Today, I’m going to tell you how you can be your own medium, and tap into your psychic abilities. But first, let me tell you about that time I met a psychic in the greenroom …

It was seriously wild! 

I was backstage, getting ready to go hit the set and talk about angels. (How cool is that!? An angel segment on national TV!) 

MaryAnn DiMarco was also a guest on that day’s show, and she had a pretty awesome icebreaker. As we were both chilling in the greenroom, MaryAnn turned to me and said: 

“Want to hear what I’m hearing from your spirit guides?” 

“Um … yes, PLEASE!” I replied. 

We’ve been good friends ever since … and MaryAnn is my guest on this Big Talk episode of Dear Gabby!

My girl MaryAnn is a psychic medium, author, healer and spiritual teacher. She uses her intuitive gifts to help others in so many aspects of their lives.

And — here’s the really groovy part — she helps others uncover their own intuitive gifts and tap into their psychic abilities! 

She even wrote an awesome book about it: Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance For Yourself and Others.

Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities

You, my friend, are a clear channel for divine guidance. You just have to tap into it! And you can learn how on today’s episode of The Dear Gabby podcast

Having MaryAnn in the podcast studio felt a bit like Christmas morning. You’ll really dig the easy, candid energy between us. Pour yourself a cozy drink, press play, and pretend you’re on a virtual coffee date with us! 

You might also want to have a journal handy. This episode is packed with so much gorgeous wisdom on tapping into your psychic abilities. You’ll learn: 

  • What it feels like to communicate with spirit (you probably feel this several times a day, and didn’t even realize it was spirit speaking to you)! 
  • WTF are spirit guides … and whether you have them
  • How to recognize spirit in symbols and signs (True story: My spirit guides used a llama to communicate with me!) 
  • The way that spirits visually appear (it’s not like the apparitions you see in a movie!) 
  • Tools for nurturing a child’s intuitive gifts (those “imaginary friends” might not be so imaginary after all …) 

Believe it to Receive It

MaryAnn and I will also hook you up with some solid tools for tapping into your psychic abilities and establishing a direct line to spirit. First thing’s first: You have to believe in your connection to divine guidance. 

As MaryAnn says on this Big Talk: “Everybody can pick up energy for themselves. Do I think everybody should go out and be a psychic medium? Maybe not. But can you pick up on guidance and information for yourself? Absolutely. It’s one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. It’s really just believing. Once you believe it, you can start hearing that information and it should feel familiar. It should feel like home.” 

Take that powerful statement in … and believe it!

Free-Write to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

An exercise that I use to connect with my spirit guides is free-writing! I especially love to do this after I meditate, when my energy is super relaxed and I’m a clear channel for information to come through. Want to try this for yourself? Here’s what to do:

  • Find a quiet place and an uninterrupted chunk of time. I prefer to channel my spirit guides in the evening, when I can light a candle and get really cozy. But you can do this whenever you feel called — you and your spirit guides may be most energized in the morning!
  • Sit back, relax, and press play on my Spirit Guides Meditation
  • After you’ve listened to the meditation, take out your journal and write at the top of the page: “Thank you guides of the highest truth of compassion for writing through me.”
  • For 4 minutes, free-write in your journal. Allow the voice of love to pour through you onto the page, and don’t edit a word! 
  • After you finish writing, send your guides a deep breath of gratitude and appreciation … and receive that gratitude and appreciation right back— feel it in your heart! 

How do you feel after that? 

On today’s podcast, MaryAnn said that people often ask her a question about free-writing exercises like this. ‘How do I know I’m actually channeling my spirit guides and tapping into my psychic abilities — and not just making stuff up?” There’s actually a very simple way to tell! Click here to hear MaryAnn’s response! 

A Crystal Clear Vision

MaryAnn is not only THE Medium Mentor … she’s my medium mentor! MaryAnn has really helped me tap into a my own channeling abilities — and I’m starting to use them more and more in my work! 

If you’re a frequent Dear Gabby listener, you’ve probably heard me channel for guests in the past. But if this is your first time listening, you’ll hear me channel for MaryAnn today! I got a crystal-clear vision of post-it notes … and MaryAnn explains the trippy reason why in our Big Talk

Children Have Psychic Abilities

Thanks to MaryAnn’s guidance, I’ve also been able to mentor my son in his mediumship. In this episode of Dear Gabby, I share the story of 4-year-old Ollie’s spirit-guide soccer buddies  —  and the time we both thought we saw a mouse … which wasn’t a mouse at all! I honor Ollie for his gifts, and I’m helping him nurture them. 

As MaryAnn says in this Big Talk: We all have a divine right to tap into the light that is within us and make a connection to the Universe. We were born with these abilities. We were taught to forget them.”

I don’t want to teach Ollie to forget those abilities! So for any parents, teachers or caretakers of young children out there, this podcast offers guidance on how to help a child become an intuitive being. 

