For all of 2020, I was doing fertility treatments an hour and a half away from home … and I needed to shift my perspective.  

Every month, the treatments weren’t working. 

I was flooded with hormones, I was nervous about COVID. I was annoyed about traffic. And I was growing increasingly frustrated. I almost let the feelings of defeat overwhelm me. 

And this, my friend, is when I had to practice what I’ve been preaching for decades. 

How to Shift Your Perspective

I dug deep into my spiritual practice and I realized that I had an important choice to make: I could choose my own story, and I had two options for what that story would be. 

If I chose one path, I could tell myself, “Screw this. I don’t want to be in the car this long. I don’t want to be going to a doctor’s office every week for a year, shooting myself up with hormones in the middle of a pandemic.” 

But I didn’t choose that story. Instead, I chose to focus on learning and growth. 

In my story, those long car rides were called “spiritual school.” On the way to and from the doctor’s office, I listened to every spiritual podcast I could find. (Including mine!) I did a whole Internal Family Systems Therapy training. (This is the therapy that changed my life, and I write about it in my new book Happy Days.)

I sipped my coffee, I ate my snack bars … and I’d call my friend MaryAnn on the way home, just to riff on spiritual topics. 

The experience ended up being like therapy on wheels. It became a ritual that I actually looked forward to! 

Choose Grace

Forgive your fear and choose again

Sometime later, my therapist said to me, “I can’t believe you went through your IVF experience with such a good attitude. Even though it took so much out of you, and even though you had so many disappointments, you went through this with grace.” 

“It’s because I chose that,” I responded. 

And that’s the theme of today’s Dear Gabby podcast: choosing our stories. Choosing our vibes. And setting the stage for the life we want to live. 

If you’re a Dear Gabby listener, you know how I usually roll. 

I open up my line and let the callers come in. For a few minutes at a time, I coach people through anxiety, frustration, or whatever else comes up for them. Then I let the next caller come through. 

But not this time. 

My First Live Deep Dive

Today’s episode of Dear Gabby is my first Dear Gabby deep dive, where I did a one-one-one workshop with just one caller. I’d planned to take several calls …

But the Universe had other plans. 

The minute I heard Courtney’s voice, I knew her story and her bravery would serve others. I also knew that we were being guided— an orb of light streaked across my screen when she dialed in!!!!  

And so, I put my agenda to the side. I shifted my perspective, and let Spirit show me what to do. 

A spontaneous one-on-one workshop unfolded, imparting some of the most beautiful lessons I’ve ever been able to share on-air. 

Lessons of Love

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • How to show up for something we dread with joy and love (I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out on this!) 
  • How to turn a super-scary situation into a miracle
  • The way to transform a diagnosis into an opportunity to grow 
  • How to connect with your spirit guides by asking for a sign (here’s a hint: Courtney’s about to see a lot of bran muffins) 

This episode of Dear Gabby is packed with so much goodness. You will be blown away by Courtney’s radical (and fast) transformation. And if she can do it, so can you! No matter what’s going on in your life, you can shift your perspective in a powerful way. Listen now. 

Sharing our stories with others to help them heal is one of the bravest acts we can do. I know this intimately, because it took me 42 years to write my new book, Happy Days; The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace.

In the book, which comes out on February 22, 2022, I share my own story of overcoming childhood trauma. I open up about some of the most vulnerable parts of my past, and I share the exact tools I used to heal. I hope the book will serve you, and help you shift your perspective.

Can I also ask a favor? 

Please listen to this episode of Dear Gabby till the very end, so that you can join in on a healing prayer for Courtney. I believe in the power of collective energy, and we need your light! 

Let’s wrap this beautiful mama in healing light with these words and intentions: 

A Healing Prayer

I call on the guidance of the highest truth and compassion to enter into this space that we’re in today to guide Courtney, to protect her, to hold her, to give her the gift of spiritual connection. 

We ask the angels to place their hands upon her shoulders, guide her in and out of each healing process, and help her experience the radiation with grace, freedom, ease in her body. 

We ask the angels to make this experience a miraculous one, make it an experience that she can look back on and say, wow, look what I learned from that, how much I grew from that. Look how much grace I experienced. 

