Can’t Let Go of a Judgment? Say This Prayer Now

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Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinIn this post I want to share a beautiful prayer you can use whenever you’re struggling to let go of a judgment.

This is  Step 3 of my book Judgment Detox. This step is all about putting love on the altar through prayer. (You can check out my introductions to Step 1 here and Step 2 here.)

I believe that all issues must be brought to spirit for healing. Without a spiritual intervention, we stay stuck in the judgment cycle, but when we call on a spiritual relationship of our own understanding we can replace our fear-based judgments with love. When we surrender our issues to a power greater than ourselves, divine order unfolds.

When we pray, we surrender to spiritual guidance

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God, spirit or the energy of the Universe. As long as you have a desire to be free from judgment, that’s all you need to establish a spiritual connection.

If you’ve never prayed before or haven’t done it in a long time, just know that the desire to release judgment is itself a prayer. So you already know how to pray!

As I have said before, praying isn’t about asking for a specific outcome. Instead, we must ask spirit to help us return our thoughts back to love. The secret to prayer is to forget what we think we need and surrender to spiritual guidance instead.

For help with surrender, check out this clip from a talk I gave at Wanderlust in L.A. I wrapped up a group meditation with a prayer to surrender our blocks to a power far greater than us. Listen to this prayer or create one of your own inspired by it. It will help you surrender and trust that you are being taken care of.

Follow the guidance you receive

When you loosen your grip and let spirit lead the way, your life will become a happy dream | Judgment Detox | Gabrielle BernsteinHere’s the really cool thing about surrendering: When you ask for guidance, it comes fast. Your inner guide is like a wise, loving and patient teacher who knows exactly how to communicate with you so their message will resonate.

Guidance may come through a song, a book, a friend, a strong intuitive knowing or an encounter with someone like a teacher or religious leader. There are infinite ways to receive direction, and it doesn’t matter how you get there. What matters is that you’re willing to ask for help.

After you pray for help, your job is to pay attention to that guidance.

This step is simple, but at first it might challenge your logical mind. You may have no clue how to pay attention to loving guidance.

The idea of receiving it might freak you out, or you may feel skeptical. That’s okay — just keep praying. In time you will feel relief. As long as you stay surrendered through prayer, eventually you’ll learn to pay attention to the loving guidance you’re receiving.

The surrender prayer from ‘Judgment Detox’

This prayer from Judgment Detox will help you let go of judgment and receive spiritual guidance.

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Begin by choosing a judgment that you’re holding onto. You can think it to yourself, write it down or say it out loud.

Now say the surrender prayer:

Dear inner guide, I need help with my judgment toward _______. I’m ready to surrender this now. I welcome in the presence of love to guide me back to truth and grace. I’m ready to release this judgment and see through the eyes of love.

This prayer is perfect if you’re feeling stuck and resistant toward releasing your judgment. Use it to enter a new energetic state that supports your desire to be free from attack thoughts. This is a practice in letting go and allowing.

If this prayer resonates with you, you can say it every day to turn over your judgment to the care of spirit.

In Step 3 of Judgment Detox, we go deep into prayer. A Course in Miracles calls prayer “the medium of miracles,” and this step in the Judgment Detox will show you how powerful a prayer practice is.

Let me know how this prayer goes for you. What judgment are you turning over to spirit? How do you feel upon saying the prayer? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Free Judgment Detox Mini Course by Gabby Bernstein

Take your practice further with my free Judgment Detox Mini Course. It includes 3 lessons that will help you release judgment and feel better fast:

  • A guided video/audio meditation for instant relief from judgment
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