Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out: A Calming Kundalini Practice

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Note: Updated in 2018 for additional clarity and resources.

Are you the type of person who needs to break down before you break through? For many years that was the case for me. Before I had Kundalini meditations and a greater connection to my energy, I had some epic freak-outs. Though I had many tools for managing my thoughts, I didn’t have great guidance on how to bust through the really tough times and save myself from a freak-out.

Change your energy through your breath

One of the best ways to prevent a freak-out is to change your energy through your breath. Every 90 to 120 breaths the dominance changes from one nostril to another. A powerful way to shift your state of mind is to actively change the dominant nostril using this Kundalini meditation from my book Miracles Now.

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In this exercise you’re guided to notice which nostril is dominant when you’re freaking out and then switch to the other nostril. When you switch the dominance from one nostril to the other you switch the dominance from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, which will enable you to look at things from a different perspective.

If you are irritated, angry or about to have a meltdown, practice this Kundalini meditation that’s featured in Miracles Now. In just a few minutes you will be a different person.

In this video I break down the Kundalini meditation to prevent freaking out:

Breakdown of the Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out

Pose: Sit comfortably in Easy Pose with your spine straight.

Hands: Interlace your fingers with your right thumb on top. Place your hands at the center of your diaphragm, lightly touching your body.

Eyes: Gently close your eyes.

Breath: Concentrate on your breath, bringing awareness to the tips of your nostrils. Notice which nostril is dominant right now. It may take a few moments to clarify the dominant nostril. Once you are aware of the dominant nostril, focus your attention on switching sides. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. You can have pressure in your hands but none in your shoulders.

Continue changing the dominant nostril breath back and forth as long as you like.

Use this meditation whenever you need to prevent a freak-out. It’s also a great one to teach young children. This easy practice will be a powerful tool for them to carry into their future.

Take your Kundalini meditation practice to the next level

If you’re ready to take your meditation practice to the next level, check out the Miracles Now meditation video program!

You can use these videos whether or not you are reading my book Miracles Now. And they’re accessible to every level, even if you’re completely new to Kundalini.

This meditation package includes:

  • Clear explanations of the mudras, mantras and breath work
  • My unique breakdowns of the benefits of each exercise
  • Guidance on how to practice each meditation in your daily life
  • 12 videos that show you how to do the meditations for full impact

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  1. Yay Gabby! Thank you SO much for this!! I can not WAIT to teach my son! The way we teach our children is the way we see our future, and it starts with women like us. Thank you again! XO

  2. Thank you so much! I just got the Email when i was about to freak out, about my exams. It instantly helped me 🙂
    I will try to this every day now, up until mit exams in two weeks. Thank you so much!

  3. I tend to freak out a lot, I hope this helps, but, I would love to know how to react towards people being negative to you and how you can avoid choosing the dark. Thank you Gabby

  4. Thank you Gabby for being such a light and an inspiration. I have been in so much fear and anxiety the last months and I know that I was led to you for a reason. You are amazing and I have started the May Cause Miracles and on Day 3 now and it is hard not to revert to fear but with your guidance I can feel the shift already. I would so love to meet you in person one day just to say thank you face to face. THANK YOU

    1. awww Tammy! I’m so psyched to hear it served you! I hope we can meet in person one day too.
      big love,
      g xo

  5. Thank you for this meditation. I will do this in the bathroom on my breaks at my regular part time job, when a customer loses their shit on me and I don’t want to take in that energy. Sat Nam. Love you, G.

  6. Love love love your meditations. Your books have helped me for several years now but also I’ve reread them numerous times for inspiration and I’ve truly learned tons. Your thoughts have been a blessing to me during a very difficult time. THANK You

  7. Hi , I can see the benefit this can have .however, what do you suggest one to do , if one has a deviated septum and one nostril is dominantly blocked ? Would appreciate suggestions and guidance 🙂

  8. How do you switch nostrils? I am not able to wink my left eye, and find it difficult using the muscle to switch my breathing from left to right in my nostrils lol

  9. Wow. Upon the first shift in breathing from one nostril to another, I immediately felt my heartbeat slow down, and my overall energy become calm. Thank you.

  10. Thanks Gabby, First how long is this session suggested? Also, after a few inhale/exhales through one side do you switch to the other, or do you breathe in one side and out the other then switch? Maybe Im a slow learner or I missed something… lol 🙂 Karena

  11. One of my absolute favorites from your book! It’s come up multiple times for me when I randomly open the book for a miracle and it’s worked every time.

    So much love to you! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  12. I was listening to your masters class on HayHouse Radio and picked up on this meditation, LOVE the name of it, and how easy and awesome it is. So excited to pick up your book and supercharge my light with the gifts you have to share. You are the LIGHT. YOU ARE LOVE! Melissa

  13. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this wonderful technique. As a busy stylist and running my own business, I couldn’t live without my yoga. I needed more in life and starting reading your books and applying your techniques and wow, what a wonderful impact on my journey thru life, things have become more deep and meaningful. Even my husband notices the changes!! and my clients!! Thank you..Sheila J

  14. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this wonderful technique, as a busy stylist and running my own business, it gets crazy and I couldn’t live without my yoga. After reading your books and practicing your techniques I became much aware of a more positive outlook on my daily life. You have made an incredible impact on my life, thank you!!..Sheila j.

