All Is Well: An Affirmation to Get into the Stream of Well-Being

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I want to share a beautiful affirmation with you today. This is an affirmation you can carry with you every day.

This affirmation is: All is well.

gabby bernstein louise hay|affirmationI remember early on in my spiritual journey I began following Louise Hay. I love the simplicity of her affirmations. I would use this affirmation, “All is well,” all day long. Whenever things would get funky, or things would go wrong, I would just remind myself that all is well. And I would tune back in to this stream of well-being that I was just starting to trust at the time. The more I began to trust that stream, that well-being that is within in me, around me, supporting me, the more greatness I began to experience in my life.

Abraham-Hicks have a beautiful way of putting it. They say, “There is only a stream of well-being that flows. You can allow it, or resist it, but it flows just the same.” Isn’t that so good? There is only a stream of well-being, that’s it. And you’re either allowing it or you’re resisting it, but it’s flowing just the same.

What it’s like to allow the stream of well-being

How are you allowing that stream of well-being? First, let’s consider that you are here reading this blog post right now. Maybe you subscribe to my newsletter or maybe you landed here some other way. Regardless, you’re here and you’re reading this. Take a moment to honor yourself right now. Because just reading these words means that you are willing to tune in to this stream of well-being.

all is well affirmation louise hayThere is a line from A Course in Miracles that reminds me of this affirmation, this knowing that all is well. The Course says, “If you knew who walked beside you on the path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”

When I get in tune with these beliefs, the coolest, wildest, most magnificent things begin to occur. I get into what Abraham-Hicks have called the vortex. I get into the stream. I get into the flow.

Being in that energy field creates so much wonder,  magnificence,  grace and beauty. We have these opportunities when we are in that force field to just be in the joy of what it is to be alive.

We often resist the stream of well-being

We often resist this flow. We all suffer and we all have traumas. We all have ruins and we all have stories. We all have limitations and we all have belief systems that we’ve been burying, and avoiding, and not wanting to deal with. And so in that resistance we are out of alignment with the stream of well-being. We avoid the connection to that love, peace and grace.

In that disconnect, we feel like we’re out of alignment with joy and with the miraculous. We feel like we’re not manifesting what we want. But we also feel a sense of guilt because deep down we know that we have disconnected from our greatest source of power. We know that we have disconnected from our truth, which is love.

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When we get into the flow, we receive guidance

However, in those moments when we are in the stream of well-being, when we are listening to our intuition — those are the moments when we really, really are in the know. We feel joy because we are genuinely connected to the truth of who we are. That joy is what we need to aim for.

When we’re in the joy of who we are, we start to receive guidance. We start to be hooked up in ways that we never thought were possible. It’s our job to listen to that guidance. That guidance comes from deceased guides, teachers and ancestors. It comes from spirit guides and angels. It comes from the God of your own understanding. It comes from the Universe.

This loving guidance is available to each and every one of us all the time.

I want to give you some steps for getting into the stream of well-being. Follow these steps to feel your connection to the Universe, so that you can know that all is well.

Steps to get into the stream of well-being

Step 1: Create a desire list

gabby bernstein writing for manifestingThe first step is to create a desire list. This is quite simple. You’re going to make a list of what you want and why you want it. This will be a list that makes you feel good!

When you make a list of what you want, you start to feel that there is enough to go around. You start to feel like you’re in an infinite field of possibility and abundance. Making this list will let you start to feel like you can be unapologetic about what you want. As a result your energy will shift. You’ll start to get into the feeling that all is well.

This is a practice that we have to do in order to reprogram our thinking. Because all we’re doing all day long is thinking about what we don’t want and how we can avoid it or prevent it. When we do this, ultimately what we’re doing is manifesting more of what we don’t want!

You can make this list every single day for the next month. Make the list every morning as part of your morning ritual.

energy creates reality manifesting gabby bernstein card deckI want to feel healthy because the healthier I am, the more I can bring to the world.

I want to feel supported because the more supported I am, the more I can create.

I want to feel creative because the more creative I am, the more I can give to others.

Be unapologetic about your desires

You can be unapologetic. Whatever you want, put it out there. Just make sure that what you’re asking for is in alignment with what is of the highest good. You don’t want to ask for things that could harm other people. You don’t want to say, “I want so and so to suffer.”

