5 Steps to Unlock Your Purpose and Abundance

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So many of us are living with a lot of uncertainty about what’s going to happen next in the world. Well, what if I were to tell you that your life can actually be better than it was before the pandemic? I get it. You’re probably thinking, “What are you talking about? Everything’s different, I’ve lost so much, I can’t do what I used to do.” We have the potential to live with meaning and purpose—even when things seem like they’re falling apart around us.

We’re living in a time where we can’t play small. We’re living in a time where we can’t hide out. We are living in a time where we can’t stay stuck in old patterns. That’s why I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible awaken to the presence of joy, inspiration, purpose, and abundance. If this sounds like something you want more of—if you want to awaken to your purpose and abundance, even in the midst of this difficult time, then you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m going to share my five steps to unlock your purpose and abundance so you’ll be able to perceive your life differently. You’ll be able to come out of this recognizing how things can be far better than they were before. You’ll learn how you can start transforming from within so that you can awaken your highest potential.

These are the core principles that I teach in Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital course. This 8-module digital course (that we only open for enrollment 1 time a year!) is my best work! In this training I teach people how to step into their purpose, make an impact, and be abundant doing work they love!

Let’s get started…


When things are taken from us we can perceive it as a bottoming out, but it actually is a massive opportunity for a breakthrough—and I want you to just begin to open up to the possibility of that.

I’ve had a lot of people online, emails, connecting to me on social saying, “Gabby, I am so ready to change. I feel as though there is something changing. There is a shift occurring, what am I going to do with this? Is it possible that I could be better than before?” And the answer is 100% yes.

Open up to the possibility that bottom can be your breakthrough.

There’s so much resistance to fulfilling a life of purpose. But what if you could start to see these obstacles that we’re living through right now as opportunities? Whenever I see people going through big obstacles—like when someone tells me they lost their job or got a divorce—I always congratulate them. Seriously, I do. Some people take offense to this, but I am telling you, it’s the most generous thing I can say because they’ve made a commitment to change. In the midst of a shift that has been placed upon them, they have an opportunity for something new. Not only to fulfill something new, but to become someone new. So if you’ve recently lost your job, or if a relationship has changed, or you’ve had to move, or you’re feeling like you’re stuck and you can’t go on the way you used to, congratulations, because now you have the opportunity to be someone new.

We’ve had a lot of obstacles… if you’ve hit a rock bottom of any kind, I want you to open up to the possibility that bottom can be your breakthrough. Right now, in this time that we are living in, we have two major choices:

  1. We can play small, stay stuck, numb out with drugs or food or alcohol, or whatever it is that we use to avoid.
  2. We can wake up to possibilities and opportunities. We can wake up to our highest purpose and our highest potential. We can do the inner work that can awaken purpose within us.

Gabby sitting in an open space with Mary Oliver quote

Let me ask you this… “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” That is one of my favorite quotes from Mary Oliver, and I want you to really take that in right now.

  • What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life of yours?
  • What are you planning to bring forth?
  • How can you begin to witness this obstacle as an opportunity, recognize your bottom in this moment as a breakthrough, and choose to see things differently?

You have a radical opportunity in front of you right now, and I want you to say “Yes!” to it.

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Does this sound like you? “I feel like I have this purpose within me,” or “I have a desire to do something different in my life (career, personal life, both), but I feel blocked.” If that’s you, I just want you to honor yourself right now. Don’t judge it, just recognize it. Releasing the blocks to your dreams are actually about surrendering. The secret to manifesting that desire in your life and allowing your dream to become your reality is to forget what you think you need and surrender it to the highest good for all.

Black and white image of Gabby Bernstein praying

You might be like, “I’m done, I’m out Gabby, I can’t do this, I don’t want to surrender. That’s too terrifying. How could I possibly surrender? I feel like that’s giving up.” Instead of living in fear, I want to reframe that for you. Surrendering is the opposite of giving up, it’s giving over. It’s taking your desires and releasing them to the care of the universe. When you hold on so tightly to your desires and dreams, you’re blocking them from manifesting into form.

