How to KNOW the Universe Has Your Back

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Note: This post was updated in 2018 for resources and clarity.

The practice of trusting that the Universe has your back no matter what is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It’s all about living in certainty, in that sense of knowing. It’s about being in a place where regardless of what’s happening around you, you can trust.

With this practice, obstacles are opportunities to deepen your love of the Universe.

Today we’re going to dive into that idea of certainty — of fully trusting in the Universe.

5 steps to knowing the Universe has your back

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn how to KNOW the Universe has your back.

There’s something I want to be crystal clear about: This practice is not for dabblers! We can’t just say, “Maybe, sometimes, when it’s convenient, I’ll trust in the Universe.”

It has to be a daily commitment. We need to be in a daily dialogue with the Universe. We must be in a proactive relationship with the presence of love.

When you have that trust in your relationship with the Universe, that’s when what you desire comes into your life more quickly than you can imagine.

It’s when the path begins to clear and you can see more easily. Things begin to flow. Invisible angel wings materialize and lift you up.

Step 1: Become ready to accept that there is a presence far greater than you supporting you

the universe has my back gabby bernstein card deckThe first step in your path to certainty is becoming ready to accept that there’s a presence far greater than you supporting you.

So I ask you right now…

Are you ready?

Are you ready to accept that?

Maybe last week you weren’t ready. Maybe you weren’t ready yesterday! But maybe today you’re like, “YES, Gabby, I am ready! Bring it on!”

Shout it, be proud of it! Own your readiness.

Step 2: Tap into the feelings of what you desire

Step 2 is to tap into the feelings of what you desire. You can tap into what you desire by meditating regularly.

When you feel joy during your meditation, your connection to the Universe is strong.

Joy is the ultimate creator. Meditation offers us a very powerful way to tap into our desires. If you’re reading The Universe Has Your Back (or plan to), check out the meditation workshop that goes with it! In this 2-hour online workshop I lead you in guided meditations to heighten your intuition and become a magnet for miracles.

You can also download my free 4-track meditation album instantly to get some of my favorite guided meditations!

Attract everything you want with Gabby Bernstein's free meditations

Step 3: Be in a dialogue with the Universe every day

The third step is to be in a dialogue with the Universe daily, whether it’s through prayer, writing or conscious conversation. You can say or write or think thoughts like, “Thank you, Universe, for guiding me to what I need to hear today.”

Once you express your gratitude, be receptive to hearing guidance. This guidance may sound like the voice of your inner wisdom. Listen to it and know that it’s your connection to the Universe.

Step 4: Cultivate the feelings you desire

gabby bernstein cooking spaghetti | how to know the universe has your backThe next step is to consciously co-create your reality by tapping into the feelings of what you desire and cultivating those feelings throughout the day.

That might mean you talk about what feels good, and you do more of what brings you joy. For example, I know cooking brings me joy.

Even when I’m tired, I make time to be creative in the kitchen and make nourishing food. I know that cooking lets joy set in and deepens my connection to the presence of love.

What feeling do you desire? What can you do each day to tap into that desire?

Step 5: Pray for the highest good for all

Next, stop praying for certain outcomes and start praying for the highest good for all. How beautiful is that? It’s so simple and so powerful.

Tweet: Stop praying for certain outcomes and start praying for the highest good for all. @gabbybernstein #TheUniverseHasYourBack 

This is a very relaxed way of settling into certainty. You don’t need to control outcomes. In a relaxed state, we are back in alignment with the Universe. This simple shift reorganizes everything. You can just allow and receive miracles. You can simply say:

Universe, thank you for supporting me. I surrender my desires and expectations, and I pray for the highest good for all.

Step 6: Establish a spiritual relationship of your own understanding

the universe has your back book gabby bernsteinFinally, establish a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. This relationship will change and grow over time. But wherever you are right now, honor it. Honor what this relationship is today, whether it’s magnificent and loud and present, or whether it’s a quiet whisper.

Whatever your relationship to the Universe is today is exactly as it needs to be.