As justified as you may feel in your anger toward another person, I assure you that this wish is not going to raise your vibration. If you do feel this way toward someone, that’s okay. Gently witness your judgment. And practice the Judgment Detox on your judgment toward that person instead.

When you practice this desire list, suspend your disbelief. Just let yourself be in the wonder of what you want. Be in the excitement and the enthusiasm of what you want to create, experience and receive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Trust that there is enough to go around. Get yourself into the infinite field of possibility and abundance. Make sure that while you’re writing, you’re writing about things that make you feel good! You can share your list in the comments if you feel called to do so.

Step 2: Focus on how you want to feel

Start to focus on how you want to feel in your life. I’ll give you an example. A while ago I really wanted to feel more supported by people in my life and by the Universe. During this time I didn’t believe that I could be supported. Believing that I wasn’t supported took me out of that stream of well-being.

I knew that I had to start reaching for a higher-vibe feeling. I didn’t know how to get to that feeling, but I knew what I wanted it to sound like. So I had an affirmation. My affirmation was, “Everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of.” And, man, did that feel good. It felt so good to say that out loud.

I knew that in order to get into that feeling, I had to lean on experiences that I’ve in my life where that affirmation resonated. There was one area of my life where I felt it. It was the experience I had with my event planner, Anette.

Anette always makes me feel supported. So I started to cultivate that feeling of Anette. In my meditation I would daydream about being onstage and knowing that Anette had everything taken care of.

As I dwelled in that feeling, my affirmation began to come to life in my body. I started to feel that affirmation. “Everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of.”

honor how i want to feel card deck gabby bernsteinOver the next six months, my affirmation became my reality. I hired people who supported me. I was led to opportunities to feel guided, supported and protected. And today I am standing in the truth, that everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of. All is well.

(I share this story and go deeper with the lesson in my new book, Super Attractor. The book is out on Sept. 24th, 2019, and you can preorder it now! When you preorder it you’ll also get my 2-hour Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop FREE!)

How to cultivate the feeling that all is well

You can use the affirmation “All is well,” or you can make up one like I did. Then call on one corner of your life you feel that way or have felt that way.

If what you want isn’t something you personally have experienced, you can call on people you know who have it. For example, if you want to cultivate more love in your life and you don’t have any frame of reference, you can call on a relationship that you admire.

Feel the feeling that comes up for you when you think about experiencing it. Be in that energy of your vision. Dwell in the joy of what it is that you are creating. It’s safe to feel it fully. And when you’re not in alignment with that feeling, repeat the affirmation “All is well,” or repeat the affirmation that you create for yourself.

Step 3: Appreciate what you have

I teach appreciation all the time and I’m going to teach it again. Read that past post for a deep dive into appreciation and how to play the appreciation game.

When you are in a state of appreciation, you are in a state of perfect allowing. When you appreciate, you aren’t resisting. You’re not caught up in some negative story. Instead, you’re in the story of what is flowing.

In addition to the journaling exercise I outline in my blog post on appreciation, there’s more you can do. Start to tell people why you appreciate them. Say it out loud to them. Friends, romantic partners, coworkers, family, everyone.

gabby bernstein play appreciation game with kidsIf you’re a parent, do this with your children. Go back and forth saying, “I appreciate you for X.” They’ll get it so into it. It’s a magnificent gift to give them.

Do this with your romantic partner. Tell them how much you appreciate them. This will completely shift the energy in your relationship, especially if you’ve been focused on all their perceived faults. What if instead of looking for faults, we were looking for miracles?

When you practice these steps, you can begin to know that there is only a stream of well-being that flows. You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same. Trust this, know this, accept this, and start to own this affirmation in your life. All is well.

How to stay in the stream of well-being

When you practice these steps faithfully, you will start to feel really good. You might feel so good that you think you don’t really need this practice anymore.

I’ve seen this happen many times. I’ve done it myself. Once life gets good, we fall off the spiritual wagon. And eventually that good-feeling momentum fades, and we’re back to square one.

I want you to be able to stay in the flow of well-being and live a spiritual life! That’s why I created my Miracle Membership.

The Miracle Membership is a monthly subscription platform that helps you stay consistent on your spiritual path. Click here to learn more and join now!

