Can’t Let Go of a Judgment? Say This Prayer Now

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Today we are talking about Step 3 of Judgment Detox! This step is all about putting love on the altar through prayer. You can check out my introductions to Step 1 here and Step 2 here.

I believe that all issues must be brought to spirit for healing. Without a spiritual intervention we stay stuck in the judgment cycle, but when we call on a spiritual relationship of our own understanding we can replace our fear-based judgments with love. When we surrender our issues to a power greater than ourselves, divine order unfolds.

When we pray, we surrender to spiritual guidance

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God, spirit or the energy of the Universe. As long as you have a desire to be free from judgment, that’s all you need to establish a spiritual connection.

If you’ve never prayed before or haven’t done it in a long time, just know that the desire to release judgment is itself a prayer. So you already know how to pray!

As I have said before, praying isn’t about asking for a specific outcome. Instead, we must ask spirit to help us return our thoughts back to love. The secret to prayer is to forget what we think we need and surrender to spiritual guidance instead.

For help with surrender, check out this clip from a talk I gave at Wanderlust in L.A. I wrapped up a group meditation with a prayer to surrender our blocks to a power far greater than us. Listen to this prayer or create one of your own inspired by it. It will help you surrender and trust that you are being taken care of.

Follow the guidance you receive

When you loosen your grip and let spirit lead the way, your life will become a happy dream | Judgment Detox | Gabrielle BernsteinHere’s the really cool thing about surrendering: When you ask for guidance, it comes fast. Your inner guide is like a wise, loving and patient teacher who knows exactly how to communicate with you so their message will resonate.

Guidance may come through a song, a book, a friend, a strong intuitive knowing or an encounter with someone like a teacher or religious leader. There are infinite ways to receive direction, and it doesn’t matter how you get there. What matters is that you’re willing to ask for help.

After you pray for help, your job is to pay attention to that guidance.

This step is simple, but at first it might challenge your logical mind. You may have no clue how to pay attention to loving guidance.

The idea of receiving it might freak you out, or you may feel skeptical. That’s okay — just keep praying. In time you will feel relief. As long as you stay surrendered through prayer, eventually you’ll learn to pay attention to the loving guidance you’re receiving.

The surrender prayer from ‘Judgment Detox’

Today I want to share one of the prayers in Judgment Detox. This prayer will help you surrender a judgment and receive spiritual guidance.

Tweet: When we surrender our issues to a power greater than ourselves, divine order unfolds @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie #judgmentdetox

Begin by choosing a judgment that you’re holding onto. You can think it to yourself, write it down or say it out loud.

Now say the surrender prayer:

Dear inner guide, I need help with my judgment toward _______. I’m ready to surrender this now. I welcome in the presence of love to guide me back to truth and grace. I’m ready to release this judgment and see through the eyes of love.

This prayer is perfect if you’re feeling stuck and resistant toward releasing your judgment. Use it to enter a new energetic state that supports your desire to be free from attack thoughts. This is a practice in letting go and allowing.

If this prayer resonates with you, you can say it every day to turn over your judgment to the care of spirit.

In Step 3 of Judgment Detox we go deep into prayer. A Course in Miracles calls prayer “the medium of miracles,” and this step in the Judgment Detox will show you how powerful a prayer practice is.

Begin your journey today with the FREE audiobook intro to Judgment Detox!

Let me know how this prayer goes for you. What judgment are you turning over to spirit? How do you feel upon saying the prayer? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Hello Gabby, thanks for your teachings, I love you. But I have a question, you can release the judgments and forgive, but how do you put limits based on love in a relationship to balance yourself and not allow things that do not make you feel good?

    1. If you are talking about a healthy relationship that is free of abuse, then setting loving boundaries and having open communication is essential. You can check out my blogs/vlogs on relationships for further guidance on this. If you think you may be in an abusive relationship, please don’t hesitate to speak to a professional. You can check out for more information on what constitutes abuse. Love and light to you.

  2. I so love this prayer!!! I learned to let go and surrender several years ago when I had a child in rehab. I love that you wrote this book, half way thru it and it has helped me so much. I try every day to be a better person. Thank you so much!

  3. Gabby,
    Thank you for being a constant angel for change to love. Judgement takes on so many “faces” that we frequently forget to look more deeply at our thoughts and actions in search of the judgement that may be hidden, judgement that may be squarely aimed at ourselves – identify it, flush it out and become one with love for the situation/person/thing/whatever … keep reminding us because we are not socialized to this thinking and we need a lot of nudging to get there 🙂

  4. Loving my book. Currently on the Alter chapter. I like prayer most days so this step is wonderful. EFT for being so easy, felt so strange. I am most guilty of judging myself, which doesn’t feel good at all, but I seem to fall back into it when things don’t work out as planned. I fall into the “I must not have deserved it” trap. So I was trying to come up with some mantras to go with my tapping that would counter that ugly belief.

