How to Truly Surrender

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One of my favorite, and arguably one of the most important, things I’ve ever said was, “When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more.” 

Surrender is a topic we’ve been coming back to over and over again on Dear Gabby, so I decided to make you a 30-minute mash-up video on the topic. In this video you’ll learn my 9 ways to surrender and trust the Universe has your back. Watch now!

Many folks think that surrendering is just giving up. Let’s clear that up now: Surrender isn’t giving up, it’s giving over. It isn’t about letting go of all of your options or giving up your dreams, but rather giving over your agenda, your timeline, your control, to the presence of the Universe. 

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Here’s my full breakdown of the steps in the video. 


For anyone who’s manifesting something right now—and it’s not coming on your timeline— trust that it’s safe to take your hands off the wheel and surrender. When you surrender to spiritual guidance, what you desire will show up far greater than you could have ever imagined.


When you push and control, you get in the way of the vibrational frequency of support that is around you. The truth is, you may be pushing for something you don’t even want. Instead of pushing to make something into what you think it should be, surrender with this prayer: I welcome what is of the highest good for all.


When you’re on a spiritual path, sometimes the greatest way to release and surrender is to allow a teacher to guide you and lead you.  When you have these moments of realizing, “Wow, I need to learn something from that book or that work or that teacher,” there’s a great sense of relief. When you find a teacher, a path, or a message that moves you, it’s because it’s reflecting a part of your own inner knowing. Give yourself permission to stop trying to figure it all out on your own and allow teachers to guide you. 

Use what’s in front of you. Follow what inspires you. Trust that letting the path unfold naturally is often one of the greatest ways to surrender.


There’s a practice in Super Attractor called the spiritually aligned action method. It says that any action we take that’s forceful or pushy will be backed with negative or frantic energy. That energy is not very attractive. We’re in spiritual alignment when we have faith that whatever is of the highest good is coming. Spiritually aligned actions are aligned with service, love, faith and patience. 

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When you are experiencing a difficult moment in your life, it’s time to strengthen your belief that this obstacle is actually guiding you in the right direction. When you do, you become a presence of faith in the world because you live with the positive expectation that even when things are rough, you are being guided. And that’s when you truly start living.

How can you be afraid of obstacles when you accept that they are detours in the right direction? 

So whatever obstacle you are faced with at this moment, I want you to give yourself a moment of reprieve and just silently say, Obstacles are detours in the right direction. Trust in the direction of the Universe and know that you’re being guided toward love. Grounding yourself in that belief system will open you up to a sense of relief and ease so that a new direction can be revealed to you. 

When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.  

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