We ask the guides of Courtney’s children to step up right now, to help out, to support their learning and their growth and their safety. And we say thank you to all of the guidance that is around you and within you. 

We trust that all is well. All is well. All is well.

Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode.

Want even more support? I created the Miracle Membership to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day. Each week I deliver coaching lessons, guided meditations, journaling exercises and so much more. Plus, it’s easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet. Click here to join.

My new book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, is now available for preorder. There is bravery in sharing our life stories, struggles and triumphs—and these are mine. This is the most vulnerable book I’ve written yet, and it’s also my most important spiritual work. I hope it serves you greatly. 

If you need additional support, please click here to find some mental health resources I trust. I’m proud of you for being here. 


The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Let me ask you this. What if you could wake up every day without anxiety? What if you could view your past with purpose rather than regret and live a happy life, peaceful and free...

The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Let me ask you this. What if you could wake up every day without anxiety? What if you could view your past with purpose rather than regret and live a happy life, peaceful and free from fear?

Well, I’m excited to share that I’m going to show you the way. In my upcoming book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, I share my vulnerable, authentic account of how I transformed my own life to live free from fear to wake up without anxiety every single day to live without regret.

And I’m going to teach you the steps and the methods that I took to get there. So I invite you to join me on the journey of releasing the fears from your past to transform your life in the present.

Join me for the Happy Days live online event experience when you pre-order the book today The VIP ticket expires on February 7th.

Hey there. Welcome to Dear Gabby. I’m your host Gabby Bernstein. And if you landed here, it is absolutely no accident. It means that you’re ready to feel good and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s get started.

Welcome back to Dear Gabby. As you might know, if you’ve been following me on social media, I got a wicked cold and lost my voice and losing your voice when you are a podcaster and a motivational speaker. Not good, but I had to do whatever I could to make sure that I let this introduction be recorded before today’s episode went live.

This is such a special, special episode. It’s so heart-opening and I did something different than I’ve ever done before. I took one caller only and coached her. One-on-one. As almost a workshop, it wasn’t something I intended, it just wound up that way. And at the end of the Dear Gabby, I said, this is an entire episode.

The minute I heard Courtney’s voice, I knew that her story and her bravery would be transformational for my listeners. I also knew in my heart and felt it in my body and saw it, literally saw orbs, celestial lights hovering over her when she dialed in. I’m not kidding. It’s it’s for real, I’ll share a picture of it.

But when she came on, I knew that something major was about to happen. I knew that it was a real spiritual download. I don’t want to get too into what happens because I want you to listen and enjoy, but this is a real spontaneous one-on-one workshop. Unfurled imparting some of the most beautiful lessons I’ve ever been able to share on air.

Real deep stuff. I share some deeply personal stories that I’ve never even shared before publicly. And some of the things that you’re going to learn on this episode are how to turn a super scary situation into a miracle, how to show up for something that you might be dreading with joy and love. I know that sounds crazy, but you’re going to have to hear me out on this one.

And the way to transform a diagnosis into an opportunity to grow. I also share two techniques for connecting with spirit guides, which I know my audience is really into and how to connect with your spirit guides by asking for a sign. And here’s a hint Courtney’s is about seeing a lot of bran muffins. This episode is really packed with a lot of goodness, and Courtney is going to help so many people by sharing her story.

And I want to ask you guys a favor, please listen to this episode all the way through, till the end, because at the end I lead a prayer for Courtney and I invite the listeners to join in on the healing. And I really, really am asking and inviting you to do a big service today and to feel that this podcast isn’t just something that you privately are listening to in your ear, but that it’s a movement.

And it’s a way of creating a deeper connection and energetically supporting our Dear Gabby family. And I believe in the power of collective energy and we need your light today. And if anyone feels that they need a prayer. Or need a positive intention sent to them. Leave a review about this podcast and ask for your prayer.

My team, my producers, we’re looking at all of your reviews and we are looking for those Dear Gabby questions. We’re looking for your prayer requests, send them in and I will absolutely include your name or whoever it is that we need to be praying for right now into the collective prayers for this community. Oh my God.