    1. One affirmation that may resonate with you is “It’s this or something better.” Pray for the highest good for all, pay attention to the guidance you receive and trust that you are being led down the right path. Happiness is your birthright. However, what is of the highest good may not be in alignment with that you think you need. Surrender, surrender, surrender some more. <3

  5. Amazing. I was drawn to this page and prayer by divine love. Thank you. I need you back in Saint Lucia. Judgement Detox is such a truth for the times we live in and out of. Thank you again

  6. Hello gabrielle,
    I wish to share with you a passage I have read in a book that presents each day with a goal:
    “ love someone for who they are. By doing so you may realize that they are already what you need.”

    thank you
    Wishing you the best in your career, wishes and being guided throughout this year.

  7. I woke up and watched your diner facebook live post and it is exactly what I needed. I am grateful for this book and learning about the movement you have created & the souls that are gathered. I feel very connected and supported and excited about the journey. Thank you!

  8. This was exactly what I needed. I love that prayer!! The experience that never ceases to amaze me is when I have been out of alignment from judgement, the moment I come back into alignment is powerful. It’s like entering into this different vibration & everything that no longer matters just falls away.

  9. Hi Gabby – I consider myself a serious student of yours. As a result of your guidance and my own hard work and commitment, I’ve been led back to love, mediation and prayer, and I’ve experienced many instances of divine guidance. So, now of course, I’m reading Judgment Detox. But, there is something tripping me up…namely your use of the word “sin” in Ch. 6. For me, sin is an inherently judgmental notion tied to the most judgmental aspects of organized religion (ie. sin = sinner). Would you help me understand why you felt called to include the word? Maybe it means something different to you? Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in person on the 20th!

    1. Hi Scarlett, I use the word “sin” because especially in this step I am teaching forgiveness from the perspective of A Course in Miracles, which employs the concept of sin. You can think of it in whatever way resonates with you. You might think of sin as the wrong-minded belief that we are separate from God.

      1. Thank you for the response and link. It helped me to relax and consider sin from a new perspective that doesn’t feel judgmental and actually reinforces my oneness with God. Also, loved your LA talk. I was there…sitting in the back …but only bc I was flexing my spiritual activist muscles as the women’s march earlier in the day!

  10. This was AMAZING! I felt an immediate release. I know this is a prayer that I must pray everyday. I will be purchasing your book immediately!! Thank you!!!

  11. Gabby. What can I say. I’ve been ‘trying’ to be productive today, in the midst of feeling unanchored and anxious. I opened your email, and listened to your diner vid. As soon as I heard the acceptance prayer I felt my heart warm and tears come to my eyes. Truth. Everything is okay. I am heading out to buy the book right now, I found a local stockist. I’m going to flip through this lovely supportive and cooling resource as much as I need to today…and I want to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. xxxxx

  12. Wow! What a blessing! Thank you Gabby, your message and books have been so helpful for me in my daily faith walk with the Lord especially looking at what you are teaching judgment detox is so most Importantly Love and Forgiveness as I study scripture that I am reading about grace and love
    and just living spirit filled lives daily. I wish I could express it here better maybe one day I will be able to but for now I hope you can understand my comment, the blessings that finding you and how it blessed me while seeking higher truth and so I find your teaching and practice for me is a blessing to bring with me to worship God and within the Body of Christ and still does for me anyway as we are learning biblical truth and revelation of Jesus. God bless you Gabby

  13. Hi Gabby
    You will be delighted to hear that your latest book, Judgement Detox, was listed in the LIFE supplement to the Sunday Independent in Ireland as ‘Book of the Week, Health and Wellness Section. Well done.

  14. Gabby, I love you and can’t wait to attend your live event in LA this month. I am a
    “spirit Junkie” and have been able to release so many blocks and allow love and Divine guidance through your teaching. I appreciate all you do. thank you Jana

  15. I am reading Judgement Detox. Our bookclub just finished The Universe Has your back.
    Now we are going to do Judgement Detox Bookclub. In 2 weeks. It has really changed my life and put me back intouch with my spiritural self. Meditating and speaking with my spirit guide. All has been reconnected because of you Gabby. I love you and thank you. Laura Johnson

  16. As a new student to a Course in Miracles, I find this prayer absolutely beautiful, calming and Exactly what I have been looking for to help me release my judgment about my career/financial situation. It feels like one of the few blocks I’ve been unable to remove; thank you for this fantastic answer to my prayers. 🙂 LOVE your work and plan to bring it to the tribe I am SO very passionate about sharing with!

  17. Hi Gabby, this prayer resonates with me deeply. Especially the theme of your book as I imagine you received a collective call to write it because of what is awakening in many of us… truly. I have been having insights into my attacking thoughts and behaviors and feel this book will be an absolute gift-guide for me to transcend beyond some of these separating beliefs.
    I notice a lot of women especially, feed off of one another’s perceived shortcomings or inadequacies and am aiming for a full transition from that place during my insecure moments to a place that is more loving for us all. THANK YOU FOR STANDING FOR THIS AND BEING A VOICE ON SUCH A CHARGED MATTER.

  18. Beautiful prayer! You are changing my life as I type! I am so grateful for your message. Can you please let me know where I can watch the rest of this? I am a Miracle Member. Thank you!

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