Let Go and Receive: A Meditation to Clear Blocks and Release Limitations

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All of us want to live joyful, meaningful lives. We want to do what we love, feel good and not struggle so much.

But fear, doubt and limiting beliefs often block us from attracting our desires. They keep us stuck, afraid to take action or even dream big.

Therefore, one of the first and most important steps in manifesting our desires is to clear the blocks that hold us back! So in this post I’m sharing one of my favorite meditations to clear blocks and open up your ability to RECEIVE.

It’s time to clear the blocks

It’s my mission to help people clear the blocks holding them back from manifesting their greatest desires. Joy is your birthright, and I’m here to help you claim it.

Whatever you want to do, you’re in exactly the right place to begin.

Maybe you want to leave your full-time job and build a business. Maybe you want to attract a romantic partner. Or maybe you just want to feel better every day!

Here’s your first step in manifesting what you want…

Guided meditation to clear blocks and release limitations

Begin to clear the path to your dreams today with this beautiful clearing meditation. Let this meditation guide you to release limitations, clear blocks and allow greatness to flow toward you.

When you practice this meditation, you let go and receive divine guidance. It’s a powerful way to set yourself up for my 21-day Manifesting Challenge (more on that below).

Press play below to follow along. You can also read a written breakdown of the meditation below.

Written guidance: Meditation to Clear Blocks and Release Limitations

Uncross your legs and just place your palms facing upwards so you can allow yourself to receive, as well as allow yourself to let go.

Close your eyes and focus on your third eye (between the eyebrows).

Take a deep breath in and practice yogic breath.

On the inhale, your stomach and your diaphragm extend.
On the exhale your diaphragm gently contracts.

On the inhale, your diaphragm extends, a big balloon is opening up.
On the exhale, it contracts.

Continue that cycle of breath, extending on the inhale and contracting on the exhale.

Gabby Bernstein meditatingWe call on all the guidance of the highest truth and compassion to enter into this space now. We welcome the divine beings and love to come in and protect us, guide us and wake us up to our highest truth and our highest potential.

We are here to experience miraculous moments, to accept and awaken the highest self within us, the subtle voice that knows miracles are natural. That knows that we are love, that knows we have the infinite capacity to be and do all that we are here to bring forth.

We ask now that we can clear this space and we invite in our beautiful guide, Archangel Michael. (If you don’t believe in angels, just envision a vacuum over your head.)

Archangel Michael places a beautiful Dustbuster over the top of your crown and presses the power button, suctioning up all that you have been holding, clearing you from your toes to your calves, to your shins, to your knees, to your thighs, to your butt, to your pelvis, to your stomach, to your chest, to your arms, to your fingertips, all the way up to your throat, your face, your crown, releasing you.

On the inhale, just breathe all that crazy, crazy, crazy muck up.
And then on the exhale, let it loose.

It’s just going out through your crown. It’s being released now.

We ask that it be recycled, transformed and transmuted. It’s leaving the space. It is in the ether. It is being cleared.

Take another deep breath in and pull it all the way up from your toes, all the way up to your crown.

And on the exhale, let it loose.

Feel that transformation, feel that lifting.

And let’s do it again because we need it.

Let’s pick it up from the toes all the way up, all the way up. Breathing it in, breathing it in…

And on the exhale, let it loose.

That vacuum is continuing to cycle. Clearing you, clearing you, clearing you, lifting off of you all the tension, all the stress, all the chaos, all the gossip, all the fear, all the resistance to love.

Take a deep breath in.
Let it go.

Archangel Michael turns off the vacuum and we see him float away, and we say: Thank you.

Thank you for always being with us. Thank you for always protecting us. Thank you for always holding us. Thank you for being there to clear us whenever we’re in doubt, whenever we feel attacked, whenever we feel disconnected.

You can do this meditation as often as you want. If you feel very held back and blocked, you can make it a daily practice.

Take the next step: Join my 21-Day Manifesting Challenge!

The Manifesting Challenge with Gabby Bernstein
Are you ready to become a magnet for what you desire? Sign up for my 21-day Manifesting Challenge! It starts on January 1st, 2020.

You’ll discover how to act in alignment with the energy of the Universe, allowing good things to flow to you easily and naturally.

I’m sharing my personal methods and will be guiding you the whole way. Let me be your manifesting coach in the New Year!

Join the Manifesting Challenge now.