Get psyched. This show is so beautiful. And thankfully I recorded it on a day where I had a voice. So enjoy.

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GABBY: Here we go. Let’s bring in our first guest. What’s up, Courtney, how are you doing?

COURTNEY: Well, today is a very big day this afternoon for me, I’m seeing my radiation oncologist. So this is my second bout with cancer. I’m 40…how old am I? 44. I’m not that old. I’m not old enough to have done this twice. I have two little kids and a brand new full-time job.

And I don’t really know what it is that I need more than I don’t want to do radiation. I don’t have to do chemo. So I’m thankful for that. I’ve already had the surgery and I just, I don’t even know how to make it okay.

GABBY: Okay. First and foremost, let’s be where we are right now, which is in the truth of where you’re at and what’s up for you.

But you said some really hopeful things, just now. I just want to go there with you for a moment. So you said I don’t have to do chemo, is that correct?

COURTNEY: Right. I had to do it last time and I don’t have to do it this time. So far as I know.

GABBY: Let’s say we don’t have to do chemo, I don’t have to do chemo. Okay. Just stay in what is right now.

And when we say things like so far, whatever, we’re, we’re actually energetically kind of putting out this vibration that like, oh, there’s more that could happen. That’s where we go. It’s normal. And this is, this is, this is big stuff.

COURTNEY: I think, especially when we’ve been there before.

GABBY: Oh yeah. You there’s PTSD from the past experience. Absolutely. Okay.

COURTNEY: And they were only two and four that time.

GABBY: The babies. Oh my goodness.

COURTNEY: Yeah. So I had a toddler bed and one in diapers. So it is, it’s very, it’s very traumatic to be doing it again.

GABBY: Okay. Okay. And so you’re not doing the chemo and you don’t have to have the surgery.

COURTNEY: I’ve already had it.

GABBY: You’ve had it. Okay, great. Yeah. And you’ve had a good recovery. You feeling okay?

COURTNEY: Yeah, had a good recovery. Um, immediately prior to the surgery, my appendix ruptured and I had sepsis. Spent five days in the hospital that time. And then three weeks later had the tumor removed. So it’s been a rough couple of months.

GABBY: It sounds like it’s been super rough. And so, yeah. So the next steps ahead are that you’re going to go and you’re going to start to do some radiation.

COURTNEY: I think so. Yeah. I see her this afternoon. My understanding from the last time I talked to her was that regardless of my surgical pathology, she wanted me to have radiation.

GABBY: Okay. Okay. So what I want to guide you towards is that there’s two ways we can show up for any situation, any situation. We can show up with faith and we can show up with. It’s going to sound a little crazy, cause you’re gonna say Gabby, why, how the hell can I show up to my radiation with joy? But we can show up with joy.

We can show up with a high vibration. We can show up with a smile on our face, not a fake smile, like a genuine, genuine, like, all right, what miracles are going to show up for me today? Kind of vibe, right? Or we can show up in fear. Now the fear is I don’t want to minimize the fear. Okay. The fear is a part of who we are.

The fear is oftentimes can be very helpful. Fear can be a guide back to love. Today, I believe that your fear is a guide back to love because your fear said, I got to go talk to Gabby right now. I’m in fear. Let me go manifest. And you were the first guest on, so fear is a guide back to love. We can thank your fear for helping you get through this the first time, but let’s consider the idea that maybe the fear could step aside this time. Just a little bit.

So let’s consider just even just for this conversation, asking that fear to step aside just for this conversation. Okay. And you have this path in front of you. That’s been pretty clearly laid out by the oncologist and you have been here before.

It’s not brand new. In many ways, that’s powerful. It’s extremely powerful.

COURTNEY: I forgot to mention the last time I had radiation, I got pneumonia and that was before COVID was like a thing. This is five years ago. So the fear is definitely there.

GABBY: Okay. So we got to say thank you to the fear because it’s keeping you.

Let’s look at what it’s doing well; it’s keeping you, uh, vigilant about what’s you, what, what could happen. And, you know, it’s probably going to keep you close to really being safe with COVID and other things like that. And it’s keeping you aware, but we don’t want it to keep running the show. Because, like I said, there’s two paths.