Every lesson and practice in The Universe Has Your Back is about deepening this connection to the Universe and the presence of love so you can attract more of what you want and so you can feel free and loved and supported.

Grab the book and join me on this beautiful journey.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful teminder.I have been struggling but, obviously, this is an opportunity to trust in God ( the universe).I am where I need to be and learning what I need to learn.

    Peace and Love XOXO

    1. Hi Gabby,
      In brief, – I read your book ‘Spirit Junkie’ twice so far and am beginning to read it again. I just ordered ‘The Universe Has Your Back’. Although I know that I need to work all the “steps”, not just read books, I like what you have to say, and I feel I need positivity. I have written you before, and you so kindly responded. I am a happy clean and sober person. I am going through some very difficult times though. I am employed at a low paying job and am looking for other work. Not an easy task at this stage of life, and in the area I live. It is very hard for me in many ways. I need transformation so bad. I struggle, but press on.

  2. I bought this book in Audible on Saturday and listened while I was preparing for a dinner party. I loved the message and have already started putting the practices to work in my life. I learned of the book by listening to an Amy Porterfield podcast in which Gabby was a guest. If you haven’t listened to that podcast, I highly recommend you do so.

  3. Your book is a game changer for me. I have had a difficult year and through your messages, I can see now how I have been handling my issues with fear and not love. My spiritual shift is happening and I am so ready for this. I believe that the universe delivers the message to you when you are ready to take action. I stumbled onto your interview with Amy Porterfield a few days ago, loved your message and instantly downloaded your audiobook. I am ready. Thank you, Gabby & the Universe. I know you have my back.

  4. Hey Gabby.
    I’m very proud of where you are at in this present moment. Seeing your growth and feeling your light shine brighter than ever is truly inspiring.
    I received your book in a pretty surprising way. I began to read it, but haven’t truly began the journey of reading your messages.
    However, I just want to share how thankful I am for this present moment. I am truly finding my alignment and am reaping the benefits of the love I have for this experience.
    I have been atheist my whole life, until a dramatic shift happened in my life (Beginning in September of 2015). It’s been a year of on and off practice trying to believe in something outside of what I believed to be true.

    I have found the connection with my body and breath, where my breath is so big my body flows on its own. The energy guides me and it’s truly the most magical experience, breathing so deeply that I am moved and guided.

    I am finding my connection with my higher self and am recognizing how everything is a lesson, there is always something to be grateful for, everything is here to help me, my projections are my perceptions, everyone is my mirror and everyone is me. The only fear I have left (which has been brought to my awareness as the next thing to surrender too) is feeling worthy. Feeling my beauty and my magnificence. Recognizing that my body image isn’t what defines me, that I am more than how I look and I have so much to offer the world.

    I’ve made the commitment to show up for my life, and there’s no turning back now 🙂
    I’m so excited to be on my journey and for how far I am in this beautiful present moment.
    I am 23 years old, soon to be 24 on the 21st. Everything is always okay, I am willing.
    My mantra for October is I am willing. Each day I build off that. October 1st was – I am willing to see things differently. October 2nd was – I am willing to practice being the compassionate witness. Today is – I am willing to practice forgiveness. Keeping myself in that receptive mode and being open for whatever is to come. Being willing to be open and vulnerable, and know that I can trust.

    Thank you for sharing your light and love Gabby.
    Sarah Reid.

  5. Thank you for this magnificent gift. I have taken so many of your classes which have been life changing, and this book has enhanced all that I am experiencing. You are making a great impact on so many across the world Gabby…God bless you for shining your light onto the Universe!

  6. Thank you so much for this video and your new book. I have been contemplating launching a food business of my own for months now – but inner voices keep blocking me and halting any progress. Hearing you say that cooking is your passion and connection to the universe was a moment of synchronicity for me and a virtual kick in the butt to just F’ing do it ! Thank you !