You are worthy of what you desire

I am worthy of what I desire | Manifesting Challenge by Gabby BernsteinA lot of people get hung up with the limiting belief that they’re not worthy of feeling good and having what they want. Struggle becomes a habit and joy is an afterthought.

If you think you’re not worthy of feeling good, then you’re out of alignment with the truth of who you are. The loving energy of the Universe, the magnificence of God, the serenity of spirit, is all within us. There is not a source outside of us that can save us from our sense of unworthiness.

When we truly accept that we embody the power of love, then we can start to realign with the belief that we are worthy of feeling good. Accepting our greatness is key to manifesting our desires.

Today, practice this meditation to clear blocks. Become willing to accept that you are worthy of what you desire, and good things will start to flow to you naturally.

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  1. Thank you for this. Remembering that we are worthy of what we desire, especially when So many different people want to blow out our light and flame is so important. Thank you for this!

  2. So very grateful for you entering my life, Gabby. You have no idea how you have helped me. Thank you for being the wonderful being you are.

    1. Kristie, I’m so happy this work is supporting and empowering you. Keep shining your bright light girl! xo

  3. Hello Gabby, I am reading the Super Attractor book and Yes I am a manic manifestor! Yes I will admit that. I am doing the reading, yoga, meditation, trying to keep negative thoughts away. But I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out due to finances. So I am trying to keep calm with a deep breath and I keep repeating The Universe has my back! Hopefully once I finish the book everything will work out. Keep sending those meditations.

  4. Gabby I used this meditation today in the waiting room for my mammogram and ultrasound. It was perfect to feel Archangel Michael remove my fear and replace it with faith. Upon going into the bathroom at their office, there was a sea turtle picture on the wall – a sign that my daddy was there with me. He sends me turtles as a sign to trust that everything will be okay. The turtle represents trusting your inner wisdom and visions, and surrendering to what is… and trusting that everything will work out in perfect divine timing. This spiritual connection kept me calm and peaceful while I patiently waited for results. I’m happy to share that I got good news. Thank you love for opening the door to this spiritual experience today! xx

  5. I’ve been struggling a lot with my connection to my higher power this first year in my recovery (I’m 10 months sober now), and this meditation reminded me how powerful visualization meditations are for me to connect with my God. Thank you for that reminder. I’ve been wondering why my meditations have been off lately, and I guess it’s because I wasn’t doing what types work well for me. Is that a thing? Are some types of meditations better for others depending on the person and their spiritual journey?

    1. That’s a great question, Carly. I include many types of meditation, (guided, kundalini, mantra-based), because different tools resonate with us as we learn and grow. I’m so proud of you for allowing your intuition to guide you to the right and perfect resources for you at this time. Sending you big hugs.

  6. This arrived at exactly the right time this morning. Helped me align and let go of the anxiety and anger I could feel swirling around. Funny how that works — when you let it!

  7. I literally just prayed this morning to surrender to what the day would bring me, that I would receive the guidance I needed to let go and allow. Then this popped into my inbox.
    Thank you Gab.

  8. Thank you for sharing this! I saw you in San Francisco recently and I read your book and I was feeling so inspired. But the season changed and work got busy and a project I am working on is proving to be more challenging than I thought. And I’m right back to waking up with dread and doubt and find myself avoiding rather than embracing. It’s all the noise and “muck” you just guided me to release that is in my way, not any of those circumstances I just listed. I’m in for the challenge! I’m excited to start the new decade with your guidance.
    With Love,

  9. Gabby,
    I would Love to join your next manifesting for 21 days for $37, however I still not have understood or received the meditations that I bought for $11 concerning the super Manifester.
    The technology part I am having a very difficult time with. I have bought two books the super manifesto, goal book, , The journal And the audiobook super manifesttor.
    I received an email saying that I had to put it in WinZip. This is all very foreign to me and should be easier. Hopefully after this message I will get some help. I did just get a new phone The iPhone 11 Pro Max which I would like all my meditations on. Not my computer. Hopefully we can move forward on this. Blessings Deborah Spaete

  10. Hi Gabby, I like this one, thank you and I loved the Forgiving meditation that was among other beautiful meditations on youtube. It let me experience so many miracles in my life and relationships. But I can’t find it anymore – all videos are not avaiable. Miss it so much, where can I find them?

