A 6-Minute Walking Meditation You Can Take Anywhere

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gabby bernstein walking | free walking meditationIf you’re anything like me, you typically meditate in a special place in your home. If you have the space, you might have an altar or other sacred spot that you retreat to daily. Or maybe you have a favorite meditation pillow and like to light a candle or incense to set a relaxing mood.

Whatever your meditation ritual, that’s a beautiful thing.

But as much as I love my pillow, the truth is that it’s not always necessary for a great meditation. You can meditate just about anywhere — from your couch, your office (with the door closed), your porch.

Sometimes you don’t even need to close your eyes.

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You can meditate while walking!

I want to share with you a joyful walking meditation that you can do while strolling around the neighborhood or through the woods.

Wherever you can walk is totally fine, whether it’s a busy sidewalk or a quiet meadow.

Just be sure wear comfy shoes and keep your eyes wide open so you’re aware of your surroundings while your earbuds are in.

My 6-Minute Walking Meditation

Lace up your shoes, press play and let serenity set in. After your walk, comment below and let me know about your experience. I hope this meditation serves you.

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