The Cord-Cutting Meditation Helps You Get Closure from a Past Relationship

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Meditating regularly is one of the most powerful and healing actions you can take for yourself and the world. Step 5 of Judgment Detox is devoted to this practice.

The meditations in the book help you energetically clear your judgmental attachments and heal. We begin with the cord-cutting meditation.

The power of meditation

Even a few minutes of meditation in the morning can recalibrate your mind and energy for the rest of the day. Meditation is the way we reconnect to the loving nature within us.

Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinIn Judgment Detox I give you six meditations to practice each morning, six days in a row. Once you’ve practiced each one in order, you can practice them interchangeably or focus on the one that resonates with you most.

It’s an amazing experience that will give you significant relief.

If you’re brand-new to meditation, the awesome news is that you can jump right in and start now! There are no prerequisites. You can simply start meditating. Trust that you were led to this blog and this book for a reason, and let it be your introduction to meditation. (You can also check out my beginner’s guide to meditation for an overview and some easy meditations.)

Meditation has the capacity to transform all your relationships, including your relationship to yourself. When you tune in to the energy of love through your meditation practice, you invite an invisible force of love to take over. In the presence of that love, the past can fade away and the energetic cords of judgment can dissolve.

We have energetic cords connecting us to other people

We all have energetic cords tying us to people all over the world. Sometimes we have cord connections to people we don’t even know. You might have a cord connection to a celebrity or to someone you met only once!

When you have any kind of relationship with someone, your energy becomes connected, especially when a strong emotional event occurs between you. Energy cords can also be created when we make a contract or a promise.

Through meditation we slow down our mind and reorganize our energy to clear space for our inner guidance | cord cutting meditationEven when that relationship ends, the energy cord can still be intact. This is particularly true in situations where you’re thinking negative, judgmental thoughts about that person. Your judgment creates a cord that ties you to them, whether you like it or not.

Our cords stay intact even when relationships end

Even when you think a relationship is over, you will still feel the pain and drama because those strong energetic ties can make you feel drained, tired and even upset. That’s why it can be so hard to stop thinking about an ex or stop obsessing over a business deal that went wrong.

Physical separation is not always enough to end a negative connection. Often you need to clear it on a spiritual level in order to let go of the relationship and find closure.

Not only does a negative connection make you feel crappy, it blocks your ability to attract what you want! When you have a cord attachment to someone you’ve judged, you’re stuck in a low-frequency relationship. That negativity lowers the vibration you put out. As a result, you attract people and situations that match that low-level vibration.

This is where the Cord-Cutting Meditation comes in.

You can heal negative energy through meditation

The great news is that you can heal your cord attachments through a simple meditation! This practice is so powerful for healing judgment. It allows you to let go and get closure from a past relationship.

Tweet: When you tune in to the energy of love through your meditation practice, you invite an invisible force of love to take over. @gabbybernstein #judgmentdetox

In this post I’m sharing one of my favorite guided meditations with you. It’s the Cord-Cutting Meditation, the first meditation in Step 5 of Judgment Detox. It sends a clear message to the Universe that you’re ready to let go of judgment.

You can practice this Cord-Cutting Meditation to clear negative energy that ties you to anyone. It’s not only for past relationships. If you currently resent someone in your life, this meditation will help you release that feeling.

You can do this meditation by following my guidance in the video below. This video is from The Judgment Detox Digital Course.

Guided Cord-Cutting Meditation

I recommend grabbing a notebook or journal so you can write about your experience afterward.

When you’re ready to meditate, simply press play, close your eyes and listen to my Cord-Cutting Meditation.

When you’ve finished the meditation, pick up your notebook and begin to write about your experience. How did this meditation make you feel?

Free-write in your journal for five minutes without editing or second-guessing yourself.

Learn more about the Judgment Detox Digital Course!

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