There’s the path of radiation with fear and there’s a path of radiation with love. And I want to make this, I really believe that today can be a quantum shift for you. This, this conversation, Courtney can be a turning point for your entire, your entire process. I believe it. I also believe I want to thank your fear because it got you on today and I want you to keep, you know, whenever you notice that fear come up.

Instead of riding into it, I want you to say, thank you. Thank you for revealing to me, whatever I need to know right now. And you can ask the fear what it needs. Do you need to get on the phone with the doctor? Do you need to just be journaled a little bit? Do you need to be journaled with for a moment? Do you need to relisten to that episode of Dear Gabby that makes you feel safe?

Do you need to, you know, just curl up in a ball? Well, ask the fear what it needs to relax. And then I want you to start to connect to another part of you that does exist. It’s a part of you that follows this podcast. It’s a part of you that’s open to the principles that I teach. It’s the spiritual part of you.

And I want you to start to engage in dialogue with that part. And that part you can, you can name her Courtney, you know, what’s the powerful, faithful, loving, fully present part of you hat’s with me right now? How would you describe that? In your body or even visually.

COURTNEY: I’m not entirely sure how I would describe it. Other than that, it’s a growing part. It’s a fairly, I wouldn’t say it’s new and it’s not really a new part. I’ve always been a fairly spiritual person. I’m a therapist. So, you know, you’re not a therapist for 20 years without having a pretty solid spiritual life. And I don’t, I don’t really know what I would call it.

I don’t know that I’ve named it or really visualized it.

GABBY: Well, let’s think about the therapist part, right? The therapist part holds space for other people’s challenges. Right? And with faith. Yeah, faith in your abilities to support them. Faith in their abilities to heal. Faith,that they have a God of their own understanding that’s helping and supporting them. Faith that they have spirit guides.

Maybe that’s a belief that you have. Faith that there, that the universe is guiding them. And so often we can have and hold that faith and midwife that faith for others, but we can’t for ourselves. And so I almost want you, this is absolutely awesome. I want you, Courtney, to tap into the therapist part and let her work with you.

Asking her at times. Okay. Therapist, Courtney, what would you say to me right now? What would you say to your patient right now?


GABBY: In your own words.

COURTNEY: That this is the path to not doing it again. This is, this is the best way to see your kids grow up.

GABBY: There you go. Okay. While this might not be what you want to do. There’s light on the other side is what I’m hearing. Yeah.

COURTNEY: We hope.

GABBY: Okay. Yeah. Okay. So the best way to go into this experience right now is to do whatever it takes each day that you go in for radio. And each time you show up for it and each moment that you are not happy about it or whatever it is, to look for the moments of joy.

Okay. So maybe you, I don’t want to minimize your experience, but I’ll give you an example. Okay. For a year, for all of 2020, I was driving 40, I was driving an hour and a half each way to do fertility treatment at the beginning stages of COVID and I was 41 at the time. And every month it wasn’t working whatever.

And it was like, you know, lots of hormones and did not want to be doing it. I’m not trying to compare that to radiation. Definitely not nearly as uncomfortable.

COURTNEY: No, but I also have to drive an hour and a half each way.

GABBY: Excellent. Okay, great, great, great example. I’m so glad that I brought that up then. Okay.

So I was driving an hour and a half each way, and I knew that I could have gone into that experience with the attitude of like, you know, screw this. I don’t want to be in the car this long. I don’t, I don’t, you know, I don’t want to be going to a, to an office, a doctor’s office every week for a year, you know, shooting myself up with hormones in the middle of a pandemic.

No one’s vaccinated, whatever the hell my story was, but I didn’t choose that story. I chose a totally different story, Courtney. Totally different story. The story I chose. I’m going to use my time in the car as time to study, as time to grow as time to learn more and grow more. And it was like, it was like driving therapy.

I listened to every spiritual podcast. I listened to every, I did a whole internal family systems training, like in the car, listening to it in the car. I started learning more about somatic experiencing. I started listening to interviews that about topics that I was super into and it was challenging my mind. And I was, I would look forward to those car rides.