  7. Gabby,

    Thank you so very much for writing this book, and sharing your journey with us all. I bought the audible version and am listening everywhere:) I’ve also downloaded your conference videos from London, and what a generous gift you have shared. I stop listening to the book, and go back and forth with watching these videos, I pause, I write, I meditate…while I’m watching the videos I’m sewing a meditation pillow that is giving me SO MUCH JOY!!!! It’s a patchwork of all my favorite colors, textures, items that had been my favorite things…I will use this sacred pillow forever and think of what you’ve taught us, and all the good things the universe has given us all:) Thank you Gabby xoxo

  8. Thank you for a beautiful reminder. Today I will pray for the highest good instead of worrying about what’s going to happen. A miracle moment!

  9. Thank you Gabby and Thank you Universe for this today. I had just read this chapter last night and it really resonated with me (I re-read it a couple of times). I felt so much joy and with clarity, I really felt the feelings and released. I know the Universe is guiding me to stay committed to certainty because this was the video waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Thank you Gabby, thank you Universe. Sat Nam

  10. I am taking in each chapter, once per day. I’ve never highlighted a book or even written in one before – but this book has highlighted sentences, paragraphs and writing throughout! I was fortunate enough to purchase this book 4 days prior to it’s release (somehow the bookstore near me got copies in!). I took that as a sign that I needed to read it.

    I have had so many A-HA moments, I’ve lost count, and I’m only at Chapter 5! It’s really helping me to release fear, doubt and control. Your book has helped me to become aware of how much I’ve been trying to control my career and money situation, and how much fear that I actually hold with all of the limiting beliefs I once held. Your prayers keep me focused and centered, helping me to lean into joy and not fear.

    Thank you thank you thank you for writing this book. This book, I feel, will help me to manifest the life that I desire for myself, I truly believe that. Thank you for this incredible guidance. Sending you much love and light…..

  11. Thank so much for your lessons for your guidance, you hava helped me so much in my spiritual path.
    Good bless you!

    Regards and love from Venezuela

  12. thank you Gabby ! just watched your video and opened my book as you discussed chapter 7
    CERTAINTY CLEARS THE PATH FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE and your so right! whenever i’m feeling uncertain i listen to one of your videos or listen to you on my IPHONE i have your guided meditation and it really helps ground me you are amazing and so glad i found you!!
    namaste dear friend
    live and light ✨

  13. Hi Gabby,
    I loved what you said about doing what brings you JOY. I have a fledgling textile design business and I’ve found myself lately saying things like “I need x, y or z to have success” or “where is my next big paycheck/order coming from” . Right along side of all of that I have been feeling very stuck and have not been moving the dial forward in ways that work for me. When you said to do what brings you Joy it reminded me that being in my studio, exploring and making new products is the biggest joy-maker around. It’s when I lead from my heart all of the financial stuff falls beautifully into place, it’s always been that way. What a good ah-ha moment to have today. much love, Sue

    1. Prayer 🙂 Check out the serenity prayer…
      “God grant me the serenity
      To accept the things I cannot change;
      Courage to change the things I can;
      And wisdom to know the difference.”

  14. Gabby, thank you so much for helping me re-connect with the Universe. Re-framing my struggles and realizing them as opportunities is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. Today as I was feeling myself building negative energy, I surrendered and asked for love to be my guide. Not only did I feel lighter and happier but truly free. Thank you!

  15. I love how you highlight on how this a daily commitment and a daily dialogue to communicate with the universe . I always think of it is the path of a warrior (of love) – to commit every day to communing and connecting with the universe and to stay in a vibration of love and joy even when there’s so much darkness in the world right now or with all the distractions around. Thank you always for your teachings – big love to you!

  16. I think I now understand what you mean by honoring where you are right now. I was in denial for a while – thinking, I’ll be good when I finally clean up all my ego crap and get my stuff together and be super spiritually aligned; not really cherishing the growing period itself. Thank you for reminding me!

  17. Congratulations Gabby on manifesting your latest co-creation. Thank you for shining your light and sharing your enlightening videos. I am in awe of this universe and never doubt for a second that we are blessed in “Spirit.” I am always learning and evolving and look forward to reading this book. Namaste

  18. Hello
    I just bought your book and it has reinforced my belief that I have always had since a child -that God is always watching out for me!!
    I would love to see you on tour however I live in Newfoundland Canada. I see you are visiting Vancouver. Do you think you would ever come to Newfoundland?