  11. Oh Gabby, I was praying before an appointment that was very anxiety provoking for me … and I am witnessing how powerless over this I am. I lay down for a few mins and checked my emails and your meditation was there … it was a miracle and an answer for the help I was praying for. The appointment wasn’t perfect anxiety wise, but i felt heard and meet regarding a very important matter and I am soooo grate to you. I first came across you in a 40 day fear busting course, quite awhile, and it introduced me to choosing love over fear … you are my hero thank you , big love to you and you family… ❤️Robyn
    Ps I’m doing the challenge in 2020.

    1. Robyn, so grateful these tools are supporting you. And psyched that you are joining the challenge. Keep focusing on things bring you joy, which will help you make choices from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety. <3

  12. Hi Gabby! Just saw you in Santa Fe at the Deepak event. You are such an inspiration and touched my heart. thanks for your authenticity and your baby boy is such a doll!

  13. Thank you Gabby. I signed up for the 21 day challenge. I have been practicing the law of attraction for 3 years. I love the book (audio book) super attractive. I need focus on allowing and I look forward to your challenge. Thank you for everything you do.

  14. I loooove this….thank you for sharing with us. I will definitely do this. I already pull a daily card from “The Universe Has Your Back” deck. I want to get better at meditating and working on my 3rd eye. Thank you Gabby. xoxo

  15. I am in the process of making large lifestyle and relocation changes. Thank you for reinforcing the fact that we are all entitled to happy feelings.

  16. I practiced this meditation Gabby. HP please clear away the blocks. I want to stay connected with you. Thank you for your help.

  17. Thank-you so much Gabby for that meditation. I have a great deal of struggle in my life right now but, after the meditation, I feel lighter than air. I feel like I could lift right off this chair. Some of the darkness has left me. I am a Gabby newbie but am embracing that. I am in the Miracle Membership and I am reading your books – in order. Spiritual Junkie. You speak to me and I feel as if I am blending my life with your words. Thank-you again, over and over!

    1. I’m so grateful that you connected here, Dorinda. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts.

  18. Thank you, Gabby, I really needed this new meditation. You came into my life in 2016 and as a result of your morning meditations, I have become more grounded, more present, happier & more alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. My intention at yoga class tonight was to clear out yuck-limiting beliefs being the main yuck. Thank you for being an affirmation and confirmation.

  19. Thank you for this, Gabby! I’m going through a few of the biggest transformations of my life – all at once! – and am using your work and trust that the Universe Has My Back. I’m slipping into fear often but am relying on your suggestions to center and to lean into love.

    1. Amazing. go girl! I would recommend re-reading Chapter 7: Certainty Clears the Path for What You Desire
      big love,

    2. Thank you Gabby. I was introduced to your work while at a holistic fair just about a month ago (awesomely guided by The Universe- no other way to describe it!), and your meditations are exactly what I need at this very difficult time in my life. I am going day-by-day, and this particular meditation helped clear up an entire cache of intense stress and anxiety. I will be listening to it daily. I absolutely ADORE your card decks as well, and am very much looking forward to the 21-day Manifesting Challenge! Thank you!!

    1. I went to bed trying not to stress out about the end of the semester. (I’m a continuing ed student in grad school going after a lifelong dream to be a therapist). Great, but I feel the “need” to be in stress mode. It is difficult to shake. This short meditation helped me refocus a bit. Any suggestions for regular refocusing? Many thanks!

  20. Love the meditation to let go and receive. Yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and fed up and knew I shouldn’t be like that, but I couldn’t snap out of it. This meditation released me from all that. Thank-you so much.

  21. Thank you, Gabby! I was up late last night stressing and worrying about all the events I have coming up over the next few months and woke up to this perfect meditation to begin my day refreshed, light and ready to love with joy today <3

  22. I love all these and I have thought long and hard about what my BIG dreams are. I watched and read the blogs on “How to get off your butt and into action” and “How to DO what you’ve been dreaming of” and love them. However, I am still stuck in finding what my dreams are. I don’t know what direction to go. I would love to see in the future, something about finding your soul purpose and dreams. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  23. Thanks Gabby for this awesome post. I have to say that the section of eliminating fear in your 42 program, May Cause Miracles, changed my life. I will never forget that Thursday. It is sad and awful how fear and doubt holds us back. I remind myself of that light bulb moment every time fear creeps in and I choose love instead. Thanks again for that pivotal moment.

    1. Thank you so much for such a relieving meditation. When you said “On the inhale, just breathe all that crazy, crazy, crazy muck up. And then on the exhale, let it loose.” I immediately felt my shoulders loosen and I smiled. Can’t wait to try the other meditations.
      Xoxo Gabby

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