Listening to Spirit

Before you hop into this episode of the Dear Gabby podcast, I want to congratulate you for being here. As MaryAnn says in this Big Talk, “if you’re listening to the podcast today, you’re listening to spirit!” 

I’m so excited to have you listen to spirit today!

Want more guidance establishing a deep connection with your spirit guides and tapping into your intuition? Join me for my 21-Day Meditation Challenge! Registration is open until April 5, 2022.

For more on channeling your spirit guides, check out this video: 

Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

MaryAnn DiMarco is a gifted psychic medium, intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher. I love her new book Medium Mentor so much, I wrote the forward for it! MaryAnn has been my personal medium mentor, and I can attest to the beautiful ability she has to help others hone their intuitive gifts. Click here to order the book!

If you want more guidance on forming a deep connection with your spirit guides, check out my book Super Attractor! This book will help you know — without a doubt — that spirit is with you at all times. 

I just launched my 9th book! Happy Days is my most profound spiritual work yet, and it will give you the guided path from trauma to profound freedom and inner peace. I believe that spirit works through many things — including books — and it’s my sincerest hope that Happy Days lands in the hands of anyone who needs it. 

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If you feel that you need more support, or information on where to find a trauma therapist near you, please check out this list of mental health resources. I’m proud of you for being here. 


The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Hey there. Welcome to Dear Gabby. I’m your host Gabby Bernstein. And if you landed here, it is absolutely no accident. It means that. Feel good and manifest a life beyond you...

The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Hey there. Welcome to Dear Gabby. I’m your host Gabby Bernstein. And if you landed here, it is absolutely no accident. It means that. Feel good and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s get started.

GABBY: We are here on Dear Gabby with one of my best friends. Who’s also one of my guides and mentors and spiritual sisters. This is like, it’s like Christmas here today. Okay. So we’re here with my girl. MaryAnn DiMarco, AKA MaryAnn, the Medium, AKA the Medium Mentor. So MaryAnn. Okay. We’re here. We’re talking about your new book, your new book, The Medium Mentor.

And I, I have to say. This book was, I think it was written for me. [laughs]

MARYANN: It was. The whole thing. Channeled.

GABBY: You literally channeled the book for me. And I mean that because you’ve been my media mentor for all of our friendship. From the day we met in the green room of Dr. Oz and we were backstage and we were actually on the episode together.

We were both coming through. She was there to channel angels for the audience. And I was there to talk about what angels mean to us in our life and what a beautiful way to become friends.

MARYANN: Such a beautiful way to become friends, divine intervention.

GABBY: Totally. And then we’re in the green room and she’s like, do I want to hear what I’m hearing for you?

And I was like, yes, please. And you went it when you went for it. And it was so spot on. MaryAnn is such an amazing medium. She has such a direct line to spirit, but right now, what’s most valuable, most important to you is to teach other people how they can create that connection too.


GABBY: And so I just want to hear from you first and foremost, why now, why do you feel it’s so important to be this medium mentor to teach other intuitives how to connect?

And when I say intuitives, that’s everybody, that’s not just, you know, someone who identifies as a psychic or a medium; that’s anyone. Why now? Why now?

MARYANN: Now? Because I was called to; now because I was guided to. Everything I hear and have been hearing since the beginning of 2020 was wake them up, wake them up, teach them, teach them, teach them.

And s,o when you pay attention to that, you, you can’t help but do that call. And so now is now because they said it was my guide said it was, I didn’t ask. I just listened. And so out comes the book.

GABBY: When you listen, what, how, how do you, I was talking to a girlfriend last night. So you and I had dinner last night with two of our good friends and my friend.

It’s funny. It’s like, I think everybody sits down to dinner with you and is like, is she going to start channeling for me? Oh my God. But in this instance, we were talking about real estate and I think mediums love to channel for real estate. Like I just, this is my experience with my medium friends is like, you know, they love to like see the apartment story, you know?

Cause there’s so many layers in it. Yeah. So helpful for somebody to have a real estate reading. And you started channeling not totally out of nowhere, but in conversation with Jesse, my girlfriend, about some real estate stuff. And. I was thinking, I said to her in the car, I said, when I start hearing spirit, I start speaking really fast.

And I start feeling almost like, there’s like this revving up and like, it’s energizing. And so I’d love to hear from you how you start to know that you’re getting a download or how you just ask for it, or what are your ways of communicating with spirit? What does that mean to you? And this is where the mentorship is going to begin.

Cause I think that people need to know, well, what does it feel like when I’m hearing something and how do I trust that?

MARYANN: I could tell you what it’s not, it’s not a trance. No, it’s not like my eyes rolling back into my head. And then all of a sudden I hear the voices open up. Spirit comes in your own voice.

