Feel More Connected to the Universe: Create Your Faith Statement

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I want to take the opportunity to share a beautiful exercise in how to strengthen your faith. This is the perfect time to do it so that we can set ourselves up for success in the New Year.

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby BernsteinThis exercise in creating your faith statement comes from chapter 8 of my book The Universe Has Your Back.

When we strengthen our faith, we can do awesome spiritual work because we know we’re supported by a power much greater than ourselves.

We feel safe to do transformational work, heal old wounds and claim the freedom that is our birthright.

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Your faith statement reminds you that you’re being guided

Your faith statement will serve as a reminder that this divine presence is always there to guide you toward love and hold you as you experience miraculous transformations.

So today let’s turn to chapter 8 of The Universe Has Your Back and create our faith statements.

Watch the video below or keep reading for the steps.

How to create your faith statement

To write your faith statement, open your journal and follow this process.

Step 1: Answer these 5 questions

  1. What would your life be like if you knew you were always being guided?
  2. What would you do differently if you knew that the Universe had your back?
  3. Do you have spiritual proof that the Universe is guiding you? (Write down signs you’ve received, miracle moments and anything else.)
  4. How does it feel to be in faith?
  5. What does your faith give you the freedom to do or be?

Step 2: Write your faith statement

Gabby Bernstein journaling | Create your faith statementOnce you answer these questions, you can write your faith statement.

Revisit your answers to the questions above and underline anything that inspires you, excites you or resonates with you deeply.

Compile these sentences into one statement. Edit it, craft it and add anything else that comes through for you.

When you’re done creating your faith statement, post it in the comments below if you feel called to share! Share it on social media or read it out loud to a friend. Put it out there and share it with people who you know will support you.

Read your faith statement daily. You can edit it in any way at any time.

When we have a faith statement, we feel more connected to the Universe every single day. We are empowered knowing that we are supported. And we feel confident and excited to do transformational spiritual work because we have faith.

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  1. Hi:Gabrielle it’s a pleasure knowing you , you have been an inspiration for me I have been struggling a lot in my life and very confused but reading your book expect miracles have been so helpful for me thank you so much.

  2. My faith in the Universe leads me to trust my instincts and the signs which are leading me to the future I am destined to live. It is world full of light and love and my heart is joyful. The Universe and my growing faith are creating the very best version of me each day. I am confident in the plan the Universe has for me and excited for each day I am given.

  3. I love this exercise! I spent all day with it, and it came to me after a tapping session. I know it will evolve over time, but right now, I am in love:

    I approve of myself. I am divinely guided, protected & safe. I relinquish control & I am in divine flow with the Universe. I am pure love & I radiate love. I accept my full, limitless self. And so it is.

  4. When I am aligned with the Universe, I am the best version of myself. I know without a doubt that I am on the right path. These is no need to question the actions or motives of those around me. I am free. I am open. I am trust. I am safe. I AM LOVE.

  5. I know the universe has my back when the fear is lifted out of me. My Source of strength has goodness in store for me. My faith serves a purpose – to carry this message to others. To live through my obstacles by relying on a Power greater than myself. A Power that loves me more than I can imagine. I am no longer alone. Thanks, Gabby, for the gentle reminder.

  6. I release fear knowing that the universe is guiding me. It feels grounding and freeing. I feel connected and overcome by joy. I am love and I radiate love. I do not need to be scared because I know that where I end up is where I am supposed to be. This gives me the confidence to trust my gut and move through life with more ease. This faith allows me to see the things that do not serve me and the courage to let them go.

  7. I lean into my faith in the Universe when I feel fear trying to grip me. Love is the weapon given to me to have come through the darkest of times, and finally now into the light. My faith in this vibration of ever present love makes me feel protected, strong and safe. It gives me the freedom to finally be myself.

  8. My faith statement is My life is magical and amazing each day, I am free to be empowered by the universe.

    I am loving the universe has your back journal it has transformed my life from being sad negative self-hate to positive vibes and love seeing my world in the eyes of love not hate.

  9. I LOVE reading these faith statements. I am a mentor at my UU church for 13 & 14 year olds to develop their own credos (faith statements) and did this exercise to experience a little of what they will be working on. Hoping its OK from Gabby’s team to share this exercise with the adults (parents, leaders and mentors)?

