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Feeling heavy, down or misaligned lately? This bonus episode of Dear Gabby will be the pep talk you need. In today’s podcast, I’m sharing a live talk that will teach you how to raise your vibes and feel really good!

But first, let’s clear up any resistance you have around this topic.

We all want to feel joy. But while living in the light sounds pretty freaking nice, so many of us are afraid to go there.

Does your internal dialogue ever go something like this:

How can I raise my vibration when there’s so much suffering in the world? 

What makes ME deserving of joy? I’m not special! 

People who are happy all the time are so checked-out … are they even WATCHING the news? 

^^Does that sound familiar?

how to raise your vibration

Don’t be shy! If you can relate to feelings of discomfort or distrust around joy, you are not alone.

It’s easy to get stuck in a story that living in the light is pointless, selfish or even harmful to the world.

But learning how to raise your vibration doesn’t mean you’ll just live your life in a pink bubble, without any regard for others’ suffering.

It’s actually quite the opposite. 

Here’s the truth, my friend:

the more that you learn how to raise your vibration and live in joy, the more service you can give to the world 

Your high vibes can make you a spiritual activist! And that’s not just a nice Gabby Bernstein lesson … that’s science!

the maharishi effect

As I share in this live talk, beautiful studies have been done on what happens when you drop high-vibration people into cities that have high levels of crime, economic scarcity or other struggles.

When monks or meditators come to that area and meditate there, they introduce a new frequency. Crime levels drop and entire communities start to shift. This is called the Maharishi Effect.

So let me ask you this: Why can’t we have that effect on our own environments? Why can’t we bring this frequency shift to our homes or to our offices? Why can’t we do that for the cities we live in?

You see, living in joy isn’t just for us as individuals…

Joy is a powerful force of light that can elevate the whole world.


So let’s talk about YOUR joy!

the presence of joy

Joy is your greatest source of power. There’s no power in anger, separation or judgment! 

Think about it: Have you ever seen someone enter a meeting or an argument just seething in rage, lashing out at people left and right? That person is like a bobblehead screaming. There’s no power in that! 

I want you to really own that your joyful presence is your power. In this live talk, I’ll explain why. 

listen to this episode to learn:
  • How to raise your vibration to have a massive impact on the world … starting in your own home 
  • How to live in the real world but think the thoughts of heaven (this is a pretty epic way to live … and yes, you can still watch the news!) 
  • The meditation practice that can elevate your nervous system and overall sense of well-being  
  • How to reorganize your energy when you’re feeling low and instantly realign with love
  • How to live in the light (at least, most of the time!)

my commitment to the light

I’ve made a commitment to the Dear Gabby community and to myself. 

I’ve chosen to be in the presence of my power through my spiritual practice … AND to catch myself whenever I’m out of alignment.

Listen—I’m human. I can get impatient. Sometimes I make my friends wait to go to dinner because I have to post something to Instagram.

Gabby Bernstein photo

Do I live in the light ALL the time? Absolutely freaking not. 

But through my devotional commitment to my spiritual practice, I’ve manifested a life that’s filled with light—and has just fleeting moments of darkness. 

So I want you to make this commitment to yourself today. Commit to going on a journey of unlearning fear and remembering love. 

Don’t make this a stressful journey—it’s not about changing overnight or totally tuning out the fear of the world. Who needs that kind of pressure?

All that I ask is that you lean toward loving thoughts and loving energy whenever you can. 

As you do this, that loving place inside of you will become your home.

And in any given moment, you have the power to forgive your thoughts, forgive yourself and come back home. 

May this live talk light the way, and show you how to raise your vibration so that you can become a spiritual activist for the world! 

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