And so that feeling of being bottled up and needing to say something, then almost that forward motion in your thought. And in your words, that’s what it feels like. I feel compelled and pulled to say something with permission. Of course. Right. We always want to ask permission. Don’t just randomly start reading people, but that’s what it feels like.

And when I first started reading people and even today, still I will have that revved up. Let me tell you what’s happening. Here’s how fast they’re coming in. And I think that just depends on your style too, and how you receive energy from spirit. So sometimes that’s our personality and what’s so freeing about that is that it can be authentic.

It can be right. So there’s no right way to hear them. There’s no style. That’s right. It’s just you. So if you’re a fast talker or you receive information pretty quickly, it’s going to come out that way. Sometimes the message is really thoughtful. And I have to think, right? Slows me down. Spirit wants me to really listen because maybe it’s careful in its delivery needs to be right.

It needs to be very careful and still very, or I’m trying to determine what the signs and symbols are, and I’m translating the whole time. It’s like translating a foreign language. So I, I think the styles really depends on the spirit. their personality and yours.

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GABBY: So let’s unpack what you just said. So the first thing that I wanted to unpack is you said what they say to me, so I know what you’re talking about, but somebody listening that’s like, I don’t know anything about mediumship or channeling. What is, who’s the they?

MARYANN: Spirit guides. Who are the universal team on the other side, we all have them.

Everybody has them. They are here with you, your entire life guiding you, protecting you. Helping you, loving you unconditionally, source, God, light universe—whatever that means to you can translate that however you like, whatever feels comfortable for you, your angels, of course. And your loved ones. Our loved ones are always with us again, guiding us, but in a different way than our spirit guides, more reassurance, telling us they’re with us, that we can lean on them, that their support hasn’t gone.

So if I’m channeling for myself, I’m using my own guides, my own spirit guides, angels, loved ones on the other side, if I’m channeling for somebody else then I’m picking up on that energy of the person that I’m sitting with and their guides and loved ones are telling me the information for them, and everybody can do this.

Everybody can pick up energy for themselves. Do I think everybody should go out and be a psychic medium, maybe not, but can you pick up on guidance and information for yourself? Absolutely. It’s one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. So if you lean into that, it’s really just believing once you believe it, you can start hearing that information and it should feel familiar. It should feel like home.

GABBY: You also said that there’s this way that they communicate to you in symbols and signs. I understand that. So for instance, I want to give an example of you channeling for me, there’s so many, but there was a period when I was going through fertility treatment and you were trying to, you were trying to help me get my egg quality up.

And you said the girl with the Llama, or you’re like, I’m seeing Lamas, I’m seeing llamas. And then, that spoke to me, because just days earlier, I was with my same friend, Jesse, who just spoke about who’s a healthy chef and she has llamas. And we were talking about how she was going to create a food plan for me, for my egg quality.

So you saw the llamas. I was just with the llamas, which was going to help me know what you meant, and then that was going to lead to Jesse. So let’s talk a little bit about the different types and styles of signs and symbols that we can get from Spirit.

MARYANN: You can see many things. It depends. It depends on your clairs, right?

We all have them. Are we hearing spirit clairaudient? Are we seeing spirit—clairvoyancy. Clairsentience—are we feeling it? So depending on how you communicate, spirit, will utilize those gifts and abilities to get through to you. Dreams are a wonderful way to communicate with spirit. When I am speaking with spirit, I’m using all of them.

I’m hearing them. I am seeing them. I am feeling them. So all at the same time, I’m having this crazy three-way conversation with spirit, the person that I’m sitting with and everything’s going on at once. But for some reason, I’m able to decipher the difference and start to see things within a third eye. I might even hear Llama, I’ll see a Llama.

I’ll see the farm. I’ll see things that mean Llama to me, maybe it’s a sweater with a Llama on it. They will make their point; the trick of it all for yourself to get past that questioning is to just believe that what you are seeing is purposeful and real. And that the point of it all is to not question it, to just lean into it and let them flow.

So a lot of psychics and mediums you’ll hear, oh, my sign and symbol for. So sometimes if I see jingling keys, that means real estate stuff. Like we were talking about. If I see a big heart, I know we’re going to talk about relationships. Right? So I’ve learned through doing this work and just repetition and repeating it and practice…

GABBY: It’s the way they speak to you.

MARYANN: That’s right, right. One of the ways, one of the ways.

GABBY: So, let’s back up. So when you say, see, and here, do you mean now, some people will physically see in their physical eye, a human, you know, another spirit in form in front of them. I believe you see in your mind’s eye. Correct?

MARYANN: I see in my third eye, from the third eye, the center right here in the forehead right here, guys there, and I get that right in there.

And it’s imagery. It’s like a slide show.

GABBY: Are you, are you seeing it? Like, are you seeing it like as if you’re replaying a movie in your head?

