The 5 Spiritual Tools I Use in My Sober Recovery

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I love this blog post and decided to update it for my 13th anniversary of getting sober! I’ve added more resources and new information on spiritual and practical tools that I use in my sober recovery.

My path to sobriety

October 2nd is one of the most important anniversaries in my life.

spirit junkie book gabby bernsteinIn the fall of 2005 I was deep in the throes of addiction and spiraling toward rock bottom fast. Here’s how I put it in my book Spirit Junkie:

Things got bad. I had no real friends, my family was constantly disappointed in me, I weighed about 98 pounds and my voice was totally shot. My business was going under, my business partner wanted me dead and my self-loathing was at an all-time high. I was severely depressed from the drugs, and I literally had lost my mind. I couldn’t remember where I’d parked my car the night before, or the name of the intern I’d hired a year earlier. I was a mess.

Then, after a crazy party on the night of October 1st, I came home and wrote in my journal as I tried to come down from the drugs I’d taken. I wrote: “I need help. God, Universe, whoever is out there … I need a miracle.”

I fell asleep. The next morning — October 2nd, 2005 — I woke up with a loud, clear inner voice talking to me.

For many years this voice had been a whisper, one that I’d mostly ignored. But that morning there was no denying it. I had asked for help and now I was receiving it. The voice said, “Get clean and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

I had no choice but to listen. I had surrendered, and God was answering my prayer.

I have been sober since that day.

And just as that voice promised, from the moment I got clean I’ve been manifesting everything I desire. My happiness, health and success went from zero to off the charts. I owe it all to that spiritual surrender.

I share my story of self-love and miracles in my 2011 TEDx Talk:

Tweet: Spiritual practices help me handle every challenge with grace, and I can call on that support and power whenever I want.

In this post I want to give you some of the most important tools I use in my sober recovery. These spiritual tools help me live a miraculous life every day, and I hope they will help you on your own path. But I want to begin by sharing the most important first step on your path to sobriety.

The first step in sobriety: Willingness and surrender

In order to make any change, heal any negative pattern or break any addiction, we must have two things in place. We must be willing to change, and we must surrender spiritually.

What does it mean to be willing?

Your true willingness to recover from any kind of addiction is enough to put you on the path to healing. Being willing to change, grow and heal doesn’t mean you have everything figured out. It means you’re committed to keeping an open mind, being patient and letting go of ideas, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you.

Simply put, no change can happen unless we want it. This can sound scary, because while you might be willing, you might also feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. But don’t worry. This is where spiritual surrender comes in.

What is spiritual surrender?

Spiritual surrender is when we let go of our own plan and trust that the Universe has a far greater one for us. When we surrender our will to the power of the Universe, we receive miracles. We can trust that we will receive clear direction to guide us to the resources, people and support we need.

If surrender also seems kind of scary to you right now, that’s totally normal. Just keep it simple and begin by surrendering to the fact that you are willing to show up for yourself and your healing.

The Universe will do for you what you cannot do for yourself

All the greatest healing I’ve experienced in my life has come from an experience that the Universe placed in front of me and not something that I made happen. That’s the beauty of a spiritual path: When you surrender and allow the Universe to do her thing, true healing is presented to you.

In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring you toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love. It’s your choice to lean toward love or lean toward fear. The spiritual tools I share below will help you lean toward love moment by moment, day by day.

The spiritual tools I use in my sober recovery

gabby bernstein with hands in prayer pose

Committing to living in the light, staying clean and sticking with my spiritual practices has changed my life in every conceivable way.

It’s not that getting clean and walking a spiritual path have made all my problems and challenges disappear!

Instead, my spiritual practices help me handle every challenge with grace and confidence. They remind me that there is a power much greater than me, and that I can call on support and guidance from that power whenever I want.

Below I share some of the spiritual tools that I lean on all the time in my sober recovery. It is my hope and my intention that you will incorporate these tools into your own life and spiritual practice, whether you are recovering from substances or negative habits.

1. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has completely changed my life. You may be familiar with it because I’ve been sharing EFT lessons for years. It’s a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional health by stimulating certain meridian points on the body.

When you tap on specific energy meridians found on your face, head, arm and chest, you can release ancient fears, limiting beliefs, negative patterns and even physical pain.

I have practiced EFT with some incredible teachers, including Nick Ortner. Nick and his sister, Jessica, are the founders of The Tapping Solution. Tapping with Nick is a beautiful experience.

If you want to go deeper with EFT, Nick has an amazing book called The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self. In it he shares a 21-day process for releasing self-doubt, strengthening your sense of inner peace and manifesting an awesome life.

EFT tapping for stress and anxiety

When you are in sober recovery, or recovering from any kind of addiction, you may feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. If this happens, press play on the video below and follow my guidance to tap on stress and anxiety. You may feel relief immediately. But if not, that’s okay. Press play again and just keep tapping until you feel better.

2. Meditating daily

I practice different kinds of meditation. One of the most powerful meditations when you are in sober recovery is the Kundalini meditation for addiction.  This is a very simple meditation that is easy to practice and to incorporate into your everyday life. It’s been a lifesaver for me. Watch below, and click here for more information on this meditation and written instructions.

You can use this amazing Kundalini meditation for any type of addiction, from alcohol and drugs to fear-based thoughts and negative patterns. We all deal with addiction in some form. Practicing this meditation regularly will bring you immense relief.

There are many types of meditation that will help you in your sober recovery. Guided meditations are some of my favorites because they make it really easy to follow along. I created a free 2-track meditation album that you can download instantly. All you have to do is press play and follow my guidance!

de-stress in 10 minutes a day | gabby bernstein's free meditations

3. Turning each day over to Spirit

Every day as part of my sober recovery and spiritual path, I consciously turn over my day to Spirit. I pray for guidance and support, and I release all outcomes.

gabby bernstein praying | spiritual tools for sober recoveryI talked about surrender above, and it’s important to know that surrender is not a one-time thing. Surrender is a daily practice. Sometimes it’s a moment-to-moment practice. When I gave my SuperSoul Sessions talk in 2017, I shared my 5 steps to spiritual surrender. Step 1 is to take your hands off the wheel through prayer.

One powerful prayer is what’s known as the Acceptance Prayer. This prayer is found in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I turn to it when I find myself struggling with acceptance and surrender:

…And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation — some fact of my life — unacceptable to me and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.

You can simply say a short prayer every morning or anytime you find yourself trying to control outcomes. You might say, “Today I surrender my goals and plans to the care of the Universe. I offer up my agenda and accept spiritual guidance.”

Then pay attention to the guidance you receive. Because when you ask, you will receive.

If you struggle with this concept, check out my blog on how to trust in the healing path.

4. Step 10 of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

gabby bernstein walking in the woods | spiritual tools for addiction recoveryThe 10th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous is “We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” (You can see all 12 Steps here.)

Taking a daily personal inventory helps me to spot-check myself regularly. Practicing this step has helped me to become fearlessly honest as well as compassionate toward myself.

When I take an inventory and recognize that I have judged someone or was in the wrong, I can get real about my thoughts and behavior instead of ignoring them. I can witness my judgment without judgment. Then I can make amends and choose love instead of the fear-based voice of the ego.

This daily spot-checking keeps resentment and frustration from building up and blowing up. It strengthens my relationship to Spirit, to the people I love and to myself.

5. Understanding my triggers

Becoming conscious of my triggers and childhood wounds has been essential in my sober recovery. The more I understand my triggers, the easier it is to catch myself in my addictive patterns and choose differently.

One meditation that has helped me heal deep wounds from childhood is the Kundalini Meditation for Releasing Childhood Anger. If you have resentment, anger or trauma that stems back to when you were young, practicing this meditation regularly can set you free.

Meditate with me by pressing play below:

When you feel yourself being triggered and need a fast dose of serenity, there are two tools you can use in the moment. One is a simple, powerful prayer that I share in this video. Another is the Backpack Meditation. This is a Kundalini meditation that you can bust out whenever stress is taking over.

When I notice myself slipping into old patterns, I can be compassionate toward myself for having those triggers. I can acknowledge my spiritual assignments and show up for them fully in order to heal them, and can I feel safe to let go of the story that I tell myself so that the Universe can write a new one for me.

More resources for addiction recovery

I know it can be difficult to find the resources you need to get clean, recover and thrive (or help someone you love do it). I gathered some valuable information and resources that can help you at any stage of your recovery.

Living Sober book

Living Sober book | spiritual tools for sober recoveryI recommend a beautiful book called Living Sober.

This book helped me see the truth of what was going on for me and helped me set the intention to change my path. It offers guidance for how to live a sober life and is extremely helpful in early recovery or for people thinking about getting sober.

I want to suggest this book as a gentle right action for how to start seeing yourself in a different light and begin to create change.

Addiction Resource Hub

My dear friend Jim Hood is the co-CEO of Facing Addiction with NCADD (the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence). He shared with me an amazing resource that his organization created called the Addiction Resource Hub. This is an invaluable tool for finding local, independent support when you or someone you love needs help with addiction.

The Addiction Resource Hub can help you find treatment options, legal help, housing, wellness resources, community support and many other extremely valuable and important resources.

Finding inpatient treatment for addiction recovery

I called on my good friend Elisa Hallerman, the founder of Recovery Management Agency and a certified drug and alcohol counselor, to share some tips on finding treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Elisa has a deep understanding of addiction and recovery. She and her team help individuals and families manage every aspect of their addiction treatment so the person going into treatment can focus on recovery and healing.