I would get up early, the sun wouldn’t be out yet. I’d be waiting before everybody else. I’d get my coffee and get my water and get in the car on the way back. I’d have my bar, you know, it was just like a ritual. I would call this specific friend Marianne on the way back. And we would just like talk about spiritual things and it became a thing.

I mean, I literally did it for a year and I believe, and my therapist said to me, she said, I can’t believe you went through this with such a good attitude. And how much it took out of you and just the effort and all of it. And so much, so much, so many nos. And I said, because I chose that, I chose to go through it with that, with that grace.

And while I can’t compare infertility to cancer. And I won’t, I can tell you that this is the same situation from the perspective of choose your lane, choose how you want to show up for it. And I promise you when you walk into the doctor’s office today and you smile at her and you’re like, let’s do this. Let’s have a good attitude about this.

I want you to tell me everything that you need to tell me, but don’t tell me things I don’t need to know. And you know what I’m saying? Like set the stage for how this experience can be, can be moved through with grace and spiritual faith rather than fear. And I promise you, Courtney, two things I can promise you.

One is that your day-to-day experiences will be so much better. There’s actually three things. Two is that your physical experience of the radiation will be easier. I mean that, I mean that it’s a psychosomatic, you know this. Okay, so you believe in, and then the third thing I want to tell you is that, that you are infusing so much more positive energy into a positive outcome when you show up this way.

Okay. And so and really know that God guided you to be on the show with me right now. And you can thank your fear part for being so, so on top of. And making sure that you got on today as quickly as you did.

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GABBY: I’m going to give you my miracle membership. Okay. And my miracle membership has hundreds of hours of workshops and past lectures, hundreds of guided meditations, over seven years of content, you’re going to have all of it.

And so you can just listen to me every single day. If you wanted to hear me, you also have Dear Gabby. Tune into Dear Gabby, you have other spiritual teachers that you can come to, therapist things that you can listen to. And I want you to really also consider how this will serve your, your clients too. Right? So it’s like the more I learn about my craft, the more I can serve.

And so I’d get in that car every day I called it spiritual school and, uh, psychological school, you know, it was like going back to, to get, you know, a degree. Right. I was like in my car, but I literally was taking classes, therapeutic classes, and I, they were supporting me and my, my latest book and the way that I can speak.

And so that’s the same for you. Okay. And then knowing that the grace that you bring will be reflected back to you.

COURTNEY: I appreciate that so much. I was not looking forward to this conversation with the doctor this afternoon, because I was really in a place of how bad are the burns gonna be. And how do I have to pull my kids home from school to homeschool for a month?

And then of course, all the mom questions of how do I do that? Like how do I homeschool kids when I’m gone seven hours a day? I have to do two treatments a day for like two or three weeks. So, and I have to drive an hour and a half. So I drive do the treatment, hang out somewhere for six hours, do another treatment and then drive home.

GABBY: Okay.

COURTNEY: Trying to figure that out with a couple of elementary-aged kids has a bit of a, a trick and…

GABBY: Do you have a partner in this time?

COURTNEY: Yeah. And my husband’s wonderful. So I imagine. Probably just work from home. That’s one of the, you know, the blessings of COVID right? We all know how to do that.

GABBY: So I see you going in the direction of, of the fear…

COURTNEY: The mom planning.

GABBY: The mom planning and also the fear controlling and totally normal caught you, holding you in that completely. And I just want to ask that fear part to just, you know, take a break today. Just, just take a break for today.

COURTNEY: Yeah. She’s the planner, the fear part. She’s really excellent at it.

But she, uh, she overshoots.

GABBY: Is there anything that she needs from you?

COURTNEY: She probably just needs a plan.

GABBY: Okay. So like a nice little plan that, that you can write out for. Yeah. Nice.

COURTNEY: I plan to not get sicker with, you know, from the radiation…

GABBY: That’s, that’s, that’s the spiritual plan, sweetheart because if you stay connected to the spiritual plan, then your intuition will be super high.

And the more heightened your intuition is, the more you’re going to, you’re going to sense in your body, oh probably should just rest today rather than go push myself or you’re going to intuitively here. Okay. Maybe I should ask my doctor that question. So the health plan that you have power over is the spiritual plan.