MARYANN: Yeah, like a slideshow and it’s quick images, by the way.

GABBY: Are you hearing it like the way you hear an author, when you’re reading a book?

MARYANN: It is not audible in the sense that it’s something outside of myself.

GABBY: So it’s like when you’re reading and you hear that voice.

MARYANN: That inner voice, and remember spirit can come in your own voice and usually does. That sentence changed my life when I was told that that spirit comes in your own voice, that it’s not something spooky and outside of ourselves, it’s not that it’s right within you.

And once you learn to tap into that frequency, you can hear some spirit is so clear it’s as if we’re speaking, just like you and I, and as far as seeing, yes, I have seen apparition. I’ve seen, you know, that sort of a ripple effect. I’ve seen full apparition, but it’s very fleeting and quick. It says full being and full being in front of me, not like something you’d see in the movie.

The image of, and it’s like something like quick seen with the naked eye. Very rare.

GABBY: Like little kids can see full apparition.

MARYANN: I fully believe that. Yeah.

GABB: Olly’s always talking about the people he sees. Yeah. He says those boys were playing soccer with me last night. Who are those boys, man? Those boys, those boys. Okay.

So I, I hear in my own voice, but then I hear when I’m channeling, particularly on this show, I hear almost, an ethereal kind of speaking in this, the voice of like dear daughter, you are a divine being of light. So what is that voice too? Because, cause I’ll interpret, I’ll hear that voice and then I’ll express it as my voice, but then I’ll start to actually hear it and write that voice or speak that voice.

MARYANN: That’s a guide. And when people ask me if they’re doing what we call an automatic writing. So if you’re just sitting down purely channeling from spirit, not really thinking about what you’re writing, but allowing spirit to guide the pen for you, automatic writing and having that download and writing it out, people will often ask me, well, how do I know if I’m not making.

And I always say to them, do you speak like that? Do you speak like dear daughter, may you feel protected and loved today with the light flowing through you give to others. Right? So it’s very, this sort of ethereal-sounding voice that some guides sound like. Other guides are very straightforward, but there should be something different about the voice.

It doesn’t really sound like you in that. What is how it’s being spoken is your style of speaking. It’s very quite, it’s quite different.

GABBY: Correct. Yep. Are you hearing spirit all the time, seeing spirit all the time or do you, or can you shut it off and turn it back on?

MARYANN: You have to learn your boundaries. Am I tapping in for somebody else all the time? No.

Because I would be hearing voices and kind of not sleeping ever, sort of telling everybody to be quiet. I mean, it could be pretty loud and hustling and bustling. So now I’m not channeling for everybody else all the time. Do I feel like I’m tapped in for myself all the time? Absolutely. I speak to my guides just like I speak to you.

They are your friends.

GABBY: You’re like, at Whole Foods and you’re like I got it. I know.

MARYANN: Literally do.

GABBY: Get some kale.

MARYANN: Yeah. Like literally I’m like, I hear you. I mean, my kids walk around the house. They’ve gotta be like, Who is she talking to? I don’t think they even ask anymore, but sometimes I’m like, all right, because it is personal.

They know me better than anybody and they know you better than anybody. So why not speak to them like they’re your buds. They are. Yeah. They’re your friends.

GABBY: Love that.

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GABBY: Okay. There are so many questions I want to ask. So you can hear. You can see, I see through sparks of light, sometimes that looks like tinsel and the sky. Is that like an angel? Is that a guide?

MARYANN: It depends on the energy that you’re channelling. So if I’m reading somebody, often I’ll start to see sprigs of light pop up on either side of them.

It could be a loved one of theirs. In your case, it might be guides that are trying to get your attention, especially if you see them around your child right around Ollie, you know, you might see his little guides protecting.

GABBY: I see them around healers. Like they’re very much. So I am in a therapy session. I see them above the therapist.

MARYANN: Right. So a healer, especially channeling an energetic soul from the other side that can help their healing process. And if you’re open to seeing it and you acknowledge what you’re seeing, well, then you’re going to start to see it more and more. You won’t question it and that’s really cool. Cause you can kind of check out energy around you.

You do that as well if you’re walking into a room, feels kind of funky sort of check in on the energy and see what’s around. And lend yourself to a clearing. I don’t know, prayer, a healing, prayer protection. If you feel it, a lot of people, anxiety, you know, walking into big rooms can be really tough. If you start to open yourself up to what you can see in that room, you can adjust the energy for yourself.

Maybe give yourself a little bit more protection.

GABBY: Or close your cloak.


GABBY: Literally like zip it up. Or at a book signing line. I always cross my legs and sometimes even cross my arms just gently, because it’s saying like, my energy is not for everybody else.