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    1. Is to live the truth of who I am, to live from within, to see through the lens of love in every moment, to elevate humanity/the universe by my presence, to be a force for good.

    2. Is for my son to receive education that is going to be beneficial for him and his overall growth.

    3. Is for me to be the best Interior Decorator/Space Organiser I can possibly be. To create beautiful, functional, good feeling spaces for other beings. To share that joy with others. To change how others live in the best way by transforming their spaces.

    4. Is to live a life of abudance. To be surrounded by abudance of all kinds and to have the ability and the awareness to really see and appreactive it. To just revel in the beauty of this experience of life in this amazing breathtaking universe.

    I surrender this desires to the Universe and I welcome what is of the highest good of all.

  2. Hi where do I download the All is well mantra ?
    I’m listening to your super attractor, I’m loving it and would love the, antea audio xx

  3. Ohh so beautiful Gabby. You are the real deal. Profoundly.

    I want to put these mantras all over my house. But I’m embarrassed when people come over? Any words of wisdom!?

    My desire list:

    I want to be Free from chaos addiction: papers, money, home, consistency, food, work projects, time!

    I want to be free from always struggling.

    I want to finish the work with my current clients easily, joyfully and quickly.

    I want to be Free from debt / underearning and have abundance and am able to love the life I want and give to those in need.

    I want to Accept the life I have right now
    and be steeped in gratitude

    I want to easily follow the steps to naturally lose weight and cure pre-cancer. I let go of the weight, of the heaviness of life and my body.

    I am light and joyful.

    Right now I want an job paying close to six figures with alternative schedule so that I can stabilize my life

    I want to become a public speaker.

    I want to move into my beautiful apartment I’m renting to tenants and have foster kids and foster/rescue animals.

    I want a loving relationship first with me and then with a life partner.

    Love love love love!!

    1. Gorgeous Maria! Follow that inner guidance to proudly hang these up! Perhaps put in a place that only you’ll see, such as behind your bedroom closet door, on your nightstand, or in your purse or bag. XOX

  4. I’ve been working hard on manifesting my dreams for a while, and I think this released something for me. My list is this:
    – To be debt free, because it will give me the freedom to live my life with abandon
    – To travel, because it will give me the opportunity to experience all the sides of the world, and help people everywhere.
    – To own my own home, loan free, because it will give a a safe base to come back to.
    – To dare to use what I know, even when I don’t feel like I know enough, because I know I can help people
    As for the thing or person to lean into, for me it’s actually you. I’ve only just started reading ‘The Universe has your back”, about half way through, but something about you, something about your energy gives me the guts to say to myself ‘She did it, and so can you.’ So thank you for that.

  5. Gabby.. I sooooo appreciate you!! I have been on a path of “change “ since I can remember!! I start the spiritual path then allow my old habits sabatoge me. Thank My Universe for you.. my awareness is kicking in and I am realizing why i sabatoge myself. Love u!!

  6. Dear Gabby,
    I have completely lost my connection to the Universe, to myself, even to my partner. I don’t know what to do. I feel dead inside.

    1. Showing up here is a brave and beautiful sign that you are open to a shift. Start incorporating a daily meditation practice, which will help you feel grounded, connected, and inspire you to choose love in all those areas. My Meditation For Oneness will be a great tool for you: Sending lots of love your way. <3

  7. First of all, I want to thank you for being here, on Earth and for spreading all the light that touch us. I am following you from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Your articles, your videos, you, are amazing!
    I have a hard time to find my faith. For many, many years I struggle with a bad financial situation.
    For about 10 years I am dreaming of my HOUSE, a beautiful house with a nice garden in which I am living with my husband, but all I am affording right now is living in my parent’s apartment.
    I tried soooo many times to shift my energy, to evolve, and I’m sure I am not the same, but still..nothing happens, and I fall into disappointment once again.
    In plus, we are trying to conceive a BABY for 7 months now..but still, nothing happens. I’ve seen your video in which you talked about this and it helped me so much. ‘Your plans are in the way of God’s plans’.
    It helped me relaxed, and release resistance.
    But still, I am disappointed. Small things that I desire come quite easily but when I truly, truly desire something big it’s not happening. Sometimes I feel like the Universe is watching me and when he refuses to give it to me, no matter how much I try.
    It sounds soooo silly, and I know it’s not true, but this is how I feel, and I don’t know how to get through my fear of being disappointed once again, I know the theory but it just doesn’t sink.
    For many years also I received an impulse to write a book, but my fear of failing has stopped me. But in the last period of time, I’ve shifted my perception and I let myself to express through creativity (writing and painting) and my first book is almost
    finished. I don’t know is will ever be published, but I feel good writing stories and that is enough for me.
    Sorry for the long comment, I’ve never written a comment at your articles, but now this is what I felt to write because you pushed a button in me 🙂 .Thank you so so much!!!! All is well!!