The more spiritually connected you are through this journey, the more guidance you will receive. One more example, and then I’m going to let you go. But this is so packed with so much goodness. Like you’re going to help so many people today, Courtney, just by sharing your story, your story with them. So when I was going through the fertility treatment, none of what they were doing to me was working.

They were just pumping my 41-year-old the little, little eggs into just, I felt like they were not doing nice things to my eggs. And it was a specific protocol that a lot of doctors do, but I just wasn’t feeling right in my body. And so this super spiritually connected as I am, and I made that commitment throughout the entire journey.

And instead of getting obsessive and reading online, I listened to my intuition and I sat in my meditation and I literally heard. They’re overstimulating your eggs. I heard that, heard that. And then I inquired about it with some friends that are in the fertility space and they said, I know this is a thing, right?

Because I know that there’s treatment centers that work with older women and they do lower stimulation. And I have a girlfriend that then said, yes, that sounds better for you. That sounds right. And she had all the information that I needed. And so I went to my doctor. I’m want to do, I want to do a low stem round, you know, have insurance covering this.

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to do what you’re doing. And that’s what, that’s the plan, man, because I am the CEO of my body now and he agreed to do what I asked and added a few things alongside it. And I listened to my girlfriend. I let myself be guided and I added in some supplements and some food things.

And that was how I actually got the healthy egg to get what became the healthy embryo. Which became a baby that I carried for five and a half months. And he was healthy all the way. Sadly, my placenta wasn’t really holding him up, but he was healthy all the way. And so I now know I can make a healthy embryo. I know that a year and a half later, 42 years old, if I want to go and do this one more time.

Which is what I believe I have in me is only one more time, but I might have one more round of IVF in me and I going to go into the doctor’s office. And I’m going to say, I have this proof that this worked and I’m going to do it one more time and that’s it. And that’s the plan. Thank you. And I’m also going to say to him, I know you have a million reasons that things you want to tell me about why that’s not going to work.

And I actually really don’t want to hear it. Like, I don’t want to hear it. I’m going in only with my feet. And so there’s two things about that story that I want you to hear. One is that when listening to your intuition, you can get inspired ideas to support your healing path, to inquire in different ways, to ask your doctors new questions, to be guided to different doctors or different healing devices and all the new things that you need to know.

So let your intuition guide you. And number two, I want you to really know that you can go into this situation saying very strongly. This is it. This is my last time. I want to do this one more time. Okay.

COURTNEY: Yeah. This year, one more, one more time. And then I’m done.

GABBY: And you’ll know your time and you’re done and it’ll turn out great for both of us, the turnout.

Great. I guarantee you, I know Courtney that I’m going to hear from you in like a year or however long it’s going to be, and you’re going to come back on the show and you’re going to be like, oh my God, let me tell you about my miracles. Okay.

COURTNEY: I will. And I will be back to tell you all about them and then have a wonderful life.

And so will you. And I, I’ve been praying for you. And you’re going through all of this as well.

GABBY: So let’s say it’s a prayer for you right now. Let’s say a prayer for you, but I appreciate your prayers very much. Thank you. Let’s say a prayer for Courtney right now. Okay. So let’s ask let’s call on the guidance of the highest truth and compassion to enter into this space that we’re in today to guide Courtney, to protect her, to hold her, to give her the gift of spiritual connection.

We ask the angels to place their hands upon her shoulders, guide her in and out of each healing process to help her experience the radiation with grace, freedom, ease in her body to make this experience a miraculous one, make it an experience that she can look back on and say, wow, look what I learned from that.

How much I grew from that, look how much grace I experienced. And I want you to visualize yourself, Courtney, going into the doctor’s office today, surrounded by angels and guides and some support system, a team, metaphysical doctors and guides, and all of the support that you have beyond your physical sight.

I know that they’re by your side. Know, you’re not alone. Know, they’re working through your doctor. They’re working through the radiation, they’re working through the medication. They’re working through anything that is touching you at this time. They’re working for your children to support you and remember that your children have their own guides too.

So we want to ask the guides of your children to step up right now, help out, to support their learning and their growth and their safety. And we say thank you to all of the guidance that is around you and within you. And we trust that all is well, all is well, all as well.