Right. Cool. Okay. Now, When we connect often, it’s kind of this cool conversation between you, me, my guides, your guides. It’s it’s cool. And I, and then because of that freedom in our dialogue, I feel comfortable saying to you, I’m hearing this and it’s such good practice for me. So I wonder, you know, in the medium mentor, in the book, the book is sort of like a way of practicing.

Cuz there’s these principles and your guidance. And so folks can really begin to get into that daily habit of feeling comfortable just being in the practice of communicating.

MARYANN: So many things I love about what you just said. Number one, you should be comfortable speaking to your guides, especially if you’re working with somebody.

And that’s exactly what you should be doing, working with somebody. If you want to get into this type of practice and really opening yourself up, you should really have a true understanding about the responsibility of the practice. We’re not going to dabble. We need to be consistent in the practice because you’re only slighting yourself if you don’t.

And you get to learn how to protect yourself. It’s really important.

GABBY: You know, I teach, as you know, and you’ve spoken on my stage where we’ve the spirit junkie masterclass teach all these different spiritual leaders and teachers and people that want to be, you know, stepping into that power. I always joke that it’s not a joke.

It’s true. That the number one reason I created that course was to teach other spiritual teachers how to not fuck with the energy.

MARYANN: Don’t fuck with the energy. And you do a beautifully, and it’s, it’s such an important message that you channel. You know, your guides are giving you that message to teach the masses.

And when you’re a lightworker, which is what I call people who kind of do this work and tap in and share it, a lot of people call them lightworkers. You’re being asked to do that for the greater good, the higher good of all concerned. And part of that is really encouraging people to stick to the practice, be consistent in your practice because you learn so much when you do.

And that’s what I’m hoping. So when they pick up this book, Medium Mentor, that’s what I’m hoping. They receive a consistent practice that they can stick with that’s normal.

GABBY: I just started channeling for you. I’m not even kidding you. I actually think that it’s easier to channel around other channels.

MARYANN: Absolutely, because you’re comfortable and open.

GABBY: And you’re so open, so, yeah. Okay, cool. And I trust that you’re going to believe what I’m saying. So I just saw in my mind’s eye or you would say your third eye, I saw your book. And I saw a bunch of post-it notes and I saw somebody going back to it over and over so that it looked like almost like writing and scribbling and post-it notes in it.

And it’s like a practice book that becomes like something that just constantly are going back to.

MARYANN: I love that.

GABBY: It’s a very good vision.

MARYANN: It has a double meaning to that because somebody who’s helping me give this book out, get this book out to many people, just did a pop-up where it was for mindfulness and they were all post-its.

People were writing positive posts it’s all over the place. So I can confirm that. My beautiful student is channeling for me. And I’m so excited.

GABBY: See, this is what it’s all about. I it’s true because so you’ve been a spiritual guide to me. You’ve been a friend to me. You’ve been a channel to me. And most importantly, you’ve been a confidence-builder in my own mediumship because, and that’s what your book is.

Your book is a confidence-builder in, in others mediumship because you’re saying. This isn’t for one type of person, this it’s like, anyone can play the piano, maybe, you know, Mozart plays better and maybe MaryAnn’s, you know, better, but like an easier channel. It’s the gift that you were given. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t channel to or that Miles, our producer over here…

MARYANN: Miles can do it too.

GABBY: Miles. You’re a channel.

MARYANN: Miles we’re going to get you channeling. That’s going to see what he comes up with. Absolutely. Everybody can tap into their own. We have a divine right to tap into our light that is within us and make a connection to the universe. We were born with these abilities. We were taught to forget them.

GABBY: That’s right.

MARYANN: We were taught to forget them. And if you start to remember what your soul already knows, it will be instinctual by the time you’re done with that book. By the time you’re done with a practice, which you’re never really done with. By the time you accept and believe, you won’t even be thinking about it anymore because it is instinctual.

It is part of who we are as humans on this earth. This is our part of our soul. It’s what we’re supposed to be doing. And it breaks my heart when people come to me and they say, I think I’m crazy. I don’t know what I’m doing. Why, how, why, how can I do this? Why not you do this? And if you were crazy, I’m certifiable, right?

I mean, there is use your imagination delve in there, get into it, be passionate about it. I promise you, it will lead you to the most amazing changes in your life.

GABBY: And I really appreciate that you said that we’re all mediums. We just we’ve been taught to not believe in it. Like my little Ollie, he can see and hear. And I remember, it happened yesterday. We both saw something moving so much so that I thought it was a mouse, but we’ve never seen a mouse in my entire house because my house is like Fort Knox. Like it was recently built. Mice would not get it unless they were getting in the front door. And so we both saw my, his nanny has slippers that she leaves at the house and he’s sitting behind the chair and he’s looking at the slippers and he’s like, I see this, I see this, I see this.

And I said, okay, then all of a sudden I see the slipper move. And then I screamed, oh my God, there’s a mouse. And Zach comes down, we look around, there’s no freaking mouse. And then I said, I guess it must just be a ghost. And then Olliet goes, ghost ghost. And I said, oh no, no, no, no, no, no. I stopped right away.