    Here is my statement:
    My feelings are guides that can be trusted. The universe works through me to show me signs that have been right, and where I have not followed, those signs have gotten louder. When I go where I’m led, I get what I’m seeking – love, respect, friendship, and belonging. My faith does not require specific action from me to be good or to earn love. Instead, Source guides me to the places where I can have the freedom to play, the confidence that my needs will be met, and the ability to share my gifts.

  10. When I align myself with the universe I am filled with love and joy. This love and joy is then easy to share with others. I am guided through love to have confidence in myself and attract positive people and business into my world. When I am aligned with the universe I become a blessing and leader to others and attract abundance into my life.

  11. I know that God is an ever loving and ever giving force of energy.
    When I connect to this energy , I feel aligned to live my life to my highest purpose.When I do things that make me feel happy and loved, I feel connected to this source. I feel supported and guided .I feel a ray of light beaming from within me spreading light and happiness to everyone around. I become a force of love and joy to others. My faith gives me freedom to be authentic and to stand in my own truth .

  12. I feel fulfilled and loved, no matter what decision I make. Every step I take is leading me down the right path, and I am always where I am supposed to be. No judgments made, everything feels easy-peasy.
    I do everything out of love and confidence. I take more chances and more risks knowing that there is no wrong decision – everything is bringing me closer to my goals and my life’s true purpose.
    The universe is in constant communication and is sending me signals; when I was in a bad relationship, the universe sent me moths to communicate that I was with a dishonest person. The universe recently sent me bees to signify that I was headed for a new destination – which represented a new relationship with my current boyfriend (we bought a condo). Lately I’ve been seeing earwigs but I can’t seem to find any symbolism about that. I have always been connected to the universe, especially when my mind is free from worry. Like the bird that fell in front of me while my boyfriend and I were biking – I saved her by placing her on the curb where she can regain her strength. The universe trusts me to surrender to its desires.
    To be in faith feels secure, confident, resilient and loving.
    Faith gives me the freedom to be who I instinctively want to be. Free, happy, successful, spontaneous.

  13. I know that the Universe has big plans for me. I know that I am at my best when I am in sync with the Universe’s desires for me and I’m allowing the love and support of the Universe to flow through me. I know that when I’m tuned into the Universe and vibrating at a high frequency, I can co-create magical things in my life and help others do the same. I feel invincible when I am trusting the Universe. OXO

  14. I believe that the universe holds me and helps me to be stable and fearless. I know that the universe shows me signs when I am in alignment with my authentic self. I feel strong and safe when I know I am where I need to be within my faith. By having faith I feel like I am myself and that I can always manifest a calming presence while enjoying my life and spreading light.

  15. I feel I am on the right path (my path) when I let love and faith in, I am guided by the universe and trust what it has in stall for me. I am happiest when I choose love. I feel enlightened by love and the powerful healer it is. I shed light when I follow the guidance of the universe and let love in.


  16. I am at peace and authentically shine in Christ’s light. I have nothing to prove or take away from others. I am loved. I am honored. And I am a child of God. I seek to magnify this perfect relationship and rejoice in his love within the divine and in the daily.

  17. When I am in faith, I can take a deep breath and know that all is truly well. -That I am loved and protected, that I’m here to use my best gifts for the benefit of myself and others, that I am living in light and spreading light and joy, that the universe will continue to have my back : )

  18. Here is mine…
    I know with complete love and faith that the universe continues to be the guiding light in my life. Showing me the way to live with a heightened spiritual awareness and faith through the message of love, trust, faith and no fear.
    I am putting my trust in the universe to continue to guide me to a life full of joy and true happiness and a life with no fear only love. A life with a spiritual guidance that is ever present and powerful. A power that will empower me to be a better human, women and mother.
    I know with the guidance of the universe and my faith in love I will create an amazing life for myself and my daughter. A life we deserve and trust in. A life full of love, trust, happiness, faith, compassion and abundance.
    The power of the universe will be ever present in my soul and I put my complete faith and trust in their guidance as well I give constant thanks for the amazing gift that has been given to me. I am forever grateful and thankful for this time.

  19. When I trust that the Universe has my back, I instantly feel peaceful. Life has a magical way of working in my favor. I am safe, protected, and guided by the Universe.

