Attract Your Dream Job—And Get Into Abundance Fast

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The fastest way to get the job you want is to be grateful for the job you hate.

Yup, you read that right. 

If you’re stuck in a low-vibe story like, “I hate this job, I don’t want to be here,” you’re just going to stay stuck where you are. Here’s the quick fix: When you become grateful for the job you do have, you open up your energetic field to be more of a magnetic force to attract the job you truly want. 

Whether you’re in a job you hate, unemployed, or want to change careers, this video is for you! 

Watch here for 7 steps to attract your dream job.

When you focus on what’s thriving, you create more of what you want. 



My friend Corey taught me one of the greatest pieces of career advice: Work from your highest and best. You know you’re working from your highest and best when: 

  1. It’s work that you can do easily without struggle. 
  2. You love doing it. 
  3. It moves the needle. 

If you can’t check off these three things, then it’s not your highest and best! 

When you work from your highest and best you’ll feel better, more connected, and really good about yourself. And that elevated energetic state is what attracts more of what you want.

It also sends a message to the Universe that says, “Yes, I want to work. I’m grateful for the work I have. And I welcome more possibilities for abundance.” As a result, you’re not shutting down the stream of abundance and well-being that’s flowing to you. You’re keeping it open. The more you clarify what’s your highest and best (and commit to it), the more you clarify your desire to the Universe. The Universe LOVES clarity! 

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The thing we often forget is that we’re all miracle workers. You’re not just a miracle worker, or Lightworker, when you’re working as a life coach, therapist, speaker or writer. Everywhere you go is a moment to offer someone a shift in their perception—which is a miracle. Every moment offers you an opportunity to be a force for good in the world. When your primary goal is to serve, you’ll easily stop overthinking and start allowing. 

Service allows the Universe to support you! 

Gabby Bernstein no longer play small quote

So be of service in every encounter—at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, on Zoom at your job. Be the light wherever you go, and I guarantee you the Universe will respond with great support. 

Stop trying to figure it all out, and just be in the service of what you’re creating. Trust that the Universe has your back; let the Universe show you what to do.


The best way to show up on the job is to show up for yourself first—fully and completely. You can speed up by slowing down, and you owe it to yourself to protect your energy on the job. This will help guard against burnout — and it will make you more joyful and efficient! 

So step away, watch a movie, eat an ice cream, go for a walk, exercise, or whatever you need to do to just be you. Take this time, use it wisely, and give yourself full permission to take care of YOU. 


Spirit junkie card deck-faith in universe

When we become grateful for our past circumstances, no matter how difficult they may have been, we can move forward with a greater understanding and awareness of the gifts those experiences gave us.

When we can look back and say, “Wow, look how resilient I am. Look how much I learned. Look where that led me,” that’s when we can move forward with faith and grace, because we can look back and say thank you.

Look back at any jobs that felt like a struggle, and say thank you! Those jobs revealed great learning, growth and a way to change direction so you could ultimately get on the right path. 

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