Not a ghost. First of all, if it was a ghost, ghosts are beautiful, we love ghosts. We only have happy ghosts in this house and it’s not a ghost cause I don’t want him to associate ghost with spirit. Right? And so I’m like, no, we just, we, and I literally picked him up and I said, we can see things and there’s people and there’s, there’s helpers around the house.

And that’s what we’re seeing right now, because what happens for these little guys is that they are so wide open. They can see it all and then the world shuts it down. So anyone that’s listening to this, if you want to help your child be an intuitive being. Talk about it with them, ask them what they see.

MARYANN: The greatest gift my mother gave me; my mother is a spiritualist. She has been open to other realms ever since I can remember. And so, when I started coming to her and saying, I saw a spirit in my room last night, or I think I’m channeling my deceased grandmother. She’s trying to tell me something, my mother and I would dream the same things on the same night.

And I would say to her in the morning I dreamt this and she would complete the dream for me before I could finish it. And so she normalized this for me. She said, of course you are, they’re all around you. God is all around you. Light is all around you, Talk to them. Let them know you’re here, let them know they need you.

And she was teaching me how to meditate when I was five and six years old. And I was going to meditation classes with her and she gave me books about ascended, masters and different levels of consciousness. And did I leave it? Yeah, when I was 16, 17, I wanted no part of what was woo-y and weird. I wanted to be normal quote unquote.

Right? I didn’t want to think about any of that type of stuff, but it never left me. And I owe that to my mom because she never shut it down. She always encouraged it. She made it really super normal without putting me on a stage. Which was really important if I brought it up to her, it was accepted.

Did she feed my mind with information and knowledge? Absolutely. But she never made me perform, which is really cool.

GABBY: Did she know that you are a medium before…

MARYANN: Oh, yeah. She’s always known. She’s like you’re psychic, you know, we’ve had, we had psychics come to the house. John Edward told her. John Edward, she got a reading from him when he was about 19 years. And he said your daughter’s psychic.

She just doesn’t know how to use it. And I was so grateful for that message from him because it was so validating and I thought, oh, all right. Yes. Okay. So it’s, it is that this is not just weird and me and just my own little secret. This is actually a thing. Yeah. He legit, he like made it legit with that one, with that one word.

GABBY: Oh, right. Yeah. He was guided to you to give you that confirmation to set you on your path.

MARYANN: If I ever meet him. Thank you, John.

GABBY: How cool is that? Okay. Was she in her wishing a private reading with him?

MARYANN: Yeah, just in a prime reading. He was like really young. Starting out. And my grandmother had just passed and she told me all about the reading.

And of course it was a wonderful, beautiful reading. And that’s what part that she told me. And it always stuck with me. My guides told him to say it. I totally believe it. And I, I know that this was part of the path. I never forgot it, that I knew that someday be doing something with it. I didn’t think it would be all this, but yeah.

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GABBY: Well, what’s so cool is that you’re now in this desire of commitment to us, to your students, to anyone that’s seeking spiritual connection in this way. And you’re able to use the gift that you’ve given people for so many years because you know, people seeking counsel, see people seeking, seeking relief, connection.

Now you’re helping other people do that for others. So it’s just, I just find that to be such a way of spreading the message.

MARYANN: Thank you. My greatest joy of this work is that my guides, uh, 10 years ago, I channeled: you will teach. And at that time, I remember thinking, I just want to read people and I hope that’s.

I hope I do a great job with that. Like my ego was all in and I just wanted to please and do okay. And once I moved out of that and I kept hearing this repetitive theme of you will teach, you will show them, you will teach. It just when it started to come up, I just trusted the timing of it, which we all should do.

Trust the divine timing, the universe, what they show you. Yeah. Now it feels like completely, the next part of this work and this practice is to show people

GABBY: I’m channeling for you again. So here we are. So one visual I see. As you said it was like, you see certain visuals, like a heart is the relationship. For me, I often am channeling. I believe I channel most when someone is about to sort of elevate and move into another level of either spiritual connection or personal development or career development. Okay. And so I see often the hands clapping, and I’ve said that a lot on the show. And so I’m seeing your guides with the clapping hands.

And then I went to the thought of me lying in bed yesterday when you called me and you said, I just need to run this by you. I want to mainly teach. I just want to teach. I just want to mentor. I don’t, I it’s not that you’re like I’m shutting down all my readings, but it’s not what you are being called for.

MARYANN: It’s a, it’s a different, thank you for that.

GABBY: They’re clapping.

MARYANN: And I, yes, let’s do it. It’s what, it’s not really a conscious choice. It’s a guidance that I am receiving that I am accepting. It’s a flow and not a chase. So if I am forcing parts of this practice, and this is for anybody in your life, if you’re forcing areas of your life, that you don’t feel in alignment with, you have to just pause and listen and trust that the breadcrumbs are going to come up.