    1. I’m excited to see your book come to life Anna! Know that the Universe wants you to have all that you desire. When you’re feeling stuck or overcome by fear, shift the energy. Move from a place of fear and lack to love and appreciation. By recognizing and appreciating all that you have now, you’ll move closer to the things that you’re manifesting. Check out my blog for some more support: Big hugs to you XOX

  8. Thanks Gabby!! I’ve recently started following you and your guidance and wisdom is what I need right now. My trouble is my relationships with others, and a lot of times I feel inferior or not good enough, either with coworkers or romantic relationships. I worry what people think of me and try to be liked by everyone. When I do assert myself or give my opinions, I later go back and wonder if it was the “right”
    thing to say, and worry how I was perceived. Because of my insecurities, I often judge other people and try to right their “wrongs”. I’m hoping to break this cycle of negativity within myself and be more of the “light”. Thanks for your guidance!

  9. Thank you for sharing this Gabby! Last night something happened and I realised I have not gone past my limiting beliefs, self doubt, insecurity and lack of self acceptance of myself and inner spirit. Would love to really start to access this part of me and grow from within. Which part of your blog/site should I start off with? In addition, love your meditations. The affirmations really help me sometimes when I feel lost or defeated.

    1. Melissa, I love hearing that you’re connecting with the meditations. Creating a daily meditation practice will help you feel more grounded and be able to tap into your inner guidance, which will allow you to naturally choose love instead of fear and let go of those limiting beliefs. It’s also an awesome act of self love and self care. Here’s one of my favorite meditations for mental balance <3

  10. Gabby!!! I just acknowledged that you are my earthly spirit guide. No one else resonates with me like you do. Every time I read your blog or see a video from you it puts me back into alignment. Your words bring a sense of peace to me. I thank God for aligning our spirits. I am beyond happy to hear of your pregnancy announcement, proving to me once again that we can manifest any of our desires. Thank you for your continuous light. Much love. JOSIANNE

  11. Thank you, Gabby, for this new affirmation. I’m going to use it in place of the cyclical thoughts I have throughout the day re: dissatisfaction with my job and with certain people in my life. I tried it today and loved how it instantly made me feel a little lighter. I can’t wait to see what will enfold because of it…thank you again!

  12. Hi Gabby! Did not realize you are expected, untill I read some of the other comments! A great big huge congratulations to you and your husband! How wonderful ~

  13. Hi Gabby, thanks for this uplifting and wonderful post. What perfect timing, I feel much better already. Love all your affirmations you have shared! Resonates beautifully.
    The affirmation “All is Well..” that there’s actually a song for “All is Well”??? lol… It’s the chorus of the song from the ever fantastic friendship movie in ‘3 Idiots’.
    “All is Well!! Woot woot woot!”
    Can’t help it.. It rings. 😛

    Much blessings.

  14. Thank you for this post Gabby. I have been reaching deep within to how I want to feel and how I want the outward expression to shine. And it’s working.

    This particularly spoke to me: That I had been so focused on avoiding what I don’t want and controlling – so much controlling to prevent it – that you’re right – I made more of that happen! Aware, willingness, release and choose desired states of being to create new pathways of thinking – reprogramming my mind. 🙂

    My desire list: to connect, to be grateful, to be joyful and to share lovingly. XO

  15. Talk about divine timing! This is exactly what I have been looking for… I just signed up for the Miracle Membership. Also, thank you for being you!❤️I have grown so much from reading your books. I’m excited to keep learning and spreading light!!

