How to Change Your Diet So That You Have Fun and Feel Good!

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Note: This post was updated in 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Many people struggle with their eating habits in some way. It’s easy for us to get stuck in the pattern of making poor food choices.

In the video below I share a simple suggestion for shifting your energy around food. When you do this, you can change your diet in a healthy way so that you have fun and feel good!

Watch below or keep reading for a breakdown of my tip.

How to change your diet with ease

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health or just feel better, this tip will help you change your diet in a sustainable way.

When we’re changing our diet in some way, it can come with a lot of fear, anxiety and even dread. I want to suggest a new way of looking at your diet and thinking about personal health.

Reframe your desire

So often we want to change our diet for vanity reasons. We want to look a certain way, fit into an old pair of jeans or clear up our skin.

It’s totally fine if you want to change your diet because you want to feel better about the way you look in some way. But that is not likely to sustain the change. So I suggest tapping into a deeper desire.

Recently I have given up sugar. This was no easy thing for me. Even though it was not a huge staple in my diet, I was so surprised to realize how frequently sugar shows up. It’s in sauces, in packaged foods, even in the raw chocolate that I ate every night.

It’s definitely not all desserts, though. Check out some awesome sugar-free recipes here.

In my case, I was deeply committed to feeling better. My decision to give up sugar wasn’t about vanity. It was about vitality. Framing it in this way and really finding the deeper purpose is what helped me not get brought down by realizing how many foods I’d be giving up as a result. And it has allowed for long-lasting change.

I’ve been off sugar for several months now, and it’s actually become very easy. That’s only because I really want it. I’m focused not how I look, but on how I feel.

Answer this question in your journal: How do I want to feel?

Whatever your goal or plan is with changing your diet, this is the most important question:

“How do I want to feel?”

You can open your journal and write out the answer to that question.

Here are a few more that you may want to answer:

  • What is going to happen in my life?
  • How will changing my diet help me serve in a greater way?
  • How will changing my diet give me more energy to for my family, friends or personal life?
  • How will changing my diet allow me to bring more focus to my work?

Reframe that intention. Instead of asking yourself, “How can I get into those jeans in the next two weeks?” to “How great can I feel so I can be of higher service?”

Focusing on how you want to feel will give you far more energy and far more stamina to stay committed to your goals and have fun!

How are you reframing your desires?

I want to see how you’re reframing your desires! Let me know in the comments below what your old desire was and what your new desire is based on how you want to feel, serve and affect the world.

Today, I want to be off sugar so that I can have more vitality, more power, more strength and more presence to bring more to the world and fulfill my purpose.

That’s my reframe. When we reframe, it keeps us on our path and makes changing our diet fun and empowering.

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