Create Your Faith Statement to Feel Connected to the Universe

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Super Attractor card deckLately, a lot of people are asking me a challenging question.

They’re asking me how they could possibly have faith in the Universe when there is so much uncertainty, fear and chaos in the world right now.

While the question is challenging, I’m really glad I have the answer.

Now more than ever we must strengthen our faith in the Universe through our devotional practice. It’s through reconnecting to the Universe that we can receive the miraculous guidance that is always available. We shut off our connection to that guidance when we lose faith in it.

We can’t wait for relief to have faith. We must commit to our faith in the Universe so that we can be conscious of all the miracles that are available to us, even in the most difficult times.

I know all of this sounds nice, but you may be thinking, “Gabby, really? How can I strengthen my faith when nothing is working out for me and the world is in crisis?”

Here’s how…

Create your faith statement

Have you written your faith statement? This is a beautiful exercise in strengthening your faith. Your faith statement will support you during challenging times and remind you that you’re always being guided.

This is an exercise from chapter 8 of my book The Universe Has Your Back. Even if you’ve created a faith statement in the past, I encourage you to regularly revisit it and edit it to reflect your spiritual beliefs.

When we strengthen our faith, we can do awesome spiritual work because we know we’re supported by a power much greater than ourselves. Your faith statement should make you feel GOOD!

How to create your faith statement

To write your faith statement, open your journal and follow this process.

Step 1: Answer these 5 questions

Gabby Bernstein writingJust free-write your answers without second-guessing yourself. Let your intuition come forward.

  1. What would your life be like if you knew you were always being guided?
  2. What would you do differently if you knew that the Universe had your back?
  3. Do you have spiritual proof that the Universe is guiding you? (Write down signs you’ve received, miracle moments and anything else.)
  4. How does it feel to be in faith?
  5. What does your faith give you the freedom to do or be?

Step 2: Write your faith statement

The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, the more fearless and free I becomeOnce you answer these questions, you can write your faith statement.

Revisit your answers to the questions above and underline anything that inspires you, excites you or resonates with you deeply.

Compile these sentences into one statement. Edit it, craft it and add anything else that comes through for you.

When you’re done creating your faith statement, you can share it if you feel called to do so. You can post it in the comments here, share it on social media or read it out loud to a friend you know will support you.

Rely on your faith statement daily

Read your faith statement daily. You can edit it in any way at any time.

When we have a faith statement, we feel more connected to the Universe every single day. We’re empowered knowing the Universe supports us.

In difficult times, let this statement bring you back to a sense of safety. It’s a reminder that you’re never alone. You don’t have to rely on your own strength. In any moment you can call on spirit to show you the way.

And whenever you’re about to embark on something new, turn to your faith statement to feel confident and excited. You are supported!

How to live your faith statement

When I lean on certainty and faith, I change my mind about the world I seeFor the next 24 hours, commit to living in faith. Begin now by reading your faith statement out loud to yourself, followed by this mantra:

I trust in my connection to the Universe, and I have faith I’m being guided.

Lean on your faith in the Universe over the course of the next day. When something feels in sync, celebrate it as a moment of alignment. When something goes wrong, recognize it as a detour in the right direction, offering you guidance and support.

Choose to see all that occurs as loving guidance. Forgive your negative thoughts and actions and immediately return to your faith statement.

If the thought of relying on your faith intimidates or overwhelms you, remember: this should be fun. It’s a radical and awesome experiment in what it’s like to live with trust in the Universe and a commitment to love.

Just for today, let’s see how it feels to lean toward faith in love no matter what.

At the end of the 24-hour period, take some time to reflect on your experience. In your journal, take an inventory of the miracle moments and write down an honest intake of when you resisted the support of the Universe.

Let this practice become part of your spiritual routine. Give yourself freedom breaks from the chaos you create in your mind and the fear of the world.

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  1. I too have read The Universe Has Your Back, and have held off on making a statement, as I just couldn’t quite get the right words out, to really “feel” it, if that makes sense. I came across this post at the perfect time and am so greatful for it, and all the beautiful and wonderous replies. Reading them all has allowed me to create a consolidated mash up of them all, to create my own statement that really speaks to me. Thank you Gabby and thank you all who shared their statements ❤

    1. Awesome, Krystal. So glad you honored your intuition and didn’t force yourself to do the exercise. Instead, you allowed your faith statement to come through at the right and perfect time. Great work! xoxo