    1. Woohoo Kelsey! I’m stoked you’re connecting with this work. Excited to see you in the membership! XOX

  16. I love this. This could not have come at a better time. Thank you for all that you do. You have no idea how you have transformed my life. I love you and I am so happy for you and your family. Congrats!

  17. What a great blog post! Than you! This was exactly what I needed today. And I have started my desire list and positive affirmations already.

  18. Gaby I’ve just read your book ‘the universe has your back’ and I’m also in early recovery .. this is all amazing stuff that should be taught in schools! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person .. feeling very blessed and supported right now after a tough time xxxxxx

  19. Thank you for your inspiration Gabby ☀️

    I want to be a teacher who brings love and understanding to the world

    I want to have a strong mind and loving heart with a body that is strong and carries responsibility to teach love and getting things done to the world with ease.

    I want to feel energetic and have patience towards the people I love.

    I want to trust that the universe will provide for Gerben, me and our family, also when I chose to be in line with my vortex.

    I want to love and trust myself unconditionally forgiving myself at times that I am not perfect.

    I want to have fun and laughter with the people I love.

    I feel grateful for the courage to make my list public just as I just wrote it ✨

    Last one I want to see and feel magic and sparkles in the INW again ☀️

  20. Isn’t it better to say ‘I AM healthy’, or ‘I AM getting healthier everyday’, then to say I WANT to be healthy? Don’t you get stuck in WANT energy? It’ll stay something you want.

  21. Thank you so much for this Gabby. I am definitely spiritual. But I’ve been struggling the last year with health issues that nobody has been able to figure out yet. And this has really taken me out of the flow and made it hard to truly feel that all is well. I do want to ferl healthy and focus on that. Because not feeling well physically has been keeping me stuck in othet areas of my life. I became a certified life coach this year but because of my health issues along with my lack of knowledge around being an entrepreneur (sales, marketing, etc) I have not taken many steps towards building my business. It’s not easy to push forward when you do not feel well physically.

    I want to feel healthy, to truly experience what that feels like and move forward in my life as a spiritual coach!!

    1. I’m grateful this is serving you, Noelle. Please know that you do not have to be in perfect health in order to start coaching. In fact, your personal experience and the things you’re doing to work on your health will inspire and uplift others. Your stories will be the things that draw clients to you. Instead of feeling that you need to push forward in your business, take gentle and loving action steps to start your practice. Shift the energy from “pushing” to “allowing” and see how your energy changes. When things feel complicated, go simple. Start by taking some simple steps and soon those steps will add up to a big outcome. XOX

  22. Gabby

    I have read and listen to lots of authors on his subject, one of my favourites being Eckhart Tolle but I find your down to earth, simple explanations and exercises motivate me the most.

    I am a new convert having just listened to the ‘universe has my back’ now started ‘May cause miracles’.

    Big thanks for all your hard work


  23. This is soooo good, I haven’t read you before and somehow I ended up here. it was just what I needed to hear
    Thank you gabyyyyyy you da best

  24. Hi Gabby! In my last comment I had said how I recently discovered you! I found you through the most groovy syncronisity of 108! So… I am in the middle of “Miracles Now” ~ literally!
    Thank-you for surfing the wave ~
    Big Love to you!
    In deep gratitude, Angie xo

  25. Thanks Gabby. Your blog today revealed a truth I don’t want to see. I live with my parents and I am 50. I’m looking for my own place. This has been temporary due to finances. It’s very hard living with them. My mom can’t remember anything and they watch TV on 100. And we are all on one floor and sometimes my teenage daughter is there. So I realized I’m not allowing myself to appreciate them openly and be part of their life bc then I’m saying it’s okay to be here. It makes me feel like I’m making the living arrangement more solid and all I want to do is run away. I can’t get quiet or peace. I keep looking for an apartment, but none are available. I feel guilty for mistreating them. Your blog has put this right in front of my face. Any idea how to manage this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Traci

    1. Traci, start by shifting the energy from frustration to appreciation. Make a list of all the things you appreciate this week about your parents and this temporary living situation. Notice any small (or big) interactions or situations that you feel thankful for. Then make a new list each week and notice how things start to shift as you get closer to finding your own place. <3

  26. Thank you Gaby ,I really needed this,I was feeling not good enough since I was rejected from two job opportunities. I have been struggling trying to start my business and feeling that b school was a waste of time and money. I took inventory and took a couple of small steps towards my goal to start my own business, Any advice ?

