Being able to embrace all your emotions when things are tough is resilience.

From the time I was a little girl, I’ve felt the presence of Spirit Guides all around me. These guides have been a great source of comfort for me, and I’ve leaned on their support for decades. But for the longest time, my guides were my secret. 

Then I sat down to write my 2019 book, Super Attractor—and I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. 

Dear Gabby Episode 25 Amanda Kloots

I came out of the metaphysical closet, and it felt sooo good! 

This BIG TALK episode of Dear Gabby got super spiritual, super fast. When I sat down with my beautiful friend Amanda Kloots, we wasted no time tackling loss, love and connection with Spirit Guides.

You might be familiar with Amanda’s story of loss …. but loss is just a part of her story. 

During the pandemic, Amanda’s husband, Nick Codero, spent three months battling COVID-19 in the ICU. On the 95th day, at just 41 years old, Nick transitioned to the other side.

Love After Loss

From that day on, Amanda has had a different relationship with her love. It’s not the relationship she would have chosen. It’s not the relationship I would’ve chosen for my friend. I was in tears many nights as I watched Amanda’s story unfold on Instagram. 

But the relationship that Amanda has with Nick now is very real. And it’s helping her not only get through her days, but to find sparks of joy within them. (And sometimes, a celestial orb— you have to hear AK’s incredible story about that). As Amanda tells me in the episode:

“I’d rather have a spiritual relationship over no relationship.”

Her grace and strength stopped me in my tracks. 

Now, with your willingness, I’d like to introduce you to your own Spirit Guides.

In this episode, Amanda and I talk about: 

amanda kloots dear gabby ep 25
  • How to connect to your Spirit Guides 
  • How to develop and fine-tune your relationship with someone after they’ve passed
  • How to move past fear and into comfort after loss 
  • Honoring your whole spectrum of emotions as you find your way back to joy
  • The art of keeping things in the day
  • Tools to feel less alone after loss 

In today’s BIG TALK, I also give Amanda a nightly ritual that she can use to channel Nick. You can use this practice too. It’s something I guarantee will really, really work for Amanda—and for you.

A Journaling Practice for Connecting With Your Spirit Guides 

amanda kloots dear gabby ep 25

At night, take out your journal and a pen. At the top of the page, write, “Thank you, [deceased loved one’s name], for revealing to me whatever you want me to know.” Then start writing, write whatever is on your mind.

As you continue putting pen to paper, you will know when your Spirit Guide starts dictating through you. Your handwriting might even change. Journaling is a really easy channel for your Spirit Guides to come though—they LOVE to co-create with you. 

If you don’t get any messages right away, don’t sweat it. Just be patient. The more still you are, the more you will hear. 

Amanda gives us all a great gift in this episode. She shares her tools for feeling your way through loss, and for honoring all your emotions so that you can lean toward joy once again. 

I am in awe of this beautiful soul’s resilience. As I tell Amanda on the episode, she is an expert in grief and loss now, unfortunately—but fortunately for the souls that she is serving. 

I also tell her she’s a human Elsa. Because in spite of all that she’s been through, Amanda just exudes this undeniable, magnificent light. You’ll see. This woman is a force

Amanda’s story is heartbreaking. But it’s also deeply inspiring. Especially if you’ve lost a loved one, my hope is that this episode opens you up to the idea that you can welcome a new relationship. I hope this awakens your desire to connect with Spirit. 

Let me and Amanda show you how. 

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The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

ABOUT AMANDA KLOOTS: Amanda is a former Broadway dancer, cohost of The Talk on CBS, and author of the New York Times bestseller Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Codero


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