  20. When I embrace the Universe’s love, energy and wisdom, I am at PEACE and full of CALM. I know the Universe is guiding me because the things I need present to me at the right time and for the right reasons. I trust the Universe to erase my worries so I can focus on being a loving wife, mother, friend, daughter…a loving person.

  21. Faith Statement:
    God had my back and protects me fiercely. In moments where I choose stress, fears or worries, I can put myself at ease with the feeling of happiness and fullness in my heart, as it is filled with more love, appreciation, joy, blessing, and gratitude than I ever knew I were capable of feeling because God is always here for me. I can never actually fail as every step prepares for the next step in my successful journey of life.

  22. Faith statement: My faith in how the universe supports me makes me feel loved, hopeful, and whole. It also fuels my courage and strength to pursue my dreams, have adventures, fail, triumph, heal my wounds, and stay present when challenged. I know the ever-loving energetic presence is always there to forgive me, hold me and guide me. The universe also collaborates with me in order to manifest my every intention and desire that’s for the highest good, that brings forth my most conscious self, and that supports my unwavering pursuit of fulfilling my sacred contract with the creator in this lifetime. This realization cradles me in my deepest suffering, and I know always will.

  23. I have the ability to trust and completely surrender, knowing that the universe has my back. I will be comforted by my spirit guides, as they are here to help guide me on my path. Love, peace, calm, fun loving and deliciousness are all aspects of life that are mine to have.

  24. I know the Universe has my back and is supporting me, guiding me, and showing me the right path, and I surrender to Spirit’s guidance. I can then live in the present moment without worry or anxiety, acknowledge my fear and choose love and peace instead. I feel content and at peace, knowing I am exactly where I should be.

  25. This past year has been a hard one, my heart was broken up more than once, and I thought I just had to be strong and keep going, that strong was the only thing I had. I cried a lot, full of anger and disappointment. I forgot all about LOVE, and let the fear take over me.
    It is the end of the year, and I have found the Universe showing me the love and support I once lost. I feel free and a lot more relax, I feel clear and at peace. I remember that I don’t have to be just strong but also have faith that the universe has my back, to guide me and help me see the world through the teacher of love.
    All I know is that I can relax, act with no fear and let the Universe lead the way. I am thankful to the Universe for bringing peace and joy back in to my heart.

  26. As 2017 rushes to an end and as I consider the roller coaster journeys of family members and friends this year, I share my faith statement in response to your message, Gabby:

    My faith frees me from depression, fear, guilt, judgment and anger.
    My faith saturates my life with healing energy from the Love of the Holy Spirit and the Universe; instilling joy, peace, passion, purpose, power and unity in my life.

  27. The Universe has designed a wonderful, unique path for me to travel. With it’s support and guidance I am free to be myself. I am allowed to live my life without worry and feel completely satisfied with what I have and what I have accomplished so far.

  28. Through continuous communion and connection, my inner knowing is one with the Universe.
    This oneness creates an ongoing state of emotional, physical and spiritual joy.
    This oneness guarantees that all of my emotional, physical and spiritual are always met.
    And I am secure in knowing that this oneness shall last throughout all eternity…

  29. I am guided. I am free of stress, disappointment, and worry. I have been given the freedom to be myself with no judgement. Nothing can hold me back. I am a bad a**, super attracter, and people are drawn to me. I love the feeling I receive when I engage with others. My sign is a heart because my gift is loving people. My faith makes me powerful and unstoppable and because of my faith I am a leader, an inspiration, a healer, a teacher, a guide,and someone who loves incredibly.

    My faith in the Universe, in God gives me the certainty that wherever I am, I know that I am being guided to exactly where I need to be. My trust in God gives me the clarity to open up myself to my true artistic, creative nature. When I find peace in God’s light I allow.
    My experiences are the proof of my path, the people and my environments are lessons and a reminder to stay the course. Anything is possible when I allow the all-encompassing love of God to guide me. Be you and be true. I am free to be loved, to be love, to create, to share my creations and learn from others, to allow and release resistance. As I surrender, I receive.


  31. I am in alignment with the One who created me for a specific purpose to inspire hope in a hurting world. In His arms, I am loved, supported, safe, guided, empowered, and confident in the steps He will lay out for me. I have the freedom to let go of the doubts and limiting beliefs that are blocking my way forward and I choose to listen to my inner voice for guidance and take INSPIRED action that feels good! Action that is in alignment with my true purpose of being.

