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Repeat after me:

It’s good to feel good.

So many of us are afraid to claim that we can feel good. We resist happiness. We want to become happy, but we have a fear-based belief system. We think things like, “If I’m suffering, I’m succeeding. If I’m struggling, I’ll make things happen. If I’m controlling, I’m safe.” 

You’ll be surprised to read this, but I have a big confession … 

The scary truth is I spent most of my life feeling really crappyAnd I didn’t even realize it! It wasn’t until I hit major bottom with postpartum depression that I discovered how bad I had felt throughout my life.

Accepting this truth was the first step. Next, I needed to do something about it.

As a self-help book author, I’ve devoted my life to feeling good and teaching others how to do the same. In that moment, I needed to follow my own wisdom and guidance. I pulled Super Attractor off my bookshelf and flipped to chapter 2. There’s this one sentence at the top of page 26 that made everything click:

The key to feeling good is to decide to stop feeling bad.”


Whoa! That was the message I needed to hear! Decide to stop feeling bad—it’s as simple and as profound as that.

I know you’re probably wondering, “Just decide to stop feeling bad? Gabby, how can I do that?” 

I understand. Especially if you’re going through a dark moment, it can sound a bit crazy. But hear me out. Even when I was at my lowest low, suffering with suicidal postpartum depression, I was able to make the decision to feel better. 

And you can too! On today’s episode, I break it down for you. You’ll learn how to become happy.

Press play to FEEL GOOD right now!

in this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to transform your fear-based beliefs into faith
  • Powerful tools to live a Super Attractor life
  • How to change your story surrounding financial insecurity
  • My method to stop resisting the good things in your life
  • 3 ways to show up for yourself
  • Ways to identify and heal childhood wounds
  • An amazing technique to release judgment and shame

And check this out …

a prayer to feel good now

In today’s episode, I share a prayer for any area of your life where you’re struggling and want to feel better. Fill in the blank in the sentence below: 

I recognize I’m out of alignment with [name a person, a situation or a belief system]. 

I choose to release the outcome and feel good now. 

Thank you, Universe, for guiding me.

Humbly offer your fear over to the Universe and claim your desire to feel good and to become happy. The Universe has been patiently awaiting your decision to feel good, and it’s especially needed in your darkest moments.

No matter what’s going on in your life, there’s always a moment when you can choose again and shift to a new perception. 

remind yourself that it’s good to feel good

Open up your consciousness to a better-feeling thought and a better-feeling energy. 

When you feel good, everything you need will come to you. The more you focus your attention and energy on feeling good, the more you attract what you want to experience in life. And the more you’ll become a Super Attractor!

Put on Dear Gabby and go for a walk with me. Let me help you get to a better mood, feel good, and become happy!

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