol in my life any more because even 1-2 glasses a couple times a week completely affects my mood, my work stamina, and my mental vitality. I am also starting to train with weights which is not just making me physically stronger but i feel mentally stronger! Thanks for this post. Sat Nam! xoxo

  62. From “I want to be thinner” to “I want to be strong, healthy and not have to hide my body again”

  63. Hi Gabby, thanks so much for this! I am about to get married in 3 months and was on a mission to lose 5kgs… I subsequently have not lost any weight as I had a little health scare due to stress. So I made a conscious decision to cut out coffee, wine and sugar and now I feel amazing! I might not look like I hoped to at the same time I feel fabulous. So I do think a bride who feels beautiful and confident is far more attractive and wholesome than a bride who may look gorgeous but doesnt ooze that inner beauty. Im oozing the inner beauty ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. people will not notice how you look they will notice how you FEEL. if you feel awesome on you’re wedding you will shine your light onto everyone who attends. blessings to you sister.

  64. I love this topic! I often find it’s the missing link towards real change.

    Entering any commitment whether it’s diet, lifestyle change, exercise (or anything really) from a place of fear will never work. Never. Yet that’s what most of us do: we act out of fear, despair or from a place of urgency.

    Fear doesn’t old the energetic space where true insights can be born. And the only way I’ve seen people to really change? Is when they have a fresh new insight that inspires a new action…

    Inner guidance first, action second ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. So I used to feel I had to look a certain way to do the work I wanted to do, but then I learned from you that I just need to feel a certain way and by feeling in that vibration I can serve as I hope to. Finally Full taught me so much, I listen to it all the time for an eating tune-up whenever I need it and I always feel better. It gets be back to the awakening you spoke about here of discovering I need to eat this way, not because of how it makes me look or that it’s trendy, but rather because I need the strength to do all I hope to do in this body! I’m really focusing on strength lately, my goal is to feel strong in my body. #spiritualdiet #mostpowerful

    Thank you for helping me so much with this topic!

  66. Thanks for your wisdom Gabby. Before this I wanted to lose a few pounds to fit into my skinny jeans, and now I have re-framed my thinking. I want to stick to my “diet” so that I FEEL SUCCESSFUL! When I cheat on my diet, I cheat myself of feeling good about my actions and choices, and when I know that I didn’t eat clean all day the feeling of letting myself down overshadows all my other successes. Here’s to feeling Successful all the time!!!!

    1. Suddenly Im becoming acutely aware of the ‘need/desire’ to get healthy. Ive dieted all my life and even went through weight loss surgery and lost nearly 200 pounds some years ago. Through it all I never even cared bout getting healthy. This past year more like six months Ive been getting message after message from Spirit pushing and nudging me to change my diet and I know that it’s time. Ive always known the ‘time’ would come. Your video inspires me and speaks to me. Ive been doing self talk for about a month now saying to myself the same things you just said! Love that. Ive been implementing changes for some time but recently Ive been gearing up toward juicing and eliminating sugar. I bought a juicer just yesterday ha! but the sugar elimination seems to be a bit of a process and I admit Im struggling with that. I recently took custody of my 9 yr. old grand daughter who actually craves healthy eating ..soooo much to change and Ive resisted so long. It feels good to release the resistance to what I know is going to make me feel more energetic, motivated, to think more clearly and be greater inspired and creative… all by just changing my eating patterns and what I eat. And all along Ive had this power and choice but just had to resist for a 1000 reasons lol. Another thing you inspired me to do was to sign up for yoga. Id blown off the idea even at the prodding of my daughter and then I saw your video with regard to yoga, something caught my attention and it just ‘clicked’. I followed through and began just two weeks ago! I totally hear you and Im excited because I know this isn’t just a fantasy or imagined life change but it’s manifesting now into my reality. Im really becoming healthy .. FINALLY. I have a friend who teases me for watching your videos as I tell her I live vicariously through you and aspire to be/live young…. inside this aging body haha. You’re pretty awesome Gabrielle. You help this old gypsy feel inspired and a little more alive. (maybe even young again) {{{{smile}}}}

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