  32. My connection to Universe is clear and I get to have trusting eyes and ears as I am being guided to everything I need to know, step by step so that I may continue having a strong faith and the most beautiful life I can ever imagine.   

    My energy is a swift lightness of radiance as well as showing up with confidence to the world. My smile shows up as a light to others drawing in more of my amazing community of phenomenal friends, clients, and colleagues.

    I get to fully trust in my faith and love this new beginning chapter of my spiritual healing journey.  I choose LUV xoxoxo

  33. I am never afraid to try something new I want to try, even if it seems silly. All things are possible. I am unique, helpful and kind to others.

  34. The Universe allows me to feel free and in flow. My faith brings me happiness and opportunities. I see the signs all around me and in my dreams. I feel safe and supported when I’m in alignment. The Universe gives me permission to believe in myself.

  35. Everything is always working or for me and is always in the most good for my highest form. I am safe. I am secure. I am loved. I am loveable. I am love.

    All good things flow to me as I vibrate on a high scale level; I choose to vibrate on a high level.

  36. Thanks for the email as the universe is guiding me to write out a faith statement. I read chapter 8 and love the comment in your book ” I focus my attention on the love that is around me, and I expect miracles. The Universe is allowing me to seek with a humble heart and break free from the bondage of the shameful past. I will continue to seek out help from the Universe to guide me thru this courageous spiritual journey. If I received an unexpected email or a text message from an acquaintance, I would lean into the Universe for guidance in how to handle this situation. The spiritual proof is there as long as I listen to it and remain humble. Thank you for your spiritual work. Look forward to seeing you at your Book Tour NYC. Can’t wait to read judgment detox and meet you in person.

  37. My life would be the lovely expression of joy and connection
    I would throw open the doors to limitless love, freedom and expression of my divine self.
    Yes, I have proof because I choose to see the proof (but sometimes I forget)
    It feels wholesome, strong, and True with a big-ol-capital T!
    My faith gives me the freedom to SHINE and give permission to others to do the same.

  38. Creating brings me to light and its ease and joy is right and good. I honor my surrender to this warm light and have gratitude for the clarity to live freely, fully and to channel all of my energy into Love through my co-creations: my art and relationships. I breathe deeply and settle into the present moment. I feel myself in my body and I feel the blessings and beauty that hold me. Fear and doubt are fleeting thoughts. I relax and enjoy the flow. I am on my path. I trust and follow my heart. I never walk alone. All I dream of already exists. I simply trace the lines, bringing them into visibility in the physical world. All I dream of is mine to realize. I keep doing what I’m doing—being vulnerable and sharing my story. I feel grounded, my shoulders are relaxed. A luminous smile fills me with light. I feel steady, clear, and I allow myself to receive and embrace the abundance and blessings that come from doing what I love which is my reason for being. The world comes alive when I share my heart. To receive with grace and love is to give grace and love.

  39. I know that the universe has my back. I know that I am held, supported and loved by the entire universe, and that I need not worry or stress about the future, because it has already been taken care of.


    It is with a great loving attitude that I declare this statement of Perfect Faith. I am guided and embraced by my total Faith now.
    I now have correct answers with perfect results. There are no risks as I choose my Faith to guide me. I have Spiritual proof of knowing what is ahead of me before it happens. My Freedom to succeed is present within and around me, as my Faith empowers all that I say, think, and do.
    My Power is being in my Oneness with God. This Presence is always within me as it moves through me now. I am guided within the actions of my Perfect Faith now. I receive anything that I desire as my Goodness is expressing all through my Life starting now.
    And so it is ~ Amen ~

  41. I am one with god, I have surrendered the free will that came with my birthright and know that I am guided in every step. I am willing to see, listen and speak with gods mind, god acts thru me. I fully trust and surrender to gods plan for me, I know that it is better than anything I could have planned for myself. I am designed from his perfection.