I asked Elisa for her advice on what to do if you or someone you love needs treatment for addiction. Below is her response. For more guidance, check out Recovery Management Agency.

Elisa Hallerman’s guidance on addiction treatment

Elisa: There are many different forms of treatment: detox, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or individual therapies. If you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol and need an education on substance abuse, inpatient treatment is probably a good choice.

Check with your insurance company as to which treatment facilities are in your network. Then, when you have a list, call admissions and ask a number of questions. Refrain from telling them about you or your loved one first. Ask them about the treatment facility.

Here are some questions that can help you decide whether a facility is right for you:

  1. How many beds are there? How many are full right now?
  2. Is it co-ed? What is the current ratio of men to women?
  3. What is the current milieu like right now in terms of ages, willingness to participate, degree of addiction?
  4. Do they treat co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression?
  5. Do they have their own psychiatrist on staff? Is the psychiatrist there every day, and how often does the client get to see them?
  6. Is there neuro-psychological testing available?
  7. Are they trauma-focused or trauma-informed?
  8. How often do you see the individual therapist? Can you increase those sessions if needed?
  9. What is the daily schedule?
  10. Who runs the groups?
  11. What level of degrees do the clinicians hold? Are they counselors, therapists, social workers? Do they have master’s degrees or doctorate-level degrees?
  12. What is the average length of stay? Do they have step-down care available?
  13. Are they 12-step based?
  14. What type of exercise is available?
  15. What are the rules if someone relapses?

Heal old traumas with Judgment Detox

The root cause of many addictive patterns is trauma. For a deeper recovery, we must become brave enough to face our trauma. While this can be difficult at times, the payoff is huge. Healing old wounds offers immense relief.

In my book Judgment Detox, I guide you through a six-step process to clear judgment, recover from old traumas and feel a newfound sense of freedom and peace. The book includes truly life-changing practices that will help you heal even the most painful wounds.

If you struggle with feeling judged, or if you have shame around an addiction or past behavior, the book includes EFT tapping scripts to help you heal and release those feelings safely.

If you have judged yourself for your addiction or anything else, one thing you can try right now is my guided EFT video where we tap on judgment. You can use this practice to release judgment of yourself or judgment of another person.

Share your truth

I’ve shared my truth in this blog post. Now I invite you to share yours. Are you on a path of recovery from any kind of addiction, whether it’s alcohol, substances, unhealthy relationships or anything else? What tools have helped you the most?

Share your miracles below. I’ll be reading every comment.

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  1. Hello…just came across your page ….I am a 58 Year old SWM & have been sober 25 years ….totally agree with your info here… you …keep up the good work……Rick

  2. Hello Gabby!

    Here are some of my thoughts on spiritual awakenings.

    All of the punishments imagined in Hades entail the agony of a meaningless repetition–only something miraculous could release Sisyphus from pushing his rock, or finally offer Tantalus the nourishment eternally just out of reach. This is why recovered addicts often speak of the everyday “miracles of this program:” from the narrow circuit of self-punishing behavior, a vision is needed “of something greater than myself” for the faith of creative living to be restored. As Jung wrote in a well-known letter to Bill Wilson, alcoholism represents “a craving…on a low level of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness, expressed in mediaeval language: the union with God.” Such a union, as Wilson wrote later in the Big Book, suggests more than following “a mere code of morals,” more than the literal, externally sanctioned rules of conventional religion. The mystical knowledge of gnosis (in contrast with agnosticism, or not knowing) implies a deep and direct, intuitive access to the Self–an idea Jung derived from Indian philosophy. A concept deeply intertwined with the idea of a spiritual awakening.


  3. Hey Gabby,
    Do you still go to AA? I have about 18 months and have been going to meetings for those 18 months. I have definitely had a spiritual awakening and i am truly grateful. Lately though, I am having a hard time with some of the language/beliefs in AA. I don’t know how to describe it. I have moved to a new city and am having a little trouble finding my people in AA. I love the 12 steps and think they are amazing spiritual tools but sometimes the language in AA or the beliefs about the “disease” are hard for me to swallow. I believe in living a spiritual life and living freely. Going back through the past of what i was like when i was drinking does not help me move forward. I don’t know. I am just struggling with the program and was wondering if this has ever happened to you and if so how you got through it?

    1. Thanks for showing up here Christina. Try out different AA groups until you find the one that resonates most with you. It’s important to find the best for you, one that feels supportive and connected. Trust that you are on a beautiful, healing path. <3

  4. Wonderful that you support sobriety. I am a shaman, energy healer, dream walker and can do healing in waking or dreaming. In 1992 I decided to go totally sober for my spiritual path and commit to it, even though I was only 33 and had already healed my own brain cancer (when i turned 25, no doctors no medications). Sobriety then was a huge support. Now at 61, still a full time healer, completely sober, organic food only and water or pure teas, I feel great. My clients, students and apprentices, all get the benefits of that and I encourage all of them over and over the reasons why we benefit. Today its almost impossible to find a completely sober Alternative Healer or Holistic Healer (sober from pot, alcohol or ayahuasca/peyote plant/drugs.) We are dealing with a pandemic drug pot medications etc in this world, and need more spokes persons for sobriety like you in the spiritual path.

  5. Dear Gabby, it’s a while since this post but still wanted to comment 🙂 I achieved over a year sober through AA and spiritual teachings including yours. I have been ‘back out there’ for nearly three years now convincing myself that it’s not so bad now… but really the addiction has taken over my heart and soul. I’ve been trying to do it alone because I am scared of going back to AA and being in there for ‘life’, or, failing. My therapist has also been negative towards AA. I would love to know how you have worked with AA as a tool long term xx

    1. Grateful that you shared here, Vicki. Follow your intuition. If you’re seeking a support group, AA will provide that. Keep tapping into that inner wisdom. Take it one day at a time and see how that feels. <3

  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for this post, it’s revealing to read about women who are open about their addictions. I have been sober for over a year and are very greatful and humble to my decision. My best recommendations are; get a good therapist on addictions treatment, go to AA and/or CoDA, avoid stress and meditate at least two times a day, year healthy, start moving your body and do something you like such as dancing, walking, hiking, tennis etc., write an emotional diary on how you feel, spend time with sober friends (you will find within AA if you have none), read read and read about alcoholism (you need to understand about the effects of alcohol on your brain and the damages to your spiritual part, the front lobe) and read other spiritual books such as Gabbys books and so on. I never thought I could be totally sober but I managed! And my life is filled with so much love and happiness i never could imagine (i thought before it would be booring not to drink..but it is in the long run much more fun). I’m also doing much better at work and get more respect from people when I tell them I’m sober. Good luck to you all!!

  7. Dear Gabby, I am stuck in an issue that keeps repeating. After 6 years recovering my health by not allowing destructive food or things around me, my mother decided that she’s bringing back all…
    I also relapse this week and I am panicking .. She says I just have to not touch. Its like some one recovering from alcool abuse living in a bar. I wish to have my own place but don’ t have a job for it financially plus I struggle with anxiety job search because of bad jobs that where not me and not wanting sitting cubicule jobs and scared/lost with life … I eat in my room because she has the table with tv from 5 to 9 + pm and feel trapped.
    I cry when visualize how having your own environment to feel secure most be like. I am alone in my issue, but I asked for help from my guides but it seems impossible…
    Please pray for me because it seems the universe think I am not trying as much as I can.

    1. Connecting with a support group in your area can be a wonderful resource for you. There are many free, confidential and loving groups with like-minded people. If you are in the US, is a great government resource. They have a free, confidential helpline that is available 24/7. The number is 1-800-662-4357. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Sending you lots of love and healing. <3

  8. While I am a little tardy with this note, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I know some of your journey since I have been on the same path for 28 years. The guidance you provide is spot on and very much worth following, which is the reason I joined.

    West coast fan boy!

  9. Gabby,

    You changed my life. Thank you for sharing your light.
    The Universe delivered me one of your videos (I will never forget that moment) and from that moment, you helped me so much.
    God bless you and your beautiful family.


  10. Thank you for sharing your experience and congratulations on your anniversary! I have been sober since June 2nd 2014 and often wonder how to keep enjoying this normally wonderful existence. I did not find my local AA a very comfortable place to be. My sponsor was wonderful and I’m eternally grateful for her love and help. But I experienced a real hostility from others which ultimately I could not deal with. I no longer have the support of a community and I miss this terribly. I struggle to find my place in this world, and deal constantly with my anxiety and fear of not fitting in. I am at a loss as to how to deal with this and return to happiness. Bless you for continuing to give me hope that one day I mightsucceed xx

    1. Hi Fiona. I’m so sorry to hear you had this experience. Here are a few suggestions.

      1. Possibly check out some new meetings. There are always sober people ready to welcome you with open arms:)
      2. We have a powerful online community called the Miracle Membership. Some very soulful connections have been made amongst members when they gather on the FB page. If you’re looking for more support from me and a really loving community check out

      Big love to you and congrats on your recovery.

      XOX G

  11. I am so thankful that the Universe kept nagging at you until you were ready to truly “hear”. You are a gift to us all. I have never struggled with addiction, but I have lost two children to heart defects, and I’ve battled depression and anxiety. I felt abandoned by traditional religion for years, although I sensed something bigger than myself, a life spirit that carried me forward in my deepest grief. I have felt the presence of my daughters and other loved ones who have crossed over. I did not have the words to identify what I sensed until I discovered your Universe book last year. Thank you for sharing your journey, and for being a light on my path. You are one of my miracles!❤️

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous share Trish. I’m grateful that you’re here and honor your brave and beautiful healing journey. <3

  12. Congratulations on 13 years and for sharing your story of recovery. I am also gratefully sober…it’s an amazing life. I love how you share your story to offer hope-truly in alignment with the traditions. Thank you for being you!