I’ve seen so many of my Spirit Junkie Masterclass students come into my training and they’ve been strangling their dreams. They have this block that’s really not letting them take inspired action because they want to hold on so tightly. Take a moment to think if you have a dream right now that you might be strangling. Now write down an answer to:

  • Do you have something that you want to manifest and fulfill in your life that you’re strangling right now? (And when I say “strangling,” I mean something you just can’t let go of).

Now let’s give it over by forgetting what you think you need and instead make this your mantra: “I surrender this desire to the universe, and I welcome what is of the highest good for all.”

I surrender this desire to the universe image

By just saying, “I take this and I give it over,” (even if you don’t have a spiritual foundation or you don’t even know “Who I’m giving it over to?”), the simple phrase of offering it up to the highest good has the power to really shift your energy and help you release that control you’ve been placing upon this desire. I promise you, it’s going to open you up to the next step: “The only thing you need to do to prioritize is your purpose.” We can’t take the third step without awakening what we just learned—give over and surrender to the highest good for all instead of focusing on how you think you need it and how it has to be.

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Your purpose is actually rooted in inspiration. A lot of people think that your purpose is something that you have to find, it’s actually something that’s already within you. What inspires you is your creative force. What you do in your life that brings you joy is your creative force. So right now, you can let inspiration be your goal, rather than a specific outcome.

Gabby Bernstein sitting in a rocking chair with a tea

When you make inspiration your goal, that’s when your days become rich and filled with happiness…so much so the people around you will get elevated in your presence, the people in your Zoom calls get elevated through the vibrational frequency through the internet. People want to hire you, people want to date you, people will want to be around you. It becomes an energetic force that is magnetic.

Most think to find their purpose they have to do, do, do, do, do. In fact you actually have to:

  • Release your purpose completely
  • Stop focusing on the outcome
  • Start focusing all of your energy on little inspired actions
  • Live with inspiration and joy— joy is the catalyst for all that is great in this world, and inspiration is what allows us to bring forth what is within us.

Don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have time to do inspired actions. Do you have time to feel like crap? Do you have time to feel stuck? When we take small inspired actions daily that’s when we build up a lot of positive momentum. . And when we’re inspired, we’re in spirit, and when we’re in spirit, we are super attractors that can manifest exactly what it is that we desire in a far greater way than we could ever have imagined.

Rather than focusing so much on the doing and the forcing, I want you to focus on living an inspired life.. I want you to really think about what it is within you that inspires you, something that brings inspiration into your life. Write it down now.

Gabby cutting a lemon

Maybe it’s playing with your kids, maybe it’s cooking, maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s drawing or making art. It doesn’t matter if that inspired action is something that will translate into a vocation at some point. All I want you to do is commit to doing one small inspired action every single day. Remember, your true purpose is already within you, it is the creative force within you, it’s the energy of love within you, it’s the inspiration within you, and as you start to live in that inspiration—regardless of your circumstances—it starts to become more and more clear how you can bring that inspiration into your work and into your life.

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Abundance is a major focus of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Here’s the key point that I drive home in the training: When we focus on inspiration in this moment, it’ll start to elevate the energy behind us to get us to the next step and the next. Practice your spiritual principles—lean into inspiration and joy, continue (or start) your meditation and prayer practice—bring those principles into your existing work and really allow yourself to recognize that feeling inspired is your natural state of being.

If you’re inspired, the abundance within you and around you will multiply. And I can say this with conviction, when your energy is in alignment with an energy of inspiration, it’s an energy of abundance…and that abundance energy opens up invisible doors.

Gabby image headshot asking want me to be your coach

In the Spirit Junkie Masterclass I breakdown my method for clearing financial fears and living with an abundance mindset.