And they’re going to start to show you your next steps. So. Yeah, I am so drawn to showing people how to do this work. And does that mean I am reading them at the same time? Absolutely. I was channeling, channeling your guides; I’m channeling your loved ones, but they are telling you it’s time.

GABBY: Right. You’re channeling in the pursuit of elevating their intuitive force.

MARYANN: Exactly. So the reading takes on not just a general psychic meeting reading, which is beautiful. But it takes on just a bigger picture and that I feel like it really encompasses a full-on, a guidance of where you’re going, how to get there, what you can do. It has motion.

GABBY: And it helps people not feel so reliant on their medium or their psychic, you know?

MARYANN: Yeah, you don’t need me. I mean, I love when you come to me, but you don’t need, don’t need it. You can learn how to do this for yourself.

GABBY: And people get really addicted to their mediums. And I’m sure you’ve seen it many for like, you know, they…

MARYANN: I say feel like a magic eight ball. Sometimes just want to shake me up and get the answer. And I get it. I get it.

GABBY: Especially when you’re in crisis.

MARYANN: Absolutely. When you’re in crisis and you can’t get to your medium or your psychic.

GABBY: I have you on speed dial.

MARYANN: You do. I love you. But it is. And what I said to you last night, you had said this, something like that, you do the work. And to me, that feels like a mentoring. When I can say to you, here’s your homework, here’s what we’re going to work on.

That feels again, that’s it has that motion, your guides. And I’ve talked about this many times. Spirit’s not here to give you an answer. They are here to give you guidance. And if you follow that guidance, I promise you, you will find your answer. The fun is getting to the answer. Why not learn as you go? Because the lessons are invaluable and that’s what they want to show you.

They want to show you this path. If you skip all of that, you’ll just wind up, repeating it again and learning.

GABBY: Oh yeah. There’s no quick fix.

MARYANN: So the addiction. Can be. Yes, absolutely. And I used to tell people, you know, come to me, they would, before I had a waitlist, they would say to me, can I see you next month?

And I would say, no, you could see me in a year. You know, and now if I have a client who’s learning how to do this, I’ll see them more on a regular basis. That’s different.

GABBY: But if you’re looking, I think that’s good advice if you’re going out and you’re trying to get like a life reading or something maybe once a year.

MARYANN: Yeah. And believe me, it’s so much fun. Go see your astrologer, have a human design reading. That was a great, do different things that feed your soul and that you feel in alignment with, but rely on your own intuition. What feels good to you and go with that. Take what feels like you can feel it inside that it, it registers with you from each reading, from each experience and learn what that feels like for you intuitively and then do it for yourself.

GABBY: I also think that we’re guided to readings at certain times, so that we can actually be led to something that we need to know. So for instance, like our good friend, Rebecca, who is Rebecca Rosen is a beautiful medium. She. She gave me a reading a while back and in the reading, she said that I was going to have a white cat.

Now I don’t think if she hadn’t told me that. I don’t know if I would have ever gotten the cat. Isn’t that interesting?

MARYANN: Well, people often say to me, if they haven’t been able to get a reading with me or they had to wait a while or whatever it was. And they can’t believe that I was reading them at the moment when they needed it the most.

And I always say, spirit knows when you’re there. They do the scheduling. I don’t do my schedule. Spirit does your scheduling.

GABBY: There you go.

MARYANN: And I just trust it and they’ll cancel appointments on me as well. Yeah. And I trust that they are bringing me people and for myself too, that need that information at that most specific moment. That the timing is so on point that it is, it’s awe-inspiring. I mean, it is really incredible what the universe can do and how they work. And when you start to do this on a consistent basis, and you’re like, I can’t believe we’re talking about this. I wanted to name the book, I can’t believe you just said that.

Because I, every reading someone says to me, how…

GABBY: Can you save that title for another book?

MARYANN: I can’t believe you just said that. But yeah, that’s how they work. Of course.

GABBY: What’s your biggest intention for your readers to take away from this book?

MARYANN: Oh gosh. I hope they take away how powerful they are, how that light lives within them, that they need, they can trust the universe, that they can trust what they’re hearing, what they’re seeing, what they’re feeling and that they are part of the storyline, that they’re part of the equation and not just being shown it or told it, that they themselves have the power to be a participant. And that they can figure that out through this practice.

GABBY: They can be a participant. I love that.

MARYANN: They’re the lead.

GABBY: They are the lead. Yeah. Yup. So as we wrap up a little bit here, I kind of want to hear from you what you’ve been hearing lately, because you heard, you channeled for yourself that you needed to write this book because you were noticing people needed to wake up, needed to accept their own personal mediumship.