  42. I KNOW that the universe is an ever-present source of peace and love, always available, supportive and faithful. When I am in alignment with the universal energies, I know nothing I can do will be wrong – that I will be guided to make all the right decisions to support me in my personal and spiritual growth and decsions that will help me manifest my wants, needs and desires. Once I am in flow with the universe, I can trust more, worry less, be confident in all of my choices, the words I speak, my actions and how I express my being. There is less pressure to do what is right and more love given when I ‘feel’ what is right. I will need to worry less about controlling my life because I KNOW that the universe has a plan for me, supporting my ideas and desires. I will always have access to the bouncy, loving, happy, kind, powerful and blissful energy that is the love of the universe for me. Once I am in alignments, financial support and abundance always COME THROUGH! I can be more open about my faith, myself, by spiritual self and have time to focus on the things that are most important to me. I trust in my connection to the universe, and I have faith I am being guided.

  43. When I let go of my fears the universe will shine through me. When i compare then I am blinded by the uniqueness the universe has created me to be. When I let go of the past and not let it define me then i will truly grow! I am more then i once was and i have faith that i will rise up no matter how many times the past can creep up on me!

  44. Every morning I experience the miracle of a new day and I get to share it with my most precious gift- life. I gave life to myself and to another human being, my son. He is the most amazing miracle. I recently had the aha moment of seeing how brave he is and that all the struggles and challenges we’ve been through brought us to today with the support of the universe. The courage to find our footing was always supported through the spirit of the universe. A blind faith that no matter what we find our way.

  45. The universe is always guiding me, so I can walk in confidence and smile about life and my decisions. I can relax. I can let go. I know the universe has always taken care of my needs and worked everything out for my highest good. I can accept my first instincts and trust my connection to the universe. I can love others and see their good. I can love myself and trust in love.

    *Thank you, Gabby, for sharing your passion and love with everyone. I’ve studied and practiced LoA for years but I really needed some help in life lately. Things have turned around since I read The Universe Has Your Back and watched your webinar on super attracting.

    1. I am so happy and filled with gratitude that The Universe Has Your Back and the Super Attractor workshop are serving you. You are ready to attract and what you want will pour in.

  46. I am free to laugh out loud at any given moment and experience joyful confidence that ALL IS getting sorted out in every single millisecond so that I can naturally have everything I want and need set out right in front of me. I am blessed, grateful, and amused at the miracles I get to witness when I’m in the flow.

  47. I beleive that I can operate at a higher vibration and positivity will come my way when I have faith in the universe, love, and sharing love with those around me. Trusting in this and knowing that I am aligned to receive love and abundance leads me to take more chances, practice gratitude, and to have the courage to be my authentic self!

  48. You quite literally have saved my life Gabby – I was spiralling out of control in fits of anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive behaviours that were ruining my interpersonal relationships as well as slowly destroying me. I found you en-route from Marie Forleo and Brene Brown via a brand new friend and when you say the Universe Has Your Back it most certainly is true for me. I am a deeply spiritual woman and pray and meditate daily and hold many conversations with GOD, but I found myself still was flailing about trying to determine if I was on the right path and staying true and trusting my journey with GOD. I was becoming more manic and obsessing over everything possible, I even obsessed if I was too specific with my desires – finding the self compassion and self love is quite the process but small steps to finally letting go and taking myself off the hook has allowed my to be more joyful, peaceful and I can finally breath once again.
    Miracles do indeed exist and I am forever grateful for the support that your beautifully written book has provided me and the necessary tools and guidance that I longed and prayed for to keep my faith and surrender my ego to GOD’s plans for my life.
    Thank you so much for all you provide Gabby – GOD Bless

  49. Here is mine. I just finished the book a few days ago and didn’t complete this assignment. I knew reading this blog it was a sign to do so. I loved creating my faith statement. Thank you so much!

    I know that I have the ability to trust in something that I cannot see, but something that I can feel. That the answers and reason to why something happens may not always show, but will in due time. Because at the end of the day I will be given what I need and even desire, sometimes better than what I have ever dreamed of. At the end of the day I can take risks and simply believe in my thoughts and inner voice because if I have the utmost peace and simply believe then I know those things will come true. I just need to learn to be patient.

    1. This is beautiful. I’m so happy you listened to the guidance and completed your faith statement. Keep it close. <3

  50. I trust that I can rely on the loving energy of the Universe to guide me towards what is best for me. I know this will help me to surrender in circumstances which I have little control, and present me with opportunities to enhance my spirit, even when light may not appear to be there. I will allow the Universe to bring light into my life by relieving all blockages that act as a hindrance in order to feel more comfortable in my inner vacation. I trust in my connection to the Universe, and I have faith I am being guided.

