In 2018, my son Oliver was a newborn. 

I was sitting in a cozy chair with baby Ollie, nursing him as I gazed dreamily out the window. 

In the background, the audio version of Dr. Shefali’s book, The Conscious Parent, was playing. I was soaking in Dr. Shefali’s wisdom, stroking my baby’s little curls, when I heard a line that stopped me in my tracks. 

I’ll read that line word-for-word in today’s episode of Dear Gabby!

Dr. Shefali’s wisdom has transformed the way I parent, and the way I show up in my marriage.

In her work as a clinical psychologist and in her books, this is what Dr. Shefali does.

She cracks open the matrix! 

She is a powerful force of awakening. She lifts the veil on institutional ideas surrounding marriage, parenting, femininity, relationships and so much more. 

Gabby bernstein in headphones

And we’re making some deep cracks today on Dear Gabby, so buckle up.

On today’s podcast, you’ll learn: 

  • How to break free of the patterns you’ve unconsciously adopted to live a freer, more authentic life 
  • How to bring the ego’s patterns to the light, so that you can interrupt them  
  • How to remove the blocks to the love within you (when you do this, you will hear the voice of your true self!) 
  • Why divorce is not a betrayal, but an opportunity to evolve into your most authentic self
  • How to free yourself from heartbreak by shifting your expectations 
  • How to find deep, abundant love in your life (hint: This has nothing to do with whether you’re single or in a relationship!)

Identifying Your Archetype

There’s also a really cool part of the show that will help you identify your predominant archetype so that you can understand—and relieve—your anxiety. This is so eye-opening! Click here to find out your archetype. (I’m a recovering controller!) 

AND, we’re having some BIGGG talk about love … and not just the gushy surface stuff. 

On today’s Dear Gabby, we’ll talk about when a relationship is working, when it’s definitely not, and how you can be unshakably true to yourself in either case. 

Dr Shefali and Gabby Bernstein

Knowing When a Relationship Is Over

As a spiritual coach, people ask me all the time how to know when it’s time to pull the plug on a relationship. 

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing the number one sign that a relationship has run its course and is no longer of the highest good for both parties. 

And that’s not a bad thing! 

As Dr. Shefali so beautifully explains in this podcast, a breakup or a divorce can be “an emergence of the true self.” 

She challenges us to crack open our perception of divorce. She’ll help you understand that as long as you’re true to yourself, you can never really fail in a relationship.

And here’s some more good news: Whether you’re divorced, married, newly single, or timidly venturing into the dating pool, love is available to you at any time. 

Love doesn’t exist within a contract, and it can’t be bottled up and prescribed. Love is a free, spontaneous emotion that you can ALWAYS tap into. 

On today’s podcast, you’ll get hooked up with the tools you need to crack into the love that’s constantly within and around you … no matter WHAT your relationship status is! 

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Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

MIRACLE MEMBERSHIP: Want even more support? I created the Miracle Membership to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, supported, and inspired every day. Each month I deliver brand new workshops, guided meditations, live group meditations, community connection, and so much more. Plus, it’s easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet. Click here to join. 

ABOUT DR. SHEFALI: Dr. Shefali is a clinical psychologist, a leader in mindful living, and an expert in parenting and family dynamics. She’s written four books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family. Her latest book, A Radical Awakening, teaches women how to transcend societal expectations and live free, authentic lives. 

Mental Health Resources

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