  2. I read The Universe Has Your Back a while ago and put off writing my faith statement as I didn’t want to get it “wrong” or for it to “sound stupid” but I finally put pen to paper and just trusted that what I feel will come through. My faith statement is “I know that the Universe has my back and I am supported by a loving God. That support allows me the freedom to live in joy. I know that I am being guided and that everything happens for a reason and when I am in alignment with the power of Love I can let go and know that all is well. I can be a light for others and have fun along the way as a co-creator of my reality.” It makes me so excited to read it and believe it. Thank you for the inspiration – no I need to go and live it! xx

    1. Beautiful, Lesley. Thank you for sharing your faith statement with us! So glad you are moved and inspired by what came through! Words to live by for sure! xoxo

  3. I read The Universe Has Your Back a while ago and put off writing my faith statement as I didn’t want to get it “wrong” or for it to “sound stupid” but I finally put pen to paper and just trusted that what I feel will come through. My faith statement is “I know that the Universe has my back and I am supported by a loving God. That support allows me the freedom to live in joy. I know that I am being guided and that everything happens for a reason and when I am in alignment with the power of Love I can let go and know that all is well. I can be a light for others and have fun along the way as a co-creator of my reality.” It makes me so excited to read it and believe it. Thank you for the inspiration – no I need to go and live it! xx

    1. Love it, Lesley! Thanks so much for sharing your faith statement with us and wonderful that you feel excited to affirm it. Sounds like you’re doing great work! xoxo

  4. I love my twin flame with all my heart and build a family with him in this lifetime. By doing so, I ascend the earth’s civilization to save the world.

  5. Choosing love and surrendering to universal guidance cultivates a miraculous and synchronized day, allowing me to share my happiness and abundance with those I love.

  6. I’m on my way to get out of the “spiritual closet” fully and embrace the Universe’s guidance. It is such a relief to surrender, finally allowing myself to be protected. My Faith Statement goes:
    I am always guided and supported on my pursue to do anything and everything, living my way, teaching my Truth. I know and trust that the more I open to receive – I will be given even more. I have faith that my Guides lead me with their highest Wisdom, Truth, Love, and Compassion, offering solutions to all my questions, challenges, and issues. I do not have to rely on my own strength anymore, but I am more and more powerful. I surrender.

  7. Thank you Gabby! I don’t share this stuff much but I felt inspired to share this with you. I appreciate all that you are putting out there.
    My faith statement:
    I am honoring this perfect life with my continuous gratitude. I enjoy this health, this family and this creativity that I have been given. I gratefully and humbly accept the gifts that are being offered to me. I live in a proactive and productive way so that these opportunities will not go by unnoticed. I see and appreciate the magic all around me. Now I get to be the person I wanted to be.

    1. Beautiful, Julie! Thanks so much for sharing your faith statement. Sending you lots of light! xoxo

  8. I am a therapist at an all women’s residential substance use treatment center. We did this activity as part of our gratitude groups and several clients asked me to share their Faith Statements on here…

    “Have no fears. Show your tears. Have no worries. The universe is here, in the must you hear”- BL
    “There’s balance in this life of yours keep living and it will appear” -BL
    “You gotta let if flow to let it grow” -BL

    “The universe is aware and give gratitude to me so I will give the same back so that nothing or no one will be taken for granted” JSH

    1. Beautiful, Hayley! Wonderful that the treatment center has implemented this exercise. Thanks so much for sharing your clients’ faith statements with us. Please tell these women to keep shining their bright light. xoxo

    2. **edit**

      “Have no fears. Show your tears. Have no worries. The universe is here, in the music you hear”- BL

  9. If I KNEW You loved me no matter what, if I knew I was never alone
    and that You COULDN’T stop caring about me,..
    I would take risks. I would laugh more.
    I would do art. I would play.
    I would let myself cry. and cry and cry.

  10. Faith statement: I commit myself daily to trust in my Guides. They have not let me down. They guide and protect me. I will return to Faith over and over and surrender my fear.

  11. I need guidance. Gabby, asks: “How can I strengthen my faith when nothing is working out for me and the world is in crisis?” I answered the 5 questions to create my faith statement, but I could not create one. I cannot strengthen something that I do not have. How do I CREATE faith for myself when I am unable to trust in a friendly universe? I am trying so hard to remain positive and have been listening to/reading Gabby for inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Faith means releasing the fear enough to stand in the presence of light, love and peace and to share that with all those around me.