    1. When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more … you captured this and you are living it. You will be guided.

  51. I am devoted to aligning with my energy presence through my thoughts, actions and beliefs to live in joy and a high vibe that impacts the world around me positively and with love. I know when I do this, I co-create my life with the universe.

  52. My faith statement: I know The Universe is guiding me because of the comfort I can feel at any moment. I know there is a presence greater than me leading me toward my highest love. The energy is comforting and expanding all at once. This energy gives me the freedom to take chances and know that The Universe will always have my back.

  53. Faith tells me to be fearless, loving and kind to myself and others. Faith reminds me of the many blessings the Universe has rewarded me with by what I have achieved to whom has been put in my path. Faith reassures me to trust what is true and divine and to rely on the Universe when I feel lost on my path and to give thanks for guiding me always.

  54. I trust that I will received the perfect job where I can keep the weight I am, feel and look like a super model, be able to run / workout like I want with joy while making much more money that I ever dreamed possible in a job that passions me and alligns with what and whom inspires . I trust that this job let me be free to decide on my schedule, work where I feel good, free to move or sit, be appreciated, be loved and respected. I deserve to have the support and alignement towards it and attract the right people that will reach out to me. I deserve to have a job surrounded by peole that are beautifull healthy inspiring strong joyfull and loving .


    Wishing same for people in 2018 that are looking for supported alligment and resolution in their career path
    with love and easiness

  55. Thanks for the nudge to revisit this exercise.

    my newest faith statement:
    I know the universe is constantly surrounding me with love and light.
    When I align with the energy of love I can show up for myself and others authentically and openly. In this way I can share love and light without judgement. Being aligned with the energy of the Universe allows me to co-create a life beyond my dreams of abundance, joy, and love.

  56. I know that everything is meant to be and my connection with the Universe allows me to live without fear. My spiritual connection comforts me with its loving presence and allows me to live fearlessly, full of light & love. <3

  57. To stare down the False Evidence Appearing Real and proceed through each and every one of them in faith for me. Because I have been living in the illusion of the polar opposite and seeing evidence of the same. And the realization that only I can secure my faith in me.

  58. My life is comfortable and brave. I am not upset by the unexpected, because what happens to me/with me/around me is what is meant to happen to help me to grow and become my most awesome self. I don’t have to grasp for solutions and quick fixes. I ask for guidance and ask for what I need, and even for what I want. I’m brave at work and with my personal development. I say “no” and “yes” when I want to say them. I don’t fear what’s coming, I look forward to co-creating what’s coming. Spiderwoman visits me again and again until I listen. Coyotes seek me out. Clairvoyance and synesthesia visit me on the waves of the gong. Sometimes it feels a little scary because it requires mental disarmament. But is also feels exhilarating, precious, rare, wild, freeing, special, “other,” set apart, and like I’m part of a weird tribe of freaky people. I have the freedom to explore all realms of the multiverse: I am a frequent flyer between the worlds, I look behind the scenes of life. I am fully myself, however my Self may want to be that day. I am an astral cosmonaut.

  59. My faith gives me serenity and calmness. With it I can handle anything life presents to me. My faith gives me certainty that I am taken care of and on the right path. My desires are guiding me to achieving them… I do not have to worry, I just need to live my life in the best way I know/feel how. My spiritual proof has shown me that I heal myself, I take care of myself, and I bring into my life exactly what and who I need in order to achieve my desires and live the life I envision.

    Thanks Gabby!

  60. When I am connected to my higher power I feel a flow of love, peace, and joy. I know that I can make choices without worrying about the outcome because no matter what I will be protected and loved.

  61. I live VIBRANTLY and JOYFULLY, knowing that my path is chosen with love. I need only relax into the loving, protective flow of the universe, and enjoy the ride 🙂
    Great start to my day.

  62. When I trust my instincts, I lean into my true present state and find nurturing there. All parts of me are designed to reach out to each other and bring each other home. I am compassionate and steady, and offer my truth in a way that is received as support.

    When I turn all the way up, life becomes authentic and vibrant. My love and trust manifest as magnetism for all my dreams to become wildly real.

    When I tell my truth, the Universe rises to support me and my quest. Shots in the dark are guided and land firmly.

    I am a product of transformative and healing magic, which has made me a conduit of this magic, too.

    I am nurtured, comforted, protected, and guided. I have access to infinite wisdom, and am supported with stamina from my ancestors. It is their will for me to rise radically—to feel their call, and pull my tribe up as I soar. To emit light. To be light. To feel light.

    I can heal by merely thinking it.

  63. I read Chapter 8 of The Universe Has Your Back and wrote my faith statement last night. So for me, receiving this email is one piece of proof that the Universe does in fact have my back! The timing cannot be a coincidence. I woke up this morning and said aloud: I focus my attention on the love that is around me and I expect miracles. And here we have a tiny miracle 🙂

    My faith statement was: I believe that I am surrounded by a boundless energy of love. I believe I am being guided in every moment by something bigger than myself. I believe in my own intuition, and energy, and I know that when I align my energy to love, to giving, to gratitude, and the the Universe’s higher power that I can manifest the reality I desire for myself. I am love. I am joy.

  64. When I open myself-up to trusting the Universe it provides a warming, peaceful, hopeful, and organic path to pursue my passions in becoming a Holistic Health Practitoner which set me on a path working towards becoming an Ayurvedic Health Practitoner without fear of failure, judgement, and financial worry; so that I can emerse myself into my passions which allows me to let go of fear and enjoy my life’s journey.

  65. I know that when I have faith in the Universe and align myself with life, I feel empowered, supported, guided, loved and strong. I can choose a work life and lifestyle that I like and like living. When something doesn’t feel right, I can always make the necessary changes. I am a bold, confident and courageous woman, thriving professionally, joining the community and stepping into a loving, intimate relationship with a man who truly loves me. Sure, ‘what is mine, will never be withheld from me’!

  66. When I am in faith I feel free. I can relax. I can live in the moment and watch how the universe acts on my behalf and in my best interest. I can stop trying so hard.

  67. My faith statment or inner sence of security that i lean on when i relize there is no such a thing as justvletting go…for if we were able to just let go we would be flailing alone like a balloon that has disconnected from its ribbons…eventually deflating and falling to the ground…it has lost its purpose its itentity it is just a left over peice of rubber on the ground…so letting go doesnt seem to work…what ive learned is that the art of feeling that freedom of letting go is finding something to hold me something to ground me something to unite me so i can be that joyful balloon held in the hand atached with a ribbon of some free spirit of a child that is in pure joy of receiving this present this ballon…or that mother in that maternity ward who just welcomes in a child into her world and watches as her spouse walks in full of joy with a big bouquet of colorful ballons celebrating the gift that was a manifestation the union of the two brand new parents or that oblivious child newborn sharing that space being held in the love of receiving love, being nurtered experiencing the vibration of life and joy that its existence birthed into the world.All symbles if joy all partners in the creation and expantion of joy.
    My faith and my proof in this metaphor, is that its not a metaphor at all, it happens every day throughout the day new life new joy the animate the inanimate the old and the young the source and the product of two sources preducing a brand new life a brand new spirit into the world and the experience of it…the proof that yes there is pain yes there is illness andcyes in the very same hospital that is working on healing those illnesses is a maternety ward bringing new healthy happy life , life that has the potential to be a new source of healing through joy into the world….
    My faith is that when im in pain and i just want to let it all go , yet am forced to see in my humanness i cant just let it all go , i always have something to hold on to and its the ribbon of truth knowing i can always remeber i can choose what i believe to be my truth, which is love compassion integrity and kindness to know all these atributes exist and there is the hand of every person choosing to try in there humanity with there spirit and soul to be living examples of these things by being them. By using there faith and commitment to them there desire for them and then being those atributes in there intentions their thoughts, speach and deeds into the world unifying and collaborating with like minded people to infuse the world with the essence of these atributes and making the world a mirror image of it…
    That i to can choose to try to alighn and think speak and act in these ways…and even when i forget get off track i can return and know im a part of many and im not alone in trying to try to be the force of good in the world.To remeber that when i forget get off track dont act in these attributes i can compassionately forgive myself and in doing so hold myself in truth recognizing my imperfection and then in returning to integrity know if im just human trying then im the same as all and in turn must practice and bestow that same self love and compassionate understanding that allows me to forgive myself for my fallibilitys to everyone .And in relizing that i ak freed from the pain of feeling let down or hurt because i can see its just part of being a imperfect being striving to be all that i can in goodness to appreciate the succsesses in it and to forgive the falls for we all have them.The pain of being let down dissapates when its backed with the knowledge that it wasnt intentional and most probably it was backed in love that got a bit confused, just as i do…
    When that sting is healed i can feel and recieve the unfallen love the actuao living breathing existing care love compassion grounded in integrity that is sorounding and nurtering me and those around me.In that illumination i can be inspired to be a part if this vibration and im home once again….
    Life is proof of this faith for life is full of acts and experiences of love,joy, compassion and people who have the conviction of knowing that all these atributes must be grounded in integrity and truth in order for it to thrive and be grounded in a container of health and healing for love without healthy boundreys is subject to being chaotic even with the best intentions but love held hand in hand with integrity and truth is a foundation we can all unify and harmonize in and with.
    This is the faith the beliefe the knowledge the linear reminder that i can reasure myself with and hold on to when i want to let the pain of fear go…

  68. I find a deeper meaning and personal growth through my trust of the Universe. When I slow down and be in the moment, I feel flow, Relax and Abundance ans the Universe shown me the sign. I manifest my miracle moments.

  69. Love this and love you and your book. I can assure everyone using the tools and practices in this book has changed my life. I am currently writing a book about this. gabby, you have been my number 1 inspiration for this. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the journey and spiritual path you have put me on. I’m coming to NYC Jan 6th to see you! ( well it’s sold out but I have faith I will get a tic) already have my plane tic and hotel so I belive this will happen. Can’t wait to read detox judgement! ❤️❌⭕️

    1. I love how you already have a hotel and flight! And you know you will get a ticket! You are an inspiration in taking that leap, that leap of faith! Thank you for this!

  70. I am so happy and grateful for my faith statement: The universe has my back. It guides me to reach my highest good. It is love and I am love, and when I am in tune with the love force of the universe, I manifest all I desire. I project love and peace to all. I am grateful for the gifts that the universe bestows.

  71. I’m brave and determined to achieve my target goals. I’m not afraid of what others think about me and I’m free to express my feelings and opinion. I feel generous and want to give more to the world and people around me.
    No matter how hard it is and how much I struggle, I’m always looked after, protected. Everything happens for a reason and I’m able to overcome all the problems. I’m not afraid of taking risk in life and getting out of my comfort zone. I have a freedom to be my true self.

  72. The universe is full of love & if I am filled onlybwith love then I can align myself with the universe. If I’m in alignment I will have no worries, I can’t make wrong decisions or take wrong turns. I will always be safe & secure.
    Being in alignment makes me feel free & excited, like I can take on the world & make a difference.
    My faith gives me the freedom to be or to achieve anything I set my mind to, it gives me hope & confidence.

      1. When I have faith in the universe and trust the process that has brought me to this moment I have no fear. I feel safe, loved and confident even in the face of the unknown. My wants and desires are free to be heard, and I know that I can handle all that is in front of me with love, self-compassion and faith. I welcome the signs that are around me and feel supported by spirit.

        1. As I compose my faith statement, I’m inspired by yours, Meredith. Your description of the process lines up directly with my answers to the 5 questions from Gabby. Completely accepting and actively using my gift of healing is the purpose and outcome of my faith statement. Through faith, I am equipped as a conduit for the Universe’s love to heal others in my path

  73. Hi Gabby and spiritual friends,

    Here is my faith statement:
    I believe in the universe and its guidance in bringing me strength, empowerment, safety, courage, calmness and confidence. At this point in my life I receive signs the universe is helping me change my life for the better. It feels amazing, free (like a flying), and that there is no weight holding me down to be in faith and complete trust with the universe. This faith gives me the freedom to love, laugh, attract positivity and good intention.


      1. I am a blessed child of God safe in the arms of a loving Universe. I believe in Love truly knowing I am supported and guided always. There is no fear just Love and its joy and light will continue to guide me in this lifetime and beyond opening my eyes heart and mind. I trust in the Universe, I have faith in my connection and I surrender to Love.

  74. I have the power to heal my life when I trust. I am always being protected by the universe. He continues giving me unlimited support and love in all situations and allow me to relax, stay calm and keep enjoying the fun.

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