  13. I remember 10 years ago going to see Marianne lecture and learning about your Spirit Junkie book and trying to go sober, I made it 9 months. In those 10 years, I got fired, divorced, moved and I have uncovered sexual abuse trauma that goes back to 18 months old. My Father (who was one of my abusers), just died a month ago. I have done every therapy and yoga thing I could do in the last decade, but getting sober has been a fear of mine. I went to bed last night knowing something had to change and I woke up to this email. I have been sober all day and I know it is a key to my true healing, I pray I am finally ready to receive it and I feel for the first time that I am wiling to. I want my body to know what it is like to feel safe and be fully present. Thank you so much for the way you show up to share your truth and inspire us to be authentic. I’m celebrating day 1 of living clean!

    1. Beautiful Christi. Thank you for this brave share. Showing up here is a sign that you are ready to commit to your health and sobriety. Sending you lots of love and continued healing. <3

      1. Thanks for your kind reply. I went to a AA meeting today for the first time in ages. Writing that comment was the first time outside of my very close friends that I have admitted to anyone what happened with my Dad. It’s healing to be able to share it, I feel like it is clearing the shame and someday I will find a way to use that story to help others heal and maybe even prevent these things from happening. Love & blessings 🙂

      2. Today is day 9 & last night there was a caterpillar on the floor of my house. I live in the city, 3 floors up, so there is just no logical reason for a caterpillar to be on my floor & I know it is not logic, it is the miracle of the Universe, it is the divine sign & beautiful reminder of my rebirth. I am so blessed to be on this path 🙂

  14. I am ready for a breakthrough! I have so many blessings in my life but feel like sharing my truth is my purpose. People need to hear the struggle and know there are miracles that happen every day, but I get caught up in my plan and my timeline. I surrender my life and my fears to you Lord, Thy Will Be Done❤️

  15. Congratulations and happy anniversary to you!! Your blogs are so inspirational because the content is applicable to a variety of addictions, thank you for all you do to help all of us stay on a spiritual path.

  16. Hello! I am just doing some reading online about Kundalini Meditations as I have never heard of it before now an am really intrigued by what I’ve learned from you so far! In a lot of what I’ve read so far though I keep seeing that practicing Kundalini can lead to either a really positive or very chaotic experience and it can be very sudden or unravel over time. It doesn’t sound like it should be practiced by people who know nothing about it, so I’m a little concerned about going straight into Kundalini meditations when I know nothing about it? From what I’m reading it is in fact as great as you make it sound but it sounds way more complex than just practicing yoga or meditating for beginners. What are your thoughts?

  17. Gabby,

    I can’t thank you enough for your honesty and openness about your recovery. I had been in an almost identical spot as you, except with alcohol, for years. By July of 2005 it had gotten really, really bad. I finally surrendered to God and asked for the help that I was desperate for (but didn’t think I deserved). My self-loathing was at an all-time high. He answered my prayers with His Grace, and I found the courage to walk through the doors of AA. I have been sober since July 6th, 2005. That is a Miracle that I could have NEVER gotten without admitting I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become completely unmanageable. On that date I turned to my Higher Power, praying every morning and night only for the strength I need to get through what would come during the day ahead , working the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a sponsor, going to meetings (my second family), practicing acceptance on a daily, even hourly, basis, and last but most definitely not least, practicing gratitude every single day for the many blessings in my life in recovery. This is the first time I have ever written about my recovery online. Thank you for giving me the courage to do it. Jill Stone

    1. Thank you so, so much for sharing your story here. I am humbled that you chose to share it with me and other Spirit Junkies, and I want to honor you for speaking your truth. Your commitment to your sober path – and your spiritual path – is inspiring. By sharing this you may reach someone who needs your words when they happen to be scrolling through these comments, and I thank you for that. I am honored to walk this path with you and help you find your own courage. Love and light to you.

  18. Thank you so much, I realized that I was holding on so strong and projecting.
    I had no clear tools to release it. Thanks so much, it shifted the feeling. I will continue my Kundalini practice and letting go. All the best. KR, Katrijn

  19. Hi Gabby – thank you so much for this article. Do you ever in your mind think that now since you have some time clean that you would be able to handle a drink – or is the desire totally gone for you? With being in the public’s eye and attending events where there is alcohol do you find yourself ever thinking about using? I recently had a relapse after 5 years clean and I’m having a tough time getting back. I’m trying to still be a lightworker but at the same time now caught back into old behavior. Thanks for always being the light Gabby, love to you

    1. I am a sober Spirit Junkie for life. 🙂 These spiritual tools have been essential for me in maintaining my sobriety. I want to thank you for being so open and sharing here, and I honor your honesty and your courage. I encourage you to seek out support, whether in the form of a 12-step group, a therapist or support group, or some combination. Simply the fact that you read this blog and left this comment shows that you are willing to be guided to a better way. You are a lightworker. Gently witnessing your behavior without judgment and taking spiritually aligned action shows that. I’m holding you in my prayers during this time and sending you love and light on your path.

  20. gabby, your loving hand guiding to me a more potent & real higher power personal to me i like to call my ~ing 😉 has transformed my recovery to reach new heights.. a power like that cant be measured nor limited unless I limit myself from it. your gentle touch and loving words have changed my life, and soooo many others. you’re the bees knees, endless abundance of love& light!

    I hope to meet you one day!

    until then ill be spreading the word about how amazing your work is


    your fellow traveler & light worker

    Jan.2= 2 years free of myself & have let myself free

  21. Gabby,

    How do I help a loved one going through addiction?? I’m really struggling right now and I’m afraid to say or do the wrong thing. Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. Kara, I applaud your compassion and your desire to help. I recommend checking out some resources on how to help a family member or friend who is an addict. Here are a few links that can help:

      – From
      – From NCADD
      – From Psychology Today

      Remember to take care of yourself as well. Lean on the strength of Spirit. I have some additional vlogs I can share with you if you like – just let me know. xx

      1. Gabby,
        Thank you so very much for the links. I would love the vlogs as well when you have a spare moment. I am trying really hard everyday to be as supportive as possible, it’s so hard to sit back and watch this happening. I’m so hurt because it’s been going on over a year without my knowledge and it’s only been the past few months it’s gotten bad to the point where I found out about it. So I’m struggling with trust and wanting/needing to help my loved one through all of this because I know they need me now more than ever. I will stop and I just really appreciate all the work you do. You have helped me through some tough times in my life the past two years. So thank you again for being you and all the great work you do. ❤️

  22. Thank You so much for this perfectly timed post. I have recently (22 days in) honored Spirits guidance to “get sober and focus”. I had been reviving this Guidance for over two years but couldn’t imagine how I could be spiritual without my “friend” Mary Jane. I thought she made me wise and spiritually in-tune. I thought I needed her influence to share anything of value with my friends and clients. I thought she made me more creative. More social. More of whatever I wasn’t “without her” Now I see clearly that the deeper issue was old feelings of unworthiness and not feeling good enough. Wow. How deep those feelings were. And now that I’ve honored Spirits guidance to get sober, I’m seeing those old feelings slowly fade away. I prayed for help the day after my decision to become sober and was guided to a crystal shop where the most beautiful ring picked me. It is laboridite. As I researched the properties of the stone I was astonished to learn it helps with overcoming addiction!! I cried all the way home and kept saying ” I’m sooo supported!” And now I find this beautiful sharing from You! I’m honored to know Spirit is guiding me every step of the way. I absolutely Love and adore You. Thank You for Being here with me. Namaste

    1. You are endlessly supported! I am so moved by your willingness to heal and to align with the energy of the Universe with a clear mind and open heart. Expect miracles, my friend. Namaste.

  23. I’m not sure what to say. I’m very blocked right now. I’m approaching six years of sobriety but could feel more isolated, chaotic and adrift. I had made great steps in my spiritual surrender recently and I feel at square one. I’m looking at the stories we tell ourselves, reading through TUHYB and the one tape playing so loudly right now is “not for you”. Like, these wonderful things happen to and work for everyone but “not for you” (me). Trusting that there is a higher power has been hard enough but then more deeply believing this unseen power has my highest good at its core? It feels silly even typing it.

    1. All you need is the slightest willingness. You do not have to understand or fully believe it all at once. And you may conceive of a higher power in a way that resonates more with you. I often talk about our inner guidance system. Maybe this is a way of conceiving of it that is more accessible to you, the idea that we have a wise, intuitive, loving voice inside us that will guide us and help us when we are willing to get quiet and listen. Many folks call it their intuition. You may try praying to your inner guide and communicating with this core part of yourself. You might really connect with my first book, Add More ~ing to Your Life.

  24. Hi. I’m lacking in hope. Having suffered so much emotionally, physically, sexually, I feel like there’s a permanent stain on me that can’t be removed that goes with me wherever I go. I’ve tried everything. Emdr, the twelve steps, eft, cbt, psych meds. I have twenty months sober and I really don’t see the point in being sober cuz the agony is excruciating.