What are you hearing for us now? Because the book’s written. It’s out. What’s now, what are you feeling for us now?

MARYANN: Heal the collective.

GABBY: Heal the collective. What does that mean?

MARYANN: To me, that means to put more love out there. Heal. Through the words that spirit is giving me, teaching them to heal themselves through what spirit can tell them.

A lot of healing I think, needs to take place. The other thing that I hear a lot is that people are really stepping into this thinning veil and that it’s time for them to pay attention. And so, this book is timely for me in that manner, in that it’s really starting to come together very nicely with what I hear from my guides, as far as like a worldly channel that we are in this age of enlightenment.

And that, that can feel like an unraveling in many ways, but really it’s a disassembling of what no longer serves us. And that we’re actually stepping into empowerment in a totally different way than anyone could have imagined. It’s really quite powerful and really beautiful. And if you say yes to that, you’re going to be a huge part of that light in that role.

I think it’s incredible to channel stuff like that.

GABBY: Right. It’s a time now where people are either saying yes to, anyone that’s listening to this show is saying, yes, they are saying yes. I don’t think they’d be still listening right now. Right?

MARYANN: They wouldn’t know something made them sit right now and watch this podcast at this moment.

And I hope the words are resonating with you and what we’re talking about because that itself is divine guidance and you listened. I always tell people in my workshops, especially my level ones, you said, yes, You click the button, that’s your first cue. Listening to spirit. Right? So it’s the same thing today.

If you’re listening, you’re listening.

GABBY: You’re listening to spirit. And then there’s a lot of folks that are just numbing out because it’s just too much.

MARYANN: Yeah. So one thing at a time. One step at a time.

GABBY: And that’s okay if someone’s like, oh yeah, I’ve been numbing out for three years and now I’m here.

Great. You’re here now. You’re here now.

MARYANN: And that’s enough.

GABBY: Ah, what’s the most important lesson for someone who is embarking on the path of heightening their intuitive abilities?

MARYANN: Trust and belief.

GABBY: Okay.

MARYANN: Belief system, it kind of comes in it’s trust. It’s believing and consistency. It’s kind of, they kind of all go together because I think that when you move out of that trust and belief, you’re inconsistent.

And then you shame yourself because you’re inconsistent. It’s this like vicious cycle. So if you can just keep believing in the fact that there is a greater picture and that you are part of that great picture and you hold onto that, the questioning becomes less. Trust becomes more, you ease into a practice that feels authentically you; don’t compare your practice to anybody, let it be your own.

What feels good to you and what you feel in alignment to, and then I think you move just easily with the flow instead of chasing it all.

GABBY: I can attest to that as your core desire for your student because being your friend and student, I have definitely gained trust.


GABBY: And have tremendous faith in my ability to communicate and connect and know how spirit wants me to use it. And it’s different than the way you use it. It’s different the way some other listeners using it. And it’s mine. And I’ve gotten that from you.

MARYANN: Isn’t that a relief? Thank you. Isn’t that? A relief that it doesn’t have to look like something else or somebody else’s practice that it is authentically yours and you can customize it to suit you.

And Spirit’s cool with that. So cool with that takes the pressure off.

GABBY: And there’s so much relief in knowing that you’re not alone.

MARYANN: Never you’re never alone in your darkest deepest moments. You are never alone in all of your joys and triumphs. You are never alone in every step. No one has failed you. You are always working with spirit, even when you don’t think you are, even when you don’t believe them, they believe in you.

And they’re still there, still guiding you. It’s just a little, you know, a little bit more connected if you’re just listening, it makes it a little bit more fun to enjoy the ride a little bit more.

GABBY: Amen. MaryAnn. Everybody go grab your copy of the Medium Mentor. Creates some miracles. Yes. I am so proud of you and I’m so grateful to be with you right now.

And to just let this beautiful message that’s so important at this time.

MARYANN: I have to say if I listened to my guides, which I always do, they brought me, you. And you channeled this book, you guided me towards what this book would look like, and I am so gracious to them and to you for allowing that information to come through.

And I hope it helps a lot of people. That’s the intention.

GABBY: It will. It has already. I am your first reader. I have been very helped and served.

MARYANN: I’m glad. I’m glad.

GABBY: Anyone that wants to buy the book, you can link to our show notes, all of MaryAnn’s information. The book details will be there. And I love you, MaryAnn.

MARYANN: I love you so much. Thanks for having me.

GABBY: If you made it to the end of this episode, that means you’re truly committed to miracles. I’m really proud of you. If you want to get more Gabby, tune in every Monday for a new episode. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the guidance or special bonus episodes.

Your experience at this show means a lot to me. So I really want to welcome you to leave an honest review and you can follow me on social media at @GabbyBernstein. And if you want to get in on the action, sign up for a chance to be Dear Gabby’d live at See you next week.

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