#17 | August 9, 2021

The Secret to Attracting MORE of What You Want

There’s one secret to attracting more of what you want: It’s doing less! In this episode of Dear Gabby, get ready to give yourself permission to slow down. I’ll teach you how to break the pattern of pushing, manic manifesting and burning out. Press play to learn how YOU can chill and manifest more!

About This Episode

The secret to manifesting more of what you want to attract into your life is simple: Do less!

Do less pushing. Do less controlling. Do less manic manifesting! 

At 41, I’ve finally trained myself to be more chill. But I didn’t always live that way. 

There was one time in particular when I was a MASSIVE control freak. It was when I was in the midst of the book launch for Judgment Detox. I tried to control every detail and I became obsessed with the outcome. I kept repeating the thought, “If I don’t do it, no one else will.” 

Because I refused to literally slow the F down, I was miserable! 

I knew I needed to change the story I was telling myself. I started with a prayer to the Universe to support me in stepping back and asking for help. 

Then, I committed to relaxing. I shifted my perspective to restoring my well-being. And I allowed miracles to unfold.

As a result, I had the time of my life closing out the book tour. Everything went smoothly and fell effortlessly into place. 

Here’s what I learned: The less you try to do, the more you’ll receive better outcomes. 

And that’s what I want to teach you on this episode of Dear Gabby—you can be chill and manifest a lot! 

I share the steps for how you can allow yourself to step back, ask for help, and trust the Universe to deliver. 

Permission to Do Less

Often we have a belief system that if we’re not pushing, we’re not good enough. If we’re not overdoing, we’re not worthy of love.

In this episode, I connect with guests who feel burned out from this belief pattern. In their own way, each soul who called in is ready to shift into a more heart-opening way of living. 

When you make your personal well-being your first priority, everything else will follow. 

This episode of Dear Gabby will not only help you give yourself permission to do less, it will give you the exact method for how to slow down and attract more of what you need. 

Play the No Game for 90 Days

Want the best ways to break the pattern of doing things for others … especially when it’s at your own expense?

It’s called the No Game. And it’s great for when you’re feeling burned out.

Once a day, practice saying No. 

You’ll say:

  • No, I’m not going to be able to help you with that. 
  • No, I can’t do that for you. 
  • No, I’m not going to do whatever you need me to do.

Practice your “No” for 90 days. And keep going longer until repeating this new behavior becomes a habit.

On the podcast, I break it down further. Listen now!

And there’s more … 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Permission to prioritize your well-being over everything else
  • The reason why “No” can be the kindest word
  • My 90-day method for breaking habitual patterns
  • How to do less and attract more TODAY!
  • How to find relief in trying times
  • Ways to break the pattern of pushing and manic manifesting
  • Why you can’t white-knuckle your way through healing and addiction

Remember, at least once a day, do nothing and let the Universe show you what to do. 

Press play now and get ready to chill. Make this episode your time to slow down. 



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RELEASED ON | August 9, 2021

#17 | The Secret to Attracting MORE of What You Want

Show Notes

The Secret to Attracting MORE of What You Want

This is a time in the world when self-care has never been more necessary. In this episode, I’ll teach you how to prioritize your personal well-being. Learn how to break the pattern of pushing, manic manifesting and burning out. I’ll guide you to make a new habit of slowing down, trusting the Universe, and attracting more of what you need most. 

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 


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