    1. Sarah,

      In my early recovery I suffered a lot. People in my recovery program would always say, “Stick around for the miracle.” I know it’s hard to hear this when you’re in pain but I pray for you to continue to stick to all the amazing work you’re doing. You are showing up in such a beautiful way. Continue to stay open to the beautiful guidance you’re receiving and trust in the plan of a Higher Power. Stay close to other people in recovery and continue to reach out for help. You are in my prayers.

  25. I am 3 1/2 years sober and I so appreciate your description of how the 12 Steps of AA have helped you. The 3rd step has been so important to me because I was totally trying to run my life and my family’s life before I was sober – of course it didn’t work and my alcoholism ran rampant. I was so scared of God and felt so judged by him due to my own childhood notion of what God was. Fear was my comfort zone my entire life. Now my daily life is probably 99% fear free due to one of my sober sisters introducing me to A Course in Miracles (I just started my third go around with the lessons from ACIM), introducing me to your work and books and those of others and, of course, working the 12 Steps. Thank you for your work and positivity about your struggles.

    1. I am so happy to hear this. Congratulations on 3 1/2 years sober and for finding your spiritual path. Love and light to you, my friend.

  26. I am recovering from food obsession and extreme negative self talk. My therapist said I am my abuser and the victim. Congrats to you.

  27. Gabby, I have become a spirit junkie, thanks to you and your books, videos, etc. It has changed my life so much! I am 7 years sober, sponsor others and recommend they watch your videos and read your books. I love The Universe Has Your Back Community…thanks for being a daily part of my life for me and others as well!

  28. At 43, I have chosen to stop deflecting and start sinking in. I’ve always reached for something to numb and made excuses of why it was okay. I’m tired of running to stand still. It’s been the same story, over and over, no brilliance … just treading water. From the outside I look full of life, positive and making a difference. On the inside there is a much different voice, the voice of a cynic who feels like a hypocrite sparring with a sincere golden warrior goddess.
    I stumbled upon you sweet Gabby, just a month or so ago as I was putting myself into the stream of change and flow of spirit. Synchronicity has brought your name and work together with many of my dear friends. Thank you for being bountiful and beautiful. This sobriety thing has a high of its own! Much love ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Thank you Gabby!!

    Congratulations on your Revivery. You have been an inspiration and guide to me in my own Recovery. I am nearly 6 months clean. I am working the 12 Steps through Narcotics Annoymous and your videos and books have helped me solidify my belief in a Higher Power that can restore me to sanity and to turn my will and my life to the care of the God of my understanding. I draw so much strength from your honest sharing. I have also started reading the text “A course in Miracles” however, I find it really heavy and just reading a few lines takes me into deep thought and sometimes confusion. Do you have any suggestions on how to introduce yourself to these teachings lightly? Honestly, I find some of the YouTube videos don’t keep my attention. I love hearing how you are able to provide ‘translation’ to some of the teachings in your books and videos. Would love it if you had a Vlog that breaks down these lessons.

    Thank you for being a Miracle. Lots of love and light your way!

    Ginger ❤️

  30. I have been incorporating #3 into my life,trying to remember to hand myself over every day. It helps me feel focused and grounded. Checking my ego is a big one that I learned to do along time ago. I try to change the thought patterns that come with judging others. I am currently examining my triggers because I have been very stressed and angry lately. The anger scares me. I have acted on it since I quit drinking. I am trying to teach myself how to calm down and forget. Trying to remind myself that expressing anger to people doesn’t really do any good and there must be a more gracious approach that I can take. I need to learn to let go of things too. I think it’s the stress that compounds my triggers. I noticed when I wasn’t stressed about money and my living situation, I felt lighter and happier, less tense…I remind myself all the time lately that “Jah provide the bread.” Whatever is going on, if it is god’s purpose, I must be being cleansed because I have been in so much emotional and physical pain lately.

    1. Understanding your triggers is very powerful and will help you to catch yourself early and take care of what you need to do. Your spiritual practice will be a beautiful tool for you in your recovery. You may want to try EMDR and/or EFT for additional tools you can turn to in the moment. This 60-second practice can also change your mood in just a minute.

  31. Happy Sober Bday!
    Oct. 10 I will celebrate one year sober, Last year around this time I got your book the universe has your back, hot off the press it was what I needed when I needed it (funny how that works). I had been trying to quit for awhile without result so I asked the universe I now call god for help and had the experience of knowing all at once the addiction was removed. I found the program soon after and am forever grateful! words fall short.

  32. Great article. I look forward to learning more about Kundalini Meditation. Watched your video from Wanderlust (maybe circa 2013), and found myself mesmerized with the Kundakini meditations you performed. I am at the onset of my tapping practice as well, and even embraced its magic tonight! Overall, the tools you offer can only help alter me for the better, and with that, I say thank you! I just wish I had met you sooner, but better late than never.

  33. You are such an inspiration to me Gabby and I am aspiring to be as strong and committed as you are.
    I have been working on releasing my addiction to CHECKING OUT, whether through alcohol or marijuana, I am addicted to “feeling better” and these are the unhealthy outlets I find myself turning to.
    I am very hard on myself, always thinking I “should” be better, doing more, already have my career in full bloom – I guess I am a perfectionist that is not accepting my imperfections.
    I go weeks being sober, and then I crumble. Sometimes I feel like I have no self control, no commitment, and I’m stuck in this cycle of self-sabotage.
    I know I have an important purpose for being here – my Dharma to fulfill, but I get anxious that I’m not good enough and I’ll never “get it right” so instead of committing and following through I take 1 step forward and 3 steps back.
    But I am will to change.
    Thank you for being my teacher, I want to overcome this and share my success story with you someday.
    Sat Nam!

  34. I am 7 months clean currently and in the NA program. Reading your book “the universe has your back” is actually what helped me to trust myself and let it all go. I just hit a wall and had the same situation where a loud voice told me it was time to let go. The crazy thing is I took a photo of your book, posted it on IG and you reblogged it and for me that was a sign that I was on the right path. You have no idea how much you have helped me get here. I have really tough days but I play your audiobooks on those days and remind myself why I started this journey and gave up the old one. The simple mantra of “one day at a time” has been one that I whisper to myself constantly. Thank you for everything and congrats on your 12 years! You are such an inspiration to me.

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. I am so happy to hear that the book has served you, and I hope I can continue to support you on your path. Congratulations on your 7 months of recovery. Stay committed and lean on Spirit. xo

  35. I was a heroin addict, living—no, existing—homeless on the streets of Chicago, lower than rock bottom, 23 yrs ago when I had my spiritual awakening. I heard the voice of God ask, “What are you doing down there?” (I was in the middle of a waking ‘dream’ about the horrible reality that was my life). I made the decision that day to begin a spiritual journey into the light. Unlike you, my life did not become marvelous right away… There were many lessons to be learned and negative Karmic patterns to break before I found a life filled with blessings and success. I got clean and sober, but then the REAL spiritual work began! I’m blessed to be able to say that I have been drug free for over 22 yrs and that I never miss my old ‘life’ or the drugs—and by the grace of God, I have no desire for them either. I’ve been on a spiritual journey to claim my joy and accept the very real promises of God (Spirit, Source, or whatever name you choose…) that say we ALL have the right to a life of abundance and of loving relationships…that we are ALL worthy & deserving of joy and the best that life has to offer. So step right up & claim yours! There’s always more to learn, more self-reflection to be done, and more love to be shown to everyone. I love your blogs & your tweets, etc., Gabby! It’s funny (but not…) that I ran across you somehow. Everything happens for a reason… Keep speaking your truth and PLEASE keep spreading the Light!! In love & light always, Peach

  36. Thank you Gabby. Tomorrow I meet with my divorce attorney to finish paperwork and get set for mediation. I was married for 26 years to an alcoholic and I had no idea. When it all came to light he got up and left. Left all his clothes, pictures, the dog, me, everything and never looked back. Got sober and blamed me for everything. Thank God for your books, your videos, Al-Anon and yoga and meditation. He left two years ago and it’s been a painful journey. The guilt and shame I had, the what ifs, the if onlys, replaying it over and over in my head. And that’s it. What you say about the story. It’s time for a new story. A new chapter. A new adventure. It’s hard every day but I know there’s hope and joy for me. Some days it’s so clear that it’s a choice and some days I don’t want to get out of bed. I know there is purpose to the pain and I keep moving forward. Thanks for continuing to inspire me. Greatly appreciated.

    1. It’s time for a new story — you nailed it. You are supported. Please don’t hesitate to find help from a qualified professional if you can’t do it on your own. That can be the most profound spiritual gift we give ourselves. xoxo

  37. Gabby, I am day 6 of my recovery. For years I have known my behaviours have not allowed me to be the person I was meant to be. Finally I have surrendered. One day at a time. Your generosity of spirit in sharing with all of us your wisdom and experience is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you. xxx

    1. Amber, thank you for sharing this and congratulations to you. I honor your willingness and your faith. If you want to join a 12-Step program, please take a look at for a meeting near you. Much love and light to you. You are supported.

  38. Hi Gabby, I’m curious to know your thoughts on EMDR. I started seeing a therapist a couple of months ago to get help with my alcohol/food addiction and some other issues in my life, and she recommended EMDR to me. We are still in the preparation stage, i.e. the actual tapping/bilateral stimulation has not started yet, so I don’t know yet if this technique will be successful for me but I’m hopeful. But I’m also surprised that I haven’t seen/heard more spiritual teachers like yourself mention it before. If you’re familiar with it, it would be great to know your thoughts in a blog post or video.
    Thank you for sharing your story – this was a timely post for me to read and I always appreciate your knowledge/wisdom and the compassion and kindness with which you deliver it.