When this shift occurs, abundance becomes natural. I can stand behind this method with all of my heart and soul. Thousands of Spirit Junkie Masterclass students have applied my methods and totally changed their relationship to abundance. People who were once in debt and financially insecure, now have thriving careers doing what they love. And don’t take my word for it. You can experience it now. In the Spirit Junkie Masterclass I have modules totally devoted to activating your abundance. Learn more here.

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Confidence stems from your ability to be authentically you. Own your story. Own what inspires you. Show up for the authentic truth of who you are. I want you to write down a story of where you were in your life, what happened to get you to change, and where you are now.

Your story is going to be what inspires and heals others

That story of where you were, what happened, and where you are now is your transformational story…and that transformational story is a gift that you can give the world. It embodies all the inspiration you’re here to bring forth. Your story is going to be what inspires and heals others. After you write your story, take a small action today and share it with others. Confidently step into your authenticity. And remember, authenticity is your guidepost for confidence.

As soon as you allow yourself to tell that story of where you were, what happened, and where you are today—you’re aligning with your authenticity, you’re grounding in your transformation. And when you feel that authenticity moving through you, you start to recognize that there is a force of creative energy within you that’s beckoning you to come forth. Sharing your story helps you gain credibility and confidence in why you have something important to say, why you have a meaningful message to bring forth into the world.

Our genuine purpose is to be of service through the inspiration that is moving through us. Our joy and our inspiration have the power to change the world around us. And that’s when we are truly, truly living our purpose.

Our genuine purpose is to be of service quote

So, you don’t have to find your purpose. When you’re being of service to others and sharing the messages in your own authentic way…that’s when your purpose is presented to you. That’s when you wake up and you realize, “Wow, something changed. I don’t know how, but my life is better than it was pre-pandemic. It’s better now.” That transformation is what every single one of my Spirit Junkie Masterclass students have gone through.




I wanted to give you these five steps today—introduce you to these practices, give you some of the calls-to-action of sharing your own authentic story, and grounding yourself in your own confidence—because there has never been a more important time than now to step into our purpose and be abundant doing work in the world that we love. And if you’re hearing that call and you’re feeling that hit, then this is your time.

This is your time to awaken to your highest potential. Your time to let inspiration move through everything that you do. And this is your time to be abundant doing what you love and take action on your dreams.

Do you want to wake up to your potential, wake up your inner gifts, your inner inspiration and intuition? Do you want to do something bigger with your life or in your career? How can you take this new spiritual foundation, these new beliefs you have about yourself from these five lessons today and go bigger? How can you be limitless and not avoid your dreams? You can join the Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

In the Masterclass, I give you spiritual tools to help you step up and rise up—and I’m telling you, the messages in the course have never been more timely than today.

It will help you gain the confidence to take action on your dreams, live a purposeful life, have a purposeful career path, and be very abundant doing that work in your life.

Take Spirit Junkie Masterclass and you will:

  • Get crystal clear on what you’re here to do and be in this world.
  • Heal false perceptions of yourself and gain the confidence to fulfill your highest purpose.
  • Clear your financial blocks so that you can be abundant doing what you love.
  • Learn directly from me during 20+ hours of video lectures, guided meditations, powerful exercises and live group check-in sessions.
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  • Experience an immersive and transformational experience like no other!


Gain confidence quote with gabby bernstein for spirit junkie masterclass.

Now is your time to join the Spirit Junkie Masterclass—a fully immersive and transformational experience. Know your true purpose and feel worthy of it.

Join me and gain the confidence to fulfill your highest purpose, be abundant and make an impact. I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you on your journey. There has truly never been a better time.

I’m so inspired by all of the people that have taken the Masterclass. And they are passionate about sharing their transformations, too. “I love that now I have a clear outline of who I am, what I do, how I do it, and the confidence to do it unapologetically in a big way! When you take this course, you’ll be given every tool to move forward confidently, with strength and a sense of freedom that you just can’t fake!” —Tracey Dimech, 2019 graduate

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