  19. Hi Gabby,
    Love The Universe Has Your Back! Just finished chapter 4 and I looked at my phone and the time was 7:02. So I felt the need to grab Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 and 702 means “Trust that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to do.” Oh ya, the Universe has my back! 🙂
    Lynn Lok-Payne
    Be Inspired!

  20. I have a question…

    There are certain things I want for my life- more abundance, a great career that feels like play, etc
    but if we’re suppose to pray for the highest good for all, does that mean we stop asking for the things we want like more abundance and a better job?

    I’ve been working on manifesting these things, but now I’m wondering if it’s best to just let go of those desires and just pray for the highest good for all.

  21. Thank you so much!! I’m loving your book! I’m so greatful you are sharing you and teaching me. Yes, stop praying for certain outcomes and me wanting to be in control, I’ve so much wanted to be in control of others, and life. Now I’m seeing by working with the Universe, surrendering, allowing, opening, choosing higher vibrational thoughts, ways, and being thankful for…well everything… Seeing we are all on our own path. And yes, praying for the “higher good” for all (which includes our selves) is such a cool feeling of energy and beautiful vibration. Bless you Gabby!

  22. I love the idea of cultivating joy! I’m pondering what you said about how when we experience joy, we are connecting to the universe. In joy, we have a direct line to love. Thank you, Gabby! See you Friday in San Francisco at Grace. 🙂

  23. Both my husband and I worked for the same company that supplied lots of fringe benefits, including an apartment. We were both laid off last week. It’s extremely difficult to feel the Universe Has Our Backs when we are both jobless, and homeless in this moment. 🙁 However, to be reminded this time is simply an “obstacle” is bringing some light upon a very stressful time.

    1. practice the lessons from the chapter “obstacles are detours in the right direction” surrender to these practices and have faith. your faith will clear the path.

  24. Yes, it’s all about certainty and believing. People laugh at me because I tell them it’s all about how you feeeeeeeeeeeel. Walk it talk it like you already have it. I’m going to see Gabby Bernstein in SF!!!! Yes I am!!!! and I love the part about cooking because I enjoy it so much!!!! Hugs & Love xxxooo

  25. HI Gabby, thank you for your words. I follow you from Argentina and you are a big inspiration for my life. Iam a physical therapist (yoga teacher, osteopath, healthy nutrition, shiatsu) amd some times I need a coach near to me. I read you and watch and listen your videos and always have answers and messages. recently watch the intervew and I really feel good because I feel voulnerable at this time and knowing that you are too I feel you real. Thank you again and congratulatios.. Sorry about my spanglish

  26. I purchased your book about 6 months ago and I tried reading it. I had no idea what it was about and essentially thought I don’t believe in this. Well I have recently been reading lots about the law of attraction and i am experiencing evidence every day that it’s real. All I kept saying to myself was ‘the universe has your back’. I couldn’t remember where I had read that until yesterday when I remembered I had your book somewhere! I dug it out from my bedroom last night and started reading. It all makes sense! The universe knew I wasn’t ready for this journey 6 months ago, but I sure am ready now! I am so excited! Thank you! X

  27. Thank you for this book. It has changed my life and taught me to love instead of living in fear. It has also taught me how to let go and let the universe take over. I had an experience today that showed me that the universe does in fact have my back. Everyday I feel my relationship with universe is getting stronger. Miigwetch Gabby from Northern Ontario, Canada.

  28. Loved this blog today I felt a great connection with spiritual guidance and know I am supported throughout my negative experiences I hold the power through the universe I choose joy! xx

  29. Thank you Gaby for this beautiful intervention. I have to confess that even when I have read a couple of your books, I’ve had a lot of resistance towards reading the last two. I know resistance is one big message of things that need to be worked on. I will try to, in the time that’s right for me, read both cause I KNOW -certainty ;)- they are good. Keep your wisdom coming… Love. Laura

    1. You’re doing beautiful work Laura. Showing up here is a sign that you’re ready for some big shifts and ready to let go. XOX

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