  13. Hi Gabby this was a lovely reminder of an affirmation which i learned from you – when you start to feel abundant, abundance will find you. I say the whole prayer as many times as i need to throughout the day … Thank you universe for helping me reinterpret my relationship to my ….. I put in whatever areas of my life i need help with. It opens my mind up to receiving guidance and hope and trust and yes, miracles. I have received help with finances, and i am working on my health and turbulent relationships in relation to work and family. For example, the universe guided me to take stress leave from work (the first time in decades) because i was working with Covid nurses – and i have a lung impairment – and also some not very nice office staff whose jealousy was making me very stressed. I am guided to return to work on Saturday but the people who were stressing me are no longer working there and HR agreed to offer me compressed hours so i only need to attend 3 days a week. This will help considerably with my stress/fear levels and i know the universe has my back even in a dangerous situations. My faith increases every day by saying this prayer and at the moment i am focussing on a black reading that i see my immune system in so it’s not in a red reading, which harms my body. Rewards of miracles, however small, are encouraging and real and i reach out to more answers. This prayer is my faith statement, and i love it! It serves me and i hope it can serve other people as well.

    1. Wow. Thank you for your beautiful share, Ann! Amazing that you experienced this energetic shift. We deeply honor the work that you’re doing and pray that you will be divinely protected. xoxo

      1. Thank you so much. Your encouraging words and ‘company’ when i am feeling lonely, mean so much to me xx

  14. When I was stressing raising my children, especially through the teenage years, during my morning meditation I would hear from Spirit, “The same God who got you through your teen years will get your children through theirs”. So in this difficult time I am hearing: “The God that had your back during your last crisis has your back during this one.” So comforting! Thank you Gabby for keeping our thoughts on positive energy but acknowledging we can all dip into the negative, but to forgive ourselves and move forward!!
    Also, thanks for reintroducing Judgement Detox. It’s keeping me on my toes during quarantine.

  15. Here is my faith statement: Feeling connected to the Universe and my faith allows me to feel good. I feel more confident and opens me up to the messages from Spirit and my angels. Being in alignment with the Universe takes my worries away and makes me calmer as if I was at the beach. Seeing cardinals makes me smile and I know Spirit is with me.

  16. When I feel my connection to the Universe and its loving guidance, I am fearless, hopeful, and free

    1. Stepping into my faith brings me confidence in times of uncertainty when I act in faith I am joyful and powerful!

  17. Such a beautiful reminder! When I don’t connect with myself on a daily basis, I lose the “big picture” and forget what is really important. Thank you for elevating me Gabby. Exactly what I needed today! Merci xx

  18. The days when the creator of myself and the creator of the universe meet and a the spirit of the earth meets the spirit of my soul magic happens and the power of synchronicity is captured.

  19. Faith is the most beautiful, trusting, free fall that could ever be imagined. Not only do I trust, I surrender to the sacred unfolding of a grand plan. I am present, joyful, and go outside of my comfort zone more. My body is the messenger – I am aware of its sensations and a heavy weight is lifted. My spirit soars, my mind is free. This freedom allows me to be myself.

  20. I feel amazing, safe, peace, relaxed, comforted and fully supported knowing that I have guidance of my highest truth and compassion here to guide me in My Life. All I need to do is ask!
    Thank you Gabby for all that you’ve done for me! You have no idea the leaps and strides I’ve been able to make with your guidance!

  21. I seek a life of faith, joy, and love. Living moment to moment is my goal, and I believe it can lead me to be free from doubts, worries, and fears. I am healing every day, and sometimes it hurts, and creates doubts, but I come back to love and faith. I want to feel the darkness leave me, slowly, letting the light in, and becoming a more peaceful and joyful person. I believe in this force.

  22. I am a Strong, Happy, Healthy and Holy Spirit divinely connected and guided. I am encouraged, supported and validated by a loving and benelovent Universe. All is Well. I trust in my connection to the Universe and I have faith I am being guided

  23. Hi Gabby thank you again for your help, my head was getting negative yesterday and the guidance came to put youtube on and the video of the universe has your back and it helped so quickly, thank you, I am getting a lot of help from you and the angels and I keep seeing black cats everywhere, that’s my sign to stay calm and know that everything will be ok, such strange times. cant wait for your next book, to add to my collection your amazing and I don’t know what I would have done at this time without your help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU XXX

  24. The more I rely on my faith and the universe, the more signs I will notice such as red cardinals and goosebumps, and the more abundant and hopeful I am of living a life of infinite possibilities and in tune with my highest self.

  25. Hi Dear Gabby
    I received this letter exactly at the time I was really disappointed and stressed out . I completely feel I’m really alone and nothing can help me , no universe or God or whatever we call it. I answered all questions in my journal and after I read again I found a sentence from my writing and I like it and want it share with you.