COURTNEY: Thank you.

GABBY: Oh my goodness. Sister, I think that you are the full episode. This is, this is your episode.

COURTNEY: [laughs]

GABBY: It’s stunning. Beautiful. And it’s, it’s such a gift for everyone that’s listening to know that in a little conversation, we can shift our perception.

COURTNEY: Shifting so much. I can just feel the shift.

GABBY: Courtney. My love, I believe in you.

COURTNEY: I’m gonna do it.

GABBY: When, when you, when you watch back this video, I’ll have to send you a picture of it by before you, right. When you came on, there was an orb that just went right by my screen and it was the second you came in and you started talking. It was just like, so we’re totally taken care of here. Okay.

COURTNEY: I wonder who it was.

GABBY: Who do you think it was?

COURTNEY: My grandmother. I know exactly who it was.

GABBY: There you go. What’s grandma’s name?

COURTNEY: Christine.

GABBY: Christine. Thank you so much for guiding this path. I want you Courtney to talk to her all day long.

COURTNEY: And I live in her house.

GABBY: And I want you to in your car the other six hours, write with her.

At the top of the page, say, Christine, what would you Grammy, grandma? What would you have me know? What sign would she be for you? What’s her sign for you to say anything that comes to mind?

COURTNEY: Baking, baking. Okay. She always baked random things for us.

GABBY: Can we be more specific, what’s more specific, like anything, a specific cake or something?

COURTNEY: Oddly enough bran muffins.

GABBY: Bran muffins are your sign for her. Okay. So pay attention to the bran muffins. I’ll see you on the Facebook group for the miracle membership. And I guarantee you’re going to be holding a bran muffin in a photo. Okay.

COURTNEY: Probably end up with bran muffins everywhere.

GABBY: You’re going to get one today.

I’m sure of it. Okay. So you’re very transformed now you’re in a really high vibration. I want you to go and set the intention right now with me to, to stay just in that momentum today at any moment that the fear comes up to say, okay, what would you need right out to same way you would say to your child, what do you need right now?

And then we’ll get back into the energy of this beautiful vibration of this positive energy that you’re holding. And the energy you’re in is called self energy. It’s it’s the, it’s the God energy within you. It’s the faithful energy within you. We all have access to it. The more time we spend in that self energy, the more self-led we become.

And so if you can let self lead this process, you’ll be fully cared for.

COURTNEY: Fantastic. That’s where I am.

GABBY: So beautiful. Thank you. My love. All right, sister, I’m sending you so much love and I’ll be praying for you. So to close this show, I want to actually pull a card for Courtney. Let’s see what the universe has in store for Courtney.

Maybe there’s a bran muffin on the card. We’ll see, let’s pull a card for Courtney and let’s send, let’s send this energy off to not just Courtney, but for anyone who might be in a place of fear right now that wants to get back to love. Let’s pull that card. Hmm, perfect. My power lies in my peaceful presence.

Perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, true perfection. My power lies in my peaceful presence. This is exactly what we spoke about today. On the show, we talked about how Courtney’s power in this situation lies in her ability to show up with grace and peace.

Her power in this seemingly uncomfortable situation is her power within, the power within her to show up with faith, with grace, with peace, with strength, and a sense of knowing that she is being guided by all the angels and Christine, her grandmother, that her bran muffins are on the way.

When we are in that presence of grace. When we were in that presence of peace when we were in that presence of joy. That’s when the universe can speak to us. That’s when we can hear the guidance.

That’s when we can be guided. I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to have Courtney on the show today to share her great journey. And to most importantly, be the most unbelievable power of example of what a massive quantum shift can be.

At the top of the show, I said, I said to her, you’re going to have a quantum shift today. So that’s available to all of us, take it in, feel into that, know that you too have the power to tap into the presence of peace within you and be completely guided in any situation, no matter what is up. Your power lies in your peaceful presence.

Thank you for joining me today on Dear Gabby.

If you made it to the end of this episode, that means you’re truly committed to miracles. I’m really proud of you. If you want to get more Gabby tune in every Monday for a new episode. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the guidance or special bonus episodes. Your experience at this show means a lot to me.

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