  15. Love your meditations! I’m a yoga and meditation teacher in San Diego working specifically with stressed out, over-worked people. I often draw on your meditation exercises for my clients. Thanks for the great clips! Ahhh…the world needs a bit more meditation.

  16. I love this book. It’s been such a blessing. I’ve struggled for so long with finding time to really tune into myself and take care of my spirit. This book has been transformative for me <3

  17. YES! YES! YES! I am INSTANTLY transformed by this! As someone who is prone to anxiety and quick reactions, this is such a blessing to me! This is definitely going to be a part of my morning ritual, and an incredible tool I’ll add to my kit to use when I am blasted into “survival mode!”

    Thanks as always! You are an angel!

  18. Thank you Gabby ~ I’m kinda freaking out here, because I JUST read this meditation LAST NIGHT & I was totally confused as to HOW the heck you do this ! (enter Twilight Zone music 🙂 ) Thanks again, perfect timing !

  19. Hi gab! I tried #4 in miracles now- peace is in your pulse, but I couldn’t feel my pulse. Any suggestions? I am in my twenties and healthy so I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. Sat nam

  20. This really works! Totally takes your mind off what you may be “freaking out” about! Def putting this one in my bag of tricks! Thanks again Gabby! Any chance you’ll be coming to Charleston SC soon? Would love to see you live!!

  21. Thanks Gabby. You look so beautiful in these videos 🙂
    BTW I have been doing the Ek ong kar sat gur Prasad meditation and it was mind blowing! I have been doing it for over 40 days now and I manifested something so amazing I feel like I am in a dream! The reality of my manifestation was even more incredible than I could have ever imagine. Without a doubt I know it’s from this meditation. Thank you for sharing and opening me to all these wonderful meditations. My soul sings out for them. Blessings. Sat Nam.

  22. Wow! This came along at the exact moment I needed it. I was stressing out about something that always gives me a great deal of anxiety and tried the exercise in the vlog and it was a huge help. Thank you so much!

  23. Hello from Germany,
    Nice meditation. It helps us to get more focused during the meditation. Actually I wanted to ask you about your spiritual practice. I practice Kriya yoga, TM and A course in miracles. Sometimes I feel I am not focused in one practice. As far as I remember you also have different practices, right?

  24. Oh wow! I didn’t realise that I had a dominate nostril until I watched your video. When I heard you say it, I stopped and checked – and said – she’s right! And it got even better for me when I switched from nostril to nostril. Will definitely be using this technique in situations where I do freak out before I break through 🙂 Thanks so much!

  25. Amazing – wish I had this sooner – had a freak out recently – also love your white top – who makes that and where can I get one – thanks for all the amazing work you do !!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this meditation! I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) and find myself ‘freaking out’ more often than “normal” people do and needing a lot of quiet time to keep away anxiety. My therapist recently told me about alternate nostril breathing and I am just beginning to use it. So seeing this video from you came just at the perfect time for me to know I’m on the right track to begin enjoying life more comfortably. 🙂

  27. Who knew we have a dominant nostril? Love this meditation. Thanks, Gabby!Just downloaded Miracles Now yesterday. Headed out on the back porch with it right now! So excited to learn from you.

  28. Do you think your dominant nostril has any correlation to whether you are right or left brained? I’m a left brain (of course–a right brain would not ask this question) but my dominant notril is right.

  29. Gabby! Really lovely. I never knew about the nostril switch as a biological norm – so you really gave me valuable information AND when I did it WOW! Immediately I could feel the grounding and expansion. Nice work and thank you!


  30. I Love all your meditations!!! This one is great and a bit more discrete than breath of fire at work???? You are so amazing, totally love you lady xoxo

  31. Such awesomeness. So grateful that your books have opened my eyes to the fact that fearful living and “freak outs” do not need to have a hold on my life. Have been sharing #MiraclesNow tips with a 30 day yoga challenge group I am facilitating. Loved meeting you in CT, glad you dug my #shelfie and hoping a miracle brings me to Omega in June! xo

  32. Thank you so much Gabby, I’ll most definitely use it again!
    I’m totally the type of person who freaks out, I felt relived and more at peace, I have the feeling it can be really a powerful tool!

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Miracles Now! (it’s been shipped….)
    Grateful love for all this beautiful energy, I’m so happy I found out about your teaching! Simone

  33. how long do you recommend doing this? Should I switch back and forth or concentrate only on breathing through my “calm” nostril. Thank you. Love & Light.

  34. OMG thanks a tons gabby… I have heard a lot of stuff about the Nostril breathing… i usually would hold out one… LOL
    But you leading us to a conscious switch was absolutely phenomenal..
    Thanks… I feel more peaceful already

    SAT NAM!

  35. very cool! and so simple, will try it in the Metro, at rush hour!!! I’ve tried repeating mantras, singing in my head, whispering Namaste…I bet breathing will be the ticket – thank you!

  36. Ah this is so perfect! I sometimes freak out in situations where I have no control. Like flying – I’m petrified! Also spiders, haha. Thanks so much for creating these meditations!

  37. I love you so much! You’re really hanging with me as my guardian angel this weekend showing me exactly the message I need when I need it, including this meditation!

    I love you and congrats on Miracles Now!
    ps. wait til you see my shelfie when my paper book gets here!

  38. Thanks for this wonderful meditation Gabby. I occasionally freak out with my kids and I always feel terrible afterwards, so this will be great for stopping me before it happens. Can’t wait to learn more Kundalini meditations from you this Saturday in LA!!!

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