    1. Marie, I am a huge fan of EMDR and it’s something I talk about more in some courses. I’ll think about covering it in a future blog post – thank you for bringing it up. Sending you love and light on your healing path. xo

  39. Dear Gaby, happy belated anniversary! I am so happy and excited for you. Thank you for sharing your story and making the world a better place. I love practice nr. 3 turning your day over to spirit. Its a beautiful and powerful practice which is giving me guidance every single day. It allows me to trust on my inner voice with whom I used to have a terrible relationship. Thank you for being a light. Xoxox Anne

  40. Thanks, Gabby! A timely reminder for me to get my shit together… I feel like bad things happen to people who are not nice enough on the inside, and am constantly telling myself off for not being nice enough! I’ve been signed off work for three weeks now with anxiety / stress or is it just depression?! Reading your blog makes me want to get clean, but there are too many things to drop; overspending, overdoing, people pleasing… I wouldn’t know who I was anymore!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are helping more than you know, and I appreciate your being!

  41. Gabby, you are my miracle. This blog post and your book “the universe has your back” are my miracles. All the right words & lessons at exactly the right time. I believe all of this has been in divine order and I am forever grateful for you and the universe. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, earth angle.

  42. Hi Gabby,
    it,s so wonderful what happened to you, what you went through, the sudden change and that
    you share it now,- so many gifts, reminders, steps for change.
    One might see a higher purpose behind all of this,……
    Congratulation to your Spiritual birth!

  43. Happy belated Birthday!!! Thank You for your inspiration that love has the power. I watched a video of you explaining tapping a few years ago. Tapping has helped me to deal with the anxieties I deal with in my life.
    Your daily emails and meditations and blogs have been a light in the dark for me.

  44. Congrats on 12 years Gabby! I made a similar decision on January 14 2011, and have been sober since that day. The same program you referenced above (the program and literature used by Alcoholics Anonymous) and the spiritual principles contained therein have opened up the world for me in a way I could never have imagined or dreamed of. Last year, I was guided to your book, The Universe Has Your Back, and that opened up an even deeper dimension of spirituality for me. I can’t imagine living my life any other way, and I thank you for your honesty, openness, and wonderful blog posts and meditations. I know now that the universe truly does have my back!


    1. Congratulations on 6+ years to you, Joy! Sending you love and light on your path. The Universe DOES have your back. xx

  45. Today is my Mum’s 88th birthday. Four years ago on this day I had my left hip replaced. Seven weeks later I had the right one replaced. So October 2 has a lot of energy attached to it for me as well. I have been really struggling with alcohol. I refer to myself as a social drinker but for the last five years I would have a couple of beers when I came home and then split a couple of bottles (yes bottles) of wine with my husband. I kept hearing a little voice telling me to stop drinking so much. After my Dad passed away on February 16, 2016 the voice got louder. At my physical this year I was told I have Stage 3 liver disease. So now my body is telling me too.

    Since March I have really been working on my self. I have read The Universe Has Your Back and I have been using the cards. I am now meditating every day as well and it is all helping. This blog could not have come at a more timely point in my journey. This student is ready and very thankful for you the teacher Gabby.

    Much love and thanks to you.

    1. Kylie, thank you for sharing your story so fearlessly. I want to congratulate you on being willing to listen to guidance and change. That is a miracle. Many more await you. I will keep you in my prayers on your healing path from addiction and liver disease.

  46. Gabby, you’re great. Happy October 2nd. I’ve added some of the awesome affirmation and meditation practices, from your last book ” universe has your back “, to my daily practice…oh god it’s been pretty amazing for a few mood destructive habits.that I’ve been struggling for a very long time. Well, got to admit that my willpower is improving immensely. Thank you for being there, and I’m very happy to have found you in this ocean of billions of people. Finally. More power and grace to your work.

  47. Thank You, Gabby

    I had recently identified the reasons why I live with so much fear and why I never feel like I’m good enough but I found myself stuck on what to do next. So, I asked the Universe.

    Then this morning, your blog shows up and shows me exactly what is needed 🙂

    Thank You xxx

  48. This is beautiful and inspiring, Gabby. Thank you for your courage to share your story and empower countless others. I’m sharing this piece with my readers as it’s so spot on for any of us who want to walk the spiritual path, when things are “easy” and when the challenges are overwhelming. I would love to try EFT after reading, listening and hearing so much about it; that’s my next adventure! xo

  49. Wow! What a very powerful and emotional story. Congratulations on being sober 12 yrs. that truely is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your story, I know you will help so many others looking for inspiration. Very happy for your success, you are a beautiful woman.

  50. After not having a great childhood myself abuse from my father and partner , from taking drugs to beating Cancer , spirt junkie , the universe has your back is teaching me to love myself , I’m actually righting my life story . Thankyou your such an inspiration Gabby x

  51. Hi Gabby – this is so helpful and timely – thank you for sharing! I chose Oct. 1 as my sober date 2 years ago and while I have wanted to find peace and serenity, I allowed my fears to hold me back and continued to try to heal in isolation. Obviously that didn’t work so I checked into a hospital program in August and have been slowly trying to get my shit together. I love that you do EFT, I participated in Nick’s Tapping Summit three years ago and was so impressed – unfortunately my self sabotage derailed my hopes to incorporate it – still will try. I just watched your video on the Self Acceptance Summit and have been following you since. I am so so sorry you were a victim of childhood sexual abuse – it is an awful experience for a young child to have to endure. I know as I was sexually abused by my brother and emotionally abused by my alcoholic father. Hearing how much progress you made in a year makes me realize I want to heal and move on from this place I am in. Ironically, I was going to go to my first Big Book meeting tonight! I started a blog several years ago but only have three posts. I guess things feel safer sticking with my therapist and private journal for now. Anyhoo, its all good. I stay positive as I have much to be grateful for in my adult life. Thanks again for all your advice – be well <3

    1. Thank you, Sheila, for sharing your story so fearlessly. There is immense support in the 12-Step community and here among Spirit Junkies. Your timing is perfect. I send you love and light on your path to recovery. xx

  52. I am also thankful for the helped I have received when I have asked for it. God ( the universe) is really listening. One of the greatest gifts that I have received is being able to listen to people as inspining as you!!!
    I do look for inspiration everyday and I’m so glad to have found you on my path. Blessings to you! I hope I get to meet you one day.
    My regards!
    Monica Guiza from Queretaro, Mexico

  53. Wow Gabby,
    I am in my final terms of a Bachelor in Counselling. I will go on todo my masters in psych. After reading and now rereading your books, I recognize that I can be a better counsellor. Through the many techniques to help anyone who is looking for help on their journey. Your amazing recovery story is very inspiring and I congratulate you on your sobriety. I always thought if I could help just one person it would be amazing, this must be completely mind blowing from the lowest point to one of the highest. Congrats again.
    Jennifer (Darwin, Aust) ❤️

    1. Congratulations on completing your degree and going on to your master’s! Those are huge accomplishments and will allow you to serve in a great capacity. You are the lighthouse. xo

  54. Thanks for this gabby. I found my deepest healing in a 60 day juice fast. It lead me to a plant based diet and asa result the nutrition fed and nourished my entire body. I now have emotional well-being and balance combined with high energy and optimum health. Clean eating has enabled me to reconnect to the energy of the universe thru eating live foods. The food i eat is an energy exchange- im now buzzing with life xxx

  55. I, too, work a 12-step program for addiction. I also find hope and direction in ancient texts, like The Meditations of Marcus Aureilus, and translations of the Chaldæan Oracles. It always helps me stand out of my own party of wreckage and surrender to the greater system and mysteries as a whole. I find great comfort in the awareness that the knowledge of the gods’ will for me are not necessarily mine to know. I respect living this life at the children’s table. I will always be a newcomer to the universe… but I have stopped waiting my own arrival.

  56. Gabby, thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us. I just celebrated 16 years clean and sober august 17th. I’m a personal development coach in the Silicon Valley–helping women live, love, and lead with integrity and intention. You sharing your story in a public way will help so many people. I’m on a mission myself to empower as many people as possible. Thank you for your courage, thank you for your humility, thank you for your honesty and authenticity, thank you sharing what works for you as it will likely help others in equally powerful ways. Thank you for shining the light on the truth that recovery is possible and sustainable even when life is hard, we can stay clean and sober one day at a time, sometimes one breathe at a time. Thank you for reminding us that life really is about love. Thank you for being the light.

    1. Michele, thank you so much for your kind words. And thank you for being and sharing the light. You are serving the world in an important and amazing way. xo

  57. Wow. Thank you for sharing this!! I’ve recently discovered you and your book and it has helped me so much!!! I have been coping with my mother’s loss and its aftereffects. I haven’t known her as I was only 1 but the wound was/is still there. I pushed down my feelings for years until they bursted out of me: loss, pain, anger, every unsaid feelings and emotions. But I turned toward spirituality and it helped me so much. You helped me so much with your thoughts, inspirational stories and your book. So thank you so much Gabby!!!

  58. Congratulations on your recovery and thank you for sharing your story and gifts! You’re such an inspiration to me and so many. Sending so much love <3

  59. Fabulous anniversary to you, what an achievement! I don’t wish to say too much about my journey but I did celebrate (well, I acknowledged it, not really a celebration) 13 years sobriety, July 22 this year. Truly, I am incredibly grateful, a day at a time, for that part of recovery. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful to changing my life. Or I should say, I haven’t been successful in implementing, using the tools. I’ve never commented on your blog before but had to today a) to congratulate you & b) to relate & remind myself where I failed. I’m really happy for you. Perhaps I’ll watch your meditation. I say perhaps as right now, I’m not good at doing as suggested. Ty for at least getting my attention. As soon as I saw “recovery”, had to come by…..

