Meditation for Increased Energy

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Whether you wake up tired, feel your energy dip in the afternoon or drag yourself through most of the day, lethargy makes it really hard to feel inspired and productive. If you need more vitality, I’ve got your solution.

Put down the coffee and pick up this Kundalini meditation for increased energy.

You can use it the moment you wake up, in the middle of the day or whenever you need a recharge.

Want to learn even more about how to shift your energy? Get all the details here.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have narcolepsy and anything that helps with increasing alertness and energy is appreciated. I hope someday I’ll find something effective enough to make me feel like there is a reason to go on living.

  2. Hey,

    this works! πŸ˜€ thank you. i’m a mom to a sick baby right now and i so needed and felt that!

  3. Dear Gabby,
    Over the last year ( a bit less) I’ve been meditating to Snatnam Kaur’s Ra Ma Da Sa love meditation and I’ve met the most wonderful man and I’m in the best relationship of my life. Meditation is so powerful!
    Thanks for showing me the way. Although I knew meditation was a good thing to practice, I didn’t really commit to it until reading Spirit Junkie.
    Lots of love,

  4. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you for your ever inspiring, lifechanging videos and posts!
    I tried this exercise and I did feel a lot of energy and power, but the quick, short in and out breathing made me light in my head, as if I was going to faint. What am I doing wrong? πŸ™‚

    PS: just finished Spirit junkie, it changed my life!!! thank you thank you thank you! On my way to a better, more peaceful life, all thanks to you.

    Much LOVE from Belgium! <3

    1. make sure you’re stomach is extending on the inhale and contracting on the exhale. then you won’t feel dizzy

  5. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you as always for your awesome posts. Speaking of energy, could you do a post on how to overcome depression? I bet I’m not the only one struggling with it at the end of this winter we’ve had here in NYC. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Thank you!


  6. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for sharing this simple exercise! I have a question about a previous technique you shared. It was a breathing exercise to use to expand your energy during an argument. Was it just inharing through the mouth and exhaling through the nose? Thanks again and keep up the great job! πŸ™‚

  7. Did this before a big presentation that I wasn’t really up for – totally changed my mood and attitude. Feeling like an ~ing girl! Thanks, G!

  8. When we exhale, is it through the nose or the mouth? And how long should we do this exercise? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  9. My little guy is in the process of teething and doesn’t always sleep well thru the night lately. Some mornings, my hubby and I are exhausted!! We’ll try this as a booster. It will come in handy;)!!
    Thanks, Gabby!

  10. Thanks Gabby! I had a long day today, and this truly perked me up, I will be utilizing this in my daily routine.

  11. It’s 2pm here in San Diego and I’m sitting at my desk in need of some energy and did this meditation and feel instantly better! Woohoo!!!
    Thanks so much Gabby I will for sure be using this often. xox

  12. Perfect timing..this week is very busy and I didn’t want to rely on any external pick me ups. This meditation is an instant pick me up. I used it in the morning and during my midday dip. I feel energized and ready to keep going. Thank you for sharing!!!!! I will be using this meditation all week long.

  13. Hi Gabby! I’m excited to try this meditation tomorrow during my afternoon energy slump rather than heading to the soda or coffee machine. Thanks so much for this wonderful alternative.

  14. I did this together with my students today (ages 10-16). We all loved it and are adding this to our repertoire. We are going to do it each day this week so that it becomes a tool. Thanks SO much!

  15. Thank u so much πŸ™‚ I was just wondering how long should the meditation go for? And also do we exhale through the nose or mouth? πŸ™‚

  16. Just simply sweet! This is what I was looking for this morning and it was just abundant with it’s fulfillment just now. Being a Reiki, I have noticed that negative energies can be very overwhelming for me. This was the case this morning and this little tid bit you shared has aided me in adding some positive energy back into these Chakras!
    Peace and namaste Gabrielle

  17. I woke up this morning thinking “There is no amount of coffee that will wake me up today!”, so seeing this in my inbox was just what I needed! Thanks Gabby xoxo

  18. Question – the in and out strokes is that separate little breaths as I’ve seen in your other work or is it a fluid breath for 4 seconds? Thanks and big hugs!

  19. Sweet! Appreciate your never ending support and these vlogs…I so look forward to them and so appreciate how consistent and lovely u are.!!:)

  20. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this today. Monday’s are perfect for an extra shot of enery (which doesn’t involve coffee).

  21. Thanks Gabby!! I’ve already let go of my caffeine and the time change still kicked my ass this morning! Needing to get my kids ready and still get my work done, this exercise came in perfect timing! Thanks for sharing your energy and your pink vibrance with us!! πŸ™‚


  22. Hi gabby – do you know if this meditation is safe to practice while pregnant? I wasn’t sure about holding your breath. Thanks:)

  23. I have been wanting to get into meditation, but I always think I don’t have time. I felt exhausted this morning and saw this post and thought I so have time so let me try it. I honestly can’t believe the increase of energy I feel! It’s amazing! Thank you for everything that you do – I have been learning a lot since I started following you πŸ™‚

  24. My new afternoon meditation! So simple so amazing, I just did it and I felt so energized after I wrote a TED talk, I’ll give someday haha! Love you! Have a great week.

  25. Thank you for sharing this morning! Such great timing as I woke up feeling tired and dragging a bit this morning. The time change affected me a bit, and this meditation was just what I needed. Thank you Gabby!

    1. Kundalini yoga is quick gets results fast and can be done by anyone I am
      A teacher trainer in Montclair nj. Aquarian yoga program Grad in July. Ty for sharing all your meditations. Sat nam. Linda. Guru rattan Kaur. New hartford ny

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