  27. Thanks Gabby once again for your beautiful post! Louise Gay was and still is such an inspiration to all and I will save this post for sure. I saw your beautiful pregnancy photo!! All my congrats and best wishes for you, your husband and baby boy! I am so happy and thrilled for all of you!!! Best of health and well-being, you will rock motherhood! Love all you teach, your baby will be truly blessed!

  28. Love this sooo much!! This blog came at the perfect time!! Thank you sooo much Gabby!! ❤️❤️

  29. Thank you so much for all of your messages, guidance, and help in uncovering the beauty of the universe. I was raised in a very strict religious household, lost both parents at a young age, and then felt very lost when I was excommunicated from the church a few years ago. The last couple of years I have been truly trying to make sense of a deeper meaning/spirituality and you have been such a help in assisting me to overcome fear, guilt, and judgement. You have helped me to become a better mother, paramedic, wife, and human being with your messages. I have such a sense of peace and joy and I am truly grateful to you and the universe. Congratulations on your little one on the way and thanks again Gabby. Have a wonderful week:)

  30. Thanks Gabby! This was the perfect way to start my morning! You are a source of strength and love to so many, and that I thank you for! “All is well.” Love, Lynne #spiritjunkie

  31. Good morning Gabby,
    First of all, I’m French so sorry for mistakes I’m gonna do on this email.
    I really like what you do for me, for us. I follow your advices to feel better and increase my energy in this universe.
    I can’t allow the miracle membership at this moment but I work on it.
    Thank you , have a great day.

  32. I began follows Louise in the nineties and I use the affirmation All is Well daily I know my guides and have met my Soul Partner who now guides me from the ‘other side’ beyond the veil I am now on the path of Ascension. Namaste.

  33. I love this. ‘All is well’. How simple and beautiful. I have long practiced gratitude but have not done the desires list. I will do this with joy!Thank you for sharing ❤

  34. I love this. ‘All is well’. How simple and beautiful.

    I have long practiced gratitude but have not done the desires list. I will do this with joy!

    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  35. Love this blog, my desire list is: a perfect communication with the father of my awesome son for the next couple of weeks and for the rest of our life.
    A lovely new home for me and my son, in Landsmeer Netherlands on the waterfront with 3 bedrooms, a bath and an open kitchen where lost of people can sit eat drink and dance on the table!
    Staying as healthy and slim as I am, feeling gorgeous, energetic and having the soft power to keep encouraging people: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

    I choose love.

  36. Hej Gabby this is exactly what I was looking for and needed to know today, I feel lost and sad, I am celebrating 6 months sobriety and in that time I have found you and discovered that there is more to life than just everyday business and it was incredible to see that life is really is very simple and beautiful, the spiritual path has change me and open my eyes to something beautiful and very serene, in the beginning my husband was very supportive of me but for the last couple of months we have been growing apart and he doesn’t like the fact that I am not as dependent on him as I used to be, it hurts when in argument he makes fun of my practice, I feel like I need to make that life changing decisions but just don’t know how to listen to my intuition and keep having faith in the Universe. Grateful for any advice. Love Ania xxx

    1. Beautiful Anna! Proud and celebrating you on your 6 month sobriety. Keep tapping into that inner wisdom, which will speak to you in the voice of love rather than from a place of fear. Continue to be that light and shine brightly, as it has the power to cause a ripple effect in your life and help those around you, including your husband. Remember that everyone is on their own healing journey and goes at their own pace. Be open to the change but do not put expectations on anyone else. Instead focus on your healing, which is an awesome act of self love and self care <3

  37. Gabby I love your work so much <3 thanks to your work, I am finally easily without effort and with love letting all go and come. well, there is still something to learn, but with you I get what my parents or family never gave me and I love your work so much for that <3 You are the first author, that would transit me a message in a way of a such a deep level, as you do, do, do, do….You even cannot imagine how my life is getting better, and I finally learn step by step to love myself and my work. This is such a big treasure I could ever get from a universe <3 I love your work and I wish you all the good in this galaxy <3 thank you <3

    1. this makes me so happy. i’m thrilled that the work is serving you. continue to show up for yourself and expect miracles!



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