    1. Caroline, I want to honor you for your fearless honesty and for your willingness to see things differently and perhaps even do things differently. All we need is the slightest willingness. Thank you for your comment and your truth – and congratulations on 13 years of sobriety. Sending you love and light on your path.

  60. Hi – I was introduced to you and your past, your skills and your spiritual awareness a few weeks ago. I’ve been getting so much out of your various avenues of communication. I’m about to finish the audible version of The Universe Has Your Back. It’s do easy to take in. I have one question though. You continue to talk about doing it for LOVE. I’m really unclear of how to manifest this type of LOVE. I love my family, my son, job, animals and on and on. It’s easy for me to identify and feel that feeling of love. The other not so much. I’m looking to get the most out of your work however determining your identification of LOVE is challenging. I would appreciate your help or directing me to another source. Thanks so much.

    1. When I speak about love, all the expressions and manifestations of it that you listed are included. When I speak about love I am talking about our inner guidance system, about divine wisdom. Here is an old vlog of mine (from 2012!) that may help illuminate this for you. 🙂

  61. Thank you, Gabby, for your honesty, love and authenticity in sharing your recovery journey. I am a recovering love addict in a 12-step program and sometimes question the anonymous part of the program. There is so much healing that happens when we share our truth – other people know they’re not alone in their struggle and we know we’re not alone in ours. I am grateful for courageous souls like you.
    The tools that have helped me: the 12 steps have been a lifeline as I work through an addiction to other people filling this perceived hole in my soul. Also, feeling my feelings (gotta feel it to heal it) and learning to self-soothe versus looking for someone else to soothe me. Relationship to a Power greater than me is vital to my recovery and my peace. And definitely yoga. I learned to leave my body so long ago to escape the pain. As I recover mySelf, I come back to my body and take this armor off my heart.
    Thank you for your bravery and for sharing your soul with us.

  62. Thank you for your emails, it feels like someone is keeping an eye on me to make sure I continue to walk on the right path. Your voice is greatly appreciated.

  63. I have just been connected to you. Thanks for sharing! My mom was an alcohol and I feel I am following the same patterns by using food and perception sleep aids. I have been come addicted to both. I have always been thin but I use food as comfort and at night. This is a problem for me as I suffer from autoimmune issues. I am sabotaging myself and am ready to stop! Any advice will be awesome! Thank you! I am not being the best wife, mom, business partner I can be.

    1. My friend, thank you for your honesty and your willingness to change. I honor you today. I encourage you to contact the National Eating Disorders Association helpline and to speak to your doctor about getting help for tapering off prescription sleep aids. I encourage you to look into finding the support of a qualified therapist who can help you find healthy ways to cope. Finding professional support can be one of the most profound gifts we give ourselves. You may find to be a helpful resource and support system for your addiction to sleep aids. For help with food addiction, I recommend checking out Overeaters Anonymous and/or Food Addicts Anonymous.

      Your health is the most important thing in the world. Follow the guidance you receive and expect miracles.

  64. Gabby,
    Today is my one year anniversary of choosing to get sober. I feel so lucky to have this date in common with someone like you. Thank you for this beautiful post and for all of your wisdom.

  65. Hello Gaby

    I am a single mum of 4 and 2 years ago I broke the relationship with the father because I found out about his narcism.
    It was the worst but also the best thing that happened in my life.. it made me so strong and I never knew that I was capable of living like this..
    The things that really help me through are: trust in the universe.. write.. read.. cards (yours are wonderfull).. the trip to London for your workshop.. selflove.. living healthy (sports and food). Thank you for being. Your my inspiration ❤

    Brigitte Brijbag

  66. Thank you So much for sharing So much tools to help overcome almost anything.
    To me, you’re a true inspiratiebron! For me, the most lifechanging technique is Thetahealing. Since I discovered iT 3 years ago, my life and also my familymembers lives has changed in the best possible way! Connecting with the source Every day has been giving me hope, trust, becoming a master of my emotions and believes (which is sometimes a daily challenge) to be conscious and to help others being masters of their Own reality. I’m looking forward to know more about all the tips you gave! X Martina

  67. Happy Anniversary!
    Several of your works showed up in my life after I read Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love. I read The Universe has your Back and was excited to hear you as a guest on Tommy Rosen’s recovery2.0 podcast.
    You’ve been an inspiration in my own 12 step recovery program the past year and a half. Because of your appearance in the documentary On Meditation (didn’t know you were going to show up in my Netflix too!) I sought out a beginner’s Kundalini course and am continuing on to a second level Kundalini practice.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for this community, and what you’ve shared through different mediums. You’ve helped me explore and develop my spirituality, and I’m eternally grateful to you.
    Sat Nam.

  68. I’ve been on a spiritual path forever—have done a myriad of practices—all with great results but recently I’ve found myself in a funk. I needed something fresh to perk me up. Enter you! Thanks so much for your presence and your presents! Among other things you’ve given me permission to be cute :-), I don’t have to be frumpy to be spiritual! And to have money, success in work and a great marriage….Wow!=
    Thank you, Dear! You are a gift.

  69. Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing. I’m in the beginning of my spiritual journey, and I absolutely love it! It started with your book “Spirit Junkie”.

    I have a question, are you completely sober today or do you enjoy a glass of wine at dinner?
    I feel that merely one glass of wine ruins my spiritual connection, I don´t know enough in the matter to know if that is common. This means I have started to be reluctant to alcohol, my prayers and my meditations are so much more important.

    1. I am 100% sober. No glass of wine could ever compare to the natural high of meditation and the clarity of sobriety. 🙂

      1. Do you think it is possible to be on a spiritual journey and not be sober. I love the 12 step program but I dislike an all or nothing program. Is it possible to do the 12 step via Alanon. Your thought?

  70. Dear Gabby,
    I have traumatic brain injury and have some cognitive issues. My mother who was my support and my memory recently passed. I live in an apartment connected to my parents house. Dad is going to sell our house and I will be on my own. I am trying to believe in myself and the universe’s plan but I am terrified of being alone and vulnerable. I want and need to realease this fear and create a new life for myself. I read your book The universe has your back. It was helpful but I am still unable to realease my fear.
    Thank you for all you do to help others

    1. Dana, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I know this must be extremely challenging for you and I want you to know I am holding you in my prayers.

      Do you have a therapist and a support system in place? If you do not have one, you can talk to your neurologists or other doctors about how to find one. I know the Universe has your back – not a doubt in my mind – and I encourage you lean on that support by finding help from others. You do not have to figure it all out on your own. In life’s most challenging times I know it seems difficult to believe in a peaceful future, but please know there are many resources and people that can help you move through this period with hope, faith and grace.

  71. This message has come at a perfect time! Thank you Gabby. I’ve started ‘Sober October’ hoping to raise money for a U.K. charity but I’m also doing it for myself. I’ll definitely try out all your advise and I can honestly say that I trust that the Universe had my back. I pulled a card from your card deck yesterday which said ‘when you think you’ve surrendered surrender some more’ so I have work to do but I’m strangely excited about it 🙂 x

    1. Let yourself feel that excitement and dwell in it! Surrender is a beautiful practice and one you can do daily. Expect miracles. xo

  72. Well done you, Healing is never just any one thing and as we travel the path of healing we learn many things about ourselves and that takes great strength to continue that journey and I hope it will be a long and happy one.
    Love and light

  73. Happy Sober Birthday 🙂 I am a huge proponent of EFT and have practiced this method for years. I’m finally now opening up to my followers about it and it is taking me to another level of appreciation to openly share it. Thank you for sharing these additional methods and being so open about your journey.

  74. Hi Gabby

    Thank you so much for these tools and techniques of spiritual surrender, I have never tried tapping but am intrigued to find out more! I am indeed in recovery and attend SAA, but I know I am an addict of life for anything that masks the pain of the past.

    I call my morning routine ‘washing on the inside before washing the outside’ and I know I must surrender my thinking and ego and let go of control to trust in God
    and the universe. When finished I feel the light within and a serenity I can not feel on my own thinking. I have a compassion to myself and others and I am more allowing for all people and situations to be as they are.

    My routine is as follows
    Meditation – I am What I Am from Wayne Dyer on YouTube.
    Writing – inventory and Communication from God, trusting in the pen on paper.
    Reading a verse of the Tao Te Ching and contemplating it.
    Reading my Just for Today Card
    The step 3 prayer on my knees from AA big blue book with additional asking for guidance to be, think, do, love, give as God does/is.

    These are all processes of action, gods work, surrender and creativity. Asking, Listening, thinking, writing and reading. With this practice I walk in a different soil and I am spirit, the truth within, connected and Love. I let go and Let God!

    I also surrender my’self’ to give and do service for God and others in recovery and in life as ‘we keep what we have by giving it away’.

    These actions keep me alive as Addiction will kill me, I almost died from a suicide attempt and the only bottom after that is the bottom of a grave and that’s the truth.