  26. When I trust and believe in the power, support and love from the universe I am free, I am clear minded, I am creative. My belief in the universe allows me grow and experience miracles.

  27. Yes Gabby, men read your books also! (I’m sure you knew this but some of your readers may not.) The Universe Has Your Back was recently passed to me by my wife of almost 47 years after she read it. I have had a quiet life, never missed a meal, have served thousands of patients (and learned to practice patience a thousand times) in my vision care practice. At my wife’s insistence, I retired last year and we moved across the state to be closer to grandchildren. I am so glad that I don’t have to run a business and take care of my employees during this quarantine-at-home time. Your book has helped me to focus on trusting the Universe, something I think I already do much of the time, and to share this confidence and positive attitude with others, especially including my wife who is highly sensitive to the chaos and fear in the media and in her own mind when she sees so many non-conformers to the best-practices recommendations.
    I know that I am here for a greater purpose, that my influence can help others even though I may never know the effect I have on them, so I live each day trying to say yes to more things and to see all sides to questions as best I can before responding with love.

    1. Wonderful, Gary. I’m so glad The Universe Has Your Back resonates with you and that you’re willing to respond with love. Reading your comment, I’m reminded of a quote from Mother Teresa, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” It sounds like you are already doing this! Fantastic! Sending you and your family big love! xoxo

  28. Faith statement: There is an infinite flow of guidance in us and around us lovingly leading us toward joy if we allow it. When we let it move us, let it lead us to our strength, we can fulfill our wildest aches to serve well. Clarity, ease, and flow are mine. When I’m willing to surrender, trust, and simply ASK, I’m guided. The people, the circumstances, the resources, and the opportunities will appear just as I need them.

    Thank you for the reminders to hold fast to our faith and we will be guided even now… especially now. <3

  29. This is such a flawless approach to what we all instantly have within us. It’s our own spiritual archeology. Gently unearthly the treasure buried within us over years of life’s rubble. Thank you for an excellent tool to dig and retrieve my golden heart longing to be reactivated to its natural state of “ being”!!!

  30. Hi Gabby. My faith statement is ‘I am being guided which brings me confidence, calmness and assurance in my abilities that the decisions I make are being supported by the greater good’

  31. My trust in the flow of the universe eases my burden. My faith provides me with courage, clarity, and calm. When I am connected to my faith, miracles occur, and Love SHOWS UP all around me… and you ❤️

  32. I’ve been writing in my journal about letting go of outcomes. I want so much to succeed in my business in the way I want and two days ago I started to take a step back to let go. Appreciate what I have already and remind myself that if it doesn’t work out the way I wish, I already have a good life and all I need; a loving family and the ability to be able to do most of what I want in the future. So it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t quite work out as planned. I want to let go so that more will come to me because I know I’m blocking it. And then I came across this. I see it as a sign and a message. Thank you Gabby.

  33. Knowing I am guided, my life is peaceful and carefree; I release the stress of plans and details, and simply embrace the loving spirits around me, mutually attracted in service.

  34. My faith statement is “It feels good to know I am on the right path. Because I am being lead, I can relax, let go and have fun!” Thanks Gabby!

  35. How will I know the universe will support me in these days of so much fear and anxiety?
    I do transcendental meditation at the moment which seemed to have helped a little.
    And that fact that I’m all alone with no loving partner to keep each other’s spirits up is
    really difficult.

  36. Hi Gabby…….(Iv’e written before a few times..) Time and time again, you continue to help me. Everybody has been literally punched in the face by the event’s of the last 6-8 weeks: Either we lost a loved one, received bad economic news, been displaced from our jobs, you name it.

    I’ve used affirmations on and off for years. WHEN I use them, I get a sense of peace and quiet. I’ll add a notecard which will include an encompassing Faith Statement!

    Thank you for your help, Gabby…..I appreciate it!


    1. Wonderful that you continue to revisit and rewrite your faith statement as you grow and evolve, Dan! It sounds like you’re doing great work! xoxo

  37. I’ve been reading and meditating with you for years – thanks for helping me in the journey back to myself. Especially today as I relearn this. Here is my new statement:

    God is always with me, guiding me towards the things my heart most wants and in the most perfect timing. God is in control and everything is always working out for me. I am, right now, being protected and guided towards what is best for me – always.

  38. When I rely on my faith I will always be ok. Even during hard times and difficult decisions. The more I rely on my faith the more I am fearless, able to take more risks and ready to let things go. With the universe by my side I am magical and peaceful.

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