My 2020 Manifesting Gift Guide

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

I am so excited to share my 2020 gift guide. But this year I want to kick it off with something a little different., I want to help everyone clear the blocks from 2020. 

Looking back, 2020 hit people hard. I’ve heard many people share that the resolutions or goals that you set last year are almost funny to look at now…having been so derailed as a result of the pandemic.

But I want you to take a deep breath and let it out like a sigh of relief. It’s time for a fresh start…and I’ve got your back.

Each of these gifts are selected to help step into the New Year with confidence and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Give them to a loved or, or to yourself!


Manifesting Challenge Gift Card

Gabby Bernstein's Manifesting Challenge gift card

The first gift, may be the most important one for everyone on your holiday list, is a Manifesting Challenge Gift Card.  This is a perfect, empowering way to get ready to welcome the new year. In this 21-day challenge, I’ll be their personal manifesting coach!  I’ll show them step-by-step exactly what I’ve done to co-create a life beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m psyched to share them with the world! 

Already have a spiritual running buddy in mind? 

Start gifting The Manifesting Challenge here

Here’s how it works:

  • The challenge starts on January 1, 2021, and runs for 21 days.
  • Every day you’ll get a new lesson from me about how to master manifesting and start feeling good.
  • Each lesson has a short homework assignment that will help you see the Universe in action and make these methods stick.
  • You can join the exclusive Facebook community of people to help motivate and support you.
  • The Manifesting Challenge includes its own members platform, where all your content will be available through the end of January. 


The gift that keeps on giving! Click here to give the challenge.

Super Attractor 

Super Attractor and notebook gift guide

Want to help someone manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams? In my book, Super Attractor, they’ll learn how to co-create the life they want… and that they don’t have to work so hard to get it. Most importantly, they’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you. Talk about the ultimate gift! 

Make it a beautiful set and add in the Super Attractor Journal, designed by my bestie Micaela Ezra. This holds space to practice the powerful methods from Super Attractor that align you with the Universe and activate your manifesting power.

Order Super Attractor here and the Super Attractor Journal here.

Spirit Junkie Card Deck

Spirit Junkie card deck gift guide

Help someone one your list start their day with spiritual guidance! My newest Spirit Junkie card deck will guide and uplift them on their journey to living an inspired life. They can pull a card each morning to offer strength, support and happiness! 

Order the Spirit Junkie Card Deck here.

The Universe Says Yes Mug

The Universe Always Says Yes Gift guide

Have a coffee lover on your list. This mug will remind them that every day that the Universe has their back. Pair it with some of their fave coffee (or tea!) with it and put in a cute gift basket! 

Order the mug here.

Spirit Junkie Hoodie

Spirit Junkie sweat shirt

If you’ve read The Universe Has Your Back, you know that one of my signs is an owl. I love this hoodie—which you may have seen me wear on Instagram. It’s cozy, cute and even more, when you give it as a gift you can share how they can ask the Universe for signs and trust in the guidance they receive.  

Order the sweatshirt here.

Spread the Love

When you embark on a spiritual path everything changes. You begin to see the world through the lens of love. You seek solutions rather than problems. And, you become a magnet for what you desire. If you’ve had that type of shift in your own life, the greatest gift you can give is to share it with a loved one. Invite your family and close friends to join you on your spiritual path by going through the Manifesting Challenge together. Give yourself the gift of the challenge and share it with a friend! 

You’ll experience how life can flow, how you can effortlessly manifest, how you don’t have to stress and struggle to get what you want, and how good it will feel to trust that the Universe is always working to provide for you.

The Manifesting Challenge is the best gift this holiday season



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