    God bless you Gabby and All

    1. LET GO AND LET GOD! Thank you so much for sharing your truth and your practice. That is a beautiful daily practice and I honor your commitment and faith. You are serving the world, my friend. Love and light.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply really took me a while to understand what Let Go and Let God meant, but I know that is my ego, my barrier to love, my fear. Without teachings from beacons of light like yourself, serving us all I would not have what I do, I have to give back what I have been given. God bless you Gabby, I hope our paths cross one day, I was given the chance to volunteer at your alternatives lecture in London but wasn’t well unfortunately. But here’s to this moment hey….the next will take care of itself. Love and Gratitude to all you give, I’m looking forward to your free seminar at the end of November and receiving your new book in January. God Bless you on your journey.

        1. I honor you for your courageous commitment and for being willing to let go and trust. So glad you’re joining the workshop — I’m putting the finishing touches on it and know everyone will love it. Love and light to you on your path, James.

  75. Hey Gabby,

    After reading this blog I think it’s time to come to terms with my food addictions. I just got back from lunch and like after most meals feel awful because I again ordered/ate too much food and took in a lot of sugar. I’m making a commitment now with these tools to help address this. I want to feel healthy and like my best version of myself and my addiction to food is what’s holding me back. Thank you for this blog, it brought on a holy instant. Wish me luck I’m going to begin now with this awakening moment.
    Peace and Love

    1. Much love to you – the Holy Instant is a miracle. Listen to the guidance and seek help from a therapist and/or a registered dietitian if you want additional support on your path to recovery. My digital course Finally Full may also help you. I honor your willingness to change and heal!

  76. Your book The Universe Has Your Back has been a tool for me since I picked it up this past May. I am approaching my one year sober anniversary on October 7th. I have taken every suggestion of the program, have a beautiful sponsor, surrendered my life to my higher power and read books like yours to help guide me on this journey. Your book was given to me (by divine intervention) at the perfect time during this past year of recovery. I was practicing Steps 9 thru 11 when I picked up your book, and it has truly changed my life-enhanced my beliefs and has allowed me trust on a deeper level. I will be a student of yours for as long as you bless me with your inner guidance and wisdom. Thank you, and happy birthday!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this story, Kelly. I am so moved by your commitment and faith! Expect miracles, my friend. xoxo

  77. Thank you for this. I really needed this. I wish to trust the universe and to welcome love into every aspect of my life, including self love. It is time.

  78. I struggle with alcohol dependence and I have absolutely no reason to! I had a happy childhood and am a happy adult! I gave alcohol up for a year but it was peer pressure and social activities which swept me back. I’ve decided sobriety for another year is required – this time I may not go back. Your blogs and meditations are SCREAMING at me – two days sober already!

    1. I honor your willingness and send you love and light on your path. Our reasons for addiction are often mysterious to us. I encourage you to find a 12-Step meeting near you (check and seek the support of community on your path to recovery. xoxo

  79. Thank you Gabby, Congratulations and Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!!!

    I share a 2005 sobriety year with you, March 24. 2005. I too had to surrender and get into acceptance in order to get sober, and it clicked the first time I tried because I was ready, and had the honesty, open mindedness and willingness to do so! My prayers were answered my 3rd day into rehab when I found my Higher Power, and have been enhancing my spiritual connection each and every day since that miraculous spiritual experience.

    I have collected tools throughout my sobriety and put them in my tool box, and yours is a very valuable tool that I added this year! I bought your book The Universe Has Your Back, without realizing the name of it. I found myself saying that I am praying and meditating to the Universe and manifesting what God has next for me based on the fear I was in, as I am currently unemployed and having relationship issues. I saw a video where you spoke about transforming Fear to Faith. Once I ordered the book, I looked at the title, and thought WOW, the answers are already coming from the Universe. After reading your book and putting more of your prayer and meditation and having faith that the Universe and God have my back, I now have this unbelievable peace and serenity that rarely waivers, even in the midst of what I am experiencing.

    My outlook on life is that I have an open canvas in front of me that I am ready, willing and able to paint, and am maintaining peace and serenity throughout this time by using my tools and trusting that God and the Universe Have My Back!!! I have to do the footwork. and leave the results up to God that all will be good, and I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in time.

    I’ve been a marketing project manager throughout my career, and am now focusing on becoming a personal assistant and/or executive assistance based on that small still voice I hear from prayer and meditation. My thoughts are that it will be like having a personal/executive assistant on steroids with all the project management skills I have acquired through the years!!!

    I thank you so much for you sharing your journey, insight and awesome tools that I have incorporated into my daily life and have added to my life saving tool box, and will be forever grateful to you for helping me to find this incredible peace and serenity.

    Thanks again and Celebrate Your 12 Years of AWESOMENESS!!!!


    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Sally. I am deeply moved by your own commitment to the healing path and your faith in the Universe. Beautiful things are coming your way – it is already done. Congratulations on your 12 years as well. xoxo

      1. Thank you so much for your reply!!

        It is so meaningful and touching that you personally reply to these messages! I feel blessed to have you as a mentor on my journey!

        You are truly an inspiration and a great example to us all!!!

  80. I was a smoker for about ten years in my late teens and early twenties. Sometimes I would catch a whiff of a cigarette smell and it smelled really good to me or if life would feel really out of my control I’d find myself wanting a cigarette. I haven’t smoked in ten years and I remember during a blog or lecture maybe… you said ” Smokers are just looking for their breath, that is why they describe that first inhale as the best one. ” That changed my journey. Every time I feel like I want a cigarette I take a deep breath!!! Sometime a REALLY deep breath and then I pray for help.

    Surrendering is huge in my life right now, not that it wasn’t before. I think the Universe just knows when to send us the perfect lesson to deepen our practices. I am grateful for my spiritual practices and all the tools you have provided over the 7 years of me following your work. These simple but profound tools have changed my connection to spirit. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Happy Sobriety BDAY!
    xoxo Clari

    1. So incredible. I celebrate your freedom from addiction. A practice of surrender is incredibly powerful and I am so happy to hear you have found it.

  81. Thank you. I write to you now as I’m driving from saying the final goodbye to my nephew, 22, who passed this last week from a heroin overdose. I had given him your book without reading it myself, I think it’s now up to me to read it to find peace in this difficult time.

    1. Jess, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I hope your nephew now has the peace he longed for in his life on Earth. I am sending you love and light in your time of grief. Know that you are guided and supported and loved. Please let me know if there are any specific resources you need and struggle to find.

  82. I’m proud of you on this most special 12-year anniversary, Gabby! Over the past year your words and resources have helped so much to guide my own process of surrender…I am forever grateful! I’ve commented to you before and on this day I want to honor my experience with Al-Anon as an important part of my surrender. For me, the addition is negative self-talk, which I cultivated as a child. I attended my first meeting about a year ago after a somatic bodyworker/osteopath MD suggested it. I decided to go bc I was in the midst of a spiritual breakdown and desperate, but it wasn’t an easy decision. With that said, once in the room, it was the spiritual surrender part of Al-Anon that really got me…..I realized I was SO scared and resistant to let go and let God. I saw it as a weakness. For a period, I had to step away from Al-Anon to process my block through meditation, journaling, bodywork etc. Now, I’m no longer ashamed to say that I pray and I’ve even connected with one of my spirit guides (my son). Finally, I just want to share a moment of connection I experienced recently through free-writing…I wrote, “Scarlett, say the words: I BELIEVE. Stop looking for others to approve of your belief or not.” After I finished I went to your Instagram page (bc even tho I’m no longer on social media, I still check your page!) and you had just posted the “I believe” lyrics by Jai. It felt like a sign from God. So, here I am to say: I BELIEVE. ❤️ Thank you again. Sending you love and light as you continue your journey too!

    1. YES, my friend. Thank you so so much for sharing your truth. I am blown away by your faith. Your belief is everything.

  83. Congratulations Gabby! I’m nearing 6 months sober from alcoholism, work addiction, and many other isms. You have helped me the most. Thank you so much for your honesty, bravery, encouragement, and tools of action. This process has been a wild ride. Went from cynic to spirit discovering I’m a psychic empath and have these amazing gifts we all do if I tap into them. I just came home from a family wedding where I needed to be in the presence of family members who physically and verbally abused me as a child. I was able to be in their presence sober, full of compassion, empathy, and divine light. I forgave them and chose love. Without confronting the past, I would have never embarked on this spiritual journey so I thank them for the role they played in pushing my growth. And I thank you for the wisdom, insight, and tools to help me approach such events. Congrats again – you give us all a reason to celebrate.

    With love

    1. That is a miracle. I honor you for the incredible work you have done and your commitment to following divine guidance. Expect many more miracles, my friend. Thank you for sharing.

  84. I am releasing unhealthy relationships… the past I have allowed my relationships to dictate my day to day feelings and actions. Worrying about what other people think of me, primarily men, not setting healthy boundaries with them due to childhood issues with my father. I am learning to release this fear of not being enough in the eyes of men, knowing that God is in control and releasing those fears that are holding me back. Meditation and diving into my work as a spiritual life coach has really grounded me as well as taking your Spirit Junkie Masterclass! I am grateful and blessed for all that you do Gabby and can’t wait for your next book! I am reading The Universe Has Your Back for the third time and I “suggest” that all of my clients read it as well!
    Blessings, Tracey

    1. Tracey, I am right there with you. I have been relating to men in an unhealthy way for years. If my daughter’s father wasn’t being kind, then my day was ruined and I cried in bed. It sounds like you are on a good path to letting go of this pattern. I’m working with my therapist on it every week. Keep up your spiritual practices, and take baby steps. 🙂 Also recognize your triumphs no matter how small.

  85. I was on an unhealthy relationship with myself and damaging self beliefs. I can still remember looking into the mirror at my own eyes barely recognising the reflection of the girl staring back, hating what I was, I was gone. Always speaking to what I now know as my inner voice I had to change. I always knew who I am was inside just how do find her. Reiki works for me and has completely changed my life. Now when I look closely at myself I absolutely love what I see And I can stare for as long as necessary whispering how amazing, strong, determined, happy even beautiful I look. I’ve never felt more like me and I’m continuing on this path that the universe has planned for me.
    With Gratitude you are your books and guidance are part of the plan.

    1. Reiki is a beautiful practice and I honor you for being committed to choosing the voice of love instead of the ego’s fearful stories. xo

  86. Gabby I can’t thank you enough for your honesty, insight and wisdom.
    Since discovering your online meditations only a couple of weeks ago, I have devoured all that I can on your website as I truly connect to the message of hope you are spreading. You
    have inspired me to practice daily and increase my connection to the divine through meditation, prayer and yoga. I have set up my own alter where I pray and reflect and am
    also enjoying my journaling journey! My personal struggles are with overcoming childhood & adult traumas, feelings of inadequacy and poor self esteem as well as a not so healthy relationship with food. I feel that I’ve awoken up my inner voice and am now surrendering and open to the possibility of all my dreams have to offer. Blessings and thanks to you for the love and light that you share.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Ami. You are guided and supported. Stay committed to your practices and expect miracles.

  87. Happy Birthday. I have followed your spiritual teachings and meditations as part of my recovery practice. When I started trying to look into prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God as I understood him many of your books and information began to appear as part of my willingness to learn more and grow spiritually.

  88. I have started to a new phase in my life. I have retired from teaching and am working on getting over the toxic atmosphere and a extreme verbal abuse. I have started meditation everyday, affirmations, grateful lists, etc. Today’s blog was heaven sent. I’m trying to reduce my antidepressant and anxiety medication and I’ve was feeling scared for some reason this morning. You were on my email and I read and practiced what you were telling us. I’m going to implement this at night before I go to bed.

    1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Roberta. (Just one note to remember to taper off any medication with your doctor’s supervision.) Stay committed to your practices and incredible shifts will occur.

  89. Hello Gabby, I have followed you for about a year, the universe brought you to me when I needed you most and I will forever be grateful for that. I met you at Kripalu for the Goddess retreat in February during a very dark time in my life and you were very inspiring. The things I have learned from your spiritual journey have greatly influenced my own. I admire your intense faith and see how you are being true to your soul. Thank you for fearlessly sharing your light with us. I hope to be able to help others as you have helped me. Sincerely, Colette.

  90. Thank you, Gabby for all your amazing work. This meditation is what I need to help me break through all the anger and pain that I have because of my abusive childhood. I did not realise how much these emotions were holding me back. Thank You so much.

    1. I am so honored that it has helped you. Continue to practice it whenever you need it or even daily. Love + light.

  91. I am reading a few of your books right now Gabby and trying to apply as much of your advice as I can to my life. I am meditating daily, connecting with the Universe and asking for guidance. I try to start each day with setting some intentions and I am finding a new peace in my life since I have been working on my spiritual growth. Thank you so much Gabby.
    I am rebuilding my life and eliminating negative patterns.

  92. This could not have come at a better time for me! Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to dig into the recommended meditations. As the first post stated, I too feel Kundalini meditation may be too advanced for me but I am going to give it a try.

    My question to you is, what if you have an addiction that you know you need to give up but yet not sure you truly want to? I can clearly see how it is limiting me and negatively effecting my life but it is still hard to let go. I know its not worth what I am giving up but in my case it has become a long term habit which seems so hard to change.

    Thank you!

    1. I know the exact feeling, you still think the addiction gives you something, and logically you know it only takes things away… I hired a hypnotist help me quit smoking and she said so you want to quit smoking and I said no I want to want to quit smoking – ha ha anyway it worked and I’ve maybe smoke six cigarettes in the last five years on very very rare occasions and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it but I’m now enjoying not smoking Waymore than I enjoy smoking

  93. I have been hearing that same voice for over a year now. That, and that my vibration won’t increase much more until and unless I do. Connecting with universe and an increase in clarity is more important to me than Alcohol or smoking.
    I have just started over the last 4 days working on this. I use alcohol to sleep and when I don’t, have trouble sleeping. I am also going to stop smoking.
    Any advice on this ?

    1. Jamie, I honor you for sharing and for your willingness to change. I recommend finding a 12-Step group in your community. You can do this on For help with quitting smoking, the website is truly a wonderful resource. You may also find support through quitting smoking with EFT. (You can see my video on how I handled sugar cravings with EFT.) Thank you for sharing. I am sending you love and light on your path.

    2. Jamie, I too once struggled with both of those, smoking and alcohol. In fact, just a few days ago was my anniversary for putting cigarettes down 4 yeas ago; seems like 10. For me, for smoking, I picked a date and then owned it. October 1st was my date. Did I ever take another drag? Sure. Maybe a couple times the first month. I quit drinking for 6 months to keep my intentions alert and assertive. I prayed daily for God to take the desire to drink away from me. I prayed for guidance and strength. I envisioned myself as a non smoker and sober. I believe that drinking and druging, and other things like sex addiction, poor choices, bad relationships, etcetera—those are Symptoms of the real issues within us and our lives. You have to tackle the issues beneath and go deep to resolve the symptoms. I do have a drink once in a blue moon, but I haven’t drank more than a drink or two in years. I do not over consume anything in life anymore. I’m still a work in progress, and hopefully always will be progressing. But I love myself today. And that is something that I found to be the key factor in addictions: the absence of loving oneself. Know that you are Worthy. Worthy of all you desire. Pick your date. Own it. Love be with you, Mikel

  94. Congratulations Gabby! Your healing journey has opened up the path to healing for so many. We are forever grateful to you. I have been recovering from a lot of fear based beliefs for the past 5 years and your insights have been inspirational to me. The work that I have done through SJMC 1 and 2, as well as numerous other courses, books and lectures has supported me in finally finding my sparkle again. I cannot thank you enough for getting sober and finding your path to wellness. Your story has helped me to own mine and to rewrite the book of me.
    Blessed be dear sweet Bella.

  95. I am actively working on an alcohol addiction, your messages are very meaningful to me. Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone in this. Your path is lighting the way for many.

  96. Thank you for sharing Gabby. I am in the process of surrendering the old way of relating with my child’s father. He is narcissistic and can be cruel. He is stonewalling me now for over 3 weeks. He can also be charming and do nice things, like upgrade my tickets at a concert without me asking. I am clear that we can only relate about our child. I just want him to do his part financially and maintain a good relationship with our child. We were together over 20 years. This is a hard habit to break and hurts my heart. I can’t trust him or rely on him, and honestly never could. Writing helps me get my emotions out. I meditate, but not every day. And thanks to you I am teaching a meditation class in 2 weeks and my class is full. I’m not asking for money at this time. I’m following your advice. Today I wake up and choose again to live my life and release my cord to my child’s father.

    1. Traci, your desire to surrender to old ways of relating and cutting the cord is so inspiring! Congratulations on your full meditation class. I’m sure your gifts will help so many <3

  97. I’m currently struggling so much with my own troubles. I’m at the point where I am suicidal every day. Your story is inspiring and I’m reading your books and practicing the steps but I’m still in such a dark horrible place. Everything in my life feels like it’s going wrong. How did you come out of such a dark place into the light?

    1. Sophie, I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time. I encourage you to seek professional help right now – I believe you are in the UK, so please check these hotlines and call one of them: Or else call your doctor. You do not have to do this alone. Once you no longer want to harm yourself, you can move forward on your healing path. For now this is the most important thing you can do to live in the light. First you must LIVE. I am sending you love and light. Please don’t hesitate to find help right now. (If you are in the US, call 1-800-273-8255.)

    2. God is our only hope from darkness to light! I’m speaking from my own experience! I’m praying for u girl n know ur not alone n God loves U! ❤️

  98. Congratulations on your anniversary 🙂 I’ll have 2 years in Jan. & have just started my 10th step work, so I’m happy it made it onto your list. As a member of AA, I love seeing how you blend those principles with other spiritually important beliefs you wouldn’t necessarily hear in “the rooms” It helps me be a more well-rounded, spiritually-balanced woman 🙂

  99. I love your dedication to practicing what you preach. It means so much more when one can witness healing from someone who has gone through what you have. I am coming up on my 4th year of addiction to Bulimia nervosa and lately it has gotten really bad. I have an EXTREMELY hard time letting go and trusting in the process because of all the mistakes I have made. Thank you for continuing to be a guiding light.

    1. I honor your radical honesty and your willingness to change. The fact that you have shared here shows courage and faith. I encourage you to find professional help through an organization such as the National Eating Disorders Association. Seeking professional support is one of the most beautiful and profound gifts we can give ourselves. You are loved, supported and guided.

    2. I struggled with SEVERE bulimia nervosa and alcohol abuse for about 10 years. Look within, you have all the answers. You can do this, recovery is possible. I pray you forgive yourself and overcome this. Hang in there!

  100. Kundalini meditation is helping me with self-abuse due to OCD. I used to think that Kundalini practices were too sophisticated for me to use. That is not true. If I accept the healing and give myself to it, it works for me. My spirit and heart feel lighter after Kundalini meditations. I was intimidated when I first saw Gabby offering Kundalini evergy to the audience at one of the Wanderlust festivals, but I have given up any resistance b/c the healing is so needed